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A Quarterly I\Tagazine of Genealogical, 

Antiquarian, Topoc^rai-hioal, and 

IIera[J)I(j I{k,sJ':ar(!H. 


KDI'lMil) IJY 


Oj the Middle Temple, Barrister-at^Lmv. 







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jJ2;- 't\ i'U 

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:;_iju«t»i*l - 

l-r„nli,ijyi,xc In I'lll! r.l!,ls r (W,'., Sijrics). Vul. .Will. 

i.- ;:^ '■ vt'.^;: ':■ ^■&v;--^v:''i-|li. /-..U'^f '^/i' 'iP^^,.'"}'^.^ j-^':'\:> rT'y,-'^ /'^vh 

■ "' ■ ;'''.• ,'./%■ ■ ■' '■ ■ .< '•■' ..4 I I • ■*«>** • 

-^':tr ■■ ^ ^ ,!.«*•„ ■ _ •-i .' /' 

^. '1;.:'"... 


. V. •. -/^J!^ , •' 

^ ^^Jsej 


I am always <^lad of the opportunity which this annual 
Preface gives mo to express my sense of obligation to those 
who have so kindly enabled me to preserve the twofold 
character of The Genealogist. The ably written articles 
by Mr. Cokayne, the Rev. W. G. D. Fletcher, Mr. Keith W. 
Murray, Mr. Kcnshaw, K.C., Mrs. Suckling, and Colonel 
\Voll)y, together with Mr. Henry Wagner's always welcome 
Huguenot pedigrees, illustrate what may be termed the 
literary side of our work, while the transcript of the 
Marriages at Fort St. George, which has in this volume 
been brought to a satisfactory conclusion, may be taken 
as a good example of our labours in printing records of 
genealogical interest which cannot easily find an appropriate 
home elsewhere. A new departure has been taken in the 
publication of Mr. Gerald Fothergill's " Licences to pass 
from England beyond the Seas," and it is hoped that these 
will prove a special attraction to our American subscribers. I 
am glad also to be able to ainiounce that in the next volume 
of the Magazine will be commenced a transcript by the Rev. 
Edmund Nevill of the " Marriage Licences of Salisbury," which 
are all the more valuable as they relate to more than one 
county. At the request of several subscribers, it has been 


0.' ' i-. : 

decided shortly to resume the jmbHcation of the " Inquisitions 
Post Mortem, Henry VIII — Charles I," which have for un- 
avoidable reasons, been for some time suspended. 

Our frontispiece this year is a charter by Theobald de 
Verdon, Constable of Ireland, now in the possession of His 
Grace the Duke of Norfolk, by whose kind permission it 
has been reproduced. Theobald de Verdon, the grantor, 
was the third, but the eldest son that left issue, of 
John de Verdon, by ]\Iar<;ery dau<^hter of Gilbert de Lacy 
(sec Mr. G. W. Watson's learned paper on " The Families 
of Lacy, Geneva, Joinville and La Marclie," Genealogist, 
New Series, vol. xxi, pp. 2, 3). By this charter he conveyed 
to his son Theobald and the heirs of his body, for their 
homage, the manors of 8toke and Wyuelesford (Wilsford), co. 
Wilts, to be held of the grantor and his lieirs by the 
service of one-fourth of a knight's fee. 


i' i ' VI ■ i ,i-yn<l 



'I'lio Hyiuvs of Howdcll in Wiisliiiii^loii, co. Sussrx. 15y Waltkii 0. 

JvKNSllAW, K.C. . . . . . . . . . . 1 

Some Notes un Harsliam jiixta Boccles, co. Suflolk. By F. H. 
Suckling . . . . . . . . . . 11, 73 

Pedigrees from tlie Do Banco Rolls, temp. Henry VII. By H. J. T. 

Wood .. .. .. .. .. 18,88,140,239 

Licences to pass from England hoyond the Seas. Conti'ihntod by 

G'erald Fothkrgill .. .. .. 32, 115,107,235 

Diigdale's Visitation of Yorksliire with Additions. Edited by J. W. Clay. 
E.S.A. . . . . . . . . . . 38. 'JS, 155, 220 

W'iWh of Colonel Blood and his Sons. Contributed by J. Paul Rylands, 
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..51 

Marriages at Fort St. Ceorge, Madras .. .. .. 54, 128, 179 

The Huguenot Refugee Family of De Varenne. By Henry Wagner, 
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..02 

Grants and Certificates of Anns (Nicoll to Perrott). Contributed by 
Arthur J Jewers .. .. .. ..04,120,189,200 

The Family of Clayton of Great Grimbsy, eo. Lincoln. By tlio Rev. 
W. G. D. Fletcher, M.A., F.S.A. .. .. ..80 

A Fifti'(Milh Ccntiiry Abduction. Hy Coi.oNici, Ai.EitEn C. E. Weluy.. S3 

Some Noirs on the Li'c l''nmilv <'f liawslinll, in the. County of Sullolk. 
By F. 11. SucicLiNU .. " .. .. .. 137,271 

The Novills of E.ssex : A Genealogical Puzzle. By the Rev. Edmund 
Nevill . . . . . . . . . . . . 143 

The Huguenot Refugee Family of La Primaudaye. By Henry Wagner, 
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..171 

A Roll of Arms, 1713. Contribqted by Arthur Schomberg .. J74 

Bland of Carleton, co. York, as connected with the Families of Cary. 
Willoughl)y and Bertie. F?y G. E. ('okavnk, ("lareneeux King of 
Arms . . . . . . . . . . . . 201 

(JeM(<alogy of (he I'amily of ('ottin, settli'd in l']nglaTid, from St. (^uontin, 
in Franco. By Keith W. Murray, F.S.V. .. .. .. 207 

The Bynes of Carshalton, Co. Surrey. By Waiter C. Ren.SHAW, K.C... 213 

Pedigree of the Huguenot Refugee Families of l?erchere and Baril. By 
Henry Wa<!NEr, F.S.A. .. .. .. .. ..248 

Copies of tlio Monumentiil Inscription.s in the Parish Church of Kirkby- 
in-Ashfield, in the County of Nottingham, made in June, 1901, by 
J. Paul Ryiands, FS.A. .. ,, .. .. 252 

Notices of Books: — page 

Tlie Ancestry and Posterity of John Lea, 1503-1906. By James 
Henry Lea and Georce Henry Lea . . . . . . 70 

Tlie Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany. Second Series. Part I. Etlited 
by Walter Rye . . . . . . . . . . 70 

Allegations for Jlarriage Licences issued by the Commissary Court 
of Surrey between 1673 and 1770. Transcribed from the original 
records, and edited by Alfred Ridley Bax, F.S.A. Part I. .. 71 

The Spurgeon Family, being an Account of the Descent and Family 
of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, with Notes on the Family in General, 
])articularly the Essex branch, from 1465- 1905. By W. Miller 
HlQGS .. .. .. .. .. ..71 

The Sc ts Peerage. Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord 
Lyon King of Arms. Vol. iii (Crawford to Falkland) .. ..130 

The Knights of England. By William A. Shaw, Litt.D. 2 vols. .. 131 

Collections for a History of Staffordshire, edited by the William 

Salt Archajological Society. Vol. ix. New Series . . . . 133 

The Rcadcs of Blackwood Hill, in tlic Parisii of Horton, Stafford- 
shire. A Record of their ilescendants, with a full account of 
l)r. Johnson's Ancestry, his Kinsfolk and Family Connexions. By 
Alkv.n LvKi.L Kkade .. .. .. .. 134 

The Clifford Family. By J. W. Clay, F.S.A. Reprinted from tiio 

Archaeological Journal . . . . . . . . 135 

A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great 
Britain. By Sir Bernard Bitrke, Ulster King of Arms, and 
AsiiwoRTii P. Burke. Eleventh Edition. . . . . . . 191 

The Origin and Early History of the Family of Poc or Poe, with 
full Pe<Ugre(is of the Iiish Branch of the I'^amily, and a discu.ssion 
of the true ancestry of i'ldgar Allan Poo, tlu< .\morican Poet. By 
Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley', IjL.D. .. .. .. 193 

A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns, and its Connections. 

By H. C. Lawlor .. .. .. .. ..194 

lIcinKlic MiKJgos. I?y Autmuh I'\)X-1)avies .. .. .. 195 

Piuisli Uegisler Society of Dublin. Vol. i. The Kegislers of St. John 
the Evangelist, Duljin, 1619-1699. Edited by James Mills .. 196 

Haddon : The Manor, the Hall, its Lords and Traditions. By G. Le 
Blanc Smith . . . . . . . . . . 197 

The Inscriptions in the Old British Cemetery of Leghorn, tran- 
scriljed by Gery Milnkr-Gibson-Cullum, F.S.A., and the late 
Francis Camphell Macauley. With an Introduction by Mont- 
gomery Carmioiael.. .. .. .. .. 198 

Tlie Plautagenet Boll of the Blood Royal, being a Couiplcte Table 
of all the Descendants now living of Edward III, King of England. 
By the Marquis of Ruviony and Raineval. The Anne of 
Exeter V^olume . . . . . . . • 266 

Visitation of England and Wales. Edited by Frederick Arthur 

('iMsr. \'ol. xiii. .. .. .. .. .. 267 

A Trciitisc nu llic Law Concerning Nanu's anil Cluinges of Name. 
By Aurni K Cii Fox-Davikh and P. W. P. CiARLYON-BiurroN, 
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..268 

,!!. I 

Notices of Books — continued. page 

Association for the Preservation of the Tnemorials of the Dead, 
Ireliuid. .Journal for the Year 190G. Vol. vi. No. 3. Parts I 
and 11 .. .. .. .. .. ..268 

Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society. Second 

Scries. Vol. xii. No. 72., IflOti .. . . 2G9 

NoTKS AND Queries : — 

Trapatid Pedigree 

Descendants of Sir CeofTrey Pole . . 

Bridger Family 

Redfern and Redfearne. . ... 

The Echinghani Tomb at Barsham 

Jennings Fajnily 

Goorgo ]\rarsli (Martyr).. 

Lawrence of llpper Stondon, Beilfordshire 

Parry and Halley Families 

Wright Family 

Index to Burke's " Commoners " . . 

The Nevills of Essex . . 

Lee of Lawshall 

Pyke Family of Greenwich 

Woldon Family 



Illustrations : — 

A Charter of Theobald doVerdon.. 

Arms of Creyke of Marton 

,, ,, Kylher of Scan loft 

,, „ West of Aston 

,, ,, Saltmarsho of North Kilvington 

„ ,, Clapham of Beamsley 

„ ,, Foxcroft of Wcetwood 

„ „ Sykes of Spofiorth 

„ ,, Meryton of Castle Leventon 

,, „ Shuttleworth of Forcet . . 

,, ,, Tiiompson of Kingston-supcr-IIuU 

„ ,, Ingleby of Lawkland 

„ Talbot of Thornton le Street 

,, ,, Tiiulall of Brothcrton 

,, ,, Payler of Thoraldby 

JVliU-iiage |Cireucc0 in the ^ioceec of |3.ilh aub Sllells. 
Kdited by AirniUR J. Jkweus. 

Index of Persons 
Index of Places 


















Cfjr (!5fnrnlo0i5t. 


The house ami e>(tate of Rowdell are situate in the parish of Washing- 
ton. CO. Sussex, the house lying some little distance to the west of the 
Clmivli. Thi^ fiiniilv of Rynde or Byue was connected with this property 
for iii.un' i^ciiciations. About 1225 Wilkelin de Ryne, son of .lames 
de Hvne, with the consent of his mother Matilda, granted certain lands 
at Strete, in Shipley, co. Sussex, forming part of the dower of Matilda, 
to his sister Amy, in consideration of which, Matilda released to Wilkelin 
the whole court of Rudelle, which she held in dower, except the granary 
on the north side with free access thereto.' From the record of two 
tines levied 25 Henrv III (1241) it appears that William de Bine was 
then entitled, subject to. the estate in tlowcr of his mother Matilda 
in one-lhird thereof, to lands in Rueilcll and elsewhere.- In the docu- 
ments ((iMiicctcd with the dispute as to tithes between the Prior of 
Sele and tlie Abbey of Fecamp in 1285, mention is made of the demesne 
lands of James de Byne at Roudelle.' Although many references 
to members of the family occur in various records of later date, shewing 
their holdings of land in Wa.shington and its neighbourhood, no further 
express mention of Kowdell it.self has Ix-en lonnd till Icik/i. Henry VIII. 

Thomas Hvnok, ok IUnim, bv his will " gcveii at Kowdell the xii 
dii\ of .lul\- in \' \i \-ere of y rcignc of K\ iig Henry \' viii''' " (15N), 
and proved bv his widow and executrix Joan, in the Consistory Court 
of Chichester, 15 September, 1519 (vols, i, fol. 9 and ii, fol. -1), among 
other dispositions thus devised " I wyll that tlie rent issues and profittes 
of m\' place and landes called Kowdell la' taken and resyevfnl by the 
space of \ij \'ere nex after mv dethe ami that my executrice siial J'esyeve 
y' to i^av my tlettys and fynd a prieste one yere and then all the same 
landes to returne to my son Wylliam and the heyrs of hys body Pro- 
vvdcd all weve and also I wyll y' Jone my wyff hau y' said landes and 
tenementes called Rowdell durying hyr hfe so y' she and other persons 
seasid to hyr use i-el'\ise and geve as moche landes in value as Rowdell 
vs now being paivell of hyr joyntur unto Wyllyam my son and to hys 
he\rs of hys body." Resides his son William, who was stated to be 
under age, the testator named in his will his daughters Elizabeth and 
Mary, the latter of whom appears from the will of her brother, William, 
to have been married to one Williams. From the arms carved on the 
monunu^nt tt> John Byne (A) hereinafter mentioned it seems that, the wile of Thomas Ryne, was a Threele, of Loxwood. 

' .MimimciitN nl M.-i-dnlcii Cull., ()\oii, Bo.\, Miiiclaiuls & (Jiinslcad, No. !:;. 

- I'"(i-t of I'^itu-, Sn>scx, -irt Henry III, l"'ile It, No. Ki. 

=' .Mniiiiiieiil> ol \Ih|.'<ImIcii Coll., O.xoii, liox, Soul liwick. No. II. 


1 I'liK l;^•^M':s ok uowdI'Ili. 

William I5vnk, wlio was of llowtloll iuid Anliiiifly, co. Sussex, 
lUiiriicd with Alice, tliird (l;ui<fhter of Richard C'ulpepcr of Wakcluirst, 
ill Aj'diii^h', 1)\' .loan, (hiuii,liti'r of llichard Navloi, Ahh'nuan of London, 
and Khzidtetli, his wife. WiUiam Bync, in liis will, dated 8 ()et<jber 
1058 and proved 25 Febrnary 155" by his widow and executrix Alice 
Byne, in P.C.C. (45 Welles), in wliich he is desciibed as of " Erdyng- 
leijfh," esquire, named his four dauyliters, Katharine, Eiunie, Cecyle, 
and Maryc, and his youn<ier sons, Edward, Thomas, and James, and 
therel)y as concerning all his manors and lauds " in the Shire of Sussex 
that 1 mav lawfull\- w)ll, 1 wyll that Alice liyiie my wyef (whom I malce 
inyn excculrix to execute th}'s my testa mente) r(>cei\'(! the revenues 
and then to be to my eldeste sonne accordyiifr to the ryyhte coorse 
of inhertance hys mothers joynture excepted and my coopehold lands 
which ] caimot becjuethe." The widow, Alice Jiyne, by lier nuncupative 
will, dated 5 June 1578, in whi(h she is described as of Wasliin<iton, 
ga\'e her lease in lands called Monthes to her yonnoest son Januis Byne, 
and legacies to her <laughters, " Emme and Sicilye," and appointed 
her eldest son John Byne executor, wIk) pioveil such will L'2 June 
1578, in the (Vjusistory Court of Chichester [\o\. xii, fol. 47). 

The children of William Byne were four sons and four daut/hters : — 

I. John Byni-: (A), of whom subse(|uentlv. 

11. I^jDWAIU) Bvni:, who died a bachelor and was burieil at Cam- 
berwell, 4 January, 159';. 

ITI. Thomas Bynm:, who tlied a bachelor and was buried at Cam- 
berwell, '1\) October 1>)13, having by his will, dated I February 
Ki'i'u, in which he is describe<l as of Camberwell, gent., 
diiect(>(| that he should be biu'ied in the chancel of the 
Church tlu're, near to his sister, the Lady Bowyer, and n>ade 
bi'iiiiests to Sir John Byne and his chiUlren, to his iiiei'es, 
Mis. Harden, the Lad\ .\lbenye, and the Lady Conjitiuest,' 
to his cousin, Catherine Byne, her sister and her brother,' 
and to his nephews William Byne, James Byne and Edward 
Byne,'' aiid bequeathed the rest of his goods at London 
and Camberwell to his brother James Byne, and his sister, 
Emme liowyer, whom he appointed executors, and who 
proved the will 9 November 1613 in P.C.C. (105 Capell). 

IV. Jamks Bvnk manied 21 l*\'biiiary 15!ju at Camberwell, with 
Saiictia, or Sence, dau;j;hter of John Eromonde, of Cars- 
halton. She was baptized at Carshalton, Mi January J5();, 

' 'I'lic three chiklrcii of Edward Snow and Einiiie, his wifo, of whom Ehzaliotli, 
bapli/.d! at ranit)cr\\i41, 24 Aimust 1581, was iiuuried to HL-iiry Harden ; Alice 
was 111 inicd al WaiidswDitli, 2 Fehniary MlO^, to Sir I'ohert Alhaiiy, Kiii;j;ht ; 
and Sarah \\as iiiairi(il ,it Waiidswoi th. 10 August lti07, to Sir Hichaid ('()M(|\K'st, 

■' (!liilih-en of JuiiK's Byne. 

" Childivii of John Wyw (\). 

IN \\'A,SIIIN(;T()N, (!(). SUSSEX. 3 

and thrc)u<;h lier, as otie of tlie three sisters and coheiresses 
of John Fronionde of Carshalton, who was buried there 
12 April 1597, James Bync became entitled to the impro- 
priate rectory and an estate at Carshalton. James Byne 
was buried there 5 January 162", and his widow, Sence, 
was buried there, 2 Oct. 1629. Their children were : — 

(1). Kdtharinc, married at Carshalton, 27 Nov. 1610, to 
Robert liauMce, of Wy^'ombe, co. liucks, and 
buried at (Carshalton, 30 May 1623, leaving issue. 

(2), Eiit)na, baptized at (Uniberwcll, 21 Jainiary ir)9G, 
who died early a spinster. 

(.'?). Kdmuno Byne, baptized at (Carshalton, 22 January 
159^, and buried there, 21 March 159^. 

(I). Elizidnih, bai)tized at Carshalton, 17 Juiui 1602, and 
married to Thomas Thompson of Streatham, 
Houue Di'a^on I'ursuivant of .\rnis, 1)\' whom she 
had issue. 

(5). Hknry Bvnk, baptized at Carshalton, 15 February 
160b, who married with Anne, daughter of Owen 
Bray, of Chobham, and was buried at Carshalton, 
23 September 1654, leaving a will dated 19 Sep- 
tend)er and proved 10 November 1654 (P.C.C. 226 
Alcliin). Henry Byne had fourteen children, 
and his descendants renuiined in j)ossession of 
the (^arshalton ])roperty until early in the nine- 
teenth century. Tliey are now represented by 
the Rev. Mordaunt Henry Martin Byne, clerk, 
M.A., of Satterleigh, co. Devon, who was born 
20 September 1862, and married, 29 April 1903, 
with Constance Balfour Bethune. 

V. Kathitriiu' was married at Camberwell, 25 May 1573, to Edmond 
Bowver, of Camberwell, who was Sheriff of Surrey and 
Sussex, 24 Nov. 1600 to 2 December 1601, M.P. for Surrey 
1603, and was knighted 11 May 1603. She died without 
issue and was buried at (-amberwell, 12 July 1609. Sir 
h^dniond Bowyer die<l 18 Kebi'uary 162','. 

VT. Emnic was married twice, (irst at (^amberwell, 17 May 1580, 
to Edward Snow, of Alfarthing Manor in Wandsworth, 
and Checksands, co. lieds., who died in 1587, and secondly, 
also at Camberwell, 2 July 1588, to John Bowyer, of Cam- 
berwell, where she was buried 26 December ir)24. 

VII. Cicc/i/. who died ;i spiusler and was biiriccl at Washington, 
27 Scplcnihcr I5i)0. 

VIII. !\hii//, wlio apparently predeceased her mother. 


John Bynr (A) w;is of Rowdell and was born 1537. He married 
25 Mav 1573 at ranibcrwoll with FJizal)(>th, born 10 June 1553, daughter 
of John Bo\v\er, of Lincobrs Inn and Cainberwell, by liis sef'ond wife, 
Elizabotl), dangliter of Rol)ert Draper, of ('aniberweU. He was buried 
at AVasliington, 2-i July KKK). A monument to his memory was erected 
against the south wall of the rhancel of Washington ehui'ch, but it has 
now been relegated to an obscure situation under the tower. It bears 
this inscription : " Hie jacet corpus Johannis Byne armig : qui uxorem 
duxit P]lizabetham Bowyor liliam Johannis Bowyer de Camerwell armig : 
et suscepit ex ea filios (|uinque filiasque duas et obiit vicesimo prinio 
die Julii HiOO anno a-tatis suae 63," and also four shields of arms. In 
the centre over the entablature are the Arms of Byne : — Argent two bars 
Gules, eacli charged with three martlets Or— and in a row" below tliem are 
firstly, Byne, impalinti Paly of ten for Threele ; secondly, Byne, impaling 
a bend engrailed Cules for Culpeper ; and thirdly the arms of Bowyer, 
impaling those of Draper. No will of or letters of administration to 
John Bvne (A) can be discovered, but his Inq. post mortem was taken 
at Horsham, IG December IfiOO, and thereby it was found that he was 
seised of the manors of Byne and Coodham, alids Storrington, and of 
one capital messuage, one windmill, one dovehouse and 120 acres of 
land in Washington, and so seised died 22 {sic) July 1600, and that John 
Byne, gentleman, was his son and heir, and at the time of his father's 
death was aged 23 years and was married.' In 1604 on the 24th of 
some month, being, or later than, June, but which is blank in the Register, 
liis widow, Elizabeth, was re-married at Pulborough to Richard Stanley, 
of Fittleworth, who died 24 February 1629. She left a nuncupative 
will, dated 28 April 1629, and administration of her effects, with such 
willamu-xed, was 6 February 16',;; granted to her stepson, John Stanley, 
out of the Consistoiy Court of Chichester (vol. xvii, fol. 247). 

The children'' of John Byne (A) were : — 

I. SiH John Bynk, of whom sul)se(|uently. 

II. Wii.Li.ViM BvNK, wilt) died a bachelor and was buried at C'tunber- 
well, 30 July l()25. 

III. James Bynk, who, 24 April 1622, married at Camberwell with 

Ehzabeth Temple, gentlewoman. 

IV. Edward Byne, who, 2 May 1618, married at St. Dunstan's, 

Stepney, with Joyce, daughter of one Edney, of London, 
and widow successively of one Mayhew, of John Cownden, 
of Southwaik, and of Benjamin Bowyer.' Edwai'd Bvne 
died befoi-e lA'bruary I625, and .lt>yce, his widow, died in 
1643, having by her will, dated 17 May 1613, and proved at, 14 August 16-b3 bv (li(> cxcciitor, Richnrd Kilvert 

^ CiiaiuiTy In(|ui--ilioiR-.-i iio.^t niortoin, Si-ries ii, \ol. 2ti4, No. 108, 4,'J FA'v/.. 
"* No cliild of .Inliii Hyiif (A) was hapti/.ecl at Washington, Anliiiiily or 
Cunilx I'well. 

'■' Uync V. DaUoii, Cliaiut'iy l'roc'C(Hlings, H. nnd A.. Jaiiios I, U. 8, No. 47.. 

V j.d'i /••■ 7< ijA \ ■> f- ;■-. f . . 



(P.C(/'., fik'd, not legkstofed), in wliirli «he is described an 
(if S(. IVIuit ill's ill tlie I'^ieliis, widow, disposcnl ol pr()[)erty 
ill the parisli ol NewiiiL'loii, co. Surrey, in lavour ol Iut son, 
Eilwtird liyne, and of property in Southwark in favour 
of lier son, John Byne. Edward Byne had two children : — 

(I). EiJWAHU Bynk, baptized at Washington, 8 October 
1618, who ajjpears to be tiie l^jdward Bine buried 
at St. Alban's Abbey, 17 Octcjber KiGl, and 

(2). John Byne (B), who by his will, dated 15 May 1689, 
ilirected his body to be buried in the church of 
St. Magnus, by London Bridge, and among 
numerous l)ei[iu'sts gave three score pounds, 
to buy two silver llagoiis to be used at the Com- 
munion in the church of Camberwell, and appoin- 
ted Richard Parr, D.l)., vit'ar of Camberwell, 
and his kinsman, Anthony Bowyer, Es([., his 
executors. The will makes no reference to the 
testator's brother, i^jilward, or to any issue of his. 
Richard Parr having died 2 October 1691, this 
will was jiroved by Anthony Bowyer,'" 22 Sep- 
tember 1692 in P.C.C. (162 Fane). The two 
Hagons are still at the parish church of Camber- 
well, and bear the hall mark of 1691, and the 
inscription, " Tin; Gift of John Byne Gent, to 
the Church of Camerwell A.D. 1691," with the 
crest and arms of Bvne. 

v. I'lDMUNn l?VNi;, who a[)pcars to have married with Frances, 
daughter of Gregorv Bowver, a brother of the wife of John 
Byne (A). 

VI. FJizdlnih married, 3 June 1599, at Washington, to Thomas 
N'ditun, afterwards Sir Thomas Norton, Knight, and 

Vli. Another daugiitt^'. 

Sir John Byne, born about 1576, was of Rowdell. He was admitted 
of Lincoln's Inn, 1 August 1597. He probably rebuilt the house of 
Rowdell, which was of the style of James 1." He married with Audrey, 
daughter ol llichard Weaver, of Lingliehl, co. Surrey,'' He was 

'" Anthony liowycr, who was Trea.siirer of the Inner Temple, 1097, and M.P. 
for Southwailc, KiSo — 1()".)8, was son of Sir Ivlumnd Bowyer, Knight, a son of 
Joyce Byne, by lienjainin Bowyer. 

" There are a view and description of it in " Oeiit. Mag.," vol. ci, pt. i, p. 305. 

'- 'I'liin i.s shewn by Ihe phuiding.s in Byne v. ( ilovei' (t^hancery Broc'cedings, 
B and A, .lames I, B. 21, No. I!)), and by l.lie will of i/idy Uyri'.-'s brother, 
l^iiiiard \\'ea\(r, of Jle.xled, in Linglield, datc'd il .lune i.'j'.l!), and proved 5 Nov. 
15'l'.i by his sislei' .luane Weaver, and 12 Feljriiary IGU^, by Audry, Lady Byne 
(I'.C.a, 81 Kidd). 

I ;>-'l!i.-,\ ■/ ;::i 

.} ! . ,!/i 

f : - .' 


knijilitod, 23 July IGO!}. By his will, dated 25 Jamiary 1G3 ;;, he directed 
that his body should be burietl in the chancel of the chuich of Washing- 
ton, appointed his eldest son and heir Kdmnnd Byne sole execntor, 
and mentioned his grandson, Edmund Muschamp, whose wardship 
had been committed to him by the Master of the Court of Wards, and 
who was then being educated at Oxford, his grandchild Mary Mus- 
champ, his daughter Kli/abeth Byne, his son John Byne to wlioin he 
bequeathed " the scale gold ring which I weare," and the wife and 
children of his son John Byne, and gave the residue of his goods to his 
son Edmund Byne, and nominated Dr. Pay, Archdeacon of (Ihichester, 
Henry Goring, Esq., Henry Bridger, gent., and William Hkiner, yeoman, 
to be overseers. Sir John Byi^e was buiied at Washington, 28 .January 
16-f ',', and liis will was proved by his son Edmund Byne, 8 February 
10-1 i', in P.C.C. (13 Evelyn). His widow Dame Audrey Byne was 
buried at Washington, l-i March 1641. By her will, datetl 24 December 
1641, and proved by her son, John 'Byne, 4 March 164| in P.C.C. (54 
Cambell), she bequeathed to her son Edmund's wife her rope of pearl 
and her purple velvet peticoat, to her god-daughter and grandchild 
Adria Byne her border of pearl, and made becpiests to the chihUen of 
her son John Byne, to her daughter h^lizabeth, and her grandchild 
Henry Byne, and gave the residue of her estate and her lands in Surrey 
to her son John Byne. 

The children of Sir Jolin Byne were : — 

I. Edmund Byne, of whom subsequently. 

II. John Byne, (C) of whom also subsequently. 

III. Jane, baptized at Washington, 21 October 1604, married at 

C^and^erwell, 7 January 161 9, to Erancis Muschamp, and 
buried there, 2 January 162';, leaving issue. 

IV. Catherine, bajitized at Washington, 25 October 1607, and buried 

Ihere, 23 September I (ill. 

V. K/izabeth, bai)tizetl at Camberwell, 4 January 1()2^, who died a 
spinster and was buried at Billingslnust, 15 September 1()71. 

Edmund Byne, also of Rowdell, was baptized at Ardingly, 2 Sep- 
tember 1()02, and matriculated at Oxford, as of Christ Church, li) Novem- 
ber 1621. He married at Washington, 26 October 1631, with Elizabeth, 
daughter of Henry Coring, of Highdeu in Washington, by his wife, 
Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas EversfieM. Edmund Byne was buried 
at Washington, 22 October I(;i6. By his will, dated 3 i)ccend)er 1(;I5, 
he ga\(' to Klizabclh his wife Ins bcsl basdii mid ewer, ccrlain furniture, 
his coach and best coach horses, Ins black and chestnut nuiri;, and so 
many rooms in his mansion house as should be tit for her occupation 
during her widowhood, and to his daugliter, h^'ances, £1,000, and made 
be(iuests to his brother Byne, his god-daughter Jane Byn(!, daughter 
of his said broth(u-, and to his niece Mary Muschamp, and he devised 
to his son Henry Byne and his heirs all his lands aiiil tenements in 

.' 1 1 ' M ; , 1 1* 


■1 , i 1. 

^•- '> ■'. > '[■:.'; hi.! va >''.)! vinl.;.;. ,' • .,i::t;;.! 

1. I, 1 

IN WASH 1N<; TON, (!(). SUSSI'lX. / 

Aslmrsl and S!iij)l('\', juid l)('(|ucatli('i| tlic icsidiic^ of liis clViM'ts to his s(»n 
.lolm Byiic (D), jind nrdaiiicd his f,il her in law Henry (!orin<^', of IIiLdi- 
cltMi, l*]s(|., and llcni\- (ioiinu, son of (lie latter, and l<jlizahctli, his own 
wifo, to be excfutois, and appointed Jolin Byiio, of Thakehani, gent., 
Edward (lorinu, of Cobden, Henry (lorinti,, his son, and Edmund Mus- 
chanip, Es(|., liis brotlier-in-law, to l)e overseers. This will was proved 
2 .March \i\ll by Klizabeth lUne, the widow, in I'.C.C (81 Kines). His 
widow was remarried, H September Kid.}, a! St. N'eilasl's, London, to 
b'oberl Leexcs, ch-rk, M.A., Canon of Chiehester, and l!('el(»r ol Wur- 
mini^hursl, where he was buri(;d in the chancel, 15 March l(i'.)."5, having 
bv his will, dated ;5() .hdy l(i92, in which lie is described as of Rowdell 
(l'.C.(\ 39 Coker), directed that he should be buried there " without 
pomp or a funeral sermon." 

The children of Edmund Byne were : — 

I. Adria, who died young. 

II. John Byni: (D), of whom subsecpiently. 

III. Hknky Bynk, baptized at Washington, 8 February 163), who 
died a bachelor and was l)Uiied there, 9 August l()fi2. By 
his will, dated 13 March IbO.^, in which he is described as of 
l^owilcll, g(Mit., he gave legacies for rings to his mother 
Mrs. Elizabeth Byne, to his sister-in-law Susanna Byne, 
and to Robert Leeves, and devised his messuages and lands 
in Sussex then in possession, an<l his lauds and tenements 
in Surrey in possession or reversion, to his sister Frances, 
wliom he ajjpointed e\(>cutri\. Thi,s will was not jiroved 
till S JiiK- |(;7() when it was proved b\' John (Jodolpliin, 
as the represeiitati\(' of his late wifi; Frances, in I'.U.C. 
(')() lience). 

IV. Fntiici's, baptized at Washington, 21 September 1641, who in 
September 1()()3 was married to John (!odoli)hin, of St. 
Martin's in the, afterwards Sir John (Jodolphin, 
Knight, and died before Jul)' 1676. 

John Bynk (D), who was also of Rowdell, was baptized at Washington, 
8 October l()3r). He marri(!d, II Januaiv KiO;, with Susanna, ])orn 
20 June I6;{|, third daughter of (loMsmith Hodgson, of Framlield, by 
Elizabeth, daughter t)f Ninian Borde, of Lindlield. By deed dated 11 May 
1657, and made between ,lohn Byne (D), therein describetl as of Rowdell, 
of the one part, and Robert Leeves, clerk, of the other part, John Byne 
(D) conveyeil his messuage called Rowdell and all his lands in Washing- 
ton and Sullington to Robcwt Leeves, to the intent that a common 
recover\' might be, had and tin; pro])ert\' remain to John Byne (D) in 
h'e." He was iM.l*. for Bramber in the i'ailiuni(Mits summoned to meet 

'■' Close Hulls, ;{',)4;j, No. 27. 


t\ 1 t 

8 'Mil': liVNi'ls OK kowDi-ii.L 

27 January 1051 and 8 Mav 1()()1, and a Coniniissii)ner of Subsidy for 
Sussex in !()()(). lie died intestate and was l)uried at Wasliiugton, 
."51 Deeemher KiGI. Letters of administration of liis eftects are indexed 
in P.C(\ as luivinij; l)een }j,ranted in January KiG.i for wliirh period the 
books are lost. His widow, Susanna, was, 2 February IGG's, remarried 
at Warniinj^liurst to Francis (jiuybon, afterwards Sir Francis Guybon, 
Knight, of Thursford, co. Norfolk, and she died witliin a year or two 
of such remarriage. 

The children of John Byne (D) were : — 

1. Mary, baptized at Washington 16 December 1G57, and buried 
there 13 January KiS'J. 

II. Susanna, baptized at Washington, 17 April 1(359, and married 
there 13 June 1677 to Sir (Jeorge Walkci', Knight, and after- 
wards Bart., of Bushey Hall, co. Herts, by whom she had 

III. Frances, baptized at Washington, 16 September 1660, and 

married twice, first, in 1681 (the license for which in the 
Faculty Office is dated 17 May 1681) to Robert Heath, of 
Piddingiioe and Lewes, by whom she had one son ; and 
secondly, 18 December 1683, at All Saints, Lewes, to Henry 
Pelham, by whom she had a numerous family. Slie was 
buried at St. Michael's, Lewes, 17 April 1704, and Henry 
Pclhan) died I Ai)ril 1721, and was buried at St. Aune's, 
Westminster. Her grandson, by Henry Pelliam, became, 
in 17()8, Baron I'elham, and in" IHOl was created Farl of 

IV. Mary, baptized at Warminghurst 25 June 1661, who died early, 

a spinster, 

The surviving (hui;.dders of John \\\\w (l>) sold Howdell in the last 
decade ut the seventeenth centurN'. 

John Byne (C), the younger sou of Sir John Byne, was baptized at 
Washington, 2 October 1603, and matriculated at Oxford, as of Christ 
Church, 19 Nov. 1621. He married, 10 Julv 1634, at Ashurst, co. 
Sussex, with Ehzabeth, ba])tized at Warminghurst, 22 May 1616. 
eldest daughter of Henry Bridger, of Peppers in Ashurst, by Jane 
(Ravenscroft), his wife. He seems to have resided in Ashurst until 
about 1642 and then to have removed to Thakehdin, co. Sussex, and in 
that year a line was levied of lands in Tliakeham in which he was plaintiff, 
and W illiam Shortred was deforciant.'^ By his will, dated 26 March 
1658, in which he is described as of Thakeham, gent., he made bequests 
to his sons, Edmund, John and William, and his daughters, Jane, Eliza- 
beth and Adrea, and ordained John B}-ne (D), of Washington, Esq., 

'^ Feet of Fines, Sussex, Mich. 17, Car. 1. 

■( ( ; ■'.!■■ 

r ; . I 

!(• .) 

I .'■ .,.' 

.J I I.; 

< ■■..■. \ 
■ r ■ I 

In WAslliNcnuN, t;o. sO.sskx. I) 

Fyiliuuiid WuscliiiiDp, ot Siillington, Esq., Richard Bridger, of Ashurst, 
gout., and John Bridgei, ol Bilhngshurst, li^lsq., to be executors tliereof, 
uud gave them power to sell his two manors in the parish of Hiirbleih)wn 
or elsewhere in Kent, and his properties in Surrey and in Thakeham 
lor payment of his dcihts and legacies and directed them to render the 
overplus to his eldest son Henry iiyne, and then added his wife as 
execiiti'i.x. John Byne (C) was buried at Thakeham, 3 April 1G58, 
and his will was proved 1 November 16()0 by his relict Elizabeth in 
P.C.C. (203 Nabbs). On U February 166^ two of the daughters of 
John Byne (C) filed their bill in Chancery to have their legacies raised, 
to which it was answered that the lands mentioned in his will had been 
settled so that Henry Byne, their brother, had become entitled to them 
as heir in tail to his father and the Lady Adria Byne.'' Elizabeth 
Byne, the relict, died in 1682, and by her will, dated 4 October 1682, 
in which she is described as of Steyning, she gave legacies to her son, 
Henry Byne, his wife h]lizabctli, their daughter Frances, her sons 
Edmund Byne and John Byne, her daughters Jane Greenwell and Adria 
Lee widow, to her granddaughter Adria Smalley, and her son William 
Byne, wdiom she constituted sole executor, and by wdiom her will was 
proved, U December 1682 in P.C.C. (145 Cottle). 

The children of John Byne (C) were : — 

L Jane, baptized at Ashurst, 19 May 1635, and married to Stephen 

II. Elizabeth, baptized at Ashurst, 2 August 1636, who died an infant. 

III. Mary, baptized at Ashurst, 6 December 1638, and buried at 

Thakeham, 4 July 1657. 

IV. Honour, baptized at Ashurst, 25 January \iSll, who died early. 

V. Frances, baptized at Ashurst, 29 April 1641, and burled at 
Thakeham, 2 Decendjor l()56. 

VI. Elizabeth, baptized at Thakeham, 16 April 1643, and married to 
one Smalley. 

VII. Henry Byne, baptized at Thakeham, 6 Septend)er 1646, of 
whom subsecpiently. 

\'1F1. l^luMUNi) UyNE, ba|)lizcd at Tliakchani, 21 September 1647, 
who died unnuniied. 

IX. John Byne, bajUized at Thakeham, 30 June 1619, who also 
died unmarried. 

X. William Byne, baptized at Thakeham, 28 January 1651, of 
whom subsequently. 

'■' l^yno v. liynr, ('huiuiTy Prucui'diiigM, J{. aiul A., Iliuiiiltuii before 1714, 
Biiiulle 41)5. 

(i 1 I i ■ i'. 

■J ii. . . ( •• 


XI. Aud/ci/, or .iiliid, baptized at 'riialccliaiii, l Nov. 1655, who was 
iiianicd twice, lirst to one lire, and ^('roiidlv to one l*illiott. 

Ili:NUV livNi': mariied witli l^ilizaheth, daufiliter of William, of 
Aiminnton in Hotol})hs, co. Sussex, liy Frances (Valiant) his wife. He 
resided at one time at Sele, alias Beeding', co. Su.ssex, as the Visitation 
Books shew that he was C'hurcli warden thci'o in 1()73 and 9 Deicmber 
1(J7.'} he was ordered by the Arclideaconry Court to exhibit liis bill of 
presentments, for makinii default in which he was excommunicated, 
3 February 107 J."' He was ap])arently the Henry Byne who, at the 
Coronation of James II was one of the GJentlemen Pensioners attending 
on tlie (i)ueen.'' He had an only child, Frances, who was married to 
Edmund Nuiient.'^ He died in September 1(188, liaving by his will, 
cLited 16 September 1688, in which he is described as of St. James, 
Westmin.ster, Esij., be(]ueathed to liis son-in-law Edmund Nuirent 
and Frances his wife, £10 a piece to buy them mourninL^, and after 
making pecuniary bequests to " his sisters Jane Greenwell, wife of 
Stephen Greenwell, and Adria Elliott, wife of Mr. Elliott," and to his 
" loveing brother William Byne and Sarah his wife," ii,iven the residue 
of his personal estate to his Avife, Elizabctli, who. I ()( tober 1()88, ])roved 
such will as executiix in P.C.C. (l."?l Fxton). 

William Byne, son of John Byne (C), married with Sarah Pen^rrv, 
the license from the Vicar General's ollice being dated 19 January 167:|. 
He bouglit in 1690 a liouse called the White Horse, in St. Clement l)anes"' 
aiul he carried on the business of a hosier there."" Other proj)erty in 
the. same parish was conveyed to him bv deed dated II July 1702.-' 
]iy liis will, <lated < Jctobei' 17 10, in which he is desciibed as of St. Clement 
Danes, hosier, he devised certain freeholds in that parisli to his wife 
Sarah for life, and subject thereto to his daugliter .Martha Byne, for 
life, and aftei' her de.itli to his daughters, Charlotte Bvne and Anna 
Maria Byne and tlieir heirs, ( barged with an annual paxinent in favour 
of his daughter Maiv Turner, widow, and he then uaxe cert.iin property 
upon trust tor the l)enelit of his daughter Flizabeth, the wife of William 
Egerton. One of the witnesses to this will was the testator's niece, 
Fi'ances Nugent, and it was pi'oved 12 December 1710, by the widow 
Sarah, and the daughter Martha, the executrixes, in P.C.C. (26.3 Smith). 

Of these five dauiihters of William Fiyne : — 

Martha Ihjne, l^y her will, dated 2 July 1738, in which she is described 
as of St. Clement Danes, sjjinster, gave pecuniary legacii's to her sister 

"' Ael \U)okTi, LX-ojjiiio, 1(17 1 -h)7."). 

'■' Curling's " Account of (,'ciitlriiicn-at-.\i-ins," p. 1,"),"). 

'^ llcr imcle, William Scrusc. of SlcyniiiL', wlio was Iniricd at HotolpliH, 
12 FchniMiy 171.1, l>y liis will, dated 1(1 Noveiiiher 17115, l>ut luvci- proved, 
l)L'(|iK'atiu-(l " imto my m-icc Neujeiit, daii^ldoi' of my sislcr Byiio, deceased, the 
siiiiime of IcTui pounds " (()ri<j;inal will). 

'■' l?ync i:. Uiuk, Chanicry l'ro(ef(linjj;s, H. and .\., \Viiittin;^lon liefore 1714, 
BmuUe Vdli. 

-" Middlesex and Herts, .V. ,L Q., vol. ii, ]>. !)l. 

=" Close I'volls, I Anne, |.t. :5, No. WW. 

I . ■/ .' I' 


' ' 1 'I 


Elizabotli lOgertoii, aiul to her no])licw Edward Turner, and bequeathed 
the residue of lier estate to her sister Charlotte Bviie, who, as executrix, 
proved it 8 April 1745 in P.C.C. (lOi .Seyuier). 

Charlotte Bi/ne, by her will, dated 29 August 1763, in which she is 
described as ol' St. Clement Danes, spinster, directed that she should 
be buried in the same vault wlierein lier sister Martha lay in .St. Clement 
Danes, bequeathed to her nieces Sarah Lock and Anna Orpwood, 
and to her great-nephews William Lens and .Jolin Ejierton, £30 apiece, 
and gave her two third shares in a messuage in Shire Lane and Ship 
Yard in St. Clement Dane.s, and the residue of her eflects to her niece, 
Ann Lens, wlio, as executrix, proved such will, 4 September 17G-4, in 
P.C.C. (336 Simpson). 

Walter C. Renshaw. 


(Coiitiniu'd from Vol. XXII, p. 222). 


The present Church of the Holy Trinity is an ancient Hint 
building in the Decorated style, consisting of a chancel, sacrist^', 
and nave, with a reed thatched roof, round western tower, and 
south porch.' 

Suckling- surmises that it was " i-aised on th(; site of that 
mentioned in Doomsday book," and says that " its oldest disceriuljle 
fealun.' is a lancet w indow in the south wall of the chancel, at the 
lower part of which is a l\chnoscope, now plastered o\ei', though the 
original and niassi\(' hinges are vi.sible.'' The other windows are 
in the style which marks the ri'ign of lulward the Second." Since 
this was writl(.'u an earh' X(ninan window (much older than the 
lancet) has l)e(,'n opi'ned out o\'ec the; north door of llie na\e. Tliei'c 
is a corresponding one oxer the south dooi', but not opC'ued. 


A list of the Uectors of l^>arsham is given in Suckling's " Sullblk," 
and is not tlii-rcfore repealed here, but it is proj)osed to gi\e some 
account of as nianv of those clerics who base held the living as 
has bt'cn found jiossible. 

' Lady Diouysia <li' 'I'yi-, in 137;", dcsii-rd to ho liuriud but'oro the entruiice 
to Hai-sliiuii Cniurcli, wlnri; a poi-tli was to lin creeled mcr lier liurial plaee. 
(See (ditc, vol. x\i, p. 12'.)). 

2 Vol, i, ]). 41. 

•' Siiiec^ Siiekliii^- wrote in iKKi, tin's win<lo\v and lepers' door have been 
eonqiletely reslmcd in nieinor}' of Llie hisloiian's eldest son, who jtre-dceea.sed 
him. The li^rlil rr|)resents I. he t hanksj;ivin;^' ol' the lopris, :ind is inserihcd 
to ItobiTt .\ltird Siieklini;, I', o! Ihissa^^e, died Novcinlicr I lu- llli, IS,'"jl. 
(See his Memoir, by Iho l!ev. Isaac Willium.s, l8ijH), 

! JL 

I . .- Ill 

12 soMK Notes oi^f uarsham juxta 

The first rcconliHl Pvcctor, presented U Edw. H (1321) l)y Robert 

de l>;iisliaiii, was Joliu lie Kedeiiliule, \\\n> was followed in 1312 
]>y William de Wellyngtou (1312 — 1318). 

or' the thirteen Keetois who intei'vened before the Reformation, 

little is known with the exeeption of Henrv Banieby (1396 — 
1121) and Thomas Waee (1424— 145U). 

IIknky Baunkuy. 

Ilis will, dated at Barsham 28th September, was proved at 
Xorwieh, Gth Decendjer 1424.^ 

" ILeni-ieiis IkirneWy, ivecti)r Ecelesiie de Barsham juxta Beecles." 
My sold to (!o<l Al)ni<(lity, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all Saints, 
and m\' Jiodv to be buried in the C'haneel of my Cliureh aforesaid. 
T'u the fahrie of the same Chureh xiij", iiij''. T(j the fal)rie of 
Kessinglond xiij', iiij''. To the fabiie of Scliy]»med(!we xx''. To the 
fahi'ic of iiNiigvsfcld \\''. To eaeh of my executors 10\ To each 
|uicst at m\' luirial \iij''. Residue to executors to distril)ut(! for 
ihc souls of all llic faithful departed, in masses and other pious 
deeds, as ma\- he most grateful to <lod and for the good of my 
soul. John t'oblie, Hector of IJyngesfcld. Magister \\ \\\. (Joselyn, 

TlIO.MAS Wack. 

He was sueceedetl by Thomas Waee, presented in the second 
year of Ileiu-y \'l by Thomas de Echingliam. His will was 
proved at Norwich, 23 September 1 loO.-' 

"Thonuis Waee, Ivector lUHlesiae de iiarsham." My soul to 
Almighty (Jod, the B. V.M., ami all the Saints, and my body to 
be buried in the Chancel of Bar.sham Church. To the altar there 
a cloth (mappa). To tlu; Cild of S^ JNlichael at Jieeclys for 
the emending of the same gihl x.x''. To the Gild of S' Andrew 
of llketvshale xx''. To the repair of the Tower of Biyngesfeld 
two bushels of corn. To the repair of Shipmedow Church two 
hushels of corn. To Eserard .1: his wife the bed 1 lie in i^' 
one tovcrlett, two blanki'tls, two sheets iV: one fellierbed. 'i'o 
I'lveiards wife n\v best cloak. To Margaret Poynard a short 
cloak. To John, son of Pi)ynard, a lussett cloak. To each of 
my godchildren 4''. J'lxecutors — Magister Simon Attgrene,'' Kector 
(jf ^^^llyngham, and Walter Cappe, of Barsham. 

PiOliKUT Hu.Mli, SlXTElCNTil Bkctou (1533 — 1554). 
Robert Hume had been chaplain to Sir Edward Echingliam, who 
by his will dated 18 June 1527, left to " S' Pvobert Hume my 
gown lyned with Sarsenet and all the cluirges of his capacyte ypon 
condicion that he will be good sVr'nt vnto my welbeloued wife," and 
also ''all my tolys, as axys, hachettf wyml)^^ sawys chesellc and 
formys." He was preferred to the lixing by the assignees of Sir 

' Noruicli Coiisi.siuiy ('(,uil, Ki-^i.HLiT IMll, 27, fol. 12i). 
'■' Norwich (JonsiMlnry L'cjiirl, Iti-j^istcr .Moyii, fol. ^>l. 

=• Siniou Atlct,nci>ii.', iiiii)oiiili'(l Itcctur uf Worliiigluun Magna by the I'rior 
of But ley (I12'J -1 471). 


Edward Echiii,uli;iin in tlif tweiity-fourtli year of Henry VIIT, and 
served the Cliuirli of Bai'sliani thr(»u,ulioul. one of the most 
momentous })erio(ls of clerical history. In I'jlT the i<^od lofts 
were ordered In l-e taken down, but many in Sull'olk remained 
until the tim.- of Eli/.ai)eth, and we have no information as to 
the date of removal of the erueili.v and li,^au•es, which tjie 
mortises show were once on the rood beam at Barsham. In looi', 
visitors were appointed to muster tlie church plate and furniture 
in all churches, and to compare the accounts with old inventories 
in order to see what had been lost or purloined. 
The return for Barsham was ^ : — • 

Cliallice one. waynge xvoz. 
Great bells i. 
Sanctus bell i. 

Tn 1519 the Act was pa.ssed to deliver all missals, trails, etc., 
u.sed in tlie L-luuvh .Services, to the Chui'chwardens for destruction, 
but there is no record of any books at Barsham at that time. 
The mandate - tV>r the induction of Hume's successor dated 
;h'd Januarv 1554, was i.ssued to John Wallliam, who was ordered 
to induct. The patron was John Blennerha.s.sett. 

CniilSTolMIKIi l?\TrVK, SKVKNrKKNTll Bl'.CITOll ( I 55 I - - 1 5G 1 ). 

Aiijiointed in (lie .second year of (.,)ueen Mary's uiduippy reiyn, at 
a time when SulVolk livings were not without tlieir pei'ils, especially 
in the \'icinity of IJeccles, in consecjuence of the Visitation Articles 
of Bishop llo])ton of Norwich, who decreed that, " .\ ('omplaint 
siioulil 1)(! laiil against all sn(di as favoured the (Jospels and llu! 
sanu^ wiis exhihiled by the (^»iu'en's Council sitting a( I'.eccles on 
(li(. IS"' of May, i55t), 1)V Thihp Williams, ((/in.-t [''oolman, .lohn 
St(>wa.rt, and Malthew iUitler, sworn foi- that pur|ios«^." '■ 

Helween the years 1.555 and 155S, thirty six persons in Snllblk 
nloiic .sulleicd dcalh by lire. 

'I'lu' register books of Barsham wtMe connnenced in the fourth 
year of Hattye's incundxMicy (155S), and were ke])t in Knglisli, 
and badly wi"itten tlown to 1615. He was succeeded in the sixth 
year of Elizabeth by 

John Christi.\n, Eigiiteknth Rector (1564—1568). 

Pre.sented by " John blenlhaissett Esq. de Barsh'm and Marie 
hys wyffe,"^ and inducted on the 3rd of January 1565, he was 
probably the writer of the entry in the register of the baptism 

' From tin- Aiismoiitiitioii Office, Miscellaiiooiis liooks, vul. oOit, t'ol. 27. 

- Maiiilat(-s I'm- I luhu'tioii, .\ ri-ii(lcac()nrv I'f SiilTulk, ]irihliMl in tlio Ka.-t 
.{iiijluiii Mdijdr.iid-, vol. viii, p. 7. 

■' " Ket'ornKM-.s of Ipswicli diirini;- (Jiiccii Mary's rei^u " (I'Jtmt AiiylinK 
Maijmine, vol. viii, p. 22.")). 

■* Slit! wa.s (lauglitor and (•(jhoiv of Sir lOilward Echiiigliani (sou ante vol. x.xii, 
p. 53). 

./ , . I ■' 


of tli.'ii- son Iticlianl (-Jllli Ainil \bi\i\). He wus succeeded in 
tlie liviiio- of Jiai-sluuu in loGS Wy tlie Kecloi- of .Shipiueudow 
(inducted there 3rd Jaiuiarv 15(35). 


Of this cU'iii-, iiuhicted to iJaishaiii Octoher llie iith, 1508, 
nolhiiii;- can hi" found in the Uiiivcisity lists, nor <loes lie apjiear 
to have heen huricd at I'.arshani, oi- to have h-ft any will. IL is 
])Ossiljle that he may hav(! heen fatlier or grandfather of Richard 
I'^iihancke, yeoman, of Shipnu'adow, whose will is dated Sept. l-!th, 
1051, 1 and who is idcnl leal with tiie Kichard Firhaneke of 
the Ship Money list for Shipmeadow.- Hector Firhaneke, who signed 
the holtom of every page of his registers, l.adly, but conscientioa.sly, 
is not himself mentioned therein, although several of his surname 
occur. He nuist have buried John Blennerhassett in 1573, and serving 
the Church throughout the lordship of Thomas Blennerhassett there, 
buried him on May the 1th, 15'.);). Afterwards continuing under 
the Lees until the fourth year of the ownership of Sir John Suckhng, 
he was succeeded, on the hitter's presentation, by 

JusKPii F'leming, TwENTirni Rfxtou (1017 — 1G36), 

whose neat writing and scholarly Latin begins a new era for 
the registers. Ite was the Uet;tor \\ ho did so much for the church, 
and to whom Suckling ascribes the erection of the Jacttbcan oak 
scri'cn, wliich still divides the Chancel from the Nave. As the 
SulVolk historian says " .\ bold step at a period so shortly subse- 
.|uenl t.) the Kefoiinnl hui, and om> which nuist have sid)jecled the 
Ue.'loi- to tlu! charge of i'opery.-' lie also raised the present roof 
uf the Chancel in 1033, as "aj. pears by his arms' cai'ved on a 
»:oibel," To him also Suckling attriltutes the construction of the 
eastern window, " the most nunarkaljle feature of the edifice, and 
in all probabililv has n(. parallel."' Joseph Fleminu, who^ nuiy have 
l„>eti t>f kin lo the William IHtMning, iiulucted lo l-aidgate bv 
Heccles, lOth June, 15S(), was preferred to the Ih'ctoi-y of I'^llough ^ 
on October 'JOth in the sixth year ui James the Fiist. Ue was 
licenced to mari-y, as Parson of Ellough, at Mutford, on the Uth 
of July, 1613, Mary Lone of F:ilough, single woman. 

' I'rovcd 1(>.->0- !()()(), in SulVolk Arclidoacoiu'y Court (Oripituil Wills, 1050- 
!()()(), No. I2it). 

- See iMi/f, vol. .\.\ii, |). 21i». 

■' In I suit, wl.iU' leiiairiii},' llii.s screen, the oi-i>,niml rood l)eam of pro- 
Heluiuniiion' (liOe whs (liseovered, siill witli tlio mortises in wliicli onco 
ressleil the li^iures of SS. Miiry loiil John on either siilo of the cross. 
These were all restonid (after the desi^^n of Mr. l'\ C. Ilden, of Stai-lo 
Iiint, and placed there to the inenioiy of the IJev. John Yelloly, u former 
iicclor, i)y hi.s nephew, the Ite v. K. A. J. Sueklini;. 

' Viiire, II, cliirf e.heiiny Or and (liilcH. 
" ' Al I'lilouKli lived the d(^ lierry.s an<l John Soulhwcli, innniMJ in Ih.' Tye 
Wills and the Kelilii(;lmni ChMmM-ry proecrdiiiKS. |{(d.rrl KinniiHtcde, H(ai of 
I ho wiln.'ss to Ui.h.ird ivhin-hani's second nnirriaKo, wa.s Itcctor (hero M.S2 
to Milli. 


His induftioii to Haisliaiii is (latcd Januaiv the '.U\\, 1G17. His 
out lies ill the ic^islcr vrnsc in lGl'7, aiul after a blank pag(i 
follows "Joseph tlkMuin^- C'ler. leclor J'lcelesiai de ijar.-^liai]! was 
hiiryed the ()"' of .June KiiJtJ." 

His will, dated January the 14tli, 10.15, was jMoved at Norwieh 
the 2.")th of June, IG.'JG,' hy the widow ]\[aiv. 

Joseph Fleniin^e, Parson of JJarshain, co. Sutlblk. My Soul to 
to he jtresented to Ahnii;iity (lod by my adsoeate Jesus Chi'ist, 
from whose hands cannot refuse it, and my hodv to he laid up 
in the eaith till the (jleneral Resurrection. To Alar\, my well 
beloved wife, m\' lands, etc., bought of j\Ii-. Peeke in i>eccles, and 
also in Linstead Paiva, Cheston, and Jiaisham in Sullblk, to her 
and her lieirs for ever. To Jose})h I'leining, my nephew and 
servant, my tenement and appurtenances in .Spe.xhall, Suilblk, and 
,£.'50. To Anne Fleming, daughter of Hamuel Fleming, my niece, 
my tenement bijught of ^larjorie Vinior in F>eccles. To Samuel 
Fleming, my nephew, £'20, and the £7 which f have of his. 
To John Fleming, my lu'phew, son of John Meming, m\' brothei', 
£'M). To Nathaniel Flendng, ni)' brother, and his children, t'TjO. 
To Joseph Fleming, my ne{)he\\, my double silver salt. To John 
Fleming, my cozen, of L(jndon, drapei, the gold ring 1 weai". To 
cozen .John Dade, a book called " the V^iench inventorie." 'i'o 
iMalthew Trott, a book conteyning all St. I'>aiiiards works. 
To I'^lizabeth Irish, my .servant, -lOs. John iMarcon, mv servant, 
■JOs. 'i'o I'O pottr householders in Ueccles, Hs. each. To' 5 pooiest 
householders in Harsham, L's. each. To liingsfeld poor^ L's. Gd., 
and Shipmeadow poor, l's. Gd. Ivcsidue to my wife i\lai-v, she 
to be sole e.\ecutri.\. \\'itnesses— l*'rancis Cuddon and Moses 

( Jkokhio t'ocKi',, Twi',NTY-l<"'iiis'r HiocToij (IG.'JG IG7."{). 

After the custom of his times he was a great ])luralist, and for 
this reason his identity is sometimes confused. He was eldest 
son of Alderman (leorge t'lR-ki',-' by his wife Lsdia Mower, 
and was baptised at St. (icorge.'s, Uolegate, the llth March, IGOI. 
lie was admilli'il l*\'llo\\' Conunoner at Christ's College, Cambritlge, 
July, IGIG; B.A., IGl'J-l'U; M.A., 1Gl*3;^ and ordained Priest 
at Ludham, If^th February, 1G2G. He was Ministei- of St. 
Andrew's, Norwich, 1 G3-4-S,'' where his wife Anne, (hiughter of 
Charles Suckling, l*]s(|., of Woodton, was buried the Gth of June, 

' Norwich t!oii.sistory Court, Jtcj^istcr 1686, i'ol. 1-47. 

- 'J'lic tc^tllt()^'.s widow rcnuirricd 2r)tli Oclolicr, 1();<7, to .loiui Fraiieklintr, 
Knut., widower, of Mel Held, wliof-o will is d.i(ed id Ut>erles, KJSO, Tlic 
liiltcr'H lir.'^t \virc, lnuird ut Moltiuld in Kllili, w iis daiij^liter of Win. 
JHobold. lli.s soil iiiiirric'd ii dau^^litcr of 'I'lioinas iiOiie, of Kli(Mij;li, and 
iiieco of Mary, liis second wife. 

•' Biiricil at SL. (Jeorge's, Cidcgatc, liHtli May, 1627. ITis Iji-otlier, Francis 
Cocke, Maj'or of \orwi(di, liy In.s wif<', Sarah .Mower, ^vas faliier ol' Ciiarlcs 
(ieor^'i) (./ocl'.c, I lie ScMincst rat 01-. 

' 'I'lio wriiei- i.s iiMlrl)lf(l lo 1 he j^real, kindness of Dr. \\<i\v, Master of 
Christ's Colh'^e, f()i- I his inlornial ion. 

■' IMomolioId'.s " .Norfidk," vol. ii, p. 700. 

t \ 


lO.'Jli. 11(> Wiis iiistiLuiod Ucctur of P>;irsluini KJ.'iO, t)n the deuth 
of})!! ]<lL'iiiiiiy, and on the prcseiiUilion of Sir Jolin tSucklinj;, 
the Poet, and kept the rcgi.sLers in a iiuat and very minute hand, 
rarely signing the pages during liis thirty-seven years' incumbency. 
Jn 1640 he <;ontrihuted £10 towards the buildings of Christ's 
College, Cambridge. tSuckling asserts that the present Jiectory of 
Jiarsham was erected in tlie time of James the II (1685 — 1689), ^ 
but on the 1st of ]\lay, l87:i, whilst lepairing the roof the date 
July 1st, 1638, was found on the plaster under the tiles of the 
west attic. 

George Cocke was appointed Assistant ]\Iinister of 8t. Peter's 
Mancroft, Norwich, in 1657, and Upper Minister, in 1658.- Fj'oni 
165;$ to 1661 the Par.sham registeis are ill-kept and badly written, 
and signed "John ileniie, Curate." Thomas Ivichard,' the father 
of the historian (baptised there 1671) is said to have otliciated 
for some time at Barslinm for George Cocke. lie was Hector of 
Gisleham 1663-1693, and of Kessingland 166-1, and was buried 
at l^arsham •26th Oclobrr, 1693. George Cocke's will, dated 
iSth Octobei-, 1673, was proved at Norwich 31st July, 1674.^ 

(Jeorge Cocke of the city of Norwich — \Neake in body. Soul 
into the hands of my God lioping for salvation through the merits 
of my Saviour. i\ly body to be interred with decency, but as 
little outward solemenitie as may be. INIy worldly estate to be 
disposed to my son George Cock(> S: my two daughters Ann 
Osborne, k Mary Cocke, that is, all my estate whatsoe\er (except 
18 vols, to the Librar)' of the City of Noi-\\ich) to my trusty 
friend Charles George Cocke of the City of Ncnw icli, Es({., S: 
Thomas Baret the elder of the same, merchant, in trust to sell 
and divide {H'olits into two hahes, one half to my sou George 
Cocke it the otliei- half etjually between my two daughters Ann 
Osborne and Mary Cocke. AVitnosses, Js. Prestcjii, Pen. Piveley, 
Lucy Suckling. 

HicNMAMiN Soi,i,i;v, Tuknty-Skconi) Kia'ToK (1673 — 1714). 

'The l\ev. Ijenjamin Solley, appointed Pector l)y Pobert Suckling* 
on tiie decease of Gi'orge Cocke does not a})pear in tiie University 
lists. He was baptised at Debenhaiu in Sullblk on the 12th of 
April, 1610, as son of Penjamin Solley, gent., and of Rebecca his 
wife, and came of a well known Kentish family of Huguenot 

' Suckliiig-'y " Suffolk," vol. i, p. 44. 

- Ijloim-lifld's '■ >.'oifolk," vol. i, p. 44. 

■' t'hoiiias Kiicliaid was sou of John Eacliard, Rector of Darsliaiii, Suffolk 
(1{)17 - 1(511), and was liri'iised lo marry Sarah 0.x, of Aldlnir^'h in 1664. 
She was liuriod at Uurshani Uio 13lli October, 1()96, near tlie Ciiurch door. 
.Jiiliii I'^aehard, anotlicr son of ilic above John, died tho 2nd July, 1670, aged 
folly, and left his only brother 'I'honia.s aforesaid his heir. .Also, Elizabeth, 
nirce lo .Mr. John Ivieliard, died I he 23rd September, 1728, aged IS. (Davy's 
MSS., Jh-itish Miist'iim). 

^ Norwich Consistory Court, Kegister 1674, fol. 57. 

'"• Lord of tho Jlanor of Earsham 1644 to 1698. 

•■' Hasted's "Kent," vol. iii, p. 719. Planche's "Corner of Kent." 

t'l>.. ■Il'< <■< {■■ ■! ' ;■■ ' 

1; ,;! ^M( 


At the time of his institution to Barshani he was Rector of 
Gleniham, and ah-eady the father of four sons and a daughter by 
a deceased wife, EHzabeth, baptised at Gleniham, viz., Benjamin 
1GG2, Thomas 1G64, Charles 1GG6, George 1668, Eliza. 1670. The 
following are extracts from the Barsham registers : — ' 

"Note. — Benjamin Solley ifc Catherine 8helver were marryed at 
INFarlesford May y« 20 1G71." 

" Catherine y" daughter of Ben. Solley »k Catherine his wife was 
born at Gleniham on Friday, S*^ Mark's day, April y" 25"^, and 
Bapt ]\Iay y>^ 13 1673." 

" Fi-ances y*-' daughter of Ben. Solley & Catherine was borne at 
Barsham on Tiuirsday y" 2-i''' of December (Xmas Eve), and Bap* 
Jan. 3''' 1G74." 

" John ye son of Ben. Solley and Catherine was born at Barsham 
on Sunday March y« IG''' 1675." 

" Ben. ye son of Ben. Solley and Catherine was born at Barsham 
May y« 30th 1677, and buryed there April 30 1678." 

" John Solley (clerk) son of Ben. Solley, Rector of Barsham, 
and Mary AVard of Chester were marryed 6*^'' June 1699." 

"Elizabeth Solley marryed the 23 day of October 1700 to 
William Stair of Willingham." 

" Thomas son of Benj. Solley & Eliz'"-'"' his wife dyed at Deal, 
Kent, &. was interred there August y^ 20'''' 1694." 

" Catherine Solley y** daughter of Thomas Solley of Chilhara, Kent, 
& Alice his wife, was Bapt. the 29*'' of November 1693, and since 

" ]\lary Draper widow, sister of iien. Solley, Rector of Barsham, 
was buried in y" chancel of Barsham, December 30"' 1702." 

" Benjamen Solley (Clerk), Rector of this parish, was buryed 
Decem'' 9"' 1714, Anno ^tat. 75." 

" Catherine y" widdowe of R^** Benj. Solley, Re<^* of y* prish, 
was buryed Oct. y« 5"' 1726." 

InMijamin Sdlley's will, dated 1 June 1714, was proved at 
Norwich, 27lh January, 1714-15.- 

1, Benjamin Solley, of Barsham, co. SufTolk, Clerk, do with 
my own hand make & ordain this my last will. My soul I 
leave to Almighty God my Creator ifc my body to the earth in 
the hope of a joyful Resurrection. To Catheiine Solley, my 
dearly loved wife, two houses with yards ik gardens in Beccles, 
ct ray estate, houses, lands, itc, in Barsham for the term of her 
natural life & all my plate ik linen. She to have so much of 
my household goods as may seem needful it convenient for her, 
during her life. To my daughter I'^lizabeth, wife of W"' StalTe, 
it to William her husband my estate in Shipmeadow for their 
lives. To my grandchildren, John Clai'ke, Benjamin Clarke, William 

' The writer is indebted to Mrs. Coates for all extracts from thg 
Barshain rogistei-s. 

- Norwich Consistory Court, 1714, fol. 129. 


r."?^ i>') 

■>r ip.xic-. u. 

■,;' • 

> ' I .) • ^ 

■ /■ .li.. ' -.' 1 - ><.l 'v 


Clarke, Jaine.s Clarke, A Frances Clarke, tlie rents of uiy meadow 
in Stratton St. INIaiv, called Swan Meadow, for their education — 
to be sold it divided amon^ tlieni when 21. To Francis, the son 
oi my daughter Frances Clarke deceased, a parcel of household 
goods as in an inventory written this 3"' May 1714, to bind him 
out an ap})rentice. To my son John Solley of Stratton St. IMary, 
Norfolk, clerk, my estate in Bar.sham and lieccles on the death 
of his mother, Si my lands btniueathed to Elizabeth it William 
Staile during their lives Sl he to have same on their deaths S: 
all my goods it money itc, he paying £200 to my granddaughter 
Catherine Freeman, &, my son Benjamin Solley to have meat it 
drink it apparel for his life it son John to allow him proper 
pocket money. John Solley, my son, to be solo executor. I desire 
to be privately bui'ied. To Barshnm poor 20/. Witnesses, 
W. Nuthall and ll't Nutlmll. 

(To be continued. J 

Pftiigrrc0 from tJjc ©e Banco Bolls, temp. Itlenrg VM. 

liy U. J. T. 'WocH). 
(Continued from Vol. XXII, p. 230.; 

[11 2'] Mich. 4 Hen. VII. m. 110. 
Same suit as No. t), the pedigrees as No. 02, with the addition 

-I 1 - 

riiilippii linos, Jiiliiiiiuii liifiils- ,.."f Joyi'o, John, Kiirl-^l''lizal)olli.^ — \Villium 

sister of Worct'.s- Stanley, 

and cob. tor, s.j). Knt. 

Laily UtJDS. sis- tlu)r[H«, widow, 
tiT and coll. sister iiiid coh. 



Edward Dudley, Knt., 
liOrd Dudley. 

[113] Mich. 4 Ilev. VII. m. 143. 

Sutii<i:x. — John Echyngham arm. sues Margaret who was the wife 
of -John Eli-yngtoii Knt. and Elizabeth who was the wife of Roger 
Fenys arm. foi' tlif5 manors of Echyngham, Mundefeld, l^edynge- 
haiume and Pekeden and land in Bryghtlynge, the vill of Bello 
Mundefeld and Heckele which llobeit de Ore 'rave to 

.(. :» i' h:'.' Ml.; ,.:>/•).<,. J ■ ji '/t , ;» ,j/:!:IL. ,ii . .oi>'' ■! 

it>,- /I, i 

'(' ,1 '.. ' IJM . •)■?' I. 

I I-. :.■■■' 

■f i;.,^. 


William do Ecliynghaiii, Kiit.,=r... 
Leiiii). Edw. lir. 


'I'hoiiiii.s, a. and li.- 


Richard, b. and b.=f-- Thunias, s. and h., s.p. 


John Echynghani, jdaintiff, 
8. and h. 


[lU] Mich, i Hen. VII. m. 159. 
Wilts. — Writ to sheriff to issue a precept to Thomas Treinayle and 
others to give to John Danvers tlie manor of Merden which Edward 
III King of Enghmd gave to 

John Dauntesey, Knt.^ Johanna. 

John, B. and h,=p... 

...^Jolianna, sister and h. Waltur, s. and h., s.p. . 


Edmund, s. and li.^=... 


John, s. and h.= 

John Danvers. "•=Aunc, d. and h. 

[115] Mich. -1 llfii. VII. m. 311. 

Z<uif. -William Jakys sues Thomas Jakys for land in Westwodde, 
Epwoitli and Belton in the Tsle of Haxiholme wliich Thomas son 
of Master William de Brunham and Robert son of Robert Julian 
of Haxay gave to 

John, son of William de Leken,=fCristiana. 

temp. Edw. IIL | 

Richard, s. and h.=r-- 


=Catherine, d. and h. 

" 1 

William, s. and h. 


William Jakys, plaintiff, 
s. and h. 


J :jr> .<- .1 


[ll<i| Mirh. 4 /f,ui. VII. m. 311 (/. 
S/djf. — William Wilkes sues Uo^er flctlu! uml A;^Mies liis wifo for 
liiiHl ill Bluxwiclu; which W'iliiain Junes gave l<» 

Williiiiii Mittiw, tuiiii).=pAjriicH. 

Kdw. III. I 

...=f-Nicholaa, d. and h. 

Richard, s. and h.^ 


William Wilkes, s. and h., 

[117] Mch. 4 Hen. VII. VI. 318. 
Dcrhij. — Henry Ivede sues Hubert Sancheveiell and iNIargaret his 
wife fur the manor of 8tantun and land in Stanton, liiaystow and 
Wilsthorp which William Lynton, William Salowc and Hugh 
Mu.skliam gave to 

Radul])h Makeioll, tenip.=pFelis. 

Edw. 111. f 

r —^ 

Radulpli, s. and li-^- • 

r -— — ^ -. 

...=f Johanna, sister and li. Hugh, s. and h., s.p. 

John, s. and h.=... 


Henry Itede, plaintiff, 
H. and li. 

Judgment fur plaintilf. 

[ll.S] Mich. 4 Hen. VII. m. 345. 
Devon. — John Hunta sues John Edward fur a moiety of land in 
Crufton in the parish of JMiltun Damerell which .John Paddon 
gave to 

William Hunta,=[-Cristina. 

of Gronilegh. I 

John, s. and li. 

Philip, s. and h. p... 

John, s. and h.^.,. 


■lolin 1 1 iiiilii, plaint ilT, 
H. iind li. 


Y/ .i;.,li 

|)K liAMro K()L1,S, 'I'KMI'. HKiVllV Vll. 2l 

[119] Mlrh. t /hn. VII. m. \Ub d. 

Ciiij of Covviitnj. — .loliii Isliaiii aiul Alici; his wife sue Jolm Beaufo 
uf ImIuuiscoIu c(.. Wiuw. j^eiit., liicliaid Cotes of Honyiif,'liaiii gent, 
and Alice his wife uiul (Jerard Danct of L(;icester g(!nt. and Ann 
liis wife for hind in Coventry. 

Jiiliii (.!lei'k.-7-... 



Jolin Isliani. — Alii-o, il. and li., 

[120] Mich. 4 Ilni. VII. m. 3b5 d. 

Z>t»/>■e^- -Nicholas Lysle Knt. sues John Lisle for the manor of 
Heuiblesworth I'.yllbrd and land in Shapewyk which Ricliard Folke 
gave to 

John Curinailles, tL'iup.-fCiuda. 
E.lw. III. 

...=j=Matilda, d. and h. 

Jolin, s. and li.-p... 

Joliu, s. and li.- 

r ± 

John, s. and 1i.-t-.., 

John, s. and h.-f-... 

NifliohiM liVsK' Knt., 
pliiintitV, H. and li. 

•luilgnient for phiiMlilV hy consent. 

[I'JI I .1//.//. I //nt. VII. VI. 35(5. 

/,,./(■. -.1 oh II I'lnlwcsell, John 'rnrvyh', Jolin \N'yl3's and others, their 
servants, were siiiiiiin)iied to answer William Kygheley for taking 
animals at llathern in a i)lai:e called Kygheley yerd. Thomas de 
Mardeley gave land in JIathern to 


'J'lioinas Stiiuiitun, sou ot'i^Elizabeth, survived 
liobcrt StMiintoii Kiit. t her liusbaiid. 


I \ 1 

John Entwe- — Elizabeth. John Wylys, — Margaret. John Turvylle,=Katherine. 

sell, a defen- a defendant. a defendant. 



[122] Mich. 4 I/en. VII. m. 437 f/. 

]Varw. — 3o\\\\ Beaufitz gent, son and heir of Thomas lieaufitz gent, 
and of Katherine his wife daughter and heir of John Lyn formerly 
of Stratford-atte-Bowe Baker was summoned to answer John Porter 
and others to warrant lands called Landniylles in Stratford-atte- 
Bowe in the parish of Stebenhith. 
Judgment for phiintilVs. 

[123] Mich. 4 Hen. VII. m. 448. 

Snusc.i:-- John Edward senr. sues Ednuind Hoos Knt. for land in 
lOslhorne which Hiclund Kdwaril gave to 

Siniou Hdward, his H()n,=|=.,, 
leiiip. i'ldw. 1 V. I 

John Edward, plaintiff, 
8. and li. 

Veriliet that John is a hastai'd. 

[124] Mich. 4 lieu. VII. m. 453. 

Same suit as No. 45. Isabella and Blanch being stated to be 
coheirs of Hugh Franceys, who was living temp. Hen. V. Verdict 
for the defendants John and Thomas Adam, on the grouiid tliat 
they are not tenants of tlie freehold. 

[125] Mich. 4 lien. VII. m. 454 c^. 

^S,>i(/h,nt/n. — Peter Cowcdrcy gent, sues INlorguii Kydwclly and Ann 
iiis wife for (lie iiuuior of I'ambcr and land in I'.ianbi'le and 
iJaghurst which W illiam Hrokas and others L'ave to 

I 1.: 


I't'trr Cowodrcy, anii,,=p... 




Peter Cowcdrey, 

[126] Mich. 4 //en. VII. m 503. 

York. — NiclKjlas Kiiyfton of xMircastou co. Derby gent., liadulf 

Knyfton of London oeut. and others were sminiioned to answer 

William Vavasour for foreihle entry on the manor of Ciissewortli. 
Uieliaid Kawlyn ciiaplaiii enfeoiled 

Alvered Maulyverer.T=Isabcl In. =^ William Vuva.sour, 
: jdaiutifT, married at 

• Ih'silwod. 

p.. .J 
William Maulvvercr. f^. .. 

: J 

Robert Maulyveror, wlioso status 
till' dtd'endaiit.s have. 


[127] Mich. \ Hen. Vll.m.hlid. 

Kent. — John Cornell, Stephen Cornell and Alice Riche sue Jolianna 
Dyer for land in ^lerden held in -ravelkind. 

Mar,i,Mret L'uriicU, 
sister and h. 

Simon Clievene, temp. 
Hen. VI, .s.j>. 

'i'liomas t/'ornell. p... 

.lohn t'onicll, Slc|ilieii CoiiiLdl, 

|>laiiifilT. iilaiiitiif. 


William Ooi'noU. 


Alice llitdio, 

I I2.S| .1/;,.//. I Ihn. VI I. m. r.27. 

Jiei/s. — W'llliaiu Wisdoweson sues Cilherl Talnier and Margaret liis 
wife foi- land in Stotfold which Nicholas Coupci- N'iear of StoLfoId 
and John P)oteler of Chycheley gave to 

) u 


Simon \Vt'(lo\vL'.soti, temp.^Elizahetli 
Hon. VI. I 

Jolm, b. iuul li.-r-.. Riclmnl, s. mid h., s.p 


William Wedoweson, a. and li., 

Judgment for plaintiff. 

[129] Mich. 4 Nen. YII. m. 530 f/. 

Bed^. — Thomas Fitzlmgh and Christina his wife, William Smyth 
and Alice his wife, Alice Lawe and Cristina La we sue llichard 
jNIuston for land in Harowedon which Thomas Crouch and Thomas 
'I'ydy gave to 

Thomas Mnydebury.=j=Jolianiia. 


William, s. and li.^,.. 

...=f^ Johanna, d. Thomaa=Cri«tina, d. William Smyth. =Alico, d. and coh., 

I and coh. Fitzliuj^ii. anil coh., plaint ilYs. 

I plaintilTs. 

Alice Lawo, plaintiff. Christina Lawo, plaintiff. 


[130] Mich. \ Hen. VII. vi. 558. 

(;lonc. — John Seyntloo Knt. and Isabella his wife sue Thomas 
Yoiig for the manors of Tornerhm, Acton Turvyle and Lytelton 
and land there which William Sam})son rector of Clyfton and 
Richard Perham, Chaplain, gave to 

Henry do la I?yver,=p ... 
temp. Edw. III. 

Maurice, a. and h.- 

jMaurice, s. and h.=p... 

Robert, s. and h. 

John Seyntloo Knt.=Isabc]]a, d. and h., 

|jj<: ijanl'o hulls, tkmi*. uknry vil 

Thoiufib Yon^,', of liristol,=i=... 
iiu'rcliaiit. I 



'riunima Yv 

TlioiiiiiH Yong, defoiidaut, 
s. and li. 

The (lefeiulaiit claims uikUu" a recovery 4tli September 3G Hen. VI 
between Maurice tie la Kyver arm. .sun of Maurice and others of 
whom his father was the siH\ivor. 


[131] Jllii-h. 4 Ff^m. VII. m. 558 cZ. 

Cuniwall. — Edward Hastynj^es Knt. ami Mary his wife sue John 
Corryngton arm. an»l John Wyll clerk for the ad\'owson of the 
C'hurcli of Pynnok. 

William, Li>rd l}otreaux,-y^... 
jtro.'^cntL'd Tliouias Edward, 
toMii). lieu. VI. 

=Margai"et, d. and li. 

Hohert, s. and h. 

Thomas, s. and )i 


Ldwai'd Kastyngos Knt.— Mary, d. and h., 

[132] Mirh. -1 Hen. VII. Deeds Enrolled. 

Thomas Stonesby son and heir of Robert Stonesby of Knypton co. 
Leicester wlio was a tenant by tlie law uf Eni^land and of Katherine 
his wife daughter and heiress oi William ifalle releases to llobert 
T>alard gent, his interest in tlu^ i)rin<'ii)al messuage in Shitlyngton 
CO. Beds, which was of tiie said WiUiam Halle and lands thercito 
belonging in Sliitlyngton, I'^yn and (Jieiies. 

[133] Hilary. 4 Hen. VII. m. 134 c^. 

^1^/;/'.— Writ to sheriff to issue a precept to John Duke of Suftblk 
to give to John liryghtyene the manor of Heyle.s<lon and the 
advowson of the Church of the said manor which ^\'illiam son of 
(J(H)lfrcy Lenc of NN'csihale gave ((licit) lo Hugh son of ^Valter de 
Uernhaiu and Isabella his wife dauirhter of CJiles de Wachesham 

\ , I 

'2C) pi<:diorhks from thk 

iiiid the liciirs (tf tlicii' bodies, wlii(;li sifter tlio deaLli of tlio said 
lluL,'li uiid Isabella and of (liles s(jii and heir of the said Hugh 
and Jsal)ella ajid of Ivatlierine (!<lc) and of I'^dniund son of tho 
said Thomas (sic) should come to said John son of tlie said Edmund 
and kinsman and heir of the said Thomas. 

[134] in/ari/. 4 //en. VII. m. \\\d. 

linrks. — William Essex and Elizabeth his wife sue Thomas Fetiplace 
and ^largaret liis wife for the manor of Beccote which John Stratton 
chaplain gave to 

.foil II Roger. =j=EIiz;il)('th. 

riioiiias, s. and li.=j=.. 


Thomas, s. and h 


William E8So.v.=Elizab(jlh, d. and b., 

[KJf)] llilarij. 4 Urn. VII. m. .'{32 ({. 

Wane. — Wi'it to sherifl' to issue a precept to Thomas Blyth to give 
to Thomas Middleton of Overtysho land in Churchetysho to which 
the said Thomas Blytlw^ has no entry but l)y Tiiomas Middleton of 
Churchetysho to whom the land was dejnised for his life l)v William 
Middleton grandfalimr of th(! said Thomas Middleton of ()\ertysho heir he is. 

[i;?G] Ililnnj. 4 lien. VII. m. 335. 

Ciunhs. — llecovery by Robert l*age senr., Richard Page, Robert Pagt; 
junr., Henry Page, John Page son of same Henry, Thomas Page 
son of .said Henry, John Page son of John Page son of Jienry, 
Margaret Page, Agnes Page, i.,ettice Page, Johanna Page, Thomas 
Page senr., John Piige senr., John Page junr., Pobert Boton senr., 
Uobert Roton junr., Katherine Boton, Enuna Boton, Margaret Boton 
daughter of Robert Boton .senr., Alice Boton, Thomas Boton and 
Margaret lioton tlaughter of the same Thonuis J^oton against John 
Scrope Knt. and P^lizabeth his wife of xoot'i P'i'"t of the manor of 

[137] I/ilary. 4 Hen. VII. m. 346. 
Devon. — Henry Earl of Northumberland sues Tliomas Earl Ormond 
for the manor of Northam which John Hody scu'^eant-at-law and 
othei-s gave to .lames Ormund Knt. and Amice his wife in tail temp. 
Hen. VI with remainder to 

li til ■■ r.,li v. ' . U\ if i;-' ^j.'J U 


Robert Poynyiiges, Lord= 
of Poyuynt>c3. 

Kichai'il, s. and li.=j=... 

...=j=Eleanor, d. and h. 

r -^ 

Henry, Earl of Northumberliind, 

plaintiff, a. and li. 


.Similar auits on mm. 342(1, 349 (i and 35G as to manors of ChiMe- 
frome, Ilammeishain, Wroxhale, Maperton and PonipknoU co. Durset, 
in the second of which tlie said James Ormond Knt. is stated to 
have been son to James JOarl Ormond. 

[138] I/i/ari/. 4 lien. VII. m. 351. 

Glouc. — John Cantlowe Prior of the Cathedral of SS. Peter and 
Paul of J^atli CO. Homersot was sunnnoned to an^swer John Wals.she 
for taking' animals. 

The plaintilF is kinsman and heir of Peter Croke Knt. and son 
and heir of 1']li/.al)etli who was the wife of lUchard aj) ITarry. 


[139] llilanj. 4 Hen. VII. m. 3G1. 

/Icrks. — William Ayleward suivs Hichard Lok for land in Ksthamp- 
.■itede whicii JclVrey l>aroii and lloger Ic Cras gave to 

William Ayiuwaid, of EstlianiiJstL'do,=rI*'abell:i. 
ttniij). Eihv. III. I 

Nielioia.s, h. and li.-|-.,. 
Kicliard, s. .and li.=j=... 

Thomas, s. and h 

VVilli;iiii Ayloward, plaiiitilV, 
H. aii(| li. 

^i:-' TC .-.f, i- 1 i :_< :;. t 

•I : . ;n 

■ t 


[140] ///Var//. 4 Ilea. VII. m. 404. 

Devon. — Joliii Anthony uiul Alice liis wif<; Midi. 4 lien. VII sued 
Otho JewtM'd urni. for dower of tiie manor of Clavely, of land there 
and of the advow.son of the Church of Clavely, of the dotation of 
William Cary Knt. former husband of the .said Alice. The defendant 
now claims by feolJ'ment from tlie said Sir William 4th August 
2 Edw. IV and calls to warranty Roljert Cary his son and heir, 
who .says tliat Robert Kigge clerk and others gave the manor to 

Robert Cary, sou of Jolm^... 
C'liry Knt. 

JoliM, .s. illld li.= 


AV^illiaiii ("ary Kiit.,=j=.., 
ii. inul li. I 

Robert Cai-y, the waiTaiitor, 
s. ami h. 

[141] fli/a)-!/. 4 J/,'n. VII. m. Wl. . 

AWMij^As'. — JNFargaret Catesby .sues Henry Vaughan arm. for tlu 
manor of Dywell. 

\\u\S.\\ Catesby, toiiii). p... 

Hen. VI. I 

Thonnis, b. and 11.^=... Hugh, b. and b., h.[i. Godwin, s. and h., s.p. 

Margaret Tatesby, plaint ilT, Tlu.iiia.s, s. and li., 


sister antl 1 

[142] Ililary. 4 Hen. VII. m. 417. 

Salop. — John Pole sues Owen Pole for the nuinor of Tresnant in the 
parish of Albuibury St. jNlidiael. 

ICdward Caus, temp.^,,. 
lieu. IV. I . 

r ^ 

...-pMargaret, d. and li. 

'-- -1 
.loliM l'()l(\ plainlilT, 
H. and h. 
Judgment for |.laintill". 

M 1 . .\\ 4. .. .. 



[11:5 1 Easfrr. 1 J/m. TG. 
llijn'f. — Uoo-ei- Hu(k'iili;uii .sues Kicliiird Hooh; cliuplaiiijif the chantry 
of St. Anne in (lie parish church of Cleliun^^cr for hnid in J^uva 
Mai-keleye, Yarkhiill, W'olvythehopc, Fowehope, iloniniehicy, Liide 
Mlu•he^^M■o.s, Lude .Sance, Lude Godefiay, Wydeniarssh, More,"Canone 
JNIore, Holemare, Colnvall, Weston next Yarldudl and tiie advowson 
of the Church of Parva Markeley. 

Tliuiuas do la J{airL',=j=., . 
13 Edw. III. I 

TLoniiis,-r... Edimiiid, William, Laurence, J{oger, Richard, Waller. 

». :uid 1 
(as jiJaiii- 
lifT 8. J). HI.) 


H.J). III. 


.^.ll.lll. 8. p. 111. 

Sir .loliii Hurre,=Ji)liaiiiia. 
(as dcfeiidiuit). 



Rog'or ]{()deiiliaiii, ])laiiitiff. 

The following,' relationships of tlie phiintitT to the .sheriff and one 
of the coroners are yivi'ii : — 


'I'lioiiiaa.- p. 

, r -J 





Roger Bodeiihain,=f=Joliaiina. 
plaintiff. | 

John Devereux Knt., 

'riioiiuis Hodenham, s. and b. 




..n^ Alice. 

William Rrugbyll, 
a Coroner. 

Roger Bodenluim, ^.Johanna. 

[U4J Trin. 4 lien. VU. m. \\\d. m. .'HO. 

Hida. —i ohw .NFordaunt sues Gieoi-;(; Earl of Kent for land in 

A'A' i ):' I ''';> /. 

sK !..,(• ■)■ 


\Villiiim Mi>nlmiiit,-| ... 
((■iii|.. I'ldw. 111. 

William Moi-daiiiit, junr.,=j=... Robert. = 

temp. Eihv. III. | 

\Villiaiii, s. iiml li., s.p. Kiliiiund.= 

]{oliort. -,-=... 

r -" 

Robert. -p.. . 



John Mordauut, 

[1-15] 7'ri7i. 4 Hen. VII. m. 115. 

Sns^e.v. — Joliii Cawe of Potteworth .sues Tlioinu.s Wiiglit and Elizabeth 
liis wife and Alice Coml)er for land in Pettewortli which Robert 
Cawe gave to 

John Cawo, Ilia soii,=pAfjfiic's. 

temp. Hen. VI. I 



John Cawo, plaiiitilT. 

[IIG] Trill. 4 //en. VII. m. -lli. 

Line. — Writ to sheriiF to sunmion Johanna Sikilbrice and Thomas 
Sikilbrice to answer Thomas Lofte to give him land in Spalding and 
Pynehebek which Thomas Torold gave to 

John Bette.=F-,.. 

I 1 

= Margai-et, sister Thomaa, s. and h. 

and h. e.p. 

Thomas Lofte. 

[147] Trln. 4 //>m. VII. in. 329. 

Won-. Thoma.s Lye sues Uobert Alexander of Coston fo)' land in 
('(»sl<in which Kicliard de Coston gave to 


Alcxaudor Costoii, toiiip.-pETMiiia. 
Edw. IH. I 

=Sibil, sister Richard, s. and h 

and h. s.p. 

John, s. and li. 

William, s. and h., whose kinsman 
and heir the plaintiff is. 

[148] Trin. \ llni. VH, m. 331. 
W(irii\ — Ricliard llcbljawdo wa.s .suiiimntied to .uiswer John Hubande 
for taking animals at Tj)j)esley. 

John llubando Kiit., settled the^Margaret. 
manor and advowson of Ijipesley I 
by fine 13 Edw. IIL | 

John, s.p. William, s.p. Thoma8.=i= ,. Rol)ert 


. r -< 

Richard, s. and h.=r... 

John, s. and h.=p... 

Thomas Hubande, s. and h., who 
now holds the manor. 

Judgment for defendant. 

[149] Trin. 4 //c'?i. VII. m. 332. m. 333. 
Lcic. — Radulf Pakenian and Thomas Ashchy were summoned to 
answer Thomas Ilortoii t'oi- lakitig aniiiuds at liorysworth. Robert 
ytokes and Johanna his wife gave (ho manor of Boiy.swortli to 

John Stokes. =F.. 




r— ' 

r— J 

I 1 

riiomn.s Stokes, h.j). I'ljiljp r^^. 

Thomas Stokes. 



[150] Trln. 4 Hen. VI I. m. 358. 

Uo.ref. — Tlionias Seymour Knt. and John Baret clerk were sumiiioned 
to answer John Dun Knt. for the next presentation to tlie Church 
of St. l\[ichael of Lagharn. Tlie phiintilF was rehited to the sherilf 
as follows : — - 

John Scudajuore Knt.=p... 



Jolin Scudanioi-f Knt. =[=••• 

Jolin Dun Knt. 


Henry Scudamore, 

(Tr; \)0 continued.) 


(Contributed by Gerald FoTiiEROU.r.. ) 

Little introduction is re(iuired to these licences to pass beyond the 
Seas, as the use and value of them are apparent. It is hoped they will 
\i}\'{i many a clue to the disappearance of names in a peiligree, and help 
to fix the ancestry of emigrants. 

Some of the early settlers in New England first dwelt for a time in 
Holland, and then went on to America ; the reason for this may have 
l)e(;u that leave, was given easier to visit lOurope. 

.\s only a very f'!W years of these Licences are e.xtant, the value of 
those remaining is enhanced. 

In 1874 John Camden Hotten printed the licences of all those bound 
straight for America ; this contribution will contain those names left 
out by Hotten as being settlers in Europe. 

These licences are obtained from the records of the Exchequer, King's 
Remembrancer, No. 16. 

Gr.vnt, Robert, 25, of S. Katherine, son of Ric. Grannt, to Amsterdam, 

31 December 1631. 
Stratford, Richard, 30, of White Cross St., to Worden, 4 Jany. 1631-2. 
FoRTiE, Ric., 62, of Hamburgh, to the same, 5 Jany. 1631-2. 
Wright, Laurence, 24, of Suffolk, to Amsterdam, 7 Jany. 1631-2. 
Cjatks, Margaret, 21, resident in Flushing, to same, 7 Jany. 1631-2. 
HonuARD, Miclu'll, 21, servant to Henry Hill, dwelling in Aldgate, to 

Amsterdam, D Janv. 1631-2. 


Bancks, Peter, 19, son of Edward Pilkiiigton, resident in Creechurch, 

to Amsterdam, 9 Jany. 1631-2. 
Joyce, Wm., 30, of S. Olave's parish, to Amsterdam, 7 Jany. 1631-2. 
0.\RDINER, Henry, 54, of Flushing, to same, 12 Jany. 1631-2. 
Cliffe, John, 42, of Golden Lane, to Delfe, 11 Jany. 1631-2. 
Bates, William, 33, of Wapping, to Amsterdam, 11 Jany. 1631-2. 
Altoff, Symon, 33, to Hage, 11 Jany. 1631-2. 

Murray, Alice, 50, of Long Lane, to Middleburgh, 12 Jany. 1631-2. 
Darvill, John, 25, & his brother, Mathew Darvill, 28, to Amsterdam, 

12 Jan. 1631-2. 
JoHES, Rebecca, 27, wife of Henry Johes, resident in RatclifTe, to 

Dunkirk, 12 Jany. 1631-2. 
Goddard, Wm., 57, to Amsterdam, 12 Jan. 1631-2. 
Neale, Elizabeth, 27, wife of Emanuel Neale, to Delft. 13 Jany. 1631-2. 
Pack, Anthony, 56, of Bishopsgate, and his son, Josias, age 18, to 

Amsterdam, and so to return, 16 Jany. 1631-2. 
GuRDEN, Tho., 60, of & to Skeddam, 14 Jany. 1631-2. 
JoHNES, Wm., 42, Bishopsgate St. to Dcepe, 16 Jany. 1631-2. 
Brownswoop, Edward, 48, of Southwark, to Dort, 18 Janv. 1631-2. 
King, Ellyn, 26, of & to Hague, 18 Jany. 1631-2. 
Phillipi'S, Anne, 21, daughtr-r of Mr. Phillipps of Utricht, to same, 

18 Janv. 1631-2. 
Heelie, Alice, 28, to her abode. Flushing., Mary, 21, widow, of Dort, 19 .lauy. 1631-2. 
Walker, Bartholomew, 27, of Mile End, to Dort, 19 Jany. 1631-2. 
RuNDALL, Mathew, 14, to Berghen, 20 Jany. 1631-2. 
Brent, Ann, 27, to Serrickseas, 20 Jany. 1631-2. 

Saunders, John, 16, servant to Mr. William Peacock, of S. Bartholo- 
mew, E.Kchange to Amsterdam, 21 Jany. 1631-2. 
Steevens, John, 25. of Newintxton Butts, to Rotterdam, 21 Jany. 

Croete, Judith, 27, to Amsterdam, 21 Jany. 1631-2. 
Jackson, Kallu>rine, 52, wifi; of Perciyall Jackson, of Whitecross, 

Street to Since, & to return, 21 Jany. 1631-2. 
JoHNES, Abraham, 25, Shoe Lane to Bosh, 23 Jany. 1631-2. 
Malliardson, Joan, 38, wife of Mallard Malliardson, Duchman, of 

Tertoll, 23 Jany. 1631-2. 
Whaley, Ellen, 24,"wife of Wm. Whaley, to Flushing, 24 Jany. 1631-2. 
GuYNNS, Andrew, 32, of Leyden, 24 Jany. 1631-2. 
Miller, Prudence, 24, to Amsterdam, 27 Jany. 1631-2. 
Irish, Robert, -13, & wife Amie, 10, to Dort, 24 Jany. 1631-2. 
Powell, Peter, 24, of Laiden, 24 Jany. 1631-2. 
Dyer, James, 31, & wife Joan, 21, to Dort, 30 Jany. 1631-2. 
Ellison, Elizabeth, 27, wife of Wm. Ellison, of Amsterdam, 31 Jany. 

Davison, John, 13, son of Wm. Davison, of Amsterdam, & George 

Lish, 17, his servant, 1 Feby. 1631-2. 
Mewe'it, John, 28, of Watling St., & wife Elizabeth, 24, to Flushing, 

1 Feby. 1631-2. 

v.-.;i>^ 5. 


Bl'.ADSHAWE, Ricliard, 70, near Fleot Rritlge, to Amstortlam, 1 Febv. 

PAKKEii, RIoi'.go, (i5, More Lane lo Amsterdam, 1 Feby. 1631-2. 
SiiEPrAHD, Jane, 25, of Wiipping, to Dmikerk, to lier husband, 4 Feby. 

Barnet, Margaret, 35, to Tergo, 7 Feby. 1631-2. 
Bradnam, Maraaret, 27, \7ife of Wm. Bradnam, of Utriclit, 7 Feby. 

Chovart, Cliarles, 27, dwelling in Doctor Mayer's house in S. Martin's 

Lane, to llotterdam, 7 Feby. 1631-2. 
Claxto.v, J«)an. 23, to Bosh, to dwell with Sir Thomas Mewters, 7 Feby. 

Wilkinson, William, 50, of Paternoster Row, to Flushing, 7 Feby. 

Wuoii, John, 23, son of Mr. Thomas Wood, in ye Strand, to Paris, 

7 Feby. 1631-2. 
Skack, F](iw., 16, (V Alice Fvans, 23, to Amsterdam, 8 Feby. 1631-2. 
F'ouRKST, Mary, 2U, to Amsterdam. H Feby. 1631-2. 
C'auvkrt, Oeorge, 27, ife wife, Aldr(\d Calvert, 21, & his sister, Judith, 

20, to Hage, 8 Feby. ]()31-2. 
Biro, Robert, 28, of Blackfriers, to Rotterdam, 8 Febv. 1631-2. 
Neale, Joan, 23, to Delfe, 9 Feby. 1631-2. 
Barrie, James, 40, witli wife & children, viz., Honner, 51, Margaret, 

14, Katherine, 23, David, 12, Edward, 14, John, 17, Wm. Lynch, 

23, Fdmond Barrie, 18, Honnor Hocke, 18, 9 Feby. 1631-2. 
I\L\rti:ni)Am:, ILmh, 21, resident in .Mr. h'reeman's house in Aldersgate 

Street, to Amsterdam, 10 Febv. 1631-2. 
MoLTON, Robt., 10, ifc Wm. Uunnam, lo Rotterdam, 10 Feby. 1631-2. 
Vandale, John, 26, of Maidstone, Kent, to Caunt, 10 Feby. 1631-2. 
Cooper, John, 48, & wile Isabel, 32, to Utricht, 11 Feby. 1631-2. 
Branch, Robert, 23, Westminster, to Flushing, 15 Feby. 1631-2. 
llii.i,, John, 25, to Vlishiiig, 15 Feby. 1631-2. 

H.\i;i'i,i;rr, Fdwnrd, 2.3, of Cole llarboi., i^ wife .Mice, 23, to Amster- 
dam, 16 Feby. 1(13 1-2. 
Letherland, Frances, 21, of Tattle St., to Flushing, 16 Feby. 1631-2. 
Traford, Elizabeth, 44, Ellin Shillcock, 52, & Dorothie Hands to Am- 
sterdam, 17 Feby. 1631-2. 
James, Peter, 21, son of Mr. Isaak James, of near the Exchange to 

Amsterdam, 17 Febv. 1631-2. 
Eman, Timothee, 41, of Lombard St., to Delf, 20 Febv. 1631-2. 
Madyn, Henry, 22. to Rochell, 20 Feby. 1631-2. 

Slater, Thomas, 27, of Blackfriers, to Rotterdam, 20 Feby. 1631-2. 
Symonds, Bartholomew, 48, Edward Partinton, 25, Wm. Speckman, 

34, of Snow Hill, in S. Sepulchers, to Amsterdam, 20 Feby. 1631-2. 
Fletcher, Ant., 30, & wife Joan, 24, & their son Edward, 4 months, 

Jane Kelvert, 23, Jo. Wilbore, 15, Jo. Cross, 30, Susan Penington, 

27, to Delft, 21 Feby. 1631-2. 
BiLLlNGSLEY, Edward, 28, of Bridges, 22 Feby. 1631-2. 
Tynge, William, 28, of Friday Street, to Rotterdam, 22 Feby. 1631-2. 

X 714824 


AFaddisen, Joane, 30, with her two sons, Jon & Hew, & her maid servant 

40, to Low Conntries, 25 Feby. 1631-2. 
Ames, Alee, 48, wife of Capt. Thos. An^es, & maid servant, Sarra Skey, 

30, to Hague, 25 Feby. 1631-2. 
Tavenor, John, 50, to Flushiiig, 27 Febv. 1631-2. 
Idoll, Jane, 28, wife of Alex. Idoll, of Delft, 27 Febv. 1631-2. 
Bill, John, 23, EtHngham, Surrey, to Elsduon, 27 Feby. 1631-2. 
TooLTK, Thomas, 16, son of Nicholas Toolie, of Uxbridge, to Bargen, 

27 Febv. 1631-2. 
Smith, Hetirv, 31, to Amsterdam, Silkthrouster, 27 Febv. 1631-2. 
Smith, Mary, 24, to Utriclit, 27 Febv. 1631-2. 

MKTHMOLD,'Tho., 28, of Westminster, to Flushing, 27 Feby. 1631-2. 
8nKri'ARD, Suzan, 22, wife of Henry Sheppard, to Guckerin, 28 Feby. 

HuTCHiNS, AUce, 27, wife of Lewis Hutchins, of Serrickseas, 28 Feby. 

Yen, Joan, 24, wife of Robert Yen, souklier, in Arclian., 28 Feby. 1631-2. 
Hkwlett, Tho., 18(0, wi'^- *>f ^V'>^- Uewlet, of Southwark, 28 Feby. 

Mkrks, Dudlev, 28, of Charterhouse Lane, to Flushing, 28 Feby. 1631-2. 
Wise, John, 26, Scotiis, of Crickaudy, Scotland, to Flushing, 28 Feby. 

Perse, Robert, 27, of Dublyn, Ireland, to Flushing, 28 Feby. 1631-2. 
DoRMAN, John, 23, late servant to Sir Wm. Russell, of TDwer_S^^^_to^ 

Flushing, 28 Feby. 1631-2. ' 

Driver, Jane, 38, to Middleburgh, 1 March 1631-2. 
Mead, Wm., 24, of Pawles Alley, to Flushing, 1 March 1631-2. 
Pollard, Bevill, 21, & Orcnvill, 18, sons of Henry Pollard, of Kilmcnt, 

in Dilme. Cornwall, to Low Countri*>s, for soldiers, 1 March 1631-2. 
RooKE, Joan', 24, wife of Mark Rooke, of Delfe, 2 March 1631-2. 
Davis, Tho,. 22, son of Mr. Jo. Davis, resident in Thames Street, to 

Amsterdam, 2 March 1631-2. 
JunsoN, Dorotliie, 21, wife of Robt. Jobson, souklier, in Berghen, 

2 March 1631-2. 
Lowe, Joane, 24, wife of Henry Lowe, of Hamble, 2 March 1631-2. 
Weymes, Patrick, 36, of Weymes, in Scotland, to Middleburgh, 3 Mar. 

Dorrell, Joan, 40, wife of Capt. Dorrell, & her maid servant, Ann 

Benstedd, 21, to Grav, 3 March 1631-2. 
CoosENS, Mary, 38, of Ap-church Lane, to Dunkerk, 3 Mar. 1631-2. 
Malkes, llobert, 36, of Sturbridge, Worcester, to Flushing, 3 Mar. 

Lee, Grace, 23, to Serrickseas, to dwell with Capt. Aymies, 5 Mar. 1631-2. 
Orresbie, John, S. Nicholas Lane to Middleburgh, 6 Mar. 1631-2. 
Carr, James, 30, & Edmond Browne.' 16, to Paris, 6 Mar. 1631-2. 
Cole, Jane, 28, wife of James Cole, resident in Paris, & her child, Hanna 

Cole, iiin(! months old, 7 Mar. 1631-2. 
JjARuyMEH, Richard, 21, son of Mr. Jo. Larrymer, of ye K.xchang, to 

Dunkerls cV to return, 7 Mar. 1631-2, 


WiLLARn, Emamu-ll, 23, Southwark to Duiikork, 8 March 1031-2. 
Ukittain, lltnirv, 1 I, .sou of Mr. Eilwaid J5riltain, of Iiaiiil)\ii'<i;li, 9 Mar. 

Grkknk, Geo., 26, & wife Alice, 21, to Amsterdam, 9 Mch. 1631-2. 
Short, Robert, 17, servant to Sir Symon Harcourt, of Husedeii, 9 Mar. 

Kkmi', Wm., 45, to Hamburuli, 10 March 1631-2. 
KiRC-Hi.:, Alice, 75, widow to Brill, 10 Mar. 1631-2. 
Topp, Alexander, Mitchell Deane, Gloncester, to Amsterdam, 10 Mar. 

Pres.scott, Jefferie, 37, of Fetter Lane, to Flanders, 13 Mar. 1631-2. 
Ableson, Jane, 30, of RatclifT, to Dunkerk, to her husband, 14 Mar. 

KiTCHKN, Susan, 23, to Delfte, 14 Mar. 1631-2. 
Rkinoldes, Thomazin, 60, of Long Lane, &. David Hussve, 20, to 

Galis, 14 Mar. 1031-2. 
VivioN, Isack, 15, son of Mr. Vivion, of Soper Lane, to Dunkerk, & 

thence to France, 14 March 1631-2. 
HooKE, Edwanl, 30, & Humfi'ce Langridge, 31, of Amsterdam, 14 Mar. 

Miter, Marie, 40, wife of John Miter, resident in Amsterdam, k her son 

Thomas Miter, 3 years, 14 March 1631-2. 
Reosson, Jolin, 49, resident at Colchester, & his wife, Frances Reosson, 

25, to Hage, 14 March 1631-2. 
Burnet, Lodovick, 17, to Grave, being patze to Capt. Dorrell, 15 Mar. 

Lawson, Elizabeth, 36, wife of Francis Lawson, of Utricht, 15 Mar. 

Howivs, Nathaniel, 17, son of Robert Howes, dwelling in Thames 

St reel, near the Old Swaiin, to Amsterdam, 15 Mai'ch 1631-2. 
liuKiLANi), Mary, .32, of ('oleharl)or, to Amsterdam, 15 Mar. 1631-2. 
ToMi.iN.s, lOliza, 27, wife of Kic. Tomlins, of Amsterdam, 15 Mar. l()31-2. 
(\)UHi';rr, John, 12, of Turno\-, in I'^rance, 16 Mar. l()31-2. 
Hyett, Thomas, 21, servant to Mr. I'jdward Sheldon, of Denent, in 

Leige, 16 Mar. 1631-2. 
Price, Peter, 42, of S. Katherine's, to Delft, 16 Mar. 1631-2. 
Devenish, Edward, 26, of Warwick Lane, to Rotterdam, 16 Mar. 

Bumble, Ric, 36, & wife, Eliz., 30, & their children — Katherin, 10 ; 

Paule, 4 ; Eliz., 8 ; & Ric, 3 months, to Paris, 16 March 1631-2. 
Cleyworth, John, 43, to Delfte, 17 Mar. 1631-2. 

Bull, Thomas, 23, to Ancusten, & thence to L-eland, 17 Mar. 1631-2. 
Snowe, John, 27, of Coleman St., to Amsterdam, 17 Mav. 1631-2. 
Shawe, EUner, 27, wid. of Travere, 19 Mar. 1631-2. 
Lank, Anthony, 46, of Sea cole Lane, to Amsterdam, 19 Mar. 1631-2. 
Stanton, Elizabeth, 27, wife of Tho. Stanton, of St. John's, to Hague, 

19 Mar. 1631-2. 
Grainoer, Grace. 21, wife of Roger Grainger, of Berghen, 19 March 


j';N(;r.ANi) hkvond i'iiI'; skas. 37 

Atford, John, 33, of AiuHterdain, &, his son in hiw, Francis Huet, aged 

11, 19 March 1G31-2. 
' WiLLBAR, John, 1-i. son of Tho. Willbar, of East Cheape, butcher, to 

; Deepe, 21 Mar. 1G31-2. 

' TiJCKKR, Etlward, 38, of Cow Cross, to Dunkerk, to visit his brother, 

21 Mar. 1G31-2. 
FuLCHi'^R, John, 23, son of Tho. Fulcher, of Old Jurie, to Rome, 21 Mar. 

Taylor, Isack, 5i, of Bamburie, Oxon, to Utricht, 21 Mar. 1631-2. 
Hughes, Robert, 26, to Amsterdam, 21 March 1631-2. 
H.\GGERST0N, OHff, 28, wifc of Henry Ilag^erston, of Stonheven, also 

his daughter, Elizabeth, 12, 22 Mar. 1631-2. 
Clouth, febell, 21, to Sluce, 21 Mar. 1631-2. 
JicxNER, Thomas, 32, of Exchange, to Calice, 2-4 Mar. 1631-2. 
tl.VTON, Robert, 33, of S. Andrew's, Scotland, to Rotterdam, 26 Mar. 

Page, Katherin, 27, wife of John Page, of Rotterdam, & her son, John, 

1 year, 28 Mar. 1632. 
JoHNES, Thomas, 31, silk weaver, of Wapping, to Rotterdam, 28 Mar. 

HuTciiiNS, Debora, 24, servant to Mr. Arthur Rlackmore, of Delft, 

28 Mar. 1632. 
Abele, Joanna, -49, wife of John Abele, of Myncing Lane, & her servant, 

Margaret Silledore, -lO, to Dunkerk, & on to Holland, 29 March 

Sympson, Mary, 40, to Brussells, 29 March 1632. 
Playford, Mathew, 2^, of Cambridge, to Rome, 29 March 1632. 
Amen, Even, 18, to Rotterdam, 31 Mar. 1632. 
Hill, Henry, 50, souldier, in Husden, 31 Mar. 1632. 
WiLFORD, Jn., 22, soldier, to Flushing, 30 Mar. 1632. 
Mathews, Frances, 21, Rotterdam, 5 Apl. 1632. 
Thomas, John, 25, & wife Eedey, 31, to Getheberke, 5 Apl. 1632. 
Fletcher, Katherine, 38, wife to John Fletcher, of Hague, 5 Apl. 1632. 
Hawkyns, Thomas, 26, to Amstcu'dam, 6 Apl. 1632. 
Manning, Ann, 30, wife of Thos. Manning, soldier, to Gettenberg, 

6 Apl. 1632. 
PiGOTT, Katherin, 28, wife of Robert Pigott, resident in Delft, & her 

two children, Abigale, 3, & \Vm., six months, 7 Apl. 1632. 
Cowan, \Vm., 21, to Home, 7 A])l. 1632. 
Vyngent, John, 40, of Strand, to Michlleburgh, 7 Apl. 1632. 
Rogers, Eiiiden, 23, wife of Robert Rogers, soldier, in Utricht, & her 

daughter, Judith, 2, 9 Apl. 1632. 
WooD.srocK, Robert, 23, of Wapping, with his wife & son — Isabell, 

•10, lloh(-rt, 26 nionthes, lo Amst<;rdam, 10 Ai)l. 1632. 
I )!';(!. \iiE, Mary, 5, to P'rancc, lo licr motluM-, 12 A|)l. 1632. 
I'Vmilknior, .loan, 10, wifc of ,)o. h'aidkiicr, of .Vinstcrdam, 13 A[)l. 1632. 
Wiu<!iir, llciiiy, 35, of Ipswiih, to I'lasllaiid counl-rie, <fe to return in 

6 monllics, Bond takcMi ior his return, 13 Apl. 1()32. 
P.\TK, Kohi'ii , 19, son in law of Alex. JuHon, of Amsterdam, 13 Apl. 1632. 

i''l /H 

!, .^ :;'■ ;. :..,l!i, ,V -(,.0 ; ■ .: 



Wilson, Eliz., ;};"), wife of Ric. Wilson, of Aiu.stenhiin, \i Apl. 1632. 

ToNoic, John, 35, to Norway, 14 Apl. 1()32. 

MoN'KO, Goorj^c, 21, to Rome, U Apl. 1632. 

Pkarce, Win., 32, of Southwark, feltinaker, to Rome, U Apl. 1632. 

S.\wYER, Tho., 28, to Rome, 14 Apl. 1632. 

Blangie, Abraham, 22, son of widdow Rlaiigie, of Petticoat Lane, to 

France, 17 Apl. 1632. 
Parson, Giles, 31, Brill, & his wife, Elizabeth, 38, to France, 18 Apl. 


(To be cont'niut'd.) 

fflnjialt's Uisttatioii of l^oiiisljirf, 


(OoiiliiiiiL-<l fi-uin Vol. XXll, p. 24(1.) 
Dickering W.xpent.^ke. lieverlcy, 15" Sept. 16(i6. 




Akms :— Quarterly : — 

1 and 4. Vvv fcss Argent and Sable, a palo and tlirce " cieykes 

alum erowes," eountereliaiij,'(<l ((Jreyke). 
J^- (K-^lintun). 

3. I'aly oi' SIX Or and Gules, on a chief Ar^^ent three lozenges of 
the second (.\rdeii). 
C11E.ST : — On a garl» [Or] u " crcyke alius erowe," with wing.s elevated Salde. 

I. ALK.XANDMK CKI'IVKM, of Drvnlcy. Will pr. at Voi-k 
4 Sept. 1465 (Test. l-:i.or., ii, 167). ' 'W, l.c iniried in the 
Church of the Friar.s Minors, London, if he .should die there, 
if not at Beverley; mar. Isabel, dau. of Thomas AVliite, of 
Beverley. Will 22 May, pr. at Yoi k 13 Nov. 1488 
(Tesl. i:b()r., ii, 167). To be buried in .St. :Mary's, Beverley. 
'I'hey had issue- 

1 ,. , / ■ , ' ; . ^ I 

-; -J .wu I. ,:;.■•••■ 

I)Lh;i)ALI-;'s visij'A'iion oi'' vurkshiue. 39 

'I'liom.'is (II). 

l{()<^rr, li.ul lands in licvorley from liis father. 

-Maigaii't, liail t'oitv marks from her fatlicr. 

Agnes, mar. first -John ^Vlidleton, of Jieverley, 
merchajit, wlio made liis will 17 June 1475: 
secondly l{oV)ert llildyard, of Winestead, who 
made lii.s will 13 Mar. 1485-() ; named in her 
mother's will. Her will pr. at York 7 Apr. 1497 
(4\'sl. J^lior., iv, l."?."5). To he l)Uiie<l at ]?i'\erley. 

II. THOMAS CKKYKl'; of Beverley, prolwhly a lawyer, 
inventory G Sept. 1488 (Test. Ml)(»r., iv, 34); mar. Joan, 
flau. and coheir of Tiiomas Arden, of IMarton, by Mai'garet, 
dan. (if Nicholas (lasi-i)ignc, of Lasingci-oft. I'hi-y had 

Itohert (111). 

Tlutmas, of (ianton. 

Anthony, mentioned in his graiuhnother's will. 

Agnes or Anne, mar. Sir John W'eiitu (irth, of Noith 

III. KOHI'IKT CKICYKi":, l':S(,)., of Ueverley and INIarton. Will 
L'O Sept. ir)38, pi', at York 1 C) Mar. " ir)38-'J (Test. ]':hor., 
vi, 8U), to he ijur. at St. .lohn's, I'x'verley ; mar. T.sahel, 
dau. uf Lyon Perceha\-, of llytoii. "Will 8 June, pr. at 
York G No\-. 1548 (Test. k'Jior., vi, -70), to be bur. at 
St. John's, IJeverley. They had issue — 
1. Ilichard (TV). 

1'. liobert, of liisliop Kuiton and Kyton, mentioned in 
his t'allier's u ill ; died befort> his mother. (?) Tncj. 
r..M. L'l Aug. 3-J lien. \' I I I (15 10); mar. Mar- 
garet, dau. of Sir Uichaid W'helel, Knt., (Jovei'nor 
of Calais (reniar. . . . Fillon). Th(;y had issue — 
lulward, mentioned in his grandmother's 

Isaliel, mar. John Sutton. 

I'jlizabi.'th, mar. William Percehay, of Ryton. 

Jane, nuir. Sir liichard Rokeb)-, Knt., 

Controller tjf the houseliold of Cardinal 


3 NN'illiam, of lleslerton, mentioned in his father's and 

mother's wills; mar. Agnes, dau. and coheir of 

John lleslerton, of llesleiton. 'I'liey luid issue — 

Hobeit, of lleslerton, (?) bur. at Jleslerton 

14 l)ec. 15S1 : mar. Margaict, dau. of 

James Kokeby. They had issue — 


Bridget, mar. ^\'illiam Huteliinson (Hunter). 

1. Hugh, of lluggate, mentioned in his father's will. 

Will Mar. 1559-GO, \n: at York IG July 15G1, 

died 20 May as per Imi. P.M. 31 Oct. '3 Eliz. 

' ; / 1-: 

/• ; ! I . ■ 

-10 I>U(;|)AI.k',S NIsri'ATION OK VOKK.SHIKK. 

(lOGI); mar. Alice, dan. uf James Straiigways^ 
lvs(|., of Onne.sby (relict, (if Claistopher CVtu^vra 
and Koberl Wiil)ert'()rce). I'tiey had i.ssue — 

Jolm, .soil and heir, aged twenty two years 

at hi.s father's Tiiq. P.]\l. 
liobert, executor of his father's will, bp. at 

Huggate IG June 1549. 
James, mentioned in his father's will. 
Isabel, executrix of her father's will. 
Alice, bp. at Huggate 11 Dec. 1547, bur. 

there 27 Jan. 1548-9. 
Anne, bur. at Huggate 28 Jan. 1547. 
Eli/.abetli, bp. at Huggate 10 Aug. 1551. 
Thomas, named in his father's will. 
Alice, mar. first Richard Laken, named in Robert 
Creyke's will ; secondly Richard FawcUf, named in 
her mother's will. 
Rlargaret, mar. James Vavasour, named in her father's 

Katlierine, mar. . . . Repinghal, of co. Line. 
Isabel. ('() 

rV. RICHARD CREYKE, of Marton, founde.l one of the seven 
Chantries in the Minster of 8t. Jt)lin of Reverley ; mar. 
1503 Maigaret, dau. of .Sir William Constable, of Hatlield. 
They had issue — 
William (V). 

Marmaduke, d. s.p. 

I'ili/.abeth, mai". . . . Smetheman, of Cottiiighaui 
( [''lowers' V isitation). 

V. WIIJJAM CRKYKE, of Marton, mar. 1534 Frances, dau. of 
Sir William Habthorpe, Knt., of ()sg(idl)v, by .Vgni's, dau. 
of Hiiaii rulmes, of N'Mburii, .1 ust ice of tlit> (\)iiimon IMcas. 
Tiiev had issue 

Raphe (VI). 

Agnes, mar. George >St. Quiutin, of Harpham (Glover, 

VI. RAPHE CREYKE, of Marlon and Cottingliam, in com. 
Ebor., Esq'., at the Visitations of 1584 and 1G12; in waid 
to the Earl of Northumberland; d. 27 July 1G23, bur. at 
Bridlington. AVill IG May, pr. at York 25 Aug. 1G23; 
mar. Callwrine, da/K/hter of Tlioiiias Cralhorm', of Cfathornc, 
ill CO. Ehor., 1 trlfr, \mv. at Bridlington (! May 1G05. They 
had issue — 

1. liohirl Crcyki', of Cottin(/Jtai)i, in co. Ebor., let. eight 
in 1581, disinherited by his father; mar. Margaret, 
dau. of George Thoi'iiborough, of York, (uMit., at 
St. Saviour's, York, 15 July 1G15 (C. ii.N.). Tiiey 
had issue — 

'1 i 

dugdale's visitation of vorkshire. 41 

William, of Cottingham, bp. at Bridlington 
1) June 1G17, living IGoG, a merci-i- at 
Vork ; mai-. Dorcas, dau. of John 
Gamble, of Loftus. They had probably 
issue — 
.James, a;t. eight in 1656 (Glover), bp. 

3 June 1646 at Belfreys. 
Robert, bp. 12 Feb. 1650-1 at Belfreys. 
William, bp. 23 Aug. 1655 at Belfreys, 

bur. 6 ]\Iay 1657. 
George, bp. 28 «ept. 1656 at Belfreys, 

bur. there 19 July 1657. 
Dorcas, bp. 19 Oct., bur. 19 Dec. 1647 

at Belfreys. 

Dorcas, bp. 29 July 1652. 
Margaret, bp. at Belfreys 1 Dec. 1653. 
Balph, d. s.p. ; mar. ]\Jary, dau. of John 

Gamble, .sister of Dorcas above named. 
Katherine, bp. at Bridlington 3 Jan. 161 «; 
mar. James, seventh Lord Boyd of Kil- 
.\nnc, bp. at HriflHngton 20 Oct. 1620. 
I'lveiild, mar. Kiciiaid IMusgrave, of Mus- 

Dorothy, niar. . . . Currer (Burke). 
fi. William, died nnmarrifd, bp. at Ib'idlington 10 Feb. 


3. Alej-aiidt-r, dinl unimirricd, bp. at Bridlington 25 Nov. 


.',. (,'nyon/ ( V H ). 

'Thomas, l)p. at Bridlington 17 July 1580. 

iM-anccs, bp. at I'l i(llino(,.n 10 Fel). i5S2-3, (I) bur. 

31 Jan, 1618 II. 
Priscilla, lip. at Biidlinuton 18 Feb. 158:|, bur. 

21 Apr. 1605. 
Anne, bp. at Bridlington 27 Dec. 1585, mar. Robert 

Ursula, bp. at Bridlington 25 May 1588. 
Bettrys, bp. at Jirid'lington 22 iMav 1589, bur. 

15 Apr. 1605. 
Katherine, bp. at Bridlington 2 May 1590, bur. 

21 Apr. 1605. 
Althea, bp. at Bridlington 21 Sept. 1591, bur. 

10 Apr. 1605. 
Triacria, bj). at B>ridlington 5, bur. there 12 Nov. 

Raphe, bp. at liridlington 28 Oct. 1593, bur. 2 May 

1594. ^ 

Everild, mar. first at liridlington 21 June 1597, 

Christopher ]\[altby, of Maltby ; .secondly Sii- 

Michael \Vartoii, of lieverley. 

M i ;■;■-< <n .' ■( 

. 1 ■ 

4'2 dikidat.k's \isri'A'i'ii)N ok VOIIKSIIIRK. 

Mar. secondly Amit', d(iu;/h/<r of Gtunff I'alc, of Flatn- 
boroiujh, in co/ii. Khor., .-' irlfV, at IWidliiigion 13 Jan. 
1()1 1-2 (h'eiuar. . . . iMarsliall). They had issue — 

Jail'', died unmarried, bp. at J>ridlington G June 1G12, 

(?) bur. there 10 Apr. 1G13. 
Alice, bp. at ?)ridliiigton 13 June 1G13, executrix 

of her fatliei'. 
(I) Frances, bp. at Bridlington 2-1 Jan. lGlS-9. 
Christian, bp. at Uridlingtun 2G Jan. 1G19-20; mar. 
tliei-e IS Apr. 1G37 Henry \'ickerinau ; e.vecutrix 
of her father. 

Vri. GJi/'JGORy CJU'JYKK, at Marlon, in CO. Khor., at. 11 an. 
/;;" Sep/, a" J(HH>, had to compound for his estates and 
lined £32G, bp. at ]^ridlingtc>n 21 Api". 159."), liur. at Ht. 
Mary's, Beverley, 1 Jan. 1G70-1 ; mar. Un^nla, dauylilvr 
(if Sir .lolin L((jari{, Kt., oj d'anlun, in co. A'hor., Ksq'., 
lie. I()2;i, bur. at St. Mary's, l'.e\criey, 1 Oct. . . . 'I'liey 
had issue 

/. Rapla- Crri/ke, at. J/D am, or. lij" Srpt. lOGC, Page to 
(,)ueen llenrietta Maria, b. 2-1 Feb. 1G21 (Hunter), 
il. V.]). ; luai'. . . . 'I'hey had issue- -- 

Cliarles, killed by a wain when a boy 

Cornelius, d. >oun<.;- (Hiuiler). 
i?. aroijory (VMT). 
,V. ChriHlopJa r, at. L'S aim., b. 7 Oct. IG32, bur. at St. 

Marys, P,e\erley, 2G .Nov. 1(179. 
4. H< nri/, at. .7; (tnn., bp. 2.") July 1G37, Cajjtain of a 

luerchant ship, d. in \'ir;;inia. 

i). Ji'ic/aird, at. :Jo ana., b. 21 Oct. lGII,had a connnission 

t(»!4uai-d the coast of tlu! ivist Kidin;^; niai'. 1'" ranees, 

dau. of Kol)ert Horner, of ^''ork. 'I'liey had issue; - 

Kichaiil, (I) li[i. at iJelfreys 17 Auj;. 1GS4. 

John, bp. at I'.elfreys 20 .Mai'. l(iS7 cS, a 

Frances, bp. at Belfreys 28 Mar. 1690. 
0. Oeonje, ttf. ;?.^ aim., \). 2S Fel). 1G42 (Hunter). 

Man/^., irij'a of Francis Wriijld, of Fluadand, in 
com. Ebor., J'Js<i'\ ; b. July l(i2<S; mar. at P)ridling- 
toii 2 Mar. IGO.', ; aftira-ard.'^ to lliajh Chohnclej/, 
sitaaiid hrir to S>' Il> iirij Clml imliii, if West uYen-toii, 
I II com . Finn'., A II' . 
John, b. G Jan. 1G2G, il. in West Indies (Hunter). 
William, bp. at l>riillingt(jn 11 June 1G31, d. at 

Francis, bp. at Bridlington 10 i\[ay IG3G, d. s.p. 

(0 IG3(;. 

'I'luimas, bp. al Hridlinglon f) l''eb. IG3|^. 
lOdward, bp. at l^ridiingO.n I!) July IGIO. 
I'lli/abelh, b. 29 Jan. IG25. 
Catherine, b. -l Sept. 1G29, d. 10 Aug. 1G30. 

• ,\' ■ '_) 

duodalk's n'isitation of yokkshikk. 43 

Vni. aUKaORY C11L:YKE, esq., of iMaiton, ad. 34 ann., 1),.. 
at Bridlington 9 Apr. 1G31, bur. there IG Aug. 1GS5 ; mar. 
at nricllingtoii '![) Nov. 1G72, Anno, dan. of Kand()l|.li 
Carlifl, of Seworby, hiir. at Jiridlington 20 Feb. ^G^!.^. 'I'licv 
bad ifssiie — 

Halpb (IX). 

Wilbam, of Beverley, bp. at Bridlington 27 Jane 
1G7(! ; mar. l^iidget, dau. of .Samuel Jolinstone, 
JM.P. for lieverley. Tbey bad issue- 
William, bp. at Bridlington 5 8ei)t. 1710, 

bur. tbei'e 1 Feb. 1710-1. 
Samuel, bur. at Jiridlington 3 Se[)t. 1711. 
"Williiini, bp. at Bridlington 17 Dee. 1712. 
JNlar. secondly Elizabeth Marson. 
Elizabeth, d. unnuir. (Burke). 

IX. IIALPH CIIEYKE, ESQ., of iMarton, bp. at F.ridlington 
13 Aug. 1G7I, bur. there 2 A))!'. 1717; mar. Priseilla, 'dau. 
of John liower, of Bridlington, at York Minster, 1 Au^- 
1700. They had i.ssue — 

Ball)]) Creyke, Est}., of JNIarton, bp. at Bridlington 

5 Get. 1702, bur. there 15 Jan. 17r)U-G0. 
Joiin (X). 
Priseilla, bp. at Bridlington 2 Dee. 1703, bur. there 

30 Aug. 1705. 
Catherine, bp. at Biidlington 3 Sept. 1705, bui'. thei-e 
27 July 17N(i. Will S ,)an. I77G, pr. at Yoik 
2i) Apr. 17.s,s. 

.\. .lOIIN ('KMVKK, of IWirleighoii tho-llill, Keelor of Eeveii, 

an adherent of Prince Cluirles hldward, bp. nl, Hridlington 
30 Apr. I7l;i; mai'. Catheiine, dau. of John Austen, Jvs<j., of 
Adisham, eo. Kent. 'I'liey had issue- 
iJalph (XI). 

■I'lhn, d young at Lineoln. 

IJiehnrd, ( ';ipliiin K. N., t '(unmissioiier of th(^ N'iclual- 
ling Ollice and («(;vernor of the \U)\i\\ Naval 
Hospital, Plymouth, b. 7 Aug. 171(1, "d. 3 Dec. 
1«2G; mar. Anne Reining, dau. of Cieorge Adey, 
l''.s((., of London. They had issue - 
(Jeorge Ade^■, Captain B.N. 
Hiehard, Admiral II. N. Had issue. 
Stephen, Arehdeaeon of York, ete. Had 


XT. K.VLPII CBMYKI':, ESQ., of .Marlon, sueeeeded his unele 
'>''''l''i' '•• •"• ''"ly 17 15, bur. at I'.ridbngton 30 May I.S2G; 
'"■•"■• '''"K', lil'lh dau. of Kichard Langley, l<;s(i., of Wyke- 
ham Abbey, G Vr\,, 177-_>, l,i,,-. ;it, Hridliiigton 5 Jan. 17'J5. 
'I'he\' had issue-- 

44 rJU(i dale's VISITA'I'ION OF VOIlKSUlRE. 

Ralph (XII). 

Gregory, MidshipmuTi R.N., 1). 9 Aug. 1782 ; d. at 

St. Vincent, West Indies, IT!);"). 
Eveiilda, l)p. at Bridlington 1:5 Dec. 1772, bur. there 

22 Sept. 1853. 
Catherine, bp. at Bridlington (5 Dec. 1773, bur. there 

13 Sept. 1824. 
Frances, bp. at Bridlington 13 IMar. 1775; mar. 

Digl)}' Legai-d, Esq. 
Jane, bp. at I:5ri(llington 27 Apr. 1777, bur. there 

25 Feb. 18G8. 
Agnes, bp. at Bridlington 31 Jan. 1779; mar. Ven. 

Archdeacon AVrangiiani, 1799. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Bridlington 18 Dec. 1780, l)ur. 

there 27 Apr. 1875. 
Anne, bur. at Bridlington 12 Jan. 1877, u't. nint'ty- 

t \\'o. 

Xir. RALPH CKh:yKh; esq., of Marion and Kawclille, bp. at 
Bridlington 14 Apr. 177G, bur. there 12 June 1828; mar. 
14 Nov. 18U7, Frances, dau. of Robert Denison, Es(|., of 
Kilnwick Percy, by Frances, second dau. of Sir Richard 
P>rooke, of Norton, fourth liaronet. They had i.ssue — • 

1. John, d. young. 

2. Ralph (XIII).' 

3. Richai-d Boynton. 

4. Robert Ciregory, Vicar of Ivllington ; mar. h^llen, dau. 

of Pliilip Dennell, M.D. 

1. Frances, mar. Rev. Richai-d Hardy Blansluird. 

2. Hairiet, <l. )oung. 

3. Jane, d. young. 

4. .Mary Anne l'ili/.al)eth. 

5. I'lniina Jane, mar. Charles (Jranby lUirke, l"'s<[., 

.Master of thi" ConuMon Pleas, Ireland. 

XMl. RALPH CREYKE, ESQ., of Marton and Rawclille, b. 
G Sept. 1813, d. 7 Feb. 1858; mar. 27 Aug. 184G Louisa 
Frances, dau. of Colonel Croft, of Stillington Hall, by 
Lli/abeth, dau. of William (Jliarlton, of Apley Castle, 
Salop, siie d. 20 July 1890. Tlicv liad issue - 
Lalph (XIV). " 
Walter, d. 24 July 1857. 

J'lviirilda lOli/.abeth, mar. Oct. 1874 Christopher John 
Levland, of Haggerston Castle, Northumberland, 
she d. 1890. 
I\alh(>rine Harriet, mar. June 1879 Colonel Arthur 
Armytage, second son of Sir (Seorge Amytage, 
liflh Laronet. 
Blanche Piiscilla. 

Louisa, inai-. Nov. 1888 Clement Swetenham, of 
Somerbad I'xxjths, C'heshire. 

■> '■•■■' ■'' ._■!' 

bU(il)ArJO.S VJSri'A'J'ION ok VOKK.SinKIO. 


XIV. RALPH CPvEYKE, ESQ., of liawcliiVe, b. 5 Sept. 1849, 
mai. 28 Dec-. 1882 Frances Elizuljeth, secoiul (liiughter "of 
Sir Henry Hickman Bacon, Prenuer Baronet of England. 
They have issue — 

Ralph, 1). 17 Oct. 18>s;5. 

iMlnuuui Ralph, b. 2(i (Jet. If^HC). 

l']veril(ia Frances, b. i) No\-. iSSi). 

AutlHjrities — Diidlington Registers — York Wills — Hunter's Mino- 
rum (Jeiiliiiin — lUirke's Commoners — Int'orinalion by Kalph Crevke, 


LotHlos, 4« Apr. 1G()(). 



irarrraft. — A/.m-f, tlirco crcscoiits Or. — A lo^ ill aniumr, coupcd at tlu- tlii^li ... 

1. SIH WIlJ.IA.M K^"l'lll';l;, .sal.l to liave been descended 
fiom \\ iUiam de Kilhri', \slio was sunnnuned 2!) Doc. 
28 Ivlwaid I (12'J'J to 2(i Aug. 1 Edward 11, 1:507); of 
Kytlier Castle, Lord of Scarcroft and of the moiety of 
Harewood, ju. ux., d. circ. 1-12(> ( W'hitaker) ; mar. Sibella, 
dau. and coheii" of William de Aldburgh, Lord of Harewood, 
d. 18 Henry VF (1440), bur. at Harewood. They had issue — 
Sir William (U). 

Isabella, mar. John Thwaites (who was bur. at Hare- 
wood and left will 22 Jan. 1461, pr. 1409 0, 
slui was bur. at Harewood. 

11. SIR WILLIAM RYTIILI^ of Rvtherand Harewood, High 
Sheriir of Yorks. I 127, 1 i:n, 1 an<l 1 i:59, d. 19 Hen. VF 
(Whitaker); mar. Matilda, dau. of Sii- Thomas Hmfreville, 
M'l.jwcMly-eight, !) Henry V, d. I Jan, I .'5 Henry VT (I \:>,r>). 
They had issue — 

46 DUGDALE's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

^S''- Will'm (TTI). 

Gilbert, of Alford Well, Sutton in Hcjlderness (Glover, 
145) ; mar. . . . Had issue — 

John, mar. Isabell . . . They had issue — 
Geor«fe, d. s.p. 

Alice, mar. John Wright, of Plowland. 
Maude, mar. . . . Sotheby. 

TIT. S'- WILL'M HITHER, of liyllmr, in co. Lbor., Kn'., lU^, 
d. 19 July 1-175. Will 2U June U75, pr. 14 Oct. 1476 
(Test. Ebor., iii. 217), to be bur. in llyther Church ; (1) mar.^ 
iirst Tsabelhi or l^^Hzabeth, dau. of Sir William Gascoigne 

Mar. HijcoinWy Llfuuior, dau(/hter of •'Sir Will'vi FUz-Wdhams, 
of Malb'-rtliorpe, iti com. Line, Kid. (1 Sir John Fitzw illiam, 
of Sprotborougli). They had issue — 

/. .S'' liob'. liither, K''., Shirew of Yorkeahire, a" 2 II. 7 
(1487), ohijl sini; prole. Will 30 June, pr. at 
York 20 Sept. 1491, to be bur. at Tlyther, near 
his father (Test. l<:bor., iii, 217), l\u\. T.M. 3 Aug. 
(•) lien. VII (1491). 
;jf. S' h'a/Jir (IV). 
.'i'. 'J'/ioiiKis (A). 
.^. A'icho/as lii/lhcr {A). 

Oliver, mar. Anne, dau. of William Tlungate, Rs<i. 
((Jlovei'). TIh'Y had issue 

Margaret, mar. CJlirislophcr Thorpe, of Thorpe 
Williuiii, iiamiMJ in his fathiM''s will. 
Margan'l, mar. W'iHiani Copley, lOsij., of Doncasler. 
I'^li/.abeth, mar. Sir Robert Uabthorpe, of Babthoi'pe. 
Isabella, mar. Sir (Juv I-'^iirfa.x, of Steeton. 

Matilda, mar. Sir John Nevile, of Livei-sedge. Will 
22 Dec. 1505 (Test. Ebor., iv, 241). 

IV. S^ RAPHE RYTHER, of Rtjthv.r, Rt., High Sheriff 1504, 
d. 2 Ai)r. 1520, ait. seventy (Raine). Will 26 Mar. 1520, 
pr. at Voik 26 Apr., Inq. P.M. 14 May 12 Hen. VIII, 
1520 (Test. l<:bor., v, 125), to be bur. in Ryther Church; 
nutr. Ciilh., dn. if S> Rob'. (Jonxldblf, of FlamboroiKjh, 
I /I'ifr. Thcv had issue - - 

/. /I'obrrf, ob. s. firoli' ; i}ii(r. Mli/aluitli, dan of Sir 
William Gascoigne, of Gawthorp (remar-. Sir Richan] 
2. Tliomas Ryther, Es([., of Hither. \\ \\\ 1 July 
1527, pr. at York 25 ■ Sept. 1528, to be bur. 
at Ryther (Test. Ebor., v, 225), In(j. P.M. 

' 'I'liu imtlioritii'.s (lilVor nH (o (lu) luotliorfl of Mio cliihh-nii. 


11 Oct. 19 Hen. VHl; mar. Agnes, dau. of 
llemy, .si.xth Lord Scrope, of Bolton, mar. covenant 
2 Apr. 1 Hen. VTII. Tliey had i.ssue— 

John, aged two years and three months at 
Ills fatlier's In.j., d. s.p. ITiL^S, set. two 
and a half years. 
Eleanor, irife of John Axka, of Ainjhton, ijL co. Etior., 
Et<(i''., named in her father's will. 
Mar. Maude, dan. of llenrij Peiri/, Erie of Northnnthcrhmd, 
2'^ tvifc. They had issue - 

Henri/ Rijther, Es(i., of liytlier, of ichani noe is.-<iie 
/n rciiidi/nitn/, succeech'd liis hrother Thomas, d. 
■s.p. 1513. Will L'-'i .Ian. loll';?, pr. at York 
l;5 i\lar. 1513-1, to \>r inn. in Kyther Church (Test. 
Ehor., vi, 170), In(i. V.^l. 9 Jan. 35 Hen. VIII 
(154^); mar. Agnes, dau. of Jolm, Lord Hussey 
(remar. INlathew Bi-o\\ ne). 
Elhaheth, ic'ife of Wil/iam Aechnn, of Moreby. 

Ti>e eldest branch liaving e.\i)ired, we return to tlie secoiul. 

A. THOMAS IIYTHEK, son of Sir William llyther and Eleanor 
Fitzwilliam; of Lynstead, in Kent, Server to King Edward IV, 
attainted 1 Richard III, but restoicd 1 Henry VH ; mar. 
. . . Had issue— 
rjeorge (B). 

Tlidinas, of Miiccleston, co. Stall', (a ijuo Byther, of 
lionddii, Kent, etc.). 

B. GEOUUE PtYTHEB, of Green Hythe, in Kent; mar . . . 

dau. and coheir of .rohn (ii'ove, of (Jreen Hythe. They had 

William (C). 

C. WILLIAM liYTHlOB, of Canterbury, succeeded his cousin 

Henry Bythei-, at Harewood. d. + Feb. 5 Eliz. (1563), 
Esquire of the B«idy lo (.^)ueen iMary ; mar. iMary, dau. of 
Sir .lames Hales, Knt., Lord Cliief .Justice. They had 
issue — 

James (D). 

I). JAMES RYTHEU, of Haiewood Castle, Esijuire of the 
Body to Queen lOlizabeth, living 1585, d. 4 Sept. 38 Eliz. 
(15%). Admon. 8 .Muy IGOt; mar. Elizabeth, dau. and 
coheir (jf ^^'ilIiam Atlierton, l''s(|., of Hai'ewood. They had 
issue— - 

1. UoIkmI (lO). 
*J. 'I'h<jmas, living IG31. 

/ ,v\::y ■ ' / .. .•' J -^I'-i 

48 du(;dale's visitation of Yorkshire. 


E. ROBERT RYTHER, ESQ., of Harewood Castle, reti.ed 1634 
fruiii tlieic and lived at l3elton, ;et. fourteen 15S5, bur. at 
Helton 1() Apr. |fi.37. Adnion. at York 11 May 1637; 
mar. first Mary, dau. of .Sir Robert Swift, of Rotherhani, 
divoreed, d. s.p. 1G32. Will nuncupative 18 Nov. 1631, 
pr. at York. 

Mar. secondly l<:ieanor, dau. of William Oglethorpe, of 
Roundhay (widow of Henzy Savile, son and h'eir apparent 
of John, Loi'd Savile). 

Mar. thirdly Eleanor, dau. of Thomas Browne, of Belton, 
at l^elton, 25 Apr. 1626 (remar. Captain Grimstone), d. circ. 
16.')(). They hiid issue — 
iiobert (E). 

1. Anne, mar, lust Captain Ormsby ; secondly Robert 

JMedley, of J*:ast Lound ; thirdly Rt)bert Ayscoughe, 
of East Lound. 

2. Elizabeth, bp. at Belton 10 Oct. 1632, bur. there 

18 Apr. 1710; mar. tirst Thomas Elwood, of 
Belton ; .secondly fieorge Gylbv, of Belton. 

3. Mary, bp. at Belton 7 Feb.' 1736 ; mar. Thomas 

Pai-kinson, of Buningliam, co. Line. 

V. KOBEliT RYTIIJ-:]}, ESQ., of Belton, b. circ. 1631, d. 

10 Oct. 1693, bur. at l^elton. Will 23 Sept. 1693, pr. at 
Lincoln; mar. 21 Jan. lOnO-l Margaret, dau. and heir of 
i{ev. Henry Campion, Recior of Linwood, eo. Line. They 
iiad issue - 

1. Robert ((i). 

2. Baptist, l)p. at Helton ') Apr. i 6r)7, d. unmar. in 

lieland circ. 1690. 

3. John, bp. at Belton 30 Oct. 1(565, bur. there U Mar 


1. Penelope, b. 23 Dee. 1652, bp. at Belton 17 Jan. 


2. Elizabeth, bp. at IVlton 10 Mar. 1653-L 

3. Saraji, l,p. at^ Helton 26 Apr. 1656, mar. Pasco 

Hobiiison, of Helton. 

4. Katherine, bp. 6 Oct. 1662, d. 9 Jan. 1711-2, bur. at 

Helton ; mar. Robert Popplewell, of I'^pwoi th and 
Temple Bel wood. 

5. Rebecca, bp. at Belton 11 Dec. 1664, d. s.p. 4 June 

1741, bur. at St. Andrew's, Holborn ; mar. first 
Edward ILirfopp, of London ; secondly John 
iSarton, of London. 

6. Mary, d. young and unmar., bp. at Belton 16 Dec. 

1669, bur. there 25 Nov. 1671. 

'V . /J 

i ^o , •;>•• 


^Kiy..n i 

DUGDAI.k's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 49 

7. Susanna, hp. at ]k»ltun G Apr. IGfiH, mar. . . . 

I.ascells, of Crowle, co. Jjiiic. ; sole executrix of her 
father's wiH. 

(.!. UOI^KllT IIYTHEU, of Belton and tlie City of Lincolnr 
Counsellor at Law, hp. at Helton 2 Oet. IGoli, d. s.p. 7 Mar. 
I(ll»r)-G, l)ur. at Belton. Will \2 Nov. H][)l, pr. 1>7 May 
I G9G. lie settled his estates on his sixth cousin John 
Uyther, of .Scarcroft; mar. Dehorali, dau. of llohert Frank, 
Esq., of Pontefract, d. a widow, bur. at Belton >S Jan. 
173940. Will y Aug. 1739, pr. \'2 May 1740. 

Third l^ranch of Hearcroft. 

A. NICHOLAS UYTIIER (son of Sir William Kyther and 
Eleanor I'it/.uilliam). They had issue — 

Ji. JOHN KYTHER, of Scarcroft, C'o/f'trer to Kiny Edward 
the Sift, had Scarcroft and residue of Kyther in hi.s 
cousin Henry Uyther's will 1542 3; war. Anne, dauyhter 
of . . . Ilufoiey. Thev had issue — 

John {€'). 


jNIaiy, mai'. Roger l^adclifte, of Mulgrave (Glover). 

C. JOf/N liY'TUER, of RytJier ; dud-. Frances, danqJitfr of 
S' WilFm Vavasour, Kn'. Thev had issue — 
Henry (D). 

1). HENUY RYTll ER, of Scarcroft, in com. Ebor., died in 
.(•• n;/5, rrl circa. Will 21) June 1G07, pr. at York IG July 
IGIU, to be bur. in Thorner Church; mar. Anne, dauyhter 
of Ed)niind ClonyJi, of TJiorpc H<dl, in com. Ebor., executrix 
of lier husband. They had issue — 
/. John (E). 
ii. Robert, ob. s. prole. 
<j. 7'h(nn((s, ob. s. prole. 

Jf. Richard Ryther, of Scarcroft, (?) bur. at Thorner 5 Jan. 
1G7J^-9; nuir. fietterisa, dauyhter of ^Tarmaduke 
(i) JiUdiCtttone, of Monk-Erytiton, in co. Ebor., at 
Ledsham, 18 Feb. 1G50-1. They liad i.ssue — 

Mary, (1) bp. at Monk Fryston 27 Dec. 1G51. 
I. Ellen, died unnmrried. 

^. Erancen, irife of Henry Rawlins, .]ferchan' I'aylor of 

IT' ' .'Oi'J • .*> Vol .' ( [ f 


,(ii :', ,•(.• ■)! 

50 I)U<;i)ai.k's visitation ok yorkshirk. 

J. El'iz., ivifi' of Rob^. J}(trnt(>n, of Tliorncr, in co. Ebor. 

Jf. Mtiri/, died iimnarrii d. 

5. Anil'-, tvifi' of . . . Edsf, Citlzaii of London ; afterwai-ds 

of C/tfls/oph'' Fdvell, a yoioiyer son to James 

Edi^t'//, 0/ A /to /(a, in com. Ebor. 

E. JOHN RYTIIEU, of Scarcnft, Ex(f., mt. 74 ana. 4 Apr. 
lOdli ; m<ir. Ursidti, ddntihhfr of iS' Rob'. Dolman, of (Jnnby, 
i)i CO. Ebor., KK Tliey had issue — 

1. John {F). 

2. Robert. 

/'. JOHN RYTllER, of Scarncjft, otatis S'l an. 4 Apr. a" B. 
ItKlli ; mar. Mar//, dan(j/i/- r of' J'/ii/iji Lan^idalc, of Lanthrop, 
in com. Ebor. I'l'"-'}' liad issue — - 
1. John (G). 
;J. Robert, dyed i/onuy. 

o. Thoman, (et. 2 an., hp. at Thorner 29 Dec. 16G4. 
4. Henry, let. S vien^. 
Mary, (ft. 7 ann. 

Fliilip, l)j). at Tlioruei' 19 Jan. 1 GGG-T. 
Uol.urt, l)|). at Tlioriici- I'J May I G(i9. 
Maniiatluke, l)p. at Tlionier G l)ec. IG7-. 
George, bjj. at Tlioriier 'I'S Apr. 1G7G. 
Margaret, hp at Thorner 23 Api'. 1G7G. 
Jane, hp. al Thorner 2G May iG79. 

(,'. JOHN WY'VWVM, of Searcroft, a-t. annor. 4 Apr. a" lOdG ; 
hp. at 'I'horiKM- 27 May KKJ.'P; mar. Margaret, dau. and coheir 
of . . . .\ppU'l)y, of I anion on Ouse. Her will 9 Mar. 
1707, to 1k' hui'. ill New Ion Chuieh. They had issue — 
Hugh, 1). 1G89, mentioned in his mother's will. 

Authorities — Whitakei's "Loidis et Elmete"— Lincolnshire Pedigrees 
-Glover's Visitation — Wills and Rejristers. 

' Tlio Editor has cxaiiiitu'd the Tlioriier Registers and these ure the only 
entriurt. 'I'hf lainiU' iniist li:i\e left Scun'rol't. 

0. "t^ 



The Wills printed below are from abstracts made bv Lieut. -Colonel 
Henry W. Pook, and have not before appeared in print. 

The notorious Colonel Blood is best remembered on account of his 
attempt to steal the crown of Charles II from the Tower of London. 
His career of daring villainy is a matter of liistorv. and it is surprising 
tu (m<l that a man so utterly unprincipled should have belonged to a 
very resjiectable family of Irish gentry, and should have married a 
daughter of one of the oldest gentle families of Lancashire. 

Accordmg to a pedigree drawn up about 1790 by Mr. Blood, of Dun- 
boyne, Colonel Thomas Blood was the son of Mr. Tlio)nas Blood a 
landowner m the County Clare, who was a younger brother of N.^ptune 
l5lood, Dean of Kdfenora, and the Dean and Thomas Blood the elder 
were sons of h:dm()n<l Blood, of l^ohersallatdi, co. Clare, who sat as 
Al.P. for Ennis in K)];?. 

Colonel Blood married at Newchurch, in the parish of Winwick 
CO. Lancaster, 1st June 1650, Mary, daughter of John Holcroft, of 
Hoicroft, in the same i)arish, Escpiire, a Lieut.-Colonel in the Army 
ol the Parliament. He died at his house in the Bowling Alley, West- 
iHinster, 2lth August, and was biiri.MJ in Tothill Fields, 2Gtli \xurust 
I(IH'). IL. had issue :- 

(1). Thonuis Blood, baptised at Newchurch, .'Wth March 1651 • 
married Frances Dclafaye (Delahaye 0, and Nras the father of Captain 
Ivlinond Blood, of Albanv, in North America. 

(2). William Blood, Steward of H.M. ship 'Mersey," in 1079. 
Administration of his eflects was granted out of (lie P.C.C^.'in November' 
K1S8, to Ins sister, Fdi/.abctli, wifr of Fdward Fverard. lie was then' 
late ol the ship "The Mary/' and died at '•(.'uynoa." 

(;i). Ilulrroft lilond, boni in or about 1057, a distinguished military 
olluvr, who. alter coniinanding the artillrrv at the Battle of Blenheim 
i""'^'!' <!'*• Duke of iMarll)on>ugh, rose to the rank of Major-Ceneral 
(1st January 1707). and died at Biu.ssels, ;5()th August, 1707, aged 50, 
having married a wife whose christian name was Elizabeth. 

(4). Ed)nond Blood, whose will is printed below. 

(5). Charh's Blood, living 1680. 

(6). Mary, wile of Corbett. 

(7). Elizabeth, wife of Edward Everard. 

Any additions to the above notes will be very acceptable. 

J. Paul Kylands. 

Will ok Colonkl Thomas Blood, 1680. 
I Thomas Blood of the Citty of Westminster in the County of Middle- 
sex Esq., being at this tyme made sensible of the frailty and mortalitie 
ol man s nature bv a i)n's.-Mt alllicon of sickness anil weakness of body 
doe therefor.- in order lo the .setling of that small temporall conceraes 

>.:?' "V: ;f( •':; "^r^ j r 

^ .. <.n. |.,. yV,- 

!:• • • ; - ■•. '•'] ■.!» 

i .!'■:»■ 


vvhicli it hatli pleased Glod to perinitt me to enjoy in this life, make 
and onlain this my last will and Testament. In the first place comen- 
diii<f my soule into the hands of Almighty Ood my Creator who gave 
it and my body to the Earth from whence it came in full assurance 
of that blessed Resurrecon held forth in the Holy Scriptures and 
expected and hoped foi' l)y all the holy Saints and Martyrs that have 
<\ve(\ in the faith of tlie Lord Jesus Christ. And touching my small 
teniporall estate (my Debts being first paid as in good conscience and 

e(|uity they ought) I give and dispose thereof as followeth 

I devise that all my estate as well ffreehold as alsoe all my leases goods 
and chattells which are capable of being sold shall . . . })ee sold l:)y my 
executors hereunder named or their heires executors or administrators 

and tlie money arising for such sale shalbe divided into three 

equall j)arts, one third part thereof I give to my Daughter Mary, one 
third ))ait theivof to my (hiughter l^^ilizabeth and the other tliii'd parte 
thereof I will sliall bi; ecpudly divided among my Thnu^ Sonnes, Hoi- 
croft, William and Charles and my loving daughter in law fTrances 

Blood late wife of my som\e Thomas Blooil deceased And 

all my Debts moneys rightes and creditts wliich are not capable of being 
sold I will shalbe alsoe Divided amongst my said Daughters and sonnes 
and daughter-indaw in like manner proj)ortonably as the' said three 

thirds is appointed to bee I constitute my faithfull and loveing 

Iriends Robert Blakey of | Saint] Anne Blackfl'rvers Lcjndon clerke 
and Thomas Lisle of Westminster aforesaid gent, to bee my executors 
.... not dou))ting their old friendshipp and kindness in undertaking 
this chiiritabli,' Burthen and trouble for their deceased flriend towards 

his orphans and (Vatherless children my old firiend Mr. John 

lllsher of (Ji'aics Inne a finKM'all ring of L'Os. ])i'icc. \n witnes itc. 2'2nd 
August KiSO. 

Tmo. I?l()()I). 

Witnesses: Sarah l'n>ene, John Ward servante to Mr. lilood, John 
Kisher, (Jrayes Line. 

Rrove.l at London, 1 November KiKO. | P.C.C, KW Bath. J 

Will oi' Majok-Ckneral Holiroft Blood, 1708. 

In the name of God Amen. Know all men by these presents 
that I Hoicraft Blood of the Tower of Loudon Esq. Biigadier Glenerall 
of her Majesties Armies Colonell of a Regiment of Foot and Colonell 
of the train of Artillery being by the grace of C!od in sound judgment 
of mind but iiwlisposed in body (h)o hereby niahe and declare this my 
last Will and TestanuMit in manner and form following. Liipriniis 
I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty (Jod and Jesus Christ 
my blessed Saviour and Redeemer and my body to the eartli to be 
decently buried according to the manner and custome of tiie place 
"where it may |)l(iase God I shall dye and as to my worldly goods and 
chattells it hath |)l('astHl («od to bestow upon me (after my just d(;l)tsare 
paid) 1 (lisj)ose ol the same in numner and forme following I 

•!j •:! i 

<l . rill .1, ;,l].l i. 

1 / 


l)i'(|U(Mth unto my wife Elizabeth Hlood tlie sum of 4()s. I bequeath 
unto my naturall son Holcraft Blood, an annuity in the Exchequer 
ou the pai'hamentary funtls of £100 per annum for 99 years and in case 
of his decease before at^e or marriage the said annuity to appertain 
and belong to his mother Dorothy Cook. I further bequeath to my 
said son another annuity of £100 per annum on the said funds of 99 
voars to be })urchased witli the monies of mine in the hands of Mr. 
Edward Lightfoot of London Linen Draper to him and his heirs for 

ever after the decease of his said mother I becpieath to my 

dear and entirely beloved friend Mrs. Dorothy Cook of the City of 
Dort in the province of Holland one annuity of £100 per anfim to be 

purchased in the annuityes as aforesaid I bequeath unto the 

said Dorothy Cooke to her sole use .... all money bonds plate Jewells 
watches household goods Linnen Horses and Camp furniture as likewise 
all pay or arrears of pay that sliall or may be due to me at my decease 
as Brigadier Colonell of ffoot and the Artillery and Engineers and 
whatever else I may lawfully be pos.sessed of at my decease except 

what is otherwise disposed of by this my will and Testament 

1 bccjueath unto my sisters Mary Corbett and Elizabeth Eadwards 
I Kverard] each £50, unto my cousin Edmund Blootl Ijieutenant in my 
Rogimcnt one guinea, also to my Ifriends Richard Andrews of London 
Stationer and to his wife Mary each £10 and to Mr. Edward Lightfoot 
of London Liimen Draper £5 and to Coll' Sabin ten shillings for a ring 

Unto my gocxl iTriends James Pendclbury Lieutenant Colonell 

and Controuler of the 'I'rain of Artillcrv in the Low Countries to Captain 
\Villiam Leathes Paymaster of the said Train and to Captain Hicliard 
King of the Karlc of ().ssoryes llcgiment to each of them live guineas. 
I hereby will and ordain the said James Pcndelbury my l<]xecutor 
of (his my last Will ami Testament and I also desire that the 
said Captain Williani Leathes and ('aptain King be overseers and 
to take care of the education of my said son Holcraft Blood .... 
and if any of the said legatees shall not abide and agree to the 
said decision they are hereby ileprived and cutt off from all advantages 
arriseing to tlicni by this will with one shilling only. In witness i*cc. 
18th August 1707 U.S., in the city of Brussells in the Dutchy of 


HoLCKAFT Blood. 

AVitnesses : John Pawlett, Wm. Casliti, Jacob Deigliton. 
I'roved at London, 26 July 1708, by James I'endlcburv, Es(i. [P.C.C. 
183 Barrctt.J 

Will of Edaiond Blood, 1679. 

In the name of (iod. Amen. I Edmond Jilood of London, Purser 
of his 'Majestye's shipp, the Jersey, being in health and perfect memory 
(thanks be to God) do appoint and ordaine this to be mv last Will and 
Testament in manner and forme following. Imprimis I betpieath 
my soulc inlii liic hands of .\lnnglil\- (iod who gaxc it me, lioptMni' 
in my Sa\ior Jesus Christ fur a joyfuU lesurrection, and my bod\' to 


be buryed wlicre it shall j)loasc (iod to call me asulc, acfording to the 
discretion of luy executors hereafter mentioned, and for luy personal! 
estate it hath pleased God to bless me with and lend nie, I give and 

bequeath as followeth, to niy ffatlier Tho : Blood 

to my brothers Holcraft anil Charles Blood and two sisters Mary and 

I'^lizabeth Blood to my sister-in-law the wife of my brother 

Thomas Blood and her two children to my brothers William 

Blood, Edmond Blood I bequeath to my brother William 

Blood and Thomas Chamberlaine the sonne of Mathew Chamberlaine 
silk throster of London all whatever it shall please God to blesse me 
with that is to say my brother William Blood one halfe and Thomas 
C'hanil^elaine the other halfe and leave them both as my lawful! executors. 
I give all m\' tlebts and Legacyes being ])aid to the above named persons 

William Blood and Thonuis Chamberlaine M}' brother 

William Blootl now steward of tlie Jersey, and Thomas C'luunberlaine 

vintner, executors In witnesse &c. 3rd April 1678. 

Edmond Blood. 

Witnesses : Charles Harison, niarke. AVilliam Clussende, marke. 
Proved in London, i) August 1679, and 8 November 1679. [B.C.C., 
104 King.] 

.MAKKIA(il<:s AT l'X)KT 8T. G1<:()]IGE, MADliAS. 

(Conlntncd from \'nl. XXII, p. Jo7.) 

9 Mar. 1796. Ixichard i^loore & Cliarh)tte linndon. 

Married bv liieut. I'ittman. 
Signed b\' Major l'\ilheringliaui. 

I'oiNT Dio Gai-IJO. 

16 Mar. 179(5. .lames \XM^ k Joanna. 

11 Mav 1796. John Kliezentlorff & Arnautta. 

Harriet! by Lieut. Boyd, 1st E.L 


12 l\Iay 1796. Edward Cullen & Ann Jewson. 

Married by the liev. \i. Owen. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Tliomas Trent. 


5 May 1796. John King,^"' Surgeon, & Harriet Campbell. 

Married by I^ieut. J. 1). Gordon. 
Signed )))' C. Smart, Commanding. 

•"* A Join. KiuK 'l''^'*' Ht Kcu ^1 Oct. IK12, ii-i'<l G2. (Bni-iil Obitimry.) 



17 May 17U(). Abruhaiii licau "" & lielviniu Johnson. 

Married by Lieut. Gerieke. 
Signed by Major J^'otheringhani. 

17 Tune 1796. Burton Gage Barbutt "" & Eliza Nixon. 

Married by tlie Rev. R. Owen. 


27 June 179(). Thomas liell & Johanna Santagee. 

Married b)' Pierre Arnoldin. 
Signed by Major George Waight. 

Point de Galle. 

17 June 179(i. Peter Shini,sha\'eu & t'oriieile (Jodrood. 

Marrieil b\' Lieut, and Adj. HoN'd. 
17 .huie 179(). George /ilhard ^S: Jiistinia Ktdvert. 

Married bv K. W. Gapelle. 
•Jl June 179(1. John Paitz .t Anna Maria Pensliow. 

IMariied l>y Lieut. Bo}'d. 
•JC) June 1790. William Murray & Johanna de Svlvia. 

Mairied by P. W. Ga))clle. 
Signed Lieut. A. B(jyd. 

'Jl .lun." 1790. Michael Cook ct Mary Anna. 

Mai'rit'd by the Rev. R. Owen. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Thomas Trent. 

The Mount (St. Thomas'). 
12 July 1790. V. \\ Striker k Martelina. 

Married by tlie Uvv. Mi-. Geriekc. 
Signed l)y Gol. Thomas Geils. 
I July 1790. Andrew Hares A: Sopliia Kosiah. 

Married by Bis Vigare, Poi-tiiguese Minister. 
12 July 1790. Christian Jean & Modelina Jessamine Salamonie. 

Married by the Rev. C. W. Gerieke. 
Signed by C'ol. David Snnth, 2nd Batt. Art. 

19 July 1790. Edward Gorman & Helena. 

Married by Lieut. Armstrong. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. (Jeorge Waight. 

"" In ilic Bapti.smjil IJi-^Hster lie i.s I'litcicil as Aliraliam Haym-s. 

"" Of 11. M.S. 7:?r<i Kudl. |{iiii,.<l ill 111,. ,,1.1 Diilcli ( '.Miuaery in Colombo 
(l'rt(,iili) wliii-h \va.s iiscl i,y llir lui-lisli -arii.sdii JH'twf.n 1 7!)7 iliid 1820, 
about wlii(.:ij lime tlic Kii^li.sli ( 'oiiiclcry on "tin,' l.slaiiil" was opuiioil. Ili^ 
i.s called " Harbirl " on liis monument, lute Colonel 11. M.S. l)wi\ 21 April IHO'.i, 
of fever, aged li, with twonty-uiiie years serviec. 


Point de Ualle. 

10 July 1796. Jolm Anderson & Eli/abetli Ciiiizc. 

Married by Lieut. A. Boyd. 


5 Sept. 1796. John Bird '" & Ann Sniitli. 

Married by Lieut. Armstrong. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Cleorge AVaight. 


11 Sept. 1796. Thomas Allen & Elizabeth, a native. 

Married by J. Prass, Missionary. 
Signed by Captain G. Hadow. 


2) Oct. 1796. George Tope & Ann Atliely. 

Married by liicut. Aytonc. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Campbell. 


10 Oct. 1796. John Dick Sc Elizabeth Donaldson. 

Married by Lieut. Armstrong. 
Signed by Major-CJen. John l5rath\vaiLe. 


15 Nov. 1796. l\ol)ert Meadows Sc (Catherine Douglas. 

iMariied by Ca])t. Lieut. Aytone. 
Signed by Col. A. Campbell. . 


17 Dec. 1796. Bar^^'- Walters k Amelia Pritchard. 

Married bv Lieut. Stonard. 
Signed by Ll.-Col. (\. Wahab. 


26 Dec. 1796. Cieorgc Hatchet k Margaret Lymn. 

Married by Lieut. Armstrong. 
Signed by Major-Gen. John Brathwaite. 


1 Jan. 1797. John Archer k Ellen Lanarah. 

Married by Lieut, k Adj. Stonard. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. G. Wahab. 
8 Jan. 1797. John Ereeman k Paces de Corvaho (? Corvalho). 

Married by Lieut, k Adj. Stonard. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. G. Wahab. 

^" Tlit'ic wii.s a Lii'UL. IJiril iit llii.s pi'iiin.! in iIil' Miulraa N:ili\(i liil'iiiitry. 
.\ a .Joliii Itii'd ill till' (Uiiii|iaii) 'h S<'rvii-<^ l.S(»l -1."). Also a Joliii Uird, .Siorc 
Sci-goaiil, was Ijiirifil at Tricliiiii)|i()ly, in Ajuil IHOIi, a-^ed ij(j. Ho i.s (Icscril/cd 
by I'ulile, in his JJiiriai Kugistcr as u native ul' Aliddlebux. 

*'' In tlic Baiiti.siiKi! JlugiaLur lie is called " JJernard." 

■ , ( 

MARRlACiKS AT K()K T S r. <;I':()R(;E, MADKAS. 57 


12 Feb. 1797. Alexander McPhorsoii it Charlijtte (lanlner. 

IMaiiied by Captain Avtone. 
28 Feb 1797. John Byrne & Mary iMurray. 

MarriiMl 1)V Caplain Aytono. 
Signed by lil.-Col. A. Campbell. 


11 I*Vb. 1797. John i'erry & Antcc Dobson. 

Married by Captain St. John 
Signed by Lt.-Col. A. Brown. 


') Feb. 1797. John Mier & Mooniah. 

Married b\- Lieut. Armstrong. 
Signed by Major-Cen. Brathwaite. 


12 Mar. 1797. Thomas Munton & Catherine Davis. 

Married by Lieut. L Marsliall. 
Signed by Major Thomas llalcott. 


5 Mar. 1797. Edmund Cauuieott k Susannah Anthony. 

Married by Lieut. Grant. 
Signed by Major J. Oram. 


25 Apr. 1797. William Hodges & Esther, a native. 

Sigiuid by lit. -Col. A. Campbell. 


KJ Ajir. 1797. John Smith & i'anchanah llumj^hr^'s. 

Married by Lieut. Stonard. 
Signetl by Lt.-Col. G. Wahab. 


2:5 Apr. 1797. Charles Morston & Cattora. 

Marriiul b\' Lieid. Armstrong. 
Signed bv Lt.-Col. II. Fia.ser, 72nd Keg. 
2;i Apr. 1797. James Uplohl ct I'atneilla. 

Mari'ied by Jjieut. Armstrong. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. IL Eraser, 72nd Keg. 


2(; Apr. 1797. l>ernard McMaht.ii Jvs.]., ^^ Mrs. Harriet Ogg, widow.-""' 

Marrieil b\' tli(> Kev. II. 11. Kerr. 

"■' Willow (if ('liMili's I'ar.soiis < lur;^-, {'a|<l!iifi, Mailnis l']iiLciiit'ci'.s, \vlii) (lied 
:il 'ranjdic I \)<-r, ITHli, :i-(il L'S. II.' MKiniid Jl.ll'ii.M lirowiic, July Hi, I7i)l. 
Ill tliu llriii^al (lliiliiaiv thiir dcciiis aiiioii^ tlic' iM oiiiiiik-iiI .s ill llic licj^-iliiiiiij,' 
1)1' llm uiiicl cciil li cciiliii-y \\n: I'olhju iiij^, wmiaLril : "To I L(! Muiiioi} ul' 
liuiijiilliiii iMc.Malioii 1111(1 IliiirieL lii,~> vvilc.' 

nS MAKItlACKS Al' l<\)\ii SI'. (IKOIK ; p;, MADRAS. 


•_'<» .\|ir. 17117. .)()sc|)li llciiiy Sc-a;^(t c^ iMary l<]li/,al)cl li l<]xara. 

.Manicil l)y liiciit. I'icscott. 
Si^Micd l)y Lt.-Col. (ieoi<;e Follicniigliain. 

Mangieupang, Cuddalork. 

27 Apr/ 1797. .John Duncan"^ & KraucL's lluj^'lics Chiimery- 

Sijijiicd by J. Keiiworthy, Justice. 


8 May 1797. Tlioiuas Tiers & Mary. 

Mariied by Lieut, diaries MeDoiiell. 
Signed by ]\Iajor-Clen. John Jirathwaite. 

The Mount (8t. Thoma.s'). 

— June 1797. Peter Vaubever & Catherine Roziah. 

Married by Franci.sco, Portuguese .Minister. 
Signed by l.t.-Col. 1). Smith, 2nd Halt. Artillery. 


9 June 1797. John Atlanis &. l^osina. 

Married by Lieut. C. McDonell. 
Signed b)' Major-(ien. John Brathwaite. 


15 Julv 1797. James lladley cV I'lhzabelh lV|)|)cl .''' 

Married by Lieut. William Shawc. 
10 July 1797. James Taylor'" & Elizabeth llaek."^ 

Married by Lieut. William Shawc. 
Signed by Major-(Jen. 'i'homas 15ridges. 
2:5 Julv 1797. William Davis & Mary Mitts. 

Mariied by Lieut. Stonaril. 
;U) Jul\' 1797. Thomas Edwards & Mar\- ile Cruse. 

^larried by Lieut. Stonard. 
Signed by Captain Ross Lang. 


17 July 1797. Captain AVilliam Whitlie'" & Jiose D'ErfF. 

Married by ]*ere Benoit. 
Signed by Captain D. Blair, Town Major. 

'" (If the Cuiiiiiany's Medical Service!. lie (lied April 10, ISI!), in lii.s 
lit'l v-cit'lil li yeai' and I liirl y-si \l h iil' Ids service, as lliiid nu'uiliei- of the 
M.'dienl lleaid. 

"' l)auKlil>'i' "I' Samuel and Mary l'i|.|iell, liap. Id May 1775. 

■"'' James 'ra\i<ir, son of Mr. James and Ann, was liap. I Nov^ 1771. 
James Taylor, Key Sei-^canl, I'donannillee, was l)Ul-ied there 21- .liiii. 17i>8, 
.a<'ed 40, and two suldiers o\' that name \vere liiii'ied in Si. .Mary's t'enietery 
in I7!)7'and 17!i!l. 

"' Kli/abotli Mmnni, wile ul' James Taylor, lvs(|., .AKorney to the II.K.I.C, 
t'aleiUta, was Imiied ihore HI July ISoO, a^^-il lio. ( licnual OhiLuary.) 

^"* Of ll.M.'s ll'ih Foot, buried "at romlicherry 14 Oct. 18(K), aged 3(5 years. 

/ ' 1 • . / ; 



27 July 17'J7. Jacob CJlasser & Flora. 

Married hv |ji(!ut. Cliarli's Armstrong;. 
Sii^iu'd by i.t.-(\)l. ]I. Kiaser, 7l'ii(1 Kc^'. 


25 Au!T. 1797. John Toneus & Solne. 

Marricil hv liiciit. iV' Adj. Stoiiaid. 

28 A^l^^ 17U7. Joliii llulchiiisoii ''" c\:' Kleiia Dennis. 

Married bv Lieut. Stonard. 
Sifiued b\' Captain Koss Jjan<i;, 2iid i'^.J. 


15 Aujj;. 1707. John Majsdon & Uazana. 

Mari'ied \)\ iaout. Creswell. 
Si,!4no<l by Lt.-("ol. (!eoi'<fe Kotheringhani. 


13 Sept. 1797. Samuel Lewis & Jane Cole. 

Married by Lieut. & Adj. Stonard. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. G. VVahab. 

i\IouNT (St. Thomas'). 

4 Nov. 1797. Thomas Stevens & Margaret Kieuheu. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. (lericke. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. David Smith, 2nd Batt. Artillerv. 
4 Nov. 1797. Daniel Stroud k Cluirlotte. 

Marrie.l by Mr. Hell. 
Signed by Lt.-C'ol. G. Saxon. 


19 Nov. 1797. James Evans & Catherine. 

Married bv Lieut, llawes. 
Signed bv l.t.-Col. Wahab. 
l;5 Nov. 1797. (iairet 1 )elli.n ''" .^ I'lli/.abetli Kiglev. 

Married by Lieut. William Shaw. 
Signcil by Major-(Jeu. Thomas Bridges. 

IG Jan. 1798. John Hear-' k Elizabeth Peters. 

Signed by The Hon. Lt.-Col. George St. Joh)i. 


12 Jan. 1798. Charles Blunt & Sophia. 

Married by Lieut. Stonard. 

"' A .Idim lliitfliiiisim, Ks(|.. <livil ;it Siiltaii^niii-v, l!ciif,':il, 12 Sep. 1829, 
aprd fjS years. { IJiMitral Ohitiuirv.) 

'■" A Mr. Clinrlcs Dclon was hinicd in llic Dutch Cciiictcry, Pulicat, 4 Aii^'. 
l.S(X), a^cd 7- years. •' 'I'lie toiiiljstdiie has now \anisheil . . . Mrs. 
Klizabelli Di'lon .lied June ."j(li, IHlO." (,i. .) . CcMon ) 

"•-' Condialor; he .sei'ved the ll.K.I.C. TiO ypursand was lairiedin St Mary's 
Cemetury 21 Maicii 1H27, a<,'eil (if) jcara. 

.'I ' .t'l 

>';•. 'i 

i' .1 . ' 


■20 Jan. 1798. Frederick Jacobs & Sarah Cox. 

Married bv Lieut. Stouard. 
Signed by Lt.-Uol. G. Wahab, 2nd llcg. 


28 Jan. 1798. Edward Hare,'" Esq., & Mrs. Mary Tyrrell,"' widow. 
Signed by Tlioinas Siiodgrass, Ksi[., Collector. 


7 Feb. 1798. Henry Libsconib & Joaiiah. 

Married by Captain Hall. 
Signed by Major Thomas Coke. 


19 1<VI). 1798. John Grant'"' i^ liouisa Lavet. 

iMiuricd l»y CaplMiii Alexiindcr Watson. 
Signed by Major J. W. Murray. 


22 Vv\). 1798. John Goldsworthy '-•' i^ Harriet Soaley. 

Sign('(l by Tlionia.s Oakes. 


12 Mar. 1798. William Jones & Susannah McHeth. 

Married by Cai)tain Lieut. Sinclair. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Saxon. 


— Apr 1798. Uichard Clarke k Elizabeth Betterenah. 

Signed by Col. G. Wahab, 2nd Reg. 

Mount (St. Thomas'). 

— Apr. 1798. Henrv Ostemler & Mary Stevens. 

Married by Lieut. Charleton. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. D. South. 


10 Apr. 1798. Thomas Keen & Mooma Spencer. 

Married by Lieut. Stonartl. 

13 Apr. 1798. George Johnson & Belvena Baines. 

Married l)y Lieut. Stonard. 
15 May 1798. John Elias Glassier & Ann Sherkey. 

Married by Lieut. William Shaw. 

".: of ,i„, II K I CS. DitMl lit Oiininiii H O.-t. IHOO, in lii.^ UnI yar. 
-' .loll.. 'I'.y.-.rJl, Ks.j., ('i.|ii.ii.. ll.KI.C.S., ili.-.l ii( (i.i.i.ini.i Jl ()<•(. \TM, 
■i\ 11 vni.s i.ri.l it .uoiilliM. ,•,,,, ,u, , 

-' .jolii". (Jianl ;i Sni-vo" i" I '"' » 'oinjMiiy .s Srrvicc, ilifd _ i .li.ii. IMM. 
Tlic.v was also al lliis |.c.-in.l a .lohn (!.an(, a Sn-^l. in I In' I si N. Cavalfy. 
•■■' In lUe H.K.IA;. Military StTvi.c lii' is dfsii .bed as (;ai>tam in Hit. 
liijilihinal |{f;.'iHli r. 

W .,, . »;1VM|' . I 


) ,■ ; :>■ ■/ ij.v^.i. :■• r I ■■.;■! .^Ul ..<) ! 


8 iMay 1798. Limit. Michael Boauman '" & Miss Mary Wahab. 

Married by John Read. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. G. Wahab. 


29 Mav 1798. Daniel Fraser & Clara. 

Married bv Lieut. Creswell. 
5 July 1798. John Elzwai k Adriana Lefthard." 

Married by Lieut. CreswelL 
Signed by Lt.-Col. (leorge Fotheringhaiu. 


4 Aug. 1798. Lieut. John De Morgan '-'& Miss KUzabeth Dodson. 

Married by tiie Rev. ?h. Rosenhagen. 


2 Aug. 1798. Mr. Robert (Aunpl)eir-'' k Miss Eliza Pasley. 

Married by Thomas Snodgrass, Es(|., Collector of 
Gail jam. 


27 Aug. 1798. Samuel Jones & Mary Locke. 

Married by Lieut. Cookesley. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. G, Saxon, Artillery. 


23 Sept. 1798. Nicholas Yeelon & Martheleana. 

Signed by Major Fergusson. 
29 Nov. 17!)8. Teter Christian de Koning & Mary Dias. 

Married by Lieut. George Lang. 
Signed by Major W. M.' McLean. 


:5() Nov. 1798. Thomas Graves c^' .Mary Trimley. 

Marrieil l)y Lieut. Charles Rand. 
Signed by Lt.-CoL A. Brown. 

21 Dec. 1798. James Holphin & K. McDonald. 

Manied by Lieut. Steel. 
Signed by Lt.-(."ol. G. Saxon. 

fTo he cojt-tiimed.J 

■''-'' Of tho Miulras Artillorv. lie was lust at sea In the " Ladv Jane 
Dmidas," H .Muivli 1809. 

■''■'' Tlio father of Aii^rustus De Mdr^-an, the Matlieiiiat ifiiin. See notes 9.3, 
271, UKO, IJ17, ;i")7. The first John De Wormian came tmt in tiie Company's 
Military Service by the " Hunverie," in 1710. 

'-"' Kol)eil ('aniphell, Ks'|., was buiieil in (,'ulcutta, 3 Sep. 1820, a^tid 52 

f :■:.■!.. :.) '!>- ■" . f- ■-.- I 



H -TS 








- t. ~ 



o ^ 







O .2 

.2 ." 

b >^ 


» ^. 




5 ■- -r 

3_ 2 r 

6 J? o 

. QJ ^ 1^ 

^ ^ O C <M 

r'. ^ _ 
r^ ^ S ^ U 

ZZ C: "» 

\-, >-i .J 

; /- - 'z'. > 

'' c ^ . 

S s 3S "^ ■ ^ , 

- _, t. '-^ p. a ^ 

s >'< "" '^ ,„ £ ? 

" ■ c -* -;= , 

^ '^ -^ " ^ "ti 

:c Ji j-" ce ?- 

( ''i a: t; ■ 

; Oi 

= c a A 

1 — '^' .. .^ Q rt . 

, ? a: ^^ 

J Is 












































S t~ 




































~ — 









■y: -^ 




Q = 

'3 _o ^ 


^ ^^i 

OJ ^ 

"1 '"o X 


O -/; c: - ' 

^ ;-< 

CJ _' 

;: 3 


"3 2 " rr 

^ ^ 

o If! = 

• ^ 

x P; 

;^, -r ;^. 


^ ^ '■:^ •- 



i i.^ 


J M 



^= -co- 

3 c - ^ ^ 
c o i> ^ -■ 

w a c ^ n 

^ 5E 


: — ''7^ 




■-- *-> 

2 T--^ 



x :: 

y. -L o 


^ — ' • s 


'o 5 - . 


- "^1 


Z Z l-l •" . 

■^ -J — c c 

X ^ 


t^T^ i''"!!- 


~ .,-■ 

■£ -? '^ ".. ? 

'.^ _s 


• ^ 

ho P .' •- 
^ o h bt ^^ 
^ "Z T = -'^ 

3 t(.-J _^ 

2Q S •■ ^ ■- 
5 t' o = - 

.2 2 oj p 

» ;^ ^^ 5 

. r^ »^ 3 

O -^ ^'-^ 

.- O « " 

-"E o '-^ 3 
rt •- '^ "^i 
— . S ;: I - 
<■' — rt -I 





























■^ - -f. ■- 

rf I - - 1 - 

— CS r/-j ■— 

-^ ^ ^ -;; 
- ;3 H 't; fT 

-r I- o c 

t-K - 

qn c. f^ C3 

o c 

- r-^ .= ?: C 

.—1 +J 

I — ^ jl. • — rt *-j 







35 ■• 




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CD ^ 

t. ir. 







3 ■ — 

rj f^ 








'Z^ '' 

ctf <-. 







i •'5 

"o S 








7; [I! 






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• " »^ ^ Cfi f/ ' *■ ( O 

O C - j' 

c -:: ;: U 

5 3 CS li 

-n -,^ '-7 _2 

-' -' 

« o ^ 

, ^ g s , 

o 2 ■: 

i^ - 2 ? 

■J. •<■ 

.3 ' "- 

03 » t*. 

)S J] 0; 

i h3 Is 



0; " o 'S ' 



C'oiitriliuteil liy AiiTiuut J. .Ikwkks, K.S.A. 
((\nitiiiucd from Vol. XXII, y. L'fiC).) 

Nk'oll. Papl. of Heiulon Place, co. Middlesex. Cr. by Sir Edw. 
Pjvsshe, Garter, 1G50. Az. on a fess betw. three lions' heads 
erased Arg., as nuu>y Cornish choughs Sa., beaks and legs Gu. 
Crest — A lion's head erased Az. gorged with a collar Arg., cliarged 
with three choughs as in the arms. Stowe MS. 677. 

NrciHTiNciALK, Ru'JiAni), of London, s. of Robert, of Litchfield. Pat. 
by R. Cooke, Clar., 1593. 1 and 4, Erni. a rose Gu. ; 2 and 3, 
Arg. on a chev. Az. three escallop shells Or. Crest — A greyhound 
courant Erin. Harl. MS. 1,359. ; Add. MS. 4,9(56. 

None, . . . . , of Walton. Gr. Nov. 1611, Or, on a cross eng. Vert 
a crescent of the first. Crest — An eagle displ. witli two heads 
Or, wings Vert. Harl. MS. 6,059. 

NoRHORNic, Walter and John, of Calne, oo. W^ilts, sons of Walter 
Norborne, of the same place, formerly of Hilmarton, Wilts, Reader 
and Bencher of the Liner Tem])le, and loyal adherents of King 
Charles. Gr. by Sir E. Bysshe, Garter, 22 June 1651, and conf. 
bv Sir E. Walker, 14 July 1660. Erni. a fess nebulee Gu., on a 
canton of the second, a crest coronet Or. Crest — A denii-lion 
Erm. armed and lang. Gu., betw. the paws a crest coronet Or. This 
descent : — 

Uuinplire}', of Studlej.=p. . . 

r -" 

Julin, uf Hliullev, cu. Wilta.=[-. . . 

Walter, of Calne,=p. . . dau. of Henry Chiver, of Cumlierfurd, 
Wilis. I Wilts. 

WuKiT. Julm. 

Add. MS. 14,291 ; Harl. MS. 1,172. 

NoKCLiKFK, Thomas, of Great Gomersal, co. York. Gr. by Sir R. 
St. George, Norroy, 4 K. James. Az., five mascles in cross 
Or, a cliief Erm. Crest- — A greyhound sej. Or, the dexter paw 
on a mascle Az. Add. MS. 14,295. 

NoRDEN, John, of the manor of Easthill, Kent, gent. Gr. by Sir 
G. Detliick, Garter, ! Nov. 1556. Arg. on a fess Gu. betw. three 
otters i)ass. Sa., a cross crosslet litchce Or, enclosed by two trefoils 
of the first. Crest — A demi-otter Sa., in its mouth a slip of willow 
Vert. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

NoRDEN, Thomas, of Easthill, co. Kent. Given 3 Q. Mary, altered 
by R. Cooke, Clar., in 1586. Arg. on a fess Gu. betw. three beavers 
pass. Sa., as nuiriy crosses patee litchee Or. Crest— A falcon 
Am. ])re\iiig on a partriilge of the same, beaks and legs Or. Add. 
MS. 4,966. 

(JUANTS AND ('lOim KICA'l'KS OK AllMS. 65 

Norfolk, James. Cert, by W. Ryley, Lancaster. Gu. a fess betw. 
two chevronels Arg. Crcat — A lion ramp. Sa. Stowe MS. 703. 

NoRHOPE, alias Clarke, . . . , of . . . . , co. Notts, now of Kent. 
Pat. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. Per cross Arg. and Vert, a cross 
counterchanged. Crest — A cubit arm erect vested per pale Arg. 
and Vert, in the hand ppr. a garland of the second. " Also a 
genealogy." Add. MS. 12.225. 

NoRRis, .... A patent 1G22. Arg. a cross patee from each arm 
a fleur-de-lys issuing, Sa., betw. twelve billets of the second, 
(^rcst — A sea-lion ppr. linncd Or, holding a cross as in the arms. 
Stowe MS. 700. 

North, Mr. Edward, of Tewin, co. Herts, Serjeant to K. Charles, s. 
of Edward North, who held the manor of Merdon, in the parish of 
Tewin, by knight's service, and left it to the said Edward North ; 
Edward, the father was s. and h. of Edward North, master of the 
Harriers to K. Edw. VI, s. and h. of John, s. and h. of Robert 
Nortli, of Tewin. Conf. by Sir Richard St. George, Clar., 25 Feb. 
1G4:3, 10 K. Charles (arms not given). Stowe MS. 677. 

North, . . . , of Walkoringham, co. Notts. Pat. by Sir W. Segar, 
Garter, in IGOO. Arg. two chevronels betw. three mullets Sa. 
Crest — A lion's head erased Arg., collared vaire Or and Az. Add. 
MS. 12,225. 

North, Edward, of Feltham [in Middlesex]. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, 
Garter, of a Crest— A cock's head couped Gu., charged with 
three bezants in fess within two l)arndets Or, in the beak a 
branch of holly Vert fructed Gu., betw. two wings chevrony of 
four Or and Az. Stowe I\1S. 692. 

North, Sir Edward, of Kirtlinge, co. Cambridge. Gr. by Sir C. 
Barker, Garter. Per ])ale Or and Az. on a fess betw. three iieurs- 
de lis a lion pass., all counterchanged, the lion armed Gu. Crest — 
A wyvern's head erased per pale Or and Az., gorged with a coronet 
counterchanged, langued Gu. " This grant by permission of me 
Garter for that afore he had. Per pale Erm. and Az. four fleur-dedis 
counterchanged." These ai'nis further changed to Az. a lion pass, 
regard. Or, betw. three ileurs-dedis Arg. Crest — A wyvern's head 
erased Az., gorged with a coronet Or. Stowe MS. 692. 

NoRTHCOTE, Walter, of Crediton, in Devonshire. Pat. of conf. by 
R. Cooke, Clar., and cert, by Rouge Croix in 1588. Arg. three 
cross crosslets Sa. in bend. Crest — On a chapeau Gu. turned up 
Krm. a stag stat. {( tv\]K) Arg. Harl. MS. 1,359; Stowe MS. 670. 

N<)kiiii;y, IIi'.nrv, of Hocking, co. I^lsse.x. CJr. by Sir (J. Dethick, 
(iarter, 10 July, 2 and 3 I'hil. and Mary. Or, on a fess Az. betw. 
three hinds trip. I*urp., each charged with three estoiles Arg., 
a pansy llower of the first, enclosed by two cohnnbine ilowers 
of the fourth. Crest — A demi-cockatrice, the ujiper part Az., 
the under part Or, comb Gu., from the beak smoke ppr. Harl. 
MS. ],359. 

NoirrniNK, John, of Ijondon. (\r. by \l. Cook. Az. three bars gemelles 
and in chid I luce lions ramp. Or. Crest -On a coronet Or, a 
talbot pass. Az., collared Or. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

<j6 oran'I's and (JKrtificatks of arms. 

NoRTHOVER, of Alercourt (Aller Court), co. Somerset. Patent, May 
1614. Or, five lozenges in saltire betw. four cross crosslets Az. 
Crest — A lion's paw erect and couped Arg., supporting a lozenge 
Az., charged with a cross crosslct Or. Motto, " Dens erigit 
Justus." Stowe MSS. 706 and 707 ; Harl. MSS. 1,359 and 1,441. 
Norton, Bonhani, of Stretton, Shropshire, Printer to K. James. Pat. 
Feb. 1611. Or, two bars Gu., on a chief Az. an inescutcheon 
Erm. Crest— A denii-lion of St. Mark Or, holding a book closed 
CJu., edged and garn. of the first. " But the proper crest is a 
wreath of laurel Vert betw. two wings, the dexter Or, the sinister 
Gu." "Anuit Victoria curam." Harl. MSS. 6,059 and 6,140; 
Stowe MSS. 706 and 707. 
Norton, William, of Birlingham, co. Worcester. Az. a maunche 
Erm., on a chief Or, a lion pass. Sa. Crest — A tiger's head erased 
Or, in the mouth a broken lance Arg. Add. MS. 4,966 ; Harl. 
MS. 1,359. 
Norwood, Thomas, of Astwood, co. Bucks. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest at the request of Rouge Croix, by R. Cook, Clar., 1 Nov. 
1585. Erm., a cross eng. Gu. charged with a crescent Or, for 
dif!. Crest — A demidion ramp, erased Erm. crowned Or, holding 
a palm branch Vert. Stowe MS. &70 ; Add. MS. 14,295. 
NoswoRTHY, Edward, of Truro, co. Cornwall, s. of Francis, s. of John 
Nosworthy. Gr. by Sir E. Bysshe, Garter, 27 June 16.. Gu., 
a pile Or, over all a chev. counterchanged. Crest — A unicorn's 
head erased Erm., horned, muned aii(l gorged with a coronet 
Or. Harl. MSS. 1,172 and 1,441. 
NoTT, John, s. of John, s. of John Nott, of Ashford, in Kent. Cert, 
by Rouge Croix, 1587. Az. on a bend betw. three leopards' faces 
Or, three martlets Gu. Crest— A martlet Arg. crowned Or, in 
the beak an olive branch Vert, fructed Or. Stowe MS. 670. 
NouNK |or NovkI, . . . , of Walton upon the Wolds, co. Leic. Pat. 
Nov. 1611. Or, a cross eng. Vert, thereon a crescent of the first. 
Cr«>st- All eagle displ. with two heads Or, wings Vert. Stowe MS. 706. 
NouNK, CrKoiUii:, of Tostock, CO. Suffolk. J»at. by K. Cook, Clar. 
Sa., a saltire betw. four lions' paws erased, claws downwards Or. 
Crest— A bull's head Arg. horned, crined and erased Gu. Harl. 
MS. 1,359. 
NouiisK, John, of Ciiilling Place, co. Oxford, Esq., s. of James 
Nourse, of :Milton, co. Bucks, gent. Conf. by Sir W. Segur, 
Garter, 27 May 1629. Gu. a fess betw. two clievrunels Arg. 
Crest— A dexter arm emb., vested A/.., cull" Arg., the hand 
grasping a snake which is wounding it, tiie tail i»art entw. 
about the arm, both ppr. il.irl. MS. 6,110. 
Nouiisio, John, of Cliilliug Place, co. Oxford, E.sq., ,s. of James (or 
John) Nourse, of Milton, co. Bucks, gent. Conf. by Sir W. 
Segar, Garter, 27 May 1629. Arg. a chev. Sa. between three 
ogresse.s, on a chief Gu., a lion pass. gard. Or. Crest— Two 
bears' paws ()i-, supporting a fireball enllamed iqu: Imp. — Gu. 
a betw. two clievs. Arg., for Eiigham. Crest — An arm 
embowed, vested Az., curt' indent. Arg., the hand grasping a 

i .:! 


snake near tl>e head, entwined about the arm j)pr. " N.ll [ find 
the coat of Enghani, Vert a fess betw. two chevrons Arg., 
only granted to, and tliat ]<]ngliani, of Goodneston, 
iSherili' of Kent, bore ye coat of tlie chevron with loundels 
and a chief ciiarged, together with the crest of the ganibs. 
Iiisonuicli I believe Nourses coat to be fess and chevrons." 
Add. MS. 12,2l'5. [N.B. — P.oth llarl. MS. (;,110 and Add. 
MS. 12,225, have the place names very clearly written, but 
there is no Milton in liucks, perhaps Chilsworth in Great 
Miltoii, Oxford, was intended.] 

NOVE, 6v;fi NOUN'K. 

NoYi:, \\^ILl,l.\^r, of Buryan, Cornwall. Pat. by 11. Cooke, Clar. 
Az. three cross crosslets in bend Arg. Crest — A chapeau Az., 
turned up Krui., thereon a dove Arg., beak and legs Gu., in 
the beak a palm branch Vert, fructed Or. Harl. MS. 1,.359. 

NuKSK, GKOiUii:, now of Jesus College, in Cambridge, s. of John 
Nui'se, citi/.cn of London. Gr. by Sir E. Walker, Garter, 
8 May 1()G2. Arg. a lion jiass. (;!u., betw. six billets of the 
.second. Crest — A demi-lion Gu., gorginl with a coronet Or, 
holding betw. its paws a plat(!. Harl. MS. 1,172. 

NuiiSK, TiiOM.vs, M.D., sometime Aldciiinan of Leicester. Gr. by 
Sir E. Walker, (Jartei-, 15 April l(i(i2. Ai-g. on a fess betw. 
two chevronels Gu., three coronets Or. Crest- From a coronet 
Or, a cubit arm in armouj- of the last, tlus gauntlet grasping 
three snakes fessways Vert. Harl. MS. 1,172. 

NuTiiUowNio, . . . , of Barking, co. I'^sse.x. Gu. on a fess Arg. 
three trefoils Vert. Harl.' MS. 1,:}59. 

NuTiiUOWNK, NicnoL.\s, of Barking, E.ssex. Pat. Erm. on a chief 
Sa., three lions' heads erased Arg. Crest — A lion sej. Sa., 
supporting a sword ppr. Harl. MS. ],;^59. 

NuTco.MitK, .loiiM, of CO. Devon, Es(|., s. of Nicholas, s. of John, s. of 
.Icjhn, s. of Hichard Nutcomlx", all of th(! sanu! county. Gr. IGl 1. 
CV»nf. of arms arul gi'. of ci'est by Sir E. Hysshe, (Jarter, ISlarch 
1G57. Or, a fess embattled at the toj) betw. two escallop 
shells Sa. Crest — On a mural coronet Or, a falcon rising 
ppr., beaked, jessed and belled Or. ] [arl. jNISS. 1,172, 1,359 
and 1,111. 

NuTHAiJ-, .loiiN, of Caton Hall, co, Ch(\st(!r. (iv. by W. Flower, 
Norroy, 'A June 15Si. 1 and I, Arg. a siiackle bolt Sa. ; 2, 
Arg. a grillin segr. Sa. ; .'5, Sa. a stag's hea<l caboshed Arg., 
attired Or, a cre.sciuit for dill". Ci'cst — A demi-falcon rising 
Arg., gorgt'd with a c(»ronet, lino and beak Or. Hutl. MS. 


N VCIIKI.I.S, srr N l('lIOI,l,S. 

NVK, see Nicil. 

Oakks, see OivKs. 

Odams, Joshua, of St. Antholin's, London, (^r. by J. Anstis, Garter, 
and Knox Wai'd, Clar., G l*'el». 17.'57 H. Arg. a lion pass. Purj)., 
on a chief invecled (Ju., a ,saltir(! coiiped of the lirst, Ix^tw. 
two bc/aiils. (Jrest On a minal coronet (iu. an eagi«i ri^gard., 
wings elevated ppr., the dexter claw resting on an antiipie 
shield Arg., thereon a saltire Az, Add, MS. 11,831. 



Offkmcy, llucii, of Loiulou, ail Alderman. " Altei'ed in some tilings, 
luMiig ovci- much charged," and conf. \)y U. Cook, Clar., 1 Sejtt. 
15S8. Arg. a cioss ileuiy Az., l)et\v. four ousels of tiie second, 
beaks and legs Chi. Crest— A demi-lion Or, collared Az., betw. 
its paws an olive branch Vert, fructed of the first. Add. MS. 
U,l>y5; Karl. MS. \,:WJ. 

Offlkv, Sik John. Conf. by Sir J. liorougii, Carter, 5 Sept. 1588. 
I, Arg. on a cross couped with a lleur-de-lis issuing from each 
end Az., a lion jiass. gard. Or ; Ti, Az. a cliev. Cr, betw. two 
eagles displ. in ciiief Arg. and a lion pass, in base of the last; 
111, Arg. a chev. Cu. between three weights Sa. ; IV, Az. a 
tiger pass. Arg. Crest — A (lend lion ramp. gard. ())■, in the 
paws an olive; branch Vert, fructed of tln' lirst. Add. MH. 
4,'J(;(); Harl. :SIS. G,1G9. 

Oglk, Sik John, Colonel of a Pu-gimi'nt of lA)ot in the Uiated 
Provinces of Holland, Piefect and Covernor of the City of 
Utrecht, descended from a younger family being a collateral 
brancli of Ogle, liarons of Dothal in the North. A pat. by 
Sir W. Segar, Carter, 10 Jan. 1 'J James 1. Arg. on a fess 
betw. three crescents Gu., a lion passant Or. Ci'est — A demi- 
lion Or, in the dexter paw a baton (iu. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Ogle, IIiciiaiu), of Pinchbeck, in Holland, co. Line, Es<p Cr. by 
Sir C. Barker, Carter. Arg. a fess betw. three crescents, with 
a ll<'ur-de-lis from betw. the horns of each Cu. Crest — A bull's 
head ei'ased Or, liorns (hi. Stowe MS. 61)2. 

Oci.ETJiOHPF, . . . , CO. York. Cr. l)y U. Lee, Clar., 1596. Arg. 
on a fess daiicettee Sa., betw. three bears' heads coui^ed ui 
the second muzzled of the first, a mascle Or. Crest — A bear's 
iiead couj)ed Sa., pierced by a bear spear Arg. Add. MS. 14,295. 

Okks, Mr. .loil.v, of \Vestminst(;r, descended from the fan)ily of 
Okes, in co. Chester. Conf. by \{. St. ( .'eorge, Norroy, 4 June 
Hi IS. Arg. betw. two bendlets tliree hearts Sa. Crest A 
snake lifting itself, with a slip of broom in its mouth, all pjir. 
Stowe MS. 70(1 ; llarl. MS. (i, 1 10. 

Oi.uFiKi.n, . . . , of Spalding, co. Line. Tat. Nov. UiU). Oi', on a 
pile Vert three garbs of the first. Crest- A garb Vert, perched 
thereon a dove Arg., in the beak an ear of wheat Or. Stowe 
MS. 70G. 

Oi>i)SWOUTU, I'^DWAiU), of Paulton's Court, co. Cloucester, eldest son 
of Nicholas Oldsworth. Cr. by Sir C. Dethick, Carter, 11. Cook, 
Clar., and W. Flower, Norroy, 15 June 1569, to the said Edward 
and the other issue; of his falhei'. (j!u. on a fess betw. three 
billets Arg., as many lions ])ass. gard. of the liist. Crest A 
lion sej. (Ju, resting the dexter foot on an anliipH- shield Or. 
llarl. MSS. 1,111 and l,5;ii); Stowe MS. 70:5. 

Olipii, Jou.n, of KoxgroM, in Kent, Alderman of London, living 
15GS; he mar. Joane, dau. of William hives, issue Joane, dan. 
and h., mar. John Leigh, of .\ddiiigton, Suric}', issue, Olive, 
Magdalen, ,\nne, Joan, h^lizabeth and Catherine, eoiieii's. l^■r 
j)aU! and per chev. Or and Sa. thre<; greyhounds' ln'ads eras(;d 
(;ounterchanged, cojlari'd Arg. ('rest A cockatrice's head erased 
jH-icross Arg. and Sa., beak, coud) and wattle Oi'. Jlarl. MS. 1, 163. 


Olmh'.s, IIkkman, (»f London, s. of John Lewis Olniius, of Arlon (?), 
in Ddcliv of Luxenil)oui'g, in Flandei's. (Jr. by Sir H. St. CJeoi'ge, 
(iiuter, "iind J. Vanlnu-li, L'lar., L5 Oct. 1709. Per fess Az. 
and Ari,'., a fess count ci- eniljattled Or, hctw. in chief two 
estoiles of the second, and in base an elm tree ppr. Ci'est — A 
denii .Moor in jilate armour ppr. garn. Or, wreatlied al)Out tlie 
head Ar^^ and (jIu., on the breast a fess as in the ai-ms, all 
l)etw. two laurel l)ranches \'ert. Add. M.S. 14,S31. 

O'Nicii.K, . . . . , Captain of a 'I'roop of Horse Kill). Arg. a sinister 
liaml couiied appaumee Ou., in chief a cross patce betw. two 
estoiles of the; second, in base a salmon naiant in water pi)r. 
(Ji-(;st--A cubit arm erect, tlu! hand gias))ing a sword, all ppr. 
Add. MS. LOGO. 

Onklkv (()n(;i.kv in MS.), Sue S,\.MUi;r,, of London. Or. by J. An.stis, 
(Jarter, and Sir .L Vanbriigli, Clar., 'A June ITl'O. Arg. three 
piles in point. (!u , in base a mount. \'ert, and on a canton Az. 
the sun ()i-. Crest On a mount \'ert,a demi pelican displ. Or, 
in tlie beak a lireball ppi'. Athl. MS. 1 LS.'U. 

Only, ]M)w.\iii>, of Oatesbv, co. Nt)rthampton. Cunf. by Sir W. 
i)etliick, (Jarter, 7 Nov. ir)'Jl). 1 and 4, Oi', three piles Gu., on 
a canton Aig. a nnilK't Sa. ; L' and ."5, Az. three stiriaips leathered 
Oi-. Crest l<'rom a ci'est coronet Or, a ph<enix' head among 
tire, in the l)eak a laurel branch, all p[)r. Stowe MS. G76. 

Onnki!I,i:v, . . . , of the (Queen's . . . IHST). The arms not given, 
but this crest added, viz. -A cockatrice's head ei-ased ppr., 
cond) and wattle (Ju., gorged with a c(jronet Ai-g., line of the 
last. Stowe MS. G70. [See Wilcocks.] 

Ou<;.\iN'i;, Ki('ii.\i!i), of Ijamborne, lierks, J.]\ Gr. by Sir 0. Detliick, 
(Jarter. Per salt ire Oi- and l']rm. a I'ross luunettee Gu. Crest — - 
'I'hree organ pipes, two in salt ire and otu! in \)ii\v Or, interlaced 
by a wreath of laurel Vert. Stowe MS. 707. 

Oiii.viiAit, GicoiuJE, of I'oddington, co. Beds., gent., and to John 
Orlvliai-, of London, brothers. (ir. by Sir E. Hysshe, Garter, 

1 .\pril Kir)!'. Arg. on two bars (Ju. three roses of the first, 

2 anil 1. (.'rest .\n eagle's head couped betw. two wings Arg., 
and goiged witii tw.) bars Gu. Add. MS. 14, '21)3. [NoTK.— 
Tills (Jeoige Orlebar married the heiress of Poddington manor.] 

Oupwooi), Thomas, s. of Paul, s. of Thomas, all of Abingdon, Berks. 

Gr. by W. Camden, Clar., L3 Oct. KiOO. Veil, thi'ee crosses 

pati'e .Arg,, on a c'hief of tlu; last thie(^ boars' heads couped Sa. 

Crest .\ boar pass jx-r (tross l^anis. and I'lrm., hoofed, bi'istled 

and tusked Or. Marl. MS. IJ)-,)'!. 
O.SUALUKSTON, Joliii, Esq., of Osbaldeston, s. and h. of Alexander 

Osbaldcston, of co. Lane. Conf. by L. Dalton, Norroy, 24 Nov. 1560. 

Arg. a nia.scle Sa. betw. 3 ogresses. Crest — A stag's head couped 

])er ])ale Arg. and Sa., guttce counter-changed, attired Or. Harl. 

MSS L.3r)<)and 1,111. 

/, ■■;' '"IT , ■■"•') 'y.r 


Ilotirfs nf Unohs. 

TiiK Anckstuv and PosTKiuTV OF Joiix Lka, 1503-1900. liy Jiunes 
ileiiry Lea ami Cleoi'ge Homy F.ea. Pliiladelpliia and Ni;w 
York (Lea Hrotliers and Co.). 

The title of tlii.s work suggests a family history of interest only 
to descendants of a certain Joliii Lea, of Christian JMalfc^d, in AVilt- 
shire, who emigrated to Penn.sylvania in or ai)out IG'JiJ, hut an 
examination of its contents is sutUcient to dispel such an illusion. 
A huge jioition of its GOO odd pages is devoted to a collection made 
in iMigland of the authors' surname and its variants hy i\lr. J. 
Henry Lea, a well known contributor to genealogical literature, 
his very valuable Abstracts of Wills in the Prei-ogati\e Court of 
Canterbury (llegister Soame) being one of his most recent pro- 
ductions. For many years Mr. Lea has been searching in records 
for esideiue conceining his pedigree, but although successful in 
iindiug proof for some two or three generations, a satisfactory result 
so fai- lias not been obtained, owing to gaps in Parish lie<'istei-s 
and to lack of infoiination usually atlbrded by testators. Lie has, 
howe\-er, compiled a tentative pedigiee from a John Lygli, of Chippen- 
ham, " inixsilili/ " a son of Ixobert Lygh, of Corsley, ]\1.P. for 
Chi|>penham in 11(17, who bore for his Arms: avyent (jdiiltee de 
ttiiinj a lliiii rduijHiiit ijulcs. If this theoi'y of a descent fi-om 
Lygh, of Corslev, and the tentative pedigree be some day capable 
of proof, then the only evidence of an armoiial natures of the 
author's family which has hitherto been unearlhe<l, nanielv two 
circular seals on testamentary documents, one of date KLT), the 
other 1(1S2, both showing a lion rampant, will have been of great 
scrv ice as an heraldic clue. It is unfortunate that such an extended 
seaivh should hasc been so poorly ivwardi'd, but wc; can at all 
e\i'ii(s coiigial ulali' not ludy Mr. Lea on his excellent woik, but 
I he genealogital wurld for having so much us{>ful malei-ial brought 
(ogi'ther. Anyone inlerested in tiie families of i^'gh, Leigh, Alye, 
Lye, Lygh, etc., will do well to consult the nuitter here jtrinted. 
To .Mr. George Jlenry Lea we are indebted for the introduction 
to the volume, and for the Anierican section which gives the 
descendants of a common ancestor an ojjportunit)' of possessiiif 
information which otherwise would probably have been laid aside 
and ultimately lost. 

'i'lIK NoitFOl.ic ANTKiUAUlAN MisCKLLANV. (Second Series), l^ii't L 
Ldilcd by Walter Kye. Norwich ((Jibbs and ^\'aller). 
We cordially welcome the i-evival of the Norfolk Antiipiarian 
^liscellany, under the auspices of its able and energetic editor, 
Mr, Waller Kye, who is responsible for no less than sevcMi of tlu; 
articles conlained in Part L Of (hes(>, three will greatly interest 
genealogists, numel\ the papi'rs on th(! families of Niuiis, Spelman, 
and Wodehouse, tlu; last named being espe<-ially worthy of carefid 


I. i ; 'i ., 1 ! ■■ ', io 


coiisideiatioii. Mr. Rye's article in tlie tliird voliiiiie of the 
ori<;iiial serii's uf The '^O'rufia/ixjist on llu^ pcdigire of Wudcliouse 
of Kiiiilx'iK'V ami its exposure of tlie luyllis .surrounding tlie early\' of thai fauiily, will Ix^ familiar to our rcailcrs. lit- now 
not only emphasizes the impn)i)al)ilily that John Wodrliousr, "the 
King's cs.piiri'," fought at Agincourt, l.ut also iMideavours to prove 
that this John sprang from a family of I^ondon rili/.ens, who are 
helicNcd to have eoine (triginally from Voikshii-e or fi-om I'eekham, 
near London. 'I'hougli .Mr. llye argues this <pieslion with his 
accustomed vigour, it cannot he; said that the evidence; of this 
descent is at present conclusi\c, hut it will perhaps foi'm the 
groundwork of fresh discoveries. 

.Mr. K. Howlett, F.S.A., contrihut.'s a most interesting paper 
on Villeinag(! in Norfolk, illustiated l)y a memoir of Sir Jiobert 
de Salle, " hondsman and King's knight," who U)st his life in the 
n^hellion of John the Litester. .Mr. Seymour Lucas, ]\.A., describes 
somt; recently discoveied wood carvings and old glass, and rrinct> 
I'^redeiiek Duleep Singh has annotati'(l a manuscript of Anthony 
Norris, on arms found in Norwich houses. 


UouKT OK SukKKV n icT w 10 K V 1073 .VXD 1770. Tran.scrihed from 
the original records, and edited hy Alfred Ridley Hux, F.S.A. 
Part I. Norwich (Goose and Son). 
Everyone who attempts to compile a pedigree of some generations 
finds the marriages his crucial dilHculty, ami for this reason the 
jiublication of Marriage Allegations should always receive support 
from the public. Tlu" pro.ximity of the County of Surrey to the 
Metropolis, and the fact that liie important London parishes lying 
in South wark conu> within its bordei's, render these licences 
especially valuable. They are, we an> glad to say, complete and 
not mere selections, being no less than '.),80U in number. Tlie great 
labour involve! in transcribing them has been mo.^t ade(piate]y 
undertaken by Mr. A. Hidley I5a\, a freipient cout ribuloi' to 
the jii'oceedings of the Surrey .\ rclueological Society, and to him 
genealogists owe a debt of gratitude for their publication. The 
earlier portion of Allegations, that is those issued ](i7 1- 1()!)2, 
are taken from a bound vohune pre.served in the i''aculty Ollice. 
Between 1692 and 17l!f, with the excejjtion of luie entry in 
1700, there; is a gap; after 1721 down to 1770 the I'^ditor has 
had to examine the original rerords. I'ait, I ends with the year 
17 IS. It is satisfactory to ob.serve that copious indexes are 
promised, and will be issued with the ce)ncluding I'art. 

TiiK Spuugeon F.\mily, being an Account of the Descent 

AND Family of Ciiakles Haddon Spukoeon, with Notes on 

THE Family in (;eneual, i'akticulahly the Essex Rrancii, 

FitoM 1 IGf)— TJOf). I',y \V. Miller lliggs. London ( lOUiot Stock). 

Helievers in heredity will be delighted to lind on perusal of this 

caiefully written work" that not only were- the father and grandfather 

of the well known preacher Charles lladdon Spurgeon di.ssenting 

•f ■;!.' 

: ! " I 

Ml. I 



ministers, l)nt their forefathers for many <^'eiierations were Non- 
cunfoiniists. Mr. Spui'<;con (U)untc(l amoiij^' his ancestors " not 
mail)' mii^litv, not many noliK', ' hut lie was jnstl}' jiroud tliat 
they were ^'od feai'int;' men, thoiii,di the hchcf that thc\' \\ ere 
Diiteh n>fii^ees has, it ajij)ears, no foundation in fact. Mr. Jli,L;gs 
has traci'd tht; pedigree witli such strong prohahiHty to a John 
Spurgeun or Spurgen, huried at Jlalslead in JOssex in 1570, that 
the dotted hnes in liis tabuhir chart might, perhaps, liave. ijcen 
omitted. lie lias also supplied much useful information whicli will 
he of assistancH' to others inteivsted in the surname of Spurgeon, 
with its variant forms of Spui'gen, Spurgin, Spirgon, Spirjon, etc. 

lintrs aiiD (Ijnrrii^s, 

Tk.M'aud Pkdhjhkic (iiiifr, vol. .\.\ii, p. I'oO). - Colonel John 
Adlercron connnanded the ;5!)th Kegiment, th(! lirst British regiment 
to go to Indiii. ; but he was not at any time Uonnnander-in-Chief in 
the East Indies. lie and his regiment arrived at Fort St. Ueorge 
in 1754. At that time the local (governors at Foi't St. (h'orge, Fort 
William in the Hay, and liomljay, were not oidy the civil governors, 
hut also the Counnanders-in-'JIiief of all the forces in tiieir sevei-al 
jurisdictions. There was ill-feeling between the senior ollicers of the 
regiment and the (Jovernor; and disjuites arose which resulted in 
the ii'call of th(! I'egiment in 1757 (see "'["he Church in Madras," 
1>. 316). 

F. P. 

DivSCKNDANTS OK SlU fJ Kol'Kii ICV Pol.K. .\nne Pole, the ele\enth 
child of Sii' (u'olli-ey Pole, married al)out 1 5()(), Thomas llildersham, 
of Cambridge. ( )ii the <leath of Thomas ilildersliam, slic married, 
as her second husbaml, a Mr. \\'ard, of Uurlon on Trent . 1 have 
i)een endeavouring for several years to tiaie this second marriage, 
but so far without success. Can any reader of 77ti' (iruitdiiijist assist 
me ( Neither tlit; old ^\'ard wills at Pichiield, nor the llegisters 
of Burton-on-Trent, allbid an}' but indirect evidence of the alliance. 
1 should be gratt'ful for any suggestions. 


3S, Wordsworth Boad, Small Heath, Birmingham. 

HidDfiiCK. -'J'lu! ancitMit family name of Hridger has been established 
both in Sussex and Hampshire^ for a great nuini)ei- of years. Can 
any reader give the origin of this smiiame and say w heri' tin- family 
was lirst seated. I should also be glad to kn(jw what lands were 
held by Nicholas Bridger of Lyss, Hants, al)out the year 1G50. 


BuDKKKN AM) BicDKKAUNi:. — T shall be obliged foi' any information 
as to the origin of this sui'name. 

W. A. K. B. K. 

t .li..' <•!■ ty, 


::iiM- !• ; ^iil ' 'i 

I :i -il 



(Coiitiitiicil flUlll p. IS). 

Tin; IvK.v. ^rAUUicK Suckling, S.T.P., 'I'wKA'Tv-TiriRD lIix'ntR 

(1714-1 7:50). 

Of all tlio Ivcctors of Baisliain, .Mauricu Suckling is, perhaps, 
I be Ijcst known at the present time, as the maternal grandfather 
of Horatio N'iscoiinL Nelst)n, \vhos(- mother, Catlieriiif; Suckling, 
was horn in the Kcictory house and haptised in the Church there, 
on ^lay tiie iith and 27th, Hlio. Alauiice, who was third son of 
liol)ert Suckling,! junior, and of Sarah Shelton, his wife, was 
hoth l)orii and hred up at i5arshani Hall, during the residence 
ihei-e of iiis paicnts in llu' long occupancy of Ids grandfathei', 
lvol)crl, the old S(|uiri' of Wdodton (son and heir of Charles 
Suckling of tlu; Shii>moiiey List). Baptised May the I5lh, lG7ti, 
he was of Trinity College, Caml)ridge, 15. A., Id'jr), M.A., Kl'J'J. 
Appointed licctor of W'oodton in 1701 by his father, and of liarshaui 
in 1711 \>\ his hrother (Uuheit), by the direction of their father's 
will, proM'd April ISth, 1709, which desired the; testator's executor 
ti)gi\e "the ni'xt presentation of my li\ing of Harsham to my son 
Maurice if he outli\es the present incund)ent." 

On the death of the lte\. lienjamin Solley, December 9th, 
1711, the Parish Register records :—" Maurice Suckling, liector, 
was institule(l January ye ."5"' and inducted January ye 7'^, 1714." 
He was made a Prebendary of AVestminster in 172S. By his wife, 
Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Turner, Bart., he had one daughter 
antl li\e sons, born aiul baptised at Harsham, and thus entered 
in the Pegisters : — 

1724. — Pvobert son of ^laurice Suckling (clerk) and Anne his wife 

l^>a}>t. June ye 30th. Born June ye 2''. 
172;-). — Catherine- daughter of ^Maui'ice and Anne Suckling Bapt. 

May ye 27"C Born xMay ye 9"'. 
172G. — Maurice^ second .sun of ^laurice aiul Anne Suckling Jiapt. 

June ye 8"'. Born May ye 4"'. 
1727. — Pobert ;3rd son of Maurice \: Anne Suckling Bapt. June 

ye !)"■. 
1728. — Jn" son of .Maurice iV Anne Suckling l^apL. I'Y'by. }e 9"'. 
I7;50. — William son of Mauiice and Anne Suckling J^apt. July 

ye If)"'. 


1724. — March I (!"', Ilobert son of M;nirice it Anne Suckling. 
1727.— August \e 19"', Kobert Suckling ye son of Maurice atui 
.\nne Suckling. 

' S.|iiirt^ <.r li;irsliiun iiiid Wooillun timii HiSU to ITOH. 

-' Niiiiicd Cailn line :illri- Cullicriiic Slualcr, MimL wife of Sir KoIhtL Wuljiolo, 


^ His goilliitiifi' wu.s Ilia grciit undo, dipt. Oaltridu.s WaipolL', K.N. 


' i i 


n-28. — Fehi-uaiy ye J8"', J»j1iii .son of Maiiiiw! and Anne Suckling. 
17;5(). — Maurice" Suckliiii;, Iveetor of lliis paiisli, was buried ye 
L';i"' of Si'[)teiiil)ei- ITM). 

His will, dalcd lli(! i;Uli of NoveinlK'r, 17l'7, and proved, P.C.C., 
'J.'{|-d Novenilu'r, ll'M, appointed Anne, his dearly beloved wife, 
sole executrix, and directed all his "temporal tliin^>i " to be 
e((ually divided after lun- decease among his surviving children. 

On the death of her husband, iMrs. Suckling, with her daughter 
Catherine, and sons iNlaurice and William (a Ijaby in arms), 
removed to Beccles, and there resided until her daughter Catherine 
was married in Jkceles Church on May tiie 11th, 1749, by the I 

Rev. Thomas Page, Rector, to his (juondam Curate, the Rev. 
Edmund Nelson, at that time Rector of Hillx)i-ough in Norfolk. 
Tn November 1755, Mrs. Suckling'a uncle, Lord Walpole, presented 
iMr. Nelson to the living of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, and leased 
a house in that \illage to hi.s luece, where she died on January 
the 5th, 170^^, ten (lays after her daughter, Mrs. Nelson, who 
expired at the Parsonage the 2()th, and wa.s bui'ied on the 
3Uth December, 1767. 

In pui'suanee t)f the directions in Mrs. Suckling's will, dated at 
JJurnhamthorpe on tlie I'Oth of Di'cember, 17()7, her remains were 
conveyed to Harsham for interment in the chancel there beside her 
husband, where the ftdlowing inscription is still to be seen on a 
ilat slate inside the altar rails : — 

Hie jacet 
Man?. Suckiing S.T.P., 
Nu})er hujiis Parochia' Hector, 
Ni'ciion de AN'oodton in Com: Norf : 
Unus I'reliendis Sacriu kk-clesia^ Westmon. 
Ob: Sep: 21" Anno Dom : 1730", y1^]tat. 54". 
Uxoi'em du.xit An : Kil : NTatu Ma.\ : 
• Caroli Turner liarn" de W'arham in CoPii : Norf: 
(.|)ua' iioc pdsuil M.iinior. 
Aliove this inscription arc the arms of Suckling impaling 

iMaurice, second son of Rector iMaurice, who early joined the 
Navy and rose to be its Comptrcjller, died in London and was 
interred in Barsham chancel in 1778, with no record of his burial, 
save the entry in the registers, until 1893, when the large bell, 
of pre-Refoiniation date (sold in the eighteenth century to jiay for 
\\u'. icpairs of the nave) was replaced by one cast by Messrs. 
Stainbank, of London and llarleslon, Noi'folk, and hung in the 
tower on the I'ltli of ,\ugust of that year, and thus inscribed: — ■ 

"A. i\Ll). 0. et In Memoriani Maurice Suckling, Capt. K.N., 
maternal uncle and early patron of Admiral Lortl Nelson. JUiried 
in this Church, .July -jtth, 1778. ll.LP. 
[ Nelson, 3rd Fiarl. 
D.I). I U. A. J. Suckling, Priest. 

[ T'homas Suckling, Capt. R.N." 

!•'.•• • :l J 


William, fiflli son of Kector Maurice, (licii O.iiiptiuller of Customs, 
and was buried in Jiarsliam clianccl, wliere lliere is llic f()ll(;winj,^ 
inscription to liim : — 

•"Sacred to the memory of AN'illiam Sucklin-;, late of Kentish 
town, who depaited this life ihe 15 of iJeceniher, 1798, aged 68." 

'i'ni.; Kkv. Matiiias Kakuukv, Twicntv-Fouhth Hixn-ou (1730 1735). 

Little is known of IMaurice Suckling's successor, iMathias h'.arhury, 
beyond the fact that he graduated B.A. at St. John's Colleg«% 
Cambridge, in 171U, and was of the same names as a Mathias 
Earbury," a nonjuror, autlior of many political w(jrks, who died 
October 3rd, 1740; also of a Mathias Karbury, Vicar of Jlofton 
(Hoveton), Norfolk, 1^87-1731, li.A., 1619, at Trinity CoHege, 
Cambridge; a Kev. Mathias Earbury, who married in 1715, to 
INIarv liiiyspoole, widow of the Ivev. Charles I'restoii, who died 
Hector of Heeston, 1711. She died HlM;. At all events the 
Uector of Harsham was old and inliim when he made his will, 
dated 19th April, 1731, and proved at Norwich the L'5th of 
Januai-v, 1731-5, ' two months before the death of his pati'on. 

1, IMathias I'larbury, Kector of W'ootton t^J Uarsham in Norfolk 
and Sullblk. Whereas by my age i»c iniirmity 1 am rendered 
incapable of executing tt discharging my duty in either of the 
parishes named it for S:. in consideration of the great laijour iKj 
trouble &. fatigue now undergone, and for long time past uiulertaken 
by my preseid Curate, Ivobert Suckling the younger, I do hereby 
nominate I'c appoint him m}' sole executoi'. W itnesses, Edward 
Kemp, Hannah Adley, .lames Jermyn. 

TiiK Kev. Roukkt Clipwkll, Twenty-Fifth Hkctor (1735 — 1740). 
Was of Emanuel College, Cambri.lge, 15.A., 1725; M.xV., 1730; 
Curate to the Kev. Kobert Camell, LL.D., Kector of Lound and 
Bardwell, co. Suli'olk, who ilied lilst of November, 1732, and 
whom he succeeded there. Appointed Kector of Barsliam '•^ in 1735 
by Mrs. horothv Suckling, widow. lie was possibly son of Thomas 
C'lipwell and Phillipa, his wife, o( Woodton, ])ut although there 
were several of his 'surname, so far his identity is not proved. 

TnE Kkv. Tuomas :Missknden,^ Twenty-Si.xth Rector (1740-1774). 
He was of Great Yarmouth; graduated B.A., 1714, M.A., 1718, 
at Pembroke College, Cambridge ; was appointed to Barsham by 
Denzil Suckling in the thirteenth year of Ceorge the Second, and to 
Woodton, rir>: Kobert Buxton, in 1743. He was buried at Barsham 
the 14th year of Ceorge the Third, after an incumbency there of 
thirty-four years. His will is daled 20th April, 1774, and was 
proved'' 6tli August following. 

' Norwich Cousi.-iiory Court, Ri'gistor 1734, fol. 1)4. 

-Also l{«>ct(ji- of Woodton 17;?") liy sumo patron (IJloiiictiold's " Nort\.lk,'' 
vol. X, i>. l'.i;n ; (Miiiplaiii of Si. lUiik's, Norwich, I7:5o (//./(/., vol iv, p. 11)0). 

=•" Elizabeth, wife of Rev. T. Missciulcn, April IS, 17ol, w^t'd 55." 
(Tomb in St. Nichola.s', Great Yannouth.) 

* Norwicli Archdeaconry Court, 1774, fol. 121. It was proved by tin; 
i;.V(!ciitiii-, tlie, |{ev. Mr. llolden, 


I, 'riioiiiHs iMisscixk'ii, ot"' (irrat Yaniioutli, CMcik. To my 
Sou ill law I'ldwanl lIoMcu, Clerk, Itec-tor of ( Jillingliain, Norfolk, 
iV: his wifu all my ival and personal estate wliatsuever equally 
between tlieni. The said j'^dwanl Holden \'. his wife Susanna to 
he niv executors. Tu my grandtlaughters Susanna Jane Hokleii it 
Kli/.aheth Holden, certain money I lent in nioitgage on a house 
in Beccles for i;:500. Grandsoiis Edward Missenden Holden and 
Maiming Holden. Sei'vant Mrs. Alice Seaman. 

" Mr. JMissenden's tomh in Jiarsham Church,"' says Suckling, 
"especially attracts attention by the \ariously colored marbles ot 
which it is composed. Jle died in 1771." 

TiiK Rkv. Eow.via) Holden, Twk.ntv-Skvknth Kkctoh (1774 — 1797). 

Matriculated at St. Ednunul's Hall, Oxford, April the IGth, 
1711, ageil fifteen, sou of Ivlwaid lloldeu, of Algerio (•'<i''), Esq. 
lie afti'rwai'ds was iuroi porated at l'eml)rok(! (.College, ('auil)i'idge, 
I'.. A., January i7th 1711; M..\., 17<)(')'; Hector of (lillingham, 
17(10, and Winston and W'iudale, Norfolk.'- He married Susanna, 
(laughter of tlu; abovti-named \{cv. Thomas Missenden, and by her 
was father of the Hev. Manning Jlolden (born at Yarmouth), of' 
Caius College, Cambridge, aged seventeen, 1th July 1709, Rector of 
Weeting, Norfolk, 1795, died February 2nd, l!S()4.-' Also of Charles 
Holden, of Caius College, aged eighteen, 1784, Vicar of (Jreat 
Cornard, Suflblk, who married tlu; sister of J. (!. S])arrow, of (Joslield 
Place,, and died L'9th November IS 19. Mr llolden's 
daughttu' Susanna Jane married in 177") to the Rev. John Jjove, 
of Caius College, Cambridge, sou of John (iixsling Love, Alayor 
of Creat Yarmouth,'' and b\' her had, with (»ther issue, Edward 
.Mis.senden Love, clerk (died 1<S(),"), aged >Sl'), and Su.san Love, 
who married Rev. I']d. Si)uth Thurlow. Another of Mi-, llolden's 
daughters married in ISO;'), A(hiiiral Sir John Lawford, K.C.R. 
Sir John died IS 12, aged Sli,' The Rev. I'Mward Holden, win; 
was maile Ret lor df Rar.->liaui 177 1 b\ the executors of Heu/.il 
Surkliu^', died .May -.".hh, 1797.'' 

Thk Rkv. Huu.^cic Suc-klini;, Twenty-Ei(;htii Rkciou ( 1797 — 1S2S). 

Second son of William Suckling of Banham Haugli, Norfolk, 
and grandson of Maurice Suckling, D.D., born 177U: admitted 
January 22nd, 1787, at Trinity College, Cambridge; B.A., 1793; 
M.A., 179G; Curate of Burnham Thorpe (to the Rev. Edmund 
Nelson); Rector ()f Bar.sham, vice the Rev. Edward Holden, 1797. 
Married 19th November 1797, at St. Pancras, London, to Catherine, 
eldest daughter of (jeorge Jackson, and by lier had four sons and 

' Tilt! writur is iiidcljteil Ui Dr. Venn, (if (':iiiil);c, Cor tliis, iiud several 
other nutcs. 

- liloinoli.'ld's " Xc.rfolk," vol. viii, p. I J. I;,., tor of FislUoy, Norfolk, 
lyn;}. (Il'id , vol. .\i, p. 104.) 

'■' W'nn's " of .Mciiibors of (^uias t'olJL'S-o." 

' I'iiliin'r's " lll>ioi\ ,,r (Irrat Varuioiith," vol. i, |)p. li.S J-.o ; vol. iii, p. 'Mb. 

' tJeiitlemiui's .Mau.i/.iuc, 1813, p. 4:^(). 

"Davy .MSS. Hriii.sli .Musumu (.UUi, .MS. i!),112). 


two (hiU;ij;liU!is, of wlioiii h^li/.al)('tli, wit'i! of the \\v\ . .John ^\^'l)l) 
Flavell, (lied July ."iOtli lN.'i.'5, and iloiacc (Jror^e Suckling, died 
I8th February hS2'J, aro liotli Iniiicd at iSai-sliain. On the ISlh of 
Xuveniber 1<SIG in the liarshani Court Koll.s (.Maurici; Win. .Sucklini;-, 
lord), " the Kev. hLoraee Suekliug aeknow ledi^ed to hold a })ieee <)f 
\ land situate at Uarshani ujioii the Coiinnon (Jieen, lately 
enclosed hv him 1)\' the lord's ju-rniission, upon which he hath 

erected one .small tenement " lie also enclosed a i)oition (»f 

the Churchyard for the inij)i()vement of the aftproach to the 
Ju'ctory (restoied in l.SG'J). ile died in April iSi'S.' His will, 
pi'o\-ed I he same 3ear, by his executors, the widow, Catheiine, 
and liobert Fiske of Beccles, is of no genealogical interest. 

In May rjO-") (the centenary yeai- of Trafalgai' , the l{e\. Horace 
Suckling's grandson, Ca])lain Acton, joini'd with the present 
writei' in erecting a beautiful heraldic window, after th(; designs 
of Mr. F. C. Fdeii, in inenior\- of INTaurict; Suckling, I).!)., his 
wife! and descendants; one half of which is dexoti'd to the Kev. 
Horace Suckling, bui'ied in Harshani Church, llith April, ISl'S; 
to Catherine his wife, died 7th July I.Stil ; and their childicn, 
all bapti.sed in Barsham Church. The other half is dedicated to 
Maurice Suckling, D.I)., Anne, his wife, Maurice Suckling, 
Captain li.N., 177S, William Suckling, 1798, and Catherine 
Nelson. The shields, which are connected by tendrils of honey- 
suckle, blazon Suckling impaling Turnt.'r, Suckling imjtaling Walpole 
(fur Maurice Suckling, Captain 11. N., married his lirst cousin, Mary 
Walp(jle), Suckling impaling Hinnsey ; also tlie arms of Nelson, 
Jackson, etc., with this detiication : — "The Lord grant unto them 
that ihev ma)' lind meicy of the boril in that day." 

Thk Ukv. Jonx bii.i,i;sroM.;, Twkntv-Nini'h Kiocioi: (ISi'S IS.'?})). 

The Kev. John Lillestoiie, who .succeeded Hora(--e Suckling, and 
was instituted liGth Ajiril ISl'S (•• Ipswich Journal"), was oi a Heccles 
faniih', whose ancestor ajijiarentlv was a Thomas Lillestoiie, who 
paid for two hcarihs in Laisham in 1()7.'). 

Samuel Lillestoiu', lvs(|., of Heccles, is saiil to ha\'e pun^hased the 
pi t'senlalion of Harshani for his son, from Alfrt-d Inigo Suckling, 
and appears us patixm on the institution of the l\ev. John 
Lillestoiie.'- A Samuel Lillestoiie, burietl at Barsham in 1829, 
aged seventy-two, is described as "of Beccles,'' and was probably 
a son of William Lillestoiie, buried there in 1792, aged si.xty -eight, 
possibly a de.scendant of John Lillestoiie, buried there 1G46, aged 

The 1-iev. John Lillestoiie married at AVhepstead, Sutiulk, 
November 1829, Adelaide, youngest daughter of the Rev. Thomas 
Image, Recttir of Whepstead.* 

' " Saturilay last at the Rectory, Harsluuii, aprcd 57, tlic Rev. Horace 
Suckliii"^, for iqiwards of 30 years Rector" ("Ipswich .louriial," April lOth, 

-" "Clcrii'iil Oniric," 1820. 

^ " Ip.swicli Journal," Noveinlier 1-ith, 1H2!). 


Tlie following obituary notice is from the " Gentleman's Maga- 
zine," vol. xii, p. 1^09 : — 

"June 23, 1839.-— At Giavesend, aged 41, the Rev. John 
Lillestone, Iveetor of Bai.shani. He was of Corpus Chfisti College, 
Cambridge, B.A., 1819, and was presented to his living in 18l'8 
liy the Itev. A. 1. Suekling." i 

'Vm: Hi;v. i\i,Kui;i) Inkjo Fox Hvckiash, 'rniuriKTn Rkctou 

(1839— 185(i). 

The Uev. A. T. Fox Suckling, instituted Hector of Bar.sham July 
the lOth, 1 S.'Ji), on liis own pnvsentation, descended from the 
elder biother- of Maurice Suckling (liector 171-1-1730), and 
was only son of Alexander I"\).\, by Anna Maria, (ildest daughter 
of IJobei't Suckling, l']s(|., and of Susanna Webb. Lord of the 
Manors of liarsham, Shi[)meadow, and Woodton, he had inherited 
the family estates on the death of his uncle (Maurice William 
Suckling, Decenibei' 1st, 18i'()), and assumed the name and arms 
of Suckling, in com|iliance with the testamentary injunctions 
of his maternal griindfal her. Me gradiuited at I'enibidke Colleg(>, 
(■ambridge, bh !!. in b">"JI, and married at Ihiigh Apton, on the 
.'!bst of .lanuary I 7 Ui, to iaic)' Clementina, eldivst daughter of 
Sanuiel Clarke,' by his wife laic}', daughter of .loseph Fox, of 
W'orlingham, and granddaughter of .Joseph l<\>x, i^f Stradbroke, by 
I'lli/.abeth Smallpiece.' lie was author of tlu- " History and 
Anlicpiities of the Count \- of Sullblk,' twt) vols., fob, Jjondon, 
18|(),S; "Memorials of the Antinuities of the County of Essex," 
111), London, 1815; " Select ioirs from the works of Sir John 
Sut-kling," royal 8\x), London, I8.i(). His "Anticpie and Armorial 
Collections,' I8"J1 — 18.39, sixteen \ols., Ito, consisting of notices of 
\iiiious ar(;iiiteclural i.'nd monumental antiipiilies in se\cral counties 
of lOngland and in I'icardy, form Add. MSS. bS, I7(i- 18,191, 
British Museum 

l>y his wife, who was l)urie(l in Harsham ('hurchyard in 1891, 
.Mr. Suckling bad, with six daughters, four sons. Kobert Alfrt>d, 
I'licsl of Ibiss.iMc. died NoNembei- lib, 1 8."i I. Maurice Shelton, 
died Kertor of Sbipmcadow, IS9I. Clmiles Hichard, di(>d s.p., 1891. 
Henry Ldward, Hector of North NN'ootton. Mr. Suckling tlied at 
Jersey after a short illness, JNlay the 3rd, 1856, aged sixty, and 
was succeeded by bis giandson Kobert Alfred John, then a minor. 

Thk \\k\. .Iomn Yi;i,uji,v, Tiiikty-First Rectoii (1850 — 1868). 

'Hie Hvv. John Yelloly, piesented in 18.56 by his sister, Anna 
Maria, widow of the Uvv. Hobert Alfred Suckling'' (burieil in Harsham 
Churchyard -Jltlh June, 1881), was eldest son of John Yelloly, 

•' Tli(3 "Ipswich Journal," June 29th, 1839, says he died of the breaking of a 
lilood-vessel in the forty-t'ourtli year of hi.s age, on 23rd June, 183«. 
- |{(il)ert. Suckling:, Lord of IJarsliani 1 70iS to 1731. 
•' Clarke l'.'(li;4ive in Sucklinjif'H " Siiirolk," vol. ii, p. .177. 
' Aecoiinl of llic fMiiiily of Siimll|ii( co of \VorlinKliaMi, t'o. SulTolk, llml., 

vol. i, |., km;, 

•'' Sc.' " Memoir of the Hov. R. A. Suckling," by the Rev. JHaac Willianis, 

|5K('CLKS, (X). SUFFOLK. 71) 

of C/'iixciHlisli lliill, Sullolk, l)y tiis wife, Siinili, diiuj^liti-r vi 
Saimicl 'rv.sscn, of NarlMirt)ii,i;li Hall, Norfolk. Horn in ISO!), lie 
was of Trinity CollcKi', (.'anibridoc, I',. A. 1M;{l', JSL.A. 1S:M, 
Pi-ii'st 18:5;), Peipetiial ("urate of Tring KSio to iSoG, Rector 
of ]iar,sliani 1856 to I8G8. Jie married at Westerliam, Kent, to 
Henrietta, dau;L,diter of James Patterson, of London (died s.]). ISS'J). 
Hi- died I al Clare, Sullolk, on ATareli the --"Jtli, 1S9-J, and was 
liuried at Stanstead in lliat eounlv, aged eiglil)' I hree. 

TnK l\|.;v. lloiu;i!T Alkkko John Slu.'KLIm;, 'riiiKTV-SKCoND 
JIkc'Tuu (ISGH— 1880). 

He was liis own patron to the living of Barsliam on June '27th, 
]8G8, liaving been boi-n in 18 ll!, and succeeded his grandfather 
in the manor in i85G. hi icsjxjiise to a call from tlie parish of 
ISt. Peter's, London Docks, he lesigned in 1880, after an incum- 
bency of thirteen years, during which time he placed a new roof 
upon the Kector\', built fresh stables, and made many alterations 
in the interior of the Church, notably the restoiution of the Leper 
\vind(jw. Since his resignation of the living he has erected three 
carved figures on the ancient rood loft, and contributed to the 
dedication of four new bells to the memory of Captain Maurice 
Suckling, lU'V. John Yelloly, Father Lowder, and Father 



The llev. E. P. Williams, who succeeded to l^arsham in 1880, 
was of Christ's College, Cambridge, P.A. in 185!), ]\r.A. 1877, 
Pi-iest 18G2, was formerly Cuiate of Colbouriit,' and Chiselhui'st. 
lie resigned the living of I'arshain in 188!) to bcectme Chaplain 
to St. jMary's, J>rt)ndesbury I'ark, and is now one of the Assistant 
Clergy of St. .Matthias, b'arl's Court, London. 

TiiK I'lcv. Allax Coatks, TniKrv-Fouirrii an'd Pur.sKNT Kkctor, 


Sui'ceede<l .Mr. Williams on llu- preseidation of the Kev. Koberl 
A. J. Suckling (Patron). M.A., ()\on., 188."); j'l'icst, 1 88G ; 
foi-merly Curate of St. Harnabas, Oxford. 

' 111 1893 three new tij^ures above tlio roud screen wore erected in Barsliam 
Cliurcli to liis lueiiiory. The foUowiuK inseriptiuii on a <;ilt wooden laliel was 
jjlaccd on tlu; side of the .screen just lielow the eentnil lijiure : — 
'■A.M.D.ti. et in piaui inenioriaiii Juli'"^ Yelloly I'rcsl)'' istiiis eeclesiae 
(liioiidani rectoris eujus anim'^" ])roiiiti(hir Dens has iinai^'ines D.I). Roli" 
SueklinK IVes'"' \A). 1H9:{." 

.\ hell wiis iilsii Iiiiiil; in the hcllry, thus inserilied : — 

" I'lniH Dtuis M iseiere, 

",).,l,n Vrlloly, Weclor, 

"Ohiil .Manl'i 2!l, IM'.IL'. K.T.I'." 




Hv TiiK Hf.v. W. (t. D. Flktciikk. M.A., F.S.A. 

The f<)llov\iiig account ui the fainily of Chiytun of Great 
Qrimsljy will bf of interest, inasmuch as the Chiytons were 
ancestors of our <;feat poet Tennyson. It is compiled chietly from 
the liej^'isteis of (in^at Orimshy, which were carefully edited by 
Dr. Steplieii.^ciii and printed in ISS!), supplemented l)y a MS. 
p<'di-;r.-e of i-'ichl drawn up cina JHOll, and by a p('dif,'ree of 
Tenii\son piinleii in tiie lat(^ .lusrpii lM)st('r"s "Our Noble and 
(ientie Families of Royal Descent," J)p. -iO-LMi. Tlicre are l^'J 
Clayton entrii-s in the (ireat Crinisliy l»e,L;istfrs between the 
years \')')-2 and ISOI. .\inoni;st the wills proved in the Consistory 
Court of Lincoln are these :-- 

loTl. Claytonne, Cilbert; (Ireat (Jiimsby. il IL 
lo?"). Clalon, (J(Hiri;-e ; (iical (Jrimsby. I, 70; M, l'"^-- 
l(5l;5. Clayton, liridget ; (Jrimsby. iVAS and (i.")!». 
1G."57. Clayton, Christopher; Crimsby. 121. 
In tlu> following J)edigree, the baptisms, marriages and burials 
all took place at (Jreat Grinrsby, except wheic otlu,'rwis(> stated. 
In the middle of (he si.xleenth century theic were three families 
of the name who appear in the Uegisters ; 

A. (Jeorge Clayton, buried 1:5 Nov. If)?;"), will proved at Lincoln 
IHTfj, marrie<l 1.'} Oct. 15G."5 L'rsula (surname iH)t recorded), 
and had issue, liichard, baptised 1 Dec. and bmied G D(K-. 
1505; and either .Anne or .lane, both baptised 1 5()r). 
I'lli/.abeth, daughter of (!ei)rge, was baptized lH Aug loll.'?, 
jierhaps by a former \\ite. 
K. William Clayton, had a dau-hter Dorothy buried t) iMaich 

1 5(;5, 

C. John Clavton, Aldernum of (iiimsby, was buried L'-i April 
151)0; he married 24 Jan. 1552-;3 Lsabell -Short, and she 
was buried 11 Nov. 159L There is no proof as yet, but 
I conjecture that this John was father of Christopher 
Clayton, the undoubted ancestor of the Tennysons ; and 
unfortuiuitely his will is not to be found at Lincoln or 
in the P.C.C. 
The first undoubted member of this family was, 
(.!ni{'oi'iii;i£ Ci-WTON, .Ahlerman of Crimsby, and Churchwarden 
1Gl"J, buried there 21 May 1();57, will i)roVed at Lincoln 1G:<7 
(No. 124). Hy his wife Anne he had issue, 

1. Cliristopher, of whom ne.xt. 

2. Tliomas, baptised 31 March 1631, and buried 17 Jan. 


A' IV ( M ' ' I ; K 


3. Anne, baptised 16 .Sept. 1633. 

•t. Hol)eit, baptised 29 Oct. 1635, and buried 13 Jan. 1636-7. 

5. Klizabetli, baptised 21 Dec. 1637, buried 8 April 1670, 
inairied 13 July 1665 to Nicholas (iodlieli.e, Alderman 
of Giinisby (lie was buried 19 Feb. 1678-9) and had 

1. Christopher Godhelpe, baptised 24 May 1666, and 

buried 25 Jan. 1666-7. 

2. Anne Godhelpe, baptised '2\ Nov. 1667. 

3. Robert Godhelpe, baptised 31 March 167U. 

-I. Elizabeth Godlieipe, baptised 31st INtarch and 
bui'ied 7 May 1(;70 

CnmsToi'iiKK Gi..\VTON, Alderman of Grimsby, and Cliurcb warden 
1660, Mayor of (Jrimsby 1663, bapiiseil 9 Dec. 1628, died rh-ca 
1672-90. iiy his wife Mary he had issue, 

1. Chi-is(opher, l);iptised 17 and buried 20 Aug. 1662. 

2. Mary, baptised 17 Sept. 1663, buried 6 May 1673. 

3. George, of wliom ne.xt. 

4. Anne, baptised 5 Jan. 1665-6. 

5. Elizabeth, baptized 9 July 1668. 

6. Martlia, baptised 21 Feb. 1671-2. 

(JkoiujK Clavtox, Aldei'man of Grimsby, baptised 9 Nov. 1664, 
i)uried 4 Oct. 1716, mariied l^:iizalH'lh, dau. of David Field' of 
Swiniiope, iiy Elizabeth llynman, his wife (she was baptised at 
Swinhope 6 Dec. 1666, and buried at Grimsby 18 Oct. 1755, 
aged 88 years; Will dated 13 Feb. 1755, proved at Lincoln by 
her grandsons, Christoi)her and Jonathan Clayton), by whom he 
had issue, 

1 Christopher, Alderman of Gi-imsby, baptised 22 Nov. 1687, 
buried 16 June 1752, aged 64 ; married Susanna 
[surname unknown] ; his widow married secondly William 
Tennyson, and died at Hull 21 Feb. 1810, aged 
83 years, liy lie'' second Imsbanfl she had issue four 
daughters, idizabeth, Eleanor, Dorothy, and Fanny. 

2. David, baptised 4 Aug. 1692, bui'ied 17 June 1765, aged 

72 years 

3. George, of whom next. 

1. Jomilhan, .\ldcrman of Giimsb)', biiptiscd 17 St>p(. 1697, 
buried 7 (»cl. 17 3'J. 

(iKOKOi': Ci.vvToN, Alderman of Grimsby, and Baltic merchant, 
baiilisfd ;n Jan. 1691-5, died rinut 1731-10, mairied at North 

' ,Sr,- I'cliLMv.- <,r Kicld ill 77,r (I, ■ in; 1 1 Oil I ■■'t, O.S., II, :Mt, V, I7!», iui'l 
N.S,, 1, Uli, ami in Hnrkc'H l.nndiil Cciilnj. 


r v^ I 


Coukciingtdii 30 Jan. 171'J, Dorothy, daughtei' of Ciiristopher 
Hildyard of Kclstern, by .Taiie, dan. of George Pitt (.she wa.s 
liorn 1700, and Iniried at (iiiinsl)y ") March 1781, a^ed 80, 
liavnii^- married secondly lialpli Tenn^.son,' oi d'eat Grimsby, 
attorney, and (Jhurcliwardcn of Grimsby 17G1 and 17G2), b}' 
whom lie liad issue, 

1. Christopher, Alderman of Grinrsby and Hij^h Steward, 

and Cluirchwaiden 170G, baptised 12 Fel). 1720-1, 
buried 2 .Inly 1794, aged 73. (See Geitt. Ma,j., LXIV, 
ii, 677, and Eiiv. Mmj., 79) 

2. Georj^e, l)aptised 23 March 1721-2, and buried 21 June 


3. David, l>aptised 19 May 1723. 

I Elizabeth, l)aptised 2 April 172 b liuried 27 April 172o. 

f). Filizabeth, of w hoih next. 

(i. Vincent, l)aplisc(l 3 Feb. 172r)-7. 

7. Dorothy, baptised 23 Jan. 1727 S, burieil 21 April 1745. 

8. Jonathan, ba[)tised 27 Feb. 1728 !i, buried 29 Oct. 1729. 

9. Anne, baptised (i April 1730, buiied 23 Dec 1759. 

10. Jane, baf.tised 9 and Iniried 10 Au-. 1731. 

11. Jonathan, baptised 2 Feb. 1732-3. 

12. Jane, baptised I .July and iiuricd 28 Au,i;ust 1734. 

I']i.iz.\iii':'i'n C'l. AVION (lifib child, and presumably heiiess of 
(!eori;e Clastcni), baptised \\ .Jan. l72.")-(;, died G and was buried 
1 9 Jan. 1755 at l[edon in lloldcincss, married to Micuakl, of Pieston, CO. ^'ork, and of Stainton, apothecary, 
lie was s<ui of [{alph 'i't-nnvsoii of \\rawby, b\' Dorothy, 
daughter of John Cliapnian, of I'ickerinL;', and was baptisefl at 
liarloii, 2(1 Scpi. 1721, and died G and was buried 8 Oct 179G 
at ilcdon in lloldcrnc^s. Mich;icl and Mli/abrth 'Tcnnvson had 

1 George Clayton Tennyson, baptised 28 Dee. 1747, buried 
13 Jan. "1747-8, at Hedon. 

2. (ieorge 'I'ennvson, of Bayons jNlanoi' and IJsselby Hall, 
J.P. and'D.l. , and ■ M.P. for Bletchingley, Imrn 
7 Feb. and baptised at Hedon 8 Fel>. 1749-50, died 

' Hiilpli Tfiiuysoii wa.s b;i])tisi;d at J5aiton, 14 June 17:^0, and buried at 
rrcKton, 20 April \1^1 . l{y Doidtliy liis wife lie liail issun an only dauf,'litcr, 
Duioiliy, haplLsrii hS Jini"c, 1711,' bui'icd \ Dec. IHOO, niuiricd 2;{ May 
ITS- Id \^■illianl WaJson, snrjicon, of (iriinsby (lie wa.s biiricil 21 .Ian. 18n;{, 
avcd ;")()). William VVat.son and Dorothy had issue a .son, William, baip(i.s('(l 
17 -Anfjr,, and buiicd 7 Dec 17Ht. 

Ualjili 'rcnnyson wa.-i biothor ol' Miuluiul 'IVMniyson, who married Elizabeth 
Clayton, and of William Tennyson, who married Susainia (Clayton. See 
Pedigree of Tennysuu in Lincolnnliire Pedu/rct'ti, ill, 95t) (Harl. Societv, 
vol. lii.). 

>:- , ■ ' \ '■-, 

n ;■!.,,/> 

I I "--(f!; , ' ' 

■.1-/I ^< I.; •!/,! 


I .hily 183;"), iiuirricd 177") Mary, (1;ui<;IiIit and heiress 
of .Idliti 'riiriier of Cuistoi' (she (lie<l JO Aii^- IS:^")), 
1)V whom he had issue, 

1. Ilev. (Jeor^e Clayton 'reiiiiysun (father of Am'hiu), 
LoiiD Tennyson, Poet Laureate). 

"2. Charles Tennyson. 

.'). J']lizal)eth Teniiysou, 

1. Mary Tennyson. 

,'h hllizaln'th Tenn)S()n, baptised 21 h'el). !7r)()-l, and buried 

II Mairh 1752, at lledon. 

1. Anne Tennvson, baptised at Hedon 2!) April 1753, 
nianied William iJaines of A^'ylon, co. York, and had 
issue a daui^'hter. 

I'\)r further particulars about tlie Tennvson family, reference 
should be made to l*\)stei''s Our Xn/i/r diid (li'iitU; FartuJu'A nf 
Ji'oi/nl Di'si-fit/, 1S.S5, i)aL;e 23, etc. Through the marria<fe of 
(u'or<re Cla^'ton with Dorothy llihhard, the Claytons and Tennvsons 
have several descents fi-oM\ l*]d\vard 111 (See Pedigree of llildyard 
in Foster's )'<)r/ish'tre I't'd'h/rei's.) Any additions to the Clayton 
j)e<ligree will be welcomed. 


Four miles south-west oi Crantham, at a meeting place of little 
valleys down which run bei'ks in the midst of old trees and 
avenues, lies l>enton, the "tun' in tli<' wooded \alley. No 
mention of it is known before that in the greal^ survi-y of 1()(SG, 
when ten carueates, wdiich had formed pail of t^ueen l<]ditli's 
Grantham possession, prijbably a •■ morning gift to her on 
marriage with the Confessor, were of the land of the King. Of this 
portion no details remain, for the return made by the Wapentake- 
men was omitted. Of other land, the Conqueror had given, 
together with the manor, one carucate si.x. bovates liable to 
Danegelt which llctebrand had held, to Robert de Stadford, son 
of l\.ol)ert de Toeni, ancestor of the lOarls of Slailbi-d and Dukes 
of Buckingham.' He, and (u)isfiid of him, held half a cai'ucate, 
threes villeins, (wo boi'dars with one plough, and twenty-eight acres 
of pasture (worth in King ICdward's time forty shillings, then 
twenty shillings). This land, like all the rest of the parish, was 
in soke of Giantham, conseciuently subject to the customs of it, 
amongst which was one of inheritance^ by which all tenements 

' ('oinj)lete I'ecrage, by (x.K.C, 

•■ I I: 


,1:( .';■ 1 


went to the pust-iiatas, or junior, tliut is to the second son.' 
Tliis (loistVid, or (Jcxlt'rey, headed tlie pedigree of the de Denton 
faiuilv, and, acc(jrdiny' to it, married Aniabilia, sister of the 
Prince of Condi', whose arms, ilirti' fodds i reel Saturn (Suhh^) on 
((■ Jidd Sol (Ur) impaled with liis, Suhlc and Ermine per jxde 
Indented, were in a window of [)enton Church in 1619.- The 
earliest instance of the place-name as a surname is 11G(), when 
Alexander de Denton •' held half a fee in the three tVn.'s (Jsbert 
J:)asewin held of Hui)ert de >Startbrd, whose heiress, Millicent, 
married Hervey Bagot. In the next century military land in 
Denton was taxed as a third part of a fee. If the half fee had 
been based on tlie twenty shillings valuation of 1086, this shows the 
valuation to have fallen to 13s. -id. It was held circa 1216 l)y Alan 
de Denton;' circa \-l'rl by NV'illiam, son of Alan;"' in 1281 the 
heir of Alan, son of William de Denton, held it and was a minor;" 
in l."50."i this heir, William, son of Alan, responded for it,' he 
may have left an lieiicss or change<l the surname, for in 1.'546 John, 
son of William, son of Alan Frankelyn, respoiuled foi' this one- 
third fee which William, son of Alan, liad held.'' During the 
thirteenth and fourteenth centuries records lell of a givat many 
beaiing the name <le Denton, several with the Christiaii name 
(leoiliisy. If all were scions of one family, youngi'r suns must usually 
ha\'e lived on small portions of land, and not sought fortune else- 
where. The manor given to Robert de .Stadf(»rd has not 3'et been 
found again in recoixls till V,V-M , when it was held by Sir William 
de Lundeithorp, Knight, probably in right of his wife Joan,'-' but 
her i)arenl;ige is not known. TheN' may have had an heiress who 
marriiid John de Denton or his son William, for these became the 
prineipid fiimiU in tlu^ parish, probabis lising al the manor 
house, and a ilescendant, Thomas Denton, sold the manoi' {'■^'M . 
\\ illiam, son of .John de Denton, swore to support the Lords 
Appellant 1379;'^' his son John, mentiotied 11^89," probal)ly married 
an heiress and mo\ed to Osboui'nb^', fourteen miles to the east; 
lln're John heiilon was taxed I I .■!.""),'-' and two of the actors in 
the abduction lixcd. Another John de Denton had custody of a 
neighbour's lands l.'itiG to l."587;'' held in Denton l)y military 
sei'viee, was styled "Clerk" I .S7 1 and I. ■^7.1," and died about 

' Ue liiiMcu 54, //(. 7;i; Uu Jiuuco 1H2, in. 177 rf. Assize Roll 1449, m. 53 (i. 

- iMSS. at Ilarlaxton Manor. 

•' Libi'i- Niger, Heariie, vol. i, p. 137 ; Liher Rubeus, p. 267. 

* Testa de Nevill, {). 343. 

■■• Und., pp. 310, 322. 

« Assize Roll, 485, m. 4U. 

^ Lay Subsidy, -y-. Fe\ulal Aids, vol. iii, p. KiS. 

" Lay Subsidy, -V¥- 

" Assize Hull 1400, m. 63 ci. 

'" Rolls of Parliament, vol. iii, ]). 403. 

" (!aol Deliveiy, 102. 

'■-' Lay Subsi(l\'; \.\[[. 

'•■' I'ipo Rolls, !(» and 42 Ldw. HI, 8 Rich. li. 

'^ liu|. P.M., H.i.-vr Huu^liton, 47 Kdw. III. De Haneu, 461, m. 209 (i. 
In(|. ./. '/. d., I.") VAw. Ill, 2nd Nos., No. 4. 

-lU : t ii- 

-ll.- .y ..I 

A I'll' rKKNTII ('i'lX'I'UKV AKDUCriON. 


l;5!)0. A lirokcii slal) willi incised iiisci'iplion iuul cHi^'y coin- 
meuiuniU's liiin in IIk- i.aiisli .Imirh, aioun.l it can still l>e rea.l 

i!ju jacct Johannes be ilcnton iinonbani clevuni'^ . • • Jlcus. Jlmen. 

And oNi'i' llif liniuc, 

(iTielio cinoli llebemptoi meue bib. 

His son I'vicliard practised l;i\\,' was on tlie Conunission of Peace 
and Arrav 1110 to \V20r If-i-J to U-25,'^ Kind's Esclieator of 
Lincolnshire 11 IG t<. 1417 and \V>2 to ll-2:^;^ diuino- the latter 
term he had custody of Somerton Castle in the Kni-'s hands by 
the death of the i)uke of C:iarence till -ranted lo Kadali)h de 
Cromwell ; ' in 111") he si-ned a deed at his hall of D.'iiton," and 
in Ml!) iiaid (is. Sd. int<. the llanaper for license lo close a piece 
,,f lane for enlaruenu-nl ..f his house,' which vn as prol)al)ly the 
inessuaoe mentioned T-'Sl,'^ and stood where still remains part of 
an l':ii/.al)ethan maTision, the home of his descendants m the female 
line, an<l known as the Ivy House. He died hefoiv 113."), when 
A-nes l)ent(Ui, his \s idow,' paid tax.'' l{onnd Ids hr..ken slal. 
tond) I'un the words, 

^jic jacet ^[icavbu* iDcnton quonlianii" . • . cnjns a'i'e p'pidet' 

iDenfi. ^^mcn. 
On a similar nK'moiial to Ai^Mies, his widow, 

^)ic jacet JVgnes ilcnlou tiuonliain . . . enjne a'l'e ^'jjiciet' 

ilenfii. JVinen. 
They had two .muls, dohn and IMchard. John married soon after 
! 13."., I<:ii/,al).'th, dau-hler and heiress of lloljert Fenii, of the neigh- 
l.ourinu |.ari-,h of llailaxton, meichant of the Staple of Calais; 
their oidy child A-nes was the subject of the abduction. The 
followini;' particulars of it are taken from the j.etition presented 
l)y her and her iiusband l{ol)ert I'pton to William of WayuHete, 
liishop of Winelu'ster, as Chancellor of England," an olHce he held 
from Uth October 11 .".S to Tth ,luly IICO. .lohn Denton "held 
and died sei/ed of land.'s and tenements in Denton, Siaiiiwith and 
(Jrantham N\oiih \.\ li verely. Agnes then beyng but of the age 
(,f half a vere ; and beVause she was of tenths; age, John Denton 
,,f Osberid.V, Sir Thomas IX-nton of the same town, and Uichard 
Denton t.f ' Denton, Ks.piyer, pivtendyng to hafe hadde estate m 
the same tenements be Richard Denton fader of the said John, 

' Finiia Hm-iii, Mailox, \>. KK). 

- Caol Delivery, 'M. 

•' I'alenl lie. II,'.'. lien. VI. 

' i;.seluMl..i's Kulls. 

■' Kiiinll.'d .\<Ti)lliils, |.. I7:i; Miiiislel's .\ (•<•(. mil .m, li:?, No. -<'. 

•' Deed 111 llarliiMon Manor. 

' l''ine Hull, 2l'r., w. 1. 

•■^ Assize lloll, -IS."., ./,. :):\il. 

■' Lay Sul,^, J,;*,. . 

'" All nl.l .MS. ul- llai-laxlnu Manor Ha\s that here came im'iilK.ii ol Ins 
J.P.-slii|) ami oT his llschea torslii p. 

" Early ('hahcen rnieeediii-s, Huiidle 21), No. 512. 

I >\ .■ .H 

li'.'\ ■' I- 

■;..■, ) 

i: ■ ' 


and aicll of A-ncs, cuteivd en to the saycl tciu'ineiits, an.l ^11 tlie 
VSHUOS and piolilvs of thr say. I trnrnu'nts tooko and ivc-ey vcl 
dmin- the k-in. uf xvii yoivs, 11k> sinnn.r ..f Hie whycli in the 
saide Lvnu! anioiintelli l<. (vrxi. li : as wale may l.e pn.vyd. 
Osvin- to lliis usui-palion a-ain^l the defencehvs.s elnhl, nn^l'L l)eino 
li-ditTthe times very tiouhlous, with peiliai.s some laut.dness m 
tlfc s.)ke custom of the youn-er son's iiduMitance, Kh/.aheth l-n.^ .•elu.ned with her ("hiid to lier old home at Uarlaxton, and 
li,,.,i ,|K.,e n< live years tdl her death, when ihev, "'under 
llu« eoloiir of a h'olVement made to theym to the use ot the said 
\ones your l.eseec-her, entered int.. eerlayn lands and tenements 
that were Kli/.aheth' moder of the said A-iies m (irantham 
Uonerdhy and llarleston, immediately after the dethe ot the said 
Elizaheth to th." v.due of X marks yerely over the reprysals, aiui 
all the vssues and protites of iheym tooke and receyved xii yeres 
the value of the whieh amountelli 1)V the said tyme to liii-xxli ; 
(/., fuur.eore L). It seems hv this that the unlucky gul was 
uuste.l from her mothe'r's as well as from her fatlu-rs proijerty, 
without any maintenance, as none is mentioned in the lu'lition, 
and had to' live with relations and friends at Boston, till " beyng 
of I he axe of xvu Veres, at the which tyme she made a coiitracte 
of niatr)mionie wytli the said Rohert your heseecher now.- heyr 
hushonde, the wliich they hadde proposed in tyme covvnable to 
have complesshid and fultillyd." This made the deforciants plan 
to retain what thev had wronofully withheld, so they "ymagenyng 
to defraude theym' of the said money he theym ui the Aaid landes 
so receiv.'d, and of the other goodes to the sai.l Agnes by hyr 
said ni.xler lHM,uethed, an.l also to .lysherite theym of the grete 
parte of tlu; saide tenements, under the colour of a feyned 
frend.^shyp sent to hyr be the said Sir Thomas to come to thym 
from Hoston lu Osbeniby tlier to take hyr disporles." (Jsbuurnby 
is al,o.ut ei-hteeii miles measured direct from Boston. Her journey 
to accei.t This cousin's invitation was probably peitornud l>artly 
l,v uat.'r up the William, to .some point where a road led suulU- as the undrained fens on the direct xv a,y uere hardly 
navigable. On arrival "they hoUle hyre after agayn hyre will 
in st'rayte k(>pvng as a prisonares all a hole yere and xvi wekys, 
and .sent hvic' disgysed to diverse places changvng her name at 
every the place in' dystyte of hyr said husbonde an<l of hyr 
frenile.s, su that she no might see hyr hn.sbonde nor he speak 
with hyre be no meeii." AVhilst this hide and seek went on 
Ihev tried to make a bar-ain with H .bert for his betrothed wite, 
•' u'nto suche tynu; as thev hadde of lieyre said husbonde XL marks 
of monev for "her deli veranc.'," and a discharge for all they had 
withhehl', "gute suertes be diverse obligations that he shul.l make 
thevr aciuytance of the said money and godes be theym so 
le.eyved, and also to .s.jfre hem to have a grete parte ot the 
.saidi', lande by force of which obligacione that he shuld make 
thevm ac.niytance as by the condicions of tlieym op.uily may 
appr.)v " A-nes nvovere.l h.n- freedom, but wlu.'lher llobert signe(l 
;,nv a-reement <.r discharge not appear, as the detendants' 

A Kin'KKNI'll CMXi'lMtV A IJIUU ri'loN. HJ 

rt' tu llu' jH'lilinii lia.s not sui'\i\('(l; jii(iliiil)lv lie (li<I nut. 
The deforciants ii'fiiscd to [)ay uji arrears and retained nioie than 
lialf the jjrojiertv; •■ \)\ the said ff\ nes and jiretended fcoilements 
they withhelde t'lo your said hesechei.s all the said sumnies of 
niuney 1)}' Llie\ m so rt;eey\('d and hindes and tenements of the 
heritage of the said Agnes in hcnton and Grantham to tlie value 
of XX marks \tnci\', agninsl favtlie, tiouthe and gode eonseiens, 
wliich to \oin- said liesechers is utter dcstiLU-lion and to theyi" 
lieyres shall he iH'r))('tuall dishcritsou, without your <;raei<niH 
lor(h\scln})|) and so((iur to th(\in schewyng in this helialfe. 
^^ herefore jilcase Noiir liol\' ll'aderhode gracioush' to concyihe 
thies ]ircinisscs and howc \()ur saidc heseehieis hatlic no remedy 
in this ease at tlu' coniinon lawe. Xo judgment on this petition 

is j)icser\ed. If the\ di<l not recover arri'ars the I )cnton ju-<jperty 
was regained, foi- in I I til', a|i|iarentl\' after the death of Agnes, 
her trustees settled her lands in jtcnton, Staynwalh and NN'elliy, 
willi the niaiiur "mesne (Jlca^cd) of Denton, on her hushand 
itol'i'il I'liloii for lih', then on theii- ehildreii .John and Agnes, 
with remainder to .Magisler William I'liton, \\\\t> seems to ha\e 
heeii Uoliert s fathei.' Hichard hentoii, by right or hv arrange- 
ment, eonlinued lo occii|)\ the house and lands at Denton. He 
si'r\ed on .luiies I !■")■_'- .5.' In IMiG a general )iard(Ui to 
lliehaid Denton, r/^i/.v \\ \nisold, ((/ins W'vmesAold, of Dtuiton, 
IOs(|nire, was ^ranted for all ollenees connnitted liefore '■\i{] .lul\' 
|)i'e\ious.' 'i'lns ((/i((s ma\' ha\e heeii the maiden name of his 
wife iMalilda,' daughter or i;raiuhdauglitei' of llichard \VA uieswolde, 
loii-hl a messuage and lanil in Denton I IOl!,' .ind was livii.i 

s\ ho 

there I I hi." Agnes' son .lohn was li\ing at llarla.xton 117'.), 
married to. loan; his trustees released the Denton lands to Hiehard 
Denton, he to eiifeof as soon as .lolin and Joan had heirs of hodv " 
in I IT'.I Iviehard uasc a hond foi' i'KK) English moiie\' due to 
• lames (!oldsiu\lh, of (iiantham, meii-hant." This is the last 
mention of hun ; hi' left no ehildien and his property went to 
the heiis of .\L;nes. John and .loan I'pton had an oid\' ehild 
I'lli/aliet h (_died l.'i.'i.S). who married William Williams, of .Miereon- 
way and Stamford (dead l.').>7). I'jli/.ahet h left sevi'ial children: 
from Anthony, a vouni^er son, descends the famih' of Williams- 
Freeman, of Claptun, Northants ; her eldest is ii'presented in tiie 
female line hy Sir Charles W'elhy, i')art., who owns all iHuiton 
and resides there. 

The son of eithei' John or Sir Thomas Denton married Joan, 
daughter .and eventual coheiress of Sir Thomas de la Launde, attainted 
and heheaded at (Irantham IKi!) for his part in the \\\;lles insur 
reetion, w hicli ended at Loosecoat Field, neai' Si amfoi d. Iler hrotiier 
Sir Thomas was restor<'d in hlood and estates ll.'^."), and died 1503, 

' Dci'il at llarlnxtoii Manor. 
■^ .Vnriciil liKJiiliiu'iils, Nn. (),">. 
•' I'iihail i;<.ll, i:.Uv. I \'. 

* (JollDIl M.S., \'l'S|l. I), .\\\ II. 

■• I'V'<'t til' hincs, 1>J-, III. 2H. 
** Deeds ul llarla.xtifii Muuiir. 

88 PEDKiliKKS F|{(jM TIIK 

Icaviii-,' so cdiiiiilicated a w ill i that his «'.\»u'utor.s ivfiist'<l the 
ivspoiisihility, and it was i)r,.\(.,i as if 1„. had died iiitestal(«. It 
is remai-kahle t\n- the use of "A" in ilio pjaee uf "de," whieh 
had ^(„ie out vi fashion in Lincolnshire Hl'O to U.'JO ; thus Nicholas 
de Tve is called in it Nicholas ;i 'IVe, and John de Tvd, John a 
Tyd. Joan, then married ihiidlv to 'i'honias Kelham, united with 
her son 'riiomas Denton to sell (ir);52-7)-' their ninth part in the 
many manors and lands in Lincolnshire and Northumherland which 
liad formed tlu' de la liMunde i)osscssions, ivceix ing .£'l,t)S;? for the 
,i;reater portion thereof. Denton Manor, which had not helonged 
to that ])rt)perty, was included in a sale of lo^?.' 

Siie liad two other sons, UeoK^e and ilicliard. ]{ichard Denton, 
jM-ohahly tlie son of tlie latter, hou.uht iiouse INfanor in Skillin,nton,^ 
fi\(' miles south of Denton. His descendant William who paid 
i:i'l(i composition for lii.s estates to the C'lmimonwealth,*' married 
secondly 1()|;{ l':iizal)eth, daughter of John and Selina W'illianis, 
of Denton. His son William, \>\ his lirst marriagv, was, with 
'I'homas, sen., and jun., and Kichard, taxed in SUillinglon 1G71;'' lie 
l)ou<4ht land there KISO." It is not known whether'any dcsceiuhmt 
111 the male line remaiirs of the ancient family of Denton of 

Alfhioi) C. E. Wi:i,nY. 

^13rtiigrffS fioin tijc ©e Banco laolls, trmp. ?l?fniu VM, 

IJy II. J. 'I'. \Vm(,ii. 
(CuiiliiiKrd frniii i>. ;{2. ; 

[ 151 I Mic/,. f) //ru. VJI. m. 2(1. 
iVu/Y'.- John ]?ryghtyene sues John Duke of SulVolk for the manor 
of lleylcsdon and the advowson of the Church of \\\r same manoi' 
which William son of JellVey Lone ,i;a\(' lo 

llii^li, ^^uii ut Waller I l.saln'lla, (I. of Ciles 

(Ic IJeniluim. I dc Waclicshain. 

tJilcs, s. and h., .. .^Katlieriiie, 

S-l>. I .si^;|^•l■au.l li 

'I'liOiiia.s, K. and li.^- 

I'ahiuuid, H. and li.-|--... 

John lfryHl"'y''"''i ^- ••"'l ''■, I'liiiiiLill'. 

' I'.C.U., 2!» Adeaiic. 

' J'Vct of Fines, Line, Mich. L'8 lien. Vlli: Mich., 31 lien. VIIJ; Mich.. 

:M lien. VIII. 

■^ 'I'rin,, -^U Ilea. VIII. 

■' Mich., Il; KHz. 

'' CalaUi-iic (.r I, (lids, elc, that havo c(.in|i<)iin(lfd, Kl."),"). 

" Lay Sidisidy, ;;'/;, SA Cha.s. II. 

' Fell ,,r Fines' llii., ;{().;i| Chas. II. 

DM UANCO KOLLS, 'l\<]\\l\ IIKNKV Vll. 89 

l\i>-2\ Mirh. 5 Urn. VII. m. GO. 

'S''(//l — Tliomas Jolyir .sues Katlieriiic Musket widow for land in 
l^rNiig.slou \\ liicli Ediiniml de Ketell)L'r>;li parson of Dryiigstoii and 
UiL'liard le Maszoii of same gave temp. Henrv V to Margaret 
rt'lict of William Jolyll' of Divngston for life with remainders over. 

Pedigree as in [93]. 

Judgment for plaintifl' hy consent. 

[153] Jlic/i. 5 y/^y/. VJI. m 102 c/. 

Xoffs. — William Pensax sues Thomas Ccjlynson and Cecily his wife 
for land in Kvrnesall which liohert lv(jtor chaplain gave to 

l{ichaiil I'eiisax.v Catherine. 


I. S. illHl ll. 

.Tolui, s. Mild li.-=r,.. 


,.r. ■" 

William I'ciisax, s. ami li., 


The defendant's wife is the daughter and coheir (with her sister 

Alice wife of William l>arker) of Hicliard Warner, who also held 

lands in Utlvn^ton co. Lincoln. 


[ini] Mlrli. .-) //ru. Vll. wm. 1 1 I, 1 17. 

York. — John Sa\-ell Kt. sues, in the lirst suit, Thomas Stansfeld 
for land in Waddesw ort hv, in the second suit John Hol^ate for 
land in Ovenden. 

'riioma.s SayNcIl Kt , -... 
Ui Hen. VI. I 

.loliii Savvell (if 'riioniliiil k'l., ,-... 
■lit llen/\'l. I 


.Idliii Siivell Kt., s, and li. mid cdns. iinil li. 
of Ills <<riinilfatlie)', iilaintilT. 


i'KI)I(;hkks kkom thk 

Radult' Stanst'cl(l.=f-- 

'riioiiiiis Staiist'i'ld.-r... 

Tlidinas Stansfc'ld, s. and !i., 
dcrendaiit in lirst suir. 


[If)-)] .)//-•/,. f) ]I,'n. VII. m. MOd. 
//,./7s.— Nicliolas .Martin and Juhaiiiia liis wife sue Marger}' Broune 
widow for land in I'.aikliaiiisled wlncli .ioliii Clialley of C'ailyii-toii 
and 'I'lionwis L'oolc hailmur i;a\(' to 

John Hardwyk, of-pKli/.alirth. 
Ui'rkliami).-iti'd. | 

.Idlm. s. and h.=f=... 

Adjoin lied. 

Xii-liolas Mart, d. and li. 

[ir)GJ Mich. 5 ll.n. VII. VI. -.Vl-ld. 
Devon.— io\\n Pyke sues John Incledene for a moiety of land in 
Santon the wlioje of N\liicli John Seyntaubyn and ^\'iliiaul Fedde 

-ave to 

William I'radrliull, tcinp.'vMatilda. 
lien. \-|. I 

Alice, d. and 

I'lli/.alirlli, d. and 
coll., s II. 

'Iiduias, H. and li 

John l'vl;t', s. and li., 


Judunieiit for i»laintiir. 

I 157] Mhh. -I llni. VII. m. 'MW <L 
Same suit as [IITj. Tlionias \ac the |ihiintilV is said to he son 
and lieir of the said William. 

[158] Mir/,, -l IL'H. VII. m. Wil. 

Siifolk. — Chrislopliei' Willughhy Knt. sues John Duke of SuHolk 
for the Castle of Ortord in Orford and the manor of Orford which 
William I'hiliii ami others ;;a\c to 


Williiiiii Willuj^'liby Kt.,=r-... lunl ul l-;iTsl.v, 
U'lap. lieu. IV. 

l\'i)licrt, s. iind li., y.p 

'JMioiiiiis, Ij. !iml li.r... 

l{()b('it, s. and h.=i-. 


Cluiatopher Willuyliljy Kt., 
s. and li., jilaint ilt'. 

[1 50 J Mlrh. 5 f/rn. Vri. m. MX d. 

I.i>ii({ini. - ,]n\\\\ H(jtelei- of lMii;;n;i Baduiaiitoii co. (Jloiicestor arm. 
kiiisiiiaii and licii' of John I'olelcr of l'ai\a l^admajitori Kut. was 
siiimuoiied to answer llcni's' Akstcll of London draper. Debt of 
}!,>> on hoiid dated 10 August Hi Ivlward [\". 

John Butelcr of I'arva-r... 
Hadiniuiton, Kt. I 

William, s. and li.^... 

.lolin IJoti'lei', .s. ami 


^Hi(i] Mlrh. f) llru. VII. m. ■.\:>\.(L 

Wuric— William \\'i'stle\' and Jolin IJacon sue .John Dode and 
Alice his wife for land in \\ olston .-md Meislon. 

iiiiliard (i \ niiur, ; .. 
(.•mil. t:dw. III. I 

...=f Aiiiu'.s, d. and cdli. 

Simon, s. and li. i . . . 


llcniy, s. and li. | .. 

=|-C")n'i.stina, d. and eoli., .^, and li. , .. 

'I'lioma.s Wi'sllev, M. and li 

... |- J uliaint, d. and li. 

I I 

Kicliard IJai-on. s. and li.-p 

William West ley, s. and li. 
a plainl ilV. 


.lolin ItaciHi, .s. ami li. 
u |ilaintilV. 


I'KUKlhKKS KkOM 'I'lllO 

[101] Mirh. 5 Urn. VII. m. lOG. 

/),.,-(!;_y.__Margery I'.uiiiiigtoii sues KiiduU' Longford Knt. for land 
ill Neweton Sonay and W'yll.vngton. 

Nii'lidlas Fitzlicrbert Kt.^... 


.Iiiliri l''it/.li(>rl)LTt, kiiisiiiiiii ami lii'ir i)f 
his ^i-aiKlfatlicr, wliosc status in a 
luoictv tlic ik'l'riiilaiit liiis. 


[ ir)2| Mn-h. f) //,//. VII. m. \-l\d. 

Dorset. SteplK'n Hcnet. and -lolianna his wife sue Tliouias Coterell 

and Agnes liis wife, Agni's Saunders and UolH-it Williams eliai>lain 
for land in Svnnnyshurgli and } of laud in Hridpoil. 

.Iciliii l'lciii(--iir Ik^IiI tlio land -|-Isaliclla held the land 
III IJridport. \ in Syin iii.vsliiu'uli. 

...=j=Alic(' ...T-A^nies 

I Mdiiiuiids. I C'oKmtH. 

-Jidiaiina A.i;nos Saiindrr: 

Wiiliaiiis. a did'iMulaiil. 

WilliHni=p... 'I'lionias Coterell,'— 

iMliiiiiiids. I dct'endaiils. 

Hohert Williams, 
a dcl't'iidaiit. 

Adioin lU'd. 

Sleiiiieu Hoiict, .loliaiiiia, 

lt;31 .Mirh. ■) lliuL. VII. »,. IlT). 

Salop. — ^AVi-it to slieritt' to issue a pieeept to Uicliiinl Fowelei to 
give to John Foweli-r a moiety of land in Hiokton the whole of 
which John Thomas gave to his daughters I'lleanor an<l 


.Idliii s. ami li.-|-.-. 

Williiun, s. and li. r ... 

.Idlin Fowok'r, h. and li. 


[KM] Mirh. n Urn. VII. m. 1:51. 

A'r/^/. - |{()l)('it 'rc])vii(l('ii of (,';iiilci-l)urv ,i;t'iit. iiiid l{iclianl 
'IVpyndcii of llalilcii ^;t'iil. wi'ic suiniiioiicd to aiiswci- Joliii 
IOii<;('liaiii as lo llic manor {)i Tow iilaiid in ^\^Ml^H•lli^^•lle. 

John Kiint>li;iiii.H=. .. 


liicliurd IOnti(Ui;iiii. 


Juliii Kii^i'ljjiiii, pluintitT. 

lOr)! M\vh. f) Urn. VII. m. \:V1. 

A'(v;//.. -William Feulicll of Jjongcfonl Ijcsti-r j^t'iit. was summoned 
to answer Walter Uaynell aim. for detainiuLi; a box c(jntaining 
eliarters relatini;- to the manor of Holcrlei^li, the adsowson of the 
Church of the said manor and lands in l<]stl)i>terlegh, Bremelegh, 
ll'photerlej^h, Overecomb, Nytherecomh. Carpenteters, Fosse, Cottes- 
liearc! and Levi; which William Ponton chaplain and others 
gave to 

W'altei- Kayiiell, ti'iiip. ;Marfiart>t, 

Kdw. IV. 

Walter, K. aad h. , ... 

Uohcrt, s. and li, j ... 

r ^ 

Wah.T iiayncll, n. and li 

-ludgmeut for plaintilV l)y consent. 

[166] Mich. 5 Urn. VII. m. 4 47. 

0.i:un. — John J^i-oun sues Johanna Keley widow for land in 
Chadlyngton Estend which William l^xouii gave to 

Jolm IJioun, tcinp.- lisabcllii. 
Kdw. IV. I 


John Broun, s. and li., 

[167] Mirh. ;-) Ifr.H. VII. m. lo-'i. 

Wore. -\\v\\ to siierill' to issue a precept to lvoi)ert Hishop of 
Worcester lo givt; to William Child land in Upton lu'xt lilockele 
which (jeollK'y de Wykewan ga\e to 

If. -'. !• • 

.\v -vi \ 


Thomas do ClyptDii. ^Matilda. 


...-p A lico, d. iuid li. 
JdIiii, s. and li.=^... 

Tliomiis, s. and li 

Edmund, s. and li.=f^.. 

William Child, s. and li. 

[168] Mlrh. 5 lien. VII. m. 457 f/. 

Dtvuii. — Jolin Selniiiii (a minor by Jolm Wynell his guardian) 
sues John iSalman tor a moiety of land in Bryxton Englys which 
John BiTghtric-heston gave to 

Jolin St'lman, of I'lymjjton,^ Jolianna, sister of said 
tciiip. Hen. \]. I Julm Bryghtriehcstun. 

William, s. and h.=r'- 

John Schiian, s. and h. 

Judgment for plaintiff' by eonsent. 

[ l(ii)| .1//.//. o Urn. Vll. VI. 5l:W/. 

Yiirk. W'lil lu slierill' to issue a preet'pt to Walleron Morelon to 
give If) Thomas I )t'lar\ \ers land in iirallerton \sliieh John de 
Monkton ehaiilain gave to 

John, son of ThomaH=f-"-.. 
Delaryvers. I 

William, s. and h.=j=... 

Marmaduke, s. and h. 

Thomas, s. and h.-r-- 


Marniadiik(% s. and h.^- 

I'honias Dularyvors, s. and h. 

I'H' ^M,.,i: 

/■iti ,'i/. 

) I- ^ , It 

I>E BA\i;() KOI.I.S, TKMl'. IIKNHV Vll. 95 

[170] Mirfi. 5 //>'>t. 17/. ,u. :)|H. 

Vork. — Wvh tu slierilf ti> issue a jM'cct'iit In .lului llustyiigcs to 
give to Roger Hastyiiges land in luenston, Pikervng and Morton 
in Pykerynglitli whicii Edmund Hastynges Knt. |kivus of the 
said Roger whose lieii' he is gave to 

William Hasi3iij^es.=p... 

P^dniuiul, s. and h., s.p. -lolin, b. ami li.-p. 

I'Miiiiiiitl, .s. aiid li.-y- 

Ivoucr 1 laf-t \1114es s. and li. 

A siinihii' writ as to land in 'I'litti'ntdn in rikerynglit li, Ivvnthorp, 
Pilver\ng and W'vlton in I'ikervnglith. 

[171] Mich. 5 I/ni. VII. VI. 548. 

John Talniage sues Thomas Karl Urmond for land in Aketon. 
PediuM-ees, etc., as in [11]. 

The plaintiif calls to warranty William Hures who calls to 
warranty Henry Earl of Northumbeiland. 

-I'ilizahetli, sister and li, (iiiydc iii-yan Kt. 

1 l^alu'lla. 




...-p Eleanor. 


lliMii-y Karl of Xoitliumhci-land. 
Atljounied till the said l'!arl attains '2\. 


I'KI)K;kkks fiu)m 'i-iik 

[17:^] A/irh. 5 I/eu. VII. m. 550(7. 

Hereford. — Isabella who was the wife of llolaiid Leiithall ai-in, 
sues John Leiithall for dower of the manor of Hampton in 
Hope under Hynmore. 

"J'he plaintiir is lelated to the sherill" being the daughter of 
Walter Devereux father of John J^evereux Knt. the slieriil'. 

[173] Mich. 5 Hen. VII. m. '^ . 
Pleas in Banco. I'S Edw. TIT. William son of John de Lasceles 
Tvnt. sues Kohert ile Brakenholm chaplain for land in Newesom 
next T\irkei)yw\'sk which Ranul})h de Newesom gave to 

William de Lasfelfs,^-].uc\'. 
tt'tiip. K(l\v. I. I 

Williiuii, plaiutitt' in above suit,=p... 
d.'ad 48 Kdw. III. 

Williaia, 18 Edw. Ill, wlioii Henry de NouBuiri 
ami Katlieriiie, lii.s wife, had entered. 

[174] Mich. 5 11, u. VII. m. 5«jy. 

Glunc. — T^ichard Jiyrd clerk sues Kichard Croft and Agnes his wife 
and Hugh Croft for the manor of Stanley Ponntlarge of which 
John I'.eaulitz l-Jth Fehi-uary 12 Kdw. TV L-iitVofled the defendants 
for tlieir lives with remainder to John lious in tail with 
remainder to Baldewin Rous father of tlie said John llous in 
tail with remainder to the right heirs of John T^ous father of the 
.saifl ]>ald\\iii. 

John Rous. r-. 

Baldewin Rons.^-... 

John Roui: 


Clmrles— Mntilda. 

']'liomas=pAlice, now 
Siurmy. I dead. 

John Sturmy. 


Afii-h. 5 I{,'u. VII. VI. GO 2. 

/yt?(<-.— John Asfoidhy sues Richard Yerhurgh foi- land in Slothcl)y 
Hdggesthorp wiiich ISohert Forster of Slotheby temp. Kic. 11 
gave to Jolni Lincobi of Tateshale and Johanna his wife in tail, 
Asfordby pedigree a^ in [103]. 


Robert Forster,=T=Kleii;i 
the (kiiior. I 

Miililtlii, (I. 1111(1 coll. .loliaiiii;!, d. iiiul coll. 

Uubort, s. Hiul b.=r=. 

A^^'ucs. Itichard Y('r))iirirli.-i'J<)li;iinia. licalricc 

AV'illiiiiii ^'orlniinl 


Ju(l;,niieiiL for plaiiitifl' by consent 


Richard Yerburgh, 

[17G] lUkh. 5 lien. VII. m. G03. 
//('/Y,s'.- -Writ to slieriil" to is.sue u jjrcci'pt to .folm I5our^licliior Kiit. 
to j^ivc to liiiwirncc Ciunu'wyk land in K nrhw oi tli wliieli Jol)n de 
l5rokeslnun gave to 

Richard di; Hr()kesburn.=r--- 

William, H. ami h., John, b. and h., ...=Y~'f'>hiunia, Klizabcth, 

s |). M.p. I d. and coh. d. and coli. 

-|-l\'troni]la, d. and coh. Kli/abcth, d. and coll. 

Laurence Camunvyk, s. and h 

I 1 77 I M'x-h. 5 llru. VII. mm. ('.On, GOf). 

lunt. In (lie lirst suit William Hckcs arm., in tlu! second suit 
William SculU^ siirs Thomas (''oulcr and oIIums for a moiety of 
till- manoi' of Apjiijldorefeld the whohi ui which William Jiroke.s 
temp. lien. \\ ^ave to William ^\^u^belton and Margery his wife 
in tail with remainder to 

...-7- Mli/.abeth SyrrovvuHl., aiiiiL of Haid 
I William Warlieltoii. 

r I 1 

iMai'garct lircknok, s.p. ...^Sibil Tliorlcy. ...=^=Agiies Senile. 

William Kekes, h. and li., William Senile, s. and Ii., 

plaint ilT. jihiiiitilT. 


(To he continiicd.J 


fflugftalB's ITisitation af larksljiit, 


{Coiitiiud'd from p. 50.) 
Strafford and Tickhill Wapiontakk. Duneuster, 9" Aju-. 1606. 


Arms :— Ari^eiil, a fcss daiiccttt'e between three lce)|)ai'(ls' faces Sable. 
CuKsr : — 1. Out of a iimral coronet ... a jzrilUii's bead arj^-eiit, ch!ir<;-e(l 
witli a fess daiicetteo Sable. 
2. A dciui-draf^ou Vert, lioldiii^' in the tle.vter claw a sword ei-ect 
Argent, liilted Or. 

I. THOMAS WEST, mar. Margaret Skyres. They liad issue — 

ir. THOMAS WEST, of Auohton, inar. Jane, dau. of Ricl.ard 
Syuun.s, of AV'ales, co. York. Tliey liad issue — 
John (Til). 

Sir William AVest, of Amerdoii Hall, in Essex, and 
|)arle3' Abbey, eo. Derb., d. \i) Nov. 5 uiid 6 
I'liilip and ^lary ; mar. Erances, dau. of Sir 
Ivieliard Eitz Lewis. 'I'liey had issue — 

Lewis West, Es((., of Wales, murdeied 
1556 (see Hunter's South ^'orkshire, ii, 
173); mar. Mar}', dau. of Sir James 
Hales, of Kent. They had i.ssue — 

Dorothy, mar. Tjyoiiel Wombwell, of 

Itot herliam. 
Anne, mar. Nicholas llercy, of New- 
|)ort I'ond, in iOssex. 
l^dinund West, Esq., <jf Darley Abbey, 
murdered 1556; nuir. .latie, dau. and 
coll. i»f Nicholas Collins. 
Barbara, mar. John I'arker, of Norton 
Lees, bur. at Noi'ton 15 June 15 l'',li/. 
(llunler's Min. (!en.). 
Jerouje, (J(Mi(leman Usher to the (,)ueen. 
Isabel, mar. Ivichard My re, of OlVerton. 

I)U(J|)ALK',S visitation ok YORKSHIRE. 09 

TIT. JOHN WEST, of Aijhton, in co. Ebor. Will pr. at York 
G Oct. loll (Test. Ebor., vi, 1-12); to he bur. in Aston 
Church; mar. Anne, chuKjlitcr of Raufe Ayre (l^'yre), of 
0/J'rrton in th: Pvalo', in co. Derb., executrix of lier 
liusljund. They had i.ssue — 

1. John, ohijf sine prole. 

2. Georye (TV). 

3. Thomas (A). 

Eleanor, mar. Roger Woiubwell. 

TV. GEORGE WEST, of Auqhton, E.s(i., bur. at Barnborough 
12^. June ir)7L'. Will L'2 May, |,r. at York 17 Sept. 
ir)72 ; niiir. lirst Janr, (Iduijlitrr of 'I homos Tryijot, of Kirkby, 
in CO. York. They had i.ssue — 
John (V). 

I'^H/aln-th, mar. Ilalph Tjevett, of Melton and Nor- 
niantoii, 24 Oct. 1570 at Barnljorough. 
Mar. secondly, Anne, dau. and h. of Ed\vai-d Cresacre, of 
T^arnborough, rel. of John More, at Barnborough, 13 June 
1559, d. 1577. 

V. JOH X WEST, of Aiujhton, Esq., mar. Anne, danyhfer of 
John J/oon (More), of Chelsey, In com. Midd., at Barn- 
l)()i-ough, G Sept. 1559. Tliey hatl i.ssue — 
\h>dfrey (VI). 
Jane 1 

Anne - named in their gi-andfather's will. 

Barl)ara j 

VI. GODFREY WEST, of Amjhton, Escj., Uvimj in anno 15S5, 
of u'lnnn tlmri' is uo/r hoc issue re>n<iy}</. Entcicd 
ins p('(ngri'c at. \'isilali()U of I5S5 ; vutr. (!iahcrine, ({an</h/cr 
of Thomas Ren If at llan.swortli, 25 May 1579. They 
had issue - 

Anne West, bp. at llan.swortli 10 July 1580; mar. 
Godfrey Bradshaw, 20 I\-b. 1597-8. 


We now I'eturn to the younger branch. 

THOMAS WEST [third .son of John (TIT) and Anne Eyre], 
of JUiston, in com. Xo/fs, Hector of Flooton Roberts ; 
mar. Anne, dauyhter if Will, liradbnry, of Olie.rset in the 
Peake, in co. Dei'b. They had issue — 
Wilini (B). 

WILL' M WEST, of Rotherham, liviny la a" 1585. Settled 
at Rotlierhani, made a foi'tune in the law, published 
"Syrnl)ol(jeographici," a legal work formerly much used, bought 
the manor of I'irbeck; bur. at Eirbeck 28 June 1598. Will 
15 June, pi-, at London 15 Aug. 1598 (Lewyn, 92); mar. 
iirsl Wiitifride, dauyhter of Adam Eyre, of OJferton, in com. 
Dcrb , l)ur. in Eirl)eck Church. 'I'hey had issue — 

100 DU(JDALK's visitation of VOIIKSTIIRE. , 

1. William (C). 

2. Tlujinns West, of Doncaster, in co. Ehor., died iii anno 

1647, an attorney. Will lil Dec. 1647, \n\ at York 
16 Feb. 1657-8' (York. Hecord Series, ix, 122); 
mar. Susan, dau(i/it''r of . . '. /la.rfrr, of TickhUl 
Castle, In, c<»)t E/ior., I loih', of ivliom tln-re is not: 
issue rernayns ; mar. Susan, dauyhler of Richard 
Baker, of Much-Jfunden, i)i com. tlertf., .second 
wife. They had issue — ■ 

1. Barnliani West, Hector of Aston, in com. 
Ebor., (ft. 40 annoi'. 9 Ajir. ICOO, h\). at 
Doncaster 10 Dee. 1616. 
'■2. h'o/i(rt, il'ird nnniarried, N'icar of Ilothwell, 
iiistituled 1 (_)ct 1662, 1)}1. at Doncaster 
10 Mar. 1617-K^, bur. at Kotliwell i Mar. 
S. James West, Citizen of London, bp. at 

Doncaster 25 Apr. 1621. 
Jf.. Timotliy West, Citizen of London. 
1. KHz., wife of Tho. JJalt, of . . . in co. Line, 

bp. at Doncaster 5 July 1615. 
:2. Mary, bp. at Doncaster 25 Jan. 162S. 

.Susan, mentioned in her father's will ; mar. 

. . . and had issue. 

S. Tknrstan West, of ■ . . , bur. at Doncaster 27 Feb. 

1641. (])Adn"ioir 21 Apr. 1615 at York ; (^) mar. 

Sarah, dau. of John Fiaidcish, of Tickhill, lie. 


4. (t'eort/e West, of Masburoutjli, neer Rotlierliam, in co. 

Ebor., of vlioni there is noe issue remaynvuij. 

CO Will H Feb. 16bs, pr. 15 July 1619. 

5. (lilbert West, of Ileeslon in com. Xott. ; mar. . . . 

6. h\>b,rt West, of . . . in co. X,.ft. 

i() l''raiieis,' of M(i(U'i,'ale, Uot herimiii. 
/. .\/iin/f, irif'e of I'eter f'reehn-ell, of . . . , in coin. 

2. Edith, a^il'e of Godfrey Columbell, of Darhy, in com. 

Derb. ■ ■ ' 

S. Mary, wife of Edmund liradbnry, of Ollerset, in co. 
Derb ; mar. 17 Feb. 1602-3 at I.etwell (Transcripts 
of Registers at York ). 
Mar. secondly Audrey Mann (Diet, of Nat. Biog.). 

C. WlfJJA.]/ WEST, of Eirbeek, in com. Ebor., died in anno 
Kl.j'J or thereabouts, ict. fourli'en at 1 5H5 Visitation. Will 
8 Aug. 1616, pr. at London 7 May 1651, to be bur. at 
Firbeck (Abstract Yorkshire Record Series, ix, 32); mar. 

' In Gnest'a Uotlierliam it is stated tliat Francis succecdod his fatht-T 
in his oflices at Ivotlierham. Ho does nut appear in Dugdulu or in Hunter's^aco. 

i)ij(;i)ALi';'s \ isn'A'i'ioN ok yoiiksiiirk. 101 

Cdtheriiic, cldrnt d<ui<iht('r of S'' Edio<trd Darcy, of Dertford, 
la h'lii/, (1. ut AsLoii -Jl I\ray IGIG, bur. at Firbeck. M.T. 
'1'Ik'v liiid issue — 
./o/tu (D). 
1. K'/iz(d)e(h, coheirc, to h<-r brother; mar. John Lord 
Darcy d: Meyai/I, 1 husband, by whom she had 
no issue. 

Mar. secondly, .S''' Francis Fane,^ of Fulbeck, 
CO. Line, K^ of the Hath, :i'' son to Francis, 
late Earle of Wcstincrl'', nuu) residiny at Aston, 
a^ scil' IWO\ 'J'^ husband, died 1680, set. 69, 
M.T. at Aston. She d. 1669, jet. 63, M.I. at 
Aston. They had issue — 

i. <b'' Francis Fane, made K^ of the Bath at 
the Coronation of King Charles tlie S'^, 
sold Firbeck 1669 (Hunter), d. before 
1693, bur. at Westbury, co. Glouc. ; mar. 
Ilannidi, dauyhfer of John Rushtvorth, of 
. . . in Essex, author of " Historical 
Collections," mar. lie. 16 Feb. 166^. They 
hati issue — 

John, dyed in his infancy. 

(r'eorye Fane, Esy., a;t. 3 mens. 0" Apr. 

a" J) It I. lOOCi. 
Henry, ancestor of the Earls of West- 

2. Wilfm, died 3 June 1679. 

3. Henry. 
If.. Edniard. 

5. John, dyed youny. 

1. Mary, mar. Robert Marshall, of Fiskerton. 

2. RariiJI., bp. 11 Sept. 1612. 

3. Elizabeth, mar. at Fulbeck, 14 June 1676, 

'I'homas NN'otlhuU, of MoUington, co. 

4- Catherine, 
n. Grace, bur. at Lincoln Cathedral 1 Jan. 

1705 6. 
6'. Jane, bur. at Lincoln Cathedral 1711. 

5. Mary, wife to WilVm Savile, of Cojiley, in com. Ebor. 
They had issuci-- 

I'Jixalieth, wife of John Dand, son and heir 
of lioirland Dand, of Mansfield Wood- 
house, in cinn. j.Vott., Esq''. 

Catlierine \ ,. , 
,, , > died uounu. 

Maryaret j j -^i 

Nathaniel, died young, bur. at Firbeck (Hunter). 

' For a i)0(lijj;ree of the Fanes of Fulbeck see " Lincolnshire Pedigrees." 
(^Harl. 8oc.). 



i). JOHN WEST, uf Firlnck, In co. Kbur:, Esq'; died ivitJtont 
issitn «J .luiic hi")!), l)ni'. at Kifbcck, M.l. Will liO Srpt. 
1G5(), |)r. iiL Y(nk. Ho k'ft his;iti's to his nephew 
Fi'aiicis Fane ; mar. Jn-aitces, damj/ifcr u/ Chrislvpkcr 
Iludsun, uf Bectitun, hi com. Eboru, lie. 1627, d. 13 Feb. 
1G57, bur. at Firbeck. M.I. 

A Lr.KUToNsiiiKE Wapkntakk. 

Threske, 23 Aug. 1065. 






Arms : — Argent, l.litiM) ciiKiin FuilH latwccn iiiiio cros.s-crossli'ts (iiilos. 
CuKsi' :--A niddcl" of ;i sliip. 

I. I'lI.NAKD !>!': SAi;i\M AKSII I':, witness (o a deed before 
|-_'ll), dead in 1 1' IS. Had issue -- 
Peter (11). 
Marjory, mar. llobei-t de Baliol. 

If. PETER DE SALTMARSHE, dead before 1248. Had 
i.ssiie — 

1299, a minor 1248, livin-,^ i;}22, when he gave his manor 
of Saitnuushe to his son ; mar. Joanna .... They had 
issue — 

i;{22, and Yorkshire 1330, High SheriiV of Yorkshire 
i:i;!2 33 ;;(;, Constable of Y..rk Casth; 1333, d. 1 33(i-38 ; 
mar. Margaret, wid. of Sir John de l.iing(!ville ( l.ongU(H'ille), 
of Ovcrtun Lungavill(>, eo. Hunt., dau. of Sir Nieolas de 
Worteley. Titwy liad issue — 

V ^.^ .,\ >' ■/■ i ^ W, .1 


V. S[|{ EDWAHI) \)K .SAI/riMAllSJIE, b. 1303-15, served in 
l''iame, d. I.')19-r)(); mar. circa 1337, Kleiia, duu. and li. 
(if Sir Tlionias de JMauidjy, of Maunhy on Swale, Appleby 
on Tees, Sedbury, Cul borne, Newton Morrell, and Tlior- 
ganby. Tbe}' liad issue — 

1. Pctei', s. and b., minor 1319, d. voiing. 

2. TlioMias (VI). 

3. I'liilip, of North Dulfield (1). 

VI. TH0:\1AS 8ALTMARSHE, of Saltniarsbe and Thorganby, 
succeeded his brother Peter, b. circa 1315. Witness in tlie 
Scrope and Grosvenor coziti'oveisy ; mar. circa 13G8, iNlary, 
dau. of Sir John Mowbray, Knt., of Kirklington. They 
liad issue — 

VII. THOMAS SALTMAllSHE, of Saltniarslie and Thorganby, 
h. circa 1370; mar. ;Margai-et, dau. of Tiiomas Dawnay, of 
l^scrick (?). Tliey had issue — 

VITI. THOMAS SALTMAHSHiO, of Saltmarshc and Tliorganby, 
gent., d. ^1448-9; mar. circa 1127 Margaret, dau. of Robert 
(Jaunt, Es<i., by his wife Joan, wid. of William Newland. 
They liad issue - 

1. Edward (IX). 

2. Kobert, of West Cottingwith, lis.]. Will 15 June 

1187, pr. at Yoik IG Jan. 1492-3 (vol. v, 427), 
to be bur. in tiie Quire of I'horganby ; mar. . . . 
and had a son — 

I'^dward, of ^N'est Cottingwith, named in his 
father's wiU. Will 9' Aug. 1530, ]u-. at 
York 16 Sept. 1531 (Test. Ebor. vi, 
IG), to be bur. at Tliorganby; mar. 
Julian, dau. of Heniy Pole, of Radborn, 
CO. Derb. Tliey had issue — 

Thomas, of Hull (a quo Saltmarshe 
of Hull). 

3. Richard, of Tliorganby. Will 29 Aug., pr. at York 

4 Dec. 1489 (vol. v, 243), to be bur. in the 

choir of Thorganl)y. 
Margaret, mentioned in her brothers', Robert and 

Richard's wills. 
Agnes, mai-. John Langhton, of Farnley. 
Anne, mentioned as having children in her brother 

Robert's will. 

IX. EDWARD SALTMARSHE, of Saltmarshe and Thorganby, 
J. P. for hList Riding. Will 25 Oct. 1481, pr. at York 
3 Jail. 1 bsl-2 (vol. V, 53), to be bur. in Thorganby church, 
in.). P.M. 28 Oct. 22 Edw. IV (1482); mar. first Elena, 
dau. of John Portington, of Portington. They had issue — 


. '.-^i.. 


.John (X). 

i<]lii;ir(i, of Muunljy on Swale, liviri;^' 1 181. 

Mar. .secondly Ai;np.s, wid. of Nicolas (}irlin<(ton, lie (1 Sept. 
1171 ( "El)or. iii, ;M0). 

X. JOHN SALTMAKSHE, of Saltmarslie and Thorganby, b. 
I loo, Commissioner of Sewers for Howdensliiie, d. IG Aug. 
lol.-J, bur. at Howden, M.I. fiui. P.M. 5 II. -n. Vlll. 
(1013-1); mur. 1-183, Margaret, dau. of William l>orougli, 
of liorough, by Maude, dau. of Kogei' Lassells, of Sower Ijy. 
They had i.ssue— 

1. Edward (XI). 

2. Anthony, of Strubby, co. Will 28 July, pr. 

at Lincoln, 9 Oct. 1550, to be bur. at Langton ; 
mar. first, Anne, dau. of IJal].)h Nevile, third Earl 
of Westmorland, widow of William Lord Conyers, 
lie. 29 Apr. 1525, in Aldwark Chapel. 
Mar. secondl}', Margaret, dau. of William Bark- 
with, of- Langton.i 

1. Margar(!t, mai'. William Cateriek, of Stan wick 

(Clover 255). 

2. Audrey, mar. William Hungate, of Saxtoii. 

3. Anne, a nun of Watton Priory, had pension at 


XT. EDWAllD SALTMAKSHE, of Saltmarshe and Thorganby, 
Crand Juror in the trial of the leaders of tiie Pilgrimage 
of (Jrac(! and in that of Catheiiiu^ Howartl, b. 1185, d. 
at Thorganby, 2 Mar. 1517-8. Will 21 Dee. 1517, j)r. at 
York, 5 .May 15 18. (T.vst., VAnn- vi, 2(; t ). Imi. P.M. 
11 Apr. 2 lOd. \l. (1518); mar. lirsl, Mli/.abeth, dau. of 
Sir lirian Staplelon, of W igliill. {dispensation to many 
It; Nov. 15U9. Tluiy had i.ssue - 
Thomas (XII). 

? iSlargaret, adm. Coi'pus Christi Cuild 1525, d. s.p. 
Elizabeth, named in her father's uill ; mar. Bartholo- 
mew Abbot, of Ik'llasis, near Howden. 
? Johanna, adm. Corpus Christi Guild 1525, d. s.p. 
Anne, mar. ]V[armaduke Vavasor, of Aeasler (Glover 
]\Iar. secondly, (I) Alice, dau. and cob. of Boger Pilkington, 
of niissinglon. They had issut' - 

Maiy, mar. John llauKiiton, of Monkrode, l)ur. 
at Ei'atherstone, It Aug. 1580 (Keg.). 

XTT. THOJNIAS SALTMAKSHE, s. and h., one of the Howden- 
shire leaders of the Pilgi-image i)i Grace, d. v. p., bur. at 

' A (|ii<) SmII niai shr, ol' Slnililjy (si-o '' liiiicdliisliirn I'l'ilig^rccs," llarl. So(\). 

': . 1 / ' 1 

) i 


Howtleii 21: Oct. 1545 (Keg ) ; mar. Eli/.al)eth, dau. of 
.Sir 'I'liomas Metliaui, uf Alclliam. 'I'iiey hail i.ssue — 
J. Tlioiua.s (Xni). 

2. IvJward, lumicd in liis gi'aiidfatlier's will, (?) of 


3. Joiiii, named in Ins grandfather's will ; mar. Lsabel 

. . . . , bur. at llowden 21 Nov. 1578. They had 
issue - 

Frances, hap. at llcjwden, 13 Apr. 1575. 

Thomas, hap. at llowden, G Oct. 157G. 

'!>'''"' \ hur. at llowden, 16 Nov. 1578. 
Joan, ) 

4. George, named in his grandfathei's will. 

5. Christopher, named in his grandfather's will. 
CJi'ace, mar. l\alph Creyke, of Patrington. 
.\niie, mar. (ieorge Weneelagh, of lirandshurton. 
Isabel, mar. William Harding, of Forsay, co. Line. 
Catherine, had £20 in her grandfather's will, d. 


ar., dird ■'>" Marlij '20 Eliz.., succeeded his grandfather, 
Collector of Subsidies for Yorkshire 1595, b. 1533 ; 
mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir Robert Constable, of Evering- 
ham. Lie. 7 Aug. 38 Hen. V^II (1546). They had 
issue — 

1. Robert (XIV)- 

2. Thomas, )nar. KUmki Correll, wid., at Thorganby, 

lie. 159;5 (Paver). 

3. .lohn, of (Jreenoke; mar. Isabel Conyers, wid., niar. 

lie. 1594 (Paver). 

4. Michael. 

5. \\'illiam. 

I'ranees, mar. Ralph Leadt)m, gent., of Weston. Lie. 

HiU5 (Paver). 
INlary, nanu>d in 1581 Visitation. 

XIV. ROHEliT SALTMARSll /'J, <>f S,d/>narsh,', in. com. Ebor., 
Esq'., died 10 Murch, '.i Jaailil riuiix lGO-l-5, b. circa 1552, 
d. 19 Mar. 1G04. Inq. G June 2 Jas. I (1G04) ; mar. 
iirst Cfcilii', i/iiiKj/i/rr n/' 'I'/icdkis (t'il)iisfoii of (irimxtun- 
ijurth in llolilfni(;><sc iii <<>. Khar. IMarr. sett. 30 Sept. 
1578, d. in childbed, bur. at llowden 7 April 1590. 
They had issui' 
/.■ Philip (XV). 

2. Ai'thur, bp at llowden 8 May 1587 ; mar. at Bolton 
Percy 10 Jan. 1G09-10, Priscilla, dau. of Sir 
AVilliam Faii'fax, of Steeton. 

-Ji ■ . . ' vi 


3. Robert, hp. 20 Feb. 1588-9 at Howdeii, Inir. there 
7 June 1593. 

1. r)()i()tliy, \)\>- 7 April 159U at llowdcn. 

2. llfltMi or i<]litioi', mar. Henry Hcdoii, oi Martoii 

((Jlover 15 Ij. 
Mar. secoiuUy ]\Iarj,'aret, widow of Christoplier Calverley, 
dau. of John Thornholiiie, of 'rhoriiiiolme, lie. 1595 at 
Foston (Paver). 'I'hey had issue; - 

John, lip. -Jl June 1599, hur. 28 April 1603. 

Ann, hp. 23 Jan., bur. at Howden 18 Feb. 1597-8. 

Eli/.abetli, bp. at Howden U Fel). lGOl-2. 

XV. PHILIP SALT MARSH, of Salhnarsh, I^if , ayed JS ycares 
and Jive, months <if i/'' death of his fatJwr, died in a" 1059. 
J.P. 'ft)r Fiast Riding, a stauiu-h Puritan, Coniniissioner 
iw (k>sti'uelion of Wressel Castle; .sold Thori^anby IGIG; 
bp. at Howden 12 Nov. 1585, bur. tliere 29 June 1(J59 ; 
mar. Maii/, if danifhter oj William Stanley, of \\\)nier.sley, 
lie. lG05'at h:ilerton (Paver), bur. at Howden 11 July 
1G40. They had issue — 
Philip (XVT). 
Edivard (a (pio, of North Kilvinyton), see 

Griselda, mar. at lOUerton Walter Hlakiston, of 

lla,yton, lie. 1037 (Paver). 
h'Jlen, bp. at Howden 5 July 1G2G, bur. there 10 Aug. 

Jane, bp. at Howden 24 Sept. 1G27, d. 1658. 

XVI. I'll I LI I' SALT MARSH, of S<dtm,tvsh, Ps,f., at. J/G, ann. 

,>.l" Au<i ((" Ii;t;.-,, J. P., "b. IG19, d. 3 Feb. 1G93. Will 
2 June' 1G9I, pr. at York, 3 Oct. 1C)91; mar. at 'I'hoiiie, 
10 Jan. I(>57, Mar\', dau. of deorge Harrison, of 'Tliorne. 
'riie\ had issue 

1." Philip (XV 11). 

2. Arthur, b. IGGi, d. 1702, M.T. at Howden. Will 

23 Jan. 1702-3, pr. at York 3 Apr. 1703. 

3. F<lward, bp. 12 .Ian. I G7 1 .\ bur. G Nov. 1685, at 

St. iMiehael, Ousebiidge, York. 
lOlizabeth, bur. 12 S(^pt . I GG8, at How.len. 
Mary, bur, 5 Apr. IGSI, at Howden. 
Peiiel(»pe, named in her father's will ; mar. Mr. Bell. 

XVII. PHILIP SALTMARSHF, of Saltmar.she, b. 3 Aug. 16G0, 

bur. S Sept. 1711, at Howden, 1\1 . 1 . ^\'ill I Si'pl., \>\: 
7 Oct. 1711; mar. 17(H, Sarah, wid of Hionysius Jewit, 
\co., da\i. of . . . Skelton (remar. Thomas .\udus, gent, 
of Knedlingfon), d. 1715. They had issue - 

1. Philip Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe, b. 171)7, d. .s.p. 

i ■- / 6. 

'I:-': • il. 

'I I 

.'. \ ■ \ 

DlKiDALKS NlsriAl'lON OK YOKKSniKK. 107 

2. Arthur (XVITl). 

3. CInistopliL'r, bj). ut 1 louden Mar. 1713, liiir. there 

•22 Dec. 1717. 
Henrietta ]\luri;i, Itp. at llowdcii, 3 Jan. 1706, 
l>iir. tliere 1<J Jan. J73l'. M.l. 

XVIII. AUTHUll SALTMAllSHE, bp. 2l> AuJ,^ 1710, at Howden, 
d. 177G. Will 25 Apr. 17G7, pr. 177G; mar. 17 Dec. 
1751, at Eastringtun, Ann, dau. of Kuljert Mawson, of 
Outness, d. 17*J1. They had issue — 

Pliilip (XTX). 
Henrietta Maria, d. y. 

XIX. IMIILIl* SAi;rAIAUSIil<:, KSg., l.. 1753, .1. 19 April 1791, 

iM.I. at llowden. Will 22 Jan., j.r. . . . June 1791; 

mar. I^li/.ahel h, dau. of Chi'istopher IJawson, Ksi[., of 

Stony liovd, Halifax, d. 1.S3I. Tjiey had issue- 

1. Philip (XX). 

2. Aithur, 1). 25 Oct. I7.s|, d. s.p. 3 Jan. iStil; i,uir. 

Caroline; Ann, dau. of Alexander Oswald, l';^s(l. 
(rcmar. U.'v. Henry (Jamhle), d. IMar. l<Si)l. 

3. Christopher, of Halifax, \>. 10 May 178-1, d. 15 Oct. 

1852; mar. lirst, 3 'June 1817, Emma, dau. of 
John Rawson, l<]s(j., of Stony Moyd. Tluiy had 
issue — 

1. Arthur William, Lieut. 11th Hussar.s, d. 

>..p. of cholera at Varna 1851. 

2. Mnniia, coheiress, mar. Heru'v Harrison. Eso 

U.N. '' 

3. Delia, coheiress, mar. Dec. 1851, Robert 

Pattis(jn, of I'Minburgh. 
I. Catherine, coheiress, mar. Cabriel Lan", Esq. 
iMar. secondly Mli/abeth, tlau. of William Whit- 
more, i<]s(J. 

1. William, 1). 1-1 Nov. 1785, d. s.j). 
5. Sanuiel, b. 23 June 1790, d. y. 

1. Elizabeth, b. 2 Nov. 1 7S2, d. s.i-. 7 Jan. 1809, 

M.l. at Howden. 

2. Henrietta ]\laiia, b. IG Jan. 1787, d. s.p. at Madeira 

3 F.'b. 1811, M.r. at Howden. 

3. Anne Catherine, b. 20 May 17SS, d. s.p. 25 May 

1807, M.l. at Howden. " 

XX. PHILIP SAKTMARSHK, ESQ., of Saltmarshe, succeeded 

his -reat unch; Phihp, J. P., |).L., b. 15 Mar. 1780, d. 
2.S Nov. I81G, bur. at Howden, M.l. ; mar. 10 IMay 1821 
at SI. Marylebone, London, Harriet, dau. of RobiM't 
I'ciinison, (.f Kilnwick Percy. They had issue-- 
1. Philip (\XI). 

108 I)U(JI>ALK's visitation ok YORKSHIRE. 

2. Artlmr, Colonel in Army, 1). 8 Sept. 1831. 
;{ KulxTt, 1) l'2 Mar. IS:)."., niatiic. at K.xetcr Coll., Oxf., 
II Feb. I8r>2, (I. .s.p 25 Aug. iSo;-). 

1. Henrietta Maria, mar. lion, and Rev. Frank Sugden, 

<1. 25 Oct. 189S. 

2. Catherine l<'li/.alietli, mar. Henry NV'elis Allfrey, I'isq. 

XXr. PHILIP SAr;rMAIlSHK, KS(,) , of SaUmarshe, J.P., H.L. 
for East Uiding, h. !) Alai-. 1825; mar 12 May 1852, 
Planelie, dau. of lloherl^ henison, I'lsi]., of NN'aplington 
iMaiior, d. 21 Apr. 1880. 'i'lu'V had issue-- 

i. Phili}), Colonel, IJ.A., J. P., l>. 9 June 1853; mar. 
5 Sept. 18S3, l-:thel Murray, dau. of Charles 
Murray Adamson, of North Jesmond, Newcastle. 
They liave issue — 

Philip, b. 18 Apr. 1891. 
Ivy Oswald. 
Myrtle i'^lnard. 

2. Arthur Harrv, Lieut., 90th Regiment, b. 21 Mar. 

1855, kiih'd in South Africa, 30 Ai)r. 1878. 

3. Cecil, b. 12 .May, d. s.p. 23 Aug. 1856. 

1. KolxMt Edwin, b. 10 Nov. 1857, d. 1903. 

5. Ernest, b. 22 Nov. 1859. 

G. Hugh, d. s.p. 2 Feb. 1891. 

7. Lionel, b. 19 Apr. 18G3, C. E. 

8. Harold, b. 28 Sept. ISGO. 

9. Humphrey Arthur, b. HI Sept. 18G8. 
10. iJhmche Violet, d s.p. 

North Kilvinglon Branch. 

A. KDWAIll) SALTMAUSII, of X„rlh KUriH<ih>u, iu row. 
h'hor. [son of Philip SaJtniarsiie (XV) and Mary Stanley], a 
Papist, but Captain in the I'arlianieiitai'y arm\', of. ', / toiii. 
:',')" AiKj. (('' Ilinfj, bui'. 2G April 1G89 at KiikbyAViske ; 
VKir. 1G4() Muri/, dditijlitcr of >V' I'Jdic. Pdijlcr, of 'J'fioi'oldby, 
Hiir' . (I'elict of Francis Topham, of Oglethorpe), 1 wife, died 
ic"' out istiue. 

M(u\ July 1GI9 (r'crdrd, d()K(jhfer of William /n'/und, of 
iXosfc//, in com. /'.'hor., An*/., "J ii-ife (relict of Thomas 
lMe^'nell, l''s(|., of i\ ilvinglon). The\' had issue 
i. J'kilip (!'.). 
'Ji. Ui'inrd, ti't. 03 (inn. A Nonjuror 1715 and Catholic 

priest, b. 1653. 
3. Edirard, (vtat. 9 ami., bp. 5 Mar. ]655-() at Thoi-nton- 

hvStreet, bur. 9 Jan. 1683-1 at KirkbyAViske. 
.l/. I'rtrr, (('/. 7 (inn., a Nonjuror 1715, Cha])lain to 
Nuns at Pontoise, bp. 10 Oct. 1659 at Tliornton- 

\ \: , . \ 



Klizabvlh, (ft. S an. KHu), \mv. Jan. 1G74-5 at 

11 nil LI I' SAi;r,MAItSIll<], ..f Newl)y-Wi,sko, ot. IJ, an. 

:.'.! Ai«/. />;!!.'>, J.I'., i'.live in I (i!).'} l.iil, di-ad in 171:5; iiiur. 

IOTTj 'I'rolli, (Ian. of I'.iyaii Salviti, of Cr-(j.\(lal(', co. I)iiili., 

l.ur. at Coney St., Voik, l'<J May Ki.SI. TJK'y luul isbue - 

I'l.ilil." (C). 

I'ic-kcrin-;-, Iq). i) Kci). IIhG-T, Inir. liS INlar. l(iSL> at 

K iiki))- Wiskc. 
i<]li/.aJ)(>tli, l.|.i. at Kiikl)y-\N'' 10 Sept. ICiTH; mar. 
1\'Ut N'avasoui-, of Willitofl, at Kiiki)3-Wi.ske 
IG Vvh. 1700-1. 
Troth, a Nonjuror 1715, lip. 17 Jan. 1G79-80 at 
Kirkhy-AVi.skc, d. luunar., \>\w. 2 Oct. 1721 at Bel- 
frcy.s, 'York. Will I'S An-. 17l'l, pr. at York. 

C. PHILIP SALT.MAKSllK, KSQ., of York and Newby- 
Wiski', a Nt)njiiror 171;"), b. H)77, d. 18 July 1735, a^t. 58 
(]\Iu.sL;rave's Oliit.) ; niai-. at Liiicoln'.s ]nn Chapel 30 Nov. 
1701, Anno, dau. and h. of William de Moline.s, l"]sq., of 
»Sli(Mvil Court, .Southampton. Thev had issue — 

Philip, (1. y. 

W'illiam (D). 

(ilracc, d. nnmar. 

Ann, bur. at St. Cuthb.'rt'.s, York, 12 Jan. 170G-7. 

1). WILLIAM SALTMAllSHK, of York and Newby-Wiske, 
bp. at St. Culhlicrt's, York, 20 i\Iar. I70G-7,' il. at 
Nancy in Lorraini', circa 1777; mar. circa 1750, Lady 
Ann, dau. ()f Itobert Plunkctt, Earl of Fingall, d. at 
Nancy, circa l>^0l-2 They had issue — 

1. Philip, b, 1751, bur", at All Saints', York, 29 Apr. 


2. Philip, b. 15 July 1752, d. y. 

3. Philip (l^:). 

4. Charles, bur. at All Saints', York, 4 Jan 1760. 

5. James Thomas, bur. at .Ml Saints', York, 5 Feb, 17G1. 
G Luke, bill'. 21 Jan. I7(;;!. 

7. Luke, bur. Hi .May 1770. 

8. ,lohn, d. y. 
i». (Jeorge, d'. y. 

Theicsa, mar aM. Cartoldv, a Frenchman. 

Mary, d unmar. 

Henrietta Maria, \ 

Anastasia, I r i , vt i 

i,,- 1 ,, , ii\-ed at iNaiicy, a. unmar. 

I'iii/.alieth, •" 

Anne ('atherine, ' 

Catherine, b. I7GG, bur. 1 Nov. 1777, at York. 

.-, (• 



E. PHILIP SALT-AIAUSME, of York, only surviving son, 
I), at York, G .Jan. ITol, d. 22, Inii'. 2'J Mar. 17U7, at 
St. Ciitlil)i'rt's, ^^)rk ; )nar. ITiSI, Coii.staril ia, dan. of" 
'.riioina.s l''it/,licrl)('rt, lvs(i., ot" SwyniK'rtoii (wid of Joseph 
Hrocklinlcs, l']s(|., ot" C'laiiglitoii, en. Jjauc). 

Authorities — I iifoi'iiiatioii from Colonel Philip Saltinarshe — Wills^ 

Olaro \Va1»K.\I'AKK., If) Aug. 16G5. 

(!t lap bam 



Arms: — Quiirtcil}' of Six: — 

1. Aigfiil, oil ii bcnil A/airo nix Hfur.s-dc-li.s (h-, two, two, and 

tw(j ((/'lapliaiii). 

2. Arf^'eiit, on ;i hriLiI Sable tlii'ci? fo\iTL'(l ciiiiH Or ('I'liorn ton). 

3. (iuli's, on :i tower Or a licrcHi Arucnt (Sullon). 

4. (Jllli'.-^, a i-m-k slaiulint;- on an I'scallop Oi' (( )l 1 1 rl)ornc). 

T). .\i-u'<'nl, llni'c i.;re\ honnil.s in pale eouranl Salile, eolliu'eil Or 

(1. Siilile, H erii--s lielween four niaideu-s liead.s (■(iu|ie(l al llie 
■slieuld.'i-s Ar-ent, lialiiled of I lu' .second, erined Or (Moore). 
CuKST: — .\ lion rauipant Sal)le, holdinj,' a swcud .\iL;ent, liilt and {loiiiel Or. 

I. THOMAS Cr.APIIAM, mar. Klizahetli, dau. ami eoh. <f 

William Moore of Ottcrhurii, and 'riiomasine, dau. and 

edh. of I'eter .Mauleverer i)f l>eamsl(!\'. Thev had i.ssuo - 

John, Lancastrian (General, said to have cut oil" the 

head of Jasper, i^arl of Pemhroke, in the Church 

porcli of iianhury. 

Thomas (II). 

Laurence, j . ,, \r- -, ,• 

V,. , in file \ isilations. 


IL THOALVS CLAPIIAM, of H.-amsley, mar. Mar-aret, dau. 
of Walter Calverley, Ks(j , of Calverley, mar sett. 21 Sept. 
21 Hen. VI (1442). Tiiey had i.s.sue— 

•,• '■!. >' 
) h // 

I)U(;i)ALk's visitation ok voRKsiiiiii':. Ill 

William (HI). 



Joliii, (0 fatliei- of David Claphain, of London, who 

d. I.^);")!, and wiiosc; life is in tho " I )iclioiiai'y of 

National r)io;,n-a,]ihy." 
Al;ii('s, mat-. Kichaid lu'dnian. 
ldi/.al)eth, mar. Thomas . . . , of Mcthley. 
Ann, mar. . . . Bosvile. 
Thomasin, mar. Thomas Nosfield, of Flashy. 

Hi WlldJAM C^i.AIMlAM, ln.|. T.M. 17 Ort. 9 llm. VTIl 
(if. 17) says he d. KS Dec 1^1 Hen. VI i (1508); 
mar. Jane, dan. of Sir William Scar-ill, of Lead Hall; 
sell. 5 Sept. 8 Edw. IV (1-1G8;. They had issue — 

1. Christopher (IV). 

2. Jaines, \ ^^^ ^j^^ Visitations, 
o. .lolni, ) 

Jennet, mar. William Montalto, of Moiling Hall 

Agnes, mar. Walter W^ood, of Little Timhle. 
Luey, mar. John Malham, of IClslack (Cllover). 
Isaliell, mar. Christo})her Parkinson, of Storys. 
Anne, mar. Henry Young, of Appletreewick. 
Elizabeth, mar. John .P>anke, of J^ank Newton. 
Thomasine, mar. Ivobert Scarborough, of Glusburn. 

TV. CinilSTOrHEU CLAIMIAM, twenty-four years old at his 
father's \iu\. I'.M., d. 10 Nov. lolO as per hi.i. P.M. 
;i() Sept. ;;;{ lien. VIU (hlll). Admon. ■2-2 Jan. lplO-1; 
inar. iirst . . . , ilau. of . . . Pati-lille, of Stamford. 
Mar. secondlv .\nne, dau. of William Smith, of Whicheote. 
Thev had issue 
1.' Willian\ (\'). 
■J. Symon. 

3. llo-er. 

4. Henry. 

5. I'^rancis. 

Margaret, mar. iirst Arthur Dyneley, of Swillington, 

secondly George Mount ford ((i lover). 
Anne, mar. (Jeorge I Tarrison of Ijondon. 
I';iizab(!lh, mai-. NN'illiam K'elk. 
Katherine, mar. Simon l>igby, of LulVenham. 

V. WILLIAM OLArilAlSl, twenty-four years old at his father's 
ln.|. P.M. ; mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir William "Middleton, 
of Slockheld. They had issue 

(.•rnnjr (Vh." 





lleicules, mar. l^^lizabetli, dau. of Tlionias Ik'ckwitli, 

of Clint (Clover). 
Anni', mar. . . . Tliwaitcs, of Mar.ston, secondly, 

l''ranci.s (Jalc, of Aeonib (Jrange, thirdly, John 

Ingleh) of l.awklands Hall, who purc'iia.sed the 

manor of Clajiham. 

VI. GEORGE CLAPHAM, of JJeamshnj, in com. Ebor., E.-<(/'-., 
(?)A(hnon. ."H) A]ii-. 1012; vuir. (Utthrrlnn, ddnijhter of 
W'" 77i/nii//.^, of Lttiidc, ill ro. . . ■ , 1 '' ivi/e. The} had 
issue — 

1. Gir.sham (VII). 
'.?. WilUdni. 

3. Chnrhs (?) mar. Frances, dau. of Thomas Beckwith, 
of Clint (Clovei',. 
Elizaht'th, mar. first John Crosland, of Helmsley, 
secondly AVilliam Ashley, of ^lalthy, 12 Feb. 

Mar. Eliz., ddiKjliter of . . . ^f on/an of . . . com. llercf. 
;.•'"' loij'c. 

VII. GRESHAM CLAP 11 AM, of Beomdcy, in co. Ehor., Es<f., 
died d" l(:()'2, v.p., lived also at Wither and Cottingley. 
AVill 3 ]\Tar. 1G02-3, j.r. at York 2.3 Feb. 1G03-4 (vol. x.xix, 
p. 214); iiinr. Anne, dniK/hicr of L'o})'. Will. Einhcr, son 
of John Eishir, of ]\irkin</ton, in co. U'dV):, named in her 
liusljand's will. They had issue — 
Gcoiye (V\\\). 

-S''' SheJ/icld C'lajihdin, K'., Major Gcncridl at Stood 
in Gerrnani/, Knighted at PlyiUfnith 1025, bp. at 
Leeds, 13 Nov. 1.580; viar. . . . danyhtcr of 
. . . lirahaiit. They had issue — 

Anne, irifr to Thomas Assliton, son to 

S' luijihc Asslo/on, of Wlodhij, in coin. 

Lane. ; lie. at Rotterdam, 7 Feb. 1644-5. 

Kali.h, bp. at Leeds 21 Dec. 1579. 

Richard, bj). at Leeds 11 Feb. 1581-2, named in 

his father's will. 
Robert, bp. at Leeds 23 June 1583. 
Ale.xandei-, bp. at Leeds 3 June 1584, named in 

his father's will. 
Francis, bp. at T.eeds 1 July 1586, bur. at Leeds 

7 May 1587. 
William, b[i. at Leeds 26 Aug. 1587, luimed in his 

father's will. 
Conicrs, named in his father's will. 
Grace, bp. at Leetis 15 June 1585, bur. there 17 Oct. 

Anne, bp. at Leeds 18 Dec. 1588, named in her 
father's will. 

• I. .1 , / 

DUODAMO'S N'lsri'A'I'lON OK VOltKSiriRK. 113 

Aiiiye, naiiu'd in Iicr father's will. 
JMiirgaret, naiiu'd in \ivv father's will. 
I'lli/.abeth, iiaiiird in her fathei-'s will. 
IV'nelupe, iiaincnl in her father's will. 

VIM. (!EOR(;i<: CLAl'llAM, of Jhainsh'i/ and Ueworth, died in 
a" . . . , l)ur. at St. O'lave's, York, 1(5 Get. lOl'D (C.B.N. ). 
Will [ .luly 1029, pr. at York 5 ^lar. 1629-30; viar. 
Martlut, ildiiiiJitcr of' /u'l/inald //i:ht'i\ of Maiii'ii, in cum. 
h'hoi-., lie. 1G03, at (Jar^rave, hur. at St. Olave's, York, 
1 Nov. 1G32 (C.H.N. ). Will 25 Oct, pr. at Y'ork 30 Nov. 
] (132. 'iliey had issue -^ 
I. S'- iihrislophn- (IX). 
L^ ,/<tsi<(s ChijiJi(un, Citizen, of Vvrke, 20s. in his fatlier's 

will. Adnion. at Y^nk 18 May 1639(0. 
-!>'. (I'rori/c C/i(ph(iin, slain at Newcastle for Charles I 

('['h()resl)y), named in his inoth(;r's will. 
Jf. Rirltitrd (Jl(ij)/i<(iii, (!((}>' o/' a fimle coinjxini/ lender 

• .S''' liiclidrd lUron. 
O. Thonuis Claphiiiii, aldiine tU Pres/ou fiijht in Laii-, (t" Ji) . . , ill the nervLce of K. Cluirles 

0. Willia)n C'/aj>/tiun, a Canarij Merchant., named in 

his mother's will, bur. 19 May 1G78 at Canter- 
bury Catliedral (JlarL Society liegisters, 11, 

1. Elizabeth, ivife to Richard Dawson, of Ueworth, in 

CO. Ehor., named in her father's and mother's 

wills, lie. 1622 at P.olton. 
.-''. Jan'\ wife of Rohert (j'odsoune, of Water Fonlforth, 

neere unto Yorkc, named in her father's will. 
S. Anne, icife of 7'hoi/i(is Morlei/, uf \Vi)ininyfon, in co. 

Lane, Ks(j' . 

IX. S'- (J 1 Nil STOP 1 1 ER CL API/AM, of BeamHJeij, K'., mt. .57, 
ann. 1 ') Am/. J^ih'-'j. Kinghted 8 June 1660. Of Uthng- 
ton, CO. i^inc. M.P. for Stamford 1659 and Appleby 
16()0; bought the luanor of WakeHeld al)Out 16G3 ; bur. 
at St. Mary's, Stamford, Ki Aw^. 1686. Will 5 May, 
pr. 6 Dec, 1686 (1M!.C. Lloyd l(i2); nnir. Mart/ daiojhtrr 
(if John Loinlen, of Wviiithoi-jie jii.iia Wali'fuld, in com. 
Ehor., /^.s'v'., / iri'fr, b. 23 July 1607, d. "l Aug. IG37. 
They had issue 

j'. SheDield (X). 

7. Marij, mife uf Matthew Pitmati, Citizen of London. 
John, b. 3 Oct. 1627, d. y. 
.Mar. .\Ln-ijarit, daiKjh. of A nth. Oldf'ild, of Spaldinij, in 
rniii. Line, A'.s'7'., inidoir of foliert }L>i/le, L'ai/'., one <f 
th' lonthonolai lies if the Court if Cotiiiiion /'/eii.t, ;3 n<lfe, 
at St. IVter'b,' Cornhill, 11 May 1G39, bp. at Spalding 



.1 i '!'■ r.i. 

f r . « . . f 


30 Apr. 1607, bur. at 8t. IMai-y's, Stamford, 30 Jan. 
167^. Tliey luul i.s^iue — , 

A Christopher, of Htaniford, admitted to Grays Inn 
13 Felj lG6t,. (1. If) Nov. 1677, l)ur. at Hiicli- 
in-ton, CO. Kent ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. and coli. 
of" Thomas Crispe, of Quex, eo. Kent (remar. 
Sir I'.dward Aiuh'os, r!..vernor of New \ork), 
bur. at St. (iiU's in the Fields, IS Aug. 1703 
(Chester). Tliey had issue- 
Christopher, of St. iMartin's in the Fields, 
mar. Eleanor, dau. of Claydon Jolly, 
wid. of Christopher Clapham (XI), at 
St. ISIar-arct's, Westminstei-, 31 Aug. 
1712, she was bur. at Westminster Abbey 
•_".) Oct. 17-lM. Will 2;") Aug. 1717, pr. 
•Ji) Oct. 17 18 (Chester). They had i.ssue— 
Grace, d. Vo Nov. 1724, tet. nine 
years, bur. 18 Nov.followingat St. 
Margaret's, Westminster, trans- 
ferred to AVestminst(;r x\bbey 
29 Oct. 1748, to be bur. with 
her mother (Ciiestei). 


Llconje, dlfd i/onut/. 

aejlhy, dud yuniKj. • , , , 

2. Manjarcf, uuf- of S'' WiUm. Cravm, of Appirtn^t- 

virk; in co. Jihor., bur. at ]^.inley 21 Apr. 1/11. 

.; Klizabtlh, mar. Sir Uoger Jieckwith, I'.art., of .\ld- 

borough, d. 1 Dec. 1673, bur. at Marham. 

M(irlh<t, died i/oiiih/. 

Alllir, dird l/nllll(/. 

.M'lr thirdly Marv Nccdham, dau. of Tvobcrt, Viscount 
Kihm.rev of Shcn'ton, lie. 26 .\\u: 1678 at St Martin's 
»,rSt I'iud's, Covi-nt (hirdcn, d. 28 Nov., bur. 2 Dec. liO-, 
at St. Mary's, Stamford. Will 21 Oct. 1702, pr. 7 June 
1703 (P.C.C. Degge 87). 
X SHEFFIELD CLAPHAM, Exq., at. oG avn. 15 Amj. ir>r>r>, 
d v.p. ; mar. Elxznhrth, daiujhtn- of S>- /kajamm Thnrn- 
hnry, late Eisshop of Worcester. They had issue — 
1. Christopher (XI). 

h'iehard, at. f> an. IdOo, bp at Skiptoii 3 .Nov. 

l(;r)9, bur. at l'.ariiack, co. Northampton ; mar. 

Kalhcriiir, dau. of Claydon Jolly. 

tl. Wdt'm, ,rt. ; u,n>., l.p. iit Skipton 28 Aug. 1661, 

(1. unmar., bur. at Stamford July 168/. 

FFizahelh. at. 1 ', aan. ir><;r>; mar. 20 Apr. 1676, 

Jlenry Mitciiell, of INloor Allei'ton (Thoiesby). 
Anne, at. W ann., mar. Joseph Whitley, of Leeds 

Mary, at. ii aim. 10(J5, bp. at Skipton, 4 Aug. 

ill •! ( 

I)U(;1)ALk's \ I.SI'l'A'l'lON OK YOIiKSIIlllK. 115 

15enj;iiiiiii, named in lii.s gi-aii(lfatlier's will, bp. at 
Skiploii, 20 Aug. 1(171; niai-. l']lizal>elli, dau. of 
Claydun Jull)'. Thoy had issue- - 
Five daughters. 

Ellinur, bp. at 8kiptou 18 Oct. 16G5. 

Frances, bp. at Skipton 5 I )ec. 1G68; mar. . . . 
Waddiiigton, uf iMooi' AlhsiUjn (Thuresby). 

.\l. CIIUlSTOriIKh' CLAFIIAM, irt. S ami. 15 Amj. 160,5, 
lip. aL Ski[tt()n (i Aug. I(j57, Hviiig in London 1705; 
mar. I'llt-anor, eld. dau. of (Jlaydon Jolly, of West Deeping, 
CO. Line, gent, (remaf. anotiicr Uin-istophei- Clapham, see 
above), bur. at Westminster Abbey 29 Oct. 1718. They 
iiad issue- — 

'I'hree sons, d. young. 

By Gerald Fothkroili,. 

(Contiiniol froii, ),. WH.) 

Dakcik, l*^(l\\'iird, 1.'5, to Bcighen, witli his master, llic. Gipps, 18 Apl. 

SnAKi'iK, Nathaniel, 2t, Whitefiiars, to Leyden, 18 Apl. 1632. 
K.A.WLIN,S0N, Ehzabeth, 65, Philpott Lane, with three children, Sara 

Stastinore, I'i, Job Stastmore, 7, Mary Stastinore, 5, also Marie 

Thickins, 41, to Amsterdam, 18 Apl. 1632. 
Sini'li<:r, James, 13, to Rome, to dwell with Mr. Backbone, 18 Apl. 1632. 
Lkdsh.vm, Ralph, 22, to Amsterdam, to his abode, 20 April 1632. 
Lkavkk, Thomas, 12, son of John Leaver, to Amsterdam, 23 Apl. 1632. 
CoLK, Thomas, 47, of Southwark, to Amsterdam, 23 Apl. 1632. 
Evans, Ann, 40, wife of John Evans, of Rotterdam, to same, 23 Apl. 

Nkwton, Bryan, 23, of Leydon, to same, 24 Apl. 1632. 
N'aknuam, i^ih/.abeth, 10, wife of Tho. Varnham, resident in Utricht, 

to same, 24 Apl. 1632. 
MuDi), Dorothy, 21, wife of h'rancis Mmhl, resident in Rotterdam, to 

.same, 24 Apl. 1632. 
Clant, Dorothy, 30, wife of Jacob Clant, dwelling in Aucusen, & her 

(hiughter, Martha, 7 months old, 24 Apl. 1632. 
liUiMK, licttice, 44, wife of Oeo. Lupic, resident in Aucusen, to same, 

iV her (hiiigliler, Aime, 10 years, 24 A})1. 1632. 
Ki'.Ah, Sara, 10, iV. her son, lienrv, II, lo Rotlenhun, 2(5 A])r. 16.32. 
CoLis iiarbaiic, If), wife of 4'ho. ('oK;, dwelling in Amsterdam, to same, 

26 Apr. 1632. 


FTu.MFRiES, Alice, 35, wife of Tvni. Humfries, resident Tower Wharfe, 

& lier son, Tvniotliie, 7, toDelfl, 2(5 A[>1. 1632. 
DoKKKLL, Katheritie, 38, of Bisho])s<4ate, to Rotterdam, 20 Apl. 1(132. 
Davison, Margaret, 22, to Delft, her abode, & 
GoLK, Mariiaret, 21, 26 Apl. 1G32. 
IMiTCHELL, John, 23, & his mother, Alice INIurray, GO, to ]\Iiddleburgli, 

26 April 1G32. 
FouTRKE, Sara, 25, & 
BovERiE, 19, to Rotterdam, 20 Apl. 1632. 
TluBYNN, Nicholas, 3 months, son of l^liz. Hnbvnn, alien, to Hage, 

with his parents, 27 Ai)l. 1632., Elizabeth, 28, wife of John Scorsin-, of Mi.ldleburf^li, to same, 

& son John, 3 years, 27 Apl. 1632. 
Sutton, ,)o., l(i, servant fo Ric. Dttiicll, dwelliiiii in Little Kastchepe, 

to Rotterdam, 27 Apl. 1(532. 
TisPURlE, Fdizabeth, 32, to Amsterdam, to her abode, 27 A].!. I(i32. 
RiVETT, Annis, 24, to Brill, to dwell with Edw. Os])orne, 27 A\)\. 1632. 
Day, Richard, 28, to Amstenlam, 27 Apl. 1(;32. 
'riiKSSAM, Edward, 38, to Flanders, 28 Apl. 1632. 
Lack, Libbias, 50, ct, Sara Harris, 10, to IMetller, 27' Apl. 1632. 
JoiiNKS, Aim, 20, to Bero-hen, to her dweliuiii, 28 Ajd. 1()32. 
'ri'KNKR, Elizabeth, 31, to Flushing- to her abode, 28 Apl. 1632. 
-VltiiV, iMr. ILmuv, 30, Preacher to Col. Broagne's Regiment, &: his 

.servant, James I\Iurra\-, 20 \-ears old, 28 A|)l. 1632. 
EvNcH, J^ara, 10, A' her danghtei', Ann, 10 vears old, to Hague, to her 

;diod(', 2H \\A. 16:52. 
Watso.n, Siizan, 17, of K. Sniilhlicld, in Cock Allev, 30 Apl. 1632. 
Halmi'ohi), Samuel, 32, Minister al the llage, to the same, 30 Apl. 1632. 
Walravkn, John, 2, son of I'eler Walraven, alien resident in 

St. Katherine's, to Dort, 30 Apl. 1632. 
HosKVNs, l^ichard, 25, <fe wife, Joan, 28, ^k their daULdite.r, l^llizabeth 

lloskyns, 1, to KInshing to their abode, 30 Apl. 1632. 
Hi'MtKicc, ,lane, 28, \' her three children »^' nuhle ser\aiil, viz., Thomas, 

2, IMiilli|., 1, i':ii/.;ibe(h, ;i, .V I'llizahelh l'ryc<'. 20, to l''liishing, to 

their abode, 30 Apl. 1632. 
Kent, Ann, 15, daughter of Mr. l^'rancis Kent, resident in S. Marie Hill, 

& Elizabeth Kent, 12 years old, to Flushing, 30 Apl. 1632. 
Bacon, Thomas, 23, to Delfe, 30 Apl. 1632. 
C!()RNi,SH, Geo., 15, to Rome, 1 May 1632. 

Mu.noKNE, Hesler, 52, iV Elizabeth Croseii, 31, to Lilloskoine, 2 May 1632. 
DoDswoitTii, (Jcoi-;"(', 50, resilient in West)-., who is to pass to Dint, 

2 Mav 1632. 
GiniilNS, Margari't, 22, & Jane Kmght, 38, to Ulridit, It) (heir husbands, 

2 May 1632. 
Edwards, Sara, 36, to Flushing, 2 May 1632. 
Wki'.I!, Jo, 21, James (lame, 21, William Person, 23, to Delft, to their 

dwelling, 2 M;iv 1632. 
Hami', bMizabelli, .'.J, iV her son, William llamp, 16, to llage, 2 May 1632. 
Cuil'S, William, 70, resident in Cicesler in (llouceslershiic, to Rotterdam, 

2 Mav l<i;52. 

|./'i:ir -II 

i -, . ■ ' 

i-:n(;lani) iikvond imik sioas. I 17 

''ii\TrKin'()N, Kdinoiul, 32, k his kinsman, ]\o\nv Chatterton 17 to 

l)>'ll't, 2 May I(i32. 
Mathias, Ann, 21, (lau<rhtcr of Taul Matliius, r.'sident in S. ()eor«ro's 

Lane, to Auistcnlani, 2 May 1G32. 
liKAix.sii, Jolm, 50, Sc his dau^'htcr, Elizabeth, 22, resident in Raveld, 

in Kent, to Rotterdam, 2 May 1632. 
Cuit.NWALL, Wm., 42, & wife, Alice, 41, to Delft, 3 May 1632. 
llKN'i.iK, William, 10, of Whitefriers, to Amsterdam. 3 May 1632. 
Oi'KN, Ann, 23, wile of Ric. Oten, resident in Flnshinjr, who is to passe 

over thither, 3 May 1632. 
.Ma.son, Francis, 24, to Flushing, to his abode, 3 May 1632. 
Ray, Ralph, 66, resident in Blackwall, to S. Omcrs, 3 May 1632. 
Si'i'MCHovKN, Katherine, 34, to Middlebnr^h, witli her husband a 

Ducliman, 4 May 1632. 
LowciiiN, Jane, 33, servant to the Quinm of Roliemia at the Ha«e 

4 Mav 1632. 

I [a V.MAX, Robert, 39, resident in Newton Bushell, co. Devon, to Girkon, 

to \isit his sister, 4 May 1632. 
Hladwkll, Katherine, 70, & Ann Doget, 21, to Hambursh, 4 Mav 1632. 
Smith, Tlu)nias, 30, re.sident at ye Mint in Southwark, to Flushing 

o Mav 1632. ' "" 

IIkath, P>artholomew, 35. dwellinu in Warwick, to An^sterdam 5 May 

Hakdinm.!, l\Iar}j;aret, 20, to Marcells, to her husljand, 5 May 1632. 
HiJOWNi;, Ann, 25, to Amsterdam, to her abode, 5 May 1632. 
llouiOKTS, F^'an, 22, to Marcells, to work, 5 May 1632. 
HuKKOWKS, Roj^er, 23, to .Marcells, to \\(>i\<, b('in«- lether dressers 

5 May 1632. 

TiSHUHiK, Jo, 42, resident in (iilford, in Surrev, to Am.sterdam 5 May 

VliALio, Mar<j;erie, 26, to Amsterdam, to her abode, 5 May 1632. 
Ui:i!i), Su/.an, 2'.). wifi> of Abia. licnl, rcsi.lcnt in St. Switliin's parish 

lo Del II, 7 Mav 1632. 
Si'UANtji;, .loiin, 2'), seivant to the la: St. Le<;er, to Dort, 7 May 1632. 
Wai)1)K.\, John, 14, son of Jo. Wadden, resident in Plymouth, who is 

to pass to Amsterdam to remain there a time at school, 7 May 1632. 
I'^Li.iOTT, Jane, 17, seivant to ye la : St. Le.i^er, who is to i^issc to Dort 

7 I\biv 1632. 
Smith, William, 14, to Amsterdam, to be an apprentice to one William 

("ock, 8 May 1632. 
Ci.AKK, Richard, 52, dwellin<r at Twicknam, necre Brainford (Brent- 
ford), to Rotterdam, 8 May 1632. 
t'oACH.MAN, John, 40, (!ranbrooke, Kent, to llage, 8 May 1632. 
(LvKFiKLi), Benjamin, 21, son in law of Mr. Christopher Paris, residing 

in Clerkenwell, to Paris, 9 May 1632. 
GiFFORi), Henric, 40, & his wife "named Marie Oifford, 25 to Ha"e 

9 May 1632. 
Brownk, (Jeorge, 33, resident at Oallowav, in Ireland, to Amsterdam 

9 May 1632. 

.; I: 

V i,. 7/ 'l(»' 

. . I . 'ifi 


TuNNis, Sara, 10, daughter of Sebastian Tunis, resident in Dort, to 

Dort, 11 May 1032. 
LowKK, Sir Franeis, Knt., 50, & l>is son, Nicholas Lower, 18, resident 

in Salt Ash, co. Devon, to Sirifkseas, 11 May 1G32. 
Caktkr, Wynifred, .'50, servant to Mr. Atkinson, resident in Rotterdam, 

to Rotterdam, 11 May 1G32. 
Gii^i'iN, Phillip, 50, k wife & son, viz., Ann, 35, John, 2, to Rotterdam, 

to their abo<le, \i May ]()32. 
Harner, Arthur, 50, & Judith, his wife, 40, to Rotterdam, to their 

dwelling, 12 May 1632. 
Balden, Martin, 27, wife Alice Balden, 31, & their daughter, Rebecca, 

18 months, to Amsterdam, to their dwelling, 15 May 1632. 
Stacie, Ann, 25, servant to one Mrs. Stone, dwelling in St. Martin in 

Fields, to Amsterdam, with her Mrs. a Duch-woman, 15 May 

Kemp, Wm., -15, to Hamburgh, 12 May 1632. 
Thompson, Joan, 22, & Ann Scott, 12, daughter of Ann Scott, a French 

woman, to St. Kantin's, in Picardia, to their abode, 17 May 1632. 
Watts, Ann, 43, wife of John Watts, dwelling in Sirrickseas, to same, 

17 May 1632. 
Kevenook, Moricc, 22, servant to the Lo. Strange, to Hage, 19 May 1632. 
Allen, John, 31, & wife, Marie, 26, & her daugliter Ellin, 6, to Amster- 
dam, to their dwelling, 19 Mav 1632. 
Holland, Suzan, 2(5, dwelling in liotterdam, to Rotterdam, 19 May 1632. 
lilcKUSE, Dorothie, servant to one Mrs. Duncoinbe, resident in Middle- 
burgh, to .same, 19 May 1632. 
SuTTiE, Marie, wid., 50, & Francis Siittie, 23, lier daughter, to Laideii, 

to their dwelling, 24 May 1632. 
Sone, Abraham, 21, son of Kat Sone, wid., dwelling in St. Nicholas 

Lane, to Middleburgh, 25 May 1632. 
l"''i,Ki(iii'',i<, Ann, l(), wife of Tlio. i''letcher, resident iu Middleburgh, 

25 May 1632. 
UivAi-sKoirni, Jcidin, 51, resident in S. OHnc's, to h'otterdam, 25 May 

Hill, Sara, 30, wife of Mathias Hill, resident in (iirkon, 25 May 1632. 
WiLLMOTT, Jo., 21, son of Jno. Wilmot, resident in St. Giles in Fields, 

to Flushing, 25 May 1632. 
MiCHELL, Planted, 23, & wife, Grace, 31, to Amsterdam, 25 May 1632. 
Sanker, Judith, 45, wife. of Christopher Sanker, a souldier in Delft, 

to same, 25 May 1632. 
Russell, Robert, 50, resident in Blackwall, & wife, Margerie Russell, 

50, to Amsterdam, 25 May 1632. 
Palmkr, Burvord, 27, of Amsterdam, to same, 25 May 1632. 
Pkeestman, Jerom, 50, of Southwark, to Amsterdam, 26 May 1632. 
Lord, John, 16, son of Jo. Lord, dwelling in St. Clement's Lane, to 

Nance, in France, to remaine there a time, 26 May 1632. 
Younglove, Robert, 26, of Amsterdam, to same, 26 May 1632. 
Underwood, John, 28, dwelling in Amsterdam, & Giles Hyett, 31, 

to same, 26 May 1632. 

I' w I- 

■: .-! . ■■] 

KN(iL\NI) I5KV()N1) 'I'lIK SICAS. 1 1 'J 

MuNN, John, IG, to Serrickseas, with his father, a soldier, there, 26 May 

MuNDAY, Jane, 28, wife of Jo. Muaday, soldier in Tergoo, 26 May 

Fellman, Elizabeth, 2-1, & her sister, Alice Greene, 16, to Amsterdam, 

26 May 1632. 
Hackklls, Katheriiie, 19, of Amsterdam, to Amsterdam, 26 May 

Strowdio, John, 35, of Sontham[)ton, to Middlehurgh, 28 May 1632. 
liowK, Thomas, 54, & Svmon Walson, 35, to ilage, to serve the Queene 

of Bohemia, 28 May 1632. 
Ashley, Ann, 25, daughter of Richard Ashlie, resident in Amsterdam, 

to Amsterdam, 28 May 1632. 
Butler, Alec, 21, Lowcountryes to her dwelling, 28 May 1632. 
llENNiE, Joan, 11, k her son, William Itennie, 5, dwelling in Middle- 

hnrgh, iV one Margaret 'Phornc, IC), to same, 2'.) May 1602. 
Swii'TK, (Jodfrey, 18, to Low Countiyes to visit his friends there, 

29 May 1632. 
Smith, Margaret, 50, resident in Boston, co. Line, & lier servant, Andrew 

vSmith, 25, to Rotterdam, 1 June 1632. 
\Vhei:i>i;r, Thomas, 22, servant to Hen. (.'owes, resident on London 

Bridge, to Klushing, 1 June 1632. 
Krani KLIN, William, 22, k Tho. i'oole, 21, resident at High Wickham, 

CO. liucks, to Amsterdam, 1 June l()32. 
Clifton, Criston, 12, dt. to Mr. Clifton, resident in Amsterdam, 1 June 

Vanhulst, Tobias, 22, son of Peter Vanhulst, dwelling in Dukes Place, 

to Dort. 
Mariegold, Peter, 33, of Colchester, to Dort, 2 June 1632. 
Hill, Aime, 28, & her two children, Abraham, 8, & Henrie Hill, to 

Utricht, 2 June 1632. 
liAlSELlE, Elizabeth, 27, & hci' daughter, Elizabeth, 6 months, to 

Berghenaproon, to their dwelling, -4 June 1632. 
Parmontere, Katherine, 2, daughter of Katherine Parmontere, French- 
woman, to Amsterdam, with her mother, 4 June 1632. 
Bennet, Alice, 27, to Dort, to her dwelling, 4 June 1632. 
Stone, Rebecca, 24, to Rotterdam, to remaine, 5 June 1632. 
(JuooME, (lartred, 22, wife of Josei)h (Jroome, resident in the Bosh, 

Sc ]<iliz. Love, 21, to same, 5 J\ine 1632. 
lloiiiNsoN, Elizabeth, 21, to llage, to dwell with Mr. Harvie, 6 June 

Chaworth, Thomas, 46, & wife, Margaret, 42, to Hage, 6 June 1632. 

(I'u be. continiifd.) 

I J,. 



Cuiitril)uteil !)}■ AiiTHUii J. Jkweus. 
(^Cuntinucd from ji. (ii).) 

OsBORNK, Sir James, at Brussels, having three sons, viz. : (1) Ulric, 
(2) Lawrence, (3) Albert. He is descended of the family of Sir 
Francis Osborne, of Norfolk. Per cross Gu. and Erm. in the 
first and fourth quarters a dolphin naiant emb. Or. Crest — A tiger 
pass. Sa., collared, lined and tufted Or. Gonf. by Sir Edw. Walker, 
at Brussels, 1 Sept. 1G58. Add. MS. 14,294; Harl. MS. 1,172. 

OsHOKNE, John, " next door to ye Lord Maiors." Arg. on a bend 
betw. two tigers ramp. Sa. three ih)lphins emb. Or. C'rest — 
Krom a coronet Or, a tiuer's head Sa., mane and tusks Or. 
liarl. MS. r).SG9. 

OsBouRNK, John, of SufTolk. Gr. 1578. Sa. scmee of billets and a 
grillin segr. Or. Grest — A unicorn pass. Or, horn twisted of the 
first and Sa., gorgetl with a coronet and line of the second. 
Harl. MS. 1,359; Achl. ]\1S. 4,96(5. 

OswouRNE. rKTKU, of LoncU)n. Pat. by R. Cook, Clar. Arg. a bend 
Erms. betw. two lions ramp. Sa. Crest — A lion's head erased 
Erms. crowned Or. Harl MS. 1,359. 

Otios, William, Ksq., Serjeant at Arms. i*]rni. a lion ramp. Az. 
armed and langued Gu. Add. MS. 2G,753. 

OuDART, Nicholas, E.sq., descentled from a good family in the Duchy 
of Burgundy, in Brabant, a native of the city of Mechlin, but 
trained up in England first under Sir Henry Wotton, and after 
Secretary to Sir William Boswell, H.M. Resident with the States 
General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, after Secretary 
to Sir Edward Nicholas, Principal Secretary of State. Conf., 
1 May 1645, by Sir E. Walker, dlarter, on being shown his paternal 
coat as only son of Christopher (Judart, Esq., dec., as borne by his 
ancestors for many geneiations. (Quarterly, 1 and 4. Arg. three 
martlets volant Sa. ; 2 and 3, (Ju. tliree lleurs-de-lys Arg. Crest — 
A nuxrtlet volant Sa. betw. two wings Arg. Add. MS. 14,294. 

OuTLAWE, Thomas, of Witchingliam, co. Norfolk, s. of Ralph Outlawe. 
Gr. June 1613. Arg. a .saltire Gu. betw. four wolves' heads couped 
ppr. Crest — A demi-wolf ppr., wo\inded in the shoulder by an 
arrow Or, head and feathers Arg., endirued Gu. Stowe MSS. 
706 and 707. 

OvKit, .... of Pat. by Sir \V. Segar, Garter. Or. (ui a bend Az. 

a frette of the field. Crest — A dove rising Or, beak and legs Ou. 
Add. MS. 12,225. 


OvKKiiURY, TjioiMAS, of Ast()n-sub-Ed<i;(',, CO. (Jloucostcr. Pat. by R. 
Cooke, Clar. 8a. a imillot bctw. two boiullots Arg. Crest — A 
lion's ])a\v erect and erased Arg., enfilcd by a coronet Or. liar]. 
MS. 1,359. 

Overman, , of Southwark, Surrey. Pat. 1628. Az. a chev. 

betw. three fleurs-ile-lis Or, on a chief of the hist a Hon pass. gard. 
Oil. Crest — A leopard sej. ppr., in the de.xter paw a fleur-de-lis 
Or. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Owen, Edward, of Shrewsbury, Conf. by R. Cook, Clar. Arg. a 
lion ramp., Sa., armed Az., a canton of the second. Crest — Two 
eagles' heads addorsed and conjoined Sa., erased Gu. Harl. MS. 

Owen, George, of , co. Oxford, Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Garter. 

Per chev. Or, and Az., in chief two roses Gu., barbed Vert, and in 
base an ostrich feather Aig. Crest— A cubit arm erect vested 
Sa. cut? P]rm., the hand ppr. hokling a laurel wreath Vert, fructed 
Gu. Stowe MS. 092. 

Owen, Thomas, of Lincoln's Inn. Conf. by R. Cook, Clar. 1, Arg. 
a lion ramp, Sa., armed Az., a canton of the second ; 2, Per bend. . 
and. . . .a bend betw. six martlets counter-changed ; 3, Arg. on a 
bend Az., three garbs Or, in chief a crescent Gu. for dill ; -1, Arg. 
a chev. (Ju. betw. three sc<)r|)ions Sa. Crest — Two eagles' heads 
addorsed, conjoined and erased Or. Ifarl. MS. 1,172. 

()xiu'K(;ii, 'i'no.MAs, of Norfolk. Conf. by W. Camden, Clar., in 1613. 
I, Barry of six Or. and Az. a lion ramp. gard. Gu. ; JI, Sa. two 
talbots' heads erased Or, betw. as many Haunches Kriu. (Hewer) ; 
111, Arg. a lion ramj). Sa. a chief ]K'v fess ind. of the second antl 
Gil. ; IV, Sa. a cliev. eng. betw. tliree leopards' faces Or. Crest — 
On a mount \'ert, a lion rani[). Or, lioUling a lance Gu., iiead Arg., 
cords and tassels of the second. Harl. 1\1SS. 1,111 and 6,(»59. 

Oxkn'mam, Wij.i.iAM, of South Tawton, Devon. Gr. by Sir Thomas 
St. (Jeorge, (iarter, and Sir Henry St. George, Clar., J I March 
1691-5. Arg. a less emb. at the top betw. three bulls pass. Sa. 
Crest — A bull pass. Sa., the tlexter foot on a garb Or. Stowe MSS. 
7U and 716. 

OxwiCK, RoisKKT, of London, Merchant. Certified by W. Ryley, Lan- 
caster Herald. Arg. on a chev. eng. Az. betw. tliree bucks' heads 
erased Sa. attireil Or, as many cin(pieh)ils of the last. Crest — 
From a mural coronet Or, a bull's head Sa., horned and crined 
of the first. This pedigree is given : — 

\\'iiii:iiii Owvick, (iL'si-t'iidcd from riii-|'. . . 
iiiicii'iil I'iiriiiiv in Ndi'l'olk. I 

(0 \Villi:un 'IMiDiiKis I I'jiideiHc, dim. of Wiliiiiiii Metros, oC London. (2) John. 

O.wvick, a 

son, of Noi-loll. 

(()!•, ;i i;li(.'\'. l)rl\v. tlircr in;iscl<\s ( Ju., on a cliiof 
I he l;isl u \\<i|l' jKiss. Ai-^J 


_ r-i 1 ^ 

Klizalii'tli. Jaiio.-=Ailiiin Acton, of Actoii-uiulor-llill, co. Salup. 

(Qiiai'terly per fuss indent. Arg. and (iu., in the 
Prutlonce, first i|narter a rouk Sa.) 

l)olli (lied 

lirid,i,M'l.=-,l()lin Hourne, of . . . , eo. Middlesex-. Mary. -' II ildebrand I'onteu, 
( .\r^'-. a eiiev. ei)n[)le elosed (in., I)cl,\v. of London. (.\/,. a 

tiiree lions ranij). Sa.) lion rain)). Arj;.) 

Ann, dau. of Jolin=p William, —"Kl'z-il'etli, dau. ' J I'l'honias,^... John,ol).s.p. 

Owen.of Dolyelly, I of Stoke, 
e(j. Moninoutli. i near 
((in. three snakes | Coven- 
in iriant^le Ari;'.), I ti-y.s.and 
olj. K ]). ; Lst wife. I li. 

of John I'cnlon, of Knoek- 

of -.. CO. Wai'- fiii'^^'ns, in 

wiek. (Atl;-. a Inland. 

eross belw. fonr 

tienrs ile lis Sa.) 

L'nd wife. f--; 

1. 'J'honias. 

2. William. 

and Nieiio- 
las, twins, 
died vonnir. 

[i. Kubel-L. 

•1. Francis. 

John, oul}"^ son, a 
merchant, living- in 

I'rndcnce. — John Wynn, of Merioneth, in 
^V'ales. (Vert, three ca-^les 
disjil. in fcss Or.) 

I'rsnla.— William Newliy, of London, Kllen.-- (icoruc Hnsli, of llam|iion. co. 

merchant. De.sci'nded unt .Midd. Descended from (\d- 

of ^'orU.shiie. (.\r--. Iwo clieN(er. ((i n. a fess Or, bet w. 

stilts Sa., croivned Or, in three lun'ses cimi'ant ArLj.) 

(3) Kdwanl, of^Mary, dan. of (f) Hiehanl,-r ^'liziilj^dh, <lan. of Samuel 

lvevenso\ven(r'), John ()\vt'n, ol of [iondon 

CO. .Mcrioncih. |)ol>;illv. nu'rchant. 

Samuel, oli. s.|i 

.lones,of Shrewsbury, ((iu. 
a chc\'. enj;-. belw. three 
boars" heads erased .\ rt;- ) 

Kobert, ob. :<.|). 

(5) Nalhaniel,of I I'lli/abeth, dau. of (tl) f'raiii'is, | Susan, dau, of 'I'honias 

Jjond(m, mer- I Ilildebrand I'enten 
(diani; sonu'lime i (A/., a lion lani]) 
of Spain. -^I'j;') 

of L(md(ni, 
mer(di;inl . 




("orbetl, 1)1)., of Slan- 
way, CO. Ivssev. (Oi-, 
a ra\'en Sa.) 

(1) l{(d)ert, of London, -|-Frances, dan. of ..Mouse, ( J)'l'honia.s, (li) William, 

ineridiant; Ciiptain of 
the Traiin-d liand at 
M itcham, Surrey. 

of Lomhm, d)-a|ier. ( -A r^'. of London; livin;^'i]i KlKi. 
a (die\'. Lrm., over all an li\int,'some- 
eaL,de dis|d. Sa.) tinn;in\'ir- 


Jane, only dan. living; in 1016. 

lliul. MS. 1,172. 
Pack, Mit. Kk ii.\i;i), I'liiifipal Secretary to tlie Kin^^. (Jr. \)y Sir 
T. Wriotlie.slcy, (Jurter, tiiid T. Jkiiolt, Clar., 12 Keb. 1517. Or, 
un a cros.s ])er t'ro.s.s Az. iiiid (jIu., u falcon betw. in chief and base 

(;i{AN'IS AND CKll'riKlCA'I'KS oK AKMS. 


;i rose, on the dexter a leojjard's face and on the sinister side a 
siinirrel eating a nut, all of the field. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Packk, John, of London, High Sheriff of Suffolk, Esq. Gr. by Sir 
T. St. George, Clar., 20 Jan. lG9()-7. Per Az. ancl Erni. in 
the first ([uaiter a cinquefoil enninois. Crest — A deniidion Az. 
heziintee, colhiivd Krin. supporting with its i)a\vs an anchor Or. 
Add. MS. ll,cS:il. 

P.\cKKK, WiM.iAM. (Vr(. by W. Kyley, Lancaster, 1644. Per pale 
Az. and (!u. two tilting spears in saltire betw. four lions ramp, 
all Or. Crest— On a mural coronet Or, a lion ramp, regard ppr. 
supporting a tilting spear of the first. Stowe MS. 703. 

Packixgton, Thomas, of Edgeworth, co. Middlesex. Conf. by Sir W. 
Segar, Garter. Gu. on a i)en(l Arg. three garbs of the first. Crest — 
A deniidion Az., in the dexter ])aw a sword erect ppr. (Harl. MS. 
6,140 makes the Held Sa.). Add. MS. 12,225; Harl. MS. 6,110. 

Packington, see Pakinoton. 

Paddon, Robert, of Hinton Dawbeney, co. Hants. Gr. by P. Cook, 
Clar., in 1590. Arg. a bend Sa., betw. three fire balls of the second 
enflamed ppr., on the bend a martlet for diff. Crest— A tower 
Or, from the top fire ppr. PLul. 1\1S. 1,359. 

Paddy, William, M.D., and Nicholas Paddy, Lancaster Herald, 
Pat. by R. Cooke, Clar., 1591. Sa. an inescutcheon Erm. betw. 
four lions ramp. Arg., in cross. Crest — On a chapeau Gu. turned 
up Erm. a lion .stat^ Arg. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Pagk, Sir Kichard, Conf. of arms and gr. of Crest by Tho. Benolt, 
Clar., 1 Eel). 1530. 1 and 4, Sa. a fess Arg. betw. three doves 
of the second beaked and legged (!u. ; 2 Or, a i)ale wavy Sa. betw. 
ten roses (!u. two and two; 3. Arg. on a chev. Az. betw. three 
eagles (hspl. Sa., as many crescents Or. Crest— From a coronet 
per pale Gu. and Or, a demi-grillin per ])ale of the second and 
first, beak of the last. Add. !\IS. 14,295; Harl. MS. 6,169. 

Pagk, Colonkl Richard, Gr. by Sir Edward Walker, Garter, 6 ]\Iay 
1645. Gu. an es(|uire's helmet close.l Arg. crowned with a nest 
(•(ironet Or. (Vest — Krom a crest coionct Oi, a > tihii arm erect 
in arnuiur (he gauntlet grasping a sword all j)[)r.. gam. of the 
liist, the blade embrued. Add. MS. 14,294. 

I'Aiiio, William, of Hegesett (i Hes.sett), co. Suffolk. Gr. by G. Dethick, 
Garter, 16 Sept. 1552. Arg. on a fess (the tricking makes 
it eng.) I'wius. betw. three .sea mews j)pr., beaked and legged 
(iu. as many annulets Or. Crest— A demi-grillin ramp, couped 
l)er ])ale Gu. and Az., collar counterchanged, on the shoulder 
three guttes de I'eau ; mantled Gu., doublet! Arg. Stowe MS., 

I'AGK/rr, Sir William, of Hrondey, co. Stafford. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, 
Garter. Sa. on a cross eng. betw. four eagles displ. Arg., as many 
lions ])ass. (»f the liist. Crest, --.\ denudieraldic tiger Sa. "He 
had afoie from Clarencieux a coat that had no lions and the crest 
per pale Or and Sa., in the ])aws an appletree branch." Stowe MS. 


Pagktt (or Pagitt), Thomas, of the Middle Temjjle, ('ouncillor-iit-Law. 
Pat. by R. Cooke, Clar., 1584. Sa. a cross eiig. Arg., in the first 
quarter an escallop shell of the second. Crest — A cubit arm erect 
vested Sa., cuff Arg., in the hand ppr. a scroll of the second 
inscribed " Deo pagit," the seal pendent Cu. Stowe MS. (i70 ; 
Harl. MS. 1359. 

Pagkavk, John, of Coleionl, co. Somerset. Tat. b\' \i. Cooke, Clar. 
Az. a lion pass. Arg. Crest — A rhinoc.irous })ass. Or. Add. MS. 

Paink, John, and to l<jliza])eth, \v. of IT. Reynokls. [See Payne, spelt 
both wavs. Stowe MS. ()7() is the liest, the other MSS. are confuse,!. ] 

PviNic (or i'AVNi;), SiK ,losioi'n, Kilt., now Mayor of Norwich. iJc 
])romoted the restoration of King Charles II, and was sent by the 
said citv with their conifratulations. (ir. l)y Sir Ivlw. Walker, 
• 1 Sept. !()()(). Sa. a fc^ss ragidee betw. three lions' ])aws erect 
and erased Or. Crest — A lion\s paw erect and erased Sa. armed 
(Ju., grasping a stafi' ragulee Or. Motto — " Je jireux })our 
.lonncr." Add. MS. Il,"2*)l ; Hail MS. 1,172. 

1'aini;, Robert, s. and h. of Roi)eit, of Midlow (or Midlaiie), co. Hunts. 
Pat. by Sir W. Segar, Carter, and \V. Camden, Clar., It N(A'. 
2 Ja. 1. Az. a bend ragulee betw. six estoiles Or. Crest — An 
otter pass. Or, among rushes Vert, in its mouth a llsh y\rg. 
Add. MS. 12,225; Harl. I\bS. 6,1-10. 

Paink, Tho.mas, of Duntunn, in Norfolk. Pat. by H. Cooke, Clar. 
Vert, a less betw. three le(»paids' faces Or. Crest Kroni live 
ostrich feathers Az. the head and neck of an ostrich Or. Stowe MS. 
070; Harl. MS. I,;i5<) ; Add. MS. -l,9(i(j. 

J'akington, Humphrky, of London, second brother of Sir John Paking- 
ton, of Hampton Lovett, co. Woi'c. 1 and 1\', Per chcv. Sa. and 
Arg., in chief three mullets Oi', in base as man)' garbs (In. ; II, Arg. 
on a less betw. six martlets (In., three (jualrcloils ol the lirst. 
(Washboiirne) ; 111, Arg. mi a tieiid \/.. three martlets Or 
(Harding). Harl. MS. \A(V,\. 

PAKlNUroN, sec pACKlNcil'ON. 

I'ai.mku, Antiionv, of Stoke l)o\le, CO. Northampton. Az. a chev. 
eng. l)etw. three; crescents Arg. (Vest — A cubit arm erect in 
armour ppr., the gauntlet grasping a battle-axe, staif Sa., head Arg. 
Harl. MS. 1,:359. 

Palmkk, Hknrv, (jf Ik'kesbourne, co. Kent. Pat. ]5H(). Arg. a chev. 
Sa. betw. three of the sec-ond gam. Or. Crest— An arm in 
armoiu- emb., tlu; trauntlet grasj)ing a broken falchion, all })pr. 
gain. Or. Stow(! MS. 070. 

Palmkk, John, of Hartlip, co. Kent. Pat. of Conf. by R. Cooke, 
Clar., 157(5. 1 and -1, Sa. a fess betw. three lions ramp. (Jr ; 2 and 3, 
Arg. on a chev. Az. three ileurs-dedis Or. Crest — An ostrich, 
wings expanded, Arg. beak and leus Or. Hail. MS. 1359. 

"Palmku, .Ioun, M..\., .\rclidcac(»n of Noi t lianiplon, Mlias Palmer, of 
Stepne}', i-o. Middlesex, and Nathaniel Palmer, of the Town and 
County of Kingston upon Hull, sons of Joseph Palmer, late of 

'{>' " ■' '>\i ' '<!.'•:"' '■ ■ •!!'.!, ■ ' I 



CiDpi'cily, CO. Norlliaiiiploii, 'j^vwi., (leccascd. (ir. l)y Sir Edw- 
Walkci', ( Jailer, :\ May KiTO. Or, on a chcv. (hi. live acorns of the 
liiNt. Crest — A doini-lion ramp. Avg. armed and lang. Az. siippor- 
tinu; betw. its paws a brancli of oak Vert, fructed Or. Add MS 
14,294; Harl. MS. 1,172. 
Palmkk, Hi('hai;i), of Wokiiigliam, co. Berks. Attested bv W. Kilev, 
r.ancash'r IFerald. 1 and 4, f'he((nee Or and Clii., on a chief Az. 
two mnllets Or; 2 and .'5, (hi., on a fess Krm. betw. tJiree annulets 
Ar<f., the tw(j in chief enclcsing a cross crosshit of the tliird, a lion 
pass. Az. The Hrst quarter gr. by Sir E. I5ysshe, G'arter, 20 l^Vb. 
1()()5. This j)eiliLM-ee given : — 

l{icli;iiil l':iliii(i-,n-l':iizal.cll], <laii. of.loliii l',:ill, of WokiiiKliaiii, (A/, uii a 
uT Wdkiiisrli.-ini. Oi-, .|iiarici-|y |,iciccil of ilii' licM, a iniillc-t Or, l^ftw. four 
i-allra|j.v mT ihc (irsl.j 

r I 

i''raiicis, l!icliai-(l. i 

nil. s.|,. Wokinu- 


Ddrnlliy, (laii. of Jnlni Paliiicr,-,^ Kli/.alict h, ilaii. of ... 

IJu-liaid iMcadi-, n\ ,,f I!y 
SiMillMiry, cd. IliH'ks. Sussex. 


Oaiy, of . , iH'ai 
lii'Wi's, Sussex. 

~~\ — 1 

I ^-1-"|— . , 

(1) K'uliai-d, of (:i) .loliii. Tlioiiias, (n'riioiiias,=Sarali, daii. (2) Kicliard. 

^^'"ki'iK'i , ol). s.|,. of live. of...',cu. 

livi.i-- lUl,-.. (;{) Itolurt. - ' Hueks. (8) Mark. 


Hail. MSS. 1,111 and 1,172. 

Paltdck, I'^DWAi'j), of Kingstoii upon Thames, s. of Robert of the same 
place, gent. Coiif. of arms and gr. of crest by Sir W. Segar, Garter, 
II Vr\>. ;» 4ames I. A/., an iiiescutcheon within an orle of cimpiefoils 
Or. (Vest -On a mount \'er( a greyhound sej. Sa., spotted Arg., 
collared Or. (The tricking gives a branch of laurel sprouting 
from the mount, l)ut it is not mentioned in the Grant). Harl 
MS. l,:}r.U; Ad.l. MS. 12.225. The latter gives John, not 

Pamton, IIio.nrv, of r.cwes, Sussex, M.l). Pat. 4 July 1615. Qu. 
two bars Arg., on a canton Az. a dolphin haurient Or. Crest— 
A dolphin haurient Or, betw. two winirs Gu., each charged wdth 
two bars Arg. Stowe MSS. 706-707. 

Pauadyn'k, fieorge, of London. Gr. by R. Cook. Sa. two bars Erm. 
betw. (hree grillin.s' heads erased Or. ('rest— On a mount Vert 
an heraldic tiger s(^j. Arg., mane, tufts and tusk Sa., the de.vter 
foot on a shield of the second. Stowe MS. 7()(). 

Pahamoki;, Tii().m.\s, of Sarre, in the Isle of Thanet. Pat. by R. Cook, 
Clar., lo.Sf). Az. a fess embattled at the top betw. three estoiles 
Or. Crest— A cul)it arm erect vestetl Az., ciilf Arg., the hand p])r. 
grasping an estoile Or. Harl. MS. 1,359 ; Add. MS. 4,966 ; Stowe 
MS. 670. 

Pauamoki:, Tii()M.\s, of (^uiterhurv, late Mayor there, s. of John Para- 
iiiine, (•! l'rcsh)n, s. of jjcnrv, s. of Thomas Paramo^^ of Paramore 
Sired, III Ash, ne.\t Sandwich. Pat. May 1616. Az, u fess counter 

"/ i; 


' 1> , > 1 !■ 

bi / -o 

:, ,; . ,i,'. 1,1 

■!■■: ; 1 i":''i I .: 


ombat. betw. thrco cstoiles Or. Crest, — Two arms counter em- 
Ijowoil \c,slc(l, A/,., (iiil'cil Arii., tlie hands j^pr. supportiiiu ii-'i 
cstoile Or. Stowe MSS. 7U()-7U7 ; liarl. MS. (),05y. 
Paramokk, . . ., of . . ., Sliropshire. Or. by R. Cooke, 
Clar., 1574. Arg. on a fess Az. three crescents of tlie first. Ciest — 
An antelope sej. Or, horns, tail and tufts 8;u Harl. lAIS. 1,;?59. 
Pakki:, Thomas, of Wisbeach, in the Isle of Ely, co. Cambridge. Conf. 
by Sir W. Seu-ir, Garter, 1028. Gu. on a pale Arg., three stags' 
lieads caboslied of the first. Crest — A talbot's head coujjed Gu. 
wounded in the neck by a pheon Or. The Harl. MS. says, " of Fleet, 
ill Holland, co. Line," aiul adds, "all within a bord. Or," but gives 
no date or herahl's uaiue. Harl. MS. 1,105; Add. MS. 12,225. 
Parkkr, John, of Chester, s. and h. to Robert Parker, of the Would, 
CO. Warwick', gent., who married Penelope, dau. and h. to John 
Palmer, of Liniington, co. Gloucester, Esq., " which arms and crest 
are ratilied and conlirmeil by me." " This should have beim con- 
firmed by Sir W. Scgar, but were not because Mr. Chaloner dyed 
before." I, Or, two bars Gu., charged with three leopartls' faces 
of the first two and one. If, Chequee Arg. and Az., a chief Gu. 
Til, Arg., three martlets Sa. IV, Arg. on a bend betw. six cross 
crosslets litchee Gu., three mullets Or. V, Arg. a chev. betw. three 
lions' heads erased Gu., a mullet on the chev. for diff. VI, Per 
cross Arg. and Sa. on a bend Gu. three fleurs-dedys Or. Crest — 
From a crest cori)iiet Or, a plume of five ostrich feathers 
alternately Arg. and Sa. On the next leaf the crest is drawn as, 
A lion's head aiirt)iiti''e erased Or, gorged with a coronet Gu. 
Harl. MS. 2,109. 
Parkkk, John, of Ratton, co. Sussex. Conf. of Arms and gr. of Crest 
by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 20 June, 2 and 3 Phil, and Mary, 1 and 
-1, Sa. a chev. Or, betw. three haidcsof cotton Arg. ; 2 and 3, Arg. 
a bend (Ju. betw. six rooks Sa. Crest — An asses' head coupcnl 
per pale indent. Arg. and Az. Harl. MS. 1,359. 
Pakkkk. John, of SibertswoKI, in Kent. Pat. by R. Cooke, Clar. Erm. 
ten escallop shells Gu., 4, 3, 2 and 1. Crest — A cubit arm in chain 
armour erect, the gauntlet grasping a sword all ppr. Harl. MS. 
Parki.:r, John, of Fellow's Hall, in Alderleys, in Cheshire, s. and h. 
of Robert Parker, of Ashe in Prestbury, in the same county, by 
Ann, his wife onlv da\i. (by his first wife) and coheir of John Snelstoii, 
of Ashe, gent. Gr. by Sir H. St. George, Garter, and Rob. Devenish, 
Norroy, 11 April 1702. Arg. a chev. embattled at the top Sa., 
betw. three bucks' heads caboshed Gu. Crest— On a mount 
Vert a talbot sej. Arg. spotted Sa., collared Or., the dexter paw 
ri'sting on a buck's head caboshed Gu. Add. MS. 11,831 ; Stowe 
MSS. 677 an.l 711. 
Parkkr, -Matthi:w, Archbishop of Canterbury. Gr. by Sir G. Dethick, 
■ Garter, 20 Nov. 2 Eliz. Gu. on a chev. betw. three keys erect, 
wards to the dexter Arg., as many e.stoiles of the first. Stowe MS. 
703 ; Harl. MSS. 1359 and U41 ; Add. MS. 2G,753. The last gives the 

! ' ■ '.( 

- -ucl 

If: i:..i! ': 

J- h . / ■. :■■■ •, ,: 

-i. 't -..I li. ■;. 
.. . i., ill ,, 

(;kan'i\s and (jKirriKicAiKs ok arms. 127 

same but with fleiu'S-do-lis instead of estoiles, wlucli is an error, 
bcinij, the arms of Parker of Sandwich (see beh)w). 
Parkkr, Nicholas, of Finglesham, in Kent, s. of William, of the same 
place, who was descendetl from a younffer brother of the Parkers, 
of Norfolk. Conf. by Sir W. Se<iar, Oarter, 1008. Ar<r. a chev. 
Erms., betw. three mascles A/,. Crest — From a mural coronet 
Or, a horse's head (Ju.. mane Or. Add. MSS. 12,225 and 4,9G6. 
Pakkkk, Piiiliv, of Cohunau Stieet, London. Or. Ijv Sir («. Dethick, 
Garter, i Mav 1570, 12 Kliz. (Ju. on a bend Or, three pansy 
ilowers Purp. slipped and leaved Vert. (Vest — An Esquimaux 
doj.- Ar«i., collar and line On. Add. MS. 5,52-1. 
Parkkk, Wii.iJAM, of London. (Jr. by R. Oooke, Olar. in 1591. Az. 
fret t\' ( )r, on a fcss of the second three escallo[)s of the iirst. Orest — 
On a chapeau Az. tuined up hh'ui., a ;i;ievhound stat. Or, collared 
and line XviS.. Stowe MS. ()70 says. To John of London, s. oi Ho}j;er, 
b\it ^ives no date ()!• herald's name. Marl. MS. 1,;559; Stowe MS. 
Parkkr, . . ., of ye Willows, co. Suffolk, (h: hv Sir AV. Segar, 
Oarter, in 1(»()9. I'irm. on a chief Vert, three; sta^^s' heads caboshed 
()r. (Vest- —A talbot pass. Sa., tin; dexter |)aw restin}^ on a staii's 
head caboslied Or. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Paukkr , of Sandwich, Kent, and of Marinate, in the Isle of 

Thanet. Gr. by Sir J. Borough, Garter. (Ju. on a chev. betw. 

three keys erect, w^ards to the dexter, Arg., as many lieurs-de-lis 

of the tirst. Crest — An elephant's head couped Arg., tusks Or, 

ij;orged with a collar (ju., charged with three H(uirs-dcdis of the 

secoiKl. Ilarl. MS. 1,-141 ; Add. MS. -1,9(;(). 

Parkhs. Richard, of Willingsworth, co. Stafford. (Jr. by R. St. George, 

Norrov. t Feb. ItJll. Sa. a fess h]rm. betw. three stags' heads 

couped Or. Cre<t — \u oak tree Vert fructed (_)r, tliereon a squirrel ••(• 10 '.):. I). C ■M\, 52 b, Grants Vol. TI, fol. OGGa. College 

of Arms. ■ A. Id. .MS. 11,295; Stowe MS. 700. 

Paukiii i;.sr, Thomas, Ih^liop ot Norwich. (Jr. hv Sir (J. Oelhick, 

Oarter, 1 Sept. 2 FJiz. Arg. a cross Imuis. betw. four nn hacks 

tripj). ppr., on a chic-f Gu. thi-ee crescents (Jr. Add. MS. 20,753 ; 

Ilarl. MS. 1,;559; Stowe MS. 70:{. 

PARKHUifsT, Sir Wim.iam. Pal. i)v Sir \V. Segar, (Jaiter. Arg a 

cioss I'lrnis. betw. four roehucks tripp. ppr. \ rochuck's 

head erased ppr., attired Or. Add. .MSS. l,9(;(i and 12,225. 

Parkhurst, . . . , Sherill" of London in 1021. Gr. hy Sir Piiehard 

St. George, (/'lar., 1 (lias. 1. -Arg. a cross I'h'uis. betw. four 

I'oehucks lri])p. ])pr. ('rest — I'^'oin a crown \;dlarv Or, a 

roebuck's head |)pr. ilarl. MS. 1,111. 

Parkins, .I(»hn, oI' London. (Jr. by It. Cook, Olar., 15S9. Or, on a 

t'ess diiiKH'l li'e Sa,. betw. ten billets l']rnis., the suii enclosed 

by two cross erosslets lilcli<'e of the Iirst. Crest .\ bull |)ass. 

.\/.., winded Or, and ndri^cl with a coronet of the last. ilaiL 

MS. i,;;r)i). 

(Tu l>a colli iiiucil ) . 

(11 ' lU J 

J , . 1 . 1 ; t 

!/ .■!./ 

.1 W; i/ .:.i 



(Ciii,tinn,'d J'ruiK p. (11.) 

'j:{ Dec. 1798. Jolm Wciubaiik & Ja^meiuili. 

Married by liieut. Peter C'reswell. 

2nd Division, 2nd Ki:g. 

2 Mar. 1799. Sanuiel Way & Catlierine Judas. 

^lariied by tlie Rev. (\ Pohle. 
la July 1799. Joseph Sniith c^ Mary Auuc. 

Married by Lieut. Bagshaw. 
Sigued by Major J. Lindsay. 

2nd Division, 2ni) Eukoi'Kan Infantry. 

l:i Aug. 1799. Jolin Bland & Ann Gouler. 

Married by Lieut. Stonard. 
Signed by Captain Tliouias Green. 

Sanklky (.Sunkkry) Droog. 

17 Aug. 1799. George Koisson k Antonia Tucker. 

Married by Lieut. Henry Waugh. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. A. Cuppage. 

2nd Division, 2nd European Infantry. 

22 Sept. 1799. Abraham Lake & Mountenia. 

Married by Lieut. Stonard. 
Signed by Captain Thomas Green. 


2(1 Oct. 1799. Mr. Stephen Adam .t Eliza Avorell. 

Signed by Lt.-Col. Thomas Leighton. 

2ni) Division, 2nd European Infantry. 

K; Nov. 1799. Isaac Harman & Kosinah. 

Married by Lieut, llyan. 
Signed by Major J. Durand. 


25 Nov. 1799. Frank Scarom & Joanna Rose. 

IMarried by Captain Hamilton. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. George Fotheringham. 


;") Nov. 17'.)9. Hans Springar & Susannah Simpson. 

Married by Lieut. James Welsh. 
15 Nov. 1799. Henry Stroud & Lynch Dyrnall. 

Married by Lieut. James Welsh. 
Signed by Col. U. Vigors. 


2nd Division, 1st European Infantry. 
8 Dec. 1799. John Robinson^-'' & Sophia Rosara. 

Married by Lieut. Hamilton. 
26 Dec. 1799. John Yates & Ann Boyle. 

Married by Lieut. Hamilton. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. J. Durand. 

25 Dec. 1799, Thomas Dutton & Christina. 

Married by Robert Thompson, Conductor of Stores, 
Acting Fort Adjutant. 

Signed by Lt.-Col. W. Kinsey. 

1 Jan. 1800. Thomas Layton & Ann. 

IMarried by Captain Lieut. Hamilton. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. George Fotheringham. 

19 Jan. 1800. John Ryan & Betaniah. 

Married by Captain Lieut. Hamilton. 
21 Jan. 1800. Charles Purcell & Mariah Munt. 

Married bv Capt. Lieut. Hamilton. 
28 Jan. 1800. Hugh Malarky &. Panchannah. 

Married by Captain Lieut. Hamilton. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. J. Durand. 
K) Mar. 1800. John Buglar & Mary Zarakah. 

Married by Cajitain Hamilton. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Thomas Leighton. 

— Mar. 1800. Frederick Christie & Jane. 

Mairied by Sergeant-Major John ileal. 

4 May 1800. Jacob Frederick Weyman & Frances Hay man. 

Married by the Rev. E. Vaughan. 
Signed by Captain J. Covenant. 
8 June 1800. Thomas Stapleton it Susannah Fullam. 

Married by Captain J. Covenant. 
4 July 1800. John Deloze & Carolina. 

Married by Captain Hamilton. 
14 July 1800. Samuel Franks & Clara Eraser. 

Married by Captain Hamilton. 

(To he ruiitinued.) 

^•-'•' Kuriod i.. Si. Mury's Ccnu.tory. DcMrrilu'd as Mr. .J„l,,i ]{ohi.,.soii 
ix'usioiii-il rcvi'imr Suivoyor, diuil L'i Frb. IHKS, ii<,'o(l (17 vrar.s. 

•r ■.! : ..:>• ■' i'.\ 


ilatirt^s of IGaoks. 

The Scots Pkkragk. Piditod by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon 
Iviii^f of Aims. Vol. iii ((Vawford to Falldatul). Ediiil)urfj;li (David 

As this valuable work proceeds, the necessity for a thorough over- 
hauling of the pedigrees of the nobility of Scotland becomes more and 
more apparent. It is not, of course, pretended that the Scots Peerage 
will settle all the knotty points which have long perplexed students 
of Scottish genealogy ; indeed, the new light thrown by modern dis- 
co\('rics may be said to have increased these puzzles tenfold, but the 
mere fact that the ground has been cleared and difliculties fairly faced 
will do much to bring about a solution of the problems which still 
require to be elucidated. 

The reader cannot fail to be struck by the marked caution which 
the majority of the writers engaged upon this undertaking have dis- 
played, a hesitation which perhaps reaches its extreme limit in the 
article on the Lords C'ricliton, where the summary of the early 
Crichton pedigree is somewhat disjointed and confusing. 

Mr. Anderson, writing on the l^^arls of J^^glinton, rightly draws atten- 
tion to the very uncertain character of the earlier generations as stated 
by Sir William Fraser in his Memorials of (he Mojitf/omeries. The 
.same learned writer is responsible lor the peiligree of the Dunbars, 
J'.arls of Dunbar and Manli, and here it will be observed that if the 
ilescent be as he has given it, the \viy ilcfinite claim made by Cieorge, 
tlie tenth i'^ail, to blood relationship to lli-nry IV of l-'ngland, in his 
well-known letter to that sovereign, nuist have been without foundation 
in fact, which hardly appears probable. 

The chief interest of this third volume lies not with the historic houses 
of Scotland, such as the Douglases and Lindsays, recently ])ublished 
works having left little new to be narrated concerning them, but rather 
with the families of lesser degice, though of e(iiially ancient origin, whose 
pedigrees have l)een })ractically left untouilied since the appearance 
of Wood's Douy/ds, and have now been com])iled afresh aft(U- a careful 
study of family writs and other e\idences. As an exam})le, Mr. Keith 
W. ]\lui'ra}''s excellent Elibank article nuiy be taken. Wood gave 
John Murray of Blaci<barony, who fell at Fiodden, as son of Andrew, 
second son of William Murray of Blackbarony, but it is here shown on 
incontrovertible evidence that this John was of ([uite a different stock, 
b(;ing of the Falaliill line, and having accpiiied Blackbarony by resigiux- 
tion made in his favour by his namesake, .John Muiray of that place, 
1 Slay 1507. To Mr. Murray is also due the descent of the first Karl 
of Dysart, which has never been hitherto correctly stated by Peerage 

Of the articles contributed by the l<]ditor the; most important is that 
on the l{anisa\s, l<]arls of Dallionsie, where at least two notable changes 
have been made in Wood's pedigiee. Alexander Kamsay, another 


of the victims of Floddcn, is given as great-grandson, not grandson of 
Sir Alexander llamsay to whom a charter of the hinds of Dalhousie 
was granted in 1-15G ; and John Kamsay, Eai'l of Holderness, 
wliom Wood made brother of the first peer of this familv, is now 
said, to liavc been son of ilobert Ramsay, of Wyhecleuch. Another 
article u])on which 8ir James Balfoui' l*anl has evidently bestowed 
considerable ])ains is that which deals with James King, the fanious 
soldier of the Thirty Years War, who was created Lord P]ythin in 1G42. 
The particulars here given are a great improvement upon the scanty 
pedigree in Wood. Lord Eythin is proved to have been son of l~)avid 
King of Warbester Hoy in Orkney, and not of the head of the house, 
James King of Barra, but neither here nor in the Complete Peenuje 
is there any mention of his will. Tlie omission is probably due 
to an administration which was granted 28 October 1652, and 
also to the fact that the will is calendared at Somerset House, 
under " Ithen." It was dated at " Hamborry," 10 June 16*16, and was 
not proved until 9 November 1667 (P.C.C, 155 Carr). The identity 
of the testator is clear from the direction contained in it that " James 
King, my Page, shall have of that moneys that is oweing me by the 
I\Iarques3e of Newcastle and divers others in England when it is obteyned 
3000 marks Scotts." In the probate Lord Eythin is described as a 

The spirited heraldic illustrations which adorn this volume do not 
always accord with the blazon given in the text. For instance, in the 
article upon the Earls of Douglas we are told that the crowned heart 
appears upon none of the seals of the I^jarls of that house, and was 
not used much before !60(^, but the sketch on p. 132 shows the crown. 
The (|uarterly coat of the Earls of (A'omartie, as recorded in the Lyon 
Hegisler, is described on p. 80, but the illustration on p. 69 follows 
a different arrangement, the shield being in tierce, and probably copied 
from an old seal or drawing. 

TiiK IvNUurrs ok I^^nolano. By William A. Shaw, Lift. I). London 
(ShcriaH cV Hughes). 2 vols! 

A compilation of lists of Knights, such as the one before us, must 
represent many years of hard and thoughtful work, for which Dr. Shaw 
is entitled to receive the highest praise. His introduction should be 
read with deep attention, being a very learned diagnosis of a subject 
that has been touched by other authorities in the past, and containing, 
as it does, new and interesting theories on the origin of the Bath, and of 
Knights Bachelors. 

Taking the Orders seriatim we note that for his list of the Knights 
of the Garter, the compiler has drawn upon Ashmole, Anstis, Nicolas, 
and chiefly Beltz for the earlier portion, and for the later, the Register 
of the Garter and IVISS. in the office of Garter King of Arms. For the 
Knights of the. Thistle and St. Patrick the lists are based on the 
original records of the (Orders, the latter bcung supplenx'.nted by 
G.K.C.'s list ill the (iencalo(jist {N.S., v, 187), and his manuscript 
continuation of the same. 

' ' Mr, •! 

!(. t! 

132 NO'I'ICKS OK ]{(»()KS. 

For the Kiiij^lits of the Bath Dr. Shaw has tapped various sources, 
and lie remarks that he is convinced that of these Kniglits a " rich 
harvest " awaits anyone who will go over the same field as Anstis did 
nearly two hundred years ago, namely, the original Rolls and Wardrobe 
Accounts in the Public Record Office, a task we fear but few are hkely 
to attempt. 

In regard to the modern Orders, we also note that if a register of 
the Star of India exists it is in the custody of the Secretary of the 
Order at Calcutta, and was inaccessible for the purpose of this work, 
so that the list has had to be compiled from the London Gazette, and 
other not very trustworthy sources, except so far as concerns living 
Knights, who are vouched for by the Central Chancery of the Orders 
of Knighthood, the office, by the way, for which these volumes are 
printed and published, giving them a semi-official status. 

In mentioning the Gazette we are reminded that Dr. Shaw points 
out in his Preface that the " superstitious reverence " he once felt for 
that publication has suffered a severe shock on comparing its dates 
with the dates of the Warrants of Appointment, a difference particularly 
prominent in relation to the Order of St. Michael and St. George. 
To prevent in the future this inconsistency he offers two alternative 
methods for gazetting, both of which have objections, and it appears 
to us that notifications in the Gazette should state exactly what they 
purport to be, whether nominations, appointments, investitures, or 
dispensations, with their respective dates. 

The list of Knights of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order is the 
most unsatisfactory, so we are told, for there being apparently no 
original records extant, it has had to be compiled from a Hanoverian 
])ul)li(ation, and collated with that by Sir Harris Nicolas and John 
J^'rost. This and the trouble with the Gazette are trilles, however, 
compared with the difficulty Dr. Shaw has had in connection with the 
Knights Bachelors, other than those dubbed in Ireland, a complete 
list of whom, com])ilcd by Mr. D. G. l^urtchaell, is incorporated with 
Dr. Sluiw's work. Kor the early jx-riod, the l^ritish Museum has 
yielded some thirty lists, of which Dr. Shaw renuirks " no words of mine 
can convey an adequate idea of the welter, chaos, confusion and con- 
tradictions of these manuscripts." Having spent no less than four 
years in attempting to collate and trying to verify them, he regards 
the outcome as " the most distressingly unsatisfactory piece of 
historical work " he has ever set his hand to, a lament which is 
repeated in a minor key in relation to the records of dubbings of 
Knights Bachelors in modern times. As regards these same Knights, 
and those of the Bath, Dr. Shaw enters largely into their origin in the 
Introduction, antl raises certain questions " which will provoke 
discussion and probably dissent." He particularly disclaims any 
contentious spirit in advancing theories which may be considered 
merely as suggestions for the examination of scholars. For lack of 
space we are prohibited from criticising his views, but we are inclined 
to endorse his conjecture that bathing, as part of the ceremonial of 
Knighthood, was not in full use until the reign of Edward III. We 
,sli;ill be glad to see an unbiassed discussion on various points raised, 

if-; . ;■ I . •( 

1 ' ■.' " i: ! 

:i - '■ •■),;■ 


os|)('cially in ropard to liis conclu.sion lliat i)u7cs, anterior t{» ll!50, 
sijfniliod dimply a soldier, and that, after that (hite a military teiiaiit- 
in-ehief was tlieoretieally entitled to the tlitj:nity of Kiiifihthood, anil 
that theueeforth miles was the accepted term for a Knight Bachelor 

Collections for a History of StaffoudshuU'I. Kdited l)y the 
William Salt Arclueological Society. Vol. ix. New Series. I^ondon 
(Harrison and Sons), IDOO. 

No greater compliment can be paid to the useful work which is 
being carried on by the Salt Society than the simple fact that a genea- 
logist who happens not to be a Staffordshire man, can never take up 
one of the volumes which it issues with such commendable regularity 
without being forthwith consumed with regret that his ancestors did 
iu)t hail from tluit county. The present volume is mainly taken up 
with Elizabethan Chancery Proceedings, IHGO-IOTO, wliich provide 
most valuable material for genealogical investigations, and which have 
been admirably abstracted by Mr. W. K. Boyd, whose labours at the 
Record Office are well known. Some of these suits arc specially in- 
teresting from the light they throw on the dislocation of legal tenures 
caused by the Dissolution of the Monasteries, as in Bundle 2, 
No. 73, where tlie defendant, Ralph Rudyard, pleads a lease from 
Thomas Whitney, the last Abbot of Dieulacres, of all tithes in the 
lordship of Rudyard. Another suit (Bundle 7, No. 9) illustrates the 
appellate jurisdiction exercised by the Court of Chancery over decisions 
of manorial courts. A jury of the Manor of Tettenhall Regis had fouiul 
the defendants not guilty of killing, with mastiflts, a certain cow 
belonging to the ])laintiff, and the latter prays for a writ of subpamn 
to be directed to the said jury, on the ground that they had heard 
the culprits confess in open Court to the killing of the cow. According 
to the common law it would have been necessary to establish the 
allegati(M\ that mastilTs had been employed. 

.\n able and well written article on the ])arentagt! of James de Audley, 
one of till' heroes of Poitiers, and an original Knight of the Garter, 
is contributed by Mr. Josiah AVedgwood, M.P., who in his endeavours 
to clear up the confusion which has naturally arisen from the existence 
of four James de Audleys at the same period, has been materially 
assisted by the evidences printed by the Society in previous volumes. 
lie shows conclusively that the particular James in question was an 
illegitimate son of James de Audley, of Stratton Audley, by Eve 
Clavering, a great heiress, who had been the wife of his young 
kinsman Thomas Audley. The connection between the parents of 
this famous soldier is a curious one, and Mr. Wedgwood suggests that 
Eve may have preferred an irregular tie to marriage, in order to avoid 
a heavy fine, but it is more probable that there was some other 
impediment to a lawful union, so that a dispensation could not be 
pi'ocured. Further evidence on this point may yet be forthcoming, 
and meanwhile we welcome the Audley pedigree as here re-stateil. 
It differs from that in the Complete Peerage in the date of the death 


of Nicliohis (le Audley, who received a writ of summons in 1296-7, 
and no notice has been taken of the invahdity of this writ. 

An article by Mr. J. H. Round, on the Burton Abbey Surveys, 
is reprinted from The PJm/lish Historical Review of April, 1905. The 
volume concludes with the Chartulary of Dieulacres Abbey, from 
a copy made in tlie seventeenth century by Benjamin Rudyard, 
which was discovered some time ago among Lord Macclesfield's muni- 
ments at Shirburn Castle. General Wrottesley has prefixed to the 
C-liartulary a most interesting introduction dealing witli the foundation 
and history of tlie Abbey, and has also added explanatory footnotes. 
Those interested in the topography of London should note the mention 
in Charter 09 of the town house which the Abbots possessed in Wood 

Thic Rrades of Blackwood Hill, in the Parish of Horton, 
Staffokushire. a Record of their descendants, with a full 
Account of Dr. Johnson's Ancestry, liis Kinsfolk, and Family Con- 
nexions. By Aleyn Lyell Reade. London (Spottiswoode & Co.). 
The author of this book is evidently a most enthusia.stic and laborious 
genealogist, and so carefully has he followed up every clue whicli might 
in the slightest degree a.ssist liis nvsearches into his own pedigree, 
that, imi)erceptibly perhaps, he has been led to examine with great 
iletail the history of numerous families between which there is often 
but a shght thread of connection. So far however from rendering 
liis book less interesting to his readers by thus enlarging its scope, 
he has greatly enhanced its permanent value, for beyond all question 
the most im})ortant portion of it is that which deals with the ancestry 
ot the great lexicograj)her, and it is only l)y a very side wind indeed 
that i)r. Johnson can be brought witliin the purview of a work which 
starts with the pedigree of the Reades of Blackwood Hill. Tlie system 
adopted by the writer is to give at the end of the volume tabular pedi- 
grees, twenty-nine in luimber, reproduced in facsimile from his own 
singularly cleai' handwriting, the text itself being a mere commentary 
u])on tliese charts, so that no one who has not attentively studied 
tlie hitter could hope to understand the former. Notwithstanding 
all his painstaking efforts to fill tlie gap, there is a break in the early 
pedigree of the Reades, which is carried with probability to a Roger 
Reade, or Reede, of Blackwood Hill, whose will was proved at Lichfield, 
19 .]anuar\' 1 558-9. That absolute proof cannot at present be supplied 
is chicdv due to the parish registers of Horton not commencing {jcfore 
1(553, and perhaps also to the author's failure to obtain facilities for a 
search in the Court Rolls of the manor. All the many branches of 
this family and all the different families into which they have married 
are here most carefully considered. Of the latter, the following may 
be mentioned— Dudley of Uttoxeter, Shallcnjss, Anderson of Midlothian 
and Lanark, Crowe, Hodgvs, Shaw, Hickman and Ford. The career 
•of Sir 'I'homas Keade, a descendant of the Congleton branch, whose 
military and di|)!()niati(! services liave hitherto received scant attention, 
is \(u-y well desirihed, and derives added interest from his connection 
with the last ilays of the great Napoleon. 

'•j' l i'jV ' <!'. 

.!!, .; ■; . r , ■" • L 


The ancestry of Dr. Johnson is introduced through the Hickmans, 
wlio intermarried both with the Ueades and the Fords, Sarali Ford 
having, of course, been the Doctor's mother, and " Parson" Ford liis 
first cousin. Lovers of Boswell's delightful pages shouhl study them 
once more in the light of the many new facts now gathered together 
rehxting to the I'clatives of the most interesting personality of the 
eighteontli century, both on the paternal and maternal si<h'S. A (hied 
rehiting to tlu; marriage settlement of Michael and Sarah Joliiison is 
here printed, and also some very curious documcuits releiiing to MichaeTs 
intlictment in 1718 for using the trade of a tanner, which occupation he 
had evitlently long cond)ined with his business as a bookseller. In one 
of these, written by himsell', he is saiil to be " a merchant Tradeing 
to Ireland Scotland and the furter most parts of Fngland." 

This necessarily brief notice must not conclude witliout allusion to 
the large number of abstracts of wills (chiefly proved at Lichfield), and 
extracts from parish registers, which so greatly add to the genealogical 
value of this interesting book. The index is the nu)st complete and 
satisfact(ny we have seen for a long time. 

Thk Cliki.drd Family, liy J. W. Clay, F.S.A. (Reprinted frcm 
The Yorkshire Jrch'rohn/ica! Journal.) 

A reliable pedigiee of the illustrious house of Clifford, accompanied 
by evidences, has long been needed, and Mi'. Clay's short history is 
therefore very acce])table. Avoiding all controversial (piestions, 
and everything for which (•hai>ter and vinsc cannot- be given, lit; begins 
with Koger de ClilTord, who died in 1-131. Whenever they exist, 
tran,scripts ai'c {)ro\ided of Lujuisitions Post Mortem, and Wills of the 
dilTerent niendiers ol the familw It is to be regretted that so many of 
lliesc 1 n(piisit ions liii\e l)ecn loinid to \h\ in places (juite unreadable 
t'roni damp and careless use of washes. JVirtraits ha\e been included 
ol (li'orgc, tliiril Earl of Cumberland, and Margaret his Countess, 
the parents of Anne, Countess of Dorset, Pembroke and jMontgomery, 
the cNcnlual heiress (tf the (TilTords 

We have also received the new iMlition of Pmke's "Landed (Jentry" 
(Harrison anil Sons), and " Haddon," by C. Le IManc Smith (I'^lliot 
Stoi'k). Both these will be duly noticed in the Januar}' nund)er. 

ilotrs and (Oiirrirs, 

Tmc Ec'iiiNGiiAM ToMii AT Barsham. — Since the iu)tes on Barsham 
were written the present Ivector has founil some Cothic letters 
I'unning along the base of the altar tondj said by Suckling to have 
no inscription and lo ])rol)al)lv covei- the remains of Thomas 
lilemuMliassetl, (died If)'.)'.)), lie destribes it lo Ik^ of richly moulded 
brick, standing against the north wall of the chancel. It is still in 

it .i ; ]., ' ji! ■)■ 

• \ i..\<, iw .1 I 1 ,'. !■ -ir 


the same place, but in 1880 was moved a few feet, when the levels 
were altered, to allow the tomb to stand l)a('k and not interfere with 
the ])resent altar. At that time a portion of the thickness of the 
north wall was removed and a llattencd arch was thrown over the 
tomb to bear the weight of the wall above. At the time of these 
alterations the tomb was taken to pieces, laid in the churchyard and 
each piece scraped, marked and numbered as it was taken down. 
Two or three fragments of the tomb were found therein, one being 
til us inscribed : — 

,Ji)ic jiirct buo (gi) . . . 

This inscriptioii was replaced at the base of the monument and 
fresli stone aihled to replace the uneven plastered top. 

A sketch of the tomb having been submitted to Mr. St. John Hope, 
he inclines to the idea that the monument was erected under the will 
of Sir Edwanl Echingham in 1527, and that 1599 is an impossible date 
for it. Sir Edward Echingham desiied to be buried in the chancel of 
Barsham Church, under the foundations of the north wall. It is also 
thought, and to this Mr. St. John Hope agrees, that the curious east 
window was then made to represent the frette coat of the Echinghams, 
which is also on the vane of Echingham Church, Susse.x, and is said to 
have been erected there by Sir William de Echingham, who died in 

F. H. Suckling. 

Jennings Family. — If any searcher in the so-called " Jennings 
Case," or anyone looking through old Parish Registers, should 
come across the following marriage and baptism, or either of them, he 
would greatly oblige me by communicating with me : — 

I li'iiiy I 'im.-^l am inc .)('iiiiiiif;s,=^J uli;iii:i, (III. of . . . Atkinson, mar. (ilioi(< 
dl' Sliiplakt', ( ).\l(ii(lsliin'. I 17()7. Shu was Ijiiricd in tlu; .Jt'imings 

I vault at Shiplako, 31 Oct. 17()9. 

.lolin ili'nry .Irniiin^.s, burn (ihout 17l58. 

E. Jennings. 
83, Park Lane, Tottenham, N. 

Ceorge Marsh (Martyr).— Wliile looking over some past numbers 
of I'he Geneidotjist, I found an account of several families of the name 
of Marsh publisiicd as a Supplement to New Series, vol. xvi. I should 
be glad to know if Ceorge Marsh was an ancestor of any of tlie families 

Ill' was son of Ceorge Marsh, was born about 1515 in the Parish of 
Dean, Lancashire, eilucated at Bolton, married, left Lancashire, 
moved to Candjridge, entered at the University, and was afterwards 
ordained and appointed Curate of All Hallows', Bread Street, 

J. N. Bramiiall. 

•19, Croxtetli Koad, Liverpool. 

rJi.l.i.'iJi'j ■•■'■''A [.''\':'A 

■i ';■. ■. Of;.!' .,. >;': ■'> Jioq i. '>.u i 1;; ii j *■ i, Jwj 31 

» ^.:,1- 

(^rs:-''\ !• 

.t\ i' " IK' 

' .rl 


" LkK, ok fiAVVSIiAr.L." 

" I 

am iiuu'li int 


ill ti'ai'iiiL;' 1 111' ]Miliv ri-.' n 


•scntalivc is, 

as far 

as 1 l^liiiw, llic Laily 1 


and l,i\ci-iii( 


111 |1|-. C'oiMiim'r' 


' lirsl oi-curs 

(Sl'f p 

. ll'D) ill \:>[)S, wlicu a 


Alin<):st .siimiltaiu'ously witli tlu* ])ul)li(>alioii in The (Jcnealogist, for 
Jamiiii'V 19()(), ' of that part of my article on Barsliaiii dealing with Sir 
Robert Lcc, purchaser of the Manor of Barshani, there appeared in the 
"East Anu'lian Miscellany,"- over the signature " A.B." (Ipswich), 
the followinu' ; — 

il' fills fiunil)', whoso i)re,sciit 
.Siiiimaicz, of S}n'iil)l,aii(l 
' Maiiois of Siiifolk,' tlic 
a lino of LawiH'll Manor was 
Ifvii'd lii'twi'cm Ifobi'i-t Ijcc, Jtobert (louldiiiL;', and otliers. (Fine Trin., 40 Eliz.) 
I liavc a notC! in my possession wliicli spefiks (rf tliis Kobcrt Leo as beinj;- 
Alderman of London, and cortaiidy the coat of arms borne by the owner 
of the liawshall Manor, now (|nai-tt'red by Lady do Sauniarez, jioinLs to this 
connccl ion. 'Arfjfeiit, a fosse salile, in chief two iiejli'ts, in base a martlet of 
tlie sceoinl,' wiiieli coat was borne liy tin' said itobert Lee, as Lord Mayor 
of Loudon, in KiDl'.'' 

The Manor of Lawshall, as pniviously stated in the above-mentioned 
article in TJie Geneaiofjist, was purchased of Edward Rookwood for the 
sum of four thousand four hundred pounds by Sir Robert Lee (Lord 
Mayor of London) on the 15th May, in tlie fortieth year of Queen 
Eliza})eth (1598), and descended on his decease (22nd iX'ceniber J 605) to 
his son and heii', Sir Henry Lee, Knighted at Theobalds on the 20th 
December Kill. Sir Henry, who was of Woodford, Essex, and of St. 
Edmundsbury, died on the 21st January 1G19-20, having been twice 
married, but leaving iss\ie oidv by the first wife, Mary, daughter of 
Richard (iurney of London. By this lady, who deceased on 31st 
Decendier HilT, he had two sons and three daughtei's. His long will 
of souk; thiitv folios was proved in London the Hth February 
l()19-20,-' the testator being described as "Sir Henry Lee, of Woodford, 
in tin; ("ounty of Essex, and of liOndon." He nameb his wife, 
Thomasine,' his eldest daughter Mary (nu\rried to Sii' William 
Martyn), his eldei' son John L(^e, his }ounger sou Thomas Lee, and 
liis daughters Elizabeth ^ and Martha ; his brother, Sir Robert Lee, and 
his son John, were made executors.*' 

' Vol. .\xii, N S., |,|). lol-ini,. 

- " Kast Ant^lian Weekly Times" (1 pswicli). 

» P.O.C., 11 Soame. 

■* His seconil wife, who was widow of William Quarles. 

^ Klizabelh niarrietl about l()l(> to Sir Kieliard Wing-jield, of 'J'ickencoto. See 
" The London and Middlesex Notebook," by W. P. W. Phillimore, pp. 52-55, 
where tlicrr is a \'ery satisfactory account of the early pedi^ice of this family. 

"* Sir lliniy Leu <^avo to the poor of Woodfoi-d yearly -lUa. (Wooilford 


■'"I'/" ''i;-ff)> 

\.>.< ■) , 

•,".1 flM 

. . .i -.0 i 


Thomas Lee, the younger son, baptised 5th December 1611, was 
of the Inner Temple, and dying unmarried, was buried on the 
27th April 1683 ; while Sir John Lee, son and heir (baptised the 
12th October 1606), inherited Lawshall, and was Knighted at 
Greenwicli, on the 28th June 1629. His licence to marry, attested 
by his brother Thonuis Lee, of the Inner Temple, is dated 18th January 
1632-15, and is as follows i : — " Sir John Lee of London Kt. widower, 
26, aiul Catherine Kitzvvilliam, spinster, 21, Daughter of the Kt. Hon. 
William Lord Fitzwilliam of Milton co. Nortluints." h\ the cliildreii 
of this match has arisen the confusion as to the succession to the Manor 
of Lawshall ; for, in addition to the three daughters named in Sir John's 
will, there was undoubtedly a son, Fitzwilliam [jce, buried at Richmond, 
Surrey,- on 24:th September 1665. His admon.. describing him to be 
of that place, was granted P.C.C. 1688 to his son Thomas Lee (the 
relict Krarices Lee refusiiiu to administrate). 

TliewilP of Sir John l^ee is dated on 'Jth Deceuiber 1671 :— " Being 
at present, through the mercy of God, in a competent measure of 

health and being desirous to settle my worldly estate soe as 

no differences may arise about tlie same after my death, but that my 
daughters, hereafter mentioned, who have been dutiful and obedient 

children, may hold and enjoy the same I doe desire 

as followeth ffirst I give and becpieath to my dear daughters 

Katherine, Elizabeth and Caroline Lee, all my manors, messuages, 
lands, tents and hereditaments situate in the counties of Suffolk, Essex, 
and Middlesex, and in the city of London .... to have the same for 
ever .... except what is hereafter given to my daughter Katherine 

and my brother Thomas Lee Esq to him my ring with a diamond 

in it which was my father's and hath this motto : ' Deus dat incre- 
mentuni.' Also, I give to Katherine my daughter all my gold plate 
&c. (and make her executor) and she to see me decently buried in the 
parish clnirch of St. Andrew Undershaft in St. Mary Axe in London. 
And I reijuest my brotlier Thonuis Lee to be assistant to lier — he to 
talce a patciiial charge oi her and them and he to make a kind uncle 
to them .... 1 give to my worthy and dear friend the Lady Anne 
Russell my picture of King Charles the Martyr that hangs in my 
parlour " 

Sir Jolm Lee died the 22nd May 1673, and was buried in St. Andrew's 
Undershaft., his wife, Catlu'rine Kitzwilliam, at that time being 
apparently (.lead, so that the Ei-ances Lee who appears in the list of 
the lords of Lawsliall given below, from 1675 to 1681, was possibly 
relict of Fitzwilliam Lee, and mother of the Thomas Lee whose 
nanu! occurs as lord from 1681 to 1721, but under age in 1683, when 
his uncle ThomuH Leo, of the I unci' Temjile, nuule his will and 
describeil him as his heir at law. Frances the widow of Fitzwilliam 
Tice was, howevi'r, living in 1()88, as appears from the admon. 
to his estate in that year, referred to above. 

' Foster's " Loiulon Marriaj^e Licences." 
- " lieKistora of RichinoTid, Surrey." 
^ !'.(;.(;., ic>7:i, (i<> l'.y<-. 

1 (i •> .(!!. 

A :-. 

'1 lilt f!' )y.\ :• 



In his will,' Thomas Lee, of the Inner Temple, who died in 
April IG83, calls himself "second soiuie of Sir Henry Lee, formerly of 
Woodford, in the County of Essex," and beijueaths all his houses, 
lands, etc, etc., to his three nieces, dau.<,diters of Sir Jolin Lee, late of 
Bury St. Echnunds, viz., Catherine, Elizaljeth, and Caroline Lee, 
until Thomas Lee, eldest son of Fitzwilliam Lee, son of the said Sir John 
Lee, be 21 years of age. 

The following is the list of the lords of the Manor of Lawshall, as 
given by the writer in the " East Anghan Miscellany," whose further 
note, although not quite correct, is nevertheless quoted below : — 

"1609. Henry Lee. 
1655. Sir John Lee, Kt. 
1675. Dame Frances Lee. 
1681-1704.-^ Thomas Lee, 'OtJ, 172-i fsicj. 
1732. Jiaptist Lee. 
1768. Nathaniel Loo Acton." 

"In Mr. Sydenham Hervey's 'Hearth Tax of 1674' mention is 
made of Sir John Lee living in St. Mary's, Bury, in a large liouse, 
for it contained 1() hearths, whilst at that date, George Myrell.s 
(probably the tenant) was living at Lawsliall Hall, anyhow the largest 
house in the parish, and which contained 14 hearths. According to the 
list (juoted above, Sir Jolm (if it be the same) died one year later, in 
1675, and Dame Frances succeeded her husband, living on till 1681. 
She it is, I take it, whose name is recorded in the book of receipts, 
at tliat date, as ' Ladv Lee.' " 

Jolin Hervey, Lord r)ristol, writing to liady Bristol on the 3rd October 
I7l*I, sa\s (hat he has been to I lie funeral of his friend, !\lr. Lee,' and 
got no hurt, neither from the weather nor from the dangers of the night, 
though only uiider the escort of his old day labourer. This was 
apparently the funeral of Thomas Lee (son of Fitzwilliam), who died 
lUth Septend)er 1721, and was buried in Livermcre Church, aged 63; 
Livermcre being an estate, accordinti to I'age's " SuHolk Traveller,"'' 
purcliast>d b\- lijs onls- .son, llaplist Of (his Thomas Lee very 
little has Ikm'U disco\ eii>d as (o his icsidence in Kas( Anglia. He 
describes him.self, in his will,'' dated 25 July 1720, as " Thomas Lee 
of Kensington Square in the County of Middlesex," and desired 
" to be buried in the parish church of Little Livermere in the county 
of Suffolk." He left £3,000 apiece to his daughters Frances, Isabella, 
Caroline and Charlotte Lee and to his only son Baptist Lee, his 
whole estate real and personal, but should he die without lawful 
issue then it to be divided among testator's four daughters. In this 
will he bequeathed 10'' to the poor of Great Livermere, the same to 

' Proved witli two eodieils July 1683, by Gervaso Ehves (P.C.C., 86 

- In the Davy MSS., iiuder "Livermere," the death of Thomas Lee is 
^'ivcii as 19tli Sr|)teiiiljer 1724. 

•'"Letters fruiu John Hervey, liar! of Hristul, 1665 — 1750" (three vols., 
I8y4., Suilolk (ireen Books Series). 

* Under " Livermere ]\Lignu," p. 725. 

'- P.C.C, 230 IJolton. 

''. ^r- '" -jii v n . I I ;l- 

'.i > 

I, ' : ' I '. 

. '. il 


the poor of Little Liverniere, and the same to the poor of I^'^^'«lj^!j: 
His son Baptist Lee and daughter Frances to be executors. Will 
signed 25th July 1720, "Thomas Lee." i • fi • 

" Memorandum— the interhneations and alterations made m tins 
will being all of my own handwriting ought to nuike no alteration ot 
mv last testament. (Signed) Thomas Lee, July 25th 1721." 

fi Oct. 1721. On which day appeared personally John Descrote ol 
the parish of St. James, Westminster, Esq., intimately acquainted 
with Thomas Lee Esq. for 23 years, and Samuel Edwards, butler to the 
said Thomas for eight years, who res])ectiyely on oath testified to the 
handwriting of above will and alterations. 

Proved the same day by tlie oath of Baptist Lee, Esq., and brances 

' Soon after this, in December 1725, Baptist Lee was a suitor for the 
hand of Lord Bristol's daughter, iJaibara, ' but after some negotiations 
it came to nothing. There are three letters from LonI Bristol to hnu 
on the subject, and also an allusion to the proi)oscd match m the hitters 
of SulTolk, where he is said to have i:l(),(KK) a year. In Lord 
Bristol's letter to Baptist Lee, dated 2n.l December 1725, he remarks 
that they are all very much concerned tor the melancholy occasion 
which has k(q)t him in the country. 

Baptist Lee appears never to have married, and to have resided 
at Livermere with his three unmarried sisters, who pre-deceased him, 
and all lie buried in Livermere Church together with their sister, 
Charlotte, who marri(Hl John Wearg, of Bury St. Edmunds, viz., 
Isabella Lee, buried 12th Julv I7:?7; Caroline, 2i)th 1737; 
Charlotte Wearg, 2 1st November 171(1; Kraiices Lee, Hth July 17r)2 ; 
John Wearg, 12th August 1752. The long will of this John Wearg,^' 
who be(iueathed all his manors, messuages, lands, etc., to his daughter, 
Caroline Wearg, making his brother-in-law Baptist Lee, sole executor, 
casts little light on his i)arentaue, but it is suggested that he was of 
the same fannlv as that u\ Sir Clement Wearg ( IC.Sli- 1721) •' Soluitoi- 
(Icnerid, who is describe.l b\ttie Diet ionarv ol National Hiogra|)hy 
asgrandsmi (d' Thomas Wearg, of the parish olSl. IW.Iolpirs, Ahh-rsgate, 
a wealthy merchant. Possibly the John Wearg in question was son ol 
John Wearg, of St. Thomas" the Apostle, bachelor, and Jane Ikmn, 
of St. Antholins, marrietl there by licence on the 2nd January 1695, 
since a Keeve Bimn's name appear^ in the Act of Parliament ol the 
fortv-eiuhth of (leorge 111, cap. 123, concerning Nathaniel Lee Acton, 
grandstm of John Wearg and of Charlotte Lee. At all events, Charlotte 

' 'i'iie writer in iiiduhted U> tlic Kov. Sydeiiliuni ller\fy i'ov lliiM and otlier 

- J'roved in London by tlio oath of Baptist Leu, 19tii Octoljcr 1752. P.C.C., 
2Uo liettesworth. 

•' Sir Cleniont VVear<<'s pai-ents Thomas Wearg, of the Inner Temple, aged 28, 
anil Mrs. Mary Fletelier, of the Iste of Kly, age.l lit, were married at Lamhotli 
uii llie i:Uii oi' M;iv, I (iT'.l ( Foster's " London Marriage l.ieenees "). For Wearg, 
see •• Nole.s and (in. Tics," I'd Si'ries, iii, ol H , and " Mciiioir n{ Sir Clement 
Wearg," l)y his r.iaiiv.- (Icoige Dnke, nf (iiay's Inn, ISl;t; llurkc's "Laniled 

(inntry," ikno Fdiiicn, Irr W laa. k and a Iso" nmlrr Woii.: i , ot liatlle, Siissr.v, 

a family mergi'd in lliaL of Dnke. 

.1 ; ;;-.: .^ • H' lu ■.■■ ).i : I . 
r ■ ; ) 'i . li Or I'j :■ i 

J -, ,' i , ,<• 

I- ■ ' 'W 

:i ' 1 . -if . ;,u 

' :! '■ ' .. 11-, I . ••..i '■- 


Leo's husband loft liouses in London, on Snow Hill ivu<l in Cheapside, 
iuu[ also <;avo iiioiiov l)0(nu\sts to his sister Martha, wife, of iMr. Zachory 
Cradock, to tho ( hildrou of his ni(H'o Mrs. Anna Christiana 
Jlotohkiss, and to his grand-nieoo J alio Smith, dau. of Mrs. Jane 

Smith, widow. 

(Jarolino Wearg, who now became the sole heiress to her uncle, 
Baptist Loo, married on tho 27th March 175:J, to Nathaniel Acton, 
of Hramford Hall, Suffolk, and died in ITGl, leaving a son and a 
daughter, viz., Nathaniel and Harriot Acton (born in 1755). 

The distinctive Christian iiaiiio of Baptist is thought by several 
genealogists to point to a coiinoe'tion with the May family, of whom 
Sir Huiuphrev May (1573-1630), after his second marriage with Judith 
Foley, ' settled at Boxsted, in Suffolk. By his first wife, Jane, sister 
of Sir William Uvo.lalo, Sir Humphrey' was father of Baptist May, 
the celebrated courtier of the reign of Charles II, and also of Isabella 
May, who was ba]jtisod at Boxsted in 1()25, and afterwards became 
the' wife of Sir Thomas Hervey, Knight, of Ickworth, mother of the 
John, Earl of Bristol, writer of the foregoing letters. 

Isabella, the illegitimate daughter of Baptist May (granted the pre- 
cedence of an earl's daughter by Charles II), by her marriage with 
John Turnor, ' of Langham, became the mother of John Turner, of 
(Iroat Livormero ' the sole executor of Baptist Lee, whose will, proved 
17(58,' is contained in over one hundred folios. Therein he desires 
"to 'be buried in Livermere Church," at the south end opposite to 
my late father deceased," and leaves all his manors, &c. .(including 
Lawshall) in truct till his great-nephew Nathaniel Lee Acton, shall 
be 21 years of age. His estates in Great and Little Livernioro in the 
countv of SuffoHc, and all his houses in Holborn and six houses in 
Bishopsgate St., London, are all devised to tho said Nathaniel Lee 

Nathaniel Acton, the father of the next lord of Lawshall, was son and 
heir of Nathaniel Acton, of Bramford Hall, and of Elizabeth Fowle. 
She was dauuhtcr of John Fowlo, of Broino Hall, Es([.,' m County of 
Norfolk, bv his wife, Anno, daughter of John Mingav," of Saxlingham. 
She inariiod at Bromo. in 1723, to Nathaniel Acton (ob. 17.15) as his 
second wife, and deceased Uth July 1714, aged -tO. She was also elder 

' .liulitli (lau-hterdf Sir Williiiui I'olcy, ol' Hoxsteil. Amo.i^- Sir Humpliroy's, an.l llie.v were iiiaay, was Tiioiuas May, | ami In.stunuM, .)(.lin 
May, ul' l\a\\ lueie, Sussex, ele. .■ ij- 

-"ity his seeen,! wile, .lu.liili I'oiev, So- lluuiplnvy .May was latiier ul Sir 
\l..vim.n May (.lie.l I7l>l), who i-ai.l lUarll. 'lax i" tH7 I lor Aniptoii, close 
to Livenaere." Aceor.lin- to I'a-c's " SulVolic Tniyeller," p. 725, Little L.vcnaero 
Hall wan built by a iiieiiiber of the Coke la.nily, the suuill cluirch being 
situated in its park. 

^ Married 22nd May l7(tt. 

' liuried Ihei-e lUlh February I7t)<), a-ed (>(», s.p. 

" r.C.C, l.VS Seeker. . , , , , 

<■< Liyon.uMv beeau.e the properly by purehas.' of liaplist Lee, who .leeou^cd 
I7(>« (i'''s " SulVdIk Trayellei-"). 

' Will proyed 17:52, Nortolk Aiehdeacoiiry , to. lo')- 

■'' Farrei'.s •' Lhuieh Heraldry of Norfolk," vol. i, p. ilU. 


sister of John Fowle, Escj., of Brome Hall, Commissioner of Excise 
iiiider Sir Roliert AV'ulpole, K.G., first Earl of Orfortl, whoso niece was 
nuirriod to Joim Fowle at Kirby Kane. Norfolk, in August J 723. This 
was l<]li/,al)eth, dau^iiter of Sir Charles Turner, Jiart., and of Mary 
Walpole (and sister of Anne Turner, who \)y her inarria<ic with Dr. 
Maurice Sucklinfj,, liector of Barshani, became! mother of Catherine, 
Mrs. Nelson, and consequently grandmother of the hero of Trafalgar). 
lJes])ite, however. Cox, and other writers' anecdotes of the political 
intrigues of Walpole's times, in which John Fowle's name so often 
occurs, he is now only remembered as the " uncle " and patron god- 
parent of Nelson's elder brother, Maurice, whom he early placed in 
the Excise anil Navy Ofiices simultaneously with Captain Maurice 
Suckling's adoption in 17G7' of Horatio Nelson's career in the Navy. 
Jolm Fowle,' of Brome Hall, by his will dated the 29th February 
17()8, and proved P.C.C. 15th January 1774, devised all his estates to 
his god-tlaughter, Harriet, daughter of Nathaniel Acton, and her issue, 
she and they to take the name of F'owle, with remainder to the other 
daughters of the said Nathaniel Acton, and final remainder to llobert 
Colvile, nephew of testator. Personal property to said Harriet, with 
remainder as above, except pictures which were to go with the mansion 
house of Brome Hall. The will nifers at length to an indenture, dated 
i7t)5, made between the testator, Dionese D'Eye, Thomas Manning, 
of liungay, William Suckling, of the Customs House, Lontlon, and 
Maurice Suckling, of Mertcm, Surrey.^ 

" The mansion house of Brome Hall " has long been levelled with 
the dust, but the fine portraits of John Eowle and of his first wife, 
Elizabeth Turner, still hang at Livermere, in the possession of Lady 
tie Saumarez. 

We now pass on to the will of Nathaniel Acton himself, who, after 
his wife, Caroline Wearg's d(>atli, in i7(il, ivmarried to Doroti^' Aspin,' 
the heiress of Cocklitild, and died in \1\)^), (h'siriug l)y his will, dated 
7th July 171)1,"' to be buried in the family vault of Bavlham by 
his late wife Caioline, and under his three children. To his wife Dorothy, 
the use of Bramford Hall, coach horses, &c. Nathaniel Colvile his 
nephew and Ceorge Golding to be executors, in case his son tlies. Names 
his daughters Charlotte and Harriet (wife of William Middleton, Esq.) 
and his third (.laughter Caroline Acton. The silver plate &.C., which 
he inherited under the will of the Rev. Harvy Aspin, his brother- 
in-law. Legacies to his nieces Elizabeth Ann Colvile, Harriet Colvile 

' Suuthoy's " Life of Nelson;" Ni-lson's DL'spatclios ; " L''iuuily History of the 
lli^v. I'Miiiiuiil Nolsoii." 

'■' On Llio iloaLli of I'lli/.iiliol li 'I'liriici', lirsl, wile of Juliii l''o\vlo, h.|i., on tliu 
4lli of FeLiruary 17(13, lie ri'inarrii'd to Dioneso, daui^liLer and C(jlioir of Tlionias 
D'i'Ij'e, marriaf^c settleniLMit dated 17t)."). Slio died s.p. ITH-t, aged 81. 

^ Captain Maurice Suckling, It.N., Nelson's patron, and testator's nephew 
by marriage. This is inteiesting as it sho\vs N(^lsoii's choico of Merton as a 
residence was, perliaps, not accidental. 

* Ob. 1803. 

' Will proved al ii(iii(h)n SI May 171)3, by Natlianiel Lee Acton, Lsij. 
(I'.C.C, 2t)2 Newcaslle). 


and Charlotte Pierson. And lastly desires his son, Nathaniel, to 
(hop the name of Lee after testator's decease, and use only his own 
family surname and in case he (Nathaniel) has a son, to endeavour to 
ol)t;iiii an Act of Parliament to drop the name of Lee for ever. 

Nathaniel Lee Acton, of fiivermere J*ark, only son and heir of 
Nathaniel Acton, who now succeeded, mairied Hist, in 1787, to Susanna 
Miller, who died s.p., and secondly to Penelope llycroft, 17'J1, who also 
dicti without issue, and himself deceased s.p. on 1st January 1836. 
Meantime, his sister, Harriet Acton, married in 1774 to William, son 
of William Middlcton, of Crowlield Hall, co. Suffolk, created a Baronet 
on the lUth May 18()L This j^enthmian assumed the additional name of 
Fowie on Gth Januar)' I82."J (under the will of .John Kowle, of Brome 
Hall), and dieil on the 20th Decend^er 1829, a<ied 83, leaving, by his 
wife, Harriet (wlio deceased 1st September 1852) Sir William Fowle 
Middleton, Bart., son and heir, who dietl s.p., 9th May 18G0, and was 
succeeded by his nephew, the son of his sister, Sarah Louisa Middleton, 
by her mairiage with Sir Philip Jiowes Bioke (the celebrated hero of 
H.M.S. Shannon, who, for his gallant conduct in her, on 1st June 
1813, was created a Baronet), namely Sir George Nathaniel Broke, 
third Baronet. He on his uncle's decease in 1860, assumed the additional 
name of Middleton, an<l dying s.p. on 19th January 1887, the property 
devolved upon his niece, Jane Anne Broke, the tlaughter of his deceased 
brother, Captain Charles Acton Broke, 11. E. (ob. 1855). She, on 
lOth October 1882, became the wife of Sir James St Vincent, fourth 
Baron de Saumarez. It is this lady who possesses the pictures and 
estates of the Lee and Fowle families, and (piartering the arms of the 
former, represents the family of Lee of the Manor of Lawshall, County 

F. H. Suckling. 


Having had occasion lately to search into the history of the Nevills 
of Ess(^\ 1 came upon a curious blunder, if it can be called so. Hitherto 
it lias Ix'cn supposed that John, Loi'd Ne\ill of l^^sscx, who died 1358, 
s.p., was the l.ast of llic line. That this is not so is proved 
by the following Close luill (d 1.331, No. 31 :- '' License at the retjuest 
of the Bishop of London for Hugh de Nevill the elder to enfeoff' Thomas 
de Colyngg parson of the church of Disse and Adam de Sculthorpe 
parson of the Church of South Stole of the Manors of (Jreat and Little 
Wakeryngg and the reversion of the Manors of Souththorpe, Little 
Halyngbury and Wetheresfcld with the advowsons of the Churclics 
of tlie two latter manors now held for life as dower of Margaret late the 

^ .1 


wife of Jolin (lu Nevill all in the co. of and lickl in chief and for 
tlit'in to tyrant tlu'S(> to him for life with remainders to John his son 
for life to Hni;Ii brothei' of the said John in fee tail and to J^Mnmnd 
brotlier of the last named in fee; tail and reversion to the Iumts male 
of Hugh the elder." 

This document gives two brothers, Hugh and Edmund, hitherto 
unsuspected. That Hugh was alive much later is proved bv the 
following :— De Banco Roll, Trin., 30 Edward III, m. 19. " Cantab. 
Hugh de Nevill de Essex Chivaler gave the King 10 sol j) he cone cu 
Robert de Roteseye deforciant &c., de ten in Burwell." Also Cam- 
bridge Feet of Ei'nes, 30 Edward III. " Hugh de Nevill of Essex 
Chivaler & R(jbert de Rotisey in Burwell." 

This is, 1 take it, the Hugh the yoiniger, of the Close Holl. Evidently 
Hugh the elder had heirs male of sonu^ sort. Foss, in his " British 
Judges," says that the descendants of llenr\', son of Hugh the Big, 
were the Essex family, while he makes the children of a younger John 
to be Hugh, John and Tlicobakl (of NVrittIc (), who would possibly 
be the heirs male referred to, but this pedigree he probably got from 

At any rate, when John, Lord Nevill of Essex, died in 1358, St. 
James' Day, it was reported in the Hujuisition (No. 1, 32 Edward III), 
" also they say that tlie aforesaid John de Nevill died on the Feast of 
Saint James last past to wit on the 2i)t\\ of July, and that William 
son of John the elder of Sylam is cousin of the aforesaid John and is 
next heir of the blood of the said John and is of the age of 21 years 
and more." 

So far so good ; this was in 1358, but in the De Banco Roll of 47 
Edward III, Easter, m. 004, appears at London, " John de Nevill 
Chivaler i*l: llalph de l^'erreres Chivaler ilt John Pert Chivaler 400 m. 
debt, and the same & Alexander Manclerk Si William de Howeton 
£40 debt." 

Who this John was is shewn b\' the following: — 1 )e Banco l^oll, 
Mich. IS Mdwai'd III, ni. (i^."), dorso. ''John son and heir of Hugh 
lie Nc\ill and cousni ami heir of tjohn de Nevdl ot Mssex acknowledges 
a deed for enrollment dated Thursday after the Feast of St. Symontl, 
47 Edward III, setting forth that the said John son and heir of Hugh 
de Nevill and cousin and heir of John de Nevill of Essex, releases and 
quitclaims to Johanna tie Bohun, Countess of Hereford, Essex and 
Northampton the manor of Wakeryng in the Hundred of liochford 
in CO. Essex." 

The said John, son of Hugh de Nevill, also by another deed gives 
to Alesia, late the wife of John de Nevill, miles, his uncle, whose heir 
lie is, for the term of her life the manors of Wetherslield, Chygenhale 
Tony, Chygenhall Zoin, l<hitliorp, ijangham, Peldon Magna, Totham, 
CO. Essex, and the reversion of the numor of Southstoke, and a messuage 
called Leatleidiall in London, one messuage and one caruoate of 
laiid in Pentelowe with tlu^ advowson of the Abbie of Byleigh. 

The puzzle now comes in : how is it that the In(juisition says 
nothing of either of these brothers of John of Essex, not to mention 
.John, th(! son of Hugh ^ ■ Sunily Alice Lady Nevill must have known 



of tliem ; and even if settled at Sylani near J'>, the cousins must 
have known of each others existence. 

For the following- pcdjnfee of the Kssex Nevills I am indelUed to 
Mr. (iniseppi, of tlie ruliHc Record Ollice : — 

Alan lie Xevill, d. circa 1178. 

'riioiiia.s lie Novill. 1 vo du Ncvill. IJulph dc Nfvill 

lliii^h t\c Xcvill,-]- Juan de .\^daiii dc- (irace dc Alice.— I'l'tcr do 

(>l>. J2;?5. I Curnliill. Xevill. Salcliv. .Vlaxtoii. 

Juliii dc Xevill, ^^ llawisc de llcihcrt do Ncvill. William dc Xevill. 

oil. 12l(). I ('(uirlciiay. 

Ilii-h de Xevill. John de .\evill.-r iM ar-aivl de la Wardc. 

lliij;li.-|-lda Fit /.waller. 


r- --: 1 

J.diii de Xevill, d. Iluffh de Xevill, Kduimid de Xevill, t'luse 

liJoS, .s.j.. i;,di, i;i:M. Koii, \;v.u. 

Julin, Do Banco Ut)ll, 1H71 an<i 1375. 

The pedijiiree as in Foss' " Jiritisli Jud^'es": — 


Hem-}. Jdllan. Jt)lin, tlic I''oi-i'stcr.=j- l.sahcl de Mc^yneil. 

Iln^li. I I 1 ^-| 

I ). , llu-h. John, 'rhechald, uf Wriltio. 

.I(ilin.-| Haw ise de ,l(iljn,s|i. .lullaii, 

I Ounrlenav. tl. I- It). 

Ilii-li, 21 lien. III. John, of Noll in-liani. 


J(;hri, d. I'AM. Hugh. Kdnuind. 




I /-.-'■.>• .!/ 'I' 


^PetiigrffS from tije ©c Uauro iloKs, temp. 1l?ciug VM. 

By II. J. T. Wool.. 
( ('out in lied fruiii p. 97.^ 

I 178] Mich. 5 Jlen. VII. m. 612. 

Canibs. — John Marshall of Loudon merchant was sunnnoned to answer 
Robert Warde for taking animals at a place called Seynt-CJeorgismaner 
in Kyngeston as the bailiff of Richard Isham who owned a rent of 
48 marks out of the manors of Tadlow and Kyngeston. 

Ikiklcwiu de^-Joliciiiuu, d. of Jolin 
Seyiitgeorgc. I Deuj^'ayu Kt. 

J oil 




Richard Seyiitg'i'orf^e Ki.^... 


r -^ 

Thomas Soyiitgeorgi', s. and h 

[179] Ilil. 5 Ilcn. VII. m. 121) d. 

Kent. — John Ely draper ami Kicharil Ely sue John Broun Knt. and 
others for land in Kyiigessnoth which John Stonstretc and others 
gave to 

John Ely, jiinr.-T-Johaiiiia. 

Huinphrey, s. and h.-r... 

^ I 

John Ely, (5. and coh. Richard Ely, s. and roll. 


[180] Hil. 5 Hen. VI I. m. 171. 
York.— Wv'it to sheriff to issue a precept to Thomas Malleverrer Knt. 
to give to Christopher Kendale land in Markyngton, Ingrethorp and 
Wallerthwayte which John Dene clerk and John Markynfeld gave to 

lluKii Keiidalo.-rAlicL', d. of Nicholaa (iiliyot. 


John, s. and h.^^... 

William, s. and ii., Christophur Kondali-, I), and h. 

I ,/o^y ■! ■ H h "i M' 

i>l i 

'-:.. j/jf 

., 1 ^ ! 


[181] lUl. 5 Hen. VII. m. 257. 

Curnwcdl.-—,] o\m Carvarthour and Johanna his wife, WilUani Nanskalan 
and Matilda his wife and Reginald Hendre and Margaret his wife sue 
John Reskyniiner for land in Pennarthe next Treneke in the parish 
of Seynt Goran Carvenek Wartha Carveynek Woles and Shypstall. 

John PeiiiiarMii', tL'iii|i.=p. .. 
Hen. IV. I 

...-tM elicjiii 'J'lvtlicwj-, (1. and li. 

L ^ 

...-[ J(jl]anna Ti-utlicwv, cl. and li. 

...-T.lulianiia Laiiiu^li, d. and li. 


L ^ 

Jolin Lani()<.i-li, s. and li.^... 

John Car- = Johanna, d. William^^ Matilda, Kcj^inald- Margaret 

varthour, and coll., Nanskalan, d. and coll., Hendre, d.andeoh. 

I'lainlilTs. idaintilVs. iilaintifCs. 


fl82] Hil. 5 Hen. VII. m. 304. 

York.— Writ to sheriff to issue a prerept to Walleronn Moreton to give 
to Thomas Delaryvers land in Brafi'erton which John de Monkton 
chaplain ga\e to 

John, sou of Thunias=T=-'- 
J)elaryvers. I 

William, s. and 1i.=t=... 

Marniadiike, s. and li. 

Thomas, s. and h.=F. 

J{ieliurd, s. and h., s.p. John, b. ami 

Mnrniadiike, s. and h.^. 

'riiunias Dolaryverw, a. and ii. 

./.ii< .'I!':''" /"IJi;,, (>^/,.,,j 

■•■A - \"\ ;:Mn 

, U'> . 

'i;:'!iiV7 . • .,' :;i fitri. ..'A/I. >■, t j.-Oili ;•> / 1. '. i: J^' . .^^'^)^i;'»u i 

148 i*Khi(;i{Ki';.s i'Iiom tiik 

I 183 1 nil. 5 I In,. VI I. m. :\\\. 

Leic. — Radulf Shirley Knt. sues John Hpode of Worthiiigton foi land 
in Worthyngton and Ncnibold. 

J{;niulf Sliirley ai'ui.,=p... 
temp. Ktl. IV. j 

Juliii, s. ami li.-p. 

liadulf Shirley Km., s. ami I]., 

Judgment for plaintiff. 

|KS4] ////. 5 //('/(. VII. m. 315. 

Backs. — John Maund-U sues John l5isho]) of Lincoln and others for 
huul in Jjckehanipsted which John .Mauntell gave to 

Waller Mantel!, U'liip. , Kli/.ahel li. 
lien. VI. I 

Henry, s. and li.-p... 

Juiiu Mauntell, .s. and li., 

A similar suit as to land iii Lillyugston Dansy, 

Adjourn 'd. 

1 IH5, II il. 5 Hen. VII. m. 334. m. 3()2. 

Kiitl. — Jolm Hoyk)'n ol Hern husbandman was summoned to answer 
William Brent and others for trespass at Hern. 

John \\'^averviii'.=F... 

Juliauiia, d. and euh., s.p. ...=p.\.lice, d. and c-ul 

Cieuffrey JJivche, of C'auterlmry,— Jdlianna, d. .A^^nes I'reston, i)f Feversliam, 

yootiian. and enli. widow, d. and cdIi. 


|iH(i| II il. 5 Hen. VII. m. 37-i. 

Same auit us | I 71 1. 
Judgment for [)laintilf. 

;'! U' ■ !•:.' !>!:'' 

. > ' /.' 


[187] nil. 5 Hen. VII. Deeds enrolled. 

llicliarJ Pakolcshiini kiiisiiiaii and hoir of John Pakelesham and of 
l^jlena his wife viz. son of Tfiomas son of Hicliaid son and lieir of the 
said Jolm and KkMia acknowledges that John Fenkill Knt. and others 
are lawfully seised of land in Lachendon and Lallyng eo. Essex. 

[188] East. 5 Hen. VIL m. 2 d. 

Essex. — John Thetford offers himself ap;ainst William Sheldrake on 
a plea of land in Fitchyngfeld which Richard Brvmlev tfave to 

Williuiii rrciil s s.^-. . 

... pA;^iii's, (1. and li. 

.Inlm, s. iiiiil li., s.|i. ... -f^Miirf^MlTt, sis(. inid li. 

'riuiiiKis, s. ;iii<l li.- 

.Miliii, .s. .-inil li.-p . . 

Jdliri 'riicir<>l(l, s. :ni(l li. 

[189] East. 5 Hen. VII. m. 127 d. 

V'ww Quinzaine of St. John the Baptist (i Hen. IV between Thomas 
■loop and Wilhani Slopes (pier, and Thomas Colepeper Knt. and Joyce 
his wife deft)rciants of land in Poselvngworth, (Jlare, Stradesell and Pen- 
telawe which was settled on the said Joyce for life with remainder to 
Kobert Baynard and Joyce his wife in tail with remainder to the right 
heirs of the said Joyce wife of the said Thomas Colepeper Knt., who 
is now^ dead. The said Robert Baynard and Joyce his wife are dead 
s.p. Alexander Colepeper arm. is kinsman and heir of said Joyce 
wife of said Thomas Colepeper Knt. Philip Lewis arm. and Johanna 
his wife liave eiiteicd. 

[190] East. 5 Hen. VIL m. 135 r/. 

liucls. — Thomas llanchetlie sues James Kdy of Stony Stratford gent, 
foi' land in CuKcrton wiiicii Jolin son oi Nicholas de Kure gave to 

"i I 1.'- / 'i. biv 


Julni, sou of Joliu^Cecily. 
lie Eure. I 

John, s. and li.-p. 

I 1 

.. =f Alice, (I. und eoli. . ..=f=Marg:iret, d, ;uul coll. 

I I 

L .-, 

Tlioinus, s. and h.^... Pliiliji, h. and h.^... 



William, s. and li., s.p. ...=]riMai'f5art;t, d. and h. 

Tlioinas ITanclii'tho, s. and li 


[191] East. 5 Hen. VII. m. 335. 
iSWsTJ-.— Huj^h Diviiowo and Thoniii.s, as baililTs of Radulf 
iMassv and l<jlizahctli his wife, were sinnmoned to answer John Boby 
and Stephen Turnour for taking animals at a place called Strodesplace 
at Petworth. John de St. John and Edward St. John demised the 
land at a rent of 403. to 

Hicliaid Strode, r... 


'J'lionias Strode, s. and li.^f^. 

Kobert, s. and li., s.p. 

...^ Alice. 



1 1 

... rAg, 


... T=Mai'garui 


John Blast. 


r— ' 
oiin.-p .. 

Agnes Crunley. 

Kdward St. John. -p. 


William, s. and h.-r-'- 


Hadiilt' Massy,— f^lizabetli, d. and h. 

I 1921 I'Jast. 5 Hen. VII. m. 3(58. 
SusAex.— Amice Sneth, Elizabeth Harnes, John Somer, Elizabeth his 
wife and A}i;nes Mille sue Tliomas Combe and Mar-jjaret his wife who 
was the wife of John hjlryngton Knt. for the manors of Dixter [Dix- 
tcrnej and Catecouit whicli llamo de Somery aiul others gave to 
Johanna daughter of Hamo at Gate and wife of Kobert Echyngham 
in tail, who died ,s.p., with renuiinder to 


Henry at Gate, ttnnp.=x=... 
Kilw. III. I 


I n , 

.-rJoliiuiii.i, (1. Aiiiici' SiK'tli, (1. and Elizabeth Harnes, d. 

I Hiul coll. coll., plaintiff. and coll., jilaintiff. 

.Toliii Soiiicr. "Klizalu'th, d. and coli. Aumu's Mille, d. and coll., 

lilainlilVs. plaintilT. 

Judgment for plaintiffs bv consent. 

[193] East. 5 Hm. VII. rn. 318,1 

Essex. — John (lorvev.s sues .Vudiew Dyininok for the manor of Willyng- 
iu'ld Holcclo whii'h, toj^ether with the nianoi- of Chanree, John ile 
Wuithani and John de Shiniplyng gave to 

William, .son of William de^... 
Wanton, temp. Kdw. II. | 

.=pEli';inor, d. ainl coli. .lohamia, d. and coli. 

L ^ 

...'l .Vnna, d. and li. 

...=f Anna, d. and li. 


I -, 

... I Johanna, d. and h. 


John (icrvuy.s, h. and h., 
]ila ill till". 

[191] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. m. 106. 

York. — Johanna Uh'ngworth of Brothertoji widow and others were 
attached to answer William Ga.scoigne Knt. for forcible entry on land 
at Sutton in the parish of Brotherton. 

Walter de Croxton.=r Alice. 

Thomas. =p.. 

r ^ 

IIichard.-,= .. 


r ■' 

Thomas. i ■ • 

John Wntkinson, 
3 Hen. VII. 

( . "• \r' :] 


[195] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. m. 113. 

Leic. — Thomas Pochon of Barkeby pent, was attached to answer Thomas 
Fioxner, Roger Harcy and Richard Frauiices tor entry on the manor of 
Barkcbv and land in Barkeby, Thorpe jnxta Barkeby, Hameltoii, 
South Croxton, Hungarton, and Quynby. 

Henry I'MloiiLflt'j 



■I ■ - 
ir^arot, sist. 


Aliot", .«ist. 

,.=j=A'<-iieH, sist 

arm., s.p. 


(1 foli. 

anil coli. 

ami coll. 





'I'liiiiiias l'"r( 


KolxTt. =,-... 


Hifliaid Frail 

r -" 

Tliniiias.=f ... 



r -■ 

l?()f;i'r Dai'cy, 



I H)()] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. w. 143 (/. 

Berks.— Writ to sheriff to issne a precept to Thomas Bradley to give 
to Richard Mower land in Esthanney which John Fetyplas and Thomas 
Thonielyne gave to Thomas Lyfoi'd junr. in tail with remainders over. 

Tlioma.s lj\t'or(l, seni.=f=... 
' I 

Tlmmas liVl'uril, jnnr., William Lyi'ord, .Vlicc, liicliaid.^ .. 

1 III' iliimt', s.|i. S,]). s.]). 

.,=f •I<'liann(i. 

I — 
Ki.'liaid Mower. 

[197] Trm. 5 Hen. VII. m. 234. 

Somerset. — llobert Cokkes sues Hugh Lutterell Knt. for land in 

John Hokku.s, tfmp.^p. . . 




liii, .s. anil li. |- . . 



Ifolu'it ("ukla'.s, s. ami li., 

Judgment lor defendant, the plaintifT being proved a l»astard. 

i 1. 


(-198] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. m. 234 d. 

Somerset.— 'Rohiii-t Topratte sues Hugli Lutterell Knt. for land in 

TliomaH Toin-atlc', tciii]).=p 
Edw. IV. 




Ilubfi-t TDpratlo, s. nn<l li., 

[199] Trin. 5 lien. VII. m. 325 (Z. 

Sussex. — Writ to sheriff to issue a precept to Thomas Rote and others 
to give to Richard Malle and Jolianna his wife hind in Flecching to 
which the said Thomas and others have no entry but by tlie demise 
nicuh' by Thomas Wliyte wlio hehl by the hiw of Eughmd after the 
decease of Agnes liis wife grandmother of the said Johanna whose lieir 
slie is. 

[200] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. m. 335. 

]yanv. — Thomas Shnkburgh of Overshukburgh senr. gent., and Thomas 
Shukburgh nf Overshukburgh junr. gent, were summoned to answer 
Thomas Langton for taking animals at Napton. 

.John Na])toii held tlu!=r... 
iiiauor 1)1' Naptuii. | 



— I 




Tlioiiius Sliukburgli, sour., 
a (li'l'ciiilaiil. 


[201] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. m. 351. 

Sussex. — In Kast. 3 Hen. VII Ricliard Colepeper arm. and others sued 
Margaret Eldryngton wid<nv foi' tlu^ manors of Di.xsterne and Gate- 

Pedigrees as in (31 1 and [192]. 

The saiil Abugaret marrieil Thomas Combe 2nd August 2 Hen. VII. 



i'ki)k;i<ki<:s from the dk isanco rolls. 

|12()L>| Trin. 5 Ilm. Vll. ,„. W\. 

William Coploy scnr. niul otlicM's were siininioned to iuiswer VValioii 
Morton as to the next presentation to iiramlesby. John Delaryver 
held the manor of Brandesbv and presented John Hoiigliton temp. 
Hie. TI. 

Marniaduke Delaryver.^pMarjiaret. 

Thomas Delaryver, s. and li.,^... 
l)rc'soiited Juhii Dolaryvor, 
tciiii). Hen. \'I. I 

r ' 

Joliu Delaryvi'r, of Bi-andesby,==p... 

s. and h. I 

^larniaduke Delaryver, s. and li., presented VVilliani= 
Danby teiii)). Ed." IV and Kth October 1 l{ic. Hi 
j^ave the ne.xt j)resentation to tlii' plaintilT. 

'I'honias Delaryver, s. and h., under a^e and in wai-d to tlio defendant 
William Co])li'y. 

Adjourned , 

[203] Trin. 5 Hen. VII. in. 425. 

Hereford. — Richard Delabere of Kynardesley Knt. and William Hamme 
of Clelmnore arm. were summoned to answer Houer Uodenliam for 
wrongful eiitrv on land in Hommelacv. lleni'y (Juaicll and- Huuh 
Slielwyk gave the manor of Holompton to 

. ..=r J"^"' Harre — Johanna. 

I Knt. 

•Johanna, sist. 
and coll. 


I sist. and 

f Elizabeth, 

I sist. and 


Uiciianl Delaber.' Knt. 
a defendant. 

William llamnu', 

a defendant. 

Edninnd Cornewayle. 

De.scent of the plaintiff from l)e la Ijane as in ("143|. 

...=T=Thoinas Oldca.stle. 



— I 




Thoma.s Cornwall Knt. 


Roger Ik)denham.=Johanna. 

(Tu be cuiitiiiiifd). 


fiuqfiaU's ITisitiitiaii of llnrksbtrf, 


(^Continued from /i. 115.) 
TiiR IJoHnrcii (.K LkivUks. Leedes, 12 Aucr. 1665. 




AuMs: — Aziiro, ii cliovrou between three foxes' lieuds erased projjer. 
Tlie |)ruut'e of the coate resjiiied, Imt nothiiij^ ihjiie. 

I. TH0:\1A,S FOXCROFT, of Halifax, bur. at Halifax 9 Sept. 
15i;i. Will 3, pr. at York 18 Sept. 1543; mar. Isabel . . . , 
bur. at Halifax 5 Oct. 1543. Thev bad issue — 

lliebanl, bur. at Halifax 29 Sept. 1543. Will 

■21 iMar. 1543, pr. at York 1 Mar. 1543-4. 
James (IT). 
John, of Soyland (a cpio Foxcroft, of Bargrange, 

C(!orge, of Bargrange, l^eeds. 

ThoMuis (a (juo Foxcroft, of liatley). 
AVilliain, Hector of Spricklington. 

II. JAMMS KOXCHorr, of Sowerby, Lord of the Manor of 
Dnnglicld, l)iir. at Halifax 5 Nov. loOl). Will 3 Nov. 
I5ti!), pr. at York 3t) June 1570; mar. I'jlizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Woodhead, of Harkesland. 'J'hey had issue — 

Tliomas (a ijuo Foxcroft, of Newgrange, Leeds). 



Daniel (111). 


(jL'oigu, uf S«MV(;rl»y. 
Michael, of Kebroyd. 
f Grace. 

III. DANIEL EOXCROFT, of Halifax and Weetwood, Ijur. at 
Halifax IG Jan. 1G35-6; mar. iirst . . . Had issue — 

Sanuiel, of Halifax. 
Mar. secondly . . . Had issue — 

Anthony, of Halifax. 

Daniel (IV)- 

Janie.s, of JIalifax. 



rV. DANI I':L KOXCIlOF'r, of Weetwood, bur. at Leeds 2G Sept. 
IG.ii). W^ill lM Sei)t. lG;i!», pr. at York; mar. at Halifax 
10 .May KiL'T, Abigail, dan. of . . . Burrow, exeeuti-ix of 
her husljand. 'I'hey had issue — 

■Samuel Fuxcrofl, died natnarried, bp. at Halifax 
18 May IGl^H, bur. at Headingley 9 Apr. I(i50 
(Leeds Itegistei's). 
Dujiie/l (V). 

.Snstin, bp. at Leeds 1 iMar. 1G3 + . 
Benjamin, bp. 1:5 Apr. 1G37 at Headingdey (Tifeds 

Registers), d. unmar. (Thoresby). 
John, bp. 3 May 1G38, d. unmar. (Thoresby). 
Grace, bp. at Leeds 1 Junc^ 1G33. 

\'. DAN I ELL FOXiUiOFT, of \\%ufir<n>d, <et. J4 aim. P2" Auij. 
Idd't, .Mayor of Leeds IGGo, Nonjuror IG.So, bp. at Leeds 
3U June 1G31, d. 7 Aug. 1G91, bui-. at Headingley, .M.L ; 
)/iar. Martha, daiujhter of Francis Laytun, of Fatrd>'ti, in 
cu. Eboi:, Fsq'., d. 1 July 1G88, l)ur. at Headingley. M.I. 
Tiiev had i.ssue — 

;." Samndl, (ct. 11 ann. F2 Auy. 1006, bp. at Leeds 
29 Apr. 1G54, d. s.p. 10 Oct. 17 L3. Will -Jl July 
1713, pr. at York; mar. at Leeds 11 Feb. 1G9G-7 
Katherine, dau. of John Rhodes, of Leeds (remar. 
J. Barstow, of Leeds), d. s.p. 20 Aug. 17-12. 
^i. Danirll, bp. at Lee(ls 2.S June IG"),'), d. unmar. 

S. Francis {VI}. 

4. liolierl, bp. at Leeds 3 Mar. 1G^», tak<'n by the 
Algerines and murdered before his redemption was 
completed, collection made in Leeds for the same. 
J. Janies, bp. at Leeds 21 iMar. IGG^ ; lost on the Scotch 

I:M •>. ■ ,/ ■ :, /(;;')// <■• ■ ■ > ■' *, <i 

|)U(;i)Ai.k's \'isri'Ari()N oi' vorkshirk. 157 

/. Jane, bp. at Leeds 28 Aug. 1 (>;")() ; mar. Rev. William 

Lister, son of Thomas Lister, of Manniiigliam. 
2. Mnrtho, bp. at Leeds 25 Feb. 166] ; mar. at Leeds 
2(j Aug. 1701 llev. Law. Jackson, Rector of 
Tatliam, co. J^anc. 
(J race, bp. at Leeds 2 July 1668; mar. ilrst Mr. 

l^illers, .secondly Robeit 8mitli.son, of London. 
i^^lizabetii, bp. at Leeds 12 Dec. 1G72 ; mar. . . . 

VL FRAA'CrS FOXCROFT, bp. at Leeds 3 Dec. 1657, settled 
at Boston, New l<]ngland, executor of his brother Samuel ; 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Danford, Deputy-Governor 
of New England. They had i.ssue — 





Authorities — Watson's Halifax and Thoresby's Leeds. 

TiiK Aynstik. Yoi-kc, 19'^ Mart. 1665. 

Kann&rll nf iltarstan. 

Hr.siiilc ;;ivi'ii lof iwhibil inj; y° annus. 

1 UICIIARD ROUNDEEL, of Scriven, mar. Katherfn . . . 
Will 18 Nov. 1522. To be bur. in Knaresboroiigh Church- 
yard (Knaresborough AVills, Surtees 8oc., 11). Tliey had 
issue - 

.lohn (a (|iui i{oundell, oi (Jledstone). 

Christoj)her (11). 

TL CHRISTOPHER ROUNDELL, of Scriven. Will 2 Feb. 
1551-2. To l)e bur. in Knares])orough Chui'cliyard (Knares- 
boioiit^h Wills, Siirtc(!S Soc, 62) ; mar. .Mice, dau. of 
Hichard llaye, of Scriven, execuliix of her husband. 'I'hcy 
had issue — 

William (III). 


TIT. \VILLIA.][ liOU NDELL, of PlamjilDU, naar Knaresliorotujh, 
in (-(Dii. J'Jbo)-., d. 23 -luly 1(516 ; mar. Ann . . . They had 


IV. niCIIAUl) liOUyDl'JLL, of CuUhorpr (C..w(hurp(0, //' roin. 
I'Un-nini, di'd in a" liili.i, J.P., d. 21 l'\'b 1662-3, :rl. 

■ .■ .ii i-. i ir.l i 

■ii . ■ '• >i 

58 DU(; talk's visi'I'A'iion ok vorksiiirk. 

seventy -four. Will 12 Apr. 16G2, pr. at York ; inar. 
Bi'id^et, i/((.i<(/hter of John (?) Mi'lcalfe of Li-r.dcs, in cum. 
Mo)-., d. :\ July 1063, ii't. fifty-two.' They had issue - 
J. ]Vi//i,tm (V). 

.'-■'. John, of lluttt)n \\^uisU'v, mar. INFargaret, dau. of 
'I'lionuis Fitzwilliam, of l)oiicaster, there -!S Jan. 
1G72 (reniar. George Anut', of Hurghwallis), bp. at 
Doneaster 27 Feb. 1051. 
./(6»'', bp. at Cowthorpe 20 Oct. 1017. 

V. WILLI A. \[ ROUND ELL, of Mar^ton, in co. Khor., and of 
llutton Wansley, bp. at Cowthoipe 20 Oct. 1040, bur. 
■i Apr. 1693 at JNIarston ; viar. Anna or Hannah, d<iH<jh/er 
and !<oIc lu'ire of Eilivard Ehvyck, A/derni. of Yorke, at 
Helfrey.s, York, 31 Jan. lOOl-fj, bui- at Marston 22 July 
1081). They had issue — 
Hic-hai-d (VI). 
Ivlwaid, bp. at iMai'ston 21 .) une 1083, bur. there 

2 1 Aug , 1 705. 
Anna, bp. at Marston 11 Feb. 1070-7, bur. there 
5 Feb. 1680-1. 

Vr. U [CHARD ROUNDELL, ESQ., of Marston and Hutton 
^\'ansley, bp. at Marston 5 Aug. 1080, d. 5, bui-. there 
'J Feb. '1717-8. M.l. Will 1!) Jan. 1717-8, pr. at York 
(vol. Iwiii, 15!)) ; mar. first Sarah, dau. of William 
Hicarey, D. !>., ilccLor of (Juiseley, by Mai-y, dau. of 
Robert Hitch, Dean of ^'ork, at York Minstei', 1 Dee. 
1701, bur. al iMarslon. They had issue ~ 

Richard, bur. at Marston 2 .1 uly 1700, \ 
Hannah, bp. at Marston 18 Feb. 1702-3, d. v. p. 
Mary, bur. at Marston 29 Jan. 1700-7, | 
Sarah, mar. first Sir Darcy Dawes, Bart., who d. 
10 Aug. 1732; secondly Heilby Thomp.son, l^^sq., 
of Escrick. She d. 12 Mar. 1773. 
Mar. secondly Elizabetli, dau. and coh. of John Ranisden, 
Esq, of Norton, at Campsall, 23 Jan. 1710-1, d. 26 Feb. 
1710, bur. at Marston i\l. T. 'I'liey liad issue — 

John, bp. at St. [Martin's, .Micklegate, York, 24 Oct. 

1712, bur. at .Mai'sU^n 21 Mar. 1711-5. 
Catherine, bp. at St. .Martin's, Micklegat(!, 17 Oct. 
1711; mar. J Ton. Christoi)her Dawnay, 20 Aug. 
1719, d. s.p. 3 Jan. 1709. 
I'^li/.abeth, bp. at St. Maitin's, Micklegate, 5 Oct. 

Mildred, bp. at St. Martin's, Micklegate, 19 Nov. 
1710; mar. John liourchier, l'ls([., of Heniiig- 
borough, at ^'ork Minster, 13 Apr. 1738, d. at 
\'oik 12 Dec. 1790, bur. at Newton-on Ouse. 

'< ;i ! I' ■•! '" ' .'' '•*' f ''i M ' 


.!•'>: ', 'l' 

I -I 

l)U(il)AI.IO,S VISITAI'ION OK VOllKSll lltK. 151) 

Cr,AK(i W.U'K.NTAKK, Yorki", 13 Sept. lt)65. 




Sec the ]'isit. (if (Jninhcrliind for tite Amies. 
Akms: — Av'^. a cliuvroii Sa. Letw. tliruo sykcs or fuuiiluins ])ruper. 

RIClJAliD SYKE8, of Sykes-dtke, neer Carhiil, in Cumber- 
land. Had issue — 

WILLIAM SYKES, a yonnijer son, came into Yurkeshire 
and si'thid at Leedes. Hud issue — 

. . . SYKES, of Lwdes. Had issue — 

RICHARD SYKES, an Aldmwm. 

The aho\e is Dugdale's statement of the origin of this Leeds 
family, hut tlie idea that it ciuiu; fi'um Sykes iJyke is unlikely 
and pioiiahly the above is not correct. Hy the Leeds Registers 
and Yolk Wills it a})]jears there was a .James Sykes wIkj died in 
l->77, having two sons, who predeceased him, s(j the following account 
is suggested : — 

I. JAiVIES SYKE8, of Kii-kgate, Leeds, bur. at Leeds 27 IMay 
1577. He had issue — 
Richard (TT). 

^Villiam, of Kirkgate, clothier, bur. at Leeds 31 July 
1570. Will L'l July, pr. at York \ Oct. 1576; 
mar. Alice . . . They had issue-- 

Mar"- ret /"'^"'^''' ^" tlieir bi-other liichai'd's will. 

11. UlCHAIil) SYKES, .,f Kirkgate, clothier, bur. at Leeds 
II Oct. 157G. Will 17 Sept., pr. at York 1 Nov. 157G ; 
mar. Sibbell lleame, bur. at Leeds .SO Oct. 1570. Will 
■-'S Oct., pr. at York li) .Lm. 157G-7. Tiicy had issue- 

■: I V' i ; ', (. ) 


\ ■■--■---' / 

160 DUODAF.k'.S V181TA'J'I0N ok YOKKSJllKE. 

James, of Headrow, Leeds. Had issue. 

Richard (III). 

John, of Ivirkgate. Had issue. 





TIT. RICHARD SYKES, aii Aldtnnan of Leedest, hought part of 
tlie manor of Leeds, also the manor of Shelley in 1638, 
bui-. at Leeds 29 ALir. 1645, JNLT. ; mar. EHzabctli, dauijhlfr 
of . . . MaiVifoa, at Leeds 30 Jan. 1593-4, bur. there 
19 Aug. 1644. M.L They had issue— 

1. John Sykes, of Lfc.des, died circa aanam W"22, bur. 
at Leeds; mar. . . . Had issue — 

/. SaraJi, icif'e of Williavi J/ornc, of Lccdcs. 

2. Elizabeth, ivifc of William L()d(jc, of Lci'dcfi, 

afterward of Will'in Aldborouyh, of Ald- 

boroiKjh, in com. Ebor., Exqr., to whom 

she was mar. at Leeds 9 Oct. 1652. 

i2. llenrij iSykes, of I/nnslct I/all, in coin. Ebor., gent., 

bp. at Leeds 25 Mar. IGOl. Will 19 Sept. 1654, 

pr at L()ii(h)n 9 lU'b. 1(551-5, to be bur. in St. 

lOllen's Church, York (Absti'act Yoiks. Record 

Scries, ix, 75) ; mar. Mai'V, dau. of Sii' John 

N\'o((d, (if Hceston, near Leeds. 'I'lioy had i.ssue — 

llichard, of llunslet Hall, bp. at Leeds 

24 Sept. 1626; mar. ivatherine . . . 
John, bp. at Leeds 2 Dec. 1627, bur. there 

20 July 1629. 
John, bp. at Leeds 3 INIay 1631. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Leeds 22 Dec. 1628, bur. 

there 22 Nov. 1629. 
Su.siinna, bp. at Leeds 17 1 )ec. 1629. 
Susanna, bp. at Leeds 19 May 1632. 
jNIary, bp. at Leeds 25 July 1633. 
Elizabeth, l)p. at Leeds 9 July 1635. 
3. Richard (IV). 

William, b]). at Leeds 29 Oct. 1598, bur. tliere 

20 June 1600. 
William, of Leeds, merchant, after of Knottingley, 
bp. at Tweeds 10 Yah. 1605-6, d. 1652; mar. at 
Leeds 20 Dec. 1625, Grace, dau. of Josias Jenkin- 
son, (I. 25 Sept. I(i85. They had i.ssue — 

Hichard, of Ledston, whose daughter Anna 
mar. Haljth Thoresby, the Antiquary. 

John, 1 , , ,f ^ , ^.. 

, , See Hunters Mmoruni 

Josepli, , ., ,. • 1-1 

wrii- e y I (jentium, i, lol. 

William, of Leeds,] 

Daniel, a quo Sykes, of Sledmere, Kirk IClla, 
(!lc. (.see i?aronetag(!s). 

,, , \ \ 

i)U(;i>A[j'; s vjsri'A'i'ioN oi' voiiksihiik 


INIary, mar. Juliu Hcriiard, ]Ma}or (.»f Hull, at Leeds, 

li) July 1G20. 

Sihil, mar. William huh.soii, Mavoi- uf Hull, at Leed.s, 
I 1 Jan. H5:n-2. 

RICHARD SYKRS, Rrrlur of Klrk-llr,ilo„, ill cum. Ehuv., 
did in <v' JlJJJ, [jonl of tlic Manor ot' iSlielley, a llcjyalist 
compounder and lined ,£")■_':") JOs., Iiji. at Leed.s 24 July 
1G03, Inii-. at St. James', Clerkenwcll, 12 Jan. l(;02-;5. Will 
27 Dec. 1G52, pr. at London 2G Ahty Mu)'.} (^'orks. lieeonl 
tSerie.s, ix, 57) ; ))iiii: dnire, dctii(/hffi- of Alr.rmtdtr Stock, 
Rector of Kirli-llcalon, in. coin. Ehor., there 20 Oct. 1()27, 
bur. in the church there ^Luvh IGIG. Thcv had issue — 
/. Richard (V). 

2. John tSi/ken, a tucrchaut in Dort ; mar. Anne, dau. of 
Barney lleyines, of Delft. They had i.ssue (see 
Hunter's INIinorum Gentium). 
o. SiDiiucl Sijkis, (I. incrcJi^ in Lccdcs, Aldeiinan and 
Mayor 167 I, bur. there ;!U :\lay lGcS4, M.L; inar. 
Klizabeth, dau. of John Simpson, of Leeds. They 
had issue (set,' Hunter's Minoruni t;ientium). 
.^. Jlcriiiird .S'///.r,s'. (( iiiin-li' in Lond., l)p. at Kii'kheaton 
12 Apr IG.'iS; mar. l*^Iizabeth, dau. of Thonia.s 
Hawlelt, of S[)aldin^% ct). Line., lii; 1 Apr. 1GG2, 
at Holy 'I'rinity JNIinories. 
o. t'hiirlcfi.^ died yoniKj, bp. at Kirkheaton 25 Feb. 1G4G. 
J. Jubcccd, (rile, of Jo/iu J\cr.^/i((>r, Jlcctor of liiplcy, in 
com. hltor., Lady of the IManoi' of Shelley, bj). at 
Kirkheaton 29 Oct. IGIO, bur. at Kipley' 27 Oct. 
..'. A'/r. , of Lipl.y, bp. at Kirkheaton 21 l''eb. 1G12, d. 
unmar., bur. at Kipley 3 JNlar. I7U5. Will J Oct. 

V. JllCUAUD SYKES, Rector of the church of Sj,< forth, and 
Prehend of if (JalhedraJI oj S^. R< tir in Yorke, at. od 
an. lo Sept. KiCto, b]). at Kirkheaton IG Oct. 1628, d. 
8 Feb., l)ur. 11 Feb. 1G^',"„ at Leeds, M.I. Will U Jan. 
lGj'°, pr. 11 Mar. 1G7G; mar. A una, (/an. oj' Markc, Micklc- 
thirniitc. Rector of Loiuj .\l<ir.'<lon, in co. E/ior., bur. at St. 
Jolni's, York, !) June IGTG (0.15 N.). Will G Jan. 1G75-G, 
pr. 14 Mar. IG7G-7. 'i'hey had issui'-- 

/. Riclinrd, at. i,2 an. hi Scjit. iv' KKIJ, of Sheepscar, of 
Sidney Sussex ('oil, ('audi., M..\., Loiil of IManoi" 
of Shelley, d. 1 I, bur. at Lrcds 12 (Jet. 1 G,SG. M.l. 
Will 11 Dec. 1G84, pr. 2U l)(!c. IGSG. 
..'. Markc, died yuaiuj. 

()'2 l)U(;i).\l-K S NISI'I'A'I'ION OK VORKSIIIllK. 

3. Mick/rf/iiv((i/f Si/k<'s, (t'fft/is '"> aintornni, of Shoepscar, 
iind Lord of'Man.jr of Sliollcy, d. s.p. Feb. 1697. 
Will I.S Apr. I(i!»n, K'uviii»", Shelley to liis aunt 
l{('l)('(c;i Kirsliau'. 

/. Ainm, (I I. 9 (oni. 

ij. Sarali, diiui yonmj. 

il. RcJjccca, died yoiing. 

Lai'(;hbai{<;ii Wai'KNtakk. Stokrslcy, 8" Sept. 166G. 

.^trluarD nf laftl)ousi\ 

JJespito piveii for inserting tlic arnica, refers lu tlic N'isit. of (,'!iiuljrifl^;esliiro.' 

T. ... STEWARD, of . . . , uKtr. . . . of . . . Had issue — 

1. ... Stct<-ard, mar. . . . datujhle)' of . . . Had 

issue — ■ 

;S''' Tliomaa Sli'ward, of I'Jhj, in Cambridije- 

2. . . . Steward (11). 

IT 'STEWARD, if .... )nar. . . . , daiojhfer of . . . 

\\m\ issue- 

Zaeliary (111). 

111. ZACIIAUY STEWARD, I). 1)., ,;/' i'lasin-ton, in Cleveland, 
in <u>in. Wn\\, Inir. al i'^asin^loii lo Jan. l(il7-iS. Will 
\)V. at York IGIM; mar. Eli/aiielli, (/((inihlii- of' . . . Walson, 
at llutton Bushell, L'3 Feb. IGUI ('licence !) Dec. IGIO, 
Philip Wheatli, clerk, Rector of lliiiderwell, and KHz'' 
Steward, of Loftliouse, w id., at either jilace). They liad 

Zuchary (IV). 

Thouia-s, l)p. at, I^iasington '2 June KHS ; named in his 

father's will. 
.John, bp. at i<]asini;toii 10 Apr. KJl'), bur. 4 Sept. 

It) .'5 1 ; named in his father's will. 
h:ii/.aheth, hp. at Fasin,<;ton G Mar. KUJG; (Omar. 
Joseph Wheathe, of Hillington (Dugdale's Visita- 
tion, 123). 
Katherine, mar. John Holmes 3 June 16-!6, at 

Jane, mar. Tliomas Glarrctt 9 Oct. IGl'7 at Hinderwell. 

' III liie VisilMliuii of ('aiiilaiili;c^liire Itilit, luiiiled liy tlie llarli'iaii Soeioty, 
I lien- i.s ;i iiedi'n-ce of Stewnrd. Sir 'I'lioiiias Steward, Km., Ili^li SherilV tif 
I'aiiiliiidne and 1 1 cinl iiigduii, i.s nieiilioiied as Ijciii;;- son of .Sir William Steward, 
of the Isle of I'dy, by Catherine I'aiiie, uf t-'asti'll Aeri', hut there is iiu 
fiirthir iiifojiiial i(/ii (d ciiiiiji'el this hraiieh. 




TV. ZACUAnV sri<:\VAIiD, of Lofihonx,', in ru. Ehur., ,r/. 58 
mm. S .Si'iit. (V /li/!fl, Govei'iioi- ot' Miil^r;i\o Castle, 
sc(|iip>,tci('fl for Ills (l('liii(|iit'iiL-y, bur. at Kasiiigtoii I (i Apr. 
1G7G. Nunc. \Nill 10 A[)r 1G7(), liis wife e.xecutiix ; nuu-. 
finite, ddiujfiler of .V' 7'Ji(imn>; Xotrl'ijj'c (NorcliU'c), nf' Xnnii- 
iiKjfiiit, til Co. Elior., K'. Tlicy had issue — 

Mai'u, uientioiied in her fatlier's will, to have wliat 
slie liked of household j^'oods. (C^hiery if she did 
not marry Thomas ISIoore, of ITackness, and had 
a son Zaciiary Steward Moore, bp. at 
•24 Sept. 1G72.) 

in ()rd's Cleveland, 27G, it is stated, " Tlie ancestors of Zachary 
Mooi'e obtained possession of l^ofthouse by marriage intcj the family 
of Zachary Steward. Zacharv ^looie, however, soon si(uandered his 
inheritance." Tie was a friend of Hall Stevenson. The estate was 
jnn'cliased by Sir L. I)undas. 

liAlGllHARGH W A P K .\TA K K. 

Smkesley, 2(3 .Vu^--. lOGo. 



(E astir U'rbnitan, 

Akms ; — S;il)li.', 1)11 a chevi'oii Or three roses Gules, a cuulon Kriiiiiie. 
Nu jUdoro made of tliese amies. 

T. UKOltdE MMUYTOX, I)' in Dn-u,',ti,^ Chaplain lo Qn. 
Aiinc (au/'ti to A. Jaiii'-.s), Dratic of I'i'hilioii>nijk 1G12, (Uid 
<i/'li:r of Yorki:, died In a" I'iJ^t '•• •" Hiitfordshin-, educated 
at St. John's Coll., Cambiidge, M.A. \i)Hfi, Fellow of 
(Queen's Coll., Uector of iladleigh, Sullblk, I5i)9, Prebendary 
of Pockerington 1G17, Dean of York 27 Mar. 1617, d. 
23 Dec. lG2t, bur. at York :\Iinster. ^NI.I. (Drake, 510). 
Will 1 July 1G21, pr. at York 22 INIar. 1G21-5 (xxxviii, ;i7G) ; 
Diar. M'li-ji, diiiiijht, I- a/' . . . Uaitdi- (Hands), <;/' . . . in 
(■mil. I.liiriil II, .-iiiii III llcnrN Iikik/i' (Kands) or ijolbcach, 
ril^shup of LlncuUu-. Will 2G l<\'b. IG2'.) ;iO, pi', at \'ork 
1.; Oct. IgJO (xli, 221). They had issue - 

1G4 DUCDALK's MsriAl'ION Ol'' VOltKSHlRI';. 

1. at'onjr M'^rylaa, <lu'd ivithont issur ; iiiiiiiL'd in his 

father's \\ill. 

2. Thomas (11). 

J. h'obrr/, ohijf sine prub' ; mentioned in Ins niolhers 
will (()A(hnon. at Yurk 11 ISlar. I»i3i. 

^. Ji,hn Mtryton, <,/ JIoii//,>n in. com. Ebor., had lease of the 
lleclory of Suuth (jainshorou^fh under his mother's 
will. Kunc. will 15 Felj. Ilil9-D0, \n: at i.on(lon 
\-l Fel). 1650-1 (Al)stiait Yorkshiie Pveeord .Series, 
ix, •_'()) ; mar. Elizahelh, dau. of Christopher Sinith- 
soii, of Moulton, CO. Yi)rk. Tliry had issue — 
.Matthew, of St. Antiiolin, London. 
Maria, named in her father's NNill. 

J Mary, tvih: of T/iumas Moi/srr, of Nun-Ai>idetou, in 
coin. Iihur., l)ur. \2 Sept. 1G33 at Loekington 
(C.B.N. ). 

:3. Anne, wife unto Franc Wri<jht, sou of Franc II rajht, 
of Jiolfon-itj'on Sa^a/e, in co. Fbor. 

ir THOMAS MERYTOX, of Castle Levculou, in. co. Fbor., died 
in a" /ar/;^. Will 20 Mar. 1G52-3, pr. at London 28 Nov. 
1G51 (Ahstraet Yorks. Record Series, ix, Gf); mar. Grace, 
dan,,h. of Francis Wrhjht, of Jlol/un-npoit-Sa-alc, in com. 
Fbor. They had issue — 
^. (r'con/c (TIT). 

i2 Thomas, h. lG3t;, dramatist, eduealed at Danl.y \N iske, 
Sizar at St. John's Coll., Candnid_i;e, MA. 16G9 
(see Diet. Nat. Bi(jgrai)hy). 
3. Paul, named in his father's will; mar. Miriam, dau. 

of . . . Lyster, of . . . 
\. Riehard, named in his father's will. 
5.' John, named in his father's will 

./. Grace, wife of Francis Falleser, of Dnb/yn, in Ire/and. 
2. Anne, wife if Thomas Falleser, of the citty of II cst- 
niinst', ijroccr. 

TTT GEOUGE MERYTON, of Castle Leventon, at. SO an. et 11 
mtnsium 25 An,i. I(!05, an attorney at Northallerton and 
writer, author of "The praise of Yorkshire Ale," a poem. 
1-le left l':n>;land in IGSf and went to Ireland, LL.B. there 
1700, d. in Dublin 1711 Will 2G Sept. 1701, pr. 15 I^lar. 
171l'at Dublin (see Diet. Nat. Biography); mar. Mary, 
dauyhtcr of John Fallc-^er, of Kirkby-sapcr-W iske, in co. 
Ebo'r., survived her husband. They had is^sue — 

1. Thomas, at. ,S aauorum et 10 mens. :io Muj. lQ(hj, b. 

Oet. 1G57. Admitted at (hay's Inn 17 June 1G75. 

J. ^^, ./•</,■. Admitted at St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 

13 June KhcS, b. 1G60, d. in Cand)ridge 11 Aug. 

1G8G, bur. at All Saints' Chureh. 



S. .hilni, educated at JVortlialleitoii. Admitted at Christ's 
Coll., Caml)ridge, 30 June IGS^, 15. A. IGSf). 
Luke, executor of liis father's will. 
Charles, nieutioiied in his father's will. 
Katherine, mentioned in her father's will. 


Vork(>, 110 Auk. 1600. 

ChaDttn-tnn of \}m\xt. 

T. EDMOXD ClIADDKRTON, ckscenit'd front the house of 
Chmldertun, af Xntt/iii isf, in emu. Lane. Thev had Lssue — 
/. WUIliiiii (.'/iittlciiiiiui, )/uir. . . . didcijhter of . . . 
L'i)liimheU. They had i.ssue — 
liiHjer, obijt si)ie prole, 
lulu'drd, <<(>ijl stii.r jirofi-. 
:>. Edirard (11). 

IT. EDWMU) ClIADDERTOiY, di'-d cirea ana. lUo4 ; mar. 
Mitrtilf eldest danijlitrr of S' Eraiieis Eaddon, of Jlat/doii 
(Kili|)ax), ('((. CO. Kbor., Kit'. They had i.ssue - 

Ml. EUAM'IS CUADDKirro.W of the Cltt>/ of Yorkr, son 
tnid Joir, (It. .',.> anil. II" Aioj. <(" ItUilf \mv. L'.S Oei. 1()S7 
al I'x'ltVcys, \'ork ; mar. Jam', ilaio/htrr o/ (.'hrt.-<fo/>/iir 
J',ir/>er, at tlw Cilti/ of Yorhr, \mv. 1 ."5 Oct. IGGD at Crux, 
York (Belfr<'ys lU'i;isters). They had issue — 
/. Kath'^riiie, dud i/onnij. 

i'. Rranei'.^; (el. II nun. I h' Au(/. ItHUJ; (?)mar. Mr. 
William Scolt, who was hur. at lielfrevs .S Oct. 1GG9. 

(ilLI.lNG, \yi;sT \Va1'KNTAKK. 

Kirhiiiuiid, 21 Aii.r. l()(5o. 


Arms : AiTicnl, ihici! wcumts' sliutllfs Sal)lf, li|)|ieil luid i|iiilleil Or, a cn'si-i'iil 

lor ilj(li>iiiici\ 


DUCDALK's visitation ok VOllKSlllllK. 

I. THOMAS SlIJITTLEWORTll, of (r'atrthrop)i, in com. Lane, 

J'Jsq. (tliiid rsoii of Hugh Sliultlewortli, of Gawtliorpo, co. 

r.iinc, ;in(l Ann, dau. of 'riionms (Jrinisliaw, c,f Clayton), 

(1. ill ]:)\):] ; mar. IHSG Ann, dau. of Richartl Lever, of 

Little Le\ei-, slu' d. Ui;?7, a't. .sixty eight. They liad issue— 

]. liliJitii-'} Shiitlh'iroi-th, ol (lairtJirope, in com. Lduc, 

Etiij'. (a quo Shultleworth, of Oawthorpe, see 

Whitaker'.s Whalley, ii, ISl). 

Nicholas (II). 

Ughtred, Bencher t»f I.incoln's Inn, achnitted 2G ]\tay 

IT. NICHOLAS SlIUTTLEWORTIL <>f ForcH, in com. Ehor., 

at. 77 ((II. LV Aikj lI'iU'), of Cray's Inn, bought Foreet, d. 
s.)). His i;real lU'iihew Itichard, of Gawtliorpe, probaoly 
inlieiitfd l''oreel, which was sold hy his descendant in \1'!^\ 
(see Whilakcr's Whalley, ii, IS I).' 

Authority -Whilaker's Whalley. 

'I'llK liOKOl'Gll or Kl.NdSTON-SUHKU-llcr.r,. 

Hull, 4 Sept. UJOf). 




Aims:- Per fcss Argont aiul Sablo, a fcss fouutor-GriibattkHl between three 
I'itlcoiis, all couulerchauKed. 

I. RICHARD THOMPSON, mar. Ann, dau. of AVillifim 

Langloy, of Scarhorougli (Hunter's Minorum (Pentium, ii, 
031). 'i'hey liad issue- 
/. l'/ins/,^/>/icr (II). 

.'. \\'ii/i,iiii 'J'/ioin/>.-<oii, of IhiDihlchni, In ^ I lol(lcnict<ttc, 
died circa ami. 10,U) (see Thompson, of HumMeton, 
Kilhani, vXc). 

n. (JllRLSTOl'IIER TlIOMl'SON, of Scarhoruiujh, merchant; 
mar. Isabel, dau. of Edward Hutchin.son, Ks<|., of Wykeliam 
Abbey. Lla-y had issue — 


/. Thnothi/ '/'/hiiii/isoii, died irillioiil ixsiin. 

\i. II ■;//'" (Ml). 

,..' IuiIhi-I '/'/niDIJisoll, Ci/i-jrii .;/' Liilldini. 

ITl. WIIJJM TIIOMl'SOX, of KitH/ston-upoii-J/idf, died in. 
w' Jf!//J, l)ur. ill 'rrinity Cliiircli 29 Sept. 16i5 ; viur. 
F/iztiheth, d((n(/hter of Ocuryt' J'tas>'., of Kin(/s(on-v])on-IfidL 
The)' liiul issue — 

j'. WU/m (IV). 

,'.•'. G'eorye Thornpnon, of FJfon, in ro. Ehor. 

3. L<i((ic Thoiii}ixi,u, (I 'iiirrcli(iri' in Rott'-rdam. 

Jf. JiriiJiDiiiii 77i(>nij)soii, Clfi-.r)! of London. 

I. A nil'', n-ifc of Ukhvij Ilhih'^fun, njliriv' of Jonas 

yiiu/,\ of h'iin/sfonsv/ii r //n//. 
i\ A7i-:<(hifh, irilc unto John J'xtrkrr, of Lon/he, in com. 

II. />iir<i//ii/, u-i/c nnfd WiU'unn Moore, CUhj'n oj Londoit,. 
Jf. IuIk'c'ii, irlfe of . . . Sn-dnoni. 

\\. WILLWI Vl/OMJ'SOA, of Kln<jstun-njiou-llnlf at. Ji'> an. 
■ ,i S,'p'. UiGf) : mar. Fnatcrs, dan(j/it>-j- of . . . Oijlf. They 
had issue —, at. 10 ann. J,^' Sept. a" 1(J(!'j. 

By Gerald Fotheroill. 

{Coittiniicil Jroiii p. 119.) 

SiMi'.soN, .lohii. L'l. son of Mi'. Simiison, ilwelhiiu in Ci'oui'chcd Friars, 

to LaychMi, fi June \VhV2. 
RowSE, Henrv, 24. (hvellinti in Norton Foluate, to Amsterdam, 8 June 

Androvvks, Rose, .37, wife of Holiert Androwes, resi(h^nt in the Huge, 

9 June 1632. 
Chef:seman, William, 30, resident in S. (Jiles Cripplet^ate, to Amster- 
dam, 11 June 16.32. 
GiunoN.s, Christian, 25, wife of Nicliolas Gibbons, .souldicr under the 

Kiiiii of Sweden, & Joan Richards, 30, who are to pass to the 

aforesaid ])lace, 12 June 1632. 
RicARi), Michael, -10, to Russia, 12 June 1632. 
IVl.\TiiKWS, Kichard, 21 to Russia, 12 June 1632. 
CKoi'i.i:v, Willian:, 21, to Russia, 12 June 1632. 
Ellis, Maruan'l, in, i^ her son, William KIlis, l'.», to Deepe, to their 

abode, 1 1 June 1632. 

I (is LU;K!Sfc;K.S TO I'ASS n{()M 

Hi:(KKT, Hosaiuuiul, 22, to Middlebui'ijl), to her abode, 14 June 1632, 
I'liii.poTT, Natliiinicl, 31, of Ram Allev, in l^'leet St., to llotteiduiii, 

l(i .JiiiH' l<i:52. 
Norman, Susan, 46, & Elizabeth Faulkner, 22, to Russia, 10 June 1G32. 
Trump, Henrie, 36, ol Without Bisliopsgate, to Antwerp, 16 June 1632. 
Spurk, The, 33, & wife, Marie, 27, of Flushing, to same, 18 June 1632. 
C'hknicy, Ifercules, 31, & wife, Ann, 28, to Flushing, to their dwelling, 

I.S June 1632. 
iMaccanik, i^'raniis, 28, wife of Mr. Maccanie, resident in Paris, to same, 

li) June 1632. 
Androwks, Elizal)oth, 45, wife of Jo. Androwes, & her daughter, 

Ann, 6 months, to Russia, 20 June 1632. 
Cas.sum, Katlieiiiic r)2, Sc lier daughter, Margaret, 7, to Alkinor, in 

Holland, 2(» June 1632. 
Lowi:, Hobt'it, 2.3. loliii Murdoe, 23, & James Ramsey, 19, to Paris, 

lo rcniaine there iV- woik being taylors, 21 June 1632. 
Cox, ,lohn, 22, sci'vaiit to Mr. Morrcll, resident in Caning St., to 

Amstertlam, 21 Jun^; 1632. 
Saundrrson, Judith, 30, with her servant made, who are to pass to 
• Russia, with Col. Saunderson, 23 June 1632. 

Shalcross, Darbie, 54, to Amsterdam, 24 June 1632. 
CJordon, John, 17, & dlilbert Seaton, 26, to Anterwerp, 23 June 1632. 
Olivkr, William, 24, dwelling in Barnardsby St., to Rotterdam, 26 June 

Catchkr, Tho., 63, resident in Cunsturrowe Park, to Lowe Countries, 

26 June 1632. 
Saffyn, Symon, 25, & John Gilbert, 35, to Flushing, 26 June 1632. 
Andkrson, James, 21, dwelling at Strabogan, in Scotland, 26 June 

Jf.zopp, Benjamin, 12, son of the widowe Jezopp, dwelling in Houns- 

ditcli, to Amsterdan\ to ilwell with his Aunt, 26 June 1632. 
Pi'.AKK, Robert, 2(), resiiU^it in Holborn Conduict, to Rotterdam, 

-6 .lime l()32. 
\'ouN(;, John, 45, of Whiteihappel, to Flushing, 2() June 1632. 
IIali., Edtnond, 30, dwelling at Alsford, in Hants, to Amsterdam, 

about certen his alTairs, 26 J\ine 1632. 
BLACKiiURN, Thon\as, 22, late servant to Mr. Wm. Penrose, dwelling 

in Southwark, to Amsterdam, 26 June 1632. 
WiN'rKRs, Mary, 24, wife of Riehartl Winters, resident in Amsterdam, 

and her daughter, Margaret, 1 year old, 26 June 1632. 
LoRj), Elizabeth, 40, wife of Wm. Lord, dwelling in Westminster, 

to Ham])urgh, 27 June 1632. 
Cartkr, J^obert, 31, dwelling at 3, Cranes Ventrie, who is to passe to 

Rotterdam, 27 June 1632. 
Walwvn, .John, 31, ilwelling in Tjand)eth, to Rotterdam, 27 June 1632. 
DiuvKii, Frances, 35, wile of Wm. Driver, dwelling in Wapping, to 

Dunkirk, 27 .lune l()32. 
Wetherisorn, .iolin, 38, and James Lasley, 28, of Slu\dwell, to Rot- 

tei'dam, 27 June 1632. 

/ , . . t 

If ., . : . > 


Palmkr, Francis, 30, resident in 8. Olave's, Southwarlc, to Calis, about 

ccrten liis affaires, 28 Juno Hi.'Vi. 
Kason, Nathaniel, 23, in his affaires to France, 28 June 1032. 
JoHNRS, Jolm, ()5, dwelling at Llandaffc, in ( Jlanioi-^anshire, to Amster- 
dam, idt. June 1632. 
King, Margaret, 25, ife Ellevn Anderson, 21, to passe to Amsterdam, 

ult. June H)32. 
CJiTTiNs, .Judith, 23, wife of Gregoiie (Jittins, resident in Vlshinu, ult. 

June 1G32. 
Knight, Tho., 22, son of Mr. Rostock Knight, resident in Westropp, 

in Kent, wlio is to passe to the lowe countries about certain his 

affaires &. so return, 2 July, 1()32. 
HuRLOGH, Thomas, 35, resident in Rotterdam, to same, 3 July 1632. 
MoLSON, Elizabeth, 24, wife to Seron Molson, l)u(hman, it liis son, 

.Stephen Molson, 6, to Amsterdam, their abode, 3 Jidy 1632. 
Plumlky, Barbaric, 31, wife of Ensign Fhunlev, resident in Dort, 

3 July 1632. 
BoovY, Joseph,* 21, to Calis, to his uncle, 3 July 1()32. 
CossENS, Marv, 37, resident in Apcliurch Lane, to Duidverk, 3 July 

Morris, Warren, 26, of Llangbie, Mon., to Utricht, 3 July 1632, 
TiOYOF, Peter, 24, dwelling in Southwark, who is desirous to passe to 

Amsterdam, on business, 4 July 1632. 
Basse, Ric, 47, of Staple Inn, Hollwrn, to Hage, 6 July 1632. 
Mapas, Thomas, 21, & James Fitz CJarret, 20, resident in Dublin, to 

Duidcerk, 6 Julv 1632. 
AsHTON, Robert, 17, to Amsterdam, with one Monsieur Piere de la 

Geraldanes, alien, 6 July 1632. 
Just, William, 28, & wife, Ann, 35, & their son, William Just, 3 years, 

to llusden, to their dwelling, 7 Julv 1632. 
Sanvvk, Jane, 33, dwelling in Amstcrdaiu, to her dwellinu, 7 Julv 1632. 
l^'uANcls, Joan, 27, with her thicc children, b'rancis, I vears, Katherin, 

18 moiicl lies, A' Elizabeth, 6 nionelhes, iV her maidservant, 

Rebecca i'arks, 21, to Amsterdam, I) July H;32. ' 
1)an<!KRI''IEM), Robei't, 22, to Amst(!rdam, about certin his affares, 

i) July !(;32. 
Tayl()1{, Joan, 10, Rotterdam, wife of Ric. Tavlor, who is to passe 

ihitluM', U Jidv 1632. 
Kknt, David, 40, of Laiden, to same, 10 July 1632. 
Whiteiikdi), hilizabeth, 46, to Amsterdam, to dwell with her sister, 

10 July 1632. 
Barfootk, Robert, 60, Mordon, Surry, to Flushing, 10 July 1632. 
W'rruKK.s, rjeorge, 40, resident, in London, to llage, 10 Jidy l().32. 
UainisI';1''OU1), llesti'r, 23, to ik-rghen api'oom, to her dwelling, 12 Julv 

^'()UN(ii':i{, Thomas, 25, <if (^ininu St., to Amsterdam, about certin his 

affairs, 12 July 1632. 
BuROKss, Thomas, 48, of Charing Cross, to Rotterdam, 12 Julv 1632. 
Smith, Jo., 24, of St. Olaves p'ish, to Amsterdam, 13 July 1632. 

1 I, 


y ■ ,iM ! 

170 LKJICNCKS 'lO I'ASS l''R()M KNCf.AND HKVOND TIIK SIOAS., ilic, i7, son of Mr. K\\\^, lesulciit at llanslop, Bucks, to Am- 

stonlani, to remain thoiv with liis brother, I. '5 July 1032. 
MosoN, MoysL'S, 20, son-in-law of ^Ir. Crowder, of Southwark, to Ain- 

stcrilaiu, to his abode, II -lulv l()."52. 
BosTocK, diaries, 20, seivant to Mr. S)'inpson, dwelling in Chepside, 

to Amsterdam, al)out his Masters afTares, 14 July 1032. 
ViONN, ^Tai-jierie, 2."). who is 1o pass to Klusliinir, to her abode, 14 Julv 

1 032. 
8tanij:v, John, 50, v!c wife, Marv ^itanle\-, 50, to Lavden, to their a})ode, 

II .lulv l().32. 
Kr.iw.K, Mar\', 17, dauuhter of Ralph Iveble, of («reat St. Bai'tlH.loniew, 

Jno. Kebble, .'5.3, \' Thropluhis 'riionison. 12, to Amsterdam, 

II Julv Hi.32. 
DiTTOx, 'riio., 25, (V Sai'ah, his wife, 21, to (Jerinanv. 
Hnc:Hi:s, ■John, 22, servant to Liidv Levinuston, to tiirkecnn, Hi July 

IIamonm), Mar\-, 23, liwellinu in Vmsterilam, to sanu% Ki July l(>32. 
lI.VDl-ii:, Ann, 22. to .Vmsteidam, IS July l()32. 
Davis, Kic, 3S. c^. wife, Joane, 19, lo Klushin-, 18 Julv I(i32. 
11an<'K, (ieorge, 2('), to .Amsterdam, to his abode, 15 ,lul\- l(),32. 
(Ilasi'Ock, riutmas, 22, to Amst('rdan>, to wcuk in his occupation, a 

BANCiLP.Y, Bennet, 33, to piisse to Greenini^, in Friez-land, to their abode, 

18 Julv 1632. 
('l.AHK, Aml)rose, 25, to .Vmsterdam, to work in his trade, a jovnei', 

\\} Julv 1032. 
Sri;wAKi), ,)ohn, 21, .servant to Mr. (!(Nt. Abraham, resident Ln Deepe, 

to same. 111 July I(i32. 
Matmouori; William, 21, of Wvnnick p'ish, in Lam/ashire, to Calls, 

10 Julv 10.32. 
Vi'.K, Robeit, .35, of St. (liles in iields, in tlie house of one Richard 

Rdberts, til lbnd;erk, Mbout eerten his afTai'cs, 2(^ July I0i^2. 
llritsr. Henry, 27, lo hnit, .ih(int his alTares, 20 Jul\' 10.32. 
Jami'.s, John, 17, ser\ant to Mr. (!ore, resident m Ihnnburuh, who is 

to passe thither, 20 Julv 1032. 
Wheatley, Jane, 18, of Amsterdam, . . . ,20 Julv 1632. 
JoRDEN, Henrv, 21, to Amsterdam, to live there with his brother, 

21 July 1032. 
Beachamp, John, 10, son of Mr. John Beachamp, resident in Bush 

Lane, to Amsterdam, 21 July 1032. 
Price, Alexander, 63, of Layden, wlio is to pass thither. 
Archbalu, Henry, 24, and sister Klizabeth Archbald, 17, to Utricht, 

to their abode. 
Venn, Martrerie, 25, resident in Flushing, 24 July 1032. 
Batt, Elizabeth. 28, wife of Tiinothv Batt, resident in Vlushing, 24 Julv 


(Tu be contiituud.) 

Ul, M'llt'.l'. 

In M !!•! 

1 -v ,i . .1 


'I . ,1 ' 1 ' 

i .1. , •■ i. . '.r' 





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■^ :h 5 S3 s 

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_rt f. J;: Jt p: 

?! >-. i: c = r '-' 

= s. 

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3 *-» ~ 

Cd'?: a r-(' 

3 •■•'■ £ Lr 

• r £ i! ^' 

a, H, *- ■- 

^ x =" ca 

i 2 ^ ; 

^3 Si"' 5 ^' £" 
2" - ' _ - Zl 

I — 

3 3 ' 


i o - O 

d- 1 1 5 2 

I-- 'S ^ M '^ 
-^ V-: P ^ J 



-^ -:: ^' w 

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f^ < r, 

i 0) Oj 
Pi X! 

tn St:; 

OJ -^ ft*- 

3 5 
'Z ^ 

,d 2^ 



H A ^ ^ CI 

K *^ 3 O ^- 00 

m j3 _£ 

J S £ 

O L; t. i^ 

I-- Ctf a 0; 

- 2 rt ;:. 

■1? ~ 05 ^ 

O ■ -^ r3 ^ ,0 3 


p., .:= H 3 C/J 


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3' d. ^ '' oJ 00 3 ■ 

-'^ X -3 . 
5 - 'S ^- c g' 3 2 

-t 3 w -; 

'-' '" -J} ~ 

i _r ? ■-" 

r — 3 n U) 

S >• & Q 5 
;= o^ o 

" ^ h 

« i~ 

w .—I 

^3 J; 2 

■-. ^/J d 


3 !I> ., 

3 3 OJ t^ X 

.- 3 

■CO i; (j-i -o 



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r/j 3 

c ^; , • 

' •'^ C/i 13 

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3 (U r^ g 

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RJ3 P-. 

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:^ 5 X 

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o '^ oo 
S 3 >^2 

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Qj OJ t3 3 
a ^ ^ fQ K 


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3 5 'B '£ CO 

1-5 O Uh .^, ,.- 

v^ 13 

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'13 .'£. 



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w2 ci < 

= ~ k:: ■;::;:: >^ fc. 

'^y, 9 

7i u~i f-^ *^ 

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CO T3 -^ "•'- = 5 -x: 
•- • o « 

OJ .^ K- ^ 

r j: -i CO .i "t: i; 5 . 

3= d ::; 1^ 

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^, :-^ ::£ 5 < 

I ^ CO zc^ — 

I .^ X X '-' 

j_ t, ^ ,-H t^ 

J? . . S -J 0) w •" ■ X 

s fc( i-H '~r ... c; o h^ -■ 

= .5 "i J ""T- c'i''_- _; _5 ^ -+ 

o = .^ r: :: ,5 a: .i" ,o •*. ■ X 
Ih ^ -f 

-■^ -.i ■ X ^ Jo 

-■ -» i- CC -- -'- t** 

^ ^ ^ . X " X X 

-- 1 o> a ti 


.1- CI 

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= 0; 
rt c 

-H ^ 

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-:;■•: X "Z; .. a t- 

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;. a.S'-^co So'O 

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a 'O 1, 
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A KOLL OF ARMS, 1713. 

Ill an iiit(U\\s,tiiii4- article on " Moraldic Desiderata," in IIdi 
(,ii'n.ralo(i'ist, N.S., iv, v, Mi. W . S. I<]llis advocated the coUecLion 
of Anns from various hooks, etc., witli the intention of 
J'orining a coinplete Dictionary oi Anns ; lie wrote (iv, 219), 
" Anotlier source of annoiuy not hitlierto utilized (thou<,di n<jt of 
aiunent coat armour) is aflbriled in tlie case of maps and hooks 
where tiie arms of suhscriliers ar(! enj^raved." 1 send therefore a 
collection of ,\rms contained in, A Coniplcnf | llisUnu/ \ of tlie. | Lain 
Wtir I III till- I .\ f//i(;r/<(ii(ls \ 'I'dijclhir tr'ilh (in \ /Ibs/nicf | of llu; | 
Treaty at [ftrm-lil. j l>i/ Tfio. lirodrirk, (li'iit. \ Tlw ivho/e Illustrated 
with /-> Carious \ Cojijier Plati'S ; And the Coats of Arms of \ most 
of tJie, Xobtliti/, and several other Kini | nent Persons. I London; \ 
Printed by William Pearson, for Tluonas Ward, in the | Inner-Temple 

ft is handsomely printed, and the coats are delineated on and 
around the maps and plans, itc, with a list of over two thousand 
subscribers ; the author at the end of his preface, remarks : — 

" As I have tlie Huiiuur of a Cataloguo t)f Subicrlbors to tliis undertaking, 
perliiips tlie most glorious, as ^veil as uuiiierous, that have liitherto appeared 
ill I^riiit ; So, I hojie, 1 sliall liiid them so wi'll satisfied, as to i'hicourago a 
^'reater Design 1 have in Vi(;\v." 

^V^as this hope e\er realised, and did lie pulilish anything more? 
^Vho was the writer I 

Arthur .Sciiombkru. 


Ciules, throo escallop slielJs within a liordiire Lieiitrnant Gmieiai Karlc. 
engrailed argent 

ItoiNi) TiiK Maikjin. 

tlyroiiiiy of eii;hl or and ^aldi' t'iiiiiplnil, Duki' of .\i-g\le. 

Or, a chii'f iiulented a/iire, a eresci iil for dilVerenei> Hiilh-r, Marl of .Vrran. 
Or, a plieoii n/.iire .. ... ... Sydney, Earl of Leicester. 

t)r, si.K annulets, 3, 2, 1, salile ... ... l^owtlier, Viscouut Lons- 

Argent, three lozenges conjoined in fess gules, a Montagu, Duke of Montagu. 

borduro sable 
Or, a fess liumetty argent (should be gules) Masliani, J^ord Masham. 

between txvo lions passant sable 
Ciules, on a bend between six cross crosslets titcliy Howard, Duke of Norfolk. 

argent, an eseoeheon or charged with a denii- 

lion ramjiant pierced through the month with 

an al■^o^v williin a doulilo trcssnre liory coiinter- 

llory of the lirst 
Gules, a lion i)assant or between three tleurs-de-lys North, Lord North and 

(r* argent) Grey. 

Gules, an annulet (P ln'icant) between three denii- Hennet, Lord Ossnlstone. 

■ lions rani))ant argent 
-Argent, a lion rainpaiil gules, on a chief sable I'li.ssell, Karl of (Jrford. 

throe e.^callojis of liie lirst, a crescent for dilVer- 


A ROI.I. OK A]{MS, 171;?. 175 

Per Ijeiid creiiplly joules and argeiit, ii niullot fui' l5io'''i 1'''"'' "^ On'cry. 


Azure, ii fhevruii between three pelicans arf^ent Peltiani, Lord Pcliiani. 

\idniug- tlieniselves {)i-oper 

Siible, three .•sw(jrd.s in pile jioints to the liase Paulet, lOarl Paulet. 


Per jjale jiule.s and a/nre thr(>e lions lanipanl Herbert, Marl of I'enihruke. 


Sable, on a eross euf^raik'd between t'onr eaLjK's l'a;^i't, liord Pauel. 
displaced ardent, live lions passant ^uardiint of 
(he tirst 

(Jules, 11 bend or between two (^scallop shells I'etie, Lord Petre. 

{?) argent 

Argent, tJiree battering rams in pale a/.iire, ;in IJertie, Earl of A bingdon. 

annulet for ditt'erenee 

Hariy of ten azure and argent, oxer all six cs- I'eiil, Larl of Salisbury. 
1 eoeheuiis, 'A, 2, 1, sable eaeli chai'grd with a 
t lion rampant of I he hr.>l 

i (iules, a less belween si\ niullels argeni ... .\sh burn ham. Lord Ash- 

I biirnham. 

I .\ruenl,ona sallire engrailed sable nine annidels Leke, Larl of Searsdale. 

I of the first 

i l!oi I, i;, without differenee ... ... Hoy le. Earl of Burlington. 

[' \'i'rl, a fess daneetty i-rmine ... .. .Somcis, Loi-d Sonn-rs. 

i Sable, t^\o bars ermine, in chief three crosses paly lialhiirst, Lord Hathnrsl. 

I argent 

f (Quarterly 1 and -1. Or, on u jiile gules between Seymour,! )uke of Sonurset. 

j six lleurs-dedys a/.ure three lions of I'higlanil ; 

I Ii and ."{. (iides, two wings conjoined in hue or 

I Ai'gi'nl, a lion rauipaid gules bi>l\\(('ii three Isiierton, Earl of Ibidgc- 

I plieous and a bordnre i>ngrailed sable water. 

j Argent, an eseoclu'on sable, o\-er all an escarbuncle Schoinberg, Duki; of 

tloretty or Schonil)Pi-g. 

SabU<, on a cross engrailed or five annulets Oreville, Lord Hi'ooke. 

{'f pellets), a bordure engrailed urgent 

Or, on a fess gides three tieurs-dedys of th<' lirst . Lennard, Earl of Sussex. 

(^)uarterly, France and England ^^ithiu a bordure Somerset, Duke of Heau- 

conipony argent and a/.ure fort. 

H tRBKKT, with crescent for dilTerence ... Herbert, Earl of Torring- 


I'AWi.KT, with crrsc.'ut for ditTeieiicc Pawlei, Duke of Bolton. 

Azui'i', a chrvron ermine between three I'.^callop 'I'ownesend, \'iscount 

shells argent 'J'ownesend. 

KissKLi,, ... ... ... ... Russell, Duke of Bedford. 

Per i)iile argtMit and gides, a roundle counter- \V'aldegra\c, Lord Walde- 

clianged grave. 

Argent, a chcNron gules between three morions Brudenell, I'iarl of (.'ai'di- 

sable their poiids sinister gan. 

t^uarlerl}- aigent anil gules, a bend sable ... \\'iddiin;^ton. Lord Widd- 


A/.ure, a ch(.'vron between three lo/.enges or ... Hyde, Eail of IJIari'udon. 

Gules, a chevron between three crosses bottony or Hich, Earl of \V:irwick. 

Gides, fi)Ur fusils in t'oss urgent, a crescent for Carlaret, Lf>rd Cartaret. 


Ilow.vun, with mullet for dilVeience ... ... Howard, Earl of Carlisle. 

Ai-geid, a beml engrailed .sable ... Kadcly ll'c, Kail of Darwent- 

wnl rr. 

.\rgent, si'iny (if cini|iieloils gules a lion rampant PiiTirponl , .Marcpiess of 

sablt! Dorchester. 

(.(Hiarterly or ajul gules, a bend \air ... ... Sack\ille, Earl of Dorset. 

Argent, a fe.^^s daneetty sable . . ... Delawar, Lol<l Dclawar. 

F*aly of six azure.' and or, a cant(Mi ermine . ."shirley. Earl Kerrpis. 

17 G A KOLI. OK ARMS, 1713. 

(^uiu'terly 1 and 4. Barry of eij^lit gules and or, (iovver, Lord Gower. 

a cross Hory sable; 2 and ',i. Azure, tliret; laurel 

leavcH or, Lkuksox 
(Quarterly 1. Argent, a lion rampant guardant Nassau, Earl ol' (irantliam. 

gides, crowned azure DiKTZ; 2. Azure, billely 

a lion rampant or, Nassau ; 3. (iulcs, two lions 

passant guardant or, Caiznkllogkn ; -i. Ciules, 

a fess argent, Viandkn ; in j)reti'nue, Argent, a 

lion ramj)ant sable 
Ho\^\Ki), a ereseeht fur dilferenee ... ... Howard, Lord Kltiugbaiu. 

Argent, on a bend sable llireo roses of the lirst ... Carey, ]i(;rd Hunsilon. 
(Jules, on a l)end ai'gent three trefoils slip|ii'il vert Hervey, Lord llervey. 
SkvmoL'K, a laind of tliriM' points for dill't'i cnee . Si'yniour, Maripless of 

llKKiiKKT ... .. ... ... Herbert, Lord (Jhirbury. 

L'a.mi'HI'.i.l, a eresceni for diifereiioe ... Campbell, Karl of Hay. 

Harr}' of si.v argent and azure, in chief three (jrey, Duke of Kent. 


Hkau of Dkdication. 

(iules, two svvurds in sallire argeiil, lulls autl Kobinson, Hishoji of 
I'onimels or, Skk of IjONDon, impaling or, on a London, 

chevron between lhre(! slags Irippanl \-ert as 
many cin(|ind'oils (•" pierced) of the isl 

Us A Plan oi'' nil-; H.viii.k ok Hocmsikt. 

Cki 11,, coronet, and su|iporters, li(ln^ ermine ... James tiecil, L'iarl of .Salis- 



Azure, thret' mullets argent, a double tressiire Mui-ray, Duke of .\lholl. 

tlory counterlloiy or 
Azure, an unit-oi-n saliant argent, a bordure or Hay, Karl of Kinnoul. 

charged with eight ilemi-thislles jiropi'r 
.\rgent, a chevron between three boar's heads Sir James A bercrombie, Ht. 

era.-^ed azure, the bailge of Ulster 
Argent, three pine trees projier . ... Thomas Kemptliorne, l']si|. 

Argent, a hearl gules within a fetterlock salile, in (Iroi-ge Lockhurl, l';s(|. 

eliief azure ihree boai-'s heads erased of the lirsl 
(iules, three lions |ias^ani or each sup|iorling a Dnngan, l'iarl of Lymerick. 

helmet close argent 
(Quarterly, or and a/.ure, four >tags trippant Dr. Lumley Lloyd. 

counterchanged, a bordure gules 
.Vrgent, two bars gtiles, the badge of Ulster .. Sir 'I'homas .MauNvaring, 

Argent, a cross moliue gules ... .... Clayton Milborne, Esip 

iMoNTAuu, a crescent for difference .. ... Sir James ?»[ountague, Kt. 

Argent., crusilly hichy sable, a lion passant gules Sir Kobert Marshani, Bt. 

in lu'nd bi'twei'ii two bendlels azure each 

charged with thret' erossi's crosslet or 
Sable, two shiiibones in salting argi'iit ... Sir Isaac Newton, Kt. 

Argent, a crijss llory sable, emls or .. Dr. Henry Newton. 

Ermine, three ciievronels and on a canton gules a Sir Charles Orby, Bt. 

lion passant guardant <n', (ho badge of Ulster 
Argent, three jielicans gules feeding their young Sir Hugh I'aterson, Bt. 

in nests \erl, on a chief azure as niaiiv mullets 

of the lirst, the badge (,f Ulster 
.Vznre, a lion ijmpaul betwi-in ihrt.'e crosses .lose[ih .\ylolTe, lOsip 

fonny (i') argi'ut 
\'ei-|, a chevron b.I ween three lion's heads erased Cohmtd I'lununer. 

rt .7 . .-•■ / 

A ROLL OF ai;ms, 171.}. 177 

I'cr chevron siililc ami urgcuiL, in biisi- I lircc i^arlis Sir,)(j|ni Packinirton, 111. 

}^ul(.>s, in cliii;!' as nnmy ninllcts ol' llic second, 

the l)a(lge ol' I'lster 
Arji'ent. two clu'vronclH lielwci'ii three ^sla^'s lieail.s Sir Jojjn l!uel<nall. 

eaijDshed yules 
Or, a Henr-ili'-l ys aznre .. ... Henry I'ertnian, Ksi|, 

Ardent, lliree (rel'eiis slipped irj Ijend saljle William lii'jison, J'^sij. 

between two eoliscs ;^ulr.-< 
Argi.Mil , on a elie\ run sablr three (.inciloils ardent, Colyear, l!ail ol I'orlniore, 

lii^tween as many boar's heads erased yulrs, 

tusked proper 
Gules, a less ermine .John Crawlortl, I'Jsii. 

Sabli?, a fess eheeky argent and a/.urc.' between (Jeor^u I'itI, Ksip 

tliree bezants 
Krmiiie, a lion rampant gules, a bordnre ( iiyrailed Colonel Henry Cornwall. 

be/.aiity sable 
Vert, on a bend eolised or an annulet s.ible ... .Maj(jr-(jenci-al Thomas 

Argent, a bend between si.x eseallop shidls sable .. Sir Ch'ment Cotterell, Kt. 
.Azure, three i)rimroses within a tressure Ihu'v I'rimrose, Marl of Kose- 

eounler llory or berry, 

(lilies, a chuvrou ermine betwet'ii three birds close Sir Kiehard Child, lit. 

argent, the badge of Ulster 
I'jnnine, on a bend a/.uri; a magnetic needle inoper I'eLty, Lord Sliellburne. 

l)ointing to a slar proper 
Argent, on a ehe\ron salile cotised gules three Sir John ('use, Kt. 

Argent, on a chevron gules a i-iii(|t'oil of the first Sir William Scauen, Kt. 

between three grilliu's heads erasi^d sable, two 

respecting each other 
(iules, three escallop shedls ermiiir belueen eight Kiehard l)a\enaiit, Ksi). 

crosses croslel litchy argent 
.\rgent,two s(|uirii'ls sejeant addoiscd gules, the Sir Thomas Samwell, Hi. 

iiadge of CI.-l.M- 
Krminc, a lion rampani guardant gules, on a Ca|ilain Talbot Kchvards. 

(•anion argent an eagle displayed sable 
Krniinr.lhree bars \Trl, a canton gnles ., Ciiplain Thomas l''a/,a- 

(lyronny of four assure and argent a sail ire gules Thomas (.iago, Ks(|. 

I'er saltire a/.iiic and ma lion ram[>ani, counter- Sir Kdwanl (iouki, Kt. 

Argent, an I'agle wilh Iwd heads displayed, a Sir William (llyniie, IJt. 

berduie be/anly .^able, I he badge of IMsl.'r 
( b , frel ly gules a eanlun ermine .. , .Noel, I'larl of (Jainsboi'ougli. 

\ert, a lion rampant argent .. . Home, I'iarl of Home, 

(lilies, three I'impU'foils ermine, in the fess point a Sir l)a\iil Hamilton. 

gem ring 
(lules, thrt'e arrows })oiuta to the base argent, the Sir.lohn Hales, Ht. 

badge of Ulsler 
Ol', ii foss between three Nvolf's heads sable . Howe, \isi-ount Howe. 

.\rgeiit, on a less engrailed gules three cini|foils Sir Thomas Hopson, Kt. 

of the first between as many lorleau.\, a chief 

cheeky or and of the secomi 
Argent, on a beml engrailed sable, three lleiirs-tle- Major-tJeneral Holt. 

lys of the lirst, a crescent for diltcreneu 
(iules, on a chevron bet\vecn three cim|foils tirgent, .loim Yaldwyn. 

a leopard's head of the lirst encloseil by two 

lorteaii.>;, a crescent for dilTerencc \va\ y of si.\ or and a/.ure on a canton gules (jleneral Holmes. 

a lion passani guardant of the lirst 
\'ert, on a jtale sulile radiaid or a lion rampant of O'Hara, Lord 'l'\rawlev. 

the last 

178 A IIOLL OK ARMS, 1713. 

Aif^cnt, a ulKn'ron i^miIos lictwecii tlirec buiiles Sir Niiliolas \\'aiii', lit. 
salilf .striii<;iMl o)' liic lirst, tlie had^v of Ulstci- 

On a I'bAN UK MliMN. 

SviiNKY, f(jroiiet, siijipoi'tcrs Iwo lions raiuiiaiil, Juliii Sydiit'}-, Karl of 
ilucally iTowiu'il, llir sinisUT ^iiardaiit. .Motto, Lciccstrr. 

(^uo lata voi'aiit 

O.V A l'(,A.\ OK (illi;.\T. 

Ai-f^riit, ii cliovroii lictwi'cn tlii-(!e I'stoile.s sahli^ (Miarlcs .Moi'dauui, Karl of 
coronet, .•^il|)l)orlfrs. two ('a;j,lc's \vin^s i'.\])anil((l I'l'lcrljoi-ou^li. 


O.V l'l,AN OK Ol'DK.NAKI), 

II K;iiii:n 1, foronc(, wiiiipoitrr.s dexter ;i pantlicr 'I'hoinas llt'ilierl, Karl ul' 
raiii]iaiit utiafdant ar,L;i'nt .s|i(Uted, lire i.-;suiu^' I'cnihroke. 

out of nioiitli and ears diieally j^'or^'ed ; sinisiei', 
a liiMi ram[iaiil niiardaut arj^ent diu-ally f:orged. 
Jlotto, Uiil;' je servii'ai 

().\ I'l.AN ill- 1>IS1,K. 

(,(iiarlerly, 1. .\r;jinl, a chief indented .\/.ure; 
1'. (lules, three eo\ cri'd en|)s or; Ii. .\r!4('nt, 
a sallii'c^ en^'-railed joules; l. Arj,'ent, a lion 
rampant to the sinister, on a (diief ji;ales u swan 
AvinL;s e.^i'andid of the lirst all >vitliin ihi' 
(iartei', I'oronel , sU|)]ioiters, de.xler a t'aleoM wiiins 
exiiainliMl arj^-ent ; siinsli'r a urillin ar^fnt ^vitll- 
ont win^s eollared ami ehaiiuMl. .Motto, Ooninie 
jc irouve 

U\ \ l*LA.\ OK IJRt'SSKI.s. 

li(jVi,K, eorcjm't, supporters, two lions per jialc Riehard l>oyle, Karl of 
iTcnclly. Motto, \'i\it post funcra virtus I'.nrliii^toii. 

liuller, Dnke of Cjrnum 


Siiiiil.KV, (•i)ronot, supporters, ilexler a lalliot ]{ol)ert t-'liirlev, Karl Fer- 
ermine ilueall}' i^iiriied, sinister a ri'iiideor ^iiles, rers. 

liilletv dueallv ■i'oi'jied. .Mtilto, Honor \irtulis 


On a IM.AN OK RIoNf 

So.MKKsK/, within the Oarter, coronet, sujjporters, Henry Somerset, Duke of 
dexter a jianther, Hames issuin;^- fruai nioutli Beaufort. 

S'urgeil and i-hained, sinister a wyvern wiufjs 
endorsed, in mouili a hand cou|)ed tit tlie wrist, 
u'or^ed ami chained. Motto, Mutare vel limore 

On a Plan ok Douav. 

Ar^;cnt, on a ii'oss sahle. a leopard's face and on a .lanu's l{i'id;ies, Ksip 
■ i-anton (d' I he lirst, two martlets in pale of flir 

On \ Plan ok FJk'iiiink. 

Krssi'l.l, wilhoul a dill'crence, coi-onet, supporters, Kdward l!usi>ell, Karl of 
dexter a lion, sini>lir an antelo|)e. Mollo, Che Orford. 

Hfira siu'ii 

.i. . I ',••!■ 

A ROI-L OK ARMS, 1713. 1 7!> 

On a Pi,an UK AiRK. 

Azure, a cross iiiolinc al•.^■ont, in pretunce, Noet,, Henry Hfiitiiitk, Karl u( 
c-orouet, support cis, two lions, dextor or, aiul rortlaiid. 

wivatlietl roiiud the neck, siiiistcr sable 

On a 1'i,an UK Bin'ciiAiN. 

Matiiuhst, coronet, supporters, two stuns ardent, Allen, Batliiiist. 
each .i;ur^''e>l with a har ^^cmel. Motto, 'I'ien ta 

On a I'i.AN ok DUNKIItK. 

Arjrent, on a chevron between tliree It^opanVs faces Honlile. I>icutenant- 
uulos six ermine spots. Crest, A talbot's jiead (ieneral John Hill. 

c(_)U]ied or, ^(jru'cd with a l)ar uviael 


{CuKlinticd J'ruiii p. 120.) 

I") July 1800. George Carter & Elizabeth Pascal. 

Married by Ca])tain Hamilton. 
Sieiied by f.ieiit.-Atlj. George Custance. 
2H Sept. 1800. I'cter Harrosc cV liarl)ara D'Silva. 

Married by the Rev. E. Vaughan. 
Signed l)v Fit. -Col. Ross Lang. 


17 Get. 1800. John I'a.vman & Gatherina De Silva. 

Married by [jieut. Longham. 
4 Nov. I80(\ \'arain \'incent & Elizabeth Dirlves. 

Marrietl by Lieut. Thomas Longham. 

24 Dec. 1800. Thomas K}'te & Fanny Brown. 

Married bv Lieut. Longham. 
Signed by Lt.-Gol. Robert Strange. 


25 Dec. 1800. John Ggdan & Sarah Gastles. 

Married by Lieut. A. Frith. 
Signeil by Captain Charles Armstrong. 


1 Jan. 1801. Gilbert Hume & Susannah Scirby. 

Marrietl b)' the lU'v. P^dward Vaughan. 
11 Jan. 1801. Thomas High it Justina Zeitharett. 

MaiTied by the Rev. Edward Vaughan. 
Sigi»ed b\' Captaiu J. M. Covenant. 

,''..• ■' 

I HO makhia(;k.s at Koirr st. (iKORciH, madras. 


15 Jan. 1801. Tiionuas Say & Maiv Moiitinuli. 

Married by Captain Holford. 
Signed by C'aj)tain Thomas Blackniore. 


16 Feb. 1801. Thnnuis Thybus & Mary Cla^'ton. 

Married by Lieut. Knok. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Oeorgc Saxon. 


'J.2 Feb. 1801. Benjamin Saxton & Elizabeth Le Cerf. 

Married by Lieut. Thomas Longham. 

4 Mai 1801. Thomas Hancock & Mary Peglier. 

Married by Lieut. Thomas Tjongham. 
('. Mar. 1801. WiMiam Mvatt &; Sarah' Strange. 

Married l)y Lieut. Thomas Longham. 
Signeil by Lt.-Col. Robert Strange. 


2G Apr. 1801. DonaM McLean & Huscala l)e Silve. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vaughan. 
Signed by Captain J. M. (.^ovenant. 


13 May 1801. Benjamin Bease & ('ecilia Keys. 

Married by Lieut. Thomas Longham. 


G May 1801. Thomas CIvncli k Flora. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vaughan. 
10 Mav 1801. William Lingman & Trovy de Hollwav. 

Married by tlie Rev. j\Ir. Vaughan. 
Signed by Lieut. -Col. J. M. Chalmers. 

5 June 1801. diaries Baker & Maria J)e Rosario. 

Married by tlie f^ev. Mr. Vaughan. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Chalmers. 


9 July 1801. Isaac Le Cerf" & Jane Moore. 

Married by Lieut. Thomas Longham. 
Signed by Captain Lieut. James Hall. 

7 Sept. 1801. .L)seph Shelly & M. Hennaniy. 

IMarried by Lieut. T. Longham. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. J. M. Chalmers. 

!;'■"' Le Cerf was a ScrLicuni -Major lI.E.I.C.S. 

-', .4 

A. y-i 

■'i\\ ,] ''^ 

MARHTAliKS AT FOK'l' ST. (iK()R(iK, MADRAS. 181 


25 Oct. 1801. Poiifort f'rcntioe k Marian l)e Moiito. 

Murriod l)v Tjiout. ThoKias Lon^hani. 

10 Nov. 1801. Janio.'* U'Hara & Marv GabeJl. 

Married by Lieut, Thomas Lonj^liani. 

11 Nov. 1801. James Howard & Nancy Stevenson. 

Married bv T.ieut. Thomas Londiam. 
Hisincd by Major T. Dallas. 


7 Nov. 1801. Thomas Rell & Anna Petronela. 

Married bv Major R. Warne. 
10 Nov. 1801. Thomi^s Wilkinson 1- Mary West. 

Married bv Major R. Warne. 
23 Nov. 1801. David Moore & Aima Cesar. 

Married by Major R. Warne. 


20 Nov. 1801. P]liott Nelson & Catherine O'Hara. 

Signed by Lt.-Col. T. Dallas. 


— — Robert Phillips^'" c^ Mary Dawson. 

Married by the Rev. C. Pohle. 
Signed by Major J. Woodall. 


23 Feb. 1802. John Hardy & Mary Dennis. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vaughan. 
Signed bv Lt.-Ct)l. J. M. Chalmers. 


ir. Mar. 1802. lulward Smitli iV: Sarah Domingo. 

Married bv Sergeant Isaac Le Cerf. 
Signed by Captai)i James Hall. 


14: Mar. 1802. Thomas Tjewis & Julia Lewis. 

I\Iarried by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
Signed by Col. Arthur Wellesley. 


28 Mar. 1802. John Roberts ^: Marian. 

29 Mar. 1802. J. White ,^ Susaimah Jonas. 

Signed bv Lt.-Col. Thomas Dallas. 

^=*' Marrifd in Dccembei- 1801. I'rivutc, \2th or Kaat SuHolk Uef<iiiic'iit of 
Foot. Miuy Oaw.soii do.'ic-rihcd iis a Kuro|ifaii. (P(llll(■'^ old IJeyister at 
'rricliiiio|)iily ) 

f>. ••;;,;. i r, f ■■M,.l; fi ■/ 

V ./( ;■ 'r 

o(-' t-., 

' IS 

. .'/■ 

,..J J ', 

. ) ■ ] 

182 marria(;e.s at fort st. oeorok, madras. 

The Mount (St. Thomas'). 

11 Mar. 1802. Thoma.s Duncan & Anne Bird. 

Married by Lieut. Pearse. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Robert Bell. 


— — Charles Devlin, Titli Reg., & Marv Thoni])S()n. 

Married by the Rev. (\ Pohle. 
Signed by Major John Picton, l"2th Reg. 

The Mount (St. Thomas'). 

10 April 1802. Stephen I'arisli c^: Susdnnah Mason. 

Married ))V Lieut. Pearse. 
10 Mav 1802. Wilhain O'Brian & Sarah Jaeobs. 

Married by Lieut. Pearse. 
Signed by Lt.-Coh Robert Bell. 


") June 1802. Jo.s-'pli Mc(\)\van & Sarah Mire, 

Signed by Lt.-Pol. Thomas Dallas. 


27 June 1802. Lerenso Dupaivre A: Christiana Leutzee. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
Signed by Col. Arthur Wellesley. 


25 June 1802. Richard Rodgers k Munnoo. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vauglian. 
Signed by Major J. Dighton. 


25 July 1802. Thomas Bell & Nitaliah.. 

Married by Sergeant-Major Saxton. 
Signed bv Captain B. Harris. 

The Mount (St. Thomas'). 

10 Jidy 1802. Patrick Campbell & Hannah Lantwali. 

Married bv the Rev. R. H. Kerr. 
25 July 1802. John Morrison .t Charlotle Stroud. 

Married by tlu^ Rev. C. Cericke. 
Siiiiie 1 by Lt.-Col. Robert Bell, 2nd Artillery. 


8 July 1802. William Townsend k Ann Cullen. 

Married by the liov. Mr. Vaughan. 
Signed by Major J. Dighton. 

. U: • ' 


8 a 

i> .\uL'. ISOl*. Oswiilil b'liuicla'ii i^' .Idaiinn Hin^o. 

Married by tlio l\ev. Mr. (Iciicke. 
Si^Munl l)y Col. Arlliiu' W ollesloy. 
i Si'j)t. 180:*. I^'rodcrick Laii<inilT i^e P'leoiiora Schneider. 

Married by the Kev. Mr. Clarke. 
I'-' Sei)f. 1802. (Jermain WeeilhMiiin & Jacoba Lucas. 

Married by the Mow Mr. Clarke. 
!'.» Sept. 180i>. (lottliel Staidce & Anna Babo." 

M'lrried bv the liev. Mr. Clarke. 
Sijrned bv Lt.-Col. J. P. de Meiiron HiiUot. 
S Oct. 1802. .1. Boucher & Eliz.ab.eth McNair. 

Majried by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
•J>^ Oct. 1802. H. de 'Meuron Bavard »<: Susannah Leiver. 

Married bv the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
Bipned })y Col. A. Wellesley. 

Tiih: Mount (St. Thomas'). 

22 Nov. 1802. Daniel Madden & Maro;aret Cornwall. 
I Married by Lieut. Reninunuton. 

! Signed by (Jol. Robert Bell. 


I Trichinopoly. 

i 21 \\h-. 1802. Charle.s Pearcc & Marv McCarty. 

J Married by Mr. Horst. 

I M i)LH\ 1802. William Ander.son k Elizabeth Ashworth. 

I • Married by Mr. Horst. 

I Signed by Major J. Picton, 12th Reg. 


\:\ Dec. 1802. William Morris c^v: Kannv INIordick. 

Married bv Captain Hall. 



8 Jau. 180.S. .lohn Manfield & Mary Ann. 
[ Married by Lieut. J. J. Mackintosh. 

* Signed by Col. C. Carlisle, 1st Artillery. 

' Masulipatam. 

I 27 .Ian. I80;j. lohn Damey & Matissa Crusay. 

i Married by the Rev. Mr. \aughan. 

Signed bv Major J. M. Dighton. 

Camp Micundah. 

17 Jan. 1803. Michael McDonald & Jenny Cornwall. 

Married by Lieut. J. Paske. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Robert Bell. 

■, u,, ! 

/! I i. 

' < > ■ ■ i 

l.-l.," !• 



20 Feb. 1803. G. L. Schouler .k Mai'v Molisisli. 

Marritnl bv tlie Rov. Mr. Vaui>lian. 
Siiiiieil l)y Major ■). Diijhtoii. 

Tiiio Mou.MT (St. Thomas'). 

Ifi April 180:5. William Reaklv & iMurv. 

Marrie-l bv the Rev. Mr. 0. Ball. 
20 April 180.3. Pet-r Serker & Ohowrie. 

* .Married by the Rev. Mr. Gericke. 

Signed b\' Captain Webli Stone. 


13 June 1803. Thomas Donahoo & E. Bartlev. 
15 June 1803. John Aukl & A. Growther. 

Signed by Col. D. Gampbell. 


■1 June 1803. George McKoy k Mariana, a native. 

Married by Immanuel (Jottlried Holzberg, English Missionary. 
1;5 June 1803. Nicholas West k, Mariana, a native. 

Married by J. G. Holzberg, Missionary. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Du Pont. 


20 July 1803. John Buss''" k Sarah Carter. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Kohlhoff. 
2*) Julv 1803. Robert Kvans"" k Diana Groves. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. KohlhoiT. 
30 Julv 1803. Patrick Dovle'" & xMary Ditnian. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Kohlhoil'. 
Signed by Major John Picton. 

G A N.J AM. 

22 Aug. 1803. James Mailand & Anna Bell. 

24 .Vug. 1803. William Jones k Mary .\nn Islangham. 

Signed by Captain B. Harris. 

1 Aug. 1803. Samuel Moore k Julia. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vaughan. 
2i Aug. 1803. J. Maims k Rosina. 

Married y)y the Rev. Mr. Vaughan. 
Signed by Major W. Berkelly. 

11 Sept. 1803. t^harles Piel ct 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 

■'•'- Husa, Eviuis ;uul Doyle weru Privates iTi th(3 12tli Itcfiimeiit, and their 
wives wero 10in(i|ieaiis.. (I'oliie'.s Old MisHioii IJci^iKter li(i(ik.) 

■'■ iw. 

■I (',;(»! ' i 

■> I ■ . I . . ,., 

') .. '^I 9lli:' 

7|' ., <!' 


11 Sept. 1803. Michael Fichrer & Catherine Francois. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
19 Sept. 1803. Thomas Rouse & Rosina. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
25 Sept. 1803. Francisco Oradeaux & Maria Magdalena. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
25 Sept. 1803. John Phihp Kuntz & Susanna Sicforts. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
Signed by Major J. Bell. 


(} Oct. 1803. Stephen Ellis"' & Mary McDonald. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Kohlhoff. 
Signed by Major John Picton, 12th Reg. 


13 Oct. 1803. George Emnett & Ann Turtle. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Attwood. 


23 Dec. 1803. Robert Holmes'" & Eleanor Larkin. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Pohle. 
Signed by Major John Picton, 12th Reg. 


10 Dec. 1803. Henry Braniker & Reetah Rodolph. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vaughan. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. A. W. Taylor. 


25 Dec. 1803. Francis Wood & Margaret Mills. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Atwood. 
Signed by Colonel D. Campbell. 


2 Jan. 1804. Cliarlcs Macintosh, Quartermaster 73rd Reg., & Miss 
Frances Coulet. 

Married by Col. G. St. John. 
Signed by M. Moneypemiy, Lt.-Col. Alexander Keith, 
and Lt.-Col. Ganibin. 


5 Feb. 1801, Jacob Bender 6c Theodora Dyrop. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. H. D. de Meuron. 

11 Feb. 1804. John Lears & Elizabeth Migelcs. 

Married by the llov. Mr. Clarke. 

■*" Soigoaiit ia 12th Kegimout. 
*^' Corporal in JUth Keginieut, 

.ni ■.-'•(' 

{•■.. i ij i' i; 



3 Feb. 1804. J. Pearson & Lucy. 

Married by the Tlev. Mr. Vau^han. 
5 Feb. 1804. R. Lovell & Mary. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vaughaii. 
11 Feb. 1804. Daniel Dayson & Nancy. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Vauglmn. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. A. W. Taylor. 

^ Vellore. 

Ifi Feb. 1804. WiUi^. in Nolan & Harriot Thomas. 

Married by Captain Marriott. 
Signed by Col. 1). Campbell. 


11 Mar. 1804. David Bross & Mary Anna Halwoek. 

Married bv the Rev Mr. Clarke. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. H. D. de Mouron. 
17 Mar. 1804. Frederick Peters ife rcternellah Styne. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 


— April 1804. Creorge Kippen/'' H.C.S., & Marion Sealey. 

Married by J. B. Travers, Magistrate. 
Signed by J. Coldsworthy nnd T. Whitlie. 


27 May 1804. John Brackingrig & Mariammah. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. L G. Holzberg. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. John Du Pont. 


17 June 1804. George Shepherd & Ivice Watson. 

Married hv the Rev. E. Vaughan. 
Simu'd by Lt.-Col. A. W. Taylor. 


25 June 1804. James Nowland & Eleanor Le Strange. 

Married by Major Marriott. 
Signed by Col. D. Campbell. 


n Aug. 1801, Tlunnas Hatcliolor i'<: Ann Eagles. 

Married by the Rev. C. Pohle. 

In Camp, Cuttack. 

•25 Auj^. I80L Tliomaa Little k Kllanah Lodge. 

Signed by Major W. Webber. 

i:tl (J, .,,!•).;(< Ki|.|Mn (lird April L' I , I.Ml', ill NCllolr. lie is i|.'s<Til..(l uii lii.H 
iiMiiiiiiiii'iil iiH I :i|iliiiii, liilc (if llii' MihIius CiiMiliy. 

.1. .1 



•20 Sept. 1804. Frederick Christie k Louisa. 

Married by the Rev. I. G. Holzberg. 
Signed by Lt.-Col. Dupont. 
21 Nov. 1804. John Pad^et & Bridgett Ryan. 

' Signed by Col. R. H. Dickens, 34th Reg. 
15^ Dec. 1804. Henry Campliel! & Eleanor Tenlor. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Clarke. 
Signed by Colonel Arthur Wellesley. 
I Wallajabad. 

I 9 Deo. 1804. Fulk Evctts & Mary Thompson. 

I !\larri('(| and siijneij l)\' Col. |{. U. Dickens. 

I 30 Dec. 1804. John Otter & Mary Stardy. 

i Married and signed by Col. 11. H. Dickens. 

f The Mount (St. Thomas'). 

! 22 Dee. 1804. John West &. Aim Webb. 

I Married by the Rev. T. E. Atwood. 

! Signed by Major-Ceneral D. Smith. 


I 10 Feb. 1805. Charles Power, Privata 12th Keg., and Mary McCee, 

; European, widow. 

I Married by the Rev. Mr. Pohle, English Missionary. 

20 Feb. 1805. Cha.rles McGregor, Private, Pen. E.T., and Catherine, 
native, widow. 

Married by the Rev. C. Pohle. 
20 Feb. 1805. Samuel Haswell, Matro.s3, 1st "Artillery, & Margaret 
Burnet, P]uropean, widow. 

Married by Christian Pohle, Missionary. 

[Omitted to be entered in the right place and book.] 

31 July 1804. Bartholomew Mcl,aughlin, Invalid, Artillery, & 
(Catherine Paterson, native of Tanjore. 

Married by the Rev. Mr. Kohlhoff. 

14 Jan. 17'.)2. James J)ivine, 1st European, Invalids, & Jenny 

Married by J. VVrangham, Esq. 

5 Jan. 1805. John O'Hearn, Sergeant-Major, 5th N.I., & Anne 

Married by the Rev. J. C, Kohlhoff. 

1. 1 I' 

• t •[..!: 


25 Miiy 180:}. \{. U. Lathoin,"" Rsq., & Miss ^Amelia Waliab. 

Marrieil bv Arclidoacf)!! Vanj^han. 

20 May 1804. Lieut. G. Waugh & Tliarlotte Wahab. ''' 


6 Oct. 1824. Ensign Stephen Wheatley Priscott, 5th N.I., & Sarah 
George Anne Smyth, spinster. 

Tan J ORE. 

20 April 1802. William R. Irwin '^^ & Eugenie de Perron. 

Married by Le Pere Fabry. 
Signed by Charles Harris, Collector. 


14 May 1802. Richard Kinchant,''" Esq., & Mvra Chatharina 

Married by Henry Horst, Reader. 

Camp, near Hussen Sanger, 

10 July 1802. Thomas Poole & Ann Kenny. 

Signed by J. A. Kirkpatrick, Resident of Hyderabad. 


14 Dec. 1802. Mr. Andrew Slingsby & Amelia Kinchant. 

Married by Edward Vaughan. 
Signed by George Coleman, Deputy Resident. 


12 Jan. 1803. John Harrow k Mary Harrison, widow. 

Married l)y Mr. Peter (lierry, Collector. 


18 May 1803. Captain George Wahab, H.E.I.C.S. & Miss Anna 
Married by Thomas Clubley, Esq., Acting Collector. 

•'3'' Richard Henry Lathora, Judge of Trichinopoly (H.E.I.C.S.), died Oct. 8, 
1810, aged 35. Mdmiiiient at C.'li. Ch. 1'ricliiiiopuly. 

'•" Major-Oeneral (icorgi- Waliiib, died JJcc. 20, 1808, at the age uf 65, and 
was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Madras. Ho served the Conii)aiiy forty 
years. lie married Oct. 25, 17715, Catherine, daugliter of Henry lirooke, 
H.E.I.C.S. She died Nov. 2(), 1814, at I'alamcottah (J. J. (.Cotton). 

''■"^ W. K. Irwin, ll.K.l.C.S., died u.]>. 2, 1810. He wa.s son of Eyles 
hwin, ll.K.l.C.S. lli.s wife wu.s the daughter (jf Colonel de I'crroii (wee .l'. J. 
Cotton's "Indian .Moiuinuntal 1 uHcriptionH," ji. i!50). She mari'icd secondly 
George V. Cheriy, \•:><^^., and died at Kamnad, Oct. 9, 1813. 

^^^ Ancestor of tin- family of Kinchant, of I'ark Hall, co. Salop (see Burke's 
" Landed (icntiy)" 



3 July 1803. Richard liaiupliii & Mary Flariaghon ['( Flanagan]. 

Married b}' Thomas Wissett, Deputy Commercial 


22 Aug. 1803. James Mailand & Anna Bell. 

Married by Tlios. Wissett, Dep. Commercial 
24 Dec. 1803. William Jones & Mary Ann Flanaghon. 

Married by Thomas Wissett, Dep. Commercial 


18 April 1804. John Anderson & Susanna Hume. 

Married by Thomas Wissett, Dep. Commercial 


31 Aug. 1804. Samuel Godfrey & Mary Oliver, widow. 

Married by Robert Alexander, Magistrate. 


9 Sept. 1804. Thomas Malcolm"" & Frances Dean. 

Married by Robert Alexander, Esq., Magistrate. 

F. E. P. 

(;kan'i\s and ckktikicatks ok aiims. 

(.'(iiiLribuled \>y AnTHUK J. Jkwehs. 
(Contiiincd friiiii p. 127.) 

Park, John, of London, ^ent. Conl'. by William Detliick, Garter, 
30 Eliz. Aig. two bars Az. witliin a bord. eng. Sa., charged 
with eight escallop siiells ()i . C^uartered with five more coats 
of his ancestors in Ijancashire and tlie Principalities of Wales. 
(These coats not gi\(^n.) Cirst A maiden's head ppr., couped 
and ailrontee, hair loose Or, vc^stcd Sa., on the breast three 
escallops Arg. Tliis pedigree is given : — 

*■"• Tlioaia.s Miilcoiiii, luei'cliiiat, \\<iH brollu'i- ul' Sir Joliii MuIcuImi. He diial 
Sept. 8, 180JI, af?fil 38. 

,. . ■ ■.■.'''■;. ! ' 

3. - • 

t'.-^. 'f I, 


Tliur.sloii Parr, of I'arwitli-^- . . . 
[roriiR'i-ly in Si. llt'lciisj, [ 
iiear \Vurriiiytoii, vo. l.imc. 

Robert Parr, uf Slilley.-T-. . . , dan. of . . . IJirde, of Tarpell Park, co. 
CO. Wurw., gent. I XurthaiiipLon, geut. 

John Parr, of London, s. and h., who had the 
confirniatioii of artna. 

Stowe iM8. 07G. 

Pahki*;, IJoiiKUT, of Hitc'liiii, co. Herts. Coiif. of anus and gr. of 
crosl hy Ji. ChjoUo, C'lai'., -JO Jiiiu! 1573, 15 hlUz. Gu. a fess 
wavy Arg. betw. llaee unicorns' heads couped Or. Crest — A 
winged lion eoucli. Or, the head and upiJer part of the hody 
that oi a woman ppr., crined of the first. Stowe ]\1,S8. 677 and 
700; llarl. MS. 1,359. 

P.VKKV, Kditii, wif<' of Nicliolas Wiieeler. I>y Cliester, " Under my 
liand, and to none other her kin or posteiity." (In. a leopard 
pass. Or, spotted Sa,., on a, ciiief of the second tliree cross- 
cro.sslets fitcliee of the Held. Stowe MS. G70. 

Pahsons, Sill .loiiN, of B(n'eney and Langdey, co. Bucks, (s. of John 
Parsons, oi Bo\eney), who married I'.lizahetli, dan. and h. of 
Sir .lolin Kiderniinster, of Langley, Bucks., JNIaster of the Rolls. 
Pat. 1)\' Sir \V. Segar, (Jai-ter, aUei-ing the old coat, Ai'g. on a 
chev. (Ju. I)elw. thri'c h>a,\es N'ert, as many plain crosses of 
the lirst, to the following, viz. ; — Arg. a chev. hetw. three 
pear tree leaves erect Vert. (Jn an escutcheon of pretence for 
his wife, Quarterly, I and IV, Az. two chevs. Or, l)etw. tiiree 
hezants 11 and JIT, Arg. a saltire Gu. hetw. four eagles displ. 
Az. 'I'he old Crest — An eagle's head erased Arg, crowned Or, 
chai-gcd with a, cross couped (Ju., alteifd to- On a chapeau (hi., 
turnetl up I'ain., an eagle's head erased Arg., beak Gu. Add. 
MS. 1 2,225 ; Harl. MS. 0,1-10. 

PAiiTKiCHK, Myles, of London. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Garter. Gu. 
on a fess cotised betw. three partridges volant Or, as many 
torteau.v ; in chief a gusset of the seccjnd, charged w ith a demi- 
rose, conjoined in base to a denii-sun of the first. Crest — A 
partridge volant, in the beak a wheat ear, all Ov. Stowe MS. 

Paktriciie, William, of Cirencester, co. Gloucester, s. of John, 
s. of William, s. of Roger Partriche, of Kendal, co. West- 
moreland, gent. Conf. l)y L. Dalton, Norroy, 20 April 1561. 
Clie(|ure Ai'g. and Sa. a^ liend \aire. Crest — A s})anie1 pass. 
Arg., spotted Sa. Motto — " Plus-tot Ic mort (|'oflense de foy." 
llarl. MS. 1,359. 

Pautimdop:, Affahell (tiic), E.sQ., of Londt)n, goldsmith to Queen 
Klizabeth. Conf. of arms by \V. Jfarvey, Clar., 30 April 1559. 
(Ju. on a bend Arg. betw. two lions ramp. Or, thiee popinjays 
\^'it, beakfd and Icggt.'d of the lirst. Crest — Fiom a double 
Kisc (lu., a lion's head Or, langued of the first Produced at 

A' ' ■!■ >"JU i! /:; 

i/<: 1 

.li-O ' 


Portsmouth, by Mr. Curtis, but it was only a copy signed 
"Jleii. 8L. George, IdHS." Add. MS. U,290 ; Harl. MS. 1,172. 

Pai{Tiud(;e, Hugh, gent., l)orn in the North parts. Or. by Sir G. 
Dethick, Norroy, 5 Feb. 2 ivhv. VI. Gu. on a fess eng. plain 
cotised Or, betw. three partridges rising of tlie second, as many 
torleaux, in chief a crescent for diif. Crest —A partridge rising 
Oi', in its l)eaiv an ear of wlieat A'^ert. Harl. MS. 1,.'35'J ; Stowe 
IMS. 676. 

PARTHinGK, Jamks, s. and h. of Henry, second s. of Robert, a 
younger bi'other of Henry Partridge, of Alstrey (( Eastry), in 
Kent. Conf. 4 March 1630. Vaire Arg. and Sa. on a chief Gu., 
three Or, barlied and seeded ppr. Crest — An arm in 
* armour (nnl). ppr., ti(Ml about tlie foreai'ni witli a scarf Gu., the 
gaiinllct gi'asping a liic liall Sa., lued at t\)ur points of tlie first. 
St. .we MSS. 7(i(i' aii.l 707; .\iU\. MS. 12,22;"). 

P Aiti iciixao, .\i(iioi.\s, of Loudon, :;('nl. (!r. l)y Sir C. Barker, 
(Jailer. (Ui. a fess vaire Or and A/, brtw. three Ijczants, each 
charged with a parti'idge of tin; liist, all within a bordure gold 
billetee Sa. Crest— A denii-lion Oi', pelletee, goi-ged with two 
l)ars gemelles, enclosing a martlet betw. two billets Az. Stowe 
MS. 692. 

Parvis (Pauvisk or Pauvice), Hknrv, of Unstead (in Godahning), 
CO. Surrey, gent. Conf. of arms and gr of crest by Sir G. 
Dethick, Garter, 12 Jan. 24 Kliz. 15cSl-2, and further conf. to 
the said Henry and to his brother Edward Parvis, by Sir AV. 
Dethick, Garter, AV. Camden, Clar., and W. Segar, NoiToy, 
3 Dec. 1597. Sa. on a cho\'. Arg. tliree Coinish clioughs ppr., 
a canton of tlie second, charged with a demi-lion ramp, of the 
first. Crest — A Cornish chough rising ppr. Harl. MSS. 1,359, 
1,441 and 6,140; Add. MS. 12,225; Stowe MS. 703. 

(To he ruiilunicil.j 

llotir^s nf IBooks. 

A Genealocjical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry 
OF Great BitriAix, By Sii' Jieinaid Purke, Ulster King of Arms, 
and Ashworth P. Burke. Eleventh h^dition. London (Harrison ii 
Sons), 1906. 

Burke's Landed Gentry has long been a standard work, and let us 
say at once, deseivedly .so. A book of this kind is indispensal)le 
to the general public, who have little timt; or inclination to study the 
records of past ages, and even the skilled genealogist owes more than 
he is himself aware t(; the publications of the late Sir Ber-naifl 
Burke. We fully realize the great labour which the enormous mass 

1 'I'.i' .( 

M Mf'- .-• I 

> •;:-'' 

,;, !■ , ' . 1- 

!i 1/ 


of details dealt with in tlie Landed Gentry involve, and are anxious 
to give every credit to iMi'. Asli worth Burke for his painstaking 
and liighly satisfactory {jerforuiance of w liut must he a most ditiicult 
task. Having said this nuicli, we nuist not refrain from alluding 
to tliat wliich has always heen the di'aw l)ack to what would otherwise 
be a work of monumental importance, namel}', the wholesale accept- 
ance by successive editors of any faljles, however improbable, that 
may be sent to them, with little or ncj attempt to test by 
evidences the allegations made. True it is that " the more precise 
and critical metiiods of modern researcli," alluded to in the 
Pi'eface, have necessitated the ad<]iti()n of some (jualiHcation 
to the insertion of tiiese picturescpie and romantic taradiddles, 
as if tTie editor had his tongue in Ins cheek the wliile. Instances 
might be given galore, Init we have space for a few only, which 
we take haphazard, the italics being, of course, our own. " The 
family of Aglionl)y is ><akl to have Iteen establislu^i in Cumberland 
\)\ one of tlie soldiers of the Coiupiest, and to b(; descended from 
Walter de Aguilon, who accompanied Ivanulpli de INlescliines into 
that county, and lixing his residence there, called it Aguilon's or 
AgHonby's Ihiihnng." 'V\\v. Aikmaiis of Forfarshire "deri\e tlieii" 
origin, // (.-< sint/, froui a beulcnaiit in lMae(hdl"s aiiiiy, wlio plucked 
an oak (or aik) bougli," etc. Uniler " Kelherstonhaugh of llopton 
Court," " 'l'h(( lirsL of tlie Fetherston famil)' who settled on the 
Tyne . . . Is .sfa/fd to have been a chief of those Saxons who 
landed about the beginning of the 8tli century." Tlie Haggards 
of liradenham, with an imagination worthy of a race which has 
produced the brilliant author of " King Solomon's Mines," claim 
descent from Sir .\iidrew Ogard or Agard, "a scion of a most dis- 
(inguislu'd family in I )eiimaik," iiaturali/.ed 11 Henry V'l. The 
Margessons, who have long been c^)mparatively small landowners 
in Surrey and Sussex, are not derived, as we shouUl have expected, 
from a son of some forgotten Marjory, but are '^ statid to have 
been originally named Argenson, and to have come from France 
and settled in Surrey, where they acquired lands in or about the 
year 1 180." In the next sentence a Peter d'Ai-genson, whose 
parents were married in MUD (mark the dates !), " lf< ^aid to 
have settled in l^iigland ; from him derived descent the JNlargesson 
family of Wootton and Ockley, Surrey." 

In a few instances, however, notwithstanding " the more pi'ecise 
and critical methods of modern research," romantic legends of 
doubtful accuracy are still introduced with no hesitation whatever, 
as in the case of tluj extraordinary career of Sir Joiin Carington, 
born 1371, wlio, not <;ontent with a change of surname, adopted a 
lU'w coat of arms as well, and whose sii()po.sed descendants were 
for soiiu! cent urii's, owing to the machinations of a wicked uncle 
of Sir Johns, obliged to put up with the plebeian cognomen of 
Smith oi- Smyth. Hut perhaps the most astonishing assei'tion of 
this kind occurs under the pedigree of JJotmithorne, where one 
Nicholas Donnithorne of St. Agnes, Cornwall, and also, though 
not so stated Ihmc, a wine merchant in Li>ndon, who died 17'.)G, 
is said lohave iiiariied "Anna, dau. of Thomas Comyn of I'arking, 

3 ,i[, II i' / tf ■ I., il'is iu k 

, ; 1 ■ ; ; ; M I J ' 1 • I , , « 

;:K-.i '* 



Notices ok books. 193 

Essex, lineal descendant and repre.sentative {sic) of the Comyns of 
liadenoch and the Ued Comyn." As a matter of fact it would, 
we behove, he ditlicuk to prove tliat the Thomas L'omyn in question 
luul a drop of .Scottish blood in his \eins. The fabled Mahun Rusid 
still appears a>, ancestor of the iMc tickings, u ho are .still designated 
<;/ Killantringan. 

From time to time ethn'ts have been made in 'J'/w Gennalo<jUt 
to point out errors in previous editions of the Landtd Gentry. 
Mr J. H. Round, in N.>;., vol. xi, pp. li'y-131, called attention 
to the intlaled account of the Trotters of I5vers Hall which appeared 
in the lS(i;{ ;ind 1891 edition.s, and also challenged the right of 
that family to the numeroiis (luarterings claimed by its then repre- 
sentafive ; but both pedigree and arms remain in substantially the 
same condition in 1906. More recently (xY.^'., vol. xx, pp. 217-221) 
JNIr. Walter C. Renshaw, K.C., in an article on the Sussex family 
of Scrase, proved the lineal descent of Mr. from 
i'uppen, to whom Segar granted a ci'est in IGKJ, to be (juite 
untrue— nevertheless the .same descent is still alleged. 

Notwithstanding that a large number of pedigrees have, somewhat 
without good reason, as we think, been removed fr(;m the present 
woik to the Landed Gentry of Inland, this edition is even more 
bulky than its predecessors, and the leader cannot help reilecting 
that a large number of the families treated of within its covers 
can scarcely with truth be .said to belong, as the Preface boldly 
as.serts, "to the untitled nobility oi this country." 

The hcrjildry of (Ik; volume has been arranged on no very 
sclent ilic plan. In many cases families lawfully entitled to coat 
armour are left without mention of their insignia, while otiiers right would j.robabiy be disputeii l)y the College of Arms 
are allowed to disj)lay at their own sweet will whatever bearings 
have to tliem.selves .seemed best. In the case of the llarleys, now 
of R.ramplon Hiyan, the quarterings of the extinct Earls of Oxford 
are allowed, though in the text the connexion with that noble 
liouso IS d.vlarcd nol y.'l to liav<- b,vn establish. •(!. The illustrations, 
which are chielly taken iVon. book plates, a novel and not allogether 
.satisfactory arrangement, often possess much artistic merit, and are 
a great improvement upon those which annually appear in Burke's 
Peerage, but considerable ignorance of the laws of heraldry is 
sometimes disjilayed, the arms being in many cases surrounded with 
a garter, and a crest occasionally depicted by itself without any 
coat of arms. 

Thk Okigin and Early History ok the Family of Pok or Poe, 


American poet. By Sir h:dmun(l Thomas Bewlev, M.A., LL.D 
Dublin (Ponsonby and Giibbs). 

. Setting out with the object of discovering the origin of the family 
of Poe or Poe, which has been .settled in Ireland since the period 
of the plantation of Ulster, and wliich has long held an established 
position among Irish county families, the author ha.s, without a 

li,. ,}■■ I'i 

)3 '!M.f 

^ ,( •,-)! i, . '( 

( , '. . . ' i •/ I 

.'[ ■• (:; i.a.U, 

1 J !..■'•■■) -.i: 

1 Sm 


siii^l(> clue to guide liiiii uikI solely by a thoruugli and patient 
iine^tigaliuii <it' imlilie recoids, i)erii ;:ljle tu trace the English home 
lit" the race. At the same lime he has disproved the rather foolish 
ihi'ory of a foreign origin which h;is found its way into l^uike's 
Lmnhd (h\ilfij iif Inhiiiil and otlu-r woi'ks. The patriarch (;f the 
family, Anthony Poc of Papplew ick, a Nottinghamshire yeoman, turns 
out t<j lia\e l)cen a kinsman oi Dr. Leonard l^oe, Physician uf the 
household of James I and Cliarles I, whose funeral eei'tificate is 
preser\'ed in tht; College of Ar-ms, and of whom there is an account 
in the Dn-lKiiiarij uf Xdlmnid ljiiiii{-iii>hy. Tiie career of his eldest 
son William Poe, a JNlajor in tin' Parliamentar\' Arm\' in I'^ngland 
dm in;; the (.'i\il War, who olitained lands in County Tyrone, is 
ver\ ahl\' de^crllled, and hriiigs gi-aphieall\' before us the constant 
litigation which raged between the settlers and their attempts by 
underhand methods to t'rdist the aid of inllueiitial persons about 
th<' I'lnglish ('ourt in their sellish schemes. .\t the end (jf the volume 
clearly compiled tabular pedigrees give the descent (;f the diflerent 
brandies of the famiK' settled in Ireland. But the work has a 
secondarv purpose, and for his ellbrts to trace the real ancestry of 
Ivlgar .\llan I'.te, so well known as the author of "The Piaven," 
Sir ivlmuml IJew U'\ deser\es the gi'atitude of all I'^nglish and 
American admirers of lliat poet. Poi^ was also of 1 1'ish descent, 
though not il appears .tf the same slock as the sociall\' more iui- 
jiortant deseendants of the Papplew ick veoman. (ireater rodo- 
mantade has rarely found its wav into print than the Iraciition.s as 
to his origin which have be<'n repeated by one biographer after 
anoihei', and which have now been liappiK' exploded. Incidentally 
the examination into Poe's ance.str\' has led to a suggesticjii of some 
importance, namel\', that the name Poe is but a \ariant of Powell 
<ir lV)wle, anil the evidence b\- whicli this Iheor}' is backe<l is well 
worthy of the attention of students of the (uigin of surnames. 

A History of tiik Fa.mily oi' C.mrnes ok Caikns, and its con- 
nections. I^y n. C I.awlor. London (Elliot Stock). 

'i'liis work, though primarily concerning the diflerent families of 
this name, cannot fail tx) be of great general interest, as in a(]dition 
to pedigrees of families descended from the main stock in the female 
as well the male line, such as Pellingham, Donaldson, Finlay, Gregg, 
Hamilton, Kennedy, Maxwell, and Westenra, there are five appendices 
giving short accounts of the Elliots, Montgomeries of Lisduff, Bally- 
magowan, INIoores, and Lawlors 

Distinguished by their uj)i'ight and honoural)le lives from early 
times, it is inlert'sling to note with how many of the MU)st noteworthy 
historical characters of Scotland and Freland the Cairns family, 
though not <uie of first rate importance, have been associated from 
eai-ly times to the present day. 

Master Alexander de Carnys, Provost of riiucluden, was the friend 
of Archibald, l''arl of Douglas, and his tomb, near that of the Princess 
Margaret, Countess of Douglas, was discovei'ed during the excavations, 
in 188-2, of Lineluden .\bbey. 

John (\'urnes, reader in St. (Jiles Ch\ii-eh and assistant to John 

r , 

i f 


Knox, when asked to publish the huiins of marriage between Mary, 
Queen of Scots, and Bothwell, "did simply refuse," and many 
incidents cjf political and national importance are narrated in which 
a Cairns pla\ed a part. 

'I'iie direct represental ises of this ancient famil\' arc the Crichtons, 
ont> of whom married the heiress of Cairns in the latter pai't of the 
fourteenth century, but the male line was continueil till the middle 
of the eighteenth century, through a vounger son who is now 
represented by Baron llossmore. 

Mr. Lawior has not been successful in connecting "the two beet 
known families of Cairns of the present da\- with the ancient stock, 
tlioU"^h he has added two geneial ii)ns to Burkes })edigree of Earl 
Cairns and traced the family settled at l*aislf\' jjack to about the 
same period. 

The earlier pedigrees are substantiated by .satisfactory evidi-nce to 
which reference is gi\en in footnotes, but tliere is a huk of such 
1-eference.s in later times, whicli so often prt>ve the stumbling block 
to many existing families. 

We are glad of the corrections of an inaccurate pedigree in Ulster 
Ot^ce, and of the pedigree of the Cairns Baronets, which runs through 
the Baronetages previous to G.I'i.C. The least satisfactory poi'tion 
of the work is the chaptei- on the armorial bearings, the ofHcial 
authority for which seems to be ui/, exce})t a confirnuition by 
Ulster of arms which had been in use for 150 years. We trust 
that Mv. Lawior is incorrect in stating that the ai'ms of Cairnes of 
Cults are registered in I'lster Otiicc as ''Argent, tlnce martlets 
(;!ules, within a bordure Oi-." 

It would have been licttei- had surnames been inserted iii the 
nariative pedigrees ; and ue must pr(jtest against the loose .sense 
in which the woi'ds " ivcords " and " recorded " aie used. 

Tiie excellent illustiations, and reproductions of old portraits, and 
last but not least a complete index, greatly enhance the value 
of this carefully written and well ariangetl book. 

1Ikr.\i,I)1c I>.\1)(jks. Hy Arthur I'hailcs I'ox-Dax ies. London (John 

The late Mr. Planche remarked in his charming heraldic work 
"The Pursuivant of Arms," which, however, is not referred to here, 
"that whilst scores of volumes have been written respecting the 
armorial shields of the sovereigns, barons and knights of England, 
no author has treated, critically, the subject of liadges." Mr. Fox- 
Davies has now taken up the subject and, although we are left 
very mucli, on the whole, where we were before, an attempt 
has l)een made by him to .critically examine the origin, use 
and inheritaiu-e of the badge. With some of the theories he pro- 
pounds we are unable to agi'ee, as for instance liis derivation of the 
Sioihnrsf, which he is convinced "is nolhing more than an attempt to 
pictorially represent the name ' Windsor ' liv de]ticting ' winds ' of 
'or.'" fn regard to the origin (jf the I'lirtciiU'tH he says that the 
suggestion, which it may be remembered is menti(jned in Woodward 
and Bui-nett's " Heraldry," " that it was a pun on the name Tudor 

I. ■ ; M :f;(^ 


19() NUTICKS ()!<" HOOKS. 

(if. two-door) is continued l)y llio im)lto, 'Altera securitas,' which 
was used witli it," hut at the same time he admits that this suggestion 
is vitiated on account of its use by the Jieauforts, wiio had no Tudor 
descent. We trust no future writer on tliis subject will refer to this 
painfid pun again, whicii l)y the way we recollect the late Mr. Toole 
making on (he stage many years ago, for the very good reason tiiat 
the badge in ijuestion must liave eome to the Tudors from the 
Bcauforts. Edmund, Ihikc of .Someiset, uncle of i'^dnunid Tudor's 
wife, ceitaiidy used it. 

The most interesting part of Mr. Fox-Davies' essay is that devoted 
to Staiidarils, and his \iews, whicli dill'er somewhat from other 
writers, are woilh nt)ting. .Judging from what he lias brought 
logclheT', it is i-lear that a more com}irehensive work might be issued, 
which should contain references to the sources from which any 
information may be deriveil, and an tMilarged compilation of Badges, 
with the illustrations, where necessary, in tiie list instead of in the 
introductory text. Sometimes there may be some doubt as to the 
proper description of a badge, as for example that of Sir Andrew 
Wvndesore, here desci'ibed as " A stag's head oouped," which on 
referring to the late Mr. Joseph Foster's illustrations of the Standards 
in the College of Arms, will be found to be almost affmntee, whereas 
the description leads us to supjiose it was in profile. N\'e mention 
this particular case as we l^elieve it was usetl a[f'runtei:, but there 
may be other badges which might be illuslraletl with advantag(;. 
The volume is a handy and useful little work and quite an addition 
to books on heraldic loj'e. 

P.\KisH Keqisteu Sociktv of Dublin, vol. i. The Keqisters of 
St. John the Evangelist, IKiulin, IG19— Ui99. Edited by 
James Mills. Dublin (piinted by Alex. Thorn it Co.). 

The Parish Register Society of Dublin has made a wise choice 
in the selection of these interesting registers as the first volume 
of its publications, and it is to be lioped that the excellent work 
thus commenced ma\' obtain sutlicient support from the public to 
ensui'e the lasting success of the Societ}-. The registers of St. John 
the Evangelist connnence in February 1(519-20, earlier, as we are 
reminded in the Preface, than any other extant parish registers in 
Ireland antl fourteen years before the Canons of 1G34 rendered 
such records compulsory in that country. In 1643 Prebendary 
Dudley BoHwell began to arrange the entries alphabetically, a very 
early date for sucii an arrangement, which was continued after his 
death until 1 G5S. In Appendix 1 are given entries fnjm tiie church- 
wardens' accounts of burials which by some accident were omitted 
from the registers, and Appendix il contains very useful lists Jof 
parishioners ccjmpileil origiiudly foi- the levy of parish cess. English 
genealogists may peiiiaps think that Irish i-egisters can concern them 
little, but this would be a great mistake, for members of English 
families freijuiMitly repaired to Ireland, either to settle' there or for 
purposes of trade, and this district of l)ul)lin contained a number 
of inns where strangeis were wont to tarry during their stay in 
the Tiish capital. Many well known names occur in the registers. 

1. 1,: ''. 



f e.<l., Angler, Aimeslev, Dilluii, l.oftus, Osl.aUlcston, Pluiikel und 

^ Poii.soiihv. An iiitfivstin- eiiliy is lluU ..n p. I'S, wliicl. rceuids tl.o 

l);i])tisiu "ill .liiiM' l(i:')7 of .-L (liiu;;lilrr of 'I'lioiiuis Ivliiioiuis, Sccit'taiy 
lo Stiallor.l wlicn l.or.l Drpulv. 'I'lu' huiial of .lolin At IutLoii, 
Hisho). of Walcifoid, .") \h-v. JOIO, appears on p. .'iS. The tuo 
cliil.lren of John " l-ldchiiiMhani," Jane and Oshiinie, hapli/.ed 1610 
and Kill), lit into the pedigree of that l)rancii of the Keliinghani 
family given in the notes on Burshaiii recently appearing in this 
magazine (X.S. vol. xxii, p. T)!). It only remains tu express our 
admiration of the eareful way in uhich these important registers 
have heen edited and indexed. 

1 I. M.DON,* Til K MaNOK, TlIK IIaM., ITS LoUDS AND Tli \ UlTIONS. By 

Vt. Le lilane Smith. London (hllliot Stock). 

Haddon Hall has Ihhmi the subject of countless magazine and 
newspaper articles, generally forgotten almost as soon as read, and 
of not a few dry-a.s-dust guide hooks, l.ut witii the excei)tion of 
Hayner's well kinnvn svoik, there is, we helieve, no liistoi-ical account 
of "this anci(>nt mansion, so that this volume with its attractive 
hiiiding and numerous illustrations should receive a cordial welcome. 
Mr. J.e Blanc Smith in a preliminary sketch of the pedigree of the 
Veriions deduces them from the ancient I'krls of Devon, for which 
descent he produces no evidence. He is on firmer ground when 
he the break in the male line of the family l)y the 
marriage of Avice or Hawys de Vernon with Oilhert le Fianceis. 
Many years ago in a pedigree fiom De Banco Roll, 4 Edward II, 
m. i\-l, contrihuted either to the HeJiqiiaiy or tlie Antiqnnry, and 
since rej)rinted in his " Pedigrees from tlie Plea Rolls," p. 5;U, 
General Wrotteslev commented upon the importance of this descent 
from le Pranceis! That the Vernon pedigree as it appears in 
Collins and othei' Peerages is not satisfactory has long heen 
suspected hy genealogists, hut the last word on this subject has 
probably not vet been said, and the whole pedigi'ee evideiitly 
retpiires furthei' investigation. On p. '1\, the writer just before 
drawing attention to a "terrible mistake" made by the late Mr. 
Llewellyn Jewitt, falls into one still more terrible, by confusing 
the John Vernon, son and heir of Sir Henry Vernon, who died 
12 Aug. 1477 and was buried at Bakewell, with Sir Henry's later 
born .son of the same christian name, who subseipiently to 18 Jan. 
1513-11, the date of his father's will, married Ellen Montgomery, 
the hi'iress of Siiilbur\'. lu^minine readers will doui)tless be disties.sed 
at the ruthless destruction of the romantic story of JX)rothy 
\'ernon's marriage, whii-h has for so long added lo the charm 
of Haddon Hall. Anticjuaries will apjueciate tlu- selections from 
the Steward.s' Accounts 1549 to 1G71, tran.scribod by the late 
]\Ir. W. A. Carrington, and here published by consent of the late 
Duke of Rutland. The illustrations, wiiich are from photographs 
taken by the author, are vi'iy succctssful and include a portrait «)f 
the famous Dorothy from the i-lligy on her tomb, har<lly a llattering 
one, unless the tradition of her grace and beauty be as false as 
that of her runaway marriage. 

.) M. ' ■■,, ■! (i ■• ■ ; : 

I '.'8 NOI'ICKS OK I'.ooKS. 

ti-iuiscfibed by GiM'v AriliHM-( JihsoM-Cullmii, F.S.A., and tlu; lute 
Fiiiiicis Campbell Macauk'y. With an Introduction, Ijv iMt)nt- 
,i;i)UK'ry Canuicliael, British Vice Consul at Leghorn. Leghorn 
(Kairaello (Jiusti). 

The greater part of these inscriptions have already appeared in 
l)i-int, having been some years ago conti'ibuted by the transcribers 
to " Miscellanea Cenealogica et Herald ica " (Third Series, vols, ii, iv). 
They have now been lepi-inted with a most instructive introduction 
and explanatory footnotes by Mr. Carmichael, who in order to make 
the work complete, has added the insci'iptions which commemorate 
foreigngs who have been buried within the Cemetery. It is 
sui'prising how many members of tiie British and Irish aristocracy 
have been inteired here, a coiisidei'able poi'lion of whom, especially 
during the last century, died at Florence, and many English 
merchants also found a last resting place at Leghorn. The most 
interesting tomb is that of Tobias .Smollett, though, as Mr. 
Carmichael points out, the date of the historian's death is wrongly 
given upon it. A list of the older monuments still remaining 
in tlie Cemetery is coiitaineil iu the introduction, the earliest being 
that (jf Le(Hiard, son of Sir Dudley Digges, who died in 164G. 
.Many of the tombs have coats oi arms upon them, most of which 
weie fortunately decipherable when the inscriptions were copied. 
Mr. Carmichael informs us in his Introduction that the Chapel 
Kegisteis 1707 — 18l' J are in e.\isteiu,e, and that he hopes to edit 
them, an intention whicli we trust will be shoi'tly fultilled, for 
they cannot fail to be of great assistance to genealogists. 

4^otrs «nD (jjunirs. 

Lawhench of (Jpfkk Stondon, liKDFyKDsiiiiiK.— The following 

notes have been compiled with the aid of the !iish(jp's transcripts, 

the earliest register preserved at Vuwv Stondon befdnninj/ in 

1GS3:- t, o 

I. Thomas Lawrence, rector of Upper Stondon, signs the tran- 
scripts in 1(;01 ; buri<Hl T) Oct. Mil I. 

II. Charles Lawrence (Lawrance), educated at W(!stend, in the 
parish of Southill, under Mr. John Carter for about seven 
years, was a.lmitted II June KHU, aged 1«, scholar lUt. 
(/rat. of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, then de- 
scril)ed as son of Thuinas Lawrence, clerk, rector of Standon 
(tiir), Bi'ds. Charles iiawrence became rectoi- of Upper 
Stondun ; he signs the transcripts in 1G15 and 25 March 


1G41. C'liarlt's Lawrence iiiaiiipd (ifstly, at Cardintjtoii, 
'2[ -Jan. 1610-17, .Martha Haniardiston, and had issue: — 

(i.) Margaret, hap. '2\ Sep. 1()17. 

(ii.) John, l)ap. 10 Feh. 1G18-19; hur. l> 1 July 16:^9. 

(iii.) Elizabeth, Imp. 1 J;m. 162 1-2; hur. "2 1 Sep. 1G.31. 

(iv.) Matthew, hap. 4 March 1020-7 ; l)ur. 2:5 Sep. 1G31. 

(V.) TiiouiaH (III), 

(vi.) Charles, hur. 4 Sep. lO.Sl. 

.Martha Lawrence was huried 20 S(;p. Hi.'U. Charles 
Lawi-ence iiiarrie<l secondly, at LJp[)er Stondun, 10 Dec. 
* lG.*i2, .Mary Allen, and iiad issue : — 

(i.) Hrid-vt hup. ;{ March i 0;{S-;i'.). 

(ii'> and (iii.) Matthew and Chailcs, hoih hap. ,'? Jan. 
I OK) I \. 

III. 4'lu)inas Law r(>nce, hap. 2r) Di^r. !(i2'.> ; l»(>ca.nie rcclorof Upper 
Slondon ; hrsi^nslhe transcripts in 1002. .Vdnunistrat ion 
granted to.luanna Lawrence, relict, 22 .Vug. 1079 (.Vduiinis- 
tration Act Hook, P.C.C. 1079, fo. 117). Joane Lawrence, 
who wiiH patroness of the living of Upper Stondon in 1681 
(I'lcton, 7/i''.i(iunis), WAS hurii'd 17 March 1092-.'}. Thomas 
and .loanna Lawrence had issue a daugiiter, .loanria, ha]). 
24 March lOOf) (i ; slie apparently nuirried Samuel Leacli, 
recti)!' of Upper Stondon, who lirst signs the transcripts at 
tiie end of I GSG. (Lawri-nce, son of Samuel aiul Joanna 
Leach, hap. 10 Jan. 1087 8.) 

Can anyone add ans'thing to this [)edigi('e1 It seems likely that 
Charles Lasvrenci; had other children hy his se(!()nd marriai'e, hut 
the transcripts for the years lO.i.'J and IG.'JO are missin<^ 

.\ tlohn LawriMu-e, di>scrihed only as "of Kedfordshiri'," was ad- 
mitted to l'anmanu(«l College, Camhridge, June IG.')0, and graduated 
15. A. ill IGf).'}. It seems possihle that he was a son of Charles 
J.,awrence of Upper Stond(;n, l)ut the name of Lawrence is not un- 
common in Bedfordshire. .V Jolm, son of John Lawrence, was 
haptized at Karlington 9 Oct. 10.31. Anoth(^i' John, son of Thomas 
Lawrence, was l)apti/.ed at llawnes (llaynes) 12 .\ug. 16:52. 

w. ^^. NoBLK. 

Wistow, Huntingdon. 

Parky anu Hai.ley Famimh.s.— During the past ten years 
numerous endeavours have heeii made to establish the (former) 
existence of a grand-daughter of Dr. Kdmoiid Halley (1056-1742), 
the famous second .\sl ronomer l^iyal (cf. Xo/^-s (nid (/ih-rirs, London, 
ninth scries, vol. xi, pp 200 200 ; 101). It seems worth while, 
therefore, to rccoid the extract following, from tlu! will of Syhilla 
Halley, widow of Ldmund Halle\-, Jan., surgeon, U.N., who was the 
only maturing son of Dr. E. Halley (1 G5G-1 742) : — 


".Syl)ill;i Hallcy of tln:! palish of l']; Greeuwicli, in the county 
of Kent, \si(lo\\." To L;i'aii(ld;ui^flitc'r .Syhilla Panv, all wcariri;^ 
apparel. To good fiiciid Cat lieriiK.' l^x-aiimoiiL wife of John 
iVauniont <if Ivist (Greenwich, liL;litti-man, a liiig. Itenuiinder of 
estate, leal and personal, ei|uallv to gianddaughtei's .Syhilla Parry 
and Sarah Parry (Sarah Pairv under agt;). Syhilla Parry and 
Catherine l-Jeaumont, executois. Will dated May 1, 1771. 

Witnesses : Thomas Friend, John W'oodhani, William Munro. 
Pi'oved P.C.C., Nov. 13, 1772, hy Syhilla Parry, power heing reserved 
to Catherine Beaumont. [Ex. Uegister Taverner, folio 4U6.) 

For the foregoing extract, 1 am indehted to Mr. Ralph J. 
Beevor, MA., of St. Albans, who remarks that: — 

" The will establishes the fact . . . that the astronomer Kdmond 
Halley had grandchildi'en (or a grandchild) and great grand- 
childien. On the othei- hand, the inference from the will i.s that 
Syhilla llalley had l)ut one daughtc^r who mari'ied and that this 
daughter married a I'ariv. Theic may of course have been more 
liaughters than one anti the old lady in making her will may 
have thought it necessary only to make provision for the two 
orphan {'.) gi'andchildren who renuiined with her." 

if there was only the one daughter, is it not possible that she 
may have had a former husband who died, and that, later, she 
married (secondly) a Parry ? 

Ivvtensive " lv\tracts from British Archives on the family of 
Halley" were printed in the Afaydziue of //istori/, New Yoik, I DUG. 

I shouUl be vf'ry grateful for any information concerning the 
life (and marriage () of Syhilla and Sarah Parry. 

Eugene F. McPike. 
1 Park Row, Chicago, U.S. 

WiMcarr Family. — 1 should be much obliged for any infoi-matioii 
that woulil enal)le me to asceiiain who were the }iarciits of a 
IMiilip Wright, born circd 1709. lie had a brother Kobert, born 
(•(/r(t 17tj|, and is belie\ed to liave been born in Nottinghamshire, 
and to have had two other brothers, named John and George. 

Peikck O. Mahony, Cork Herald. 
OtHce of Arms, Dublin Castle. 

Index to Burke's " Com.moners." — I have lately purchased a MS. 
index to the Pedigrees in Burke's " Conmioners," of which I pi'opose 
to print 250 copies. If I can get 25 subscribers 1 will sell the 
book at 5s. If I can get 5U subscribers I will sell it at 2s. 6d. 
Tf 100 subscribers, at Is. 6d. T have thought that some readers of 
77ie (r'fiicd/uylsf who ha\e l^urke's " CommoiuM's," and know its value 
and the ilitliculty of consulting it, might like to have a copy of 
this index. T will recei\e the names of sui)scribeis till ^Vlarch 25 

John R. Magratu, Frovust. 
tjueen's College, Oxford. 

.'!,>:; H^ 

'\ ■ , M 


A.s c'oiinocteil witli Llie family of Cauy, \Vii,i,ou(iiiiiY and liioiniK. 

Ainong the alliances made by the family of C\i!V (which, after 
the accession of their cousin i'^lizaheth l(j the thnjiie (»f Eiiifland, 
were, fo^ the most part, very illustrious) is that, in (M- shoitly 
heforo 1G09, of SlR Pnu.iP C'ai;v, of Ilunslct, lu^ar L(;c(ls, co. 
York, and of Caddinf^^ton, J>eds, brothei- ui the 1st Viscount 
Falkland [S.], with Klizal)eth, only child of Richard Bland, of 
Carleton, in the parish ui RothwcMl, co. York. The place of this 
llicliard in the wide spreading family of liLAND, of Kij)pa.\ ami 
elsewliere in Yorkshire (of svhich he probably was a member), has 
ntjt been ascertained, neither has the name of his child's mother, 
who pnjbably was ikj/ I^oroth}', his surviving wife, who disputed 
the validity of his will, in which she got but little, whihi his 
grandsons were the [)rincipal and resitluary legatees. .\n abstract 
(made Foh. IDD.'i by A. (Jibbons, F.S.A., Hewdrth (Jreen, York) 
of this will (registered at I'ontefract, co. York) is as under: — 

BTCHAllD P>LANi), of Carleton, Cent., dat. I'D April 1()L>4. 
To wife Dorothy £200, also my Ix-st bed with sheets and linen ; 
also another bed for her maid t(» lie on j also 10 waggon loads 
of coal Nearly t'or life from m\' coal {)iLs in Kodwell [KothwcUj 
1 direct my son in law Sik I'lin.ii' Cakii;, Knt., to proside for 
the payment of a rent of lOs. a year for e\er to the poor of 
l^odwell I Rothwell] out of the lands of Hodwell setlleil ui^m him 
and his late wife, my daughter, and lie to convey to the Vicar 
ami Churchwardens of Kodwell a little close and cottage in Car- 
let(Ui for the habitation of two agc(l persons of the parish of 
Kodwell. 'I'o IMichael l?ooTii, mv said wife's son in law, £20; to 
l''rancis, wife of l']dwa.rd ScoLios, Co ; to lOli/abeth, wife of iMonsieur 
Nicholas, .stnvant to said >Sir Philip Cahik, and sister of said 
Francis, .£10; to William 8iN<iLKroN, son of ileiu'y SiN(iLKTON, 
£20, and he to have all my apparel ; to Marie SiNiii.KToN, Hetlrice 
SiNtiLKTON, and Ann Singlkton, his sisters, £10 each. Residue to 
my grandchildren Edward and Philip Cakii-:, the sons of my late 
only daughter, Lady ELizAnKTii Cauii:, and they to be executors. 
Sir Thomas Savill, of Ilowley, Knt., and Hugh Ckkssik, of Wako 
field, Es(j., to be supervisors, and (>ach of them to have a gold 
piece of 22 shillings to buy a ring in lokcn of my love. Wit 
nesse.s, Hugh Citi:ssiK, Thomas H loitiCKoirni, JMlwaitl Dunwkij,, 
Mark Cooi'Ku, .lohn IIawlky. [No record of any probate.] C((r-'(if. 
25 Jan. lG2i/r) on lu'lialf of Dorothy Bland, widow, the relict of 
the deceased iiichanl Bland, of Carlton [Carleton], in the parish 


202 15LAN1), UK CARLK'l'ON, CO. YOIIK. 

of UixlwcU I Kollnvt'll ], Ocnt,. | I'oiitctVuct Act- l^ook, vol. xxxviii, 
r.;57 (KlL'l Ki'jri), in Yolk Itc.^nstrv. I 

Vory little notice has I)c(mi (akcii i)t' tin's Sir riiilip Cnry or his 
clesc('ii(Iaiils, the best aceoiiiit hciiii,' in an ailicle entitled " Cauy, 
Vi.soouN'i'.s Famci.and," ' writtt'ii | IHOrj-GG] by th(> Kev. Charles 
James Robinson, I\[.A., sometime Vicar of Jlorshani, Sussex, which, 
wlien more fully expanded, is as below. 

Sill IMIILIP CARY, brother of Henry, first Vi.scou.nt Falk- 
land [S.J, l)eiiig third and youngest sou of Siu Edwai(1> Cahv, of 
Aldenham, Herts, was born about 1580; admitted to Gray's Inn 
(with his* brother Adolphu.s) 9 Aug. 1590; inatric. at Oxford 
(Queen's Coll.) 20 Feb. 1593/4, aged 14, as "Arm."; Kniglited at 
Greenwich, 2.3 March 1601/5; :\1.P. for Woodstock, 1611, 1621-22, 
1621-25 and 1G25; obtained in 1612 the manor of Hunslet, near 
Leeds, from his father, which he sold to the family of Fenton ; 
was Keeper of ]\[arylebone Park, INIiddlesex. He married in or 
shoi'tly before 1609, I'^lizabeth, only child of Richard Bland above- 
named. She was buried 4 Oct. 1623, at Aldenham, where he also 
was buried 16 June 1631. Admon., wlierein he is described as late 
of St. Olave's, Silver Street, London, granted 4 July 1631 in C.P.C., 
to Sir Edward liAHiiKrr, J-Cnt., Hauon of Ni:wiaiiu;ii [S.],- and Sir 
George IN! annkks,'- of Full)eck, co. Lincoln, Ivnt., (hiring the minority 
of JoMN c;ai{V, I^^dwaud Cahv, Fi.izahictii Caicy and Ann Cauy, 
children of the deceased. Further admon. 3 Jan. 1634/5 to John 
Cahv, .son of deceased, being then of full age. They liad seven 
children, viz. : — 

L MuiUKL, bap. 3 May 1610 at Aldenham; buried 9 Dec. 1611 
at (ireat l)erkhampstead, Herts. 

TT. ELizAincTii, bap. 1 May 1611 at Great Rerkiiainpstead ; 
married, as the lirst of his four wives, about 1631, Sir 
Humfrey JiuuKJKS, second Hai'onet [1611], of Haugton, 
Salop (died May 1691), and died Ijefore 1648, ha\ing 
had two children, INloreton and I'^dward, b(jth of whom 
ilied young. 

III. John Caijv, ui Stanwell, Middlesex, eldest son, bap. 23 Dec. 
1612, at St. Olave's, Silver Street, London; matric. at 
Oxford (St. John's Coll.) 12 Oct. 1627, aged 15; was, 
perhaps, cr. M.\. 1 Now 1612. liy tiie death of his great 
uncle Thomas (Knyvk'I') L(H{d Knyvki', he ac(|uired iu' 
1622, a moiety of the estate of Stanwell, Afiddlesex, of 
which he, subsecpiently, in 16S7, obtained tlie entirety. 
Ho was, like his father, Keeper of Marylebone Park as 

llcntld and l :rn,;il<niist , \,,1. iii, pii. ;J;^.-, |., :ni(l lL'9-ll(). 

l.iinl X(nvl)iii';^li uml Sir (ItMi-^'c .Miimicrs \\ci-<'! liu-sbaiids of Iwc 

hi.slcr.Sj (liiiit;lilci'.s dl' Sii- IvIwiU'il Cary. 

V" I 

i! I ,i-ji'.l.i>ii- ill 

I /'i r: ; \) >■■■,'/ 

('■ .• .,' 

r,[v\Nl>, OF CAIILI'VI'ON, CO. YORK. -<>3 

also of Bo.slwood Park, Notts.; Avas one of the Kii)<,''s 
Falconers, and in 1()73 INFaster of tlie Bucklioinuls. 
He nianied Hn^Uy INIai-y, widow of Sir I'Mwaid P.aksii, 
of Stansteadbury, Herts (died 12 ]\Iay \{\i>'A), daughter 
and coheir of Sir l*]dward MoNTA(i[J, l)rother of the liist 
Eakl of Manciikstkk. She died soon afterwards and 
was buried 24 Dec. 1057, at Stanwell. Admon. 23 May 
1058. He married secondly Catherine, whose name has 
not been ascertained.'' She was buried lliere 1 Sep. 
1073. Ho died without Issue 10<S5-8(;, and in his will 
(of whicli an abstract has been printeil in the Ilcndd 
and Gnicidiujid, vol. iii, p. 133), dat. 10 to 20 Sep. 
1085, and proved 1 Sep. 1080, devises his manor of 
Caldicott, Newton and ]\Ia-;or, co. Monmouth, to his 
, kinsman " Mdwaud Cahv, Esc]., son of Patiuck Gary, 
ICscj.," his manor and lands at Stanwell, co. Middlesex, 
lands at Minster, co. Kent, etc., in trust for "the lion. 
]<]li/.abeth Wii,LOU(JiiiiV, my (toiisiii and heir, sole daui;liter 
and heir of mv nephew (Jeor-e, late. EouD WiLi.0U(;nuY 
OF Pauiiam, deceased," on condition that within three 
years of my death, she marry Francis (North), Lord 
Guir.FORD, with rem. to their issue, but if no such 
marriage takes i)lace, rem. to Anthonv (Carv), Viscount 
Famcl.vni), for life and his issue in tail male, rem. to 
the said Koward Carv in like nuiniu^r, rem. to testator's 
own right heirs. 

IV. Adom'HUs Gary, .second son, bap. (as " Pudolphus " ■<) 5 Jan 
1013/1, at St. ()ia\e's aforesaid. He died, before hii 
father, and was buiied 9 May 1025 at Aldenham, 

y. A\N, third daughliM', aft.Mwards HaroXkss WiM.oiM;imY of 
I'akham, of whom hereatler. 

\'l. IsnwARi) Gary, third .son, bap. 10 Aug. 1018, at St. Olave's 
aforesaid, legatee in the will of Ids grandfather, 
Richard Bi.and, dat 1 i) Ai)ril 1021; matric. at O.xford 
(St. .lohn's Coll.), 13 Nov. MVAh, aged 17; died unm., 
an.l was buri<'d 10 lA-b. 1 (;3'.) 10, at A Idenham, aged 21. 

:' Slu! l)y i1.;.mI dated 1 Au^'. l()7:i, iis " Katlicriiic Caroy, late [.»/<•, Init (|uc.ry] 
wife of Jolin Carey, of Stanwell, Middlesex, l':s(|uii-e, ^^avc^ llOO to lie distributed 
(o () pool- widows [of the parish of Windsor, Berks) at thr discretion of .lohn 
Onn-.y and (bles (ienl., Ks^iairrs. .John Carey, l,y a dee,! daird Dc^e. 20, lt)7'.», 

also charged an annuiiy of i'ti for over on Callierine Wheel in ('olobrooko 

to he a.piilied to tlu^ saiiu^ uses" [.Vshinoie's /J.tA'.s vol, in, |.. lOfj]. 

' 'riiis evidently is a mistake. The eliild was buried as " .ti/e//)/M(,-i y" son 
of (he ri-ht wo'rsiiiiifiili Sir l'hiii|il>i> Carye, Knijj,hl." See note I above. 
'JMie (•hihts uneie was Sir .IJ,./,i/o(.s Cary, (d' (ireal IhrK hanipstea.l, Herts, 
anil another A^lolflnis (lary, .son of Viseoiinl. Falkland, was bap. L''J May ltJ:!!», 
al Aldenham 


..■'. : \' 

-.■•■ 1 

i I >, ■( ■'. ^ -i . I;',. -v. 1>' 

■, '■ I :i. :'! U: 


VII. I'nii.ii' Caiiv, toinlli son Jiiid youiii^csl. i-liild, hap. ^2'^ Oct. 
1()2.'{, at Si. Olavc's at'cticsjiid ; Ic^atiM^ in llic will of 
Ills ^'raiidfatiicr, Kldiaid I!i..\ni», 'dal. H) April 1(524, 
but died a few wci'k.s later, and was Inif. 8 July 1G21, 
at Aldejdiain. 

Ann (Cakv), tiftli cliild and tliiid daughter (bciiii; tlie (tuly child i.ssue survived infancy) of the alioNt-nanicd Siu Piiii.ii' AM) 
i)A.Mi'; Mmzahktii Oaky, was hap. 10 .lunc HJin, at. St. Olavci's, 
Silver S(ie(H, London ; married, in or sliorLl\' hel'ore Ki.'iT, W I LIJAM 
who succeeded his brother in that title July IGGG; was (Governor 
of the Caribbee Islands, ]GOG-7.'5, and died at J^arbadoes, 10 April 
1()7.'?, aged about oT. His will, dat. 18 JNTay 1G7'2, was pi-oved 
27 No^. 1G7.'5. His wife, who had predeeeasefl him, was on 12 .Fuji. 
l(i71/2 as "Anne, the wife of the Ki.-ht llo'''" the Loid Weloby 
of Pai'am, Imrxcd in the valt of the Lord Caiy, Viscount h'alkland, 
in 1 he i^Mcat chancel," at .McK'iihaui, llerls. M.l.'' 'I'liey had foiu- 
tcen children, (he dale of \\ hose l»irths is thus recordi'd |e\idciitly 
after KJGG, the (lat(! of their father's accession to the peerage] in 
the parish registers of lliinsdon, Llerts, where the youngest of tlieni 
had been baptized as "]\lary, da. of William Wii.i.ouciUBY, Esq.," 
July 1G5G. 

"The P>irtlis of the children of the Rt. Hon. William, Lord 
" AViLLOuciinv, li.vKON OF Pauiiam, and ^Vnn, liis Hon. l^ady — 

" 1 Mr. George AVilloughby, born in Belvoir Castle, co. Lincoln, 
18 ]\Iarch 1G;38. 

" 2. Mr. Eilward Willoughby, born in same place, 3 Feb. 1639. 

" 3. Mr. Henry, born in ye Savoy, IG Dec. IGIO. 

" 4. Mr. William, born at Stansteadbury, 2i Nov. 1G41 (buried 
here 22 May 16G9). 

" 5. Mrs. Frances, born in Aldersgate Street, 12 Nov. 1G42. 

" G. .Ml-. John, boin at Stansteadbury, Dec. 2'.l, 1G13. 

" 7. iNIrs. Elizabeth, born in same place Aug. 12, 1G44:. 

" 8. Ml-. ,) allies, born in same place Aug. 3, Hi 1 7. 

" i). Mr. Oaiy, born in sauu': place, Aj)i-il f), lGli» (ob. Dec. 1G7G). 

" 10. Mr. ('hailes, Ixtrii in saiiu^ place, ( )ct. G, IGT)!). 

" II. Mrs. .Vim, born in same jilace, Dec. 10, IGTrJ. 

Thl- \v;iM crccliMl liy Caiioii I he lloii'''^' Kciinclli KraiiciN (iililis, Vi(-iir of 
AMcniKini (I.SSl), who,' nialcrnally (I liioii-h I li.' riiiiiilicM ot .Vilani.s, Cokiiyiid 
iind W'illdiiuliliy ) i.s a dcsri'iidaiit of I Ins l,aily. Il consisl.M iif a, mural biass, 
wlicri'iui 1,1111(1. •!■ Ili(< ai-iiiH of Willoii^fhhy ini|ialiii^' Cary, and .siii-iiiomiled with 
tin. (■(inuicl of a liai-dii) i.s insciihrd, "In iin'indiy ut ,\nii(", wil'i! dI' William, 
liaroii \VillunL!ld>\ di' I'arlinm, daiit^hUT ot Sir I'iiilii) Cai-yc. She dii'd ajri'd 
TjO years and was laiiicd licri^ lli .ianiiurv H>7I in the vault of the Viscount 
Falkland '■ 

,I)'M i 

,1> ^- 1 ' >i. 

I5LANI), OK (;AIUJ0I'()N, (.•<). YORK. 


"12. Mrs. ]M;u-y, horn in same place, Feb. -!;'), IGo^. 
"l;5. Mrs. Katlieiinc, Ixirn in sanu' place, May 11, 1655. 
"11. Mis. ]\laiy, horn at Huiisilun in July, IGaO." 

" Mk. -loiiN Wii.i.oLXJiiHY, son of the lion. Mr. (!eui';^c Wil- 
loui^hhy (el(l(>st son of the lit. lion. William, Loid \Villoii<flihy, 
Haron of Pai-liam) hy his virtuous Lady, Filizalietii, vvas l)orn at 
Knaitli in Liiieohishiie .July IG, KiG'.) and l)a]iti/.e<l .luly 2S, IGG'J." 

Of the eii;ht sons heri! mentioned ttiree succeeded to the 
})eei-agi' as helow, \ i/. , (I) C! KOKHi'',, who on the death of his 
fathei-, 10 April IGTo, became se\enth Baron W ill. iiiL;hl)y of 
Parham. lie dieil 1G74, and Avas buried at Kn.uth, k'a\ing 
(besides t\yo daut^hter.s) one son John, born IG and bap. 28 July 
IGGl) at Knaith (as abovestated), vnIio in IG74 succeeded him as 
eiiL,dith Baron, but died within four years at Winchester, aged 
nine years, in 1G77/8. As to the two daughters, Annk died in 
infancy before her lirother, and Fr.iZAnKTii became the eventual }- -| 
heiress of the estates (Kiuiith and Oateburton, co. Lincoln) of 
tli(! family of Willougldn', as well as of those (Stanwell, co. 
Middlese.x, etc.) of the family of Cary. As to her see hereafter. 
(2) JoHX, the fifth of the abovenamed eight sons, sue. his 
nepliew in 1G77/8 as ninth Baron, and died without issue Sep. 
lG7iS. (.3) CiiAHLES, eighth and youngest of these eight .sons, 
sue. his brother in Hep. 1G78 as tenth B>aron, and died without 
issue 1) Dee. 1G7!). 


The ii\'e remaining sous, I'iDWAUD, lliA'UV, WlM-lAM, Jamics, and 
Caicy all died unmairii'd before IG71). I'idward probably died in 
infancy. Henry Willoughby, .said [Oliver's Aiilhjitd,] to have bet'ti 
Oovernor of Antigua, and to have died there about 1G70, was 
doubtless di'ad before 10 June 1G78, the date of the will of John, 
Lord \\'illoughl)v, who mentions theri'in "a ring that was my 
brother lli>ni-\'s." *'.Mr. Williau\ Willoughby, third [,s'(V] son of 
Lord Willoughby, died of the small pox in Loiulon anil was buried 
at llun.sdon" 22 iMay IGG'J." IJ/uiisdon Par. h'fi/isfer]. James 
Willoughby is said [Oliver's Au/i(/na] to have died at Antigua 
about 'lG70. The death "Dec. 1676" of Mr. Cary Willoughby 
is inserted after the notice of liis birth (5 April 1619) as above 
given, and the nuncupative will of " the lion. Carew Willoughby, 
L's(|. " (wdien "sick of the illness of which he died"), was ])rove<l 
It) Dec. 1676, by his ^ster and principal legatee, the ITon. Ivatiiai-ine 
Willoughby, in "the P.C.C. [158 Bence]. 

Of the six daughters, (1) P^rancks, born 12 Nov. 1642 as afore- 
said, married firstly 6 June IGGl, at St. Martin's in the Fields, Sir 
John ITAUi'Uit, of Swarkeston, co. Derby, who was buried there 
20 Feb. IG78/i). She mai-ried .secondly, 25 Aug. 1679, at Swarkeston, 
Charles Henry ( K iifKHoVKx), IjOIJu WorroNT wlio was created, 9 Dec. 
1680, I'^Aiii, OK Hicr.LoMON'i' [L], He d. 5 Jan. 1682/.'?, and was buried 
in Canterbury Cathedral. She mari-ied thirdly, 3 July 1681, at St. 

I ,; . 1 


Mill tin's ill the Fields, lleiuv JlKViiNiNfJiiAM, of ileveiiin^liain, Suffolk, 
wlio liied '2\ Nov. 17U0. She died without issue 25 May and was 
buried -i June 1714, at .Swarkeston, ;)ged 71. {'2) Klizabkth, born 
\'2 Aug. IGl-t as aforesaid, died unmarried, {jrobably in infancy. 
(.")) Ann, born 15 Dec. 1652, as aforesaid, married 17 Sep. 1G74, 
at Swarkeston, Sir John Harpuk, tliirtl Baronet [1G28], of Calke 
Abljey, co. Derb}^, who died 1G81, being ancestor of the now [1907] 
existing Baronets of the name of Hahpuk-Ckicwk. (4) jMauy, born 
25 Feb. 1653/1, died in infancy before July 1G5G. (5) Katiieuink, 
born 14 May 1G55 as aforesaid, married 2G iJec. 1G78, at Swarkeston, 
CO. Derby, Charles (Cokaynk), third Viscount Culijcn [F], both of 
them dying, nearly' at the same time, of smallpox and being buried, 
ho (aged 30) .'] Jan. and she l."5 Feb. lGS.S/9, at llushton, co. 
Northampton. 'I'lu'y were ancestors of the succeeding V'iscounts, a 
title wliich became extinct in FSIO. (G) Maiiy, the second child of 
that name and tiio youngest daughter, born July 1()5G as aforesaid, 
died unmarried, pnobaljly in infancy. 

TiiK Hon. FLiZAiiiCTii AVilloughuy, sister and heir (1678) of John, 
eiglitli liaron Willougiiby of Farham, daughter of George, the seventh 
Ford (who was the only son that left issue of William the sixth 
F(jrd, by Ann, da. of Siu PiiiLiP Cahy, sister of John Cauy, of 
Stanwell, Middlesex, all abovenamed), was born 2'J Ajiril 1G7."5, and 
by the will (dated 1685 and i)i'oved 1G86) of the said John Gary, 
her great uncle (in which she is called his "cousin and heir ") became 
entitled to the Stanwell estate, subject to her marrying Lord 
Ciluilford. This, however, slie did iKjt do, but married 6 Jan. 
11)91 '2 (l.,ic. \'ic. (Jen. 4 Jan.) the lloN. James Bkutiio, second son 
of James, first Ivirl of Abingdon. In conse(iuence of this marriage, 
a decree of the House of Lords in 1G9G gave her a life interest 
(only) in the estate, with reversion of the fee to Viscount Falkland. 
Her husband, who was born 13 Marcli 1673, was many years M.P. 
iov Middlesex, and died 18 Oct. 1735, having survived her twenty 
years. She died in childbirth of her fourteenth child, 26 Sep., and 
was Ijuried 2 Oct. 1715 at Stanwell, when that estate devolved on 
Viscount Falkland, who alienated it in 1720. On her eldest son, 
however, WiLLOuniiiiY liKirriE, who on 16 June 1743 succeeded his 
uncle as tliird Earl of AiUNoboN, devolved the representation of 
(tli(> peisiJiis whose issue; has been above set out) and still [1907] 
continues vested in those Jvirls. 


./ ^ , . r .-V 


• I 
j < ■ 



By Kkitk \V. Mukkay, F.S.A. 

The following iiotcis having been obtained at some considerable 
trouble, it has l)een suggested by tl»e Editor that they should be em- 
bodied in the pages of llie Genealoijisl in the hope that they may be 
of interest to rea<lers of this Magazine. It is a matter of regret, however, 
that they are at present far from being complete, but this defect will 
I trust, be remedied by others who ]iiay have athliti(jn;d information 
on the subject. 

For the extracts from French records given below, I am indebted 
to Mr. H. J. T. Wood, who very kindlv found time to seurcli 
the registers at St. (Juentin, when on a visit to France last autumn, 
and who wishes gratefully to acknowledge the kindly help given him 
by M. Alfred Daulle, of that town. Owing to the difliculty of access 
to some (Tf the records, and the imperfect state in which the numerous 
cliances of destruction by war have left those which can be seen, the 
pedigree it is possible to tabulate from the Frencli evicUuiccs must 
to some extent be regarded as tentative. No doubt more inforin;ition 
could have been found luid time permitted, but it is at least satisfactory 
that the prinuiry object of the search at St. Quentin was attained by 
the discovery of the baptism of a certain Jean Josias Cottiu, who was 
naturalized in this lountry as Josias Cottiu. His pedigree cannot at 
present be carrieil further back than to a Jean Cottiu of Bohain, a 
place some fifteen miles from St. Queutin, in the Department of Aisne, 
in Picardy. A i'rotestaiit chnrcii was at Hohain at a much earlier 
<late tlian al Lcliauconrt, tlie church at the latter place being more 
ancient again than that at St. (i)iientiii. 'i'lu^ parish registers of Lehau- 
court are a|){)areiitly oidy extant from 1()()8 to KlBf), unless those 
covering the ])eriod, initU to 1()17, which Mr. Wood could not finil, 
are still in exist (uice. There were no entries of the name of Cottiu 
at L(! Cali'let. 'I'lie parishes iu St. (Jueutiu have registers as follows : — 
St. Jaciiucs from [(y~)(), there being a gap from 1G71 to 1(586 ; St. Eloy 
from 1700, and St. Martin from l(J8t. The notes made by Mr. Wood 
ari! as follows : — 

St. Eloy Parish, in St. Quentin. 
(Registers at the Hotel de Ville, St. Quentin.) 

1701, March f, born, and ba])t. 20, a son of the h^gitimate marriage 
of Nicholas Cottiu and Jeanne Alarre, who was named Joseph 
by Jean Preuvet and Marie tlu Val. 

St. Jacqurs' Parish, in St. Qukntin. 
(Registers at the Hotel de Ville.) 

1702, May 12, bapt. Marie, d. of Mr. Jean Couliette, merchant of 
this town, and Marie Cromnu>lin, liis wife ; godmother, Mag- 
dalene^ Marie (\)lin, wif(^ of Mr. .)ac(|iies (\)uliettt\ " marchand 
bourgeoisc," of tlu; tmvn of (!liauny. 

170(i, June 8, liiipt. Jaccpies Daniel, s. of Daniel Cottin, merchant in 
this town, and Dam"" Anne Esther Couilliette, his wife ; god- 

I I '. I 


ladicr, iMr. Jac<|U('s ('(tiiillict tc, " Coiiseillci- dii l\<iv lieutenant 

t'U la JMairic dv. Cliaunv son a^ucnt niatcrncl," jfotlniotlicr, Dam"". 

Susanne le Senuricr d. of Mr. Ic .Serruricr, " ScH'iotairc du 

1707, Autf. G, l)orn, and 7 Aujf. bapt., .lean Daniol, s. of Mr. Jean 

(\)(tin, and Danioisclln MajidclciiH' l*on])ard, his wife; uodfather, 

Mr. Jean l^^tienncs JJenizet ; uodinother, Danioiselle Jtuinne 

1707, Sept. 24, died and was buried the last named child. 
17U8, Sept. 27, born, aiul 28 .Sept. bapt., Jean Josias Leger, s. of 

Mr. Jean Cotin, " marchand de toile," and Danioiselle Magtleleine 

Racliel Poiipar, his wife ; godfather, Mr. Josias Leger le Serurier ; 

godmother, Susanne h; Serurier. 
1709, Sejit. 18, bapt. Jean, s. of Jean Cottin and Damoisclle Magde- 

leine Poupart, his wife ; godfather, Mr. Nicolas Francois Carlier ; 

godmother, Marie Duplacpiet, in [)lace of Mr. Daniel Cottin ami 

Danioiselle Marie Magileleine Uroiet, wife of Monsieur Jean Poupart, 

1709, Dec. 28, bapt. Jacques Antoine, s. of Monsieur Pierie Antoine 

Cottin, " marchand de toile," of this town, and Danioiselle 

Louise Colliette, his wife ; godfather, Pierre Colliette ; godmother, 

Anne lA'fe\re. 

1711, Aug. 10, bapt. Magdeleine Susanne, d. of Monsr. Jean Cottin, 
merchant of this town, and Danioiselle Magdeleine Poupart, his 
wife ; godfather, Pierre Piisoii ; godmothei-, Marie Duplaquet. 

1712, July 5, bapt. Marie Marthe Magdeleine, d. of Mr. Pierre Antoine 
Cottin, merchant of tiiis town, and DaiiKjisclle Louis(! Couilette, 
his wile, born this day ; godfatlu^-, Monsr. [gnace (•''rancois Maise 
de la Harre, '" Consciller du Koi et choisi en rejection de Peronne," 
Captain of the Kcginieut of Neufvillc ; goihnother. Dame Kran- 
coise Catharine <le la Chaume. 

171."5, March 7, l)uried in the cemetery of this church by the Cure, 
Jact|ues Antoine, s. of Mr. Pierre Antoine Cottin, merchant of this 
town, and Danioiselle Louise Couilette, his wife, who died yesterday, 
aged about 3 years. 

1713, Oct. 21, bapt. by the Vicar of St. Jacques, Theodore, s. of 
Mr. Daniel Cottin, merchant of this town, and Dainoiselie Eliza- 
beth Beschet,' born yesterday ; godfather, Charles Ozenpant, 
substitute foi' Mr. Daniel Cottin, his grandfather, absent ; god- 
mother, Marie Rossignol, for Rachel Behot, his grandmother, 
also absent. 

1711, Nov. 2, bapt. by the Vicar of St. Jacques, Henry (sic) Daniel, 
s. of Mr. Daniel CVtttin, merchant of this town, and M^"'' Elizabeth 
Beschet, born to-day. |In the margin is a note that the marriage 
was legitimate {i.e., from a Ivoman (Jatholic jioiiit of view), signed 
by de Bereourt, Cure.] Oodfather, Francois Fremau ; godmother, 
Marie Rossignol. 

' Oaiuo I'roiii Scclaii. 

KAMll.Y Oh' ("ori'lN. 201) 

1715, Dec. 2-1, bapt. by tliti Vicar of St. Jacques, Jean Josias, s. of 
Mr. Daniel Cottin, merchant of this town, and Klizaljcth IJeschet, 
his wife, born the same day; godfather, Antoinc Joscpli I'aine ; 
godmoth(!r, Antoinette d'Kspei'nay. 

1717, Sept. 12, bapt. by the Cure of St. Jacques, Marie Elizabeth, 
d. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, mercliant of this town, and of 1)"'' l*]h/.a- 
beth Beschet, his wife ; godfather, Francois Eremaud, representing 
Mr. Andre Poupait ; godmother, Anne Viohitte, representing 
V'" Maria Bescliet, who are to Ije considei'ed as godfather and 
godmotlicr of liouour only, on the declaration of the said Darnel 
Cottin that the said Andre Poupart and Marie iicschet are of the 
Catholic Apostolic and lloman religion. 

1719, Jan. 3, bapt. by the Cure of St. Jacques, Louise, d. of Mr. 
Daniel Cottin, merchant of this town, and of Dame Elizabeth 
Ikcliet, his wife, and named by Antoine Joseph I'aisne and Eliza- 
l)eth Ccrmain, ie[)r('sentatives of Mr. Pieire Cottin and Dame 
Louiscr C\)uill(^tte. 

1720, Ai)ril 11, bapt. Henry, s. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, merchant, and 
Dan)oiselle Elizabeth Beschet, born yesterday ; godfather, I'^ran- 
cois Tierset ; godmother, Anne Violctte. 

1721, Mar. 25, l)apt. Ilenriette, d. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, merchant, 
and Damoisellc Jslizabeth Bcschct, born same tlay ; godfather, 
Adrien Traccjucme ; godmother, Agnes Moutier. 

1722, Mai'. 15, bapt. Etienne Alexandre, s. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, 
merchant, and Damoiselle Elizabeth Beschet ; godfather, Mr. 
Estienne Pclleton de Gollancourt ; godmother. Dame Alarie 
Anne Rondeau. 

1723, May 22, bapt. Anne Catherine Victoire, d. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, 
merchant, and Damoiselle I'llizabetli Beschet, born yesterday; 
godfather, Mr. Jean Hesclusl-, uncle of the child ; godmother, 
Damoiselle Anne Mai'lin, her aunt, represented by Damoiselle 
Catherine Tiutine Maubcrt. 

1721, Mai'. 13, buried lleniy, s. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, menhant, 
and Damoiselle Elizabeth Beschet, who died the night before, 
aged about 4 years. At his funeral his father and otliers untler- 
signed (including a Josias Cottin) assisted. 

1725, May 14, l)a])t. by the midwife, a son of Mr. Daniel Cottin, 
meri'liant, and Damoiselle l']lizal)etli Beschet ; godfather, Josias 
le Serrui'ier, " Secretjiire du lloi " ; godmotliei', Danic !\larie .\nne 
De Lanverse, wife of Mr. Cy|)iien Terrard, mei'diant of this town, 
who named the child Theodore Jj(!ger. 

1727, Mar. 23, ba})t. Catherine Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Daniel Cottin, 
and Daiuoiselle I'jiizabeth Beschet, born same da\' ; godfather, 
Pierre Beschet, and Damoiselli> Catherine Maitin, wife of the said 
Pierre Beschet. 

1729, F(^b. 19, ba|)t. Dorothy JMuelie, d. of I\lr. Daniel Cottin, 
merchant, and Damoiselle -l<]li/,abeth Beschcl ; godfather, Jean 
le Rou.x, who answei'(Hl by Mr. Pierre Antoine Cottin de Ri(iuerval ; 
godmother, Maiie Bertau.v, who answered by Damoiselle Marie 
Anne Henriette David, widow of Mr. Jean Beschet. 



(lle.iiistcis at tlic Palais dc. .lusticc, 8t. Quentiii.) 

1()7(), April H), iiuiri'ia,ti;(! of Daniel Cottin, merchant at Hohaiii, sou 
ol Jean Cottin, nierchant ol' the .sanH\ and of Susan ljC}j;-er, liis 
wife, with Madeleine I laj^onibar, (lauii;hter of .Iae(|ue,s llagoiubar, 
" Mre. Mul<|uenier," (Iwellinjf at Ik'aneour, and of the deceased 
Aune Ic Giand, hi-; wile — the said Daniel aged about 2;J, and the 
said Madeleine about 21. Witnesses, Jean Cottin, brother of the 
said Daniel, dwelling at Bohain ; Madeleine le Grautl, aunt of the 
said Madeleine llag()nd)ar, and wih' of Abraham Ijievra, merchant 
at Bohain. 

]()77, Jail. 15, ba[)t. Daniel, son of Daniel Cottin, merchant at Bohain, 
and of Madeleine ilagombar ; godfather, Jean Cottin, merchant 
of Bohain, grandfather of the child ; godmother, Madeleine le 
Grand, wife of Abrahaua Lievra. 

1()79, Jan. 52, bapt. Mar\', d. of Daniel Cottin, merchant at Bohain, 
and of Madeleine Hagombar ; godfather, Jacques le Serrurier, 
son of Jacques le Serrurier, merchant at St. Quentiu ; godmother, 
Marie Cottin, (hiugliter of Jean Cottin, merchant at Bohain. 

1680. Marie, dau. of Jean Cottin, merchant at Bohain, is godmother 
to a child of Louis Malfuson. 

1680, Nov. 17. Jean, s. of Daniel Cottin, merchant at Bohain, and of 
]\Iadeleine Ilagombart, bapt. ; godfather, Jean Cottin, son of Jean 
Cottin, mercliant of Bohain ; godmother, Anm; Ilagombart, 
wife of Isaac Lievra. 

1683, Feb. 21. Simuel, s. of Daniel Cottin, merchant at Bohain, 
and Madeleine Hagombar, bapt. ; godfather, Samuel le Serrurier, 
son of Pierre le 8<'.rrurier ; godmother, Rachel le Grand, wife of 
Pierre le Grand, who say that the child was born at Bohain the 
8th of this mouth. 

1681, Feb. 23, was interred at Bohain, Samuel, s. of Daniel Cottin, 
merchant of Hohain, aged about I yeai'. 

Hotel dk Ville, St. Quentin. 
(From Notes bv M. Alfred DauUe.) 

KlBf), Nov. .'50. Abjuration at Bohain. Magdeleine Leger, " femme de 

Jeau Cottin, laboureiir | husbandman], agcc de 79 ans," absent. 
1744. Martha Feray, wife of Estieiine Alexandre Cottin, died 18th 

1759. Pierre Autoiue Cottin de lliquerval died 22 Sept., and was 

buried iu the gardtiu of Mr. de Brissac. 
1763. Louise CouUiette, his widow, died 16 Oct., aged about 80, 

and was buried in the garden of Mr. tie Brissac. 
1763. Ignace Jac(|ues Cottin, died 11 April, and was buried in the 

garden Testart. 
1770. Henry Daniel Cottin, " Ecuyer, Sr. dc Fontaine Notre Dame," 

living at St. Quentiu, died 21 March, and was buried in the garden 

of Mr. de Brissac. 

'l >' iv. ll 




Marriage Act at Touruai, U August 1777, of Louis Daniel Cottin 
dc Fontaine and Adelaide Mary Poupart de Neuptize. 
For these extracts from the Naturalizations by Act of Parliament 
my best thanks are due to William A. Shaw, Litt.D. :— 
II William ill [IG'jy], no. 85. Daniell Cottin, son of Daniell Cottin 

l)\- Klizalicth iiis wife. From Sailis in J'icardy, France. 
2 Anne (I7();M|, no. 37. John Cottin, son of John Cottin by Mary 

his wile, l^'rom Paris in i^'rance. 
8 George II ( 17;M-5], no. 48. Josias Cottin, son of Daniel Cottin 

by Elizal)eth his wife. From St. Quentin in Frame. 
i;5 (Icorgc^ II I I7;51)-l()|, no. 21. John Daniel Cottin, son of Daniel 
CoKin^hv hlslhcr his wile. I'^roni Paris. 

r'rom I he lorcgoiiig and a few ('vi<h'n(('s to be given later 1 have 
tabulated a pcdigioe which is probably correct : — 

Ji'iiu Collin, of Ji(jliaiii, I Siisuu liCj^er. 

Jean Mario. Daniel Cottin, of^.Madelaine, d. of Jaci|Ues tlagonibar, 

Cottin. IJoliain.b. c. 1653. \). c. 1655; in. 16 Ap. 1676. 

Aniie-fDaniel^Klizaheth Hecliet, sister Jean^rMaj^'dalen Samuel, Mary, 




of St. 

of Jean llri'lu'l, whose Cut- 
mother was apiiarently tin, b. 
Rachel liehot. 16S0. 

h'achel b. 1()S3; b. 1()79. 

Poupart. d. KiHl. 

Jae(|ues DanieJ-i-Eli/.abeth. John Daniel Cottin, of Islington, nat. 13 Geo. II, 
Collin, b. 17()(). ; d. 1 May 17i«), a-ed S2. 

Elisabeth Julie, d. c. 1822. Marie Anne Rosalie. (Another dau^diter.) 

Marie Kli/.- bouise, Denri<"lle, Anne Caihe- Callierine Dorolhit 

abi-lh, b. b. 17m. b. 1721. riiiiA' iel.uir.', MN/.alM'lh, tbnelie, 

1717. li. 1723. b. 1727. I). 172'.). 

Tiieodoro Cottin, Henry Daniel Coltin, 

b. 1713. b. 171 !•; ? d. 1770. 


b. 1715. 

bonis Duni(d Cod in, of- .\dehiide Marie ron|iar(, m. c. 
t'diilaijie Nol re Danl(^ 1777. 

Henry Coll in, b. I'ltienno Alexundro— Marl Ini Feray, 'I'lu'odore Le^ii- 

1720; (1, 1721, Collin, 1). 1722. (1.1711. Col tin, )). 1725. 

■r . ,1) 

•. ■^lh>i- V 


The Jciui Josius Cottiii who iippe;us in the forc^oiiiff pciliorce as 
son of Daniel ami Elizaheth, born in 1715, was undoubtedly the Josias 
Cottni naturalized in 1735. He died April 177(5, aged GO, and was 
buried at Totleidiam, co. Middlesex. Un his death a hatchment was 
put up in the chuich of St. Peter, Cornhill, showing these arms : Azitre 
two chevroncls between three hoars' heads erased Or, impalim/ Arqent 
a shakefork Sable, and for the crest a boars head as in the Arms. The 
same achievement is recorded by Oansick as being on his tomb in 
Totteidiam Churchyard.' The baroyi's half of the shield is given in 
Rietstap to Cottin of Feulaine - in Picardy, with the ilifference that 
the chevronels are Argent. His will, of which the following is an 
abstract, was dated 19 August I7()() :— 

J, Josiah Cottin of L()n<lon, merchant. Whereas I have surren- 
dered iny copylmld at Tottenliam, co. Middlesex, to the use of my 
wdl. i devise the same to my wife Jane. To my brother-in-law Jacob 
Jlofham xMiirison, Esi]., and my sons Alexander ami John Cottin, and 
my son-in-laV Kuhard Chapman, i'L»().(HH) on Trust for my said wife 
l'»i; lilc. 'I\) niv said son John £l(),0()(). To my unmarried daughter 
Kh/.abelh i'r),()0() at marriage or age of L'l. As io i;5,(H)(), part of said 
i:-0,()()(), alter (he death of my wife, tin- income thereof to my daughter 
Jane Chapman, and after her decease to her children. 

Codicil dated at Tottenham, L'fj May 1773 :— Whereas I have pur- 
chased two annuities in France, one of 2,500 livres on mv son John's 
life, and one of ecjual value on my daughter Eli/abetirs life. To xAlr. 
•loliii Lafoiit £50. To Mr. Victor de Dompierre £30. To the llosjiital 
of the ImciicIi church in Old Street, £30. 

^ Deposition as Io hamlwridng of tes(ator, described as of St. Peter, 
Cornhill, by Abraham Winterbottom, of St. Martin Outwy<li, Lomlon' 
gent., and John Housseau, of St. Leonard, Shoreditcli, Middlesex,' 
gent., made 10 April 177ti. Will proved same dav by Jane, the relict,' 
and Alexander and John, the sons ; ])ower icserved to Jacob HolVman 
(n/c) Murison, tlu' other executor (!'.('.('., ICkS Hellas). 

(7'o lie Ci lit ill licit.) 

' " l']pi(iip|]H iA' Middlesex," vol. iii, p. 71, 
■ '.•mi r\- iiiispiiiil li.r l'"(iii( ;iiiie. 

■■'<•■■ ■"^li,^\ ,.()( >tni ,i' i 1 

^•.•, .1. . 

i !•! t 

•I'. '( 

!! •■ 

.111-' 'i^ i.! (j' ! 

' ■■ K^-y A,. .A:- 

1 n i ■ ' -.,1 .C'll : '' 

■I I. /I 

'nil'] HYNi':s OK c;ai{siiai;i'<)N, co. sukim-:y. 

As statt'd ill 'riw, dcncdloii'ist, N.S., vol. xxiii, p. 3, tlio only 
ndiill sou of Jaiiu-s I'lyne of Caisliallou was lliAUV IUnk (A), 
who was Itaplizcil tlicic; IT) Krhruary HH);, and maiTicd with 
A line, (laiij^htci- of Oucii Ihay. lie, was also of C'arshaltoii, and 
l»y his will, dated ID Septeiiii)er Kiol, lie diiccled that his body 
should he Iniiied in tlu^ Chancel of the Cliuich then^ near L(j his 
late wife, and devised lands in Uanil>erwell and \\'andHW(nLh ujioii 
trusts for raising pcn-tions for his youngest daughters and sons hy 
name, and gave his property at Carslialton and tla^ right of 
presentation to the Vicarage there, and the residue of ins real 
estate to liis eldest s(jn Henry. Henry IJyiK; (A) was buried at 
Carshalton •l'\ Septemljer IGol, and his will was proved 10 November 
1G54 (P.C.C.- I'-JG Alehin). liis children were :— 

I. Henry Bvnk (1^), of whom .subseipiently. 

TI. OwKN Byxic, baptized at Carshalton, -1 August IG.'K), who 
dieil a bachelor, ami was buried there 7 December 1G8G. 

in. Ja:\iks Byxk, baptized there G December IG.Il, who died 

TV. Edmund Bvnk, baptized there 21 October 1033, who was 
Clerk of the Peace foi- Surrey,' died a l)uclielor, and 
was buried at Carshalton 3 ISiarch 172;-, leaving a will 
dated 2 January 172;;, which with a codicil was proved 
21 March 172;'{P.C.C. 73 I'.rook) 

V. Anne, baptized at Carshallon 1 <S .lanuaiy, and buried there 
20 Miiich 1G3;';. 

VI. Mnru, baptized there 30 INlay 1G37. 

V 1 r. I'^Hzahrlh, bajitized llu-re in October lG3tS. 

VITI. Thomas Pvne, baptized there 27 February IG'/;;, who died a 

I.\. Ihshr, bapli/,ed tlien> I Deceniln^r IGII, and marrietl about 
Deccml)er l()G7 to /achaiy Syines, citizen and liaber- 
daslier of London. 

X. Doroduf, baptized thei'e cS February IGlr.. 

XT. I^ICHAIU) Bynk, of whom subse([uently. 

XTT. Ann. 

' Cak'iular (it 'I'lvasuiy Bnuks, vol. ii, \k 11. 

•I •: /'! \>\ ' 

'!.■ . , ■■■■ III- 

. i 1 . i t ' ; I 

. ■ / ■ I I 

i :■ :■ r.'.J 

.;,;■, •■: ■' ;' ■'!',! 
■-.: '.il I .-■ -''..til 
1 '.'.'. !'"■'■■ - ■ I'V 

; ■ ,( ;,• ' ■ ' ■ 

■- ) ■ ■ ■ ■■ ;■• I 


XT] r. Jfirtha, inairied about January 168^* to John Neline, INl.A., 
llectcjr of Be(l(liii<,'ton and Vicar of Car.slialtun, and 
buried at Beddiiii^ton 8 July 1G8G, whei'c Jobn Nehne 
was buried I'J May 1703. 

XIV. Efijjina." 

Henky liYNE (B) was baptized at Carslialton 12 February 162^, 
and married with i^usaiina, daughter of Abel Roper, who was 
]\[aster of the Stationer's Company in 1676.-^ His wife was buried 
at Carslialton 15 April 1G75. He settled a moiety of the rectorial 
tithes of that parish on the Vicar and his successors, and in 1673 
presented a massive silver tlagon to the Church there.'' He owned, 
among other properties, the Manors of Claygate and Upper Court 
Lodge in Surrey, and he practised as an attorney-at-law in 
Cliilbrd's Inn. By his will, dated L'8 January 109 'J, he gave to his 
son Charles £'1,200, and his chamber and furnituie in Cliilbrd's Inn, 
and all iiis law books, and in it he mentioned his two daughters 
and his son Henry. He was buried at Carslialton 2 August 1G97, 
and his will was proved 9 November 1697 (P.C.C. 222 Pyne). The 
childi'en of Henry Byne (B) were : — 

I. Hknry Bynu (C) of whom subsequently. 

II. Ahel Bvnk, baptized at Carslialton 2 February 166", and 
buried there 9 August 16H1. 

III. SiiftdniKi, baptized at Carslialton 24 February 166J|, and 

married about April 1691 to I'^dward Boarcroft of 
Clement's Inn.^ 

IV. Ann, baptized at Carslialton 30 September 1669, married 

tliere 1 September 1687 to Philip Bridall of Lincoln's 
Inn, and buricMl at Carslialton 19 November 1691. 

V. CliAUi.Ks Hynk (A) baptized at Carslialton 23 l<\;bruary 
167.1, who mari-ied witii his cousin ICIizabetli Neline, 
the only child of the uboveiumu'd John Nelme, clerk, 
and Martha (Hyiu')) '■'■'^ \\it'e. By his will, dated 20 ^lay 
1723, he gave his real estate io his wife l*]lizabetli for 
her life, and after her decease to his daughter Ann 
Byne and her heirs, and directed that his personal 
estate should be divided between them. Charles Byne 
(A) was buried at Carslialton 17 July 1725, and his 
will was proved by his widow 26 July 1725 (P.C.C. 
149 Komney). She was remarri(;d at Charterhouse Chapel 
25 January 172^- to William Hollier, M.A., clerk, then 
Vicai- of Carslialton, and was burit-d at Cai'shalton 
20 April 1751. Charles B.yiie (A) had two children:— 

- 'i'ho rc^^nstors of Ciirshaltoii nre wiintiny; from 14- .March JB-tg 
to T.i Novenilicr 1().")(). 

■■ Arbur's 'rrai>scri|)t.s, vol. v, p. Ixv. 

"* Surrey Arcli. f;()il., vol. vii, ]>. l-li), anrl vol. xii, p. 17H. 
S.'c Visitation of Worcester, lG82-;{, ed. by .Metcalfe, p. Ki. 

',(■ '(, .'.» r ■' •^, I . ■-; 1I.1 ll P ' 

■1 • t : i; ''.>•! r ... 

;i-- ■ ;■;■ > .i 


(1). E/iz(i/>i'/h, Ikhii H Jaiuuiry, Waplizcd at Carshal- 
toii 5 February, and l)uri(jil there 8 February 

(•J). Aim, born 19 and baptized at Cai.slialtoii 
'2'2 February 171;, udio died a .spinster aiul 
was buried there iMi iXpril 17->7.'' 

V^l. Byne, baptized at Carshallon (> A}>ril 1G7.'^, and buried 
there If) May 1(571. 

VIE. Joi/i'f, baptized there 7 .Vpril 1G75, and buried there witii 
her niolher 15 April 1675. 

IIknry HvNi': (0), was baptized at Carslialton 18 November 16G5; 
uiatrieulated at Oxft)rd as of Lincoln Colle<,'e, 8 April 1G82, and 
was admitted of I he Iiiiiei' 'reaiph; in 1G81. lie married at Car- 
slialton 1 Au!j,usl, IGSf) with I'llizabeth, dauL;h(er of llenry llerrinj,'- 
man, citizen and stationer, of Lmidun, by Alice, his wife. lb; had 
issue : — 

1. Alicia, ba])tized at Carshalton '27 May, and buried tliere 
20 June 1G8G. 

II. Jamks liYNK, baptized there 22 December 1G87, wlio wa.s 
buried there 7 March 170!, having bv his will, dated 
27 February, and proved 22" March 170i (P.C.C. -17 Gee), 
given all his personal estate to his father. 

F^lizabeth, the wife of Henry Byne (C) was Vniried at Carshalton 
19 January 1G8;, and a M.I. to her was placed on the east wall 
of the chancel in the church there. ^ Henry Byne (C) by his will 
dated 2G March 172.'5, gave, among other legacies, to his niect; Ann 
liyne (born Hi-idall) £500, and to each of her two sons Menry Hyn(!(l<]) 
and Charles Jiyne (H) £500, to his bi-otlier in-law I'^dwartl Bearcroft 
£2,000, to his uncle Fdmund l\vne £100, and ordered that the deeds 
relaling to the settli'menl bv his father of a moiety of the tithes of 
Carshalton on the Vicar and his successoi-s should be put in the chest 
of the chinch, and devised the residue of the rectorial tithes to 
the N^icar and his successois, and disposi'd of his real estate in 
favoin- sui-cessi\eh' of Hem-y liyim (K) and Chai'les Byne (B) and 
theii' i-eNpecti\-e issue. lie was buried at Carshalton 2 April 1721, 
and his will was proved in P.C.C. (71 liolton).^ .\ schedule of his 
real estate is annexed to the answer in (he suit of Byne i\ Lodge." 

This extinguisiies tin; male line of descent from lleiu-y Byne (A) 
except through his youngest son Bichard Byne. IiK'hari) Bynf; 
married about May 1G81 wilh Ba(;hel Lea, and was buried IG June 

'' "Died 1(5 ,\i)ril 17:^7 Hyues nt (!ur.sliiilti)ii, .Surrey, aj^ed ID, worth 
,£,';U),0()()." (Ii-nl.'s M;iK-, vol. vii, [.. 253. 

' Aiiliriy'.s History of SiMTcy, vol. ii, p. IHO. 

>* ]{yiic r. HytK), Chnnc. \i. and A. 171-i-l 7.'jH, Ziiicke, Hinidlo 1707, was a 
suit to ir.stahlisli tliis will. 

9 Cliaiic. Ii. and A., 1714-58, Keyuiirdson, Jiiiiuilc -'(ilM. 


1G85 at Carsluiltou, wlicre he is described in tlie register as "Mr. 
Kichai'd Ji3'iie Grocer in Southwark." lie had an only cliihJ : — 

IIi;\uv livNE (D), clerk, M.A., who was born in 1G81, and 
was of Merton College, Oxford, where he became a Fellow. In 
1717 he was instituted to the Vicarage of Ponteland, co. Nor- 
thumberland. He married with his cousin Ann, daughter of the 
above named Philip Pn'idail, antl was buried at Ponteland G December 
17;H, having by his will, dated 25 November 17.'-il, given his 
property to his wife Ann, wlio proved it 27 March 1732 (P.C.C. 
(in Hcdford). She died 10 x\prn 1709, and was buried at Ponte- 
land. Tiiere are M.f.'s to both Ilein-y Byne (D) and his widow 
in the ciiancel of the church there, lie had five children : — 

1. ILknuy livNK (E), of whom sul)se(iuently. 

II. CiiAui.KH HvNi-: (P), of whom subse.[uently. 

''•• Aint,', wlio died vf small pox in 1711 in liei' eighieentii 

IV. A'/!~<il),'f^, who died of small \)o\ in 1711 in her si.xteeuth 

v. Imbdla, who was married 29 November 1758 at Ponteland 
to Ualpji Carr of Dunston Hill, co. Durham, and 
Hedgley, co. Northumberland ; died 30 January 1797, 
and was buried at ]*onteland, 

IIhnkv I^'nk (]<:) was born 11 December 1713, and wa.s for some 
lime t)f ^Moi'peth, where he died 17G0. He married with a lady 
named \\'ard, by whom he had: — 

T. IlKNiiv BvNi.: (F), born at Morpeth 1746, who was of St. 
John's College, Cambridge, P.A. He was of Carshalton 
and Sheriff of Surrey 1791. He married in 1770 with 
Anne, daughter of Sir P(jbert Ilesketli, of Jlullbrd, co. 
Panes., Hart., but had no issue Ity her. lie was buried 
at St. Clements, llasliiigs, 25 June l-SlG, leaving a will 
dated 1 September 1815 and proved in P.C.C. He, 
either alone or in conjunction with Henry Byne (G), 
disposed of most of his properties in Sui'rey, including 
the estate at Carshalton, and he sold the advowson of 
Carshidton to John Cator. " 

TI. Anne, mai'ried to Lt. Geid. John Skeri'ett.i- 

in. Another daughter. 

'" 'I'liiM-o an; M.f.'.s coiiiposcd liy l)i-. Kulnnsoij, (lu^ irt-tor, in tliu chancel 
ol' i'i)iiloliu\(i Cliurcli (() tlifH(! Iwo youii-- Imlics, nccoi'din^' to wliicli Anno 
lie;; tlii'fo "till (he ItcHiirn'clion nliall i-cunKc licr ton more duruhlc, Hcaivcly 
to a nioro licantiful, iiody." 

■" i.yson's Hiirinni.-:, rd, IKll, vol. i, ]>. ]()(). 

'-' 'i'licrc is a Ml. iji 8t. I'aul's Oatlu-dral to their only son, Major-Oonl. 
John Hync Skurrctt., who was killed at the a<40 of thirty-six in the assault; 
on Bergeu-oij-Zootu on the night of the 8-9 March 1814, 

.i i 1 

1 ,.,..:• 


CiiAiU-KH BvNio (15), tlui yDungor son of Henry liyno (I)), was 
baptized at I'ontcland .'J June 17:20, was of Lincoln College, 
Oxford (INI.A. 11 July 174G), and is said to have been a captain 
in the 3rd Dragoon Guards. He died in 1791, having mairied 
thrice, first witli Susanna, daughter of Robert Bew, by whom he 
had ; — 

I. CllAKLKS Rynk (C), of whom subseciuently. 

Secondly with the Lad}' Grace INIontgomer}', daughter of Alexander, 
ninth Earl of Eglinton, wlio died without issue 15 June 1751 ; 
and tliirdly with Frances, daughter of Edmund Basil, by whom 
lie had : — 

11. CriARLKS Bynk (D), who was a captain in the 86th Regi- 

TIL Geohok Bvne, who was an officer in the Royal ISIarines. 

IV. EnwjtKD BvNK, who was an officer in the 2Sth Light 

V. I]dmund Byne, baptized at Alphington, co. Devon, 25 March 

VI. IMartin Harland Byne, baptized there 25 July 1776, who 
matriculated at Oxford as of Pembroke College 4 February 
17'J5, was an officer in the 19th Regiment, and was 
unii'dert'd at Kandy in Ce\lon in ISOL 

And (hi'ce dauglitcrs, one of whom was named Fauinj, and 

anothei' of whom named Amui Mar'ta, who married at 

Shrewsbury 5 January 179G to 'Jownsend Forester, 
clerk, D.D. 

Charles Hvne (C) married with Jane Fowler of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, widow, and had issue: — 

I. Henry Byne (G), of whom subsequentl)^ 

II. Anne Isabella Aiu/nsfa, born 14 August 1780, who in 
September 1807 was married to Richard J^awden, 
chirk, JM.A., Kector of ^Val■kleigll, co. Devon, and died 
4 August 1804.14 

Henry Byne (G), was born in 1771, and was a Captain in the 
3rd Dragoon Guards. He married thrice, first with Mary Ann, 
second daughter of William Wade, Lieut. -Colonel of the 71st Regi- 

'•' MilliiT llcnr\ Ityiu' (K) or Cliiulrs Byne (I)) would ;i|i|M';ir (d h;ivf been 
Mi(< Mr. liynr n ho wiim I'n-o ol' llonoii]- lo I lie (,)iiccii ol' (icor-v III ((ifiit.'.s 
Mil-., vol.'.xxM, \<. i;!l). 

" Si'(< 'I'aniuT I'. I{yii((, 1, SiiiuHi's l!('|iorls, |). l(io, 


1 •:' 


iiu'iit; stvoiidlv, with . . . (Jenini ; aiid thirdly, on 23 Heptomber 
hSOl, with iM.iry Frances, dau^htur of I'l-oklcr Thomas, of Drake's 
Place, CO. Somerset. She died 3 June ISDi, and through her Jlenry 
]3yne (G) became pijssessed of considerable propel ty in .Satterleigh 
and Kingsnympton, co. ])evon. He died 15 Octol)ei- 1821, and was 
buried at Satterleigh, where tliere are M.l.'s to him and his widow 
in the Church. IJy his iirst wife he had issue: — 

I. Charles Povntz Bvne, born in 1794, married 25 August 
1818 with Margaret, daughter of Quentin Blackburn, 
who died in 1857. He died at Hexham 1 xVugust 1866, 
having had six children, of whom four died early, and 
the remaining two were William Barry Wade Byne, born 
in 1822, and Charles Byne, born in 182b.i^ 

IT. Henrii'tta Poyntz, born in 1791, who died unmarried 
15 January 1822, and was buried at South Molton, 
where there is a Ml. to her. 

ITT. Georgiana, who died unmarried. 
TV. Anijelina, who died unmai-ried. 

By his second wife he had issue : — 
V. Edward livNE. 
VI. I<]dmund Bynk. 

P>y his third wife he had issue : — 

\'ll. l\)YNrz Cmaulks Hvnk, born in 1810, who married with 
Klizabeth, daughter of Captain Charlton, U.N., and died 
without issue 8 January 1873. 

VTIT. Hknuv iNloRDAUNT Martin Bvne, of whom subsequently. 

TX. Kliznhath, who was married to William Tucker, of Exeter, 
and tlied 11 March 1881. 

X. Beatrice,^ who died unmarried. 

XT. Frederick Byne, who died early. 

Hen'ry Mordaunt Martin Byne, wlio was of Satterleigh, was 
baptized th(M(! 18 jVpril 1813; matriculated at Oxford 13 June 1832, 
as of Pembroke C'ollege, and manicul with Isabella Jane, daughter 
of McMiry Cormack of l')ristol. She died 31 July 1851, and ho 
died 8 July 1866, and was buried at Exeter. There are M.l.'s to 
them in Satterh^gh Church. He had issue: — 

I. Henry \^\'sv. (H), of whom sul)sei[uently. 

'■'• St;c! ItyiK^ V. lilacLliiini, lili, IJmivaii'H liejiortH, p. -11; l, .lur., N.S., HOW; 
and (i, W.R,, Hdl. 

rmo iJVNios ok CAiisnAi/roN, co. suiudOY. 219 

II. L^uiy Ili'.lc.n, burn 20 Docoinber liS;55, wliu wa.-, ia;uri(Hi 

12 .June IHGO, to Artlnir ThaddtHis;, a Major- 

Geiieial in the Indian Staff Corps, and died \ March 

[IT. Kdte Isabel, born 22 July 1838, who was married 12 April 
1860, to John llinde Hale, of Chesham, co. Bucks. 

Hkxuy Byne (H), was also of Satterleigh, and was at one time 
a banker at Bombay. He was born 11 January 1835; married 
11 May 1859, with Anne, daughter of Gregory Cuff Martin of 
Hligo, <]ied 30 March 1895, and was buried at Teignmouth. He 
had issue : — 

I. Isdbt'Ua Lucy, born 2 April 1860, who was married first on 
26 Apiil 1881, to Wilfred (Jeorge IMarshall of Norton 
Manor, co. Somerset, wiio die(l 23 A]n-il 1901, and 
seconiUy on 25 July 1906, to William Hartley Maud, 
(!»ai)taia in the Somerset Light Infantry. 

II. Jieatrice Maud, born 27 September 1861, who died 30 March 

III. JNCouDAUNT IIknuy Martin Byne, born 20 September 1862, 

of Pembroke College, Oxford, M.A., clerk, who married 
at r'arnham, co. Surrey, 29 April 1903, with Constance 
Balfour Betluine, baptized at Worth, co., 7 June 
1857, daughter of George Cuddington Bethune, clerk, 
B.D., Hector of Worth, and of Chuhnleigh, co. Devon. 

IV. lloLAND Mautin Byne, bom 19 April 1864, a iMajor, retired, 

in the Uoyal iNIarines. 

V. LoFTUs St. George Byne, born 19 September 1872. 

The writer acknowledges with thanks the assistance in collecting 
the foregoing materials which he lias had at the iiands of Mr. 
11. Garraway Bice, F.S.A. 

Walter C. Renshaw. 


iiuqi)ak's Visitation of Ifjorhsljiv^ 

wrrii ADorrioNri. 

(Co)itiiiucd J'roiii p. 1(37.) 


Skiplou, 17 A Hi,'. KiHo. 

or ingilbn 


Arms : — Quartorl}' : — , / , i \ 

1. Sablo, an e.stoile AvKCut, a canton Or' (Inglcby). 

2. Gules, a lion nunpant Argunt, within a bordure engrailed Or 

(Mowbrav). . 

3. Arirent, a clievron counter-embattled betwei^n three birds hcada 

erased Sable (Chaumont). 
•1. Ar-eut, a chevron between threo lions' heads erased Galea 
\ boar's iiead erect couped Argent, tusked Or. 




(SIR) WILCM IX(rLEJn\ of Jiirlei/, in co. Ebar., Ks(i>-., 
Iiu]. r.M. -JO Si'j.t. 20 IK'ii. \'lll (1528) says ho (lied 
2(1 Julv that year; })Hir. Ctrc/i/r, dau<jli(>'v of Sir (uoryc 
Ta/boi/s, „/ Kii'nc, in com. Line, K'., and a/tertnird.-i cohnn: 
They had i.s.sue — 

1. S'- WUllaiii l)i(/Iehi/, of Riphy, in co. Ebor., K'. (See 

(unmdoiji^t, N.S., vol. xxi, p. 92). 

2. John (11). 

JOHN INGI^EBY, Govemour of Leeth, in Scotland, temp. 
Edir. 0, of Aconil) Grange, purcha.sed the JManors of 
Clapham (from William Claphani), of Beamsley, 1572, of 
Lawklaiid (from Peter Yorke) 1571, and of llutton Kndhy. 
Will IT) Due. IGOcS, pr. at. York 17 Jan. KilO-ll, bur. 
17 Jan. KIlO-ll at Rudby, in Cleveland; mar. Anne, 
dani/h/er of' WilCm C'lajj/iam, of Jjcameslei/, in co. Ebor. 
(rel. of Thomas Tliwaites, of Mar.ston, and Francis Gale, 
of Aeomb Grange). They liaiJ issue — 

'V\„: (•anion does not. seem to liavt; been used by the family. 


Thomas (ITI). 
J. AiDii:, iiiai-. Sii' Jolm Gascuigiie, of fjusiucrtjft, slio 

d. 2U June 1G37. 
2. Jlfmyuirf. 
S. Elizabi'th, mar. llalpli Crosswell, of Nunkei'ling, she 

was hur. tliere 2 Oct. 1597. 
4. Joaiw. 

Jolui, Hairisler-at-Tjaw, (Ira}'s Tim, liviiii,' 24^ Sep. 
1()21; iriar. Frances, eldest sister lo Sir I'jdwaid 
Coldiii^, J>art., of Coulsloii ]>assett. 
Mar\ . 
Mar. secoiidl)' Alice, dau. of Tlioiuas Layloii, of Newsliain 
(lelirt of Leonard Coiiscis), s.j). 

Ill THOMAS IXdLKIlY, of Lan-Lrh,iu(, ht nmi Khur., L's,/'., 
died circd an. llJl'>, hiii'. al ('lajiliaia Masler Day 1G22, 
adiiioii. at York ."50 diil}' 1()22 ; 'mar. Alice, dan(jhl<r of 
i'' /i'a/'/a- Laa-son, of llromjh, lit ro. I'^hor . K'. 'I'liey had 
issue - 

/. Johu (IV). 

f>. WUIiaitt ln(jlil>u, of I'allthorji, in ro. Ehur., d. 2G Oct. 
1G."5G, hur. at ]5oltoii Tercv, adiuoii. at York 
12 Nov. 1G3G; mar. Mary, dau. of William Hill, 
of Kiiaresl)orough. 'I'hey had issue-- 

1. .John, of Pal]i.'tln)rp. 

2. William, of PalK'thorj), hp. at liolton Percy 

IG Apr. 1G;{5, 1)ui-. 22 Dec. 1G79 at St. 
Martin's, Coney Street, York. Will 28 
iS'uv. 1G79 ; mar. Mary Atkinson. J'hey 
had issue — 

1. AVilliam, Ijur. 27 June 1GG9 at St. 


2. John, hp. U Apr. 1GG9 at St. 

^Martin's, York. He had issue- 
William, hp. 29 Aug. 1G93 at 
liolton Percy. 

3. Francis, of Crownest, Lawkland, 

hp. 29 May 1G72 at St. Martin's, 
York, hur' 13 Jan. 1717 at Ulap- 
ham ; mar. lirst Olive Hodgson 
1G90, hur. 31 July 1G9|' at 
Ski])ton ; mai'. secondly (Jon- 
stance . . . 
■I. Arthur, hp. 13 iMay 1G73 at St. 
MaiT, hp. S Dec. IG70 at St. 


Anne, hp. at HoUun Percy 19 Sept. 1G31. 

Ainie, h}). at Holttjn I'ercy 10 Jan. 1G32-3. 

■ >. Francis, dad n nniarr'trd. 

.! ' 

1.- /-r -i. .1 IM I 

222 I)U(;i)alf/s vi.sitatjon ok yukk.sihrk. 

7. Aline, ■wife, of \V dllam Charnuck, of Leyland, in co. 

2. Cath., wife of . . . Kay, of Cleiiehind, in co. Ehor. 
o. Mary, ivife of Williani Watson, uf Aastwic.k, in com. 


TV. JOHN INGLE BY, of Lawkeland, in co. Ehor., Esq., died 
'29 Nov. rt" KiJfS, pui-chascd JNIanoi's of 'J'hoipe and Wycliile, 
d intestate 28 Nov. 1G18, bur. at Claphain, adnion. at York 
1G5I ; Dtar. 162 1 Is((beU, da. of Nidi. Tmvneley, of Royle, 
in CO. Lane, Esq., 1 wife. They had issue — 

L Istiliell, 'vite of Richard Sherburne, of Stanihurst, in 

CO. Lane, Esq'., bur. 11 Apr. 1G93. 
i^. Cafheriue, died uinnarried, l)ur. 20 Oct. lG-19 at 
Mar. Mary, da. of S'' Tho. I^ake, of Cannons, in co. Midd., 
Kf, 2 n'ife, bur." 19 Nov. 1GG7 at Claphani. They liad 
issue— - 

L Thomas, died uninarried, bur. at Chipham 30 Oct. 

2. Arthur Inijlehy, of Lawkeland, Esq':, at. 32 an. 

17 Auij. 1605, bp. at Claphain 11 Nov. 1G32, bur. 
tliere 24 June 1701; viar. 3 Jan. 1G54: Manjery, 
daiKjhter of WilLuuu Eerrinqton, of IVcrden, in co. 
Lane, Esq''., bur. 8 Sept. 1713 at Claphain. 

3. John, bur. 23 June 1G38 at Clapluun. 
^. Colnmhns (V). 

6. Sir Charles, Kt., of Austwick llall, called to 
th(5 Bar 1G71, l)art)n of tlio l^^xcheipier G July 
1G88, then Knighted, a Roman Catholic, lined for 
refusing to take oatli to King WiUiani (Foss' 
Judges), bp. at Clapham 20 Feb. lG-14, bur. tliere 
G Aug. 1719; mar. Alathea, dau. of Richard 
Eyston, of Saxton, bur. 19 Sept. 1715 at Claphain. 
Tliey had issue — 

Thomas, of Aust\vick Hall, Barrister-at-Law, 
bp. at Claphani 15 June 1G84, bur. there 
13 Feb. 1729; inar. Elizabeth, dau. of 
^\'illialn Husband, of Bentham Hall. They 
had issue--- 

Charles, d. inf. 

Charles, of Austwick, b. 22 Aug. 1724, 
bur. 11 Sept. 1773 at Clapham ; mar. 
Agnes, dau. of Ceorge Jackson, bur. 
at Clapham 15 Feb. 180G. They had 
issue — 

Thomas, d. unin. 
CJhnrlcs, d. inf. 

Agnes, 1). 23 Mar. 17G3, bur. at 
Clapham 5 Feb. 1799. 

■ , •■.. I*''' '. I ' ; ' 


hUCDAIJo's NiSri'ATION Ol'' VOliKSlllliK. 2'23 

Anne, b. 15 Sept. 17G5, died 

14 Apr. 1844, hiir. at Clapluim. 

Elizal)(4li, luuf. CliarU'.s Tnglel^y, 

of Aii.stwick (see p. 224 beluw). 

• Dorotliea, d. unniar 

Mary, mar. James liond, of Htainfortli 

and Bury 8t. Edmunds. 
INlilieent, d. unmar. 

ElizaU^tli, mar. James Can-, of (Jiggles- 
Dorothea, bp. 27 Felj. KiHl at Clapham. 
JNIary, bp. 2;") Aju-. 1(J8.'5 at Clapham ; mar. 

William Estcourt, of (.\)\\ ilch, cu. AVilts. 
Alethea, bp. 23 Sept. HIST) at Clapham, bur. 
17 July 1770 at CiggK'swick ; mar. . . . 
Fell, an apothee.iry in Londun. 
Anna, b. 2 Aug. 1()(S8, a Nun at Liege. 
1. M<i->-y, d. unmar., bur. at t'lapham 8 Sejit. 1G37. 
''f PI',-' 

I >v . IllllZ. 

Frances, mar. Christopher JNlaire, of llartbushes, co. 

V. COIJ'MIIUS lN(n.KHY,.)fClapdideand A u.stwiek, afterwards 
of Lawkland Hall, \)\). at Clapham 28 Sept. U)42, bur. there 
15 May 1716; mar. at Leeds 9 Dee. Iti7() Ann Procter, of 
L('eds, bur. at C!laphani 25 May 1737. 'V\\i\y had issue — 

Joiin lngl<4)y, of Lawkland Hall and Tliorpe, which 
he sohl, bp. at Clapham 25 Mar. 1G79, bur. there 
28 Sept. 1743. Will 18 Sept., pr. at York 1 Dec. 
1743 ; mar. Trotii, dau. of William Bradshaigh, 
of Bishop Middleham, sett. 29 May 1701, bur. at 
Clapham 6 Feb. 1759. They had issue — 

Arthur, bp. at Clapham 20 Oct. 1709, bur. 

there 30 Oct. 1713. 
William, bp. at Clapham 8 Jan. 1710-1, d. 

John Stephen, Lord of the INIanor of Lawk- 
land Hall, succeeded his fatlier, bp. at 
Clapham 27 Dec. 17 IG, buried there 
2G Jan. 1789, d. unmar. Will 24 JNlay 
1782, leaving his estates *-o his cousin 
Margery Ann, had £400 in her father's will, 
bp. at Clapham 6 Jan. 1702, bur. there 
17 June 1783. 
Catherine, l)p. at Clai)ham 16 Nov. 1705, 

bur. there 20 May i70G. 

Mary Alatiiea, bp. at Clajjliam 25 INIar. 

1707, d. unmar., bur. there 23 Apr. 1761. 

Isabel, bp. at Clapham 5 June 1708, a Nun, 

Lady Abbess of the Convent at Cambrai. 

U ■ 

i\ .':; r :C'!i^i 

1 • ( ■ I I. 


Thoniii.s (Vl). 

Mar)-, I)}). 8 Nuv. 1G77 tii Clapliuui. 

iMar^nv, bp. 29 May 1G81 at Clapliaiu. 

iMaigaiet, bp. at Claphaiu 5 Aug. 10S3; mar. at 

llurton in Uibblesdalu 27 Oct 17U5, Cliristopher 

Procter, ol: Ingletoii, bur. ID Feb. 1736 at 

Elizabeth, Ijp. at Clapliani 19 May 1689; mar. tliei'o 

25 Feb. 1717 Thomas Bank, of Au^twick. 

VI. THOMAS INGLEBY, of Austuick Bridge End, bp. at 
Chi])liam 21 Dec. 1685, bur. there 17 Oct. 1765 ; mar. Agnes 
. . . , bur. at Clapliam 28 July 1766. They had issue-— 

1. Columbus (VU). 

2. Thomas, of Chipham, l)p. there 20 E(;b. 1726-7, bur. 

iheie 28 Nov. 18U7, unmar. 

3. JoUii, a merchant, of Preston, co. l^ancaster, bp. at 

Clapham, 10 Apr. 1729, l)ur. there 10 Sept. 1788, 
Anne, bj). at C'hipliam 7 Mar. 1730, bur. there 

17 June 1773. 

Vfl. C0LUM13U.S INGLEBY, of Austwick and Lawkland ifall, 
where lie succi'eded lii.s ct)usin John Steplien ■ I iigleby, bj). 
at Claphain 5 \>vc. 1721, bur. tliere 19 Nov. 1801. Will 
17 Mai-. 1789; mai\ l<illen, dau. of Thomas Abbotson, of 
Kilnsey Hall, at liylslone, 2 Juno 1752, bur. at Clapham 
12 A[)r. 1795. 'I'hey had issue • 

1. 'J'homas, bp. at Coiiistone 2 June 1756-7, bur. at 

Clajdiam 6 Mar. 1779. 

2. John, bp. at Clapham 29 Juno 1762, bur. thei'o 

25 July 1768. 

3. John Abbolson ( \' II I ). 

-1. Columbus, bj). at Clapham 18 Aug. 1768, bur. tlu.'ro 

18 May 1769. 

5. Charles, of Austwick, Major in the Craven Legion, 

bp. at Clapham 12 May 1770, d. 30 Jan. 1850, bur, 
there ; mar. tirst 1^'Jizabeth, dau. of Charles and 
sister and heiress of Thomas Ingleby, of Austwick, 
1). U Eeb. 1789, d. s.p. 26 Sept. 1818, bur. at 

Mar. .secondly Ellen, dau. of William Carr, of 
Stackhouse, (J. 23 Oct. 1818, bui'. at Clapham. 
They had issue- 
Elizabeth, b. 12 July 1821, d. 3 Dec. 1837, 
bur. at Claj)ham. 

6. Arthur, of Cla))tlalo Hall and lieck, Austwick, 

sold Clapdale to James Farrer, oi I ngleljorough, 
bp. at Clapham 4 June 1773, d. 21 May 1852, bur. 
tliere; mar. 18 Apr. 1795 Agnes, dau. of William 

H I !. 

DLKilJALF/s NISITATION OK VOKKSllUlK. '225, i)t' AusLwick, d. 20 Mur. ISl7, Inir. at 
Cla]»liaiii, Tlicv liad issue — 

William,' b]). at Clapliaui 2 Oct. 1797, l)ur. 

there 11 May liS3i. 
Tliomas, bp. at Clapliain H Aug., l)ur. tiiere 

17 Out. 17'J'J. 
Thomas, of Crow Nest, near Austwiclv, boi ii 
yJutielMUl, hp. at Clapham, (I.S.J). 18 Ajw. 
1810, luir. there; ; mar. Alice, liau. ot" 
Francis llowscjii, d. 17 Apr. 1883, hur. at 
Agnes, bp. IG Jan. 1802, mar. Samuel 
Powell, of Jfarrogate. 
Agnes, l)}j. at Conistone 1 April 1753, bur. at 

Olapham 1 July 1815. 
I'jllen, bp. at C'laiihain 1<5 May, bur. there 1 Sejjt. 

Betty, 1»{). at Claj)iiam G Dec. 17GG, d. tliere 17 Juno 

Ellen Abljotson, of Austwick Bridge End, bp. at 
Olapliam 18 Aug. 1768, bur. there 2G Oct. 1812. 

VTTT. JOHN ABBOTSON TNGLEBY,' of Lawkland Hall, Major 
in tiie Craven Legion, bp. at Claphani 15 Jan. 1764, d. 
21 Oct. 1831, bur. there; mar. Margaret, dau. of Richard 
Hodgson, of Westhouse, near Thornton, 19 June 1787, d. 
26 Mar. 182-1, bui-. at Claphani. They had i.ssue — 

1. Thomas (IX). 

2. John, Lieutenant 53id Begiment, bp. 18 Jan. 1793, d. 

in iiulia 1 .June 1818. 

3. Arthur, of Laiicastt'r, Lieutenant 1st Koyal Dragoons, 

bp. at Clapham 18 :\Iar. 1791, d. 10 Apr. 1821, 
bur. at Lancaster ; mar. liessv, dau. of James 
Procter, (»f Laucastei-, d. 18 June 1(~'57. They left 

4. Robert, of Austwick, bp. at Clapham 29 Aug. 1795, 

d. there 24 A|)r. 18()3 ; mar. ISIary, dau. of William 
King, of Austwick. They left issue. 

5. C'olumbuH, of bondon, bp. at Clapham 30 May 1802, 

d. 18 18, bur. at Kensal (Jrecn ; mar. .\niie, dau. of 

. . . Todd, M.I)., (I. I Aug. 1858, bur. at Kensal 

( Jreen. 
Ellen, b]). at Clapham 27 Apr. 1789; mar. thei'e 

27 Sept. 1811 James B.atty Hiown, of Stainforth, 

and (1. I Oct. I8G(). 
Mari;ar('l, bp. at Clapham 20 Aug. 17i)7, bui". tlieie 

19 Feb. 1825. 

' 'J'lie wludi- family \\L'ri' Hiiiuiicli lioiiiaii ( 'al Imlics till Joliii Aljbotson 
luj^luljy. Till' iianii' scciii.s to liavo lu'cii Kiiclliil indiscriiiiinatL'ly Jiiglcljy 
and Ingilby. 

22G duodalkAs visitation of YORKSIIIIIK. 

Elizabeth, bp. at Clapham 16 Uiu: 1799, bur. tliei-e 

6 Mar. 1813. 
Agues, bp. at Clapliain 5 Apr. 1805, bur. there 
"l'I Apr. 1822. 

IX. THOMAS INGLEBY, of Lawkland Hall, Lord of the 
Mimov, bp. at Clapham 8 Apr. 1788, bur. there G Dec. 18-16 ; 
mai-. Margaret, clau. of Christopher Jirowii, of Stainforth, d. 
2() Feb. 1852, bur. at Clapham. They had issue — 

1. Jolui, b. at Clai)ham 10 July 1817, d. 18 Apr. 1818. 

2. Thomas, of Lawkland Hall, Lord of the Manor, 

Barrister-at-Law, )). at Clapham 7 Jan. 1821, d. 
unmar. 17 Feb. 1850, bur. there. 

3. Christopher (X). 

I'llizabolh, b. 12 July 1815; mar. 28 Apr. 1811 

Thomas Hairslow, of Mnyd Hill, ivildwiik, and d. 

:U) S(;pt. 1878. 
Isabi'l, d. unmar. 
Anne, 1». 20 Feb. 1823; mar. 16 June 1842 John 

^^'illiam Foster, of Clapham and Horlon, in 

]\rargaret, b. 20 July 1827, d. 22 Dec. 189L 
Ellen, b. 20 July 1827, d. 24 ]\Iar. 1828. 

X. CHRT8T0PHER INGLEBY, ESQ., of Lawkland TTall, 
J. P., b. 17 Mar. 1824, d. 1 Nov. 1889, bur. at Clapham; 
mar. at Kendal 4 Dec 1849 Anne, dau. of Thomas Wallers, 
of Kendal, b. 13 Mar. 1817, d. 13 Apr. 1891, bur. at 
Clapiuim. They had issue - 

Charles, d. inf. 

Arthur (XI). 

XL lii:V. AKTHIJR INGLEBY, of Lawkland Hall, J. P., of 
Tiinity College, Cambridge, b. 9 Dee. 1852 ; mar. 7 Sept. 
1880 Constance Alice Ynyr, dau. of Rev. Edw. Cadogan. 
They have issue — • 

Alice Ynyr Cinistabel. 

Authorities — Information from John l<\)ster, I^^sc]., of Horton, in 
i'vil)blesdale— Wills— Uegisters. 

r, -..I : -y I 

! , .1 

DUGDALe's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 227 

Allertonshirk Wapkntake. Thrcske, 23 Aug. 1665. 




Aii.MS— (^)unrtt'rl)' : — 

1. Arj;i-iit, tliivo lioiiH raiiipant piu-[uiro (Talliut). 

2. IV'i- i>al.! [(iiik's] anil [Sable], a lion raiiipaiit [gardaiit Arj^'cut 

(lucally crowned UrJ (licllars). 
8. [Gules], three cross crosslets titchee and a cliief [Or] (Arderne). 
4. C,)uartei-ly . . . and ... a bend. 

Another shield, quarterly of twelve : — 

1. Argent, three lions rampant purpure (Talbot). 

2. Quarterly Or and Gides. 

3. Or, an escarbuncle Sable (.Mandeville). 

-i. Vaireo Or and (Jules, a bordure Aryent senieo of lozenges Sable 

o. Oidi's, two lions pas.-^aiit in pale .Ar^fut, on a canton Sable a 

I'rel Or. 
t). I'ei- pale (luK'.'^ and Salilc, a lion rampant ^ardant Argent 

dnrallv crowned or (liellars). 

7. A/.urc, liiree inascics Or, a crescent for dilTeience (Catlt-i-all). 

8. .Vri^cnt, two bars A/.ure, in chief as many escallops Oules 

<). (Iides, three cross crosslets litehee and a child' Or (.\rderne). 

10. Or, a clievi-on (iules between three niarth'ls Sable, 

11. .\ii:enl, on a lieiid between si\ martlets (luh'S (hreo bezants 


12. .\i'.ure, three crescents Argent (Wannerville of llcmsworth). 

There are two pedigrees of 'I'albot of 'J'hornton in Dugdale's Visitation, 

one carrying the family far ]i:\rl at Hasljall iii l.aneashire. They are 

atnalgannited hero, and begin when the \uikhliire branch settled al Thurnlun- 

I. JOinV TALBOT (a younger son of Thomas Tull)ot of 
rni.sliall and Alicia dan. of Sir 'I'lioinas 'JV'iiipcst of i^race- 
well), Lord nf thu Mduor of Ihjhiawurth ja. •4j;., buuyht 
tlu: Manor of Thornton, of I/rnr. Everluijham, \ Birkin, 
and llinrii kvrrinyhavi, of .Stainhrrf/h (Slaiiil)oi-()U-,di), /us 
xon ; di'd Itcforc iU II. S ; mar. Isabrlla, .^o/r daiujhler 
and hi'ir of 'J'/tonias Worllr.y, A'ni(jhl, who bromjhl to her 
husband the Manor of 11 yinsu^orlJi and ofher lands. Tliey 
had i.s.sue- - 


iVic/nAas '/'((/I'tif, of //i/msiV(>r//i, ^oit und heir, SS II. S. 
Will 1(3 Nov. If) 11, pr. Loiuloii IH Fcl). ir)4I-'J 
(Speit •-'). 1114. P.M. -n Apr., 33 lion. VJII 
(1512); )aar. . . . They had issue — 

Antuny, sun and hiur, sold J/i/nistvurth to 
J'/io. Gavijrave, Knt., J'J Eliz, 
John (II). 


n. JOIIX TALBOT, S'icond son, had the Manor of Thornton 
and lands in Ottcrinyton n-l/h (he adma-^un of' thi: same 
clinrrh hi/ (/(ft of his father, ol 11. S, ir);;940, died 
If'^ Mari(f R, 155G-7, buried in tlin church uf Thornt(»i ; 
mar. Eliz., dan. of Will. Lambert of Oalton, in the 
Jiishojjrick of Durliam, b(/ Elizabeth, sister of Tito. Tehipest 
of the Jiishoprick of Durham, Knt., tvidoiv . . . Wetherehl 
if Thurjicfield. They had issue — 

John (III). 

Ricluutl, s.p. 


III. JOHN TALBOT,! „f Thonitou-le-Street ; mar. Alice, dau. 
of . . Walker, of IkMlale. Tliey had issue — 

Antony, son and heir, died at the Inner Temjile, 

nnmarri( d. 
Itoijer (IV). 

Thomas 'l\dbot, brotJier of lioyer, had lands in 
Otterin(j/o,i bi/ (jiff <f his father. Will 'JO J'Vl). 
1(;08-U,' pr. at York "li2 April l(il5 ; mar. first, 
Clare, dau. of llohert lUcrley, of Pickhill. They 
had issue - - 

AutluMiy, died s.p. 

Clare, mar. James Greene, of Newsam. 
Jane, mar. Thomas Tayie or Tayrte, of 
]Iul)y, lie. 1591. 
^lar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. of Oswald Dent, of 
Y(jrk. They had issue — 

John, son and lieir, :et. twent3'-one 1G12, 

signed Visitation. 
Dorothy, unn: first William iJeyvill, of 
Angram ; secondly, Thomas Danhy, of 
Leake, lie. KJII. 
liichard Tcdbot of Wuodcnd, died a" 10-35, bur. in 
the church uf Thurntun ; mar. Isabel, dau. of 
George Brathwaite, of Gawhagg, co. York (Glover). 
They had issue — 

John, son and heir, u-l. twenty-live, 1012. 

' Thin ^,'niuM-al.iiiii i-* (iiiiilli'il \ty Diinihili'. 

i)U(ii>Arj':'s VISITATION OK \()ia<siiii;K. 220 

Auiie, mar. Aiitliony Bicrley. 

IV. ROGER TALBOT, brother and heir, Lord of Thornton, died 
fU Eliz. l''")!^^, hni'. in th<: Church of Tlnn-ntun ; mar. 
('nth., dan. oj' Willinni lintr, of' , Ihijhton, In/ Eliz., dan. 
of l.ronitrd W'arroj/, oj 'I'nnfeild, died lU.JO, bur. in (he 
r/inreh of Thornton. Tliev liail issiio — 
J. John (V). 

;.-'. William, of Knato)i, 2'^ son, died 1GS5, mar. 
Alicia, 'riiey had issue — 

lioijer, of Kiialuu, l)ur. at Leake, 3 Dec. 
iliG'J ; jnar. Jane liedinaine, lie. 1G4'J. 
Tli(!y liad issue — 
Eliz., ^vife of Geonje Metcalfe, o/Pofch House, 
l>iovthAllerton; mar. at St. Helen's, York, 
29 July 1G24. 
Catherine, wife of W'" Pinkneij, of Silton- 
S. Miehaell, of Danby-snper-Wiske, mar. . . . Had 
issue — 

Jf. 'lliomas, had lands at Appleton, died at York and 
there buried Idol, at Belfreys, 27 J)ec. 1655; 
mar. Anna, dau. of Jamea Ward, of Rokewith, 
by Anna, dau. of Joltn Smith, younijer son of 
G'eor</e Smith, <;/' Esh, in the Biahojo-irk of Dur- 
ham, and sister and co/ieiress or John ]\ aid, lie. 
UilU, died 1035, bar. in the church of Thornton. 
Thoy had issue — 

Francis, killed in the war, IGJfS. 

Thomas, mar. Anna, sister of Jo)m Rush- 

Anna, wife of Will. Kennel, of //nnwick, 

in the /lis/io/irick of Thnham, Arm. 
Elii., irif' of Tobii Writjhl, of Winaldston, 
in the litsltojirick (f Dnrhani, ajter- 
ycarda of Will, lilackctt, if ]\'odecross. 

V. JOHN TALBOT, of Thornton, in com. Elxrr., Esq>; died 

in a" !(l/f/}, or th<reabont, hui. at 'i^hornton, 12 May KM."?; 

mar. h'rances, ({anijhtii- ol John ('rosland, of' Ifinslei/, in 

c<nn. Kboc, at ilclnislcv,'2a N.)V. \WM\. Tlu'V had issue — 

/. John (VI). ■ 


du(;dale s visitation of Yorkshire. 

2. Charles, died nnnutrried, 1)[). 1 .Sept. 1599, bur. 
28 June 1G52 at Thornton. 

1. Mary, icife of Chrisfopher Faucoiihridye, of South 

Ottriiujtoii, i)i CO. Khor. 

2. Jane, died unmarried, bur. at Tliornton, 5 Aug. 


VI. JOHN TALBOT, of Thorneton in le Streete, Esqr , died in 
«'' 1659, iMt. 11, 16 12, Colonel in the Royal Array, 
Deputy Governor of Helinsley Castle, a Conipoundei-, fined 
£574 in 1646, bur. 8 May 1659, at Thoi'nton. Adniou. at 
York 1659; iiuir. Jttue, datujhter of Jiuf/er Southdhy, of 
l'ocklin</tou, in co. J'Jbor., bur. at Thornton 19 Aug. 1658. 
Tiiey liad issue^- 
lioyer (VH). 
1. Jane, died umuarried, bur. 26 Mar. 1659. 
£. Imhi'll, wife of Rich. MetjnUl, a youmjer son of Tho. 

Me y nil I, of Kilvimjton, in com. Ehor. 
S. Oath., wife of Jtotvland Ilurwood, batelieloiir of lata, 
Minister of Thorn ton-le-Street. 
Mary, wife of Timothy Clibarne, of Clihurne, in co. 



VII. ROGER TALBOT, of Thorneton in the Streete, Esq''., chL 
40 an. 2.J Any. IGth't, Captain in the Royalist Army, M.P. 
for Nortliallertou 1661, J. P., died 2 Oct. 1680, bur. at 
Thornton. M.I. ; inar. EJiz., dauyh. of Ambrose Pudsey, 
of llolton in Cravi u, in co. Ebor., Est/'., bur. 28 Dee. 
1691, at Tliornton. Tliey had issue — 
1. Roger (VIII). 

Ambrose, of London. 

Bridget, ])p. at 'IMiornton, 28 Aug. 1654. 

Jane, bp. at Thornton ; mar tiiere. 

Elizabeth, named in her brother Roger's will, 1715. 

Anne, named in her brother Roger's will. 


Florentia, bur. at St. Michael-le-Relfry, York, 17 June 

Mary, b. 22 July 1667. 

Vnr. HOCER TALROT, KS(.,>., of Wood End, <rt. (> ann. 2,; Any. 
Hiiif), bur. at Thornton 20 July 1717. \\"\\\ 'M) Jan. 
1711-5, pi', at York ; nuir. Elizabeth . . . , bur. at Thornton, 
14 Mar. 1689. They had issue — 

John, bp. at Thornton 21 May 1683. 

Roger (IX). 

Henry, bp. at Thornton 9 June 1687, named in his 

father's will. 
Catherine, bp. at Thornton, 12 Dec. 1688 ; mar. 
.Idhn TunuM', Ks(j , of Stainsl)y. 

i 1 I ■ ■ i 



IX. IKXJKll TALKOT, KS(,)., of W(.<„! ImkI, hp. at, Tl.oiiitou 
1:5 Kol). Kl.^f). Adiiiori. 1 :J May 1 7l!;i ; mar. Kli/.al.etli, 
(l;ui. of Sir 'riioiiias Fi-unklaii<l, Bait., l)j), at St. Mary 
W(H)lii(.tli, '27 Mar. li'i'M). Tlicy had i.s.suc - 
Ku^cr (X). 

Eliza))etli, b. 9 .liily 1715; mar. Colmu-l William 
(lee, of Bishop Jiiirtoii, wlio was killed at 
Fonteno)'. Tlioir .son, Ixoi^^er (u'e, k'sij., sold ^\'ood 
l^^iul to Samuel Crom})toii, l''s(|. 

X. liOGEll TALBOT, ESQ., of Wood End, M.P. for Thirsk, 
1751-Gl, b. l.D Au,i(. 1713, d. s.p. .Mar. 1777, bur. at 
Tlioriitoii. M.I. Will 16 April 1765, jir. 20 Mar. 1778; 
niai-. Saralj, dau. of AVilliam Ward, of York (i-eliet of 
Sir Bobert Fagge, of 'Wiston, co. Sussex, Bai't.), bur. at 
Thonitou 10 Dec. 1791, tot. 84. 

Uarkkston — Ashe Wap, 

Yorko, 13" Aiif,'. 16G6. 




AUMS : — (^u)U'terly : — 

1. Arj^cut,' a fuss daiiccttc'e Cnik'S, in cliief three crescents of the 

second (Tiudall). 

2. Or, a lion rampant Gules. 

3. Gules, six escallops Ar^^eiit, tliree, two and one. 

4. [Arj;ent, a fi'ss lictvvecn] three tieurs-de-lis [Sable] (fiaildon). 
('lllOST :— Out of a diiciil coronet Or a idnnie of livct (jslricli fcilhers Krtiiiiie, 

l.inidrd of the 

r. THOMAS TYNDABL, mar. Oicely, dau. of . . . Springe, of 
Salop. They had issue — 
Thomas (II). 

' In Glover's and Flower's Visitations the arms are given : — Arg. on a feFs 
Sii. 3 garhs Or. 


232 i)U(i dale's visitation ok vorksiiirk. 

II. THO:\rAS TYNDALL, mar. Constance, dau. of Gervase 
Clifton, a j'ouni^ei" Ijiotlier to 8if (Jervase Clifton. They 
had issue — 

1. Thomas, son and heir. Had issue — 

AVilliam Tyndall, died sans issue at Lincoln. 

2. John (III). 

3. ^\'illian., d. s.p. (Flower). 

4. Anton}'. 

T). Gervase, d. s.p. (Flower). 
G. Robert. 

III. JOHN TYNDALL, heir to his nejjhew ; mar. Jane, dau. of 

William D^'neley, of Downham, co. Lancaster. Tliey had 
issue — 

L William (IV). 

2. Peter Tindall, of Allerton and Wath, living 158.^^; 
mar. Margery, dau. of Sir Anthony Nevill, of 
Leverton, co. Notts. They had issue — 

1. John. 

2. Alexandei'. 

3. Peter. 

Frances, mar. IMicluiel Constable, of Byrain, 
third son of Sir Philip Constable, of 
Everingham, lie. 5 Jan. 1601-2. 

Elizabeth, mar. William Hammond, of Scai-- 

Francis, mai'. John Holmes, of Adwick. 

IV. WILLIAM TlNDAr.L, of Brotherton, living inSo; mar. 

Eli/alx^th, dau. of John Lcigli, of the Kidge, co. Cestr. 
They had issue — 

1. John (V). 

2. William. 
',]. I^'raiires. 

.Jane, mar. I'ldward -lones, of Wales. 

V. JOHN TIXDALL, of Brotherton, in co. EJior., Exif., signed 
tlu! Visitation of 1585; mar. Dorothi/, ddii. of Martin Anne, 
of Fru-kh'ij, In CO. Ebor. They liad issue — 

1. Francis (VI). 

2. WilVm Tindall, at the siege of Pontefraet. 
Bartholomeu) Tindall, oh. s. prole ; tnarrind Mary, da. 

of . . . Farnii-r, of Ifaniilton. 
.loliM, d. s.]). 
Mary, d. s.p. 

VI. FRANCIS TINDALL, of Brotherton, L\i/'., di/rd in a" ICA? 
or thi'rcahonls, !i{\\t\\[\iH\ at (Jray's Inn 8 Feb. 1002-3; mar. 
Edith, i/anii/iti'r (did sole hcirc to Leonard /i>:res/)i/, of liaru- 
liiinjli, third sou Id Lionrll Jitri-slo/, <>/' 'llirdii'njh, in. com, 
LIxir., I'^sij- . Thcv had issuer 

, Nd >.'!': I [• 

.t,i ii: I 

,; A I ;;,' 

ducjdalk's visitation of YORKSHIRK. 233 

h Henry (VIT). 

2. Ltunnrd Thuhill, Liniti'.n'.-CoU. iuuhr S'' Jnhii 

Juivisdcn, Kit'., hi. the seroirc of K. C'/inr/<:s J'', nt 

the siege of Puiitefi'act. 

0. Geonje. 

4- Francis Tindall, viar. . . . da. d: coh. of . . . Palmer, 

vj . . . in CO. Line. 
5. John, died unmarr. 

1. Anne, wife of Edicard Lowdon, of Wrenthorpe, in co. 


2. Eliz., -icif: of John Cartivriijht, of Wheadey Woods, 

in CO. Ebor. 
S. Cath., wife of John Lincoln, gent.; mar. at Metlilev 
11 Dec. 1652. 

4. Mary. 

5. Ellen. 

Doiotl.y (Glover). 

VII. IIEXRY TIN D ALL, of 15iotliei ton, ohijt pntre vivo, ivt. tlireo 
at N'l.sitatioii of ] G I •_>, ,1. 8 June 1G51 at Wrenthorp Ilall, 
Inir. at Pontefract ; mar. Lneie, da. of ,Sir John JacAson, of 
Edderthorpe, in com. Ebor., K'., one of his J/a'"-^' Councell 
at Yorke for y^ Northern Parts of this Healme, l)p. at 
Ik-lfieys, York, 1 J\lai-. 1G08-9. Tliey had is^ue— 
JJrad/vardine (VITI). 
WiHiani Tindall, Citizen of London. 
Lade, ivife of ,S'- Wilfin Jobson, of Cnduwrth, Bart., 
of Nuva Scotia; mar. 1 Apr. IGG'i at llootou 
Pagnell, and had 'j'homas dyed i)i. his infancy, 1 
Elizabeth, 2 Lucie ; mar. secondly Sir Jolm 
Jackson, Bart., of Ilickleton, as second wife, and 
had a son Sir Bradwardine Jackson, Bart. 
Eienes Tindidl (a danyhter), died unmarried. 

Vin. BRADWARDINE TINDALL, of Brotherton, Esq^., tet. 27 
annor. IS Aug. 1666, d. 12 Mar. 1G8G, bur. at Brotherton, 
]M.T. in Cliancel ; mar. fii-st Mary, danyhter and sole heire 
of Francis Bayldon, of Bayldon, in co. Ebor., Esq'-., at 
Ilooton Pagnell 21 Sept. 1G65. They had issue- 
Lucy, sole dau. and heiress ; mar. Edward Thompson, 
Esq., of ]\Iarston, bur. there 23 Apr. 1715. 
Mar. secondly Margaret, dau. of Anthony Byerley. They 
had a daughter, d. inf. 

Authority— Glover's Visitation for earliest part, 

I ;.:\ 


J5UCKKOSK Wai'kntakk. Maltoii, 11" Sciit. 1(500. 



®l}0r0bii (il}oral&bn)< 

AiJMS: — (iiiles tliroo liuiis passant ^iinlant in jialo Arjrciit, over iill a l)(Mid 
Or, charged witli as many iimllrts of .six points Sablo. 

No jirooi'o niadu ol" tliese Arnius. 

I. AVTLLIAIM PAYLER, ESQ., of York. Had issue — 
>Sir I'Jdn-nnl {\\). 
Catliei'iiu!, mar. lluljert Sotlieby, of Bird.sall. ., 

TF. ,S7/i' EDWAIU) VAYLKR, ,./ Tlu.ialdhy, in ami. Ehor., 
Iliir'., adiiiiltcd to Cray's Inn H Jmu! inOl*, cr. l?ai-on('t 
L'S ,\\u\v. Kil'J, dud vlr'ca an. IC ',';: (t)!!)!?, :ct. sixty-live, 
l)ur. at Bii'^tlioi'i)e, JNl.l. Will 5 June lGJ7,pr. at London 
liO Dec. IGil) (Abstract Yorks Kecoid Series, i.x, 8); m<u\ 
first AnuK, daiujhhir of WUlunn Watkinsun, of . . . They 
lia(] issiio — 

Wulkuisou (iri). 
/. Mar//, ir'ijt' of Fnuiri^ Tojilian ('r(){)lianO, of Atjle- 
t//(ir/»', ni CO. A'hor. ; mar. liisl. Ivlward Suit niaishe, 
of North Kilviiigtun, hv whom no issue. 
3. Fronrrs, dijcd youiKj. 
Mar. secondly Mary, widow of Sir Thomas Aston, of Aston, 
CO. Chester. 

ITT. W ATKINSON FAYLER, ES(J':, died in his father's lifetime, 
admitted to Gray's Tnn 10 Au^-. 1618; mar. Margaret, 3d 
davijh. of Thomas, D' Vise. Fairfax, <;/' Emeley, in Ireland, 
<f GUhnii, in com. Ehor. The}' had issue — 
S'-' Watkinson (IV). 
1. Mury, u-ft' of Thomas In</rain, Esq^, eldest nan of 
S'' Arthur In(j)xnn, of Tonph-Neu-sam, in com. 
Ehor., Ka*., mar. 7 Jan. lOnf), at T.angton, bur. 
there 8 Oct. 165(5, M.T. 
li. Anne died n.nmarricd. 

'T-r? H 'i- 

- -'■ r ; v.. .'■> '"\ ,■■' ., 

• ■■ '7 /■'-■■■-> .' 

;<•:;? j' >i ■ '>;{ ;?; 

|)U(;i)ai.k',s visitation ok YojiKsiiikK. 235 

IV. S<- W ATKINSON PAYLER, of Thorohy (Thoraldby), \n co. 
A'lioi:, Jiar'., (vt. . . . an/i. 11 Sept. UilUi, udiiiiMed to Gruy's 
Inn 23 Mar. 1(551-2, U.V. for Maltoii l()7.S-85, d., 
bur. 30 Sept. 1705 from St. Anne's, Soho. Will pr. May 
1707; mar. Alathea, dauyhfei- of S'' Thomas Norclijf', of 
LaiK/ton, ill CO. Ebor., at Langton, 8 July 1662, bur. at 
iiugtl.orpe 18 Jan. 1670-1 (C.B.N.). They had issue— 

T/tomas Payler, dijt'.d yowini, bp. at Langton 15 May 

1663, bur. there 13 Apr. 1661 (C.H.N.). 
Waddnson (V). 
Dofof/ii/ PayJi'V, (ft. 1 aiini 16G(>, bur. 26 Apr. 1681 

.\lethea, bur. at Langton 21 Sept. 1681, :et. fifteen 

V. W ATKINSON PAYLb^R, ESC^., b. 1668, d. v.p. 23 Jan. 
1703-1, Jet. thirty-five; mar. Mary, dau. of John Burnaby, 
of . . . , widow of Sir Laurence Stoughton, Kiit., at St. 
Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London, 1 June 1693. 
They had issue — 

Mary, grand-daughter and sole heir of Sir Watkinson 
Payler, Part.", b. 1697, d. 21 Dec. 1756 in her 
si.\tieth year, bur. at Jiugthorpe 9 Jau. 1757, ALL 
in the Chancel. 

Autliorities -Mr. Noi'clilTo's notes— G. E.G. 's Paronetairc;. 


15y Ci'-.UAi.i) Ft)riiKiuui.L. 

{Cunt ill ii,;l from i>. 170.) 

Bui:\vi:r, Alice, 21, wife of Wm. Brewer, of Berghen, & daughter, 

Ann, 1! months old, to same, 26 July 1632. 
Bridges, Edward, 42, resident in St. Giles fields, & wife, Margerie 

Bridges, 50, to Flu.shing, 26 July 1632. 
ScAKiiOKoiKiii, Judith, 28, wile oi l^dph Scarborough, resident in 

Bergheu 26 July 1632. 
TmniKcooi), .leiferie, 20, servant to Christian de Wcl, residei\t in 

Middleburgh, 27 July 1632. 
Jknkyns, Kilizaheth, 21, to Potterdani, to her abode, 27 July 1632. 
Lock, Francis, 25, to Constantinnople, with Captain JMozer, 27 July 

I*ATTKS0N, KW'A-i, 38, wifc of WmT [*atteson, dwelling in Flushing, 

25 Julv 1632. 
Rowi:, John, 31, Mitiister of the Knglisli {!hurch in Flushing, 25 July 


>: I :t(f 

:■! :: il ' . / ■- !/!'■'/. ' '' 

l,.l l.-'l 


Welcke, Ann, 36, wife of Christian Welcke, dwelling in Middleburgh, 

with her two children, Jon, 6, and Liicv, 3, to Middleburgh, 26 July 

Hussy, Francis, of age 30 years, resident in Friday Street, to Rotterdam, 

26 July 1632. 
Sames, Anthony, of age 50 years, dwelling in Bishopsgate Street, 

to Delft, about certcn his affares, 26 July 1632, 
Grimes, Rebecca, of age 26, wife of Henry 11 rimes, resident in Rotterdam, 

to same, 28 July 1632. 
Brayne, Thomas, of age 24, dwelling in Bred Street, to Amsterdam, 

28 July 1632. 
Buckley, John, of age 46, & wife, Elizabeth, age 36, to Bosh, to their 

dwelling, 30 July 1632. 
CoRNELis, Jane, of age 6, daughter of Cornelis, duchman, dwelling 

in Bergen-aproon, 30 July 1632. 
TisoN, Jo., of age 18, son of Jno, Tison, belonging to the Farmers, 

to Amsterdam, to dwell with a Mercht., 30 July 1632. 
Clark, Jane, of age 31, & Guentlyn Browne, 23 yeres old, who are to 

passe to Rotterdam to their abode, ult. die July 1632. 
Johnson, Thomas, 37, resident at Tenterden, in Kent, to Rotterdam, 

about certen his afTares & so to returne, ult. die Jul}'' 1632. Bond 

taken. Returned the 29 Sept. 1632. 
Jacobb, Elizabeth, 20, wife of James Jacob, resident in Gravelin, to 

the same, ult. die July 1632. 
Parker, Michell, 22, servant to Alexander Dupper, resident in S. 

Laurence Poultney Lane, to Rotterdam, ult. die July 1632. 
Merrick, Elizabeth, 26, resident in Vlishing, to same, 1 Aug. 1632. 
SiiEPPARD, Elizabeth, 27, & her son, George, 2 years old, to Calis, 

to their abode, 1 Aug. 1632. 
Gray, Theophilus, 36, &. wife, Jane, 43, & their daughter, Mary, 11, 

to Bosh, to their abode. 
Grii-'fin, Francis, ()0, dwelling in S. Giles in ye Fields, to Calis, 1 Aug. 

I'atkunostkk, William, 55, & his son, John, 14, to Amsterdam, to 

their abode, I Aug. 1632. 
Catcott, Henrie, 50, resident in Holborn, to Rotterdam, about certen 

his affares, 1 Aug. 1632. 
Shell, Thomas, 17, who is to passe to Calis, to remain there with one 

Mr. Emperor, 1 Aug. 1632. 
Porter, Eliza., 30, to Amsterdam, 2 Aug. 1632. 
PoLLE, Anne, 30, to l^'lushing, to her husband, Jon Polle, their dwelling, 

2 Aug. 1632. 
Russell, Ann, 54, resident in Amsterdam, & her daughter. Rose Russell, 

14, to same, 2 Aug. 1632. 
Morse, Jane, 25, to Amsterdam, to her abode, 2 Aug. 1632. 
HosTE, Marie, 29, wife of Augustine Hoste, dwelling in Amsterdam, 

to the same, 3 Aug. 1632. 
NiSRiTT, Henrie. 24, Scot, to Deepe, about certen his affares, 3 Aug. 


Ml .•■ qjf 


Clark, Jolm, 21, son of Williani Cluik, dwelling in the Strand, & one 

Joiiiitluin Clark, 1*0, who are to jnisse to Paris, '1 Aug. 1G3L'. 
Otan, Ann, 22, & Marie Harvie, 35, to Dort, to their abode, 4 Aug. 

OusTENi), George, 22, Scot, to Rouue, about certen his affares, 6 Aug. 

Mkauks, Dudley, 28, dwelling in Charterhouse Lane, to Flushing, 

() Aug. 1()32. 
UouEKS, James, 18, to Uoune, about certen his aft'ares, 6 Aug. 1032. 
Fredrick, Lucie, 28, wife of Cornelius Frederick, resitleutiu Amsterdam, 

7 Aug. 1632. 
Slater, Leonard, 20, son of Jno. Slater, resident in Plymouth, to 

Dunkerk, 7 Aug. 1632. 
TiroKP, Nathaniel, 35, resident in Amsterdani, to same. 7 Aug. 1632. 
KossKSTKK, Tliomas, 25, & llanniell I'ayne, 30, resident in S. Clements 

p'ish, to RoKerdam, 7 Aug. 1632. 
Nevill, Elizabeth, 34, wife of Mr. William Nevill, M.D., resident 

at Wolverton, co. Buckingham, to Flushing, to her husband. 
Eyre, Edward, 41, resident in Stafford, & wife, Elizabeth, 31, to Dun- 
kerk, about certen their alTares, 8 Aug. 1632. 
Holliland, I\Irs. Marie, 24, wife of Lieut.-Col. Holliland, bound for 

Russia, also Jane I'^lton, 20 years old, Alice Thornton, 26, Marie 

Thornton, 24, & Margaret Posse, 28, 8 Aug. I(i32. 
Johnes, Ann, 21, being a servant in Eerghen, to same, 8 Aug. 1632. 
Calvin, Mr. James, 27, & his brother, Thomas Calvin, 18, & his four 

servants, William Alexander, 17, Andrew Ramsey, 26, James 

Bunting, 18, Robert Abercrombie, 29, all borne in Scotland, who 

are to j)asse to Paris, 8 Aug. 1632. 
Young, Grace, 21, wife of Jo. Young, resident in the Hage, & her 

daughter, named Dorothie, 27 weekes, who are to passe over 

Tho.mson, John, 25, resident in Holborne, & wife, ^lary Thomson, 

25, to Vlishing, 9 Aug. 1632. 
Kelmor, John, 35, & wife, Katherine, 28, dwelUng in St. Olive's p'ish, 

ct their maidservant, Sara Rowland, 22, to Lowe Countries, 9 Aug. 

Cole, Grace, 30, to Flushing, on her affairs, 10 Aug. 1632. 
AiNswoirrn, Abigia, 24, to Amsterdam, 10 Aug. 1632. 
(J.vrKKi,L, Kobert, 50, to Amsterdam, to his dwelling, 10 Aug. 1632. 
RoniNS, Tho., 43, to Fhishing, on his afTayi'tia, ^^^ Aug. 1632. 
Grene, James, 24, to Amsterdam, on his aftayres, dwelling in Halston, 

in Norfolk, 10 Aug. 1632. 
Hassenton, Simon. 4(), to ^'lushing, on his aflfaires, 10 Aug. 1632. 
Vaux, Robert, 27, .^ Kandall Smith, 29, to Rotterdam, on their alTaues, 

10 Aug. 1632. 
Wood, Richard, 32, ct wife, Jane, 38, & Hugh NichoUs, 44, to Amster- 
dam, 10 Aug. 1632. 
HoMc'LiFTE, Wm., 55, to Delft, on his affayres, 10 Aug. 1632. 
Watson, John, 21, to Hage, 10 Aug. 1632. 

• .'< i 


Cartwright, Marjjaret, 46, widowe, &: her son, Jo., '21, & Kliz. Chart, 

If), to Mid.ll.'hurgh, 10 Aug. 1031*. 
FoRK.VTT. Elizalx'tli, 44, & her (hiughtor, Barbaric Korrat, 20, & her 

maidservant, Isabell Guttrie, 21, to the Hage, to their dwelling, 

II Aug. 1632. 
Jamks, William, 38, dwelling in Faiu-hureh St., to Rotterdam, 11 Aug. 

Hancocks, Edward, 37, dwelling in Amsterdam, Edward Richardson, 

15, to same, 11 Aug. 1632. 
Lewis, William, 42, Marsfield, Glouc, to Norden, in Holland, about 

certen his aftares, 11 Aug. 1632. 
Hewlett, A\'illiam, 30, dwelling in Flet St., London, to Rotterdam, 

11 Aug. 1632. 
Dryver, Francis, 36, & Marie Smith, 30, also James Quicksatt, 4 yeres, 

to Rotterdam, dwelling there, 13 Aug. 1632. 
SuART, Thomas, 25, dwelling in liartholomew Lane, to Rotterdam, 

13 Aug. 1632. 
Dale, Richard, 28, dwelling in Fenchurch St., to Rotterdam, 14 Aug. 

Groftk, John, 23, son of Wm. Crofte, resitlent ii; \A'estminster, to the 

Hage, 15 Aug. 1632. 
Wynter, Rebecca, 36, dwelling in Amsterdam, who is to pass over 

thither, 1() Aug. 1632. 
Frte, Thomas, 34, k his wife, Alice Frie, 26, who are to passe to Bomell, 

to their abode, 16 Aug. 1()32. 
iMakia, Isabell, 48, resident in Hroilsheet, who is to passe to Cluse, 

in France, to her husband, I'V' retunie againe, 18 Aug. 1632. 
({rioenio, John, 26, son of Tho. Greene, 20 Aug. 1632. 
IL\RW(Joi), Anstie, 22, to Amsterdam, on his alfayres, 20 Aug. 1632. 
Lachi:, Joseph, 22, who is to passe to Ilai'lem, 20 Aug. 1632. 
W^VLS1I, l^^lizabeth, 23, wife of Francis Walsh, resident in iMiddleburgh, 

to the same, 20 .\ug. 1()32. 
N'l.NSDU, (ieorge, 52, Francis Karslti'ld, 48, Jo. Beckett, 39, George 

James, 42, William I'ratt, 2i), Tho. Wheatlie, 29, Richard Hill, 22, 

GtH). Browne, 22, Svmon Burr, 40, musitians who are to passe to 

Denmark, 22 Aug. 1632. 
Dower, Alexander, 25, to Paris, 22 Aug. 1632. 
Austin, Nicholas, 30, S. Clement, Temple Barr, who is to passe to 

Paris, 26 Aug. 1632. 
Beare, Marie, 27, wife of Sergeant Beare, Martha Modicombe, 28, 

Elizabeth Larriman, 24, Elizabeth Bradshawe, 27, who are to passe 

to Swethland, & Elizabeth Steward, 25, 28 Aug. 1632. 
Scott, James, 22, Walter Scott, 21, Jo. Rea, 20, Andrew More, 21, 

& James Robertson, 30, Scots, to Paris, about certen their affaires, 

28 Aug. 1632. 

Hooker, Judith, 25, wife of Symon Hooker, dwelling in Flushing, 

to the same, & lier sou, Jo. Hooker, 4, 29 Aug. 1632. 
Hamond, Ann, 38, & her son, Richard, 14, to Dunkerk, to her husband, 

29 Aug. 1632. 

vr.',. r. 

I , , , I 

t ■:. / 

EN(!LANI) HKVONl) Till'] HEAS. '239 

LoYD, James, 15, son of Tho. Lloyd, resitleiit in Cursitors Yard, in 

Chancery Lane, who is to pass to the hiauer with his Mr., named 

Phillip Button, attending on the Lo. Craven, 30 Aug. 1G32. 
Beacon, John, 23, son of the widowe Beaeon, dwelhng at Thorndon, 

in Suffolk, wlio is to passe to YVinsterdani. to his al)ode, ult. Auf^ 

1 632. 
Marikoold, Abioail, 33, & her daughter, Lewes IMarigold, 2, to Laiden 

ult. Aug. 1(132. 
(tATKs, Tho., 23, c^' Jen' Thurgood, 21, to Amsterdam, heing Wateh- 

makers, ult. Aug. 1()32. 
Dkerinu, Jane, 38, wife of Kdw. Deering, servant to a comp. in Flaiulers, 

who is to ])asse with her husband, 1 Sept. If)32. 
Johnson, John, 33, to Flushing, 1 Sept. I(i32. 
CuAMiir.Ki.i.N, K'obcrt. 33. resident in S. Clrinent's [.ane, at the signe 

of the two W'estlcis, who is to pass to Amsfort, I Sept. 1(132. 
(^I.OVKU, Tlio., 10, dwelling in Stratford the bow. to Amsterdam 3 Sept. 

Poi'K, John, 40, to Amsterdam, to work in his occujiation, a slioemaker, 

3 Sept. I(i32. 
BowLKS, Henrv, 38, Dennis Laurence, 25, & Ursula Rogers, 38, to the 

Hage, to their abodes, 3 S<'pt. I(i32. 
DoKRiOLL, Katherine, 42, wife of Jo. Dorrell. of Amsterdam, her two 

sons, Jo. Dorrell. 1.3, 'riiomas, II, & her maid seivant, Elizabeth 

Adams, 25, to Amsterdam, 3 Sept. 1()32. 
(To be Colli i lined ) . 

IDrtitgrpfS from tlic ©r Banco Eolls, temp. 1i?nir^ F5C. 

Hy 11. J. T. -NycioD. 
(Cinitimied frum j.i. l.j-lj 

[204 ] Mich. 6 JIiui. VII. m. 2. 
Surt}iant.^.-~'V\\(nwAs Ciicyne Knt. sues John Ormond and Johanna 
bis wife for a moiety of" the manor of Blatberwyke, the whole of 
\\liicb Boger Stoke and Thomas Ardern gave to 

J(jliii JMji^fi'yii, toiinj.-pl'lleiia. 
Kdvv. III. I 

'riioiiias, .s. and )i., . . .n^Kli/al.cth, sist. .Joyce, sist. Mary, aist. 

^■V- I ioiil cdli. and foli. and cdIi. 

"-- ? 
...-| k'a( li<'ritii<, (1. and li. 

Lawicnfc, H. and li.-| ... 

John, .s. and li 

'I'lioniiis Cheyiio Knt., s. ami li., jdaiutifl'. 


[205] Mich. G Jleu. VII. in. H6. 
Cornwall. — Writ to slieiiil' to issue u precept to John Arundell of 
Till vein arm. to give to Peter Tregoos tlie manor of Talvern and land 
in Treweorlas and the \\\\ of St Just and tiie advowson of the (Jhurch 
oi the said vill of St. Just which Uadulf Darundell parson of St. 
Colunib gave to 

Jolin Sor. -pilose. 

Joliii, B. and )i.^... ...npAlico. 

Radulpli, e. nnd h. ...-rJobiuina. 


r -" 


I'etor 'J're^,'oo8. 

[206] Mich. G lien. VII. m. 98. 
Snsse.v. — Writ to sheritY to issue a precept to John Thetcher to give 
to Simon Cluimbre and Johanna his wife land in JMafekl which Robert 
son of llobert de ]iroinehaiu gave to 

Kichard de Donescher8.T=JoLauiia. 

John, s. and b.=i=... 

John, s. and li.=j=... 

Simon Cbambro.^=Jolmnna, d. and b. 

[207] Mich. 6 Ilcn. VII. in. 109. 
Yorkn. — Fine Midi. IG Kdw. l[. between Robert de Saxton and Isabella 
who was the wife of Richard de Grey de Landeford as to lands in 
Saxton, Barkeston and Grymston. 

...^Tbe said Isabella. 

Brian,!-,.. Itobert, Isabella, liUcy, 

lOEdw. IGEdw.Il. IGKdw.lI, 16Edw.Il. 


William. -T=. 

Jobn.' I 

. I 


Roger Elston.^=^j\gnoH. 


[208] Mich. G Hen. VII. mm. 13G, 136 d 

j!W//.— Edward Ponynges Knt., in the first suit sues William Wode- 
lious arm. fur tlie manor uf Flicham, in tlie .second suit sues John 
Wode gent, t'ur the manor of Sidestronde and a moiety of tlie Church 
of Sidc;.stronde, wliich Joiin de Slagham parson of Jh)ke\volde gave to 

Tlioiiias, sou of Tlioiiiaa do^... 
Foiiyiigus, toiup. Edw. IIL 

Michaol, 8. and h. 

Thomas, s.. and h., 8. p. Richard, b. and h. 


Ifobort, a. and h 


Robert, e. and h.-|-... 

Edward l\)nyiige.s Knt., 
s. and h., plaintiff. 

[209] Mich. 6 lien. VII. m. \55 d. 
Wilts. — William Chacy sues llohert Wyllyngham for land in Upton 
next lilookele which CiellVey de W'ykewan gave to 
Thomas do Clipton.-pMutiida. 


r ■" 

...'-yAWco, (1. and h. 

John, 8. and h.=p... 

Thomas, a. and li. 

Kdmiind, a. and h.-;^... 


William Ciiacy, 8. and h., 
phiiiil ill'. 

[210] Mich. G lien. VII. mm. 195 c/, 308. 
Middlesex. — Philip Payne and Thomasia his wife daughter and coheir 
of Elizabeth Puttenhani and Ann Stowell daughter and heir of liridget, 
who was the wife of Robert Stowell, daughter and coheir of said EHza- 
hetli, sue John Chace an<] JNlatilda his wife daughter jind coheir of said 
Elizabeth for partition of the manor of JMaydestones and land in 
Istelworth, lloumleslowe, Twykenham, Jlanwell (llamwell), iliseton 
(Heston), NN'hilLon, Yelling, Whorton (Worton), Norwode and Enfold. 


[•Jii] J/;,//. () I In,. VI I. VI. i>;{.s. 

Ctivibi-rlaud. — Nov rl ' 1 )i.s.seisiii Ijctwi'di J olm Kjulcliil' Kiit. aiul.loliii 
Pemiin<i^toii and Adam J't'iiniii^ton as tu lands in Kenvn-sct, AVastell 
and l^j;,'i'enK)nd and tlie Castle of Egreniond. 

Wiiltor Fit/. Waltcr-r .. 
Kilt. I 

Walter Fitz Walter. 

Walter Fitz Walter. -p. •• 


Jolin Railcliif Kut.=j-J()liamia 

John Radclilf Ktit., 
Verdict for plaintiff. 

[212] Mich. 6 Ihn. VII. m. 2.39. 
Zi?(ro/;/. ^William Challey and ^N'iliiani Jlyrne .sue Koheit Smith and 
Agnes his wife and William Le<;;i;i'sl)3' antlAliee his wife for laini in 
Theililthorp and ^rall)erthorp. 

Kubert irae()ti.n=... 

IlaCDii, SL'iir. 

11, S.J). 


Julni lluc'ui 

John Union. =i 

...^1 .Marjory, <1. and coli. ...--|^Alice, d. and coh. 

WiJIiani C'halloy, a i)luintitV, William Hyrne, a jdaiiitiir, 

«• inid h. s. and Ii. 


|2i;{| Mich. Urn. VII. v>. 210(/. 
C/A;//r. -William I )()\scs( rosve sues IJoln-il Sniylh of iJedmyslcr eo. 
Somerset hiisiiandman and isahella his wife for land in (iosyngton 
and Slymehrygge. 

'I'homas Dowestruwe, temp. Hen. ¥1.^=... 

. , 8. and h.'-f-. 

William Duwestrowe, jdaintilT, s. and h. 
Judgment for plaintiff. 

■■I >:>, I" lu 

j ;.,^ .ni. 


[214] Mich. 6 flea. VI. m. 240. 
Crtwii,'.- Thomas Prior of the JNloiiastery of ^M. Pjuicras of Lewes 
was suinmoiicd to answer >\'ilHain FyiKUn-iio Kiit. for tlie next 
presciitatioii to the Chui-ch of W'estoncolvyh!. 

Joliaiiiiii liutcrtuft,==UolHirt Swyiiborn 
temp. Edw. I\''. Knt. 



TliomiiH Fynderiio^T-Cut-lioriiie, siirvivod 
Iviil. I her liubliaiid. 


William Fyiidorno Kiit., plaintiff. 

[215] Mich. 6 Hen. VII. m. 320 d. IlUary. 6 Ilea. VII. m. 358 (/. 

(where tlie defendants are (Jeorge Tngelton and John Kyne). 

Nort}i(in1><.— ^y\t to sheriff to issue a precept to .... to give to 

Kiehaid Ihilcott; the manor of lluleote wliich Jolin Sliotesljri gave to 

Ptiehard Peklse and Elizaheth liis wife for life with remainders over. 

John Ihileote, st'ur.-^... 

John llulcotu, jinir. 

John llhlcolc, s.p. liichiird liulcoto.^^ 

Kii'hiud lluleote. 

[210] UUurii. () 11, H. VI J. 7,1. 71. 
A'.swM'.-- Kiehard l'\sshe and Johanna his wife sue Kichard I'leston 
and Johanna his wife f,,i- land in Kaiteles(h)n which ^\■altl•r (,)uvnand 
gave to 

John Wyhlc, tump. Himi. VI .^^^Aj^nes. 

Nic'hohi.M, Joliannii,^ Kichard Kv.ssho, 

«• '""' I'- jilaiiuiirs. 


[217] //Jar>/. 6 lieu. VII. m. 9G rt. 
Line. — Wi'it to .slierill' to issue a precept to Dymmok (.s-jc) and Johanna 
his wife to give to Walter GritHth arm. land in Onrhy, Ingoldmelles 
and Drexthorp which 1'homas IMollesle}' and otliers gave to 

<- t, f: 

,, ...'■).• •):.',. 

:a •♦ 

■i^ 1 . . ':.\.:: 'f .,. ;: ■• J- 

, , (I' •• I 


'i'lioiiiiis (irillitli.^ .. 

•Idliii, 8. ;ui(i li. -]-... 

Wiiltor, B. ami li.=p... 

r -— ' 

Waltur OrilliLh, e. und h 

[2 IS] llilanj. G Jfen. VII. m. 103. 

Yorkri. — John Inker.sell sues Roger Iiikei'sell for hind in Rotherliani, 
Kymborworth and (Jiesbroke which Robert l^oloui of RoLlieiiiani 
gont. gave to 

Julni Ikiloiii, liis sou,^Clerneuco. 

tcini). Jiic. 1 1. I 

=Katlieriiio, d. iiml li 

Joliii IiikersL'll, s. mid li.. 

Judgment for phiintilV b}' con.sent. 

[219] llilanj. 6 Iltn. VII. m. 117. Trln. G Ilcn. VII. in. 413 d 

Turks. — Robert Lasceles sues William Lacon for land in Newesom 
next Kirkeljywysk which William son of John de Lascels Knt. temp. 
Mdw. 111. recovered against Robert Brakenholm chaplain. 

'I'lie saiil William, son ot"^... 
Jnhn do Lascels Knt. I 







lloliort Liiscolos, 

* " \ 


[2'20] IlUa)-;/. G lien. Vll.m. lli)(/. 

Snstii'A: — Itic'liaril Mallo and Jolwuiiia his wife sue Tliuiuas llote and 
others for huul in Flcechiny. 

Tliuiiuis Whyto held by tlio - Aj;ik'k, temp, 
law of I'luKlrtiitl i>t't(!r tlio Kdw. IV. 
dciilh <>r luK wit'o. I 

Margiircl , d. and li. 

IJicliard Malle,^=JoliaiinM, d. and h., 

Adjourned. Judgment for plaintilVs, l-'astur G Hen. VII m. 304 d. 

[221] Hilary. G Hen. VI. m. 126 (/. 

Devon. — Robert Holbenne sues Thomas Husclias and others for a 
messuage in Bydyford which Roljert Hayward gave to 

John Wynde.scute.-i- Edith. 

...=j=Elizabt'th, d. and h. 


' -^ 

Ki.hi'i-t Holbrnne, plaintiff, 
K. and h. 

[222] Hilary. G Ilm. VII. ,n. Uf^. 

I\\>tts. — .lohanna (iland widow sues .loiin Orniunil arm. and Johanna 
liis wife foi' land in NVyverton, Trihhv anil Rarneston, wliich Henry 
C'oUell s.m dl" Kuhert Cot tell of Neiiton gave to 

lU'ni-}- ("otli'll, lii.s s()n,-p... 
trinp. 11(11. \'l. 

...=1- Felicia, d. and h. 

Johanna rjland, ])lainti(T, 
d. anil h. 

Judgment for plaint ill" hy consent. 

[223] Hilary. G Hen. VII. m. 151. 

Gloiic. — Christopher Throkmerton sues Thomas Pauncefote for land 
jn llasfeld. 

'!■•!•■ ■■' )i 1/ 


Johu Tlirokmertoii,=j=Eliziiboth, temp, 
tonip. Kdw. IV. I Kdw. IV. 

John, 8. and h.=f=... 

(Jliristopliur 'J'liiuf»'inerton, 
pliiiiitiff, a. rtiid li. 

Jud^MiKMit for phiiiitilV l)y cunsenl. 

[224] Hilary. Q. lien. VII. m. 1 58 f/. 

Cornwall. — Writ to sheriff to issue a precejjt to John Arundell of 
Talverii arm. to j^ive to Peter Tregoos tlie niMUor of 'ralvern which 
Radulf Arundell parson of 8t. Coluinb gave to 

John Sor.^Kose. 

Julm, s. and h.^^... ...H-Alice. 

Uadulf, s. and h. Alan, s. and h. ...=[-Johanna, 

I sitiC. and b. 


William, s. and h.= 

Ricliard, s. and li.-p... 

Peter Tregoos, s. and h. 
See [2U5] which relates to the same matter, Alan son of Alice bein^ 
however omitted in the pedigree there given. 

[225] Hilary. 6 Hen. VII. m. 320. 
Bi'ih. — Recovery hy John Mordaunt against Thomasia Lamborn of land 
in 8tacheden and Turvey. 

Hubert Mordaunt, tenip.= 
Hen. VI. 

William. -f-.. 

Tlic Haid John Mordaunt, e. and h. 

[226] Hilary. (\ Hen. VII. vi 32S. 
GVoHc — John Frennsh sues Itobert Gukbarowe for land in Turkeden, 
Foxcole aniJ l)\iiti'sl)orn, which Simon parson of Dykowell and John 
parson of Ayyclte gave to 


John Foxcote, teiii|).V'^I^''n'i'"^t. 

Kic. n. I 

Thotnas, s. and h.=f=... 
Tlionias, s. and h.^... 

...=-rLsal)L'lla, d. find li. 

^Villiani, s. and Ii.-r^... 

,lulin Frennsli, plainlifl', 
s. and h. 

J iKlgnieat for plaintill" by coiiseut. 

[227] Ililari/. G J/en. VII. m. XM . 

Pemni. — Kichartl (iodyci- of Huiiccotc liiisliaiHlmjin and others were 
attacliL-d to aii^svcr John lliiile for trespass at Woiyiigtoii and 

I It'secote. 

J{icliard (iodycr.=|=... 



l{ii'liard (iodyoi-, dut'cndaut, 
s. and li. 

228] Hilary. G ll,'ii. VII. m. 3\b d 

,S'/(//",- Ivecoveiy by ilogof 'roiincseiid ICiit. against .lames lAimbard, 
s. and h. of Elizabeth a d. and cob. of Catherine Walpole the sister 
of James .Stanton, and William Solers s. and h. of Henry 8olers and 
of Cecily his wife the other d. and coh. of t!ie said Catherine, of land 
in Parva Fakenliam, Magna Fakenham, Eweston, Sapston, Bard well, 
Thelnteham and of a moit^ty of the manor of Parva Fakenham. 

[225)1 I/i/an/. () //m. VII. )U. ^oO (/ 

^'uh>r,i/.— Same suit as [-tol, see also [12-1]. .Judgment for Thomas 
Hyngham (in this roll called Heigham) and Clement Cotton by 

('I'll he continued .) 










c:3 42 


i. c s 

O U o 

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1_"h 'T <»" 

H^ Ph 

•" ^ 0> rd O ;, 



t« M _: ^ ,x! 




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d m o " 

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P-i ""I c} 

OK \',K\i()\li:\il] ANI> I'.AIUI. 



« — 

x: '7 !: a a -I 

;r: 'J^ ^-' o c 

ciC> ^ to cs 

S r- -^ .S oj ^ 

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c« CO — I i =-1 ,^ 

c .o > j2 p ^ 

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.-J rt ^ .• ^ 

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c - 5i to « 

r/: :3 — I H S T3 



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if? -c 2 

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t-' i^ 

£,=*- 1-5 

S; -X) — CO 

d a. 


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O! -< P-. "5 


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O d ci 



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'TIS 3 


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"C J5 

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-0 E-i 

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- CO -^ "^ 

J ~ ^. '^ 

; -^ ■> Q -S 

<— • y, 1-5 <^ ,-, d 

.. d = ;^ = 

m „ D ^ m — 

f2 ::; o «i d D 

75 3 ^ ;2 £ "^ 
O itcrd^ 

£ o 'd t- d CD 

M r^ *^ - « 

iT a> '73 d (N 

S ' C4_ 3 (D O rH 

■- — .:£ d -^ 

O d e 


d = i; ■-' 00 

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g S I.' d ^ 5 

-'i w o> (D 

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o c= O tc 

fc o « 2 r-i x" -d 

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i« c« Dh V 'Sd 




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S * S 2 

5 1- S 'O 
_; _ ffj 1.0 

r s ^ •■ 

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°E, to T3 

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K H r. >^ ;r: 


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PQ.S b rt 



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rt 1-1 


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•" CO _r 


rt t, rt J5 


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4-1 f/J a> f-rj 


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t- - .— >-3 

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•I 5 -;■ -^ 

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2 " r^ a 
Hii "'■> 
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i. 3 t; f^ 

OJ r- O — 

r" ici q3 -t. 

■^^ '^ h 

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S ^^' !- '- 

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O OJ 3 -5 
?^ Pm P^ ? 

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PhTD rH C-I pi 

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'3 P 

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a; /' C4H o 

P « .-^ 

"» S^ 3.2 

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to c*^ "^ 3 

■ £ 
3 'ZiT' 

Oh' \n<]M'A[\''Ail] AND IJARIL. 


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C3 (2,7-4 ^ 

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rt" a, P- (3) 

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■*^ T; CO si Q 

Ph P-l (P Q .S 

<1 |S OT ^ 





This Church was burnt down on the 16th— 17th January 1907, and 
most of the monuments within its walls were destroyed or injured. 
Numbers 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 were destroyed ; number 5 
was damaged; mmibers 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 are so much' 
calcined that it is very doubtful whether they can be lifted and 
relaid ; numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4* are apparently undamaged ; and 
numbers 23, 24, 25, 2C, 27, 28, 29 and 30 escaped injury. 

On the floor of the chancel :— 

[!.] A flat stone ; in the ctnitre a shield Barry of tirclve and a bend, 
for Remington, impaling a cross chanjed with jfive crescents for Elis. 
These coats are reversed, Elis should be on the dexter side and Reming- 
ton on the sinister. At the sides of the shield, in old English letters, 
was : — 

mcmoria iuftovum 

burabit m ftcnuuu 

The rest of the inscription, in Roman capital letters, ])egins at the top 
of the stone and continues down to the shield : — 

Ib're lieth bv|ried'| the body of Cle I ment Elis Rcct|or] of Kirkby 
30 yerlsj— preben of Sothwl | aged (37 years dyd | lune 27 A° D' 1700 i 
The inscription continues round the edges, beginning at the right hand 
top side of the stone :— | [also ?] of [Elizabeth his] wife who was the 
3[rd ''. 1 1 davghter [of Sir Thomas] Remington of Lund in y« c*y of 
York kn. | 

[2.] A flat stone, the inscription in Roman capitals : — The dust 
of I M^« Elizabeth : Elis | here la*d | July 23'' | A° DM691. i 

[3.] A flat stone :— Fred'' Vernon | Aged 5 Months | died | March 
20'" I 1835. I 

[4.] A flat stone :— Here Lieth the Body of | Anne the Wife of | 
Langford Dawes and 1 Daughter to John | Innocent of Kirkby i Gent 
who departed | out of this Life on the | seventh day of March | 
Afio Dom. 1691 Being the | 29 year of her age. | 

The following inscription, in italic capital letters, is on a stone 
recently noticed in the Chancel under the altar by the Rev. James 
.Butterwick. Rector of Kirkby : — 

' Editorial adtlitions to tUo jnacriptioiis uro i>la(^ed within sijiiiuo bracitetB. 


[l*.] Here | Lyoth . y" | Body of Anne | The Davghter 1 of 
Langfofd & I Anne'Duwes I Who Dyed Ivne | y" 28^'' 92 ] Ag. 5 y. | 

[5. J A flat stone, the insfiiption in Roman capitals :— Here lieth 
the body of I Nathan Innocent Ge" | who departed this 1 Ufa June 
y 12, 1G99. I 

On the south wall of the chancel : — 
• [6.J A wliite marble tablet, the inscription in Roman capitals :— 
Sacred i to the memory of | Frederick William | third son of the 1 Rev''. 
Thomas Woodman, M.A., rector of this parish | and Anne Louisa 
his wife I who died June 19^'' 1887 at Key West, S. Florida, U.S. 
Amei'ica | in the 28^'' year of his age. | He was an affectionate son, a 
faithful friend, | and gifted with rare mental powers. ; His sorrowing 
parents eret't this tablet | in fond and constant remembrance. I 
" Until the day break and shadows flee away." | 

(7. J A brass under the south window : — 

In loving memory of | James Salmond who died 24"' Nov"" 1880 
and I Emnux Isabella his wife who died 8='' March 188G i this window 
is put up by their children June 1887. 1 

In front of the chancel arch, over the pulpit : — 

[8. J A large marble monument near the pulpit. Arms, below the 
inscription, Argent, on a canton Sable a lions jamb erased bendunse . . . ; 
a crescent for difference, impaling, Quarterly, \st and ith. xizure, two 
bars Argent [Venables| 2nd. [Argent] a fret [sable] [ Vernon j ^rd. Or, 
on a fesse Azure 3 garbs [of the field] [Wniion of HaslingtonJ. Motto : 
Mors Christ i Mors Mortis Mihi. 

To perpetuate the memory | of the Rev"^ Brooke Boothby, A.M. \ one 
of his majesty's justices of the peace \ for the coimty of Nottingham | 
and nearly nineteen years | rector of this parish 1 he departed this 
life I th '. 4'" day of January 1829 aged 44 years, j In grateful re- 
membrance of their much esteemed I and truly lamented pastor i his 
parishioners i have erected this monument to testify , how much they 
revered and admired him ] in his public station, domestic circle, | and 
for his inestimable virtues. | 

On the lloor of the nave, in front of the chancel : — 

[9.] In memory of ! Elizabeth, daughter of | John and Elizabeth | 
Clarke | who died at Chilwell | Dec'' 13^" 18GU \ aged 73 years. 

[lU.] In memory of | John Clarke | of FuUwood | who died 26"' of 
April I 1811 I Age(r()2 years. | 

I II. I Here lieth the body | of M'" Elizabeth Clarke, | wife of Mr. 
William Clarice, i of ilardwicke who departed | this life February 
tlu^ 15"' I Anno Domini mdcci.xxiv. | Aged fj? Years, j 

[12. J Roman capitals throughout : — 

Sacred | to | the memory of | James Clarke, j who departed this 
life I May 19"' 1772 | Aged Gl years. | 

On a brass shield on the same stone : — 

In Mcmor\' ; of M' W" Clarke of | Ilardwicke Who Dyed | lan^^ 
The 9"' I73G I'ln the Gl"' ^'ear of His \ Age. | 


Cut on the Siiine stone below the l)ni.s-; shield : — 

In Memory of | Anne Lee, | the wife of , John Clarke, | (of Hard- 
wiek) I who died | June 1^5^'' 1851 | in the 57''' year of | Her Age. | 

[13.] In Memory of | Elizabeth the Wife | of John Clarke of | Ful- 
wood who died | November -ith 1803 | in the 52'' Year ] of her Age. | 

[14.] In Memory of | ]']liza})eth Wife of W" i Clarke of Hardwicke 
and I Danghter of Zachariah | Downing of Nornianton Gent., | Who 
Died Jan'i- y'' Ifi"' 1756. j In the 39"' Year of her Age. | W" the 8on 
of W" and I Eliz'"!' (1arke Died July G"' 17G2 | Aged Six Years and 
Six Months. | In Memory of | William Clarke, I who died June 4"' 
1784, I in the 75"' year of his Age. | In Memory of | Thomas Clarke [ 
who tiled January 14"' 1837 \ In the 79"' Year ] of his age. | 

[15.] Sacred | to the Memory | of | William Clarke | who departed 
this Life | May (>"' 1702; | Aged 02 Years. | 

On a brass shield on the same stone in script characters : — Here 
Lieth Inter'' Eliz"' the i Wife of W" Creen of Mans | fielil and daughter 
of W'" ! Clark of Hardwick who j Departed this Life the | twenty fourth 
day of May | 1731 Aged Nineteen I Years. | 

Cut on the same stone, below the brass shield : — 

111 Memory of I Samuel Clarke, I fourth son of | M'' William Clarke, | 
(of llardwii'k,) | who died Eeb'>' 2(i"' 1752 | Agetl 32 Years. | In 
Memory of | John Clarke | (of Hardwick) | who died the 2 .... I of 
¥ bruary 1853 | Aged ()7 [years). | 

At the north-west corner of the naye, on the floor : — 

[Hi.] F.N. I 1716. I 

On the south wall of the church a brass found in the Rectory garden 
in 1875 ; the inscription in Koman ca])itals thi'oughout : — 

1 17. J Hie iacent cor})ora ThouKc Fitznindolf | nvper de Langton 
hall hvivs parochi;e | generosi et Katherina' vxoris eivs (jv<n'v | patres 
fvere Xpofer^ Fitzrandolf nvper dt; | Langton prcdicta Armiger et 
Codfrdvs | Fvlliambe nyper de Walton hall in C'oiTi. | Darby Miles 
aninuo illorvm petiere astra | Predicta Katherimu obiit 2"" Maii A" D"" 
1593 , et predict' Thomas 27° die Febrvarii 1598. | 

Cut in the stone below in Roman capitals : — Restored May 1875. 

On the same wall, further west, a brass, inscribetl in Roman capitals 
throughout : — 

[18. J Memento Mori. | Near this place are interred | the remains of 
Ann the wife of | John Clarke ; j she tlied January the 31ft, 1813 | aged 
51 years | also of | John Clarke ; | who departed this life July the 
21ft I 1825 I in the 7-1"' year of his age. \ 

On the same wall, a marble tablet : — 

[19.] In memory of | Mary, widow of the late John Fisher, | of 
Kirkby Grives, | who died January 10"' 1875 aged 86 years. | The 
window aboye and this tablet were placed near i her mortal remains by 
numerous friends in | loving remembrance of her christian character j 
benevolent disposition, and active sympathy on | behalf of suffering 
humanity. | 

i rii- 

itliol. I' , /- 

;/. I ;J: 

.1. •_,' '1. 

N ■ !: 1, 

PARisif (;injiu!ir ok kik,ki{Y-in-asiiki1':ij). 255 

At tlic oust end of tlie south iiisli;, a brass : — 

1 20. 1 t-p Tlic above Window is Dedicated to the Beloved Memory 
of l*]H/,a \\\[{\ of (!eorg(! ]lo(l;j,kinsoii Barrow | of Ringwood Hall, Derby- 
shire, Es(|. Davghter of Walter Mather Esq., whose Keniaiiis, together 
with (hos(^ I of iiis Wile her INFotluM' etc. are all liitei'rcid underneath 
this Win(h)W, whicli is ])v( vp in AlYectionate | llenKunbrance by her 
Davght(U- Johanna wife of the Rev''. John Boyer of Spital Hovae, 
Derbyshire. | 

|l2l.| In the east window : — 

In four snuill lights at the top. 1, Tlie Ogle Badge, a rose Argent 
and an esLoile Or dhnididtcd and conjoined /jer [esse ; 2, The Bentinclc 
crest; 3, The (-avendish crest; 1, Th(! Cavendisli Badge, a spritj of 
o'.ik proper ; each suiiu(jiuited by a ducal I'oronet. 

Til the three large lights : 1, Gules, tivo keijs in suit ire, Argent, and in 
chief a roi/al crown proper ; the shield ensigned with a mitre, and having 
on a motto ribbon lOccl. Metr. J<]bor. ; 2, Azure, a cross moline Argent, 
|Bentinck|, impaling Sable, three stags' heads cabossed Argent, attired 
Or I Cavendish I a crescent in the fesse-point of the seeoml ;. ensigned 
with a ducal coronet ; 3, The arms of the University of Oxford, 
ensigned with a caj) resembling a coronet in form, but entirely black, 
and having on a motto ribbon, Universit. Oxon. Below these, 
1, The lemains of the arms of the City of York, the missing frag- 
ments supplied with plain glass, and only one lion remaining ; on 
the motto ribbon, Civit. Ebor. ; 5, Quarterly, \st and Ath, Argent, ttvo 
bendlets Sable ( lva>'e| 2/((/ and 3rd, Argent, on a bend Sable three oxvls 
of the field [8a\'il('| ; on the motto ribbon, Ric. Kaye Subeleemosyn : et 
reg : Ma jest : a Sacris ; G, The arms of the Royal Society, on the motto 
ribbon, Reg. Societ. Lond. ; and below this, ] W. Peckitt, pin. | 
Beh)w this was the date 17(58 ; the lo\vest part of the three lights being 
(illed b\' a green lattice work j)attern on a red gronnd. 

The abo\e were all the monumental inscriptions and arms, etc., in 
the church. 

1 22. 1 At the beginning of the first volume of the Kirkby Parish 
Registers there is inserted an old drawing, mut'h in the style of the work 
of Thomas Dingley's "History from iMarble," which was published 
in fac-siniile by the Oaniden Soci(!ty. The. ])icture represents two (hit 
stones si<h; by sid(\ That to the hd't is inscribed round the edge : — 
Here Lieth the Bodif of William Coke Esq' \ Son cfc Heir to S{ir Francis 
Cok]e of Troslei/ in the Co. of Darby Kn' who Married M\aud] | Eldest 
Daughter of I fen : lieresford ' of Alsop etc Jii/ who)n He had issue 4 *S'o/ivS' 
anil I Daughters, lie being \ | continued on the Hat of the stone above 
" Here hietli, elc."| of the .\gc of 17 years March \ 27 .Inno Dom. 1G41. 
Li red \ Godly cC Died Comfortably. | 

The stone to the right has the figure of a woman, wearing a ruff ; 
her head rests on a cusliion, the eyes are closed, and the hands are 
together as if she were praying. At her feet are small figures of four 
sons, with long hair and apparently in armour, and of four daughters, 
wearing rufls, and in the same attitude as their mother. Round the 

. ( . , • ■'. ' ' 

1 ■> 'I ' ,• : -J. J': 

. . - / : . ! ;. • i • : 'i 



edge of the stone is the inscription -.—Here Lieth interred the Body of \ 
Aland Coke wife of William Coke of Kerkby-IIall in the Co. of Nott. 
Esq. Daughter ct | Coheir of Henry Bcresford of Alsop in \ Le dale in 
the Co. of Dar. who Lived Religiously & Died 16 March 1628, Aged 37. 
Below this is written in a somewhat later hand : — Memorandum, at 
the feet of Mr. William Coke cfr of Magdalen his wife lye the Bodies of 
tu'o of their eight children viz'. Isbel (C Henry. Isbel ivas buried June 16, 
1627. Henry July 8 Anno 1627 {but without any inscrijAion) Their 
Mother March 16 [16J28, ct- their Father March 31 [16]41, as appears by 
the severall Inscriptions respectively as above, cfc as is to be seen in the 
Chancel on the South side near unto the door, jusl below the steps to the 

Apparently these two stones were once near to or in tlie places sub- 
sequently occupied by the flat stones to the memory of the Rev. Clement 
Klis and his wife (Nos. 1 and 2, above). 

In the churchyartl : — 

Below the window, close to the east end of the south aisle of the 
church, and near to the door into the chancel, are seven altar-tombs — 

[23.] Here lies the Body of Humphrey | Mather Son of Walter 
& Ann Mather | Late of this place but now of | Duftield in Derbyshire 
who I Departed this Life December the 5"' | 1762 Aged 8 Years & up- 
wards I Much lamented by his i Parents and Grand Mother | Eleanor 
Dawes by whom he | Was for feveral years Tenderly Brought up. | 
C'K'' is to be Buried here | Underneath lieth ] Christopher Kinder | 
who died Auguft the 8"' 1812 | Aged 84 Years. | 

[24:.] Li hopes of A Refunection | To Glory | Here lieth y" External 
parts I of Langford Dawes of | Kirkby who Departed | This Life March 
the 13"' I A.D. 1712 Aged 56. | Here Lieth The Body of John | Dawes, 
The 6^'' Son of Langford | And Ann Dawes, Gent. | who Departed 
this Life May y^ !«' | Li The Year of our Lord 1735 | Aged 40 Years. 

On the west end of this tomb is : — Mors Nobis Vita. 

On the east end is :— Here lieth the Bod^ j of Dawes 

witlow I of [the above) Mentioned | John Dawes | Who dei)arted this 
Life I Nov' 29"' 1778, Aged 73 y^ 

[25. 1 Here Lies j Interr'd | The Remains of i Martha Dawes j 
Second Daughter of John Dawes Gent. | And Eleanor his Wife | Whose 
Life was Spent | In the Unif(jrm Practice | Of every Christian Virtue j 
And her God in Reward i Eor her Eaith and Obedience | Forsook her 
not, I In the Hour of her Death, | Eor she Died with the | Fullest Hopes 
of Lnmortality, | On the 5"' June A.D. 1777 i Aged xliii years. | This 
Monument is Erected | To tin; Memory | of tiic Best of Danghters | By 
her Disconsolate Mother. | 

[2().J Here Lies | Interr'd | the Remains of j Walter Mather | of 
Derby who departed this | Life February the 14"' j 17117 | Aged 76 
Years. ( 

[27.] Here Lies ] Interr'd | the Remains of | Ann Mather wife 
of I Walter Mather | of Derby who ileparted this I Life September 
the 15"' 1790. I y\oe(l 59 Years, j 

) i.:i'.. '1 !/.;.. ]: :: i. 



"■;..i\'. ' ^V'.)>'V 

ii • r-i. 

■.,,. .>! '^ -■.?, .(^ 

:., : 'j ;■ ; J 1. . )■( 

■I :. :'■ i I , J ■>■ !'.; i ■ i 



[28.] Heri! Lies | luterrM | the Reniaius of | Walter Mather | Son 
of Walter ami | yViiii Mather, oC Derby, | who departed this Life | 
October 21"'' 171)0, Aged 2(j years. | Survived his Mother | Only 30 
Days. I 

[29.] Here Lies [ Interred | the Remains of | Elizabeth Barrow j 
Wife of (j). H. Barrow, Esq. | and Daughter of | Walter & Ann Mather | 
who departed this Life | Feb'J' 2(>'' A. I). 1852 | Aged 82 years. ] 

An altar-toinb near to the east end of the church, the inscription 
partly effaced : — 

|;U).) Rachicl Bkailsfohd SckoopI': ] Obijt Ian 1711 

J'ltatis 72. I In cujus Menioriani hoc erexit | Monunientuin S . . . . e 

lilij I MatthI'A's Hraii.sfohi), S.T.I*. | A Sac de WklhI'X'K j 

Rector de KiKKlJY I Decanus de Wklls | Ad T j 

1) I W 1713. 

Rra'dictus Matthiovs Bkailskord | Obijt 13 die Decembris A.D. 

17|33| I In [Ecclesia CathedraliJ | S^' Andr[ea^ in Wells] | 

Sepult. I In Memoriain semper | Ilonorandi h[oc] Nepos 

I Iohannis [sir] Bkailsfokd. 

Ioiiannis lsic\ Brailsford, A.M. | xxxii Annos Hujusce | Ecclesitc 
Rector Obiit xvni | lanuarii A.D. mdcclxv. i iEtat lxxv. | On a 
panel at the west end of this tond) is tin; word Resurgemus. 

A raU(Hl altar-tomb at the south side of the churchyard :— 
[31.] Sacred | To the memory of the Rev. Brooke Boothby | 2"'' 
son of Sir VV^'" Boothby B' of Ashbourne Hall Derbyshire | and nearly 
19 years Rector of this Parish. | He died 4"' Jan'>' 1829 Aged 4-1 ^'ears. | 


(!.] His burial is thus recorded in the parish register: — "1700. 
Clemens Elis annos ppe (piadraginta Reitor dignifsimus Prebendarius 
de Southwell a'tatis (J7 obijt Junij 27^ Sepultus 30° A.D. 1700." 

The Rev. Clement Elis, M.A., was the son of Captain Philip Elis, 
of Rose Castle, co. York, where he was born in 1()33. H*; was domestic 
Chaplain to the Duke of Newcastle, who presented him to the Rectory 
of Kirkby in KitiO, and in 1093 was made Prebendary of Southwell. 
lie was married in London, b\' the Rev. Robert liemington, Rector 
of liockington, CO. N'ork, on 5 June 1001 to l*jlizabe( li, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Remington of Lund, co. York, by whom he had four sons and 
one daughter, Margaict, who became the wife of Joseph MeN'inott, 
Esq., son of Edmund and Mary Meymott of Alfreton, near Mans- 
field. Refusing many offers of better livings, including that of St. 
Peter's, Nottingham, Rector Elis lemained for thirty years at Kirkby, 
•spending the greater part of his inct)me in charity and in restoring the 
church. Several of his works were printed ; one of them, " Tlu^ Scrip- 
ture Catechist," edited, in 1738, by John Veneer, Rector of St. Andrew's, 
Chichester, contains a nn-moir. (Se(^ " Notices of the Ellises," by W. S. 

•1- ; ..-^1 ' ;. ■'" 

It . j' 

:,.';■)■•! 7C 

M . : : •. h.i: 


J*lllis, j»a<!;c L'8() iuid the first SiijjplciiKMii- tlicioto, pa^ps 1 to 5, where 
an acc'Dunt of liis t'ainily is j^iveii.) 

|2.| Her death is thus recorded in the parish register: — "1091.° 
Kiizahetha Cleiueutis Ehs PiCilesiio de Kirby indigiiifsimi Reetoris 
Vxov dijectifsiina sepulta fuit Jul : 23°." Some admirer of this worthy 
icctoi' lias strnclc out the word " indignifsiiiii," whicli he wrote of him- 

|3.] An infant son of the Rev. the Hon. Jolin Venables Vernon, 
Rect.n' of Kiikby, 1829—1875, and also Rector of Nuttall, co. Notts, 
and Prebendary of Soutliwell, son of Henry, third Lord Vernon. 

|-1.| Tlio l)aptism and l)urial of Anne Dawes ai'c tlius iecoi'(h>d in 
tlic parish register : 

" I()(i3. Anna filia loannis Innocent i'^ INhutlue uxoris Baptizata 
fuit Maij 24"." 

" 1(591-2. Anna, uxor Langfoidij Dawes sepulta fuit Martij 12." 

[8 and 31.] The Rev. Brooke Boothby, Rector of Kirkby 1811 — 
1829, and Piebcndaiy of 8(juth\vell, was born 178-1, and nuirried, in 
I8|(), the Hon. Louisa Henrietta Venables Vernon, daughter of Henry, 

third Lord Vernon, and sister of the Kev. the Hon. John Venables 

\'ernon, aftei wai'ds llt'ctor of Kirkby. 

[16.] The burial of K.N. is thus recorded in the parish register: — 
" 1716. Fraiicisca Newton, dohannis Newton relicta sei)ult. Maij 12." 

[17.1 Chiistopher Fitz Kandolle, named in this insciiption, begins 
the |)edigree iccorded at the Visitation of Notts, Kil 1 (Harleian .Societ\'s 
publications, \(»I. iv, page 187). Hi' had " \ letter from King Hen. 8, 
vnder his owne hande in the 31 yeare of his reigne to Leuv all such 
forces as were within his Htewardship as Steward to his Ma^'" " ; and 
" Another letter from 11. 8. vnder his luuul for the Leuving forces for 
the Duke of NorlT. to got' against the Scotts in the 3-i yeare of his 

'I'honuis Fitz Randolfe, to whose menu)ry this brass was erected, 
was the son and heii' < f Christopher Fitz l^andolfe, of Langton Hall, 
by Joan his wile, daughter and coheiress of Cuthbert Langton, of 
Midleton, vo. Warwick. 

Katheiine. the wife of Thomas Fitz Raiulolfe, who is also com- 
mrniorated in the iuscripticui, was the daughter of Sii' tiodfrey Fol- 
jandie, of \\'alton, co. Derby, Knight. 

[21.1 Sir Kichai'd Kaye, Bart., whose name a]ipeared in the glass 
of the east wiiulow, was Rector of Kirkby, 17G5 — 1810. He was born 
173(), of Braseni)se College, Oxford, Vineriau Scholar of Laws, 1758, 
being the so elected; B.C.L., 1761 ; D.C.L., 1770; Chaplain to 
"the King, 176(1; Prebendary of York 17()8-83 ; of Southwell 774-80 
and 1783— IS(I9; of Durham 1771-81; Archdeacon of Notts 1780— 
1809; Prebendary ; nd Dean of Lincoln 1783—1809; Hector of Mary- 
leboiu!, CO. Middlesex, 1788-1809; V.\{.^. and F.S.A. Succeeded to 


the Biiroiicfcy 1789. iMuirii'd in 1791, Helen, widow ol' Thomas Maiii- 
Wiirin<f, (»!' (iolllio', co. Liiicohi, ami daiifihter o! William Kciiitoii, of 
(glasshouse, eo. \\>v\<, but dviii^ without male issue 25 December 
1810 the baronetcy became extinct. He was buried at Lincoln. (See 
" Complete Baronetage," by G.E.C., vol. ii.) He gave to Kirkby 
church a silver tlagon, bearing the arms of Kaye and Saville and the 
inscri])tion : dd. kicakuus kaye llu. kix:tou. vrkh. de youk rkg : 
MA.J : A sAcKis lV I'.LKiiMoH y nis 1770; a silver paten with the like 
arms and IIk; inscription : un. KicAituus kayio i.iut. hkctuk. doai. 
ion. LISTKR KAYE liAK. KKAT : UNic : 1705. ; and a crimson covering 
for the altar, 1778. The church was new seated and flagged in 17()5-(), 
when this rector gave the pulpit, reading-desk, and clerk's and churching 
scuts of oak, and in I7()7 oak ])c\vs for the chancel. In 1770 the two 
south windows were glazed with tlu; arms of Stoteville, Darcy, Conyers, 
Cavendish, Holies, and Harle\' ; these; had disappeared before 1901. 

1 1*2. 1 Maud Heresford was the first wife of William Coke ; he married 
secondly, Dorotliv, daughter of Frai\cis Saunders, of Shankton, by whom 
he had no issue. (See Burke's '' l.anded Centry," under Coke of 
J hook hill.) 

I .■)(). I The burial of Rachel Brailsford Scroope is thus recorded in 
the j)arish register : — 

" Rachel Brailsford Scroo]). sep. Janua. 11. 1711." [1711-12.] Matthew 
Brailsford, Rector of Kirkbv 170:5—1733, was of Emmaimel College, 
Cambrid-je, A.B. 1(581, A.M. I(i85, S.T.P. 1713, Prebendary of Lincoln 
1703, and nominated Dean of Wells by the Queen 18 April 1713. The 
following note occurs in the Kirkby parisli register :— " Matthcus 
Hraiislord Kcclesi;i' rarochialis de Kirkby in Ashtield in Com. Notting- 
ham, per S})atium 30 annorum Rector Kcclesiie Cathedralis S" Andne 
in Civitate Wells in Agro Somersetensi per Spatium 20 annorum Decanus 
Dignifsimus fato cefsit 13' Die Dccembris anno Salutis 1733 et sepultus 
(^st in Kcclesia Cathedrali S" Andrea' predict. 15'" ejusdcm Mensis 

John Brailsford, Rector of Kirkby 1731 — 17(i5, probably wrote the 
above note and adtletl ^Moh. Brailsford A.M. Nepos predicti Matthei 
inductus est ad Reitoriani de Kirkby pra'dict. 12"" die Junij 173-i." 

f. ■■:,^'ij,-. ) 

'I If . ■.■! • . Il 



(J()iitiiliule<l liy AuTHUU J. Jkwkks. 
(Continued from p. 191.) 

Pascaij., John, of iNIuch Badduw, co. Essex, Esq. Gr. by W. Harvey, 
Clar , ill ir)r)S. Arg. on a cross Sa. betw. in the iirsL and fourtli 
(juarters a rook rising of the second, beaked and legged Or, in 
the second and third a lion pass. gard. of the cross arinefl of the 
third, a holy lamb couchant with banner, all ppr. Crest — A 
man's head, couped beluw tlie shoulders ppr., vested I'urp., collar 
Evm. Jiarl. MS. 1,359; Add. J\IS. M,L>95. 

Pasick, Wir.MAM, of London, D.I). (jlr. by Sii- W. Segar, Garter, 
i(),'?0. (.^)iiartcrly Arg. and Sa., in tlu; second and tinrd tjiiarlers 
ihrtHi tleursdc-lis in pale of thi^ lirst. Grcst---A lion ramp. Arg., 
siippordiig a cross lilcli(''e Sa. Stowe MS. 703; Add. MS. 
ll', •_'•_'."). 

Patkicivsom (PATiiVKsoN), AsruoNV, of Stokehowe, co. .(Jiimberland 
I but /Slockcid ill Yorlcslnri', called Stockliold in N'isit. of 
LoniKjn, 1(131. ) Pat. lo'.)-'. (_)r, a fcss betw. tiiree greyhounds 
courant Sa. Crest — On a mount W'rt a stag coiirant respecting 
ppr., attires Arg. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

I'aiii.k, llioiAUi), of . . . , CO. Norfolk. Pat. by R. Cooke, Clar. 
Arg. two l)ars A/,., a canton Sa. Crest — On a stall" ragulce, 
with a branch sprouting from I lie dexter end Vert, berries Sa., 
a dove Arg. Ilarl. MS. 1,359. 

Pavnic, i*^DWAKi). Gr. by Sir E. Jiysshe, Garter, 3 Feb. 1G4G. 1^'r 
fess Gu. and Arg. two lions pass, counter pass., counterchanged. 
Crest — A demi-lion erased Arg., ci'owned Or. Harl. ]\[S. 0,140. 

PwNi:, I'aiWAiJK, KicnAKi), 1!ohi:im', Chaki.ks and Hknuv, sons of 
Mr. I'Mw.ird I'm iic, of Mast Giiiislead, in Sussex, dvv. Gr. bv 
Sir !•:. r.ysshe, Garter, 1*5 Feb. UUil. Per fess Sa. and Arg. 
two lions pass, eounterclianged. Crest — A lion's head erased 
per fess Sa. and Arg. Add. MS. 14,293. 

Pav.nmo (s/'f also Gr. to John Payne and to Fli/.abeth 
Payne (iluts lleignolds (or Reinold), w. of ileniy lieignolds, by 
Sii- G. Dethick, Garter, 19 May 1575. Per bend Or and A/, 
si.x rouiiilels counterchanged. Crest — A beaver's head erased 
p|>r., gorged with a coronet and chained Or, armed and lang. 
Gu., in till' mouth a branch of willow Vert; mantled Gu., 

doubled A r: 

Ji'iiii Payne, of i-o. Doiibif^li,= 


Juliii I'uyiie. Kli/.ulictli.-|-Heni'y llcigiiolils. 

Stowe MSS. 070 and 703; Tlarl. IMS. 1,4 41. 


Paynio, John, s. of lliclianl, s. of -loliii Piiyiic, of Naiitwicli, co. 
Chester, ^hmiI. Gr. by Sii- G. Delliick, (iai-ter, ooiif. witli the 
cicst by W. Se^'iir, Norroy, 1 Oct. 1C)01. Per bend Or and Az. 
six rouiulcls coiiiiterfliaii,<;c'tb ( ■icst— A beaver's head eiased, in 
the mouth a willow branch, all ppr., g-or<;ed wilh a coronet and 
line Or. Ilarl. IMS. 1,172. 

Paynk, John, of Stoke-next-Na^laiid, co. >Suilblk, s. and h. of John 
Payne of the same place. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by 
Sir W. ,Segar, Garter, 23 July, 13 Jas. T. Sa. a fess che(iuee 
Or and Az. betw. three leopards' faces of the .second. Crest — An 
arm in armour embowed ppr., the <,'auntlet grasping a lion's 
head erased Or. Harl. MS. 1,172; Add. IMS. 12,225. 

Payne, Sir ]U)nKRT, of Gi'eut IMarlow, co. Pucks. Pat. by Sir W. 
Segar, Gartei-, and W. Camden, Clai-., 2 Nov., . . Jas. Or, on 
a chief ind. Sa. thive cin(iuefoiIs of the first. No crest given. 
Add. IMS. 12,225. 

Payne, William, of bondon, s. of Philip, of Chepstow, in Moinuouth- 
shire, s. of Philip, s. of John, of C)he])stow, s. of Thomas ]*ayne, 
of Wales Pat. 15SG. Sa. a fess betw. three leopards' faces Or. 
Crest — An arm in armour embowed, the gauntlet grasping a 
sword erect, all ppr., the blade transfixing a boar's head Sa., 
couped Gu. Stowe IMS. C70. 

Payne, John, of London. Pat. by II. Cooke, Clar., 158G. Sa. a fess 
betw. three leopards' faces Or. Crest - An arm in armour emb., 
the gauntlet grasping a sword, all ppr., the sword transfixing a 
boai's head Sa., coujjcd Gu. The same arms and crest. [Probably 
refers to tlu; same grant as that next above.] Add. MS. 4,96G. 

Payntkll, Piciiaki), of London. Pal. Juiu; Kill. Lo/A-ngy bairy 
Arg. and Gu., on a chief .\/,. three esloiles Or. Crest A cubit 
arm erect. Nested (Ju., cud' Arg., in the hand ppi-. a slip of three 
columbine Mowers Or, slijiped and leavtd \'rvt. St(jwe MS. 

Paynteh, lliiMiMiHEY, Esi^, one of 11.^1. Surgeons in Oidinary for 
t\\en(\' Ncars by sea and land. Gr. by Sii- Iv AN'alker, Garter, 
l''el). IGb""). (iu. a hend eng. Aig., plain <()l ised Or, betw. two 
dexter hands ap[iaum(''e of thi> second, and for an augmentation 
in i-emembrance of his services, on a canton of the third, a 
rose of the field. Crest — A cubit arm erect ppr., the hand 
gi-asping a fleur-de-lis Oi'. Add. MS. U,291. 

Paynteh, John, of S[)t)rle, co. Norfolk, gent., s. of Robert Paynter, 
g(Mit. (ir. I July IGO'J, by Sir W. Segar, Garter. Arg. three 
books er(>ct closed (>u., edged and garnished Or. Crest A dove 
Arg., beak and legs Gu., within two ^)li\e blanches meeting o\er 
it ppr. Add. IMS. 12,225. 

Paynton, John, Town Clerk of Oxford. Gr. by Sir W. Dugdale, 
Garter, and Sir IT. St. George, Norroy, 8 July 1679. Sa. on a 
ci'oss eng. Or, five lo/.enges Gu. Crest — l^'rom a mural coronet 
Arg. a denii lion ramp. Sa., crowned Or, betw. i(s ])aws a. lo/enge 
C,u. Slowe MS. 71 \. 

J*ea(;o('k, Simon, of Haniehall, co. hurham. (Jr. by Sii' T. St. (Jeorge, 
(barter, and Sir II. St. George, Clar., 10 NoV. 1GS,S. Sa. three 

1 /■,:,: t ( i i ' ' i 


peacocks Ai-g., a chief einb. Or. Crest — A peacock's head erased 
Az., <;i)i"^eil with a nuiral coi'dihH Or. Stowe MSS. 711 and 

Pkadk, HiciiAiti), of Bury St. l'](hii()iul's, in Suilolk, s. of Thomas of 
the .same place, l!e_i;isLrar to the liishop of Norwich. Or. by 
Sir 11. 8t. George, Clar., 28 Feb. 1624. Or, on a bend Az. 
tlu'ee human feet, couped above the ankle Ary. Crest — A 
chapeau Gu., turned u^j Erm., therefrom two ostrich feathers Or. 
Motto — " Lento pede pauca pluma." llai'l. IMH. 1,105. 

PEAKt;, TiioMA.s, of Gray's Inn, gent., elder s. of Francis Peake, third 
s. of William Peake, of Lutterwcjrtii, s. and h of .John Peake, 
of Tyrlingtun, cnmmonly called Turlangton, co. Leic, an ancient 
family in that county. Gr. by Hir W. Dethick, Garter, and 
W. Camden, Clar., in 1598, conf. by .Sir W. Segar, Garter, to 
Thomas Peake, of London, merchant taylor. Sa. three crosses 
]iatee Ai-g., betw. nine lleursde-lis Oj-, a mullet for dill". Crest — 
A heart Gu. ix-tw. two wings Arg. Motto — " C^)ua'renda lunai 
sui)ra." Add. iMSS. 12,225 and M,2'»5 ; ilarl. MS. l,;55y. 

Pkakk, lllCMAiii), of liondon, second son of Francis, tliird son of 
AVilliam Peake, of Lut terwortii. Conf. 13 Dec. 1598,. by Sir 
\V. Dethick, Garter, and \V. Camden, Clar. The same arms, 
the nnilkit charged with a crescent for dilK Crest — The same, 
only th(r wings hlrm. for dill'.'rence. Add. MS. 11,295; Harl. 
^LS. 1,;{59. 

Pkakk, WiM-iAM, free of llie ClolhvNorkcrs' Company, entered his arms 
as below, in 16."U. Sir William Peake, .Vldei'man of London, 
s. of Boniface Peake, of Aljchurch [Achurch], co. Northampton, 
descended out of Lincolnshire, of the family of which "at 
l»i'esent Sir Robert Peake, of . . , m ijincolnshire, a Colonel 
in the sci'vice of K. Charles is tlu^ iiead," who says that the 
said Sir William Prakc is of his family and is willing that 
he shall list; the, same arms with due diilerencc. Conf. by Sii' K. 
\\'alkrr, (Jarter, 20 Julv 166 1. \'eil, on a ciiev. itetw. tln-ee 
lions' iirails erase(l Or, as iiianv cross-crosslets Az. Cri'st — A 
lion's licad erasrd Or, jiierci'd by an ari'ow Arg., languivl (bi. 
Add. MS. 11,29-1; Ilarl. MS. l',172. 

Pearck, Natiianikl, of London, goldsmith. Hv. by John Ansti.s, 
Garter, and Sir John Vanbi-ugh, Clar., 6 April 1720. Arg. four 
lozengt!s conjoined in fess Az., on each a crescent Or; on a canton 
Gu., a covered cup betw. two round buckles, tongues upwards, in Or. Crest — A demi-unicoiui Sa., ai-med, crined and unguled 
Or, gorged with a collar of the last, charged with three round 
buckles, tongues upwards, of the first ; betw. the hoofs a lozenge 
Or, thereon a crescent Az. Add. MS. 14,8;50. 

Pkakck, Thomas, of Little Ealing, co. Midd. Gi'. by John Anstis, 
Garter, and Kno.x: Ward, Clar., H iMay 1728. Eim. a leopard 
ramp., in chief three bees, all ppr. Crest — A demi leopard 
ppr., the dexter paw (jn a shield Ai'g., charged with a bee ppr. 
Add. MS. 1 1,830. 

Pkaiu), . . . , of . . . , CO. Devon. Pat. May 1606. Or, two wolves 
pass. Sa., vnlned on the shoulder (bi. Crest — ^A wolf's liead 


couped 8a., vuliied Gu., pierced through the neck by a broken 
dart {)pr., head Arg. 8to\ve jNIS. 7UG. 

Pearse, Thomas, of Court, in Bigbur\', co. Devon. Gr. 12 Aug. 1641, 
by Sir J. Borougli, Garter. Arg. two Ijars Sa., betw. six estinlos 
Gu., 3, L> and 1. Crest— A unicorn's head erased Or, inane, tufts 
and liorn Gu., and gorged with a cliaplet V^ert, roses Gu. Add. 
MS. 4,9GG. 

Pearson, . . . , of Steyning, in Sussex, gent. Gr. '23 April IGGl. 
Per fess Az. and Sa. tliree suns Or. Crest--A garb of ciiuiuefoils 
Vert, banded Or. Add. ^IS. 1-1,293. 

Pi; ARSON, . . . , of . . . Gr. April IGIG. Per fess embattled Az. 
and (lU. three suns Or. Crest — l*'roin a mural cf)ronet chec|uee 
Arg. and Az. a parrot's head N'eit, beak (!u. Harl. MS. 

PiCAiisoN (Pkkkson), . . . Cnnf. 1 and -1, Per fess emb. Az. and Gu. 
tliree suns Oi-. 2 and 3, Aig. a greyhound pass. Sa., collannl 
Or. Stowe MS. 70G ; llarl. .MS. 6,059. 

Peck, John, of Winchelsea, co. Sussex. Pat. l)y U. Cooke, Clar. 
Vert, a fess betw. three horses courant Arg. Crest —A lielmet 
clo.sed ppr., adorned with feathers Sa. llari. iVlS. 1,359. 

Peck, Thomas, Esq., late Mayor and Alderman of Norwicii. Conf. 
by Sir G. Dethick, Garter. Arg. on a ehev. eng. Gu. tliree patee formee of the lirst. Crest -A demi-greyhound 
Arg., collared and line Gu., on the C(jllar threi; pateo 
formre of I lu; lirst. Stowi; MS. GTG. 

Peck, William, of Wood Dalliiig, co. Norfolk, gent. Conf. by Sir W. 
Segar, (Jartei'. Or, on a chev. Gu. three crosses patee of the 
field. Crest — Two lances in .saltire Oi', heads Arg., on each a 
pennoncelle Gu., charged with a cross patee of the first, the 
lances entwined with a wreath of huircl V^ert. Stowe IMS. 677; 
A(hl. MS 12,225. 

Peckiiam, Pieus, of London. Conf. by lioger (Machado) Pichmond, 
<(/m6' Clarenceux. Cla;-., 30 June 1491. Sa. a chev. Or, betw. 
threes crosst's calvary botone(i at the ends Arg. Crest — A 
leo[)ard's face Sa., in front of thice crosses as in the arms, one 
in pale and two in saltire. llarl. MS. l,3o9. 

Peuley, Jame.s, of Abl)otsley, co. Hunts, Sheritf of that County. 
Gr. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. Sa. three lozenges Arg., on a chief 
Or, three tieurs-de-lis Gu. Crest— A demidion Arg., holding 
betw. the paws a lozenge Or, charged with a lleur-dedis Gu. 
Add. MS. 12,225; Stowe MS. 677. 

Peeues, RoiiEKT, of West Downe, co. Kent. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest by R. Cooke, Clar., in 15cSS. Sa. a bend wavy Arg., 
l)etw. two unicorns' lieads (Mased Or. Crest —A grillin pass. 
Or, wings Arg. 'llarl. MSS. 1,144 and 1,359. 

Peeks (or Peeuse), John, of . . . , in ivssex. (^r. . . . 18 Eliz., 
and borne by John Peerse, of London, gent., aiul Jonas, 
of Gray's Inn, London, in 1634. Sa. a chev. Vlnn. betw. three 
lions' heads erased Arg., a cliief Or. Crest — A grilHn's head 
crjused Sa., bezanteo and gorged with a coi'onet Or. .\d'l .US. 
4/JG6; Harl. MS, 5,869. 

'i ■ .. .1 

:> :; .1.: \ 


Pkkusk, Edmund, of Alcstou [lAlveston], co. Warwick. Pat. 10 June 
IGOf). A/,. t)ii a tVss Or, hetw. tlucc pelicans of the second, vulned 
(ill., as many ogresses. Crest — An ai-m einhowed in ai-niour ppi'-, 
tied about the elbow witli- a scarf (!u., the gauntlet grasping 
a lance erect Or. Stowe INIS.S. 7(tG and 707; Harl. iMS. 

Phisley, Captain Wh.liam, of Knocknenuuis (I), King's County, Es(i. 
Attested 21 Nov. 1G;5S, by Alboti Lcverett, Athlone Herald, 
tin. a lion ramp, doubled (pieuetl and crowned Oi', in the dexter 
chief a cross cro.sslet Arg. Crest — A dragon .sej. Vert, holding 
a lance Or, head Arg., embrued Gu. Stowe MS. 677. 

Pkke, Edwahd, of Holdchurchgate, co. Kent. Pat by K. Cooko, 
Clar. Az. three talipots pass. Or. Crest — On a chapeau Az., 
turned up Erur, a cockatrice Or, membered Gu. Harl. JNIS. 

Pici.t., . . . , of Dembh^l))', co. Line. Gr. by R. Lee, Clar., 19 Oct. 
1591. ]*a-m. on a canton Az. a pelican Or, vulned Gu. Crest — 
On a chaplet \^'rt, llowered Or, a pelican of tlui last, vulned 
Gu. Add. MS. 11,295; Harl. MS. G,1G9. 

PKrj.sK, lloBicu'i', of Cransford, in Sullblk, s. and h. of John 
of the same. Oi-, on a pile Az. a lion ramp, of the first. 
Crest — An architectural pillar Az., ci'owned Or, ami winged at 
the base of the last. Harl. iMS. 1,105. 

PiONDUK'ni, John, of London, and to Miles i'endreth, of Northl)oui-ne, 
in Kent. PaL l)y 11. Cooke, Clar., [5H(). Paly of six Arg. and 
Az. on a chief Or, a grillin pass, of the second. Crest — A 
tiger sej. lutn., crowned, tusked, and tufted Or, langued Gu. 
Add. MS. I,9GG ; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Pknnk(M<, John, Clerk, iiector of St. l<]we, in Cornwall, s. and h. 
of John Penneck, of Ti'egembo, in St. ILlary in lliat county, 
deceased, and to his brothers AN'illiain Teniu'ck, of I'^xeter, 
Erancis Penneck, of Kelstoiie, in Cornwall, and Chailes Penneck, 
of Tregimba, and to their descendants. Giv l>y Sir H. St. 
(ieorge, (iai'ter, and Sir Jolm \'anbrugli, Clar., 2 .\ug. 1712. 
Arg. on a chev. Gu. between three wrens' heads erased ppi'., as 
many escalhjp shells Or. Crest — An arm emb. vested Gu., culF 
Or, in the hand a wren, both ppr. Add. jNIS. 14,831. 

PiiNNENT, PiKiis, one of the four Gentlemen Ushers to Q Eliz , and 
to liis father Hugh Pennent and their descendants. Conf. of 
arms and gr. of crest by R. Cooke, Clar., 2 May 1580. 1, Per 
l)end Erm. and Erms. a lion ramp. Or. 2, Arg. three bars 
wa\'y Az., on the middle one as inany martlets Or. 3, Az. three 
boars pass, in pale Arg. 4, Arg. on a bend Az. three fleurs-de- 
lis of the Held, Crest -Eiom a crest coronet Arg. an heraldic 
anteloi)e's head of tlu; same, horns, tusks and tufts Oi'. Add. 
MS. 14,295; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Pknninc. (or Pi:nnvn(;1';), Anthony, of Ipswich, in Sullblk, gent. 
A gift by W. Dethick, Garter (no date given). Gu. three stags' 
heads erased .\rg., a chief indented of the second. Crest — 
A stag's head erased per fess indented (no colours, but 1 Arg. and 
(hi.). ]Iarl. MSS. 1,359 and G,1G9; Add. MS. 14,295. 

;■ ■\^-'j\'"^-i 

'A .-ii '1 i t. 

f; ■ // '•■1. 1) '.h 


Pkwy (Pknxk ill I\1S.), TiiOMA.s, uf London, M.D. Gr. 1 July 1574. 
J'^rin. two greyliounds coiirant i'e<furd. per palo On. and Sa. 
Cre^sL— On a coronet Arg., a lynx pass. Or. Harl. ISIS. 1,'559. 

Pknnyfatiiek, William, of London. Coiif. by 8ir W. 8egar, Garter, 
see Visitation of London 1034. Per fess Or and Gu. a bend 
I'h-m., in chief a mullet for did". Crest A lion sej. Arg., tail 
coward, su|)[)orting a scroll shield cliarged with the arms, on the 
lion a mullet for'dilV. Gu. Stowe MS. 703; Add. MS. 12,225. 

]-*KNNVMAN, Jamks, of Oiiiisby, in Cleveland, c(x York, Esq., s. and 
h. of William, of Muston, co. York, deceased, s. of Robert 
Pennyman, Esq. Conf. of arms and gr. of ciest 11 ]\Iay 1599. 
Gu. a chev. Erm. betw. three spear heads, the staves broken oiF 
short Arg. Crest- From a mural coronet a lion's head Or, 
wounded by a brt)ken spear gold, vulned Gu. Add. MS. 12,225. 

PkNkSKV, Edwakd, eld. s. of John. s. of Pcicival Peiiscy, sometime of 
Preston, in Amouiiderness, co. Lane. Pat. by Sir W. Segar, 
Garter. A/, tliree estoiles Or. Crest — ^A pelican's head Arg., 
vulning itself Gu. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Pknton, Henky, Counsellor at Law, Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, and 
to his two brothers Godson Penton, late ]\Iayor of Winchester,^ 
and Stephen Penton, Pector of ^\'ath, co. York, and to their 
descendants. Gr. by Sir T. St. George, Garter, and Sir II. St. 
(leorge, Clar., 4 Aug. 1()98. Per chev. Gu. and Or, in chief two 
lowers .\rg. and in bas(i a lion ram}). Purp.— A lion 
eouehant gard. (pieiu^ four(;hee Pur}), be/antee. Motto— Tutus 
his virtute lulior. Add. IMS. 11,831. 

PiciUM), l*h)WAHi), of Lincoln's Inn, co. INIidd., Escj., s. of Captain 
William Perbo, who was in the wars of St. Quentin and at 
Newhav(Mi, s. and h. of Thomas, s. and h. of James Perbo, of 
Cheshire. Fat. by Sir W. Segar, (barter, 14 Nov. 1020. Vert, 
.semee of tleurs-delis and fretty of eight Oi', a chief Erm. 
Crest — A tiger's head erased Arg., tufted and langued Or, on 
the collar Vert three lleurs-de-lis of the second. Add. MS. 
12,225; llarl. MS. 0,140. 

Pkucik, Sir ICdwahd, D.C.L., who served the King well in the 
late troubles, (ir. by Sir E. Walker, Garter, 20 March 1042. 
Or, a unicorn salient Az., on a canton of the .second a lleur-de- 
lis of the (irst. Crest- A unicorn's head erased Az., horned, 
mailed, tufted and gorged with a coronet, all Or. This is altereil 
from his pabMiuil coat which was — Or, on a i)ile Az. a unicorn 
salient of (lie lli'ld, and the canton added as an lionourable 
augmentation. Harl. MS. 1,441. 

Pkucyk, John, of London, .second s. of Itichard Percy, of Shaftes- 
bury, CO. Dorset. Lntc^-ed in thc^ Visitation of London 1034. 
lOxamined 2() Marcii 1087, by 11. St. (Jeorgt!, Clar. Or, a fess 
huiiuittee Gu., betw. three .swallows volant Sa., on the fess a Arg. for dill". Crest- A demi lion ramp. A/.., coUaretl 
Or, the dexter jiaw grasping a lo/.eiig(! of tlu; sch-oikI, on the 
the shoiiltler a cresc(!iit Arg. for dill. Add. MS. 14,295. 

' S(H) MomiiiHiil, ill \Viiicli(>st(ir Callicdral. 

\.. < t> 


Pkknk, Andukw, I). I), Doiiii of l']l\', and Mjistcr of S. Piaei-'n GjII., 
Camhiidne. (ir. hy 1\. Cooke, Clar., 1") Jiiiu; 157-1. Or, on a 
fliev. ,\./,., l)('lw. tliice pelifans' heads erased of the soeoiid, 
vuliied (ill., ail estoile of the Crest — Fioiii a coronet Av<f. 
a pelican's head ())•, vuliied (hi. Stowe ]\ISS. 07(5, Gi)!) and 703. 

Pkukdtt, (i'koi{(;k, deseended from Owen Parrolt, a Lhiitl Ijrother of 
the house of Pairott, in I'einlirolvesliiii'. Whieh (Jeor^^e liy Ids 
wife Tsabell Langdale, of Laiii^dale, co. York, had issue John 
Parratt, sometime of London, and Uoheit, now of tlie City of 
Oxforil, which llobert has issue, Clement, Simon, John and 
Leonai'd. Conf. of arms' and ^r. of crest by Hiv G. Dethick, 
(iai-ter, 4 Jan. 3 K. Edw. VT; further conf. 30 Eliz. Gu. three 
pears pendent Or, on a chief of the si'cond a dcnii-lion ramp. 
Sa., a mulh't for diil'. Crest- A parrot Vert, heak and legs Gu., 
holdiiii^- a pear Or, and charged a mullet of the last for 
(Htt: Harl. I\r8. ],[■{] ; Stowe i\lS. 703. 

(To he co)itiiined.) 

Ilntirt^s uf liaahs. 

KiNti OF I'iMJi.AN'i) Hy tin; Marcpiis of Kuvigny and Kaine\al. 
'VuK .\nnk oi' l';\K,'n:K N'oj.umio. i-ondon ('['. (.'. and !') C. Jack), 

In an almost incredibly short space of time, consideiing tlie 
mass of details with which he has had to deal, the compiler of 
these Jxoyal Descents has followed up his Tudor and Clarence 
^■olumes with a record of the descendants of Anne Plantagenet, 
sister of l^'dward TV and Ilichard 1 I F. None of the persons 
contained in the ]»resent work ai'e descended from Anne's first 
husband, the unhappy Henry Holland, "Jd huke of hlxeter, whose 
sad fate alibi ds one of the most nolaitle instances of reverse of 
fortune known to history, but spring from her second marriage 
with Sir Thomas St. Leger, celet)rated shortly after iiei" divorce 
from the ])uke, whom she forsook in liis hour of misfortune. By 
Sir Tliomas she had an onl}' daughter, Anne, wife of Sir George 
Manners, Lonl Poos, ancestress of all who are here recorded. Jler 
heir general is the present Lord De jj'isle and Dudley, in virtue 
of his descent from the senior line of the I'^arls of Kutland, but 
no right to (piaiter the Uoyal Arms is conveyed through Anne of 

We have already expressed our approval of the system adopted 
in (h'awing uj) this Roll and our admiration for the careful manner 
in which it has lieen comj)ile«l. It is, of course, manifestly im- 

■l' -'■> 

I _ ,-, 

II -".M/i'-i! ••» i'.sM 

•j:' ,• v>< / li'.'W 

■Al. >Vi'i -I 

s . ■! ... >]■■•>: !■ I . 
i ;■ ; '1 '■ . : !'■ ' 
;, I J, .;, I ,1 

; -.1 I ' 


possible tliat any volume of lloyul Descents should be complete, 
but the attemi)t which is now being made to construct a table of 
the living descendants of Edward 111 proceeds on the right lines, 
and is a very great advance upon any previously puljlished works 
on the subject. We note an improvement now introduced for the 
lirst time, namely the addition in the preliminary Tables of reference 
numbers which Jorrespond with those in the Uoll itself; this renders 
it much easier to carry back a particular line of descent to the 
fountain head. 

Among the now living descendants of Anne Plantagenet are the 
Duke of li'ife and his two daughters, Mr. A. J. Balfour, Lord 
Selborne, Mr. Walter Long, Lord Curzon, of Kedleston, Mr. Lewis 
llarcourt, and tlie two pojtidar and talent(>d sisters who are known 
to the stagt! as Miss Violet and .Miss Irene Vanbrugh. Another 
distinguished member of the theali'ical i)rofession, Mr. Charles 
Hawtrey, could have been added on p. 159 liad tlie descendants 
of Harriet Colclough by her marriage with Colonel Jonas Watson 
been worked out.' Among other omissions whicii hav(^ been observed 
in going Ihnaigh this book are the foUowing : -(p. S(i) Issue of 
Caroline Frances (Stewart) and William Jeiiney; (p. G57)^ Issue 
of Barbara (Cough) and Isaac Spooner ; {[>. 7U5) Issue of Teresa 
(\Vel)be) and John Wright. In all these cases reference to easily 
accessible works of reference, such as the various editions of 
Burke's Landnl O.'ufry, will show that there are numerous living 
descendants. On the other hand, Grace (Pelhain) and George 
Naylor (p. 311); Lady Katherine (Nevill) and Sir John Constable 
(p ' ;U7) ; Anne, Viscountess Irvine (p. 38G), and Mary Ingrain 
(p. 657), who all are inserted in the KoU with a query, can be 
certainly proved to have left no surviving issue. 

On p. 140, one of the titles of the late Lord Cowper is given as 
"5th Prince Cowper [lI.ll.K.]," a designation which has an odd 
sound, and on i)p. 337 and 5G3, the late Mr Simon Thomas Scrope 
is, in deliance of a jmlgment of the Mouse of Lords, called 
"(/<■ jnn' l!)th Earl of' Wilts." 

As in the two previous volumes, the illustrations are remarkably 
good, and include, together with many portraits, a photogravure of 
Anne riantagenel and Sir TMiomas St. Leg(^r from their monumental 
brass in the'" Butiand Chapel at Windsor, and two curious i-epre- 
sentations of the heads of Anne's parents, Richard, Duke <jf York 
and Cecily Nevill, the former from a window in Penrith Church, 
and the latter from an old print. 

Visitation ok Enci.and and Walks. Edited by Frederick Arthur 

Cris}). Volume xiii. (Privately Printed.) 

Though not, of course, pos.sessing the otlicial authority which 
belonged to the Heralds' Visitations of old, this work adopts tlieir 
distinguishing feature, a pedigree signed by a member of each 
family recorded, who vouches for its accuracy. The descents are 

' Soo " History of the Hawtrey Family," by Florence Molesworth Hawtrey, 
vol. i, 1). lit?. 

it .. .i 

. 4. 

■•■;...■( V. ■; 


't J ! ' 

! ,; li •' .;r 

.ij.i.j ...■' '1 

■ . Iff! 


not given in detail beyond the grandfather of the {jresent repre- 
sentative, so that there is small room for errors, or play of 
imagination, and in every case dates are given in full and 
evidences referred to for each statement made. .Such a plan has 
manifest advantages, thougli we confess we should have preferred 
to have seen the pedigrees carried further Ijack where this could 
have been done with absolute certainty. 

The heraldic insignia of many of the families included in this 
volume are on record in the College of Arms, and a clue as to 
which these are is atTorded by the rule, which appears to have 
been rigidly adiiered to, of tricking such arms only at the head 
of the pedigrees, while otliers are blazoned merely. 

The genealogies of no less than seven Peers are to be found 
in volume xiii. Of these one stands out as of supreme interest, 
that of Earl Nelson. In this case the rule of commencing with 
the grandfather lias been relaxed, for the ])resent Lord Nelson is 
the grandson of Thomas Bolton, by Susanna, daughter of the 
Rev. Edmund Nelson, who heads the descent. This has, no doubt, 
been done in order to include the brilliant hero of Trafalgar, 
Edmund Nelson's famous son. This pedigree alone, with its wealtli 
of detail, should make all genealogists desire to possess the volume. 
Otlier interesting descents are those of Lord Tenterden, headed by 
a Lord Chief Justice of England ; of Loi'd Armstrong, whose 
paternal grandmother was a sister of the inventor of " the Arm- 
strong rilleil orihiance gun," and liis paternal grandfather, 8ir 
William Henry Watson, a ]kron of the Exche(iuer; of My. J. H. 
Round, whose contributions to eai'ly genealogy are so well known 
and so much appreciated by our readers; and of Mr. C. AV. 
HluM-born, celebrated for his beautiful designs for book plates. 

The volume is not, like some of its predecessors, i-ich in the 
reproduction of family pictures, possessing indeed but one, a 
characteristic and excellently executed portrait of Mr. Crisp's 
great grandfather Thomas Crisp, of Rendlesham. The armorial 
illustrations from book-plates are a great adornment to the- letter 
press and some of them are of considerable merit. A most carefully 
compiled Index and also tiio Additions and Corrections to previous 
volumes will be found most useful. 


Namk. By Arthur Charles Fox-Davies and P. W. P. Cailyon- 
Britton, F.S.A. London (Elliot Stock). 

This little work may be safely recommended as a trustworthy 
haudybook upon a subject which is very little understood even by 
lawyers. After a brief sununary of the law as to Front Name.s, 
and a chapter on the origin of Surnames, the writers proceed to 
discuss Changes of Name and the modes of procedure by which 
such changes may be lawfully accomplishefl, viz., Deed Poll, Act of 
Parliament and Royal Licence. They lay it down, and we tliink 
correctly, that the first of these methods cannot eftect more than 
" the commencement of an attempt to accpiire a name by repute 
(Ui<l custom," for no one can obtain a legal right to a surname 

^V.i,, oJ 

A'.r A 

f ■ ivi n-" n II i<- ^ 

•• • -1. ,<|iu 

= 1 , ! i.'.i. 

NOTICKS OK 150()KS. 2G9 

hy his own action ; .such a procpcdinj^ must ho (^iitlorsed hy those 
witli whom hv. comes in contiutt in tlie ordinary (lcalin<j;s of hfe. 
A Royal J.icencc on the contrary confers an ahsi)hito right to a 
surname, and of course, as the autiiors maintain, in all cases where 
a change of arms as well as of a surname ho recjuired, the 
permission of the Sovereign is essential. It is not generally known, 
and should be remembered, that the Crown will not peimit a 
presentation at Court to be made in any name assumed other 
than by Royal Licence. 

Association for the Pueskrvation of the ]\[i'.moiiials ok the 
Dead, Ireland. Journal Foit tme Year 1906. Vol. vi, No. 3, 
Parts i and ii. Dublin (Ponsoid)y and Gibbs). 

The good work wliich is being accomplished in Ireland in presei'ving 
the memorials of the dead is but little known in this country, 
and we therefore all the more gladly call attention to the }hiI)- 
lications (jf this Association. Part i is especially noteworthy as 
containing the monumental inscriptions of 8t. Patrick's Cathedral, 
Dublin, piior to 1810, which have been contributed by the Dean. 
Among the older monuments are the brasses to Sir l^'dward Fitton 
and his wife; Robert Sutton, Dean 1527-1528, and Geoilrey Fyche, 
who held the same office 1529-1537 ; Sir Henry Wallop, who died 
in Dublin in 1599, after having rendered service to the English 
Crown as Lord Justice and in other capacities; and the etHgy of 
IMicrhaol Tregurv, Archbishop of Dublin 1119 72, which has been 
I'l'proiluccil from a slu'lch prcscrN cd in the C^itiicdral archives. 
Another interesting nioinuuent is that of Dame I\bnv St. Leger 
(died !()()>), wife of Sir Anthony St. Leger, who was hei' fourth 
husband. Of the later inscriptions the most im})ortant are, of 
course, [ to Swift and Stella. Part ii consists of inscriptions 
in many cinirches and ehurchyaids in si'voral Irisli counties. The 
contributors include such well known and enthusiastic ant itpiaries 
as Sir I'Mmund i^'wley and the tMiergetie ami capable Lditoi', Loid 
Walter iMt/geral.l. 

Journal of the Cork Historical and ARCHAE0L0(iiCAL Society, 
2nd Series, vol xii, No. 72, October-December, 190G. Cork 
(Guy and Co.). 

We are glad to see that in its fourteenth year of issue this 
Journal maintains its position as one of the most important of 
Irish publications. The nund)er before us includes an intei'esting 
account of the Bishops of Cork, edited by Colonel T. A. 
Luni)am, C.B., from a copy of an ancient manuscript once in the 
possession of the Augustinian Convent in Coik, tlie original of 
which has disappeared. Other valuable articles are " An Irish 
Account of \\\r. Rattle of Kinsale," and " A History of the 
O'Mahony Septs of KineluK^ky ajul Ivagha," by Canon O'Maluuiy, 
both of whieii an; to be continued in futuic; nundjers of the 

M , ' I ' 



|lotr5 anh i^wmts. 

TiiK Nkvills ok Esskx ((tnfe, pp. 143-145). — Tlie Nevills were 
so miinerous ami so widely spread that tliey furnish many a 
genealogical pfohleui. There was such a similarity of Christian 
names that it is only too easy to ini.v the Nevills of one county 
with those of another, or to intrude the Nevills of one family 
into another's pedigree. 

ft has hitherto heen taken for granted that the Adam who 
married Cirace, only daughter and heir of Thomas de .Saleby, 
belonged to one of the inimerous Lincolnsliire Nevill families. 
This may i>e wrong, hut there an; some reasonable grounds for that 

There always seems to have Ikhmi a connection betwct'n the .Salel)y 
family ami the Liiicoliishiro Nevills. They were benefactors of the 
same religious houses. W^illiam de Saleby, the grandfather of Grace, 
wiis a witness to the Cliart(!r ^ of Alan de Nevill to tlu; Convent 
of Kirkstead, togetliei' with Cilbert and (JeollVey de Nevill, probably 
sons or brothers of Alan. He was also a witness to a "rant- of 
JLenry I to Henry his Falconer, with Gilbert de Nevill. 

Thomas, the father of Grace, was a witness to a grant -^ of Thomas 
d'Arci to Kirkstead, which grant was also attested by Kobert de 
Nevill and Ralph, the son of Gilbert. 

A liiehard^ de Nevill held two carucates of land in Scothern of 
Grace, and she of I he King, 

An action had been brought by William d(i Ilardresluill, a nephew 
of Tlu)mas de Saleby, against his uncle ami Agnes his wife, on a 
charge! of falsely passing oil" Grace as their daughter. This action 
failed, but on the death of Thomas, William claimed his estates as 
his next heir, on the same grounds. 

Grace was now the wife of Adam de Nevill, who <'ave the kinir 
twenty marks that one of his servants might be allowed t<) be with 
those of the king for the safe keeping of the ci'ops and other eflects 
which he had on the land, which was in the possession of Thomas, 
the son of William de Saleby, that no mischief or injury might 
occur, and that William de llaidi'eshull should not be allowed 
seisin of that land except by judgment of the King's court. A 
day having been appointed,^ Jolin de jSIanaton, Hamon de Feston, 
and Walter de Creppinges, were sent to Adam de Nevill to learn 
whom he would appoint his attornies against William de Hai-dreshull 
for till! judgment of the Grand .\ssi/.e. lit; said Hugh de Neville 
or 'i'hoMuis his br<jther, oi- William, the son of (JJeollrey. 

These representatives of Adam, evidently near kinsmen, do not 

' NLS. Lansfl., 250. 

- Ibid., 439. 

•' lbi<L, 207 E, 158. 

';i (lu X(wiil, 352 

'• Kol. Cur. ItcK., ii, 17, 1 John. 


seoin to fit into tlie ])(Hlii^i-(*e of the Essex Nevills given in the 
.lamiary miiulx-r of The (ii'itenhKi'ist. ^Vdaiii, loo, died tiiis same 
year, II!)!), wliile his elder iirother, aeeonliiig to the i)edigi'ee, 
liveil till I "J.'!;"). It is jnol)al)lv true, however, that he died young, 
for his wife survived liiin sixty years. 

(»race was given in marriage by King Jolni to Nornianus do 
Ceritate the very year her first Imshand died, but he also enjoyed 
oidy a few vears of married life. She was too considerable an 
heiress to bi; allowed to i-emiiin single long, so we liiid that in 
l-Oo the King again disposed (»f her, f(jr ."{GO marks, to Brian de 
Insula, one of his followers, and a num of considerable note. 
Ibian died in I'J.'M, and from henceforth (Jrace was allowed to 
enjoy her inheiitance in jieace. On her death, without issue, in 
IlMO, William de HartlieshuU, grandson of the William who had 
ilis|)uted her right, succeeded to her propei'ty. His son, John de 
JIardreshull, married Joan, daughter of Sir Philip Nevill, of Scotton, 
CO. Lincoln. 

.Saleby Rectory. JIkoinald C. Dudding. 

■x- * * -it- 

John Nevill (father of the 1st Lord Nevill de Essex) died befoi-e 
5 July 1282 (date of his Inq. p.m ). His widow, Margaret, held 
lands in Essex 1303 [Feudal Aids], she was living certainly 30 Aug. 
132-1 and apparently 10 Feb. 1337/8 [Pat. Roll], she was apparently 
dead in i3lG [Feudal Aids]. 

Hugh, 1st Lord Nevill, was aged 4 at his father's death, he bad 
seizin 10 May 1298. He mari-ied fda Fitzwalter before -1 July 
1310 [Pat. K'oll]. He died in 133-5 before 13 July. His widow 
Ida held lands in Essex in 134G [Feudal Aids]. 

John, 2nd Lord Nevill de Essex, had livery of his lands 13 July 
133;j. He married .Alice, who was living as his widow 11 Jan. 

Hugh Ne\ill (1 assume him to !)(■ Hugh, vounger brother of the 
2nd Lord) and Lucv bis wife were living April and Septendn'i' 1 .'M I 
(Pa[>al Lellersl. 

'riie following facts (drawn from either Close or Pat. Kolls I 
should guess, for I am sorry to say I have; not got my authority) 
relate doubtless to relati\es, w iiom Mr. Ne\ill mav be abh; to 
identify : — 

John Nevill, of Kings Walden, and Dionysia, his wife, were living 
28 March 1310. She was li\ing and he was dead on 8 i)ecember 

VlC.\l{Y GiBHS. 

Lkk of Lawsiiali, (((///(' pp. 137-113). The Pew Sydenham 
IL A. Hervey has vei'\' kindly sent me the following names from 
the list of boys who entered the CJiainmar School of Pury St. 
Edmunds from looU to 11)00: — 

IGoG. Fitz L(;e ( l)oth described as filiiis Doviini Jo/uiniiit 

,, Johannes Lei; j Li'e equttis idtrull Jlnrinnsls. 

Possibly l''it/. Le(! is a mistake for Fitz William. Sii- .John Lee 
was one of the Oovernoi-s of the School from Kill till he resiirned 

i 1 


ill KJGf). Diiriii;^' a <j;reat piivt of the time }ie was evidently living 
in limy, ami his signatui'c frcHjuently comes into the Minute Books. 
The Jolm Lee, second of the two boys, inust have died before 
1071, and is piobably the John Lvi) who wus admitted to Christ's 
Collei^c, tJambrid>;c, in March KJal, aged 17, tlunigli as lie is in 
the Hury Scliool List for IGHd he could not have gone up till a 
y(;ar or two after he was admitted, lie is described in the College 
Admission Book as " son of John Lee, born at Milton, Northants," 
and as having been at Bury School. 

John Wearg was also a Governor of Bury School from 1729 to 
175;{. Ills successor was appointtJil in January 1751, he being 
dead. He was apparently living at Bury all tiie time, his name 
occurring regularly in the Minute Books. 

There was a Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Acton, admitted to 
Bury Scliuol in April 1741, possibly the husband of Cai'cjline 

F. H. Suckling. 

Pyke Family of Gruknwicil — Since the Editor kindly inserted 
in 'J7ie Genealogist for January, 1907 {(inte pp. 199-200) my (pieiy 
on the Parry and Halley families, some additional evidence has 
come to hand. \)v. Edmond Ilalley's own cousin, Francis Halley, 
of London, gent., mariicd a daughter of Bichard Pyke and Eh'auor 
Pyk(>, his wife, who arii mentioned in Francis 1 [alley's will (P.C.C, 
Kegister Marlboro, fo. 12G; will dated 2cS June, 1()9S, proved by 
Ldmoiid Halley and Bichard Pyke, 8 Sept., 1722). The testatoV 
mentions also his brotliers-in-law, Tliomas Pyke, William Pyke and 
Edward Day. Now comes the discovery of the will of William 
Pyke, of Greenwich, poulterer, dated 11 Sept., 1727; proved 10 Oct., 
1121 (P.C.C, Begister Farrant, folio 240). He bequeaths unto 
" nephew Edward Hay a silver tankard with my coat of arms engraved 
on it," and lie mentions his father Bichard Pyke. An L^nglish 
corresi)()n(lent, commenting on this will, remarks that : " If it is a 
mcie coincidence that the Pykes are found at Greenwich, tiie irony 
ot ciicunislaiict' could not nuich further go." Can any I'cader say 
if the (iicenwicli Kale Books for about the year 1727 are in 
existiMK-e { 


1, Park Bow, Chicago, U.S. 

Weldovt Family. — 1 shall be much obliged for any information 
concerning Thomas (1) Weldon of Weldon in Stallbrdshire (possibly 
Northamptonshire or Northumberland), whose four sons — AV^dter, 
M.P. for Athy IGi;}, married Jane, daughter of John Byder, Bishop 
of Killaloe; William, married (f) Jane, daughter of John Bolton, 
of Great Kenton, StatVordsliire ; Bobert, married iix KilG at St. 
INIary le Sti'and, London, Katherine Baml)ridge, Bainbridge or 
P.ambrick of Apeley (\), Cumberland ; and Tlujinas, married Anne, 
daughter of . . . Blood of Duid)r}n, co. Meatli. They settled in 
Ireland towards the end of the sixteenth century. 

Kilnutiony, Atiiy. (Sir) A. Wk!J)on, Bart. 

I . ■ ' > 

(TUarriage Sicencee 

in thf 

©toceee of (gaf^ (i ^dh. 


Plumly, Stiberd, of Bristol, gent., and Amy Lownds, of Howtens, in 

Kewstoke. At Bed minster, 20 Nov. 1732. 
Plummki;, William, of IMclls, and PjJizabeth W'hidnij, of Stoke Lane ; 

no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, -1 Oct. ITtKi. 
]*hin'ki:nktt, C-harles, of Castle ('arv, batchelor, and Mary Randolph, of 

Shiphani, sp. .U Axbriilge, Shiphain or Churchill, 20 Oct. 1739. 
Plush, Ceor^e, of Martock, yeoni., and Ann Masters of the same, 

sp., aged .18 ; father cons. At Martock or South Petherton, 

21 Feb. 1G80-1. [.Apparently they were not married, for another 

licence was granted on 9 June l()83, with the same particulars 

exactly, only the lady's age is given as 20, being, as will be seen, 

two years after the former licence. | 
Pi.usii, (Jeorge, of JMartock, ycom., and Ann Woodburne, of Drayton, 

sp. ; parents cons. At Norton sub Hambdon or Martock, 2G Sept. 

Plympton, Robert, of Shepton Mallet, and Elizabeth Popleij, of Sher- 
borne, Dorset, sp. Bdm. John Popley. 8 Oct. 1707. 
Plympton, Robert, of Shepton Mallet, grocer, aged 24, and Ann 

Batt, of East Chinnock, sp., aged 22 ; his father and her parents 

cons. At . . . , 18 Oct. 1676. 
PoiiJOY, Robert, of Wellow, veom., and Mary Rossiter, of Foxcote, sp. 

At Elm, 31 March 1742.' 
Popjov, John, of Brewham, and Amy Russ of the same, sp. Bdm. 

William Wood, of Castle Carv. 1 Feb. 1717-18. 
PoBjOY, Richard, of Cayford, in Frome, victualler, and Elizabeth 

Hiscox, of Nunney, wid. At Nunney, 3 Nov. 1746. 
PoE, I'ichard, of Wellow, and Susamia Loiu/ of the same, sp. At S. 

Cuthl.crt's, Wells, . . . , I70(). 
i'oiNTl.Nu, Stephen, of Street, in Pill, and Elizabeth Lewis, of Compton 

Pauncefoot, sp. Bdm. Stephen J^ointing, of Street, and Humphry 

Lewis, of Compton Pauncefoot, husb. At Blackford, 13 Apr. 

Polk, Hugh, of Pawlett, husb., and l*]lizabeth Lmif, of Burnliam, sp. 

3 Apr. [711. 
Poi.ii';, Nicholas, of ... , co. Devon, sergemaker, and Ann Hunt, of 

Bridgwater. \U\\n. William Wootton and Martin Colborn. At 

Durleigh, . . . , 1674. 
PoLLAKD, John, of Woolavington, yeom., and Joane Warmaji, of 

Allerton, aged 33 ; no parents. At Rodney Stoke, 8 May 1725. 
Pollard, Benjamin, of Walton, husb., and Elizabeth Ge(de of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 21 Dec. 1(>78. 
PoLLK/rr, Jos('|)h, of Walton, and Mary I'iithird of the same, aged 21 ; 

[larents cons. At Marston Magna, Yeoviltou or W^est Lydford, 

21 May 1726. 
PoLLETT, Thomas, of W^alton, yeom., and Jane Stone of the same, 

sp., aged 20 ; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 14 June 1712. 
PoLLKTT, John, of Compton Dando, husb., aged 30, and Ann Hay- 

ward, of Muchelney, sp., aged 24 ; mother cons. At Com])ton 

Dantlo, Wells or Wedmore, 25 Oct. 1679. 
■2 M 

!( r_ ! ,:•: .ua 

812'J M.\i;i;iA(Ji': i.icioncks in TUK 

PoMPiiRY, . . . , and . . . Lovell. 30 May 1729. 

Pond, Bryant, of Castle Cary, liusb., and Elizabeth Fussell, sp., aged 

38. 26 June 1722. 
Pond, John, of Glastonbury, husb., and Hester Somers of the same, 

wid. At St. John's, Glastonbury, 15 Feb. 1687-88. 
PoNTiNG, Theophilus, of Norton 8t. Philip, and Elizabeth Browne. 

Bdni. John Browne, of Hardington. 26 July 1718. 
PoNTiNG, Richard, of- Foxcote, yeoni., batchelor, and Mary Rositer of 

the same, sp. At Foxcote, Holcombe or Stratton, 23 April 1751. 
PoNTiNG, Theophilus, of Foxcote, yeom., and Ann Long, of Henung- 

ton, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 6 Aug. 1747. 
PoxTON, William, of Bathford, and Mary James of the same, sp. At 

Monkton, Farley, Bathford or Walcot, 15 March 1717-18. 
PooKE, John, of Shepton Mallet, and Margaret Crooker of the same, 

sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. 12 March 1722-3. 
POOKK, Kichard, of Pilton, husb., and Katherine Pepin, of East Pen- 

nard, sp. Bdm. Joseph Cox, of East Pennard. At Croscombe, 

East Pennard or West Bra.Uey, 24 July 1685. 
Pool, John, of Chew Stoke, husb., and Hannah Ball of the same, sp., 

aged 24 ; no parents. At Dinder, the Cathedral, or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, Croscombe or Chew Stoke, 14 Aug. 1710. 
Pool, Edward, of Old Cleeve, and Margaret Broadbeard, of Cannington, 

wid. . . . 1719. 
Pool, Benjamin, of Chew Magna, husb., and Dorothy Rudman of the 

same, sp. Bdm. William Kudman, of Stanton Drew, coalminer. 

7 Feb. 1715-16. 
Pool, Robert, and Mary Brindle. At Kelston, 8 Sept. 1750. 
I'OOL, John, of Clutton, gent., and Ann Moore of the same, sp., aged 

26; father cons. At Clutton, 27 June 1713. 
Pool, William, of Marston Magna, and Winifred Collins. 27 Nov. 

1746. [Endorsed thus : " not filled in. "J 
PooLK, Thomas, of Meare, yeom., and Mary Poole of the same, sp., aged 

30; no parents. At the Cathcilral, Wells, (Jlastonbury, Meare 

or Walcot, 30 Oct. 170S. | Married, 11 Nov. 1708.) 
PooLK, William, of Bedminster, batchelor, and Jane Dory of the same, 

wid. At Dundrv, Chew Magna, Bedminster or Abbots Leigh, 

11 Nov. 1710. 
PooLK, Benjamin, of Weare, and . . . , of the same, sp. 28 May 1729. 
PoOLio, Thomas, of Meare, yeom., and Mary Godjry, of Lyng, sp., 

aged 40. At Lyng, Meare, Bridgwater or North Petherton, 7 Feb. 

Poole, Moses, of Backwell, yeom., and Martha Cheslow of the same, 

sp., aged 24 ; parents coiis. At Backwell or the Cathedral, Wells, 

3 May 1726. 
Poole, Matthew, of Clutton, yeom., and Christian Branch of the same, 

wid. At Clutton or S. 'Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Feb. 1726-7. 
PooLK, William, of Stogursey, and Joane Erlestone of the same, sp., 

aged 19; ])arents cons. At Fiddingtou, Over Stowey or Lilstock, 

25 Aui;. 1682. 


Poole, George, of Pawleft, yeom., aged 22, and Willmoth Higdon, of 
Marston, sp., aged 21. At S. Cutlihert's, Wells, 7 May 1678. 

Poole, Thomas, of Seaviiigton >St. Maiv, farmer, and Honour Hutch- 
inqs, of Kingston, sp. ; mother eons. At Seavingtou or Kin-'ston 
13 May 1755. • n o . 

Poole, John, of Pensford, yeom., batchelor, and Ann Parsons, of 

Publow, sp. At Pensford or Publow, 25 Sept. 17-19. 
Poole, George, of Cannington, yeom., and Sarah Edwards of the same, 
sp., aged 25. At Gannington or St. Ciithbert's, Wells 9 May 
1679. • 

Poole, Nicholas, of ... , co. Devon, and Ann Ilinit, of Bridgwater At 

Durleigh, . . . 1674. 
PooLL, Thomas, of Bath, and Margaret Johnson of the same, s[). At 
Bathwirk, Bathampton, Glaverton or T\verton Oct 

PooLL, Walt(>r, and Mary Marchnil, of liath. At SS. I'etcr and Paid, 

Bath, Bathwiciv or T\vcrtt>ji, 2 July 1702. 
Pooh, Robert, of Long Ashton, hush., ami Judith Darston of the same, 

wid. At S. Guthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, . . . 1690. 
Pope, William, of Butleigh, husb., and Elizabeth Nurlon, of Pilton, sp., 

aged 21. At S. Guth])ert's, Wells, . . . Oct. 1707. 
Pope, Charles, of Compton Martin, hosier, batchelor, and Betty Weeks 
of the same, sp. At S. Guthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells 12 Sept 
1745. * 

Pope, William, of Compton Martin, yeom., and Ann Weeks, of Moreton, 
sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At Compton Martin or Nempnett! 
4 Apr. 1730. 
Pope, John, of Hanbury, co. Gloucester, farmer, and Mary Williams. 

At Batheaston, 8 Dec. 1737. 
Pope, William, of Backwell, yeom., and Ursula Walker, of Chelvey, sp., 

aged 26 ; mother cons. 24 Dec. 1723. 
Pope, John, of Charlton Musgrove, tanner, and Grace Pranhard, of 
Stoke Trister, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At S. Guthbert's 
Wells, 17 Aug. 1710. 
Pope, John, of Moreton in Compton Martin, yeom., and Mary Comhe 
of the same, sp., aged 24; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells 
30 Nov. 1704. 
Pope, John, of Street, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Fry, of St. Bene- 
dict's, ("ilastonbury, sp. .\t St. Hcu(>dict'.s, Glastonbury, Huish 
or Street, 20 Apr. 1751. 
Pope, John, of Butleigh, and Ann Warbcrton of the same, sp., aged 50. 

At S. Guthbert's, Wells, 18 Oct. 1714. 
Pope, Richard, of Compton Martin, yeom., and Mary Serjant of the 

same, sp., aged 27. At S. Guthbert's, Wells, 22 Apr. 1686. 
Pope, John, of Butleigh, yeom., and Elizabeth Chapman of the same, 
sp., aged 30; father cons. At Butleigh, Gliarlton Adam or 
Gremtoii, 6 Keb. l(;87-88. 
Pope, James, of Backwell, yeom., and Hester Beakes of the same, 
sp. ; fatlier cons, At the Cathedral, Wells, . . . 1690. 

-■;•!'.. "ii 

If V 

•r r). VO. 

^: HKoS 

^1 .,f..'ff 


PopK, Heru-\', of Bntleigh, luish., and Judith Evens. At Somerton or 

Biitleio'h, 10 Feb. 1708-0. 
PopK, Thomas, of Chewtoii, yeoiu., batchelor, and Martha York of the 

same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 4 Apr. 1747. 
Pope, Robert, of Stanton Diew, and EHzabeth Stephens, of Blagdon. 

At Barrow or Chew Stoke, 23 Nov. 1680. 
Popi*, John, of Wedmore, hiisb., and llachael Phelps, of Long Asliton, 

sp., aged 25 ; both parents cons. At Moorlineh or Creinton, 

22 Feb. 1678-9. 
PoPELL, Jolni, of High Ham, yeom., and Mary Loscowhe, of Trent, 

sp. Bdni. Angel Smitli, of Milborne Port, baker, and Will am 

Strode, of Bntleigh, yeom. At Milborne Port or Coathill, 3 May 

PoPELL, James, of Catcott, in Moorlineh, husb., and Mary Hooper of 

the same, sp. At Chedzoy, 4 May 1709. 
PoPHAM, Richard, of West Quantoxhead, and Margaret Hoy, of Kilve, 

sp. Bdm. Edward Towell, of Watchett. At West Quanto.x- 

head, Kilne or . . . , 5 May 1704. 
PoPHAM, Richard, of West Quantoxhead, gent., and Jane Giles, of 

Dunster, sp. At West Quantoxliead or Dunstcr, 15 Jan. 1()80-]. 
PopLE, William, of Street, blacksmith, and J*]lizube<.h Wcdthcrly of the 

same, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 19 Oct. 170(). 
PoPLE, John, of Catcott, batchelor, and I'llizabeth Darston, of Shap- 

wick, sp. At Ashcott, . . . , 1751. 
PoPLE, William, of Street, blacksmith, batchelor, and Mary Baily 

of the same, sp. At Street, 21 Dec. 1754. 
PoPLE, Edward, of Street, yeom., batchelor, and Elizabeth Seaker, 

of l^adgworth, sp. Bdm. William Pople, of Street, yeom. At 

Badgworth, 30 Aug. 1755. 
Pople, Thomas, of Chilton, husb., and Marv Poole, wid. At Cossing- 

ton, 25 Apr. 1709. 
Pople, Kerby, of Walton, blacksmith, and Sarah Gorman of the same, 

wid. At Street, Walton, iiutleigh or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, G Aug. 

Pople, Thomas, of ]\Ieare, husb., and Agnes Jenkins, sp., aged 23 ; 

mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Meare, 28 March 

Pople, John, of Burnham, husb., and Alice Hilhert of the same, wid. 

At l^ridgwater or Pawlett, 25 Oct. I(;82. 
i'oi'i.i'.v, .lohii, of Milborne Port, gent., and (Jrace lidd, of I'^ast. C!hin- 

nock, sp., aged ;W) ; fat her cons. At hlast. Chinnock or Milborne 

Fort, 13 Jnly 1(180. 
Poplv, John, of Shepton Mallet, gent., and ... At Charlton or Cran- 

more, 25 April 1715. 
PoRAT, Richard, of Glastonbury, batchelor, and Jane Periam, sp. At 

(ilaslonbury, 15 Dec. I71(i. 
I'oucil, Joseph, of Wellow, tliiitcher, and Sar:di II irks of! same, sp., 

aged 23; lather cons. At Wellow, or the Cathedral, Wells, 

1 March 1725-1). 

■f. i . . . 

■<- • i . I" -. 1- :.,■-', .11... .-.i; i; I :-i.!1 , ,. ,,;.j. , , ,, 

.... ..*..;vv, ., •:>■ .i ,.'! \. ^,.:'. ..,-,,, 


:■! ^ 

■ I i ; > I 

I)I0CKS1<] oV BATH AND WEr.LS. 325 

Porch, John, of Bath, and Ann Atwond of the same. At SS. Peter 

and Paul, Bath, Bathwick or Chiverton, 9 May 1705. 
PoROii, Jolm, of ('ossiniiton, liusb., and Eleanor Cooke, of Woolavington, 

sp., au;ed '10 ; no parents. At A.shcott or iMoorlinrh, 23 Apr. 

1085. ' 
Pouch, John, of Meare, yeoni., and Anice Hawkins of the same, sp., 

aged 25. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 30 Nov. 1(585. 
Porch, William, of St. John's, Clastoid)ury, yc(.)ni., and Elizabeth 

Ihirrin of the same, sp. ; no parents. At (flastonbury or I'ill, 

15 Feb. 1682-3. 
Porch, Henry, of East Brent, husb., and Elizabeth Pethram, of Wed- 
more, sp. ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, East Brent or 

Lympsham, 1 Nov. 1680. 
Porch, Henry, of Dinder, yeoni., batchelor, and Marv Porch of the 

same, wid. At Bruton, 19 July 1746. 
Porch, Joseph, of Croscombe, yeom., and Hester Hodges of the same, 

sp. Bdm. Henry Porch, of (Voscoiid)e. At Biuton, 31 Oct. 1747. 
Porker, Thomas, of Wembdon, yeom., and Susan PcirsDiis, s\>. Hilni. 

John Porker, of Wembdon, veom. At Bridgwater, Chilton or 

Wembdon, 2 Oct. 1708. 
Portch, John, of West Pennard, yeom., batchelor, and Jane Burroiv 

of the same, wid. At West Pennard or Pilton, 16 Feb. 1754. 
Porter, Thomas, of Portbury, yeom., and Hester Morgan, of St. 

Thomas', Bristol, wid. At Bedminster, 2 March 1731-2. 
Porter, Richard, of Milborne Port, batchelor, and Abigail Sansum, 

of Woburn [OborncJ, co. Dorset, sp. At the Cathedral, AVells, 

24 July 1739. 
Porter, John, of C!ongresbury, butcher, and Martha Sprud of the 

same, s|)., aged 24; father cons. At Congresbur\-, 17 Oct. 1727. 
Porter, John, of Whitchurch, tailor, and I'ilizaboth Carter of the same, 

wid. At S. C'uthbert's, Wells, 10 June 1728. 
Porter, Thomas, of llutton, and ( Jrnce Honr/l of the same, sp. . . Mav 

Porter, John, of Backwell, yeom., and Ann Bath of the same, wid. 

At the Cathedral or S. CuthberCs, Wells, 30 Sept. 1690. 
Porter, Thomas, yeom., and Jane Andrews, of Wrington, sp., aged 

20 ; mother cons. At Hutton, West Burrington or Churchill 

28 Sept. 1680. 
Posten, Thomas, of Chew Magna, yeom., and Barbara Whitewood of 

the same, sp., aged 20 ; mother cons. At the Cathetlral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Nov. 1686. 
Pottenger, Gaulfred, of Shepton Mallet, chemist, and Mary Oak of 

the same, sp., agetl 22 ; parents cons. At Doulting, 21 Jan. 

Potter, John, of Rodden, yeom., and Elizabeth Baskervill, of Trow- 
bridge, wid. 7 May 1720. 
Potter, Robert, of Bruton, grocer, and Gertrude Wilton of the same, 

sp., aged 23 ; mother cons. At Bruton, Ciiailton Musgrove or 

Brewham, 15 Feb. 1703-4. 

■It' "(r- .1 

1 s r 1. ,;. < ' ,'•. >fl" 1 

0. '>■ -,. 

;; ' 


PoTTKR, Jolui, of Sheptoii Mallet, clerk, batchelor, and Catherine 

ConuHti/, of ITorsiii^jton, sp. At llorsiiigtoii, 11 Jan. 1755. 
PoTTKKY, William, of IJodniinater, putter, aiul Ann Gill, of Lvdney, 
CO. Glouc, sp., a<^etl 22 ; parents cons. At Bednunster, 7 Dec. 
Potts, Joseph, of Pill, widower, and Marv Ilciwlcins of the same, sp. 

At Pill, 27 March 1755. 
PouNSETT, William, of Banwell, cutler, and Marv Miller, of Somerton, 

wid. 7 Oct. 1708. 
PouNSRTT, John, of Pitcombe, and Edith Guppy of the same, sp. At 

Maperton, 24 Apr. 1730. 
PouNSKTT, John, of Pitcombe, linenweaver, and Ann Mitchell, of 

Compton Pauncefoot, sp., aged 40. At Compton Pauncefoot or 

Wells, 11 Oct. 1725. 
PouNSETT, William, of North Barrow, and Christiana Perry, of Milton 

Clevedon. . . . 1705. 
PouNSETT, Henry, of North Barrow, gent., and Martha Hazard, of 

Somerton, sp. At Somerton, 9 Nov. 1754. 
PouNSKTT, James, of North Cadbury, tailor, and Jane Pounsett of the 

same, wid. At Maperton, 20 Oct. 1708. 
Pounsett, Richard, of North Barrow, cooper, and Ehzabeth Cooper 

of the same, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At Bruton, Milton or 

Wells, 3 May 1680. ^ 
Pow, John, of Midsomer Norton, batchelor, and Lydia Beane of the 

same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 19 March 1738-9. 
Pow, William, of Bristol, and Deborah Cool-, of Clutton, sp., aged 23. 

At Clutton, the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Feb. 1725-6. 
Pow, John, of Norton Haiidtleld, in parish of Chew Magna, yeom., 

and Mary Broolnuin, of Charleton, in parish of Wraxall, sp. 

Bdm. Thomas Pow, of Norton Malreward, yeom. Witnesses 

William Paine and Kobert Paine. At Norton Malreward, 3 May 

Tow, 'Thonuis, of Chew Magna, yeom., and Mary Cox, of Whitchurch, 

wid. Bdm. Thomas Kidwell, of Duudry, yeom. At Norton 

Malreward, 17 Apr. 1699. 
Pow, John, of Marksbury, yeom., and Ann Hollister, of Dundry, sp. 

Bdm. John Holister, of Norton Malreward, yeom. At Norton 

xMalreward, 25 June 1700. 
Powell, John, of Glastonbury, victualler, and Mary liyall of Lvng, 

sp., aged 24 ; mother cons. At Lvng, Bridgwater or Thurloxton, 

24 May 1709. 
Powell, David, of Bath, and Hannah Davis of the same, sp., aged 30 ; 

no parents. At Bath, 30 Nov. 1724. 
Powell, John, of ... , tallow-chandler, and Rebecca Cole, of S. Cuth- 
bert's, Wells, sp., aged 20 ; mother only (and she non compos 

mentis). At S. Cutlibert's, Wells, Ditcheat or Pilton, . . . , 1705. 
Powell, William, of Devizes, co. Wilts, waggoner, and Hester Vigor, 

of Kilmersdon, sp., aged 30 ; no parents. At' Kilmersdon, Dun- 

kerton, Radstock, Camerton or Combe Hay, 16 Apr. 1707. 

.<.i.<u ,., 

■ ■!,..' 1 ■ ■<■: ' Vv V '(^ ■, !)i 

1 l.-|-:Z ;>:" 


Powell, Elias, of Berwick St. James, co. Wilts, husb., and Anne 

Wadlow, of Brewliam, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At Brewham, 

Tellisford or AVolverton, 17 Aug. 1702. 
Powell, James, of Bristol, wine-cooper, and Alice Higgens, of Bed- 
minster, wid. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 Nov. 

Powell, William, of Lyng, widower, and Mary Moggett, of Bristol, 

sp. 10 July 1700. 
Powell, William, of Shepton Mallet, yeom., batchelor, and Ann Bryant 

of the same, sp. At B. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, 19 May 

Power, John, of Bristol, gent., and Ann Cathedral, of Englishcombe, 

sp., aged 25 ; no parents. At Englishcombe, 21 March 

PoYUEN, Thomas, of Croscombe, clothier, and Jane Zealij of the same, 

wid. 4 ()(t. 1718. 
PoYDON, Philip, of Croscombe, clothier, and Joane Hayse, of 

Wanstrow, sp., aged 28 ; mother cons. At Cloford, 16 Sept. 

PoYNTER, Robert, of Wraxall, tanner, batchelor, and Martha Smith- 
field of the same, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 9 Apr. 1751. 
PoYNTiNG, Caleb, of Midsomer Norton, yeom., and Edith Lambert, 

of Doulting, SJ1., aged 2'6 ; parents cons. At Doulting, Midsomer 

Norton, Emborrow, Wells or Frome, 3 May 1722. 
PoYNTiNG, alias Smith, Richard, of Pilton, tailor, and Alice Millard, 

of Wells, sp., aged 26 ; no parents. At Glastonbury, Croscombe, 

AVells, Dinder or Compton Martin, 8 Aug. 1713. 
PoYNTiNGE, John, of Sheptou Mallet, blacksmith, and Frizey Bryant 

of the same, sp., aged 23 ; father cons. At Doulting, 8 July 

PoY'NTON, John, of Croscombe, clothier, batchelor, and Elizabeth 

\Vason of the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 15 Dec. 1750. 
PoYNTON, Stephen, of Bruton {i), and Ann Davis, of East Pennard, sp. ; 

parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Bruton, 

Doulting or Redlynch, . . . , 1689. 
PoYNTZ, WiUiam, of Mells, gent., and Mary Strode, ».t Stuke Lane, 

sp., aged 21; mother cons. Bdm. Cornelius Cutlci, i»{ Stoke 

Lane, cordwainer. At Stoke Lane, 14 June 1704. 
PoYNTZ, Strode, of Mells, cloth worker, and Hannah Millard, of 

Corsley, sp., aged 24 ; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

11 July 1726. 
PoYNTZ, James, of Sheptou Mallet, clothworker, bati'helor, and Mary 

Sledge of the same, sp. 22 S(^pt. 1718. 
Praonkll, James, of Marston liigott, clothworker and Margaret 

Mills of the same, wid. At Marston Bigott or the Cathedral, 

Wells, 15 Nov. 1725. 
Prangle, John, of Kingweston, yeom., batchelor, and Sarah Pester, 

of Somerton, sp., daughter of John Pester the elder, of Somer- 

ton, innholder. At Somerton, 29 July 1754. 

.1 N , r| 

/ • 

/ . .-i,v ; ■ 1" :>. • a. 

3ii8 MAPJtiAcE lici-:ncks in riiK 

Prankard, James, of Stoke Trister, and Mary Combe, of Wincanton, 

21 Apr. 1709. 
Prankard, Tlionias, of Martock, husb., and Mary Lavor of the same, 

sp. At S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, 19 Sept. 1710. " 
Prankerd, Thomas, of Stoke Trister, and Hannah Thick of the same, 

sp. At Charlton Horethorne, 4 Apr. 1730. 
Prankkri), liobert, of Martock, yeom., and Agnes Pipe of the same, 

sp. At Martock, 12 ,jan. 1679-80. 
Prankett, Thutnus, of Stoke Bayford, maltster, and Martha Urne 

of the same, sj)., age.d 29 ; parents cons. At Croscombe or Doul- 

ting, 22 June 1726.^ 
Prankett, Thomas, of Stoke sub Hambdon, yeom., and Joan Chaffy 

of the same, sp. Bdm. John ChalTy, of YeovU, mercer. At 

Yeovil, 5 June 1711. 
Pratt, William, of Preston, and Hannah Lockier, of Limington, sp. 

At ^'eovil, . . . 1709. 
Pratt, William, of East Har])tree, clothworker. and Charity Shepherd, 

of Bristol, wid. Bdm. \\'illiam Webb, of Pensford. At Publow, 

4 Aug. 170(). 
Pratten, Thonuis, of Kilmersdon, cordwainer, and Elizabeth Obourne 

of the sanu!, sp., aged 24 ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's or the 

Cathedral, Wells, 12 June 172(). 
Pratten, John, of Stoke Lane, worsted-comber, and Elizabeth Stone 

of the same, sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

20 Jan. 1712-13. 
Pratten, John, of Stoke Lane, weaver, and Sarah Combes, of Donyatt, 

sp. At Stoke Lane or Donyatt, 1 March 1727-8. 
Pratten, James, of Wells, baker, and Ann Tucker of the same, sp. 

At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 3 July 1728. 
Prattent, Jtjshua, of Stoke Lane, cordwainer, and Mary Walter, of 

Batcombe, sp. At Bruton, 2 Jan. 1745-6. 
Pratton, William, of Colford, in Kilmersdon, chandler, and Margaret 

Ihadltj, of \'()bster, in Mells, sp., aged 19 ; parents cons. At the 

Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 4 Sept. 1704. 
Pratton, John, of Colford, in Kilmersdon, baker, and Ann Vigor of 

the same, sp., aged 23 ; mother cons. At the Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 20 Apr. 1704. 
Pratton, William, of CDlford, in Kilmersdon, tallow-chandler, and 

Margaret Bradlci/, of \'obster, in Mells, sp., aged 20 ; parents cons. 

Bdm. John Bradley, of Vobster, husb. 4 Sept. 1704. 
Preevest, Tousaint, of Wells, barber, and Sarah Pearse of the same, 

sp. f) Sept. 1726. 
I'rkscoti', Jami'M, of Norton Si. I'liilip, ycMun., and Ann Parsons, of 

MidsonuT Norlou, sp., aged 27 ; pai'enls cons. At Midsomer 

Norton, Pri.slon, Dunkerton or Ivadstock, 2 Apr. 1726. 
Presley, William, of Pensford, maltster, and Frances Prilchards, 

of Keynsham, sp. Bdm. Thomas Jones, of Keynsham, tiler, and 

John Piitchards, of Keynsham. At Publow, 14 March 



Prkston, John, of Keuu, yeom., and Martlia Tucker, of Backwell, 
wid. At 8. Cutlil)eit'.s, Wi'Us, 1 Dec 1708. | Married tlicro same 
dat<^, ri'i/c Parish lii'uistcr. | 
PiiKsroN, John White, of Stanton ])rew, yeoni., and Grace Curtis of 

the same, sj)., aged 'J7. At Hedmiiister, 30 Nov. 1728. 
Phl;ston, John \Vn;^ht [? White], of Stanton Drew, widower, and 
Mary Sheppard, of i^>ercreerli, sp. At Bruton or West Cranmore, 
19 Jan. 173940. 
Prkw, Francis, of 'I'aimton, dyer, and Hannah Burges, of West Pen- 
nard, sp., aged 'JO ; mother cons. At S. Cntlibert's, Wells, 4 June 
Prkw, Thomas, of St. Benedict's, Olastonbnry, gent., and Elizabeth 
Woollen, of St. John's, (Jlastonbury, wid. At the Cathctlral, 
Wells, or West Pennard, 14 Dec. 1728. 
Prkw, John, of llunlspill, yeom., and Jane Pirn of the same, sp., aged 
28 ; no parents. At Hm\t.spill, Bawdrip, Wedniore or C'hedzoy, 
14 Oct. 1724. 
Prkw, John, of Middlezoy, and Mehor Bastnhle. Bdm. Richard Bas- 
table, of Middlezoy, her father. At Moorlinch, Ashcott or Weston 
Zoyland, 28 Apr. 1704. 
Prew, John, of St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton, fuller, and Deborah 
Wyat of the same, sp. Bdni. Abraliam Prew, of Martock, tinker, 
and Thomas Withy, of Somerton, gardener. At Martock, 5 May 
PuKW, ITenry, of Somerton, tailor, and Mary Adama of the same, sp., 
age(l 25'; mother cons. At S. ( 'uthbi;rt's. Wells, or (!l:istonbury, 
f) Aug. 1080. 
I'uni:, Lawren<'e, of the cit v of (iloncester, gent., and Tatherinc Ludlow, 
of Bath, wid. I'ldm. Thomas Milsom, of Bath, imdiolder. At 
Batheaston, 24 Apr. 1735. 
PrK'K, Jolm, Kector of Priston, and Emma CJatherall, of Englishcombe, 
s])., aged 28. At Karnd)orongh, Priston, Dunkerton or Stratton 
on the lAisse, 8 Jan. 172 1-5. 
ri;h'K, Owen, of l>h-w iMorriii, in the Isle of Anglesey, sailor, and 
iM-amcs /'/■;///, of Bridgwater, wid. At liridgwater. 17 Nov. 1711. 
I'Ric'K, John, of Wells, currier, and Mary Pratten, sp., agxnl 21 ; parents 

cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Wookey, 29 Nov. 1700. 

Prickman, John, of Shipham, yeom., and Sarah Edtjliill, of Winseombe, 

sp., aged 27 ; mother cons., father dead. At Shipham, Winseombe 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 24 June 1721. 

Prickman, John, of Shipham, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Hemberry, 

of Compton Bishop, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 4 Aug. 1749. 

Prickman, Thomas, and Charity Masse. Bdm. William Ellis. At 

Shipham, Brockley, Easton or Corston, . . . 1675. 
Pricknell, William, younger, of Bridgwater, gent., and Henrietta 
Rolle, of Sliapwic'k. Bdm. Thomas Conev, of Chedzoy, clerk. 
At Bawdrip, 18 Mav 170(). 
Priddlk, Thomas, of Trowbridge, co. Wilts, and Rebecca Singer, of 
Frome Selwood, wid. At Marston Bigott, 27 Dec. 1721. 


Priddle, Joliii, of Frome Sehvood, clothier, ami Ann Beere of the same, 

sp. 22 Oct. 1718. 
Priddle, John, of Tintenhull, yeoni., and Ami liai/lie, of Miiclielney, 

sp., aged 20 ; father cons. At Jialtonsborough, Northcjver or 

Glastonbury, . . . 1686. 
Priddle, John, of Tintenhull, hush., batcholor, and Mary Bailey, of 

Martock, sp. At Martock, 8 Sept. 1755. 
Pride, Thomas, of Shepton Montague, tanner, batclu^lor, aged 21, 

and Sarah Witddcn, of East Charlton, sp., aged 21. At S. ("uth- 

bert's or the (^ithetlral. Wells, 27 Jan. 1745-6. 
Priest, Edward, of Philongieigh (FillongleyJ, co. Warwick, batchelor, 

and Hester Richardson, of Uphill, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

29 Sept. 1740. 
Priest, Thomas, of St. Marv Magdalen, Taunton, a dissenter from 

Ihe Church of I'viigland calh'd (^)uaktMs, widower, and Marv l)in- 

/idiit of (he sanu\ s|)., both ovi'r 21 )-ears. 16 Se|)t. 1735. 
I'uKicJ, William, of Long Ashton, tailor, anil Penelope Rvinudc of the 

sanu^ At Norton Malreward, 6 Aug. 17U5. 
Prigu, William, of Lojig Ashton, tailor, and Diana Nelntes of the same, 

sp., aged 23 ; mother cons. At Dundry, 3 March 1678-9. 
Prin, William, of Bath, coachman, and Ann Bennett of the same, sp., 

aged 32. At Bathwick, or ... , 13 Sept. 1718. 
Prince, Richard, of Wells, tailor, wid., and Sarah Stride of the same, 

sp. At Wed more or S. (?uthbert's, Wells, 13 Oct. 1749. 
Pring, Eijeh, of Bradford, batchelor, and L;etitia Morris, of Bishops 

Hull, sp. At Bishops Hull, 25 Jan. 1755. 
PuiN'GNiTH, William, of Wells, tailor, and Edborah Tucker of the same, 

wid. At East Pennard, West Harptree or Chew "Stoke, 25 July 

Printer, Robert, of Charterhouse Hinton, and Elizabeth Marchant 

of the same, wid. At Norton St. Philip, 28 Jan. 1729-30. 
Prior, Joseph, of Stoke Lane, cordwainer, and Mary Parker of the 

sanu\ sp. At I'ilm, 21 July 1711. 
I'uioK, .lohn, ol WiMiibdoii, yeom., widowei', anil Jane Toor of the 

same, sp. .At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, 22 March 

Pru)K, Sampson, of Leigh upon Mendip, broadweaver, and Mary Thick, 

of h'rome Selwoi.d, wid. At . . . , 13 Oct. 1732. 
I'KKtK, William, of Bridgwater, nuMccr, and Marv Younq, sp. 9 Sept. 

Prior, Richard, of Dundry, freemason, ami Rachell H7^ri^% of the same, 

sp., aged 48. Bdm. Job Brock, of Dundry, husb. At Dumlry, 

13 June 1681. 
Prisoott, Henry, of Norton St. Philip, mason, and Lydia Hall, of 

Wellow, wid. At Wellow or Combe Hay, 6 Nov. 1728. 
Priston, Nicholas, of Weare, husb., and Alice Trout of the same, sp., 

■ aged 23; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 6 Sept. 1705. 
Priston, John, of Clevedon, yeom., and Sarah Kingstune, of Nailsea, 

wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 22 Sept. 1687. 

; 7 , . 

I f. ii 

: I ,-■■, 

> I 

DfocKSh: OF iJA'rir and wells. :}:^1 

Pritchaiid, William, of Bath, and Marv Webb of the same. At Twer- 
ton, 10 Doc. 1722. 
Procter, Alexander, of Priston. yeom., and Elizabeth Cridland sp. 

At . . . , 7 Dec. 1705. 
Prosskk, Chai-los, of Croscombe, and Sarah Browne of the same, sp., 

aged 22 ; father cons. Bdm. Charles Prosser and John Stone 

of Croscombe. At Croscombe or Binegar, G Dec. 1715. 
Prossor, John, of Bath, stableman, and Mary Sheppnrd of the same, 

aged 28 ; no paretits. At Bath or South' Stoke, 23 Julv 1728. 
Prousio, William, of Newton St. Loe, cordwainer, and Dorothy Weaver 

of the .same, sp. At Newton St. Loe, If) Aug. 1728. 
Provice, Thomas, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Ann Phcmlet/, of 

Pilton, wid. At West Pennard, Ditcheat or S. Cuthbert's, Wells 

6 July 1(578. 
Pkovi.s, Joseph, of Shepton Mallet, clothworker, and Edith Hays of 

the same, sp. ,'} |<\d). l72r)-(). 
1'kovis, William, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Amy Pool, of Clutton, 

sp., aged 22 ; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, or Clutton, 

i March 1701-2. 
Provis, John, of Yarlington, yeom., and Elizabeth Leversich, of Black- 
ford, sp. 31 July 1712. 
l*ROWSK, John, of ]5ath, and Elizabeth Stokes of the same. At Bath 

or Bathwick, 7 Aug. 1721. 
PuLLKN, William, of Baltonsborough, husb., and Ann Uutchings of 

the same, sp., aged 30. At Butleigh or Baltonsborough, 31 March 

PuLMAN, James, oi St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton barber, and Sarah 

Dare of the same, sp. .it Sfaplegrove or Trull, ID Jan. l()77-8. 
PuNKiKM), Joseph, of Locking, liusl)., and Mnry Sava(jc, of Woile, sp. 

At Worle, ID Jan. 1729-30. 
PuppiN, Thomas, of High Ham, husb., and Elizabeth Mtrriott, sp., 

aged 34 ; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 Dec. 1670. 
PuRLE, Richard, of Holcombe, husb., and Elizabeth Sellway, sp., aged 

28 ; parents cons. At Holcombe or Binegar, 27 July 1705. 
PuRNELL, Joseph, of Camertou, veom., and Joane Webber of the same, 

aged 26. At S. Cuthbert's,' Wells, 3 Dec. 1708. [Married there 

that date, vide Parish Register.] 
PtTRNELL, Isaac, of High Littleton, hatchelor, and Hannah Whitaker, 

of Clutton, sp. Bdm. John Tvler, of Clutton. 20 Mav 1740. 
PiTu.NELL, John, of Ilallatrow, in High Littleton, gent., batchelor, and 

Hester Lansdoivn, of Wellow, sp., aged 26. At Bedminster, 5 Dec. 

PuRNELL, William, of West Harptree, maltster, and Aim Millard of 

the same, sp., aged 30; parents cons. 2 Feb. 1722-3. 
PuRNELL, Joseph, of Portbury, husb., and .\nne Lott'/ of the same, sp. 

At Clapton, 22 Oct. 17 IL 
PiiRNELL, John, of Wraxall,, and Elizabeth Crad// of the 

same, sp. At (!liclvey liarrow (Jurney, or Winsford, 14 Jan. 



i I : .: 'I . -no 


PuRNELL, Robert, of Cluttoti, husb., and Jane Heare of the same, sp., 

aged 24 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 13 May 1706. 
PuRNKLL, James, of Chew Magna, carpenter, and Elizabeth Warden 

of the same, sp. Bdni. .lolm riiriu'll, of Chew Magna, his father. 

At Bedmiiister, 13 Nov. 173'_'. 
PuuNKLi., William, of Stoke Lane, .stocking-maker, and Ann Clavey, 

of Batcondje, sp. Bdm. Edward Pnrnell, yeom. At Donyatt, 

Milton Clevedon or Sheptoii Mallet, 11 Oct. 1733. 
PuRNELL, John, of Shepton Mallet, woolcomber, and Alice Stone of 

the same, sp. ; mother cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 13 May 

PiuiNELL, Joseph, of Portbury, yeom., and Mary Gooden, sp. 9 Feb. 

PuRNKLL, John, of Hallowtrow, in High Littleton, gent., and Ann 

Humphnjs of the same, wid., aged 23 ; mother cons. At High 

Littleton, 13 Oct. 1713. 
PuRNELL, Fisher, of IMidsoiner Norton, gent., and Ann Pnrnell, of High 

Littleton, aged 21. At Midsomer Norton, Chilcompton, Binegar 

or Litton, 1 Dec. 1715. 
PuRNELL, Abel, of Farrington, yeom., and Grace Goold of the same, 

sp. Bdm. William Goold, of Ston Easton. At Chewtou, Far- 
rington or Ston Easton. 14 Nov. 1681. 
PuRNicLL, Isaac, of Stoke Lane, yeom., batchelor, and Elizabeth Cox 

of the same, sp. At Stoke Lane, 29 Sept. 1755. 
PuSEY, Benjamin, of Brislington, ropemaker, and Christian Robins 

of the same, wid. At Beilminster, 3 Oct. 1732. 
PuxTON, Robert, of Holton, yeom., ami Elizabeth Di/er, of North 

Cheriton, s|). ; parents cons. At North Cheriton, Limington or 

West Charh^ton, 16 Apr. 1()8(). 
Pvic, Abraham, of Wellow, and Mary Withers, of Combe Hay. 2 Sept. 

Pyne, Thomas, of Bristol, merchant, and Mary Baron, of Taunton, 

sp. ; mother cons. At Taunton, Minehead," Bradford or Wellinfr- 

ton, 7 Oct. 1719. 
PvNN, William, of Shcpton Montague, and Jane Canj, of Barton David, 

s])., aged 22; father cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 7 Oct. 1710. 
Pysing, Jefl'ery, of Taunton, gent., and Elizabeth Procter. 12 Jan 

QuANCE, Edward, of Kilmington, husb., and Mary Worn, of Batcombe 

sp. At Batcombe, 1 Oct. 1745. 
QuANTOCK, Thomas, of South Brent, and Susanna Montague, of Mark, 

sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At Berrow, 25 Oct. 1690. 
QuARLL, Peter, of North Petherton, husb., and Mary Philivs sp. 
22 Nov. 1711. -^ r . 1 

QuARMAN, Abraham, of Templecombe, and Martha Cool; of Chilton 

27 Nov. 1724. 
QuARMAN, Thomas, of Temple, in Cameley, coalminer, batchelor, and 

Hannah Buwles, of Higli Littleton, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells 

a Feb, 1734-5, 

", ;.:.J.' :•' '■■■...? kiUs 


QuAHMAN, Joseph, of Cainelev, yi^om. and innholder, widower, and 

Rachael Dix, of Litton, sp. ' At Litton, 25 July 1748. 
QuARRKLL, Thomas, of Bridgwater, gent., and Sarah Gardner of the 

same, sp., aged 23 ; father cons. 3 May 1720. 
QuKLL, Robert, of Frome Selwood, clotli worker, and Mcllior Shepherd 

of the same. 3 Dec. 1708. 
Quick, Richard, of Bnridiam, widower, and Sarali Bird of the same, 

s)). At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 4 A])r. 1738. 
QuiCKi:, Alexander, of Barrington, widower, and Sarah Gale, of Staple- 
grove, sp., aged 40. At Staplegrove, Taunton St. James, or 

Barrington, 1 Aug. 1677. 
Quu'KE, Robert, of Wells, notary public, and Frances Heath ' of the 

same, sp. At 8. Cuthbert's, Wells, 30 May 1674. 
Racey, Samuel, of Walcot, gent., batchelor, and Haimali Lewis of the 

same, sp. At Walcot, 16 May 1755. 
RAnFOiU), (George, of Chew Magna, husb., and Jane ]\'i/cox of the 

same, sp., aged 21 ; ])arents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

22 Sept. 1723. 
Radford, John, of Emborrow, yeom., and Susanna Wilcox of the 

same, sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 8 Jan. 

Radfokd, George, of Meare, husb., and Elizabeth Soiiicrs of the same, 

s|). Bdm. John I'inkard, of Walton, husb., and Stephen Edwards, 

of Sonu'rton, cooper. 21 Se|t(. 1715. 
Radkc^ri), William, of Norton sub llambtlon, yeom. and Anna (\>zens, 

of Castle Carv, sp., aged 26 : mother cons. At Castle Gary, 

21 Apr. 1714. " 
Radford, George, of Chew Stoke, clothier, and Christian Sams, of 

of Dundry, wid. At Marksbury or Norton Malreward, . . . , 

Radford, John, clerk. Vicar of Butleigh, and P^lizabeth Webb of the 

same, sp., aged 34. At Butleigh, Baltonsborough or elsewhere, 

25 Apr. 1678. 
Radford, Henry, of Bruton, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Flimjer of 

the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 25 June 1750. 
Rakk, John, of Holcombe, clerk, batchelor, and Elizabeth Ames of 

the same, sp. At lIolc(nnbe, Stratton or Kilmersdon, 7 March 

Raleigh, Isaac, c)f Mailborough, co. Wilts, cooper, and Mary Whitty, 

of Frome Selwood, sp., aged 27 ; mother cons. At Fronie or 

Elm, 24 Dec. 1706. 
Rall, George, of Bedniinster, gent., and Elizabeth Wanslei) of the same, 

sp. At Brislington or Burnett, 5 Dec. 1745. 
Randkl, James, of Biidgwater, tailor, and Jane Pa<]e of the same, 

sp. At Bridgwater or Chilton, 27 Apr. 1704. 
KandI'.ll, Alcxanilcr, of West Camel, yeom., and Catherine Ilen- 

(ii>roii\ of (^)u('('n Cani(>l, sp., aged 10; no parents. At (i)ue(>n 

Camel, 3 Nov. 1720. 

' S. Culhl)'« I'iiiisl] Iti'^islcr, L' Jan. 1712:, w. of Mr. KuhcrL 
(^^iiifkc, Imricd. I7IM, A|Hil 20, KolnTl- t^.iiick, (if ('Imiahiiliiiu Stix'ot, biiriud. 

■■tl» '.l;J'.fMfV; ! 

!'-■ .. ;• .'"ii 


Randell, Richard, of Briiton, sergemaker, and Margaret Moore of 

the same, sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At Piteoinbe, Milton or 

Hratton, 24 Juno Kl^l. 
Randkll, Benjamin, of North Cheriton, gent., aged 20, and Ann 

Hannant, of Ditclieat, sp., aged I ft ; parents cons. Bdni. Peter 

lligdon, of Nortli Cheriton, husb. At North Cheriton, Horn- 

blotton or Alford, 2 Aug. 1680. 
Randkll, Alexander, of West Camel, gent., and Dorothy Martin of 

the same, sp., aged 30. 31 Aug. 1681. 
Randkll, John, of Litton, batchelor, aged 20, and Mary Wrapell, of 

Chew Magna, sp., aged 21. At (Miow Magna, Hinton Blewett, 

Stowey or East Marptree. 16 March 1711-5. 
Randi:ll, see also Rayndioll. 
Randolph, Jienjaniin, of Bristol, soap-boiier, and Joane CoUins, of 

Alnisford, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. .\t Almsford, Sliepton 

Montague or Ditcheat, 5 June 1704. 
Randolph, Francis, of Beckington, clothier, and Ann Uorler of the 

same, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At 8. C-uthbi'rt's, Wells, 

. . . 1705. 
Ranjikle, Thomas, of All Saints, Evesham, co. Worcester, batchelor, 

and Ann James, of Wells, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 14 Feb. 

Ransom K, Matthew, ol Compton Pauncefoot, victualler, and Mary 

Wise of the same, sp. At Maperton, 26 Dec. 1710. 
Rasky, Thomas, of Bathfonl, batchelor, and Sarah Sheppard, of 

Box, CO. Wilts, sp. At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 17 May 

Rattlk, John, of Winscombe, gardener, and Elizabeth Gulle.r of the 

same, s]). ;\t Winscondx", 12 Oct. 1717. 
Raw, I'jduard, of llminster, clothier, and Mary Pratickctt. ol Wincanton, 

sp. At Chailton 1 lorethorne, Odcondie or ....... . 1()86. 

Ravvlkkjh, William, of Priston. and Ann Liijht, of Norton Malreward, 

sp. At Camerton, 7 Feb. 1715-16. 
Ra\vlk.s, Philip, of She{)ton Mallet, coojier, and Joane (Ifding, of the 

Liberty of St. Andrew's, Wells, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

25 Sept. 1711. 
Rawles, John, of Shepton Mallet, cooper, and Elizabeth Moxham, 

of Frome Selwood, sp., aged 26 ; father cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 14 Feb. 1705-6. 
Rawles, John, t)f Shepton Mallet, cooper, and Susannah Cornish, of 

Chewton Mendip, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 Dec. 1703. 
Rawles, JY'ter, of Ashcott, husb., and Susanna Chaplin, wid. 6 May 

Rawlins, John, of Stogursey, soap-boiler, and Hannah Hodges, of 

Croscond)e, wid. At Croscombe, the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, . . . 1708. 
IIawlins, Thomas, of Wells, and Mary Simes of the same, sp. 21 Julv 


'il ?l 

1 '/■I 

.w » 

'..i;^ i'i'io 

lii t ' ,\ .. 

. 1,1/1 W'l 


' ■' 

f / 


1 - ' 

; , I.- 

i' f 

!.;; ■('■; 
I '■■Hi J 

iV. •■ "^Tii'^i*' » ' ■ 

J' ■:■■ 

", ■ ■ ,.u 


Rawlins, James, of Ditcheat, liusb., and Jane Smith of the same, sp., 

aged 23 ; panMits cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Ditcheat, 

30 Apr. 1702. 
Rawlins, Robert, of Charlton Adam, cordwainer, and Ann Gilletl of 

the same, sp., agetl 25 ; no parents. At 8. Cnthbert's, Wells, 

1<S Marrh 1727-8." 
Rawlins, William, of Bath, and Elizabeth Fowler of the same, sp. At 

Twerton or Corston, 23 July 1726. 
Rawlins, John, of Babcary, yeom., and Mary Beaton of the same. 

20 Nov. 1712. 
Rawlins, Zabulon, of Swainswick, and Sarah Tilhj, of Langridge. At 

Kelston, K) May 1751. 
Rawlins, Thomas, of Stoke Lane, coalminer, and Sarah Hamlin, of 

Kihnersdon, sp., aged 20 ; father cons. .Vt Kilmersdon or Wells, 

7 Aug. 1716. 
Rawlins, William, clerk, Vicar of Stockland, near Bristol, batchelor, 

and Jane Card, of Burnham, sp., aged 17. Bdm. Winchcomb 

Nooth, notarv public, of Wells. K) May 1743. 
Raymond, John, of Stogursey, tailor, and Elizabeth Marshall, of 

Pawlett, wid. At S. Cuthbert\s, Wells. 3 Nov. 1707. 
Raymond, William, of Kingsdon, \eom., antl Elizabeth Farly of the 

same, sp. 17 Apr. 1729. 
Raymond, George, of Kingsdon, yeom., anil Rachel LwA; of the same, 

sp., aged 2(i. At St. John's, (IJaslonburv, 1 Jan. 1725-(;. 
RAVAU)Nn, William, of Northover, gent., and h'dizabeth Smith, of Kings- 
don, wid. At Northo\-cr, Kingsdon, llclicster. Long Sutton, 

Cliiirlton .Mackerel or Charlton .\daiii, 12 Ai)r. 1701. 
Raymond, Joseph, of Mill)orn<' Port, and Sarah Oliver. At Milborne 

i'ort, 17 June 1717. 
ICwNDiOLL, S;iniiK'l (signal uic Kan Dill, l), of l.i\ng, yeoni., and Ann 

Kt/rle of the same, sp., ai^ed 30 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 7 Sept. 1721. 
Raynkk, John, of Lydeard St. Jjawrence, yeom., batchelor, and Eliza- 
beth Dashtrood, of Stogumber, sp. At Bicknoller or Sampford 

Arundel, 22 Apr. 17K). 
Raynks, John, of Mells, husb., and Mary Strode of the same, sp., aged 

24. Bdm. Edward Strode, of Mells, her father. At Mells, Chew- 

t(jn, Binegar or Wells, 18 Jan. 1728-9. 
Raynkv, William, of Hnrrington, yeom., and Mary I)i/er of the same, 

sp., aged 23; father cons. At Burrington, 31 Aug. 1721). 
Raynon, alias Bkynolus, Francis, of Blagdon, yeom., and Susanna 

Broad, of Ublev, sp., aged 41. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 2 Mav 

Rayson, William, of Martock, yeom., and Joaiie Alford, of Stoke sub 

Hambdon, sp., aged 30. ' At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 March 

.Razky, Robert, of Bathford, husb., batchelor, and Ann Strange, of 

Wick, in Abson, co. Glouc, sp. At Bathford or Holcombe 

Rogus [in CO. Devon], 13 Oct. 1755. 

:,, I ■Tr/jh ; -"i ;• : ;■ P ., ,^'a '^, '.l ;'r 

1 V , i 


Read, Henry, of Backwell, carpenter, and Elizabeth Horwood, dau. 

of William Horwood, of Jiaekwell, who applied. At Baekwtsll, 

13 Dec. 1707. 
Read, John, of Godjiey, in Meare, hush., and Mary Jones of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At "the C'athetiral or S. Cuthbert'.s, Wells, 2() Feb. 

Reao, John, of \\'ello\v, yeom., and Ann Daiv, of Norton St. Philip, 

sp., aged l'(). At Wellow or South Stoke, 21 Dec. 1729. 
Rkad, Thomas, of Road, and l^llizabeth Davis of tlie same, sp. At 

Frome, 4 Sept. 1737. 
Read, John, the elder, (jf Wells, cordwainer, and Mary Merejield of 

the same, wid. At S. Ciithbert's, Wells, 3 June 1712. 
Read, Nicholas, of Weston Zoyland, and Ann Staple of the same, 

will. Bdm. John Staple, of Weston Zoyland, yeom. At Weston 

Zoyland, 2 Sept. 1708. 
Read, Samuel, of Wells, clothier, and Anne Fettiplace of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, . . . 1G87. 
Read, John, of Chaiiton Mu.sgrove, luisb., and Hester King, of Maper- 

ton, sp. 15(hn. Richard Paul, of Wincanton, glover. At Charlton 

Musgrove, 19 ]\Iay 1()81. 
Read, Richard, of Chillington, husb., batchelor, and Peternall 

Harris, of Dinnington, sp. At Uinnington, 9 Dec. 1755. 
Read, Thomas, of Templecombe, and Ann Waile, of Horsington, wid. 

. . . 1746. 
Read, see also Reed and Reid. 
Reade, Robert, of Wells, batchelor, and Mary Cattle, of Yeovil, sp. 

At Yeovil, 20 May 1755. 
Reade, William, of St. James, Taunton, sergemaker, and Anne Searle 

of the same, sp. Rdm. James Clilbert, of Wells, gent. At Cheddon 

Fitz Paine, Trull or Beere, 13 Oct. 1673. 
Reddy, William, of Wick St. Lawrence, and Sarah Pearce of the same. 

At Loi'king or Worle, 22 Dec. 1707. 
Redman, George, of Bath, tailor, and Elizabeth Glass of the same, 

sp., aged 25. At ClaNcrton, Bath wick or Twerton, . . . Nov. 1704., Walter, of Hatii, and Kli/.abcth Godwin of the same, sp. At 

SS. Peter and I'aul, IJath, C'lavertmi or Bathwick, fi Jan. 1703-4. 
Redman, Thomas, of Hedminster, yeom., batchelor, and Ann Addanis 

of the same, sj). At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 1 Feb. 1747-8. 
Redwood, Thomas {sign( d i^inour), of Frome, cordwainer, and Frances 

Monjan of the same, sp., aged 19 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's 

or tiie Cathedral, Wells, I Jan. 1711-12. 
Hked, John, of Wick St. Lawrence, yeom., and Mary Thetcher, of Con- 

gresbury, aged 25 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 9 Apr. 

Reed, William, of St. John's, Glastonbury, yeom., and Elizabeth 

Dodcrcll, of Shepton Mallet, wid. At Shcpton Mallet, Doulting, 

East Pennard, (ilastoid)ury or I'ilton, 2 Sept. 1721. 
Ki':ki), William, of Wraxall, yeom., and Marv I'Jnu'nj of the same, sp., 

aged 30; no parents. At A.xbridge, 2 Feb. 1718-19. 

1-0 In ' .•■ 

'f I:-' ,..t- 

■ • . . / i ; ' 


Rkkd, William, of High Ham, yeoin., and Margaret Shcrren of the same, 
sp., aged 28; mother cons. At the Cathedral or 8. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 8 Sei)t. 1703. 
Rioici), Ricliard, of Portbury, yeom., and Grace Oldman of the same, 
sp., aged 28 ; no parents. At Kaston in Gordano, 1 March 1727-8. 
Reed, John, of Chew Stoke, yeom., and Elizabeth Coombes of the same, 

sp. ; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, 11 Apr. 1727. 
Reed, Edmond, of West Pennard, yeom., and Susannah Curtis, of 

Chewton Mendip, sp., aged 20. At East Pennard, East Lydford 

or Chewton Mendip, . . . 1685. 
Reed, Richard, of Stowell, husb., and Diana Hickes, of Moorliuch, 

sp., aged 27. At Moorlincli, Stoke, Chilton or Edington, 2 Apr. 1686. 
Reed, Francis, of Stringston, husb., and Sarah Grimes of the same, sp. ; 

no parents. At Stogumber, Croscombe, Bagborough, Ashcott 

or Lydeard St. Lawrence, 2-1 July 1689. 
Reed, William, of St. James, Taunton, and Ann Di/er, alias Lawrence 

of the same, sp. Bdni. William Reed, Martin Colborne and John 

Clement. At West Monckton, . . . 1(575. 
Reeu, see also Read and Reid. 
Reede, Gundcry, of Wells, an<l Joane Benjord of the same, wid. At 

Burrington, Wrington or Blagdon, 12 . . . 1()78. 
Reeks, Joseph, of Yeovil, yeom., an<l Elizabeth W ills of the same, sp. 

Bdm. Henry Penny of the same, yeom. 13 July 1715. 
Reeks, John, of Yeovil, saddler, and Elizabeth Clicsjiian of the same, 

sp. At Yeovil, 14 Apr. 1707. 
Reeks, William, and Mary Gi/les, of East CV)ker. At East Coker or 

Sutton Bingham, 26 "june 1680. 
Reej.e, William, of Batcombe, and Fran((!s Li/on, of Lympsham, sp. 

lidm. Henry Reele, his father. 5 Nov. 1718. 
K'eics, Steplien, of Bristol, haberdasher of hats, and Sarah Crane, of 

Bcdminster, sp. At Brislington or Burnett, 10 Oct. 1736. 
Rees, Joseph, batchelor, and Joanna Ceorge, of (Vmgresbury, sp. 

Bilm. John Willmott, of Congresbury, yeom. At Congresbury, 

16 Sept. 1737. 
Reeve, John, of Wick St. Lawrence, yeom., and Martha Ileminys of 

the same, sp., aged 22 ; no parents. At Congresburv, 13 Jan. 

Reeves, John, of East Pennard, and Sarah Boles, of West Pennard, 

sp., aged -10. 31 Dec 1720. 
Rioiovios, William, of East Lydford, butcher, and Mary /fall, of P^ast 

Pennard, s[)., aged 30. At Hornljlotlon or I'^ast Pennard, . . . 

Reeves, William, of East Pennard, yeom., batchelor, and Sarah Wood- 
bury, of Gillingham, Dorset, sp. Bdm. John Reeves, of East 

Pennard, yeom. At Gillingham, South Brewham, Penselwood 

or Charlton Musgrove, 14 Nov. 1751. 
"Reeves, William, of Paulton, carrier, widower, and Hester StocJc, of 

What ley, \vi<l. At Paulton, Whatley or the Cathedral, Wells, 

15 June 1753. 

A vi" ■ni; 

/,' ] ,1 ,,0,;.i..'l .' -A?: 

\:(\ '■>: ()• 



Reevks, Thomas, of East. Peiuiard, hosier, ])atchdor, aiul Anna Coo'})er 

of the same, sp. At l*:ast IVnnanl, 9 Feb. 1751. 
Rkkvks, Kobcrt, of Westwood, Wills, ( lothwoiker, and Hester Murly, 

of Ehn, sj). Hdni. Hichard Harflet, of West Pennard, eloth- 

woricer. At Frome Selwood, U Feb. 170«-9. 
Rekvks, John, of Fast Pennard, yeom., and l*riseilla Phippen of the 

same, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At East Pennard, Doiilting or 

Pill, 12 Sept. 1713. 
Rkkvks, William, of East Pennard, and Alice Uiqdon of the same, sp., 

upwards of 30 years ; no parents. At East Pennard, Pill or 

Pilton, . . . 1()89'. 
Reeves, Thomas, of Wraxall, husb., and Mary Welshman of the same, 

sp., aged 19 ; parents cons. At St. John's, Glastonbury, or else- 
where, 21: June 1684. 
Reeves, James, of East Pennard, husb., and Jane Reeves of the same, 

sp. ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 6 June 1709. (Not 

granted because he refused to swear to the consent of friends.) 
Reeves, William, of West Pennard, woolcomber, batchclor, and Mary 

Null, of Pilton, sp. At S. Cuthbert's or tlie Cathedral, Wells, 

IG Nov. 17-lG. 
Reeves, Nathaniel, of Queen Camel, and Ann Winter of the same. 

At Sutton Montague, 9 Feb. 1747-8. 
Reid, James, and Mary Gibhs, of Maik, wid. . . . 1707. 
Rknnells, Samuel, of Bradford, co. Wilts, mason, and Elizabeth 

Hall, of Kilmcrsdon, sp. At Kilmersdon, 17 Jan. 172H-9. 
Rexfoiid, George, of Yeovil, yeom., and Joan Spender of the same, 

sp. At Yeovil, 17 Feb. 1708-9. 
Reynell, Brent, of the Middle Temple, Esq., and Mary Andrews, oi 

Walton, wid. At Somerton, 18 Sept. 1712. 
Reynold, John, of Kingsdon, tanner, and Joane Peddle, of Somerton, 

wid. At Greinton or I'itney, 17 Aug. 1()84. 
Ri:VN()Li)S, h^dward, of Wi'ington, gent., and Sai-ah Lock of the same, 

sp., aged 27. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 20 May 1709. 
Reynolds, John, of Pawlett, tailor, and Elizabeth Paul, sp., aged 

25 ; father cons. At I'awlett, Burnham or South Brent, 13 Nov. 

Reynolds, Williani, of Winscombe, carpenter, and Hannah Ilaif, of 

Churchill, sp., aged 23. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 7 Jan. 1714-15. 
Reynolds, Henrv, of ... , whitebaker, and . . . Bailer of the same, wid. 

At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, . . . 1(587. 
Reynolds, Aaron (signed Raynolds), of ... , tailor, and Dinah Chris- 
topher of the same, sp., aged 21 ; falher cons. At S. Cuthbert's, 

AVells, 25 Apr. 1709. 
Rice, Jolin, of Wells, joiner, and Mary Ilatton of the same, wid. At 

Pilton or Wootton, 2 Sept. 1728. 
•Rice, Rowland, of Bristol, batchelor, and Hannah Ilornbrooke, of 

Barrow Gurney, sp. At Barrow Gurney, 3 July 1739. 
Rice, John, of Puriton, husb., ami Elizabetli Perry of the same, sp. 

29 June 1723. 

iiy , 


Rich, Moses, of Cruscoinbe, ami Charity Bakehouse, of West Pennard 

will. 11 June 1722. 
llu'ii, William, of I'eiisfonl, yeom., and Jane Vowles of the same, wid. 

At Pensfonl or Publow, 31 Jan. 1729-30. 
Knir, WiUiani, of Crosconihe, stocking-niaU'er, and Elizabeth George, 

of 15utlei<.^h, sp., a^ed 23 ; father cons. 2-t Jan. 1724-5. 
KicH, William, of kSt. 15eiiodic't's, Glastonbury, yeom., and Ann Masters 

of the same, sp., ; no parents. At St. lienedict's or St. John's, 

Glastonbury, or West Pennard, 23 Feb. 1719-20. 
Hit'H, Gabriel, of Stoke Lane, worsted-comber, and Joane Ilannam, 

of Batcombe, sp., aged 28 ; no parents. At the Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 9 Aug. 1703. 
1^1(11, CliaiK's, of Lytleard St. Lawrence, gent., and Elizabeth Copton, 

of Kitzhead, sp. At St. JMary Magdalen, Taunton, 2 Jan. 1G77-8. 
Rich, William, of Lydeard St. Lawrence, yeom., and Mary liich of the 

same. Bdm. Jolm Willis, of North Petherton, yeom., and James 

Haves, of Ruishton, sen. At St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton, 

10 Aug. 1672. 
Rich, Edward, of Batcombe, yeom., widower, and Mary Lawrence 

of the same, sp. At Wanstrow, Milton Clevedon or Batcombe, 

13 Oct. 1748. 
Richards, Joseph, of Aller, batchelor, and Ann Kettle, of High Ham, 

sp. At High Ham, 9 Nov. 1740. 
Richards, James, of Axbridge, and Mary Martin of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 6 Jan. 1729-30. 
Richards, James, of Long Sutton, and Joane Priddle, of Muchelney, 

3 Feb. 1724-5. 
Richards, Henry, of Glastonbury, husb., and Mary Clark of the same, 

sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 19 Sept. 1710. 
Richards, Jonathan, and Mary Hussy, of Batcombe, sp., aged 22 ; 

parents cons. Bdm. William Richards, of Milton Clevedon, his 

father. At Milton Clevedon or elsewhere, 12 Sept. 1705. 
Richards, Timothy, of Wendidon, yeom., and Mary Perry, of Puriton, 

sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At Puriton or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

30 March 1719. 
liicHARDs, William, of Axbridge, and Hannah Pressy, of the Liberty 

of St. Andrew's, Wells, sp., aged .31 ; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's 

or the (lathedral. Wells, 10 Sept. 1719. 
Richards, Josej)h, of Frome Selwoo<l, fellmonger, and Sibilla Culve- 

house of the same, sp. 11 Feb. 1715-16. 
Richards, Henry, of Walcot, mason, widower, and Ann Atkhis, of 

Doulting, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 1 Aug. 1750. 
Richards, Jonah, of Witham Friary, husb., and Jane Payne of the 

same, sp. 10 Jun(! 1701. 
Richards, Robert, of Souicrton, innholder, and Elizabeth Davis of 

the same, sp., aged 40. At Sonuuton, 24 . . . 1078. 
Richards, Thomas, of Norton Fitz Warren, yeom., and Mary Long, 

of West Monckton, sp. Bdm. Richard Bovett, of Taunton 

Magdalene, LK'iit., and John Wiatt, of Trull. At Hill-Farrance 

or Staplegrove, 27 Apr. IG71, 

i, ., 

7 . ■.. t 


Richards, Samuel, of Bruton, turner, batclielor, and Mary Broadrihh 

of the same, sp. At Bruton, I'O Dee. 1740. 
Richards, John, of Frome, and Maiy Boucher of the same. At Frome, 

13 Aug. 1747. 
Richardson, James, of Kilmersdon, batehelor, and Sarah Ahraham 

of the same, sp. At Binegai', Babingtoii, Kilmer.schjii or Ashwick, 

4 Apr. 1741. 
Richardson, 'I'honias, of Congrosbury, gent., and Anne Oddand, 

(dins Toot'//, of Lonii .\shton, s|)., aged L'5 ; no parents. Bdm. 

'riiomas Doiiy, of Ston Faston, veoni. At Long Ashton, Whit- 
church or Cameley, 20 Dec. 1712. 
Richardson, William, of Kilmersdon, baker, and Mary Beard of the 

same, sp., aged 30; parents cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

28 Dec. 1701.' 
HiciiaIv'Dson, Tliomas, of Kewstokc, gent., and Mary Mcre/icfd, of 

CongreshuiN', s|)., aged 2(1. At Kewstokc or ( 'ongrcslniry, 23 Nov. 

Richardson, James, of Kilmersdon, tailor, and Ruth Ricluirdson of 

the same, sp., aged 21 ; father cons. At Kilmersdon, Farm- 
borough or Bincgar, 2 Keb. 1701-2. 
Richardson, Henry, of Kilmersdon, husb., and Jane Ashman, of 

Farnd)orough, sp., aged 25 ; no parents. At the Cathedral or 

S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 2 Feb. 1701-2. 
Richardson, John, of Bath, and Joan Stacey of the same. At Bath, 

Chilcompton, Radstock or Kilmersdon, IG May 1716. 
RiCHMAN, George, of Sutton Bingham, husb., and Elizabeth Wryte 

of the same, sp., aged 36 ; no parents. Bdm. Thomas Keats, of 

Yetminster, Dorset. At Sutton Bingham, Poyntington or Hore- 

thorne, 6 May 1710. 
Richmond, William, of Shepton Mallet, broadweaver, batehelor, and 

Martha Allen of the same, sp. At Stoke Lane, Binegar or Em- 
borrow, 23 -Vug. 1749. 
RicKKTS, John, of Croscond)e, woolcomber. and Sarah Wilcor of the 

same, sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 16 Nov. 

1708. (Married there that date, vide Parish Register.) 
Rickets, John, of Fretherne, co. Gloucester, broadweaver, and Mary 

W'esl, of Krome Selwood, sp. Bdm. Edmund Self, of Frome 

Selwood, glasier. At Frome Selwood, 24 l\lay 1715. 
KlcKi'.TSoN, llcni\', of Hiiiloii, iimholdcr, and iClizahctii JS'ohlc of the 

same, sj). 2 Jan. 1718-11). 
Rick KITS, Robert, of Weston super Mare, yeom., and Ann PurneU, 

of West llarptree, sp., aged 21 ; ])arents cons. At West Harp- 
tree, Wells or Bedminster, 23 Nov. 1709. 
RicKKTTS, Robert, of Stowey next Chew, yeom., and Ann Weels, of 

Com])ton Martin, sp., aged 30 ; mother cons. At Compton Martin, 

Stowey or Wells, 24 May 1725. 
RiDDi(!K, Thomas, of Wells, yeom., batehelor, and .Ann Savage, of 

Wookey, sp. Bdm. Jo.sep'h Cottle, of Wells, gent. At Wootton, 

Winscondje or Wdls, 2 May 1752. 

!' •■ 

.i- .1 

.tM. . ,■! ^' 


i{|i>i:\, ,J(j1iii. of Barrow, husl)., and Ann Jenkins of the same, wid. 

At liiidiiwatci- or Cliiltoii, li7 July 1705. 
1vII)i:k, Matthias, of ilolcoiiihi', wi(U)\vi'r, llaxdresser, and Elizabeth 

lioone, of (h(hard I'orlnuui, sp, Hdni. liuhard lioone of the 

same, hush., hci' father. At Orchaid I'ortman, 2G Aug. 1755. 
HiDi'.woOD, Thomas, of Castle Cary, batchelor, and Mary Barnea of 

the same, wid. At S. Cuthbert/s, Wells, 31 Jidy 1739." 
RiixjK, William, of West Buckland, butcher, batchelor, and Eleanor 

W'eslcamhe, of Pitminster, sp. At Pitminster, L!7 A})r. 1754. 
HiDi.KY, James, of Litton, husb., and Mary h'ddfonl. of llinttjn Blewett, 

sp., aged 2-2. -1 Oct. 17l*(). 
RiDLKY, 'J'homas, of Litton, husb., and Joan Milkins of Cole Hinton. 

Bdm. John Hunt, of Cohl Weston, and Thomas Milkins, of Hinton. 

At Stanton Drew, Pensford or Publow, 7 March 1704-5. 
RiDouT, I)a\id, of Dean, in West Cranmore, yeom., and Joan Cox, of 

Wanstrow, sp. 17 Nov. 1713. 
HiDoi'T, John, of Sherborne, Dorset, yeom., and Elizabeth Porter, 

of Sutton Montis, sp., aged 23 ; father cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 20 June 1687. 
RiDOUT, Robert, of W^ells, tailor, aged 24, and Joane Stroade of the 

same, wid. At West Harptree, 26 . . . 1678. 
RiDOL'T, see Rkdwood. 
Rid WOOD, William, of St. John's, Glastonbury, baker, and Amy Bart- 

lett of the same, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At St. John's, Glas- 

toidjury, or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 10 Jan. 1725-6. 
RiDwooD, John, of (Jlastonbury, carpenter, and Anne Hunt oi the same, 

sp., ageil 21 ; paients cons. At (ilastoid)ury or Jiiut(jn, 29 Sept. 

RiDWOOD, Thomas, of Ditcheat, widower, and Mary Perry of the 

same, sp. Hdni. William Thick, widower, and William ]<]vens, 

of Ditcheat, veom. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 Sept. 1()73. 
RiDWooi), see (i/so Ridiowood. 
RiMi:s, Robert, of Ditcheat, I hatcher, and Rosanna C(>»y//-(/ of the san\e, 

sp., aged 22; nuitlu-r cons. A( Dilchcat, Kast Pennard or Pill, 

15 Jan. 1706-7. 
RiN(;, John, of I'last Rrent, widower, and Mary Head, of Meare, wid. 

At the Cathedral, Wells, 12 J idy 1710. 
RiNo, John, of Vjdst Hri'iit, veom., and Joane Davis, of Lympsham, 

wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 14 Sept. 1720. 
RiN(i, William, of Bristol, mariner, and Hannah Perdue, of Bedminster, 

sp., aged 30. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 30 Aug. 1701. 
RisH, Samuel, of Lympsham, husb., agetl 34, and Mary Dew, of Meare, 

sp., aged 32 ;' father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 17 Jan. 
Rix, Robert, of Downton, Wilts, millwright, widower, and Ann Pichards 

of ]\larston Bigott. s])., aged 19. Bdin. John Richards, of Frome, 

cordwainer. At Marston Bigott, 24 Jan. 1755. 
RixoN, John, of \'eovil, husb., antl Elizabeth Bartlett, of Frampton, 

sp., aged 20. At Frampton, Barwick orCudworth, 26 Feb. 1678-9. 

'- r i'i' 


lloAc'ii, John, of Leigh, in Bedminster, oarpeatcr, and Sarah Iline, of 

Hack well, sp., au(!(l L'.'5 ; mother cons. Hdni. Hcnirv Walker, 

Jiector of Chelvcy. 29 May 17();3. 
Roach, John, of West Pennanl, yeoni., and Ehzabeth Harris of the 

same, sp., aged 20 ; no parents. At West I'eniiard, 21 Sept. 

UoACH, John, of Amport, in Hampshire, clerk, and Agatha Magdalene 

Newman, of (^ueen C'amcl, sp. At Sutton Montague or Cortou 

Denham, 5 Nov. 1702. 
Roach, Arthur, of Bristol, grocer, and Sarah Ila/l, of Axbridge, sp., 

aged 21; parents cons. At Axhridgc, 28 Oct. 1701. 
Roadway, Edward, of Trudox Hill, [in Nunney], yeom., and Ciiristian 

Hurler of the same, sp., aged 28. Bdm. Hercules Horler, of 

Ivilmersdon, husb., her father. At Nunney, . . . 1705. 
RoBiiiNS, Edward, of Stratton on tlie Fo.sse, gardener, and Patience 

Dukes of the same, sp., aged 2() ; mother cons. At Stratton on 

the Fosse, 22 June 1720. 
HoMiHNS, James, of J^ruton, staymalcer, and Edith Hazard of the 

same, sp. Htlm. Samuel Hazard, of Hruton, gent. At tlie Cathe- 
dral, Wells, 21 Dec. 1751. 
Robe, Thomas, of Rath, and Ann Baijli/ of the same. 4 Aug. 1721. 
Roberts, John, of Bedminster, skinner, and Loveday . . . , of the same, 

sp., aged 18; mother Cons. At Bedminster, 28 Dei'. 1721. 
RoHi'.iiTS, William, of S((jn lvisti)ii, mason, and Mary York-,ut C'hewton 

Meiulijj, sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At C'hewton or Ston Easton, 

1 May 1725. 
Roberts, William, of Yeovil, ropcmaker, and Elizabeth Hantlin, of 

Clnlthorne Domer, sp., aged 30. At Tintenhull, Chilthorue Domer, 

Preston, West Coker or Loxton, 29 July 1704. 
Roberts, Edward, of Moorlinch, yeom., and Margaret Foidkes, of 

High Ham, wid. At High Ham, Somerton or Pitney, 28 March 

RoHKur.s, Charles, of St. Peter's, Bristol, and Marv Hurt of the same. 

21 Nov. 17 IM. 
IvoHEKTs, Atlam, of C'hewton, mason, batchelor, and j\Iary .insttj of 

the same, sp. At C'hewton, CJIastonbury or Meare, 22 Sept. 1753. 
Roberts, Edward, of Moorlinch, yeom., and Grace Parker of the same, 

wid. At Moorlinch, 29 June 1713. 
Roberts, William, of Bridgwater, roper, and Elizabeth Briant of the 

same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 July 1679. 
Robins, Edmund, of Kilmersdon, husb., and Joane Grant of the same, 

sp., aged 20 ; father cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 8 Aug. 1707. 
Robins, William, of lirutoii, maltster, and Martha Moore of the same, 

s|.., aged 31. At JWiiton or Wells, 27 Sept. 1722. 
Robins, Edmund, of Charlton Musgrove, butcher, and Elizabeth 

Abrahams, of Kilmersdon, sp. At ivilmersdon, 17 Oct. 1738. 
Robins, James, of Bruton, batchelor, and Mary Gibbs, of Batconibe, 
sp. At Bruton or Batcombe, 10 Jan. 1738-9. 

hlOClCSK OF IJATll AM) WKI.I.S. 1543 

H<jiiiN,s, [lonry, of Worlc, liusb., and ]<]lizabet}i Wi/li/ of the same, 

sp. Bdm. J\Ir. 'J'ailor, liettor of Winsconibe. 19 Jan. 1712-13. 
RoniNS, Heiiiy, of Stoii P^astoii, and Susanna Blacker of tlie same, sp., 

aped 28 ;' jKU-ents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 5 Feb. 170G-7. 
Robins, William, of Bathwick, and Ann Willis of the same, aged 22. 

8 Sept. 1718. 
RoruNS, John, of Bruton, sergemaker, and Eleanor Viqar, of C'orton 

Denham, sp., aged 23; mother cons. At Bruton, 26 Feb. 1719-20. 
Robins, Edmund, of Kilmersdon, husb., and l^^lizabeth Board of the 

same, sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuth- 
bert's, Wells, 14 Sept. 1702. 
Robins, alias Cuddle, Thomas, of Frome, and Mary Holbrooke, of 

Marksbury, sp. 12 May 17U. 
Robins, Henry, of Kilmersdon, yeom., batchelor, and Rachell Watts 

of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 7 Nov. 1747. 
Robinson, Anthonv, of Pill, gardener, and Grace Watch of the same, 

sp., aged 20 ; father cons. y\1 S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 11 Nov. 1710. 
Kdbinson, 'I'homas, of tJrccnwicli, Isenl, apothecary, and Sar.ih lilin- 

nixni, of Croscombe, sp., agcil 2r) ; |)ar('nts cons. At Chewton, 

Doulting or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 1(5 May 1(585. 
Robinson, Thomas, of (ilastctnbury, shoemaker, and Joane Wisdom 

of the same, sp., aged 30 ; no parents. Bdm. William ]I(K'key, 

of (ilastonburv. At St. John's, (llastonburv. Street, oi' Walton, 

27 Sept., 1701. 
Rock, James, of Catcott, gent., and Joan Burdock, of Ashcott, sp. 

29 Nov. 1721. 
liocK, l<]llis, of Closworlh, Ncom., and ICli/.abeth llurliijit, of West 

Coker, sp. At YetAil, 27 March 1712. 
KocK, John, of Calcoll, geni-., and -Ann Ball, of Chilton, wid. At 

Moorlinch, CalcoK or Walton, 31 Oct. 1713. 
Rock, .Abraham, of Alton!, yeom., and bjlizabeth Lazenhij of the same, 

sp. Bdm. {''rancis Rock, of Castle Carv, yeom., antl William 

Worm, of .Mford, \'eom. At Sparklord, Ma|)eiton or Castle Cary, 

20 \)vc. 17(13. 
KocKK, John, of Cati-olt, gt'nt., and Joane Ycascoiuh, of Wedmore, 

wid. 10 Dec. 1722. 
RoDBKR, Thomas, of Preston, gent., and Elizabeth Sherry. 8 July 

RoDBKR, William, of Yeo\il, widower, ami ]\Iary Pcrnj of the same, 

sp. At N'eovil, I June 1751. 
RoDBKUT (/.c, R(icll)ard ' ), Samuel, of London, and Melior C(*ze/iA', of 

Castle Cary, sp. At Castle Car\- or Camel, 4 Aug. 1715. 
Rodboknk, Thomas, of Bedminster, sliij)wright, and Jane Ratty, of 

Melksham, Wilts, sp., aged 21; mother cons. At Midsomer 

Norton or Writhiington, 27 Julv 1715. 

' 'I'licri' ill.' iiMiiiuiiM'iiK I'd- ihi; l':iinily in I'iv cirnicli Cliurrli, witli llic 
Anns 111' Ivimr. \i;ii : Cc n ,/i, i , Ih-I n . I Inrr hiill^ ,S,(., i|iin rl criii},' .1.. a limi 
idiiiiKiiil Knit, cnnciicd (Jr for t'ti/.KNb. 

1 .,•.-,1 


KuDiiUKN, Maiiiieii, of Halli, fordwaiiicr, and Sarah Brewer of tlie same, 

sp. At Buthwick, Claverton or Weston by Bath, I June 1708. 
RODU, Edward, of Brid<j;\vater, bhiek.sniith, and Jane ]\I ichdl of the 

.same At J}rid;f\vater, 12 June 175;"). 
HoDKOUi), 'I'homas, of Bridgwater, \-eom., widower, and Joan Rood, of 

I'awlett, wid. At Bridj^watcr, 27 Dec. 1751. 
KoK, Joliii, of Norwood Bark, and EHzabeth Gr'nnsleed, of CJlaston- 

bury, s])., a^ed 18; fallier cons. 8 Sept. 1720. 
JU)K, VVilham, of (Jhistonbury, and l<]leanor ]Ve}>h, of Brutoii, sp., aged 

no. At Brnton or Wyke (^hampllower, 5 May 1721. 
Koio, (Jih'H, of Walton, hnsb., and Avis Wdll, of Sha|)wi(k, sp., aged 

21 ; mother cons. At Street, Walton or Shapwick, (i Feb. l()82-;j. 
RoK, John, ol St. John's, (Jlastoidnuy, yeom., widower, and Joanna 

Phippeii, of North Wootton, wid. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathe- 
dral, Wells, 10 April 1749. 
JvcxjKKs, John, of Lym])sham, and Ann Tuckivell, of Biddisham, .sp. 

At Bynipsham or Winscombc, 18 March 1707-8. 
RofiKKS, William, of Bedmiiistei', mariner, and Mary Wehh, of Wells, 

s]). At S. C'uthbert's, Wells, Dinder or (*roscombe, 29 May 

1 708. 
]{(>(; i;ks, (ieoige, of Jiath, cordwainer, and Hiilli Lipiat, of Chippen- 
ham, CO. Wilts, sp., agv.l 27 ; At Bathwick, Batheaston, Weston 

by Bath, Widcondje or Twerton, 22 X'Xiv. 1708. 
RociKKs, Richard, of West Camel, weaver, and Susanna Gaiii/in, of 

Aller, sp., aged 2:5 ; mother cons. At AUer, High Ham, Long 

Sutton or Buihlimore Milton, 30 March 1709. 
RociKK.s, Joseph, of Lympsham, yeom., and P^lizabeth Jesse of the 

sanu', wid. At Winscombe, 17 Oct. 1709. 
R()(ii:KS, John, of Shepton Mallet, and Marv Ames of tlie same, sp. 

I(i April 1729. 
!{()(; KKs, Robeit, of Codfonl, Wilts, clothier, and Grace Brodrip, of 

liatcombe, sp., aged ."50 ; parents cons. Sc[)t. 1723. 
RocKKs, James, of Bcdminster, yeom., and Prudence Fttir, of Churchill, 

sp., aged 22 ; mother cons. 1 Dec. 1725. 
RoiiKiis, John, of West Cranmore, tailor, and .Vnn Bniuisey, of West 

Pennard, sp., aged 2.3 ; ])arents cons. At West Pennard or 

Binegar, 17 July 1717. 
RoGKKS, James, of Shepton Mallet, and Joane Iloiciiiau of the same. 

15 March 1703-1. 
RociKKS, Anthony, of Henstridge, gent., iind Mary Freke, of Preston, 

sp. ]idm. Thomas Freke, of Breston, gent. 7 Jan. 1711-12. 
RoGKHS, Emanueil of Frome Selwood, clothworker, and Mary Webb 

of th(^ same, s|). Bdm. Charles Rogers, of Frome Selwood, baker. 

1 1 Jan. 1711-12. 
1U:)GKUS, John, of L\'mpsluun, husb., and hilizabeth Tullon, of East 

lirent, sp. 5 Feb. 1713-14. 
RociKUS, Henr\', of Badgwoith, yeom., batclieloi', and Mary \Veb}> 
of the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Badgworth, 9 April 


.■J..;lfi •• ' 

I . '' ■ -' <• 

(■:<■ I ! I. it! 


K()(Jioi!s, Tlioiiias, of li.itcomhc, yoom., Icitclu^lor, and Siirah Wason 
of I lie .saiuc, s]). At UatcoinlM' or ICast I'lMiiiard, 19 July 
Rogers, Joseph, of Lyinpsliaiu, yeoni., ami Elizabeth Lane of the 
same, sp., aged 23 ; mother eons. At Lympsham, Wiuscombe 
or Weare, 28 June 1087. 
liocious, William, of Lympsham, husl)., aged 27, and 3 oano A mler 
of the same, sp., aged 27. At Lympsham, East Brent or Shipham, 
27 Nov. 1678. 
Rogers, Abraham, of Clutton, batclielor, and Mary Hudson, of Nemp- 
nett, wid. At Nempnett, Ubley or Compton Martin, 12 Nov. 
Rogers, Richard, of Widcombe, house-carpenter, batchelor, and 
Hester Cannon, of Batlieaston, wid. At SS. Peter and Paul, 
Bath, 12 April 1747. 
RoLLKs, Francis, of Kewstoke, and Sarah Fnj of the same, sp. At 

Kewstoke, 13 May 1729. 
Rolls, William, of Portbury, yeom., and Elizabeth Earneij of the same, 
sp., aged 25 ; mother cons. At Portbury or Easton in Gordano, 
3 June 1701. 
RoMSEY, John, of Keynsham, carrier, batchelor, and Mary Purndl, 
of Trowbridge, Wilts. At Ereshford or Newton St. Loe, 12 Oct. 
Rood, Daniel, of (ilastonbury, and Joanna Marsh, sp., aged 30; no 
])arents. On applii'ation of her brother, John Marsh, of (ilaston- 
bury. At 01a.stonbury or West Pennard, 22 May 1708. 
Rood, Josepli, of Street, yeom., and Mary Paddich of the same, sp., 
aged 22 ; father cons. At Street, Walton or Glastonbury, 2 Oct. 
i{oOD, Daniel, of Street, yeom., and Eleanor Tucker of the same, sp., 
aged 45. At S. Guthbert's or the Gathedral, Wells, 7 Oct. 
Kooi), John, of Hawdrip, liusb., and Mary Morse, of Gliilton in i\loor- 
linch, sp., aged 20 ; mother cons, (in application of his brotlier, 
William Rood, of Othery, hush. At Moorlinch or elsewhere, 29 Jan. 
Rood, Thomas, of Walton, yeom., and Susan Giles, of Wells, sp., 

aged 27; father cons. 'At Walton, 2 Dec. 1728. 
Rood, John, of St. Jcjhn's, Glast(>iil)ur\', veom., and Honor NiefioKs 
of the same, s])., aged 20; father cons. At the Gathedral or 
S. Gnthbert's, Wells, 25 Oct. 1725. 
Rood, Benedict, of Glied/.oy, yeom., and Jane (iodjrii of the same, 
wid. At Ched/.ov, (dastoiibuiy, lluiitsi)ill or Donyatt, 10 May 
Rood William, of Slicel, \'eom., and Joane l\ood of the same, 
sp., aged 21 ; molliei- eons. Al^ S. Gut libert's, Wells, 4 Keb. 
UooD, Ja,nies, of i'ill(Mi, tanner, and .Mary //((i/sc, of Ditcluiat, sp., 
aged 21 ; parents cons. At ... , 19 Jan. 1083-4. 
'J I' 

""•' " " ' I •■ ^ .i ' ...i ;i.> !-• '' 

.. ,n ^ ••■!!)'>!! 

. .iM<r) .' I'l ' 

^, ' I 


Jioon, (!ooro;e, oC Sticct, hush., uiid IChzalicth Milhnd nf tlie sanio, 

.sp., aged L'U ; uiolhiT cons. At S. Cut hhciCs, Wells, 22 Jau. 

17()r)-(i. (l\hirrio<l there that (hite.) 
Rood, Timothy, of Eggerley, in (Jlastonbury, ycoin., and Charity 

Atialin, of Ashcott, sp., aged 21 ; mother eons. Bdm. John Rood, 

of Clastonbury, yeom. At S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, Ashcott, Walton, 

CJreinton, or Moorlineh, 2 Feb. 1701-2. 
Rood, William, of Street, yeom., and Honor Champion, of Paniborough, 

in AVedmore, sp.. aged 19 ; father cons. At the Cathedral or 

S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 21 June 1701. 
RooDE, James, of Street, yeom., and Elizabeth Brice, of North Pethcr- 

ton, sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At North Petherton, 17 April 

RooDK, John, of Street, veom., and Hannah Roode of the same, wid. 

At High Ham, Alienor Martock, 28 Jan. l(i81-2. 
Roods, Henry, of Congresbury, and Mary Wuuds. At Churchill or 

Winscombe, 20 Sei)t. 170'l. 
RooKK, Thomas, of Somerton, gent., and Priscilla Norton, of Wells, 

gentlewoman. At S. Cuthbert's, AVells, 1 April 1727. 
RoOTKS, John, of Hurrington, husb., and Elizabeth >Sijnonds of the 

saiiu^ sp., aged 2G ; no parents. At JUirrington or Winscombe, 

8 Dec. 1703. 
I{(»ri;K, Hugh, of Moorliuidi, yeom., and Ann CoudiIjc of the same, 

sp., aged 27 ; paients cons. At IMoorlinch, . . . 1730. 
Roi'Kli, John, of Portishead, yeom., and Mary Knujld, of Chelvey, sp., 

aged 30; no i)arents. At Chelvey, 13 Aug. 1711. - 
Roper, Hugh, of Berrow, and Joane I mber of the same, sp. 18 Eeb 

Roi'KK, Samuel, of Crewkerne, clerk, and Sarah Pdhiter. At Wookey 

or the Cathedral, Wells, 1 Aug. 1711) 
liusDiiLL, John, of Ashcolt, tallow-chandler, and Ann Eddon ol the 

sanu>, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 7 Jan. I(i8r>-(i. 
RosKWiOLL, Jose})h, of Hinton Jilewett, yeom., and Sarah Picl:cn')i<j 

of the same, sp., ageil 29 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

Croscombe oi' Binegar, (5 Se})t. 1710. 
RosEWKLL, Thomas, of Bath, limeburner, and Sarah Eslwarl, of 

Woolley, in Bradford, co. Wilts, wid. At Bath, South Stoke, 

Bathwick or Claverton, 31 Jan. 1704-5. 
RosEWKLL, John, of Hinton Blewett, husb., and Frances Rendle, of 

Chewton Mendip, sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. Bdm. Joseph 

Rosewell, of Hinton Blewett, yeom. At Bedminster, Chew 

Magna, Dundry or Long Ashton, 30 July 1707. 
RosKWKLL, John, of Portbury, surgeon, widower, and Mary Veirer, 

of Weston in (Jordano, sp. Bdm. James Vewer, of Weston in 

Oordano, yeom. At l'oitl)urv oi' AVeston in (ioidano, 5 Julv 

RosKWiLL, William, of Eairington, yeom., and l']lizab(!th I/tmte of 

the sanu', sp., aged 20 ; ])arents cons. At Chewton Mendip or 

Rodney Stoke, 13 Dec 1725. 

'■ ii'- vi i. ■>;. '-Vi >' ' , :i'A.j 

( I ' ,' , , ' ; 

ii':;-'M i. 

■I) r ) -; 


RosiTKR, llicliard, of East Craiiinore, victualler, and Anno .Martin, 

of Downlioad, wid. vVt Downhead or Binegar, 9 Auu. 1717. 
llo.siTioR, John, of Doulting, tailor, and Sarah Youmj, of t'helcott, in 

8. C.Vithhcrt's parisli, wid. At 8. Cuthbert's, Well.s, Doulting or 

Binogar, IG Oct. 1718. 
RosiTKR, James, of Foxcote, carpenter, and Elizabeth Shipton, of 
, Ileinington, sp., aged 20 ; parents cons. At the Catlicdral or 

S. CuthbcMt's, Wells, 21 July 1720. 
Ro.sri'Kii, J(jhn, of North Petherton, yeoni., batchelor, and Elizabeth 

C/i'ippcff of th(! sanu!, sp. At Creech, North ['(itherton or Durleigh, 

i;5 June 1752. 
RosiTKR, John, of Foxcote, yeoni., and Sarah Francis, of Wellow, sp., 

aged 30; no parents. At Foxcote or Dunkerton, 18 May 1714. 
[{osiTKR, John, and Elizabeth Thrcslwr, of Laverton. At Norton St. 

Philip, 7 .\ug. 1714. 
KosiTKR, John, of h^ast ('raiunore, \vi<lo\ver, and Sarah Heath, of 

Sliepton Mallet, s|)., aged 'M) ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 28 May I(i77. (Mai tied there that day, ludc Parish lie- 
gist er.) 
RosmoR, . . . , of Bath, and Sarah Smith, of Kronu^ Selwood. 25 Nov. 

Ross, . . . , of liatli, batchelor, and Elizabeth Walter of the same, 

sp. At liatheaston, Bath ford, Westoii by Bath or Bathampton, 

8 Sept. 1713. 
RossKR, William, of Congrcsbur)', taniu'r, and Hannah Reeve of the 

sanu', sp., aged 22 ; no parents. At Congresbui-\- or S. Cuthbeit's, 

Wells, I July 1717. 
Rossi'ri'Ut, Jonathan, of Foxcote, joiner, and Ann Beard, of Wellow, 

wid. At Koxcote, Wellow, |)unlvertc»n or South Stolvc, 30 Aug. 

Rossrn:R, Samuel, of Whitchurch, batchelor, and Ann Baler of the 

same, sp., both over 21 years; her parents cons. Bilm. Richard 

Ivossiter, of l*jast Cranmore, his brothei'. (i Nov. 1735. 
liossiTKR, Joseph, of Stoke Lane, coalminer, and Ann Pratlen, of Leigh 

upon ^lendip, sp. 18 Oct. 1714. 
RossiTKR, Thonuis, of Weaie, maltster, ami IFannah Gill of the same, 

sp., aged 20 ; mother cons. At Weaie or Compton Fiishoj), 

2(i March 1717. 
RossrrKR, y\braliam, of h'oxcote, tailor, age(l 25, and Fi'ances Gihbs, 

of Wellow, sj)., aged 21. At Koxcote or Writhlingfon, 12 May 1G82. 
RossiTKR, William, of Catcott, in Moorlinch, widower, and Alice /Mf'/cc, 

of Rawdrip, wid. ' At Catcott, ("hilton, Ci'eintou oi' Bawdrip, 

10 June I(i81. 
RoTTKN, Charles, of Bath, gardener, and .ludith Thonikins of the same, 

sp., aged 22 ; jiarents cons. At Claverton oi' South Stoke, 2 June 

1 72(1. 
Row, Jtilin, (if ('anninginn, (anner, and Klizabeth Lai/iuj, of iiit'k- 

nollei-, wid. At Over Stowev, Kast (^)iianto.\head or (_'liarlynch, 

211 Jime 1703. 

1.1 .1 !<' 


Row, Robert, of Old Cloovc, batchclor, ami Amy Yendell oi tlie same, 
a|,r(ul 20; Cliailcs Ila-^ley, of Old CK-c-vc," yeom., her guardian, 
con.scntiiio-. At Old Clecve, -1 Oct. 175^. 
Row, John, of Old Clceve, yeom., batchclor, and Mary Darch of the 

same, sp. At Old Oleeve, 17 May 1755. 
RowDKN, Grindall, of Somerton, carrier, and Ann Trai/n of the same, 
sp., aged 21; parents cons. On application of John Trayn, of 
Someiton, miller. At Someiton, Kingston, l'itne\-, liong Sutlon 
or Marston Magna, 17 Sept. 1709. 
RoWK, John, of Bath, and Joaiic Lotu/nidn of the same. At Bath, 

Bathwick, Twerton or South Stohe, II Aug. 1721. 
RowK, ]<]dmond, of Wateihouse, Dorset, gent., and ("onstantine Cook, 

of Sh('])ton Mallet, wid. At Shepton iMallet, 19 Dec. 1(;85. 
\iow\:, l<]dmund, of Sh(>pton Mallet, and Margaret Strode of the same, 
sp. At Horidjlotton, JJabcary or Kington Maniield [i.e. Keinton 
Mandcvillc), 19 Kcb. ](iH(;-7. " 
Howi':, Thomas, of Alvmgton, in Brinipton, yeom., and .Vim Milton 
of (he same, >!|). Hdm. Thomas Millon, of AKington, her father. 
At Thorn Oollin, Ohilthorne Domer or Ilchester, l.'J Oct. 1()9(). 
Rowic, Robert, of Stogursey, wid., and Elizabeth Clitsoine of the same, 

sp. At Stogursey, 9 Jan, 1755. 
Rowland, Henry, of Taunton Magdalene, and Martlia Swinnerton of 
the same. At St. Mary Magdalene or St. James, Taunton, or 
i'ltininsler, I Dec. I(i71. 
lv()Wi>\Ni)S()N, James, of IN.ntefiact, Yorkshire, ba(ch(>lor, and Mary 

W'i/.soH, sp. At S. Oulhl.errs, Wells, 20 Jan. l7l(i-7. 
iv()VVi,i:s, Simeon, of j5a(h, barber, and Ann Cfidnl of the same, sp. 

At Hath, Claverton or Langridge, 1 Jan. 1721-5. 
K(jwi,i:y, Kichard, of JJutleigh, husb., and Kuth Ikinbnry of the .sanie, 
sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At S. Onthbert's, Wells, 8 \)w. 1707. 
liowi.KV, Tliomas, of .Mearc, yeom., and Ann West of the sanu\ s|)., 
agcnl 21 ; no parents. .\l (he Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 
(daslonl)ury, Street, Moorlinch or Meare, b") Mav 1708. 
Kowi.KV, Thomas, of Meare, husb., and Kleanor Squtbbs of the same, 
sp., aged 18 ; mother cons. At S. Outhbert's, Wells, or Almesford, 
5 Jan. I(i80-1. 
RowLiOY, Arthur, of Lo.xtoii, batchelor, and Charitv Partrkh/e of the 
same, sp. At the Cathe.lral or S. Outhbert's, Wells, ;51 May 17-10. 
RowLKY, Albin, of Meare, yeom., and Ann Sinioits of the same, sp., 

aged 24. At Meare, 28 Sept. 1727. 
RowLKY, Thomas, of Meare, yeom., batclielor, and Jane Barnes, sp. At 

the Cathedral, Wells, 29 May 1751. 
Rowi.KY, Oeorge, of liuntsj)ill, yeom., and Mary Jcfery of the same, 
sp., aged 2:5; no parents. At Huntspill, Wells or Burnham, 
27 Sept. 17l(i. 
■l^)Wl.l•;v, i':.l\\:ird, of .Meare, husb., and Joane liiirnctt of the sanu', 

sp., aged 10. At S. Outhbert's, Wells, 2;{ Dec. I(i82. 
Itowi.s, James, of Milton (!levedon, blacksmith, batchelor, and Ann 
Bert of Nunncy, sp. At Milton Clevedon, 25 Nov. 1751. 

•l,.l I 

/V\ ,i: 1. i'M ,, 


RowLY, John, of Mcare, liush., and .lime (Hwinel of the same, vvid. 

ii.lni. Thomas Itowly, of Mcniv, liiisl). At iMeure, 10 Oct. 1077. 
RowsK, John, of Cfoscombe, hroadwcavcr, and I'aticMice Ilinchcs of 

the same, sp., aged 2t. At Ciosrondx', Doultinji; or 8. Cuthl)ert's, 

Wells, 27 Jan. l()85-(). 
RowsE, John, of CroHcombc, broadweaver, and Mary Wuod of the 

.same, sp., auod DO. At Troscombe, 1.'5 Sept. 1701. 
RowsK, Tobias, of Liminjj;ton, yeom., and Jane Balon, of ("hUton t'an- 

telow. At Limin<>ton or Ashin<i;ton, 2K . . . 1()H2. 
RowswKLL, Thomas, of White Stanton, widower, and Hannali 

Cosins, of Steeple (Ashton). At White Stanton or Steeple, 17 Aug. 


Roy, . . ., of Sutton Montague, and . . . Addames of the same. 

. . . 1705. 
Roy, Samuel, of . . ., and Martha Kint/simin, of Sutton Monti.s, sp. 

Btlm. John Hall and (!uy Clynton, gent. At Weston I'auncefoot, 

Steeple (Ashton) or Curry Rivell, . . . Uu-^. 
Roy, Benjamin, of Kilvc, gent., aged 25, and Ann Cundil of the same, 

sp., aged IG ; mother cons. At Weston Zoyland, Kilve, Spark- 
ford or Weston Bami)field, 12 Apiil 1()78. 
RoYNON, Robert, of Lympsham, husb., and Mary Bitrnian of the same, 

wid. At S. Cutiibert's, Wells, 13 Jan. 1085-6. 
RoYNON, William, of Winscombe, husb., and Joane Ramsey, of Lymp 

sham, wid. 28 April 1710. 
KovsK, John, of l^arrington, batchelor, and Jane Ei/ialt, of South Rether- 

toii, wid. and sp. (sic). At Barrinuton, 2:5 .Mav 1755. 
K(»YSK, Thomas, of I'ariington, husb., and (Irace (!ll)l).s, of Odcombe, 

sp. At . . ., 1 Sept. 1708. 
RoYSK, Thomas, of Martock, yeom., and Charity Chaffeij, of Kingsbury 

Rpiscopi, sp., aged 28. At Curry Rivell, Huish or Ifigh Ham, 

l.'} . . . 1078. 
Ri'DDocK, William, of King Weston, husb., and Mar\- Canon of tlie 

sanu', sp., aiied iU) ; parents cons. At King Weston or Tinten- 

huU, 13 Oct. 1707. 
Ruddock, Alexander, of Holcombe, husb., batchelor, and Anne Aish- 

man, of Radstock, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 10 May 1737. 
Ruddock, Wilkehind, of Almesford, gent., and Mary Weare, of Sher- 
borne, Dorset, sp., aged 30. 4 March 1705-0. 
Ruddock, John, of Kingweston, gent., and Crace Rich, of Ilolford, 

sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At Tolland, Brompton Ralj)h, Clat- 

worthy or Holford, 7 Nov. 1702. 
Ruddock, Edward, of Castle Cary, tailor, and Eleanor Plumhley, of 

Croscombe, sp. ; no parents. At Ci'oscombe, 2 March 1082-3. 
RuDDUCK, Thomas, of Holcombe, yeom., and Ann Spiiiidke, of Chil- 

compton, sp., aged 25; father cons. At Holcombe, Chilcompton, 

Sfratton on the l^'osse, Midsomer Norton or Binegai', 20 Dec. 

lUiDMAN, Henrs', of Cliartciliouse llinton, and Saiali liu.s/i, of h'resliforij. 
13 Sei)t. i721. 

I • .' , M I 


lluDYKKi), Hi'iijamiii, of West woods in links, 1'jS<|., iind Ann lieaiuuont, 

of ijiisscUs lf;ill, CO. ^dik, s|). Hdiu. liicliivrd Jk'uunioiit and 
liawrcnco llinldlfston. At St. Michael's, SS. Peter and Paul, or 

8t. James', J5alh, « Sept. 1 708. 
Hugo, Sanuiel, of Weston ]iani{)iyide, yeoin., and Margaret Bond, of 

North Oadbury, sp. 20 March [TIO-l. 
HucG, Henry, of Liniington, yeoin., and Mary aidants .of the 

same, sp., aged 21: ; parents cons. At Ijiniington, Cliilthorne 

Donier or Mudford, 1:3 May 1G8I. 
Ru.MLKV, Samuel, of Walton in CJordano, yeom., and Mary Camplin 

of the same, sp., aged 20 ; father cons. At Walton or Backwell, 

27 March 1716. 
RuNDKLL, Richard, of Norton St. Philij), victualler, and Ann Ditcher, 

of Rath, sp.. aged 25 ; parents cons. At Norton St. Phili[), 2() Jan. 

Rusco.MiJ, William, of Cannington, and l^llizabeth Cassell of the same. 

Bdm. John llnsccjinb. Witi\esses, Thomas Kemp and John Kemp. 

At Pawlett, 17 March 1700-1. 
Rusco.\ri!K, Christopluir, of C'annington, maltster, widower, and Mary 

lidihcr, of Nailsea, widow. At Canniiigton or Nailsea, 3 Julv 

Rush, Samuel, of Shapwick, schoolmaster, and Sarah West, of Meare, 

sp., aged 20 ; no parents. At S. (Hithbert's, Wells, 9 June 

Rush, John, of Barton David, parchment maker, and Grace Somerton, 

of (Mastonburv, wid. At S. C'uthbert's, Wells, 22 Jan. 170(J-7. 
Rush, John, of Meare, yeoni., and Ruth Gutcoinhe, of Hunts})ill, sp., 

aged 20 ; pai'ents cons. At Meare, Huntspill, I\Iaik or South 

Brent, 28 Feb. 1701-2. 
Rush, James, of Baltonsborough, and Agnes Ilvle, of Lovington, sp., 

aged 22 ; no ])arents. At Alford, II(;inblotton or Lovington, 

. . . 1(185. 
KusHi'DN, l*idward, of West Buckland, Esq., and Johane Proctor, of 

Taunton St. Mary, sp. At Taunton St. Mary, 8 Feb. 1680-1. 
Russ, Stephen, of Stowell, yeom., and Flizabeth ll'^'-ve, of Comptoh 

Pauncefoot, sp. At S. Wthbcrt's, Wells, 7 N(jv. 1724. 
Russ, John, of Castle Cary, gent., and Lucy . . . , (jf the same, sp., 

agetl 28. At thistle Cary, 11 April 1717. 
iUiss, Kdward, of Castl(\ Carv, nu'rcer, and . . . Martin, of (^ueen 

Camel. II April 1718. 
Russ, Pjdward, of Castle Caiv, meirer, and Martha Cozem^ of the same, 

wid. 16 Feb. 1719-20.' 
Russ, -lames, of Castle Carv, \'eom., and Joane Francis, of Alford, sp., 

aged 2() ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 17 April 1727. 
Russ, William, of Cole, in Pitcond)e, liiisb., and l<]lizabefh Pope, of 

Charlton Musgrove, sp. Bdm. William Pope, of Charlton Mus- 
■ grove. At Charlton Camlield, 19 Dec. 1709. 
Russ, William, of Pitcomb, gent., batclielor, and Elizabeth Clothier, 

of liruton, sp. At Pitcondie, 2 Ma.y 1717. 

f- ..'■: 


KussK, Hobert, of l*itc()in))e, yooiii., ;\iiil Mar<fiuet (hipper, of Loviiifiton, 

sp., uficd ;5L'. At Wells, 19 Kel). ITliD-^O. 
l{ussK, William, of Castle Cai'V, gent., ami JMary Lewes of the same, 

sp. At Castle Carv, Almsfonl or Barton i)avi(l, 'M) May l<)85. 
IvUSSK, Stephen, of Casth^ Car}', and MaiT lIi(/(/ins, of llornblotton, 

s|)., a<2;e(l 'X^ ; father if)ns. lidm. Thomas Hij^fgins, of llorn- 
blotton. At C'harlton Musifrove, Hratton or Shepton jMonta<;ue, 

2() Jan. l(i8()-7. 
RussE, James, of Castle Cary, yeom., and Bcrslieba Corpe of the same, 

sp., aged 29 ; parents cons. At S. CHithbert's, Wells, \2 Feb. 1682-3. 
RussE, John, of Castle Curv, mercer, and Aim Itoqers of the same, s])., 

aged 18. At S. Cutlibert's, Wells, 22 May 1(579. 
RussKL, Ralph, of Yeovil, and Elizabeth Youtuj of tlie same, sp. At 

Maperton, (> May 1731. 
Ru.ssKLL, Thomas, of Axbridge, tiler, and Anne Edneij of the same, 

sp., aged 23 ; no parents. At Axbi'idge, Weare or Badgworth, 

28 Aug. 1721. 
Russell, . . . , of Basingstoke, Hants, and Mabel IIow, of Somerton, 

sp. . . . 1721. 
Russell, Thomas, of Muchclney, and Elizabeth House, of (^ueen Camel, 

wid. 3 Feb. 1721-5. 
Russell, GJeorge, of Bath, victualler, and Ann Bodweek of the same, 

sp.,. aired 22 ; ])arents cons. At South Stoke or Claverton, 16 June 

RussiCLL, Thomas, of Westburv, and Mary Lewis, of S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells. At S. Cuthbert's, 'Wells, II July 1710. 
Russell, John, of Backwell, husb., and Hannah Gaskins, of Portburv, 

wid. At Backwell, Portbury or Chelvey, 4 Dec. 1710. 
Russell, Robert, of llarters hill, in S. Cuthbert's, Wells, tailor, and 

Joaue iSinith, of Wells, sp., aged 24 ; mother cons. At S. Cuth- 
bert's, Wells, Bath or Croscombe, 2 Dec. 1712. 
Russell, I)a\'id, of Bath, merchant, and Frances Bond (>[ the .sanie, 

sp., aged 19 ; motlier cons. At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, Lang- 
ridge, Claverton, Bathwick, Walcot or Weston, 28 Jidy 172(). 
Russell, John, of Hemington, and Jane Taplin of the same, sp. At 

Frome Selwood, 25 Sept. 1714. 
Russell, Thonuis, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, and Hannah Ilurd, of 

Shepton Mallet, sp., aged 21. 5 Aug. 1716. 
Russell, Josepli, and Elizabeth Parker, of Barton David. 16 Aug. 

Russell, Thomas, curate of W(!st Canu-l, and Catherine Strode, of 

West Charlton, sp. At Kington (Iveinton) Mandeville or Barton 

David, 23 Dec. 1700. 
Russell, Joseph, of King's Scunbourne, Hants, liusb., aged 24, and 

Elizabeth II(t)idi/, of Street, sjx ; parents cons. At West Pennard, 

St. John's, (ilastonbury, or Street, 25 July 1681. 
"RussELli, John, of I^'ronie, barbci', ami Mai)- Ilnfcs of the same, sp. 

Bdm. William Keeke. At Frome, Mells or Whatley, 12 June 

I ■■] 

I \ 


Russi^LL. Jolm, of Yeovil, baker, and Jane Ellerij of the same. Bdm. 

William Pickford, of Somerton, baker, and James Hobbs, of 

iSomerton, yeom. xVt . . . , 25 Oit. 1098. 
RussKLi,, Jeremiah, of Axbrid^e, yeom., widower and Molly James, 

of Banwell, sp. At S. (^ithberVs or the Cathedral, Wells," 17 April 

RuTT, Robert, of Winsford, yeom., aged 28: parents cons., ami Eleanor 

Stephens, of Nempnett, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 8 Aug. 

RuTTKR, Benjamin, of Bristol, balanre maker, and Jane Ruth/, of Glas- 

tonburv St. John's, s[)., aired 21 ; no parents. At the Cathedral, 

Wells, 8 April 1728. 
RurTV, Robert, of North Bradley, Wilts, drugget weaver, and Margaret 

Batten, of Road, wid. At Fntme, 23 Aug. 1742. 
FvVALi., John, of Soutli Cadl)ury, gent., and Klizabeth Mitchell of tbe 

same, sj). Bdm. Richard Slade, of South Cadbury, gent., and 

Richard Mitchell, of the same, gent. At Sutton Montague, 8 March 

1708-9., Robert, of Berkley, cloth worker, and Ann Cockel of the same, 

sp. 21 Dec. J 7 14. 
Sauhuuy, William, of Axbridge, yeom., and Sarah Nail (Oof Mudgely 

in Wedmore. At A.xbridge, WediiKjre, Wookey, Dinder or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 24 May 1709. 
Sadler, John, of Pen.selwood, yeom., and Dorcas Ilatiham, of Ma-- 

perton, sj). Bdm. David Mathews, of She})ton Mallet, linentlraper, 

and Charles Down, of Sampford Orcas, husb. At Penselwood, 

Maperton or Blackford, 4 May 1703. 
Sagk, Henry, of Chew Magna, widower, and Mary Lee of the same, 

sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 3 July 1740. 
Sagk, Isaac, of Clutton, batchelor, and Sarah Bower, of Stanton Drew, 

sp., both aged 21. Btlm. Henry Sage, of Clutton, yeom. At 

Stanton Drew or Chelwood, 28 "Feb. 1740-41. 
Sack, Samuel, of Cameley, husb., and Hetty Ball, of Nempnett, sp. 

\t RedminsliM', (i ,iune 174.3. 
Sack, lleiu'v, of Pensford, cooper, and Rachel Tayler of the same, 

SJ). JJdm. John Sag<\ coi'dwainei'. At Bedminster, 10 Aug. 

Sagk, Ednaund, of Canudey, widower, and Elizabeth Stone of the same, 

sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 31 Dec. 1739. 
Sagk, Samuel, of Keynsham, and Mary Lancij of the same, sp., aged 

24. 4 Oct. 1723. 
Sagk, Ceorge, and Mary Ihu/hen, of Pensford. 24 Sept. 1711. 
Sagk, Joseph, of Chew Magna, butcher, and Mary Vale, of Pensford. 

25 Mav 1711. 
Sagk, Samuel, of Shepton ]\Iallet, clothworker, and Jane Maynard 

of the same, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

25 July 1727. 
Sagk, Samuel, of Bristol, and Ann Mehh, of Barrow (Jurney. JJdm. 

Walter Wrlib, of Barrow Curney. 1 Aug. 1714. 


Sa(;I':,J()Iiii, of Shcptoii Mallet, \vo()lc()niber,aii(l Sarah Ti/sci/ of tlie saiDO, 

s|)., a-iicd L'L' ; paivnts cons. At S. C'litlibctt's, Wells, ;5 April 1710. 

SaciI'I, Thomas, of Chew Magiui, and Mary King, ayed 21 ; parents 

eons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, .... 1080. 
Sage, Sanuiel, yeom., and Mary Dori/, of Cameley, sp., aged 25 ; mother 

eons. At Bedminster, Winford or Dundr}^, .... 1087. 
Sage, William, of Cameley, widower, and Mary Carter, of Paulton, 

widow. At Stowey, 20 May 1740. 
Saint, Nicholas, of Shepton Mallet, husb., and Mary Field, of West 

Cranmorc, sp. At Binegar, 20 March 1709-10." 
St. Alban, Lancelot, of London, gent., ami Joane Cvllard, of Dodington, 
sp. At Dodington, St. Mary Magdalene or St. James, Taunton, 
11 Jan. 1708-9. 
St. Alhon, John, of Holford, Es(|., and Frances Rex worth i/, of Stogursey, 

sp., aged 20. At ... , 10 April 1077. 
Salisi!UKY, Samuel, of Somerton, blacksmith, and Mary Withy of the 
same, sp. Btlm. Henry Frincker, of Somerton, saddler, and James 
Clark of the same, yeom. At ... , 22 Sept. 1705. 
Salmon, Thomas, of West Pennard, and Elizabeth Marsh, wid. At 
West Pennard, Kington Mantield {i.e. Kcinton Mantleville) or 
Barton David, 17 Dec. 1709. 
Salmon, Thomas, of Stratton on the Fo.sse, yeom., and Mary Moore, 
of Kilmersdon, agtnl 21 ; ])arents cons. At Elm, 19 Dec. 1709. 
Salmon, Jienjamin, of Newton St. Loe, yeom., antl Mary Tanner of the 

same, s|). At Stanton Drew, 3 (K't. 1728. 
Salmon, . . . , and . . . Quick-. 29 . . . 1729. 
Salmon, John, of Chilcompton, yeom., and Elizabeth Moore, of Kil- 
mersdon, wid. 10 Feb. 1719-20. 
Salmon, James, of Burnett, yeom., and Mary Alien, of Compton Dando, 

sp., aged 'M (() ; no parents. 2 May 1720. 
Salmon, 'J'homas, of I'itcombe, cairier, and Mary Mannin(/s of the 
same, sp., aged .'55 ; no parents. At Pitcondje, Castle Carv or 
Milborne Port, 10 June ITO.'J. 
Salmon, John, of SlH>j)ton Mallet, tailor, and Sarah /lardridije of the 
same, sp., aged 19; father cons. At Milton, East Pennard 
or Pilton, 29 July 1720. 
Salmon, Thomas, of Stratton on the Fosse, yeom., and Mary ]\Ioore, 
of Kilmersdon, sp., about 21 years; ])arents cons. At Elm, 
19 Dec. 1708. 
Salmon, John, of Stratton on the Fosse, and Martha Moore, of Newbury, 

in KilmersdoJi, sp. 29 April 1714. 
Salmon, James, of Leigh on Mendip, and Mary Ihnjse of the same. At 

Leigh on Mendij), Doulting or Stoke Lane, . . . 1710. 
Salmon, ilemy, of Cnj.scombe, husb., and Mary Alder, of Stratton, 
sp., aged 28; mother cons. At S. Cuthl)ert's (ir the Cathedral, 

Wells Line l()87. 

Salmon, Thomas, of West Pennai-d, )t'om., and h'rances Tounson, of 
the same, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At Barton i)a\id, lOast 
or West I'ennard, 5 J idy 1089. 
2 <.». 

354 .MAIllMA<il'; LICI'^NCIIS IN 'I'lIK 

Salmon, Thomas, of W'cllow, husb., ami Diana Gihbs of the same, sp., 

aticil 30 ; lather cons. At lUirKlaml Dinliam, Koxcote, Kilmersdon 

or Wellow, IC) Dec. 1700. 
Salmon, IIeur\', of Wriiiuton, nu'rcer, and Mary WillcU of the same, 

s[). At \\'rin<.':ton, Biirrin^^ton or Sliipham, L'8 Kcb. 170(^-1. 
Salmon, John, of Downside, in Midsomer Norton, jj:ent., a<i;ed .'50, and 

tVithcrine Slot/icr, of (iiilconipton, sp., ayed liO ; no paicnts. At 

S. l'uthbert\s. Wells, 4 March iG81-2. 
Salmon, Thomas, of West Tennard, yeom., and Mai'^aret Dunlcrton 

of the same, sp., a|;ed lii ; lather cons. .\t S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

5 Nov. 1(581. 
Salmon, William, of Wells, meicer, and Hester Cliinrlici/, of i>atcoinbe, 

wid. At Hatcond^e, iiamyalt or Hruton, .'5 April l(i78. 
Salmon, Henrv, of Stratton on the I'osse, widower, and Mar)' lulivards, 

of Midsomer Norton, sp., a^ed 2:3 ; mother cons. At Stratton on 

the Fosse, Nunney or Whitchurch, 25 Jan. l()77-8. 
Salmon, Henry, of Wrin^iton, mercer, a<red 27, and Ursula Davis, of 

Yatton, sp., aged 20. At Chew Stoke, Chew Abi;.iiia or Winford, 

U . . . f()78. 
Salmon, Janu-s, of Midsomer Norton, yeom., an<l Frances Pihiiau, 

of North Cadburv, sj)., aj^ed 2:5. At North Cadbiiry, Weston 

Bampfylde or Castle Cary, .'50 . . . Hi78. 
Salmox, William of Chilcompton, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Kelson, 

of h'arnd)oroULth, sp. I5(lm. Thomas Salmon, of Midsomer Norton, 

yeom. At the Cathedral, Wells, G May 1717. 
Salmon, Heni\', of AVrington, mercer, and Mary W'cstli/, of Shepton 

Mallet, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, J5utleigh, She])ton Mallet 

or Ci'oscond)e, 1 1 Dec. 1(580. 
Salsiuikv, Samuel, of Walton, \'eom., and .lane ffojiliHs of the same, 

sp., a-cd 27. At S. Cuthbeil's, Wells, 22 Sept. 1728. 
Saltioii, Lucam (v/c), of Moorlincli, and .Mai\' HV//i'/.s, of Almesfijrd. 

At Almesford, 28 Oct. 17(nt. 
SAL'noK, llolicrl, of West Auckland, widower, and Mary Xciiion of the 

sam(>, widow. .At S. Cuthbert's, \\'el!s, 22 Au,^-. 1(577. 
Salwav, John, and Mary SniiVi, of Bath. At SS. I'eter and i*aul, 

Bath, Twcrton or liathwick, 21 May 1701. 
Sam, William, of J5ristol, shij) carpenter, and l^Mizabeth Ki)iij, of Chew 

Magna, sp., aged 27. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 19 . . . 1G78. 
Sami'KKY, l{ol)eit, of J\luchelne\', husb., and Susamia Bradjord, of 

Martock, sp. 12 June 17 U. 
Sami'son, 15iMiiamin, of Midsonu'r Norton, and ,\mi llcnton of the 

same, aged 2'5. .\t Mid.somer Norton, ('amerton, I'adstock (U- 

raulton, . . . 1701). 
Sami'son, . . . , of (.dastonl)ur\', and Mar\' Wniitniore of the same. 

10 Jan. 1720. 
Sampson, Henry, clerk, curate of Hruton, and .lane Coalh of the same, 

sp. I Dec. 1727. 
SAMrsf»N, llenr\', of I5re\\ham, seiuemaker, and Sarah \\iitn/i of the 

■same, wid. Al S. Cuthbert's or t he Cat hedral. Wells, 15 Feb. l(585-(;. 

;i ./ i.iM •/ 

DIOCKSK OK l^A'lMl AND \VKL1.S. -'^of) 

Sa.nfi'SON, Thomas, of Wliitclmtrli, hush., a,ii;o(l altoiit l^O, and Mary 

liccs of the same, a.ucil lU ; his mother and her i)arcnts cons. At 
S. CuthlxMt's, WelTs, 5 Oct. KiTC. (.Manicil there, that date, 
vide Parish llopister.) 
Samson, Thomas, of Bruton, ser<r(Mnalc('r, an<l Judith Uddshorowjli 

of the same, sp. At Pitcomhe, Lamyatt, or Milton Clevedon, 

7 Sept. 1722. 
Samwhll, James, of Beckin^'ton, clothier, and Marv Carpenter of the 

same', sp. 30 Mav 1727. 
Sandkrs, William, of Pensford, chandler, and Fdizabeth Crcu\ of the 

same, sp. Bdm. Ann Crew, of Pensford, sp. At Stanton or 

l^iblow, 11 Jan. 1711-12. 
Sanhkrs, James, of Kevnsham, and Mary Cave, of Pensford, sp. 

27 Jan. 172(i-7. 
Sandkrs, William, of Chew Stoke, veom., and Sarah Coomer, of Wins- 

combe. sp. ; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 30 May IfiSD. 
Sandiors, Edward, of Chew Stoke, clothier, and Marv Sherborne of 

the same, sp., aaed 27; mother cons. At the Cathedral or else- 
where, 1) Ma\' l(i!H). 
Sandi'oim), Martin, clerk, Piector of Kingston Seymour, and Susanna 

Soivden, of Yatton, sp. At Winscombe, ;5 Feb. 1708-9. 
Sandkoui), Charles, of P.edminst-er, baker, and Sarah (hborn, of St. 

Augustine's, Bristol, sp., a-;ed 10. At Brislington, 2() Oct. 1744. 
Sandi'oui), John, of West Coker, yeom., batchelor, and (Irace Wadinan 

of the san)e, sp. At S. (^ithl)ert's, Wells, 22 Sept. 1715. 
Sandi'ORD, Pobei r, of (ii-einton, husb., and Mary Richnrds, of Shapwick, 

sp., a'sicd 2(i ; no parents. At Civinlon, Shapwick or I'ilton, 

22 July I7(ii;. 
SandkoiU), Abel, of Pilcondx', batchelor, and Susannah Cl/apiiuni of 

the same, sp. At I'ilton, 1 I Im'I). 17l(i-7. 
Sancku, John, of Pilton, yeom., widower, and Sarah Bro(d:, sp. At 

Shepton Mallet, ') .Ian. !7l()-7. 
Sam;I';i;, John, ol I'illoii, fuller, widower, and Sarah While, of Shei)ton 

.Mail. 'I, sp. At Sheplon Mallet, 2:5 Se|)t, 1 7').^). 
San(!ROIu:, James, of llevtesbury, co. Wilts, and Klizabeth El'tn, of 

Bruton. 7 July 1705. 
Sansom, John, of St. James', Taunton, weaver, and Ann Whelphs, of 

Polshot, CO. Wilts, s]). At the Cathedral, Wells, 5 Oct. 1728. 
Saunders, John, of Wiggleton {i Wri.uhlin.uton), husb., and Deborah 

Cradock, of Hemin.yton, sp., aged 50. At -Hemington, . . . 1709. 
Saundkrs, John, of Ch'elwood; gent., batchelor, aged 21, and Hannah 

Seaqor of the same, sp. aged 21. At Chelwood, 25 Jan. 1745-6. 
Saundkrs, William, of l^ath, i)eriwig-maker, and Eleanor Crouch of 

the same, sp., aged 22 ; no parents. At liath, Widcombe, Weston, 

Twerton, Claverton or Charlcombe, 21 May 1721. 
Saundkrs, William, of Chew Stoke, veom., and Betty Siflcock, of Chew 

Magna, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, ' Wells, 8 Feb. 1724-5. 
Saundkrs, Thomas, of It'rome Sclwood, clothi<"r, and Frances Day 
of the same, si). I \\\'J^. 1713. 

I •( 1. \:-J 


Saundkks, William, of liatli, .sadillcr, and I'jlizalu'tli (unxUiinde, of 

Jvclsloii, s|)., a^'d ID ; parciils cons. A( Kclston or Saltfonl, 

25 Dec-. 1710. ' 
Saundeks, Tetor, of Axbridgc, and Elizabeth Feare of the same, sp., 

aged 36. At the Cathedral, Wells, 22 Oct. 1085. 
Saunders, John of Chewtoii, and Mary Gliston, of Brislington, sp., 

aged 36. At Compton Dando, 24^ Oct. 1 685. 
Saunders, John, of Huntspill, yeom., antl Frances Milhird, of Catcott, 

sp., aged 19 ; father cons. ' At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 21 Nov. 1689. 
Saunders, John, of Huntspill, widower, and Elizabeth Dod, of East 

Brent, wid. At 8. Cuthbert's, Wells, or elsewhere, 6 Aug. 1684. 
Saunders, George, of Frome, tallow-chandler, aged 25, and Sara 

Turney of the same, sp., aged 18 ; both have parents who cons. 

At Elm or Whatley, 31 June 1681. 
Saunders, John, of Huntspill, yeom., and Mary Scarcr {'/ Seavo). 

Bdm. John Lovell, gent., and Sh^pluMi Skxikc, of liridguatci', 

yeom. At Jiridgwater, U Oct. 1708. 
Saunders, Ceorge, of Lydeanl St. Lawrence, gent., and Grace 

SydenJuun of the same, sj). Bdm. John Sydenliam, of Ly(h\ird St. 

Lawrence, gent. At St. Marv Magdalene, 'i'aunton, I!) June 

J 673. 
Saundkus, Joseph, of Winlord, husb., and l)('l)()iali Wd/tvr, sp., agdl 

21. 4 Feb. 1722-3. 
Saundky, John, of Wrighlington, yeom., widowei', and Sarah Savage, 

of End)oirow, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 2() Keb. 1749-50. 
Savac!E, James, of Chewtou Mendip, yeom., and Joane Dowden of 

the same, wid. At WY'st llarptree oi' Litton, 7 Ajuil J 729. 
Savage, Thomas, of Mells, cordwainer, and l\Lirtha Sinfjcr of the san\e, 

wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 June 1725. 
Savage, Robert, of Piiddy, yeom., and Jane SiKcalhs, of Lympsham, 

sp. At Rodney Stoke, 3 June 1717. 
San'agi:, \\'illiam. of Uminster, and Maiy Sta)idcnric},\ of Broadway. 

I5(lin. Isaac Standeru ick, of Broadway. At llton, 10 Dec. 1747. 
Saverv, William, of I'awlett, yeom., and Jane Wood, of Cheilzoy, 

sp., aged 22 ; no parents. At Cliedzoy, Bridgwater, Taunton, 

Lyng or Wells, 21 Nov. 1721. 
Savidge, John, of Midsomer Norton, yeom., and Hannah Iluish of the 

same, sp., aged 23 ; no parents. Bdm. George James, of Midsomer 

Norton, yeom. At Midsomer Norton or elsewhere, 14 Feb. 1707-8. 
Savidge, Cornelius, of Litton, and Mary Savidge,' oi Mells, wid. At 

Bedminster, Long Ashtou or Chew Stoke, 31 May 1712. 
Savidge, William, of Midsomer Norton, and Jocosa Harris of the 

same, wid. Bdm. John I'aine, of Wells. 3 May 170L 
Savidge, John, of I'hnborrow, hiisb., and Joane Dir (i\ the same, 

wid. At S. Cuthl)ert's, Wells, 1 Feb. 1713-14. 
Savidge, Thomas, of Stratton on the Fosse, and Eleanor Britton of 

tlic same, s})., aged 19 ; mother cons. i5dm. William Cradock, 

of Stratton on the Fosse, tailor. At Stratton or Holcombe, 15 .\])ril 


■'V. ' ■'}.'. "^: »! ""i ■ -.r-, i 

(.•.'■.., ■ in l:i;\\\v il 

i ^ . '. 

\ > 


S.WlDCiK, (-hiirlcs, of MidsoiHor Norton, liiisb., and Knincos Ncvill of 

the same, sp., ajj^ed 30 ; inothci' cons. At Strattou, CHiew or 

Dunkert.on, 17 May 1701. 
Savon, l^ldwanl, of St. Doiiatts, co. rjlanior^an, }2;ent., and Elizaboth 

aihhoiis, of Bath, sp., aued 23. ]5dni. Mr. rJil)l)ons, of Batli. At 

Charlcondie or Swainswick, 17 .linu' l7-!iS. 
S.woRY, l*]d\vai'd, of Twcrtoii, niilnian, and Margaret EijijIcsUine of 

the same, sp. 17 Aj)ril 1721. 
Sawtkll, Gioorge, of Curry ilivell, batchelor, aged 30, and Joane 

Meade of the same, sp., aged 30. W\m. Jolm Meade, of Currv 

Kivill, yeom. 28 July 1745. 
Sawtkll, WilHam, of ('urry Riveil, yeom., liatchelor, an<l Ann fldf/wdrd 

of the same, sp. At Curry Kivell or S. Cutliljert's, Wells, 27 -Julv 

Saxon, liichard, of Someiion, itiercer, and Hannah Sniaii, of Jiruton. 

At Bruton, Somerton or Sheptou Montague, 17 Nov. 1725. 
Saykr, ]\Ioses, of Wra.xall, batehelor, and Sarah Clarke, of Buteomlje, 

sp. At Butcombe, 10 Jan. 1710-1. 
Sayer, Samuel, of Back well, widower, and Mary Prine of tlie same, 

sp. At Barrow or Chelvey, 3 Nov. 1742. 
Saykr, John, of Winscombe, baker, batchelor, and Klizabeth E/iis 

of the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 6 May 1736. 
Saykr, William, of T^eigh-sub-Mendip, yeom., ancf Joane King of 

the same, wid. At Leigh, Mells, Doulting, Stok(! [..nie or 

Donyatt (on petition of tlie sou of the said Joane Kinu), 31 Mav 

Saykr, l^jdmund, of Weai'e, husb., and Hannah Aiidreirs, sp., aged 

19; ])arents cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, . . . KiSH). 
ScAi)i)iN(j, William, of I'itminster, clothi(;r, and Sarah tSlroud, of 

Shepton, clotliworker, aged 23; mother cons. At Wells, Meare, 

(Jlastonburv or Houlting, 3 Julv KiSO. 
ScAMMKi.K, Josepli, of i<'.;ist llarptrce, veom., and hjlizalx'th Ileafe, 

of West llarptrc.\ wid. .\t West t)r Kast ilaiptree, 31 Manh 

ScAMMKKS, William, of Shepton Mallet, yeom., and Marv EiKjland of 

the .same, wid. At Shepton Mallet or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 Oct. 

S('ani,i;n, Nicholas, of h^rome, batrhelor, and l']lizabetli Smith of the 

san\e, s|). At Stoke Lane, l*'arnd)orougli or Comj)lon Dando, 

31 July 1740. 
Scot, Kolyei't, of (liiselborough, and Pricilla Davi/ of the same, sp. At 

Chiselborough oi' Cnnvkerne, 9 May 1737. 
Scoi'T, Thomas, of Cliilmai'k, Wilts, and Bi'idget King, of Wanstr(jw, 

sp., aged .30; lather cons. At Wanstrow, 12 Feb. 1708-9. 
Scorr, Thomas, of ivilmersdon, cardmalcer, and Martha lioides of 

the same, sp., ag(>d 27; hitliei' cons. II Oct. 1722. 
Sco'i'i', John, <il Wedniore, blacksmith, widower, and Sarah Hale, of 

St. .lolin's, ( dastonbiirs', sp. .\t WooLcv, Meare or St. . John's, 

Clasloiibiirw I I !\la\- 1 737. 

n I ' <-t. ■(. I' t" 



Scott, John, of Jiristol, mariner, and Alice Martin, of ( Jlastonl)Urv, 

sp., ageil 'I'l \ parents cons. At tlu' ('atlnMlral or S. ( "nt lihert's, 

Wells," or Cilastonbnry, iM Nov. 1705. 
ScOT'r, John, ol Shepton Mallet, cunlinakt-r, ami Ann Dinicnll, sp., 

ai^cd L'C). At Shepton .Mallet, Downlieatl, ilolcomhe, Hal)ini;ton 

or Kiliners(l<in, I Maicli 17-!(»-7. 
Sco'r'r, . . . , ol [''ronie Selwooil, and I'rsnla /\iii(j,ni .Vvenan ( ^Vveninii), 

CO. (doncesler, sp., au<'(l |(). At h'r(Mne Seluood, iM Oct. l7-!7. 
ScoTi', ivoherl, ol .VslicotI, )('(Hn., a^ed 'J 1 , and !\lur<^aret Co/ficr ol the 

same, sp., aged '21 ; lulher cons. ;\t Ashcott or St. John's, (Jlas- 

tonbury, 1 Jai^. l()77-8. 
ScoT'r, John, of l\leaie, yeom., widower, and Mai'\" Co.r, of St. John's, 

( dastonl)ur\-, wi<l. .Vt S. Cnlhliert's, Wells, Wooke\-, Meare or 

Walcot, 1 .Ian. Ul'J-nO. 
SciiAcK, Sampson, of l<]ast, I.N'dfoi'd, clotliicM', and Sarah l/anliiu/, of 

Uradford, co. Wilts, sp., a^ed L' I ; parents cons. At S. ( 'nt hliert's. 

Wells, ;n Jnlv I7t)li. 
SciiKAsK, Henr\', of I'last Jjvdford, batchelor, and Sarah Bdnihiiri/, of 

Wheathill, sp. At Kington Alantield (i.e. Keinton i\Iaiide\ille), 

l.ovinglon or h'.asl Lydhud, 1^0 Jnlv I7;51>. 
ScitlOKN, John (signed Skrin'i;), of Somerton, \'eom., and ,)oane /'('/// 

of the same, sj)., aued '2i nKjtlu'r cons. At S. Cnthbert's, Wells, 

21 Feb. 170(3-7. 
SciaiUiKN.s, John, of Baltonsl)()rough, yeom., and Hester (in'insted 

of the same, s])., aged 35. At S. (Aithbert's, Wells, . . . 17:30. 
Scuii'i'iN, William, of West Pennard, yeom., and Aim fintfturst of the 

same, sp., ageci L'O ; no parents. At West l^ennard oi' S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 5 Nov. 1729. 
ScuDAMoKio, John, of Swuinswick, hnsb., and Anna Porler, of St. 

Michael's, JJatli. At SS. IVter and Paul, P.atli, 17 Dee. 1717. 
Si'Ul'iNU, William, of Penccifoot, (.s/c, '. Pauncefoot oi- Pensford), tiler, 

and Elizabeth RuJnnsoa of the same, s}). 7 Feb. 17 15- 10. 
Si:At;i:K, William, ol Hath, anil Flizabeth I)iliiian of the same. At 

Hatlnvick, Balhanipton or Weston bv J5ath, . . . 1705. 
SKA(ii;K, ,lohn, and Joane Dihhfc, of Kilton. 13dm. Poger Dibble and 

Hoberl lliggins. .\t Dodington, lloH'ord oi' . . . , 27 Aug. 1(175. 
Sl•'..\l.^■, John, of I3ridgwater, merchant, and Mar\' ('(xIi/iii/Idh of (he 

same. I'dm. Nicholas Seal\-, of Bridgwater, merchanl. .\t 

Hridgwaler. 12 April 1711. 
Skai.v, James, of West ('aniel, linenweaver, balclielor, and Mar\' livimcl 

of th(! .same, sp. At West Camel, \ May 1 75 J. 
Skaly, John, of h]ast I'ennard, yeom., widowei', and Frances Urri/, 

of Kington Manlield (Keinlon Man(le\ille), s]). .\t l']asl Pennard. 

2() Sept. 1755. 
Si'iAMioi.n, William, of Doulton (M)onlting), )'eom., and Klizabeth 

lliiiiii>/iri/s, sp. i;5 l<'eb. I71.MI. 
Si'',;\,\U)iii;, John, ol Barlon David, liiisb., and Joan Itiis/i of the same, 
sp., aged 2:5 ; m.-l her c(»ns. At S. ( 'nl liberie. Wells, I Jan. 1707-M. 
Si;a;ci,I';, James, ol Tannlon, batclieloi', and i^'ortiina H iff of the same, 
sp. \\ llemin'.;lon, I I J line I7.">H, 

■il, f >v ■ 

• ■1' /. . 

' [■{('■,.". .;'. ' ,!' ).' 

• !( 

iJlOCKSK OK r.A'l'll ANM) WI'M.LS. 


Hkavkk, Stoplieii, o{ Haltoiisljoiouiili; widowci', Jiii'l Hester Grci/ori/ of 

llic saiiic, s|). At Ijiitlci^h oi- West I'ciinard, 5 .lime l(iiS2. 
8KAVi;it, Jolm, of II ... , liiisl)., aned 2.'5, and Mary liotvdon, of West 

(}uantoxlR'ad, .sp., a;j;(Ml 27 ; vnrh lias a mother who cons. At 

S. (^ithlxMt's or thr Cath.'dral, Widls, 3 l(;82-3. 
Si;i)(ii;i;()it()i'(;n, John, of ('hi|>stalih', yconi.. and i'ih/.aboth (\ise of 

tlu' sam(\ sp. 15dm. Cliristophcr WilKins, of ( 'hip.stalilc, ycoiii., and 

lliMuy (Vossc, of St. Mary, Taunton, mercer. Wilness Mli/;ibetli 

Crosse. At Trull, 17 June l(i7:5. 
Ski)UK1'1i:ll), Jolm, of Frome, j.;ont., aiul Hetty S/wpixtrd of the aawu^, 

sp. At Frome, 12 Oct. 1747. 
Si;i;kk, l)a\id, of Durloii^h, veom., and Mary Stiiclei/, of Bawdrip, sp., 

a;^t'd 21 ; no parents. At B.iwdrip, 2;") Nov. KkSO. 
Si'XiK, Fdward, of \'atton, husli., and Namies F<ii(l, of (V)njj;resl)ury. 

Bdi)i. John Foord, of Conjrresljury, hush. At Winscombe, 15 July 

vSkci'.i;, Joseph, of Hiittele (^), co. Stafford, i^laziei', and Jlamiali Ti/ce, 

of ChelwiMth (^ Chelwood), sp. i>dni. John Whit t in;^am, ofChel- 

woith (^ Chelwooil), blacksmith, and Mary Cox, of Stantori Drew, 

s|). \\ I'ulilow, reiisford or Stanton Drew, 15 ^larch 17('5-('). 
Skli)1;x, Jonathan, of Fi'ouk; Selwood, baker, and Sarah (liljonl of the 

same, sp., a^ed 2() ; parents cons. At h'rome Selwood or Whatley, 

15 Miiy 1711). 
Sklt, Thomas, of Hath, and Hetty Collins of the sa)iu', s]). At Hath, 

Ijan<i,ridji:e, iiathwick or South Stoke, II Sept. 1721. 
81':lij:<'KI':, William, of ( )akliill, \'eom., and Elizabeth Btuon, of Jiradford, 

wid. iidm. Lawrence («arwa\', of Hr.nlford, w t)olcond)er. At 

lllon, Ashill or Stoke St. Marv, \) An-'. KiSl. 
Si'iMJ'.iK', l!enr\-, of West Monckton, L'ent., a-jed 22, and .\nna Woni, 

of Noi'th I'etheiton, a;j,ed 21. At Sanipford tu' J5aeborou^di, 

'.) . . . I(i78. 
Si'MJ.KH, William, of Nunnev, joiner, and I'ilizabeth Wilinot, of Witham 

l''iiai\-, sp. .\t the CatluMlial (.r S. ( 'ut hhert's. Wells, 5 .\pril 1721. 
Si:i.i,i;i!, William, of Majierton, linenwea\'er, and I'^li/.abeth I'/iili/is, 

of Strecd, in I'ill. s|)., aijeil Ki ; mother cons. Hdm. Robert tJale-, of Haltonsboroiii^h, linenweaver. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

9 Oct. 1710. 
Si;i,i,i('K, ll(Mu\', jun., of West IMonkton, ^ent., and Mary Bcie, sp. 

Hdm. John Here, -cut. 12 March 17i;M 1. 
Ski.i.ick, William, of l<ilworth\', Lient., widower, and Mary Scllick 

of the samt.' ; parents cons. jU. J^'dwoit h\-, 1 'J Api'il 1755. 
Si:i,iAV.\v, ^\'illianl, of Hath, and . . . (/ihbs, of Wellow, sp. At Wollow, 

Dunkerton, Kibnersdon, or Hinei>ar, . . . 1708. 
Skmavav, .lohn, of She))ti)n Mallei, cutler, and Martha Hurler, of Hitcott, 

in Slratton on the l*'osse, sp., aue<l 25 ; mother cons. At S. Cuth- 

berfs, Wells, 25 An-. KiS;}. 
Slil.l.W A^■, Mdward, of Ashwirk, husb., aued 2(i, and Mary Ihilar, ol 

Litton, sp., ai^ed .'iO ; holh paicnts cons. ,\t K ilmersdon, Ashw ick 

(.!■ IIoIkuhIm'. 21 Ma\ 1(178. 

!"■ ', ■:.!■!::■; 
I ■ -i / .'I 


Sklly, Kicluiril, of (iji-gory Stoke,, ami Mary Meade, of Lyiig, 

wid. At S. Ciitliheit's, Wells, Ki Nov. 171 1'. 
Sl:l\vay, John, of Shepton Mallet, cutler, and Sarah Jiuinelt, of Weartio, 

ill I'^pi.sct)})!, sp., a<ieil ."30 ; mother cons. At Pilton, Doultin^f 

or Binegar, 12 Aug. 17U8. 
Selway, Thomas, of Emborrow, batchelor, and Anne Adams, of 

Binegar, sp. At Emborrow or Binegar, G April 1739. 
Selw.vy, Joseph, of Stanton Drew, tailor, and Mary Koo)tic of the 

same, sp. Bdm. James Selway, of Jligh l.ittlefon, tailor, (ieorgc 

Morley, of High Ijittleton, gent., and Mr. Hunt, of C'hewton. At 

C'hewton Mi'udip or hhnborrow, 10 Keb. 1710-11. 
Selway, llicliard, of Ashwick, husb., and Mary Plaisler, of Stoke Lane, 

sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At Ashwick, Kilmersdon, Chewton 

or Binegar, 3 Feb. 1701-5. 
Selway, Henry, of Chewton Mendip, and Bebecca Curtis of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At Binegar, 22 July 1700. 
Sklway, William, of Sheptou Mallet, cntler, and Marv Windsor of the 

.same, wid. 10 Jan. 1718-19. 
Selway, John, of Ston Easton, blacksmith, and Christian Goaid of the 

sanie, sp., aged 31 ; no parents. 23 Aj)ril 1720. 
Selway, Richard, of Stou Easton, carrier, and Klizabeth Frapwell 

of tlie same, sp., iidm. John Erapwell, of h^ndTorrow, coaldriver, 

her brother. 22 April 1701. 
Selway, Edward, and Eleanor Gu/lock, of Rodtlen. At Kodilen, 

Eromc Selwooil, or Beikley, 20 Oct. 17U. 
Selway, George, of Chilcoin})ton, yeo)n., batchehjr, and IMary Hill, 

of Marksburv, sp. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathctlral, Wells, 

3 July 1750.' 
Selway, James, of Ston Easton, blacksmith, batchelor, and 

Mary Dando, of I'aulton, sp. At Stou Easton, 21 May 

Selway, George, of Ashwick, and Alice Carter, of Siieptou Mallet, sp. 

Bdm. (Jeorge Selway and John Gradock, of Shepton Mallet, cloth- 
worker. At S. C'uthbert's, Wells, . . . July 1G75. ' 
S|':lwoui), Isaac, of Brislinulon, yeom., and Martha Boucher, of Keyu- 

sham, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 Keb. 1711-12. 
Selwx)OD, John, of Frome Selwootl, gent., and Frances Goss, of Bleadon, 

sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At lileadon or elsewhere, 29 April 

Skly, John, of Preston, N'eom., and Hamiah Coijyin, of Yeovil, sp. 

(i Oct. 1710. 
S|':ni)ALL, Thomas, of Swainswick, car|)enter, and Mary Tilleij of the 

same. At J5atheaston, 10 Oct. 1737. 
Sehc'HWELl, William, of Plymouth, co. Devon, periwig-maker, and 

Ann Wilshire, of Frome Selwood, sp. At Frome Selwocxl, 15 April 

Si:i;.ii;ANr, AVilliam, of La^•ton, in llolford, yeom., and Jane Bartlett 

of the same, sp., aged 30; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

or Ch)ford, 10 July 1707. 

;).:'■ t 


Shuvikr, Abiaham, of West Craninoro, yeoni., and Diana Gnnc of the 

same, sp., af^ed L'O ; mother eons. At West C'ranmorc oi' S. Ciith- 

beit's, Wells, 7 April 1718. 
Skss, Samuel, of Bauwell, yeom., and Eleanor Taylor, of Churchill, 

sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 22 April 1717. 
Sevki!, William, of Wells, and Rebecca Woodson, of Baltonsborough, 

wid. 12 Oct. 1721. 
Sever, William, of Wells, mercer, and . . . Pearse of the same, sp. 

5 April 1729. 
Sevier, Thomas, of Wells, roper, and Elizabeth Parker, of Bristol, 

sp., aged 25. At Bedminster, Long Ashton, Felton or Whitchurch, 

21 Oct. 1707. 

Sevier, William, of Walton, and Marv Cording, of Wiveliscombe, wid. 

9 Aug. 1723. 
Si;viKR, Anthonv, of Wells, roper, and Jane Statford of the same, sp. 

22 April 1717. 

Sevier, George, of Ilchester, tanner, and Margaret Dampier. At 

Somerton, Ilchester or Northover, 20 May 1711. 
Sevier, Robert, of Mark, plumber, and . .- ., of Winscombe, sp. Bdm. 

John Haine, of Winscombe, plumber. At Winscombe, . . . 1715. 
Sevier, Thomas, of Wells, roper, and Joane Colons, of Dinder, sp., 

aged ;U); father cons. At Ashvvick or ... 7 Dec. 17U. 
SicviKR, see also Sivier. 
Sevior, William, of Ilchester, batchelor, and Mary Gai/ of the same, 

wid., botli ()\er 21 years. At North C'atlbury, West Lydford or 

Ilchester, 2 Jan, 17i3()-7. 
Sevior, George, and Mary Clerk, of . . . Bdm. Jaines Ayshood and 

E. Budd, of Ilchester. At Ilchester, 9 Jan. 170(5-7. 
Seward, James, of Shepton Beauchamp, husb., batchelor, and Mary 

Pitcher, of Drayton, formerly of Petherton, wid. Ki July 1755. 
Seward, John, of Gurry Rivell, yeom., and Marv Pith.erd of the same, 

wi.l. At Ashill, 2;} Feb. 171H-9.'R, Richard, of Weston Zovland, batchelor, and Mary Tenijde, 

of Huish, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 9 Dec. 1710." 
Seymour, Thomas, of Edington, yeom., and Jane Coward of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At Moorlinch or Edington, 8 Aug. 1685. 
Seymour,' William, of Maiden Bradley,^ Wilts, Esq., and Elizabeth 

Hippie, s]). At Charlton Horethorne or Chilton Canvill, 15 July 1730. 
SiiADDlcKE, liobert, of Laiigford Budville, husb., and Elizabeth Sniocke, 

of Minehead, sj). At liunningt.on, 8 or 10 June 1(573. 
SiiAEi.ARi), William, of Keynsham, steelmaker, anil Mary Dillinr/, of 

Catcott, sp., aged 19; ])arents cons. At K(!ynsham, Catcott, 

Burnet, Corston, Saltford, or Brislington, 30 July 171(5. 
Shaur, John, of Siicpton Mallet, carrier, and Ann Smith, oi Kilmersdon, 

sp., aged 25 ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Sept. 1722. 
Sharp, . . . , and . . . Bli/th. 12 June 1729. 

' 11(! wns luuiili sou dl' Sii' I'Mward Scyiiiour, til'lli liuil, ul' Hurry Toimu-oy. 
Hirt wil'o was (laii ul' Jiiliii llipiiii', oi' l''i-(iiii(', ol). s.]i. 

•2 II 

■ ' ,'■! 

)■ •■; 1 

I , ' 1 '■■. ■■\ 


Sharp, Thomas, of Wraxall, luisb., and Ann Fisher, of Backwell, s])., 
ai'il 215. Mm. Robert KisIut, of Hackwell, lu-r fatlier. At 
Wiaxall, HacUwcll, (Flax) Hoiiiton or Nnilsoa, Ki .Imie 1701. 

SiiAi;i>, JaiiK'S, of Slu'ptoii Mallet, eoo|)er, and Aim James of the same, 
sp., aj^ed'LMi; parents cons. At Sliepton Mallet or IVnselwot.d, 

3 May 1717. , ,,/ • 

Sjiaui', William, of Fromc 8el\vood, apothecary, and Elizabeth Aliein 

of the same, sp. 11 July 1713. 
Shakpe, Samuel, of Nailsea, and 15etty Ruasell, of Clapton, sp., aged 
L>7 ; father cons. Bdm. Edmund (Jodwin, of Nailsea. At Clapton, 
Nailsea or Wraxall, 24 June 1712. 
Shask, John, of Catcott, in Moorlinch, and Sarah Couper, of Burnham. 

At Chedzoy, 25 Jan. 170(5-7. 
SiiATTOfK, John, of Corfe, Dorset, batchelor, and Mary Moses, ot 
Norton Fitz Warren, sp. At Norton Fitz Warren, 30 May 1755. 
Shaw, John, of Publow, and Ann Jones. At Chelworth {( Chelwood), 

22 May 1727. 
Shaw, John, of the city of London, and Mary lloicell, of S. Cuthbcrt s, 
Wells, sp., aged 2i ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathe- 
dral, 'Wells, . . . 1<)8(). ^ 
Shkakks, John, of Shepton Montague, widower, and Jane Green, ot 

Brewham, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 1 Jan. 1710-1. 
Sheakni.:, James, of Midsomer Norton, husb., and Elizabeth /////, 
of cioford, sp. At Cloford, Midsomer Norton, Wansti'ow, East 
Cranmore, Nunney or Whatley, 27 May 1728. 
Shkaks, John, of Shepton Montague, wheelwright, and Sybilla CanI, 
of Brewham, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 
21 Sej)t. I7H». 
SiiiOAT, Jelfery, of West I'cnnanb husb., and Florence Wason of the 
same, sp.^ aged 10 ; no parents. At th(> Cathedral, Wells, I Nov. 1705. 
Sni:Ar, John,' of West I'eniianI, carpenter, and Elizabeth Shvrriihie ot 

the same, wid. .\t S. Ciithl)eiCs, Wt-lls, 3 May 1727. 
SiiKA'r, William, ot Baltoiisborough, ncoiu., batchelor, and Betty J'ofic 

of' the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 17 Nov. 1750. 
Shkatio, Richard, of West I'eiinard, yeom., and Judith Btuilelt, of 
Edgarley, in St. John's, Glastonl)ury, wid. At the Catliedral or 
S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or F^ast I'ennard, . . . KWJ. 
Shhkn, Samuel, of Shepton Mallet, distiller, and Ann S/veehnan of the 

sa'me, sp. ' At Shepton Mallet, 2'J Oct. 1720. 
Shkkrk, Cleorge, ot Wells, cordvvainer, about 22 years, and Martha 
Riehnian ot the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 5 Oct. 1()77. 
SiiKKKlNci, Philip, «)f Martock, widower, and Sarah Taiilor of the same, 

sp. At Martock or South Petherton, 8 Feb. 1738-9. 
Shkphard, Samuel, of Marshtield, mariner, batchelor, and Sarah Dneis, 
of SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, sp. At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 
. . . 1715. 
Shkphaku, Jdliii, of Frome Selwood, clothier, and Philip II uinp/iri/, oi 
Berkley, sp. Bdm. William Ihiniphrv, of lieikley, clothier. 
At Berkley, 1 June 1705. 

p..,. 1-' ■! I 


7/ ,. i,,-i 

.1 ■ !/, 


Siii:i'iiKi{|), .Joseph, of Sli('|)toii Mallet, cordwainer, and .loaue Brock 

of tile .same, sp., aued 1'7 ; father cons. At Shepton Mallet or 

Binefj;ar, 10 April 17 IH. 
SHKriiKiU), Kdinuiid, of Wiiuanlon, eaipeiiter, and Jane ///// of the 

same, sj). At . . . , 1 Dee. lift). 
Shkphkkd, John, of Yeovilton, yeom., ami P'ilizabeth N;///, of Trent, 

sp. Bdm. William Siiif, of Yeovilton, yeom. 12 Jan. 1711-12. 
Shkimikri), William, of Wincanton, maltster, and Mary Milltird, of 

North Cadhury, s|). H) Jnne \l\'-\. 
.Shkphkrd, John, of Stourton, Wilts, carpenter, and Ann Rn(/ers, of 

Kilminifton. sp. J5(lm. Edmund Shephei'd, of Wincanton, car- 
penter, and John Smart, of Stourton, \ictualler. lU Nov. 1713. 
Shei'fikkd, John, of Stanton Drew, nuuiner, and Ann Kidnuui of the 

.same, sp. At Stanton Drew, ."^O Jan. 1714-15. 
SiiKi'iii:i<i), Joseph, hush., and Sarah /////, of Yeovilton. 20 May 

Shepherd, William, of Wincanton, maltster, and Aim Vining of the 

same. Bdm. John Vining. At Maperton, 18 June 1709. 
Shk/^hkri), Charles, of Banwell, hush., and l<]dith Crowbridye, of Banwell, 

formerly of Bleadon, sp. Pxlm. John Bullock, of Bleadon, and 

Joliii l»urlocl<, of Bleadon, hush. At VVinscoml)e, 12 Feb. 1710-11. 
Shkpi'.vri), William, of Banwell, and .Mary Kiny, of Winford. At 

Pu.vton, 27 June 1709. 
Shkppard, Thomas, Jan., of South (Mieriton, in Horsington, linen- 
weaver, and l<ilizal)eth Shcppiird, of Ma])erton, sp., aged 25. At 

S. Cuthhert's, Wells, 27 Oct. 1709. 
Shkpp.\rd, (Jeorge, of Wick St. Lawience, yeom., and Sarah Co/e, of 

Chew Magna, wid. 7 Dec. 1709. 
Shkpp-\rd, John, of Whatley, clothier, batchelor, and Catherine Stol-es, 

of SS. Peter and Paul", Bath. Bdm. Benjamin Stokes, of Elm. 

9 Jan. 1745-(i, 
Shkpp.ard, Hugh, of Kewstoke, gent., and Mary Ilehdon, of Lo.xton, 

sp., aged 2.1 ; father cons. At Weston, Shipham or Lo.xton, 

7 Sept. 1720. 
Shkppard, Thomas, of Erome Selvyood, maltster, and Lidia jV(Jourt 

of the same, s[)., agetl 25. At J^'iome, Cloford or Marston Bigott, 

11 Oct. 1720. 
Shkpi'ard, Richard, of Erome Selwood, victualler, and Agnes Broume 

of the same, wid. At Erome Selwood, S. Cuthbert's or the Cathe- 
dral, Wells, 25 April 1721. 
Shkppard, Naish, of Weston super Mare, yeom., and Anna Foreman 

of the same, sp., aged 22 ; i)arents cons. At AN'eston super Mare, 

;? May 1721. 
Sn i:i'i'.\i;i), John, of .Meare, NCom., and .loane Stock of the sanu', wid. 

At Meare, or S. Culhberl's, Wells, I April 1722. 
SiiiM'PARD, William, of Winscond)e, hush., and lOlizabeth Jones, sj)., 

aged 22; niolher cons. At Winscond)e, I .April I7.'{0. 
Shki'PARD, (ieiiiH<., uf J^'rome, tailor, and Ann Spdrke of the same, sp. 

.\t Elm, <i .March 17;i(i-7. 


Shkppard, John, of Biith, batcliolor, and Mary Hayne, of Axbridge, 

sp. At Axbridoe, 1^8 A])iil 17:59. 
Sheppaud, Samuel, of Jiieane, batcludor, and Marv Kerton, of Uphill, 

wid. At \Vinscond)e, 13 July 1731). 
Shkppard, Etlniuiid, of Banwoll, yeoni., and Susanna Gcho, of Kew.stoke, 

sp., aged '22; no ])aients. 8 Juno 17l!."5. 
Shkppard, Martin, of Marston Ma>ina, blacksmith, and Elizabeth 
White of the same, sp. ; ])aren(s cons. At S. Ciithbert's Wells 
20 May 1725. 
Si[|.;ppAKi), Aseph, of Shepton Mallet, hosier, and Mary Cod of the 
same, sj)., aj^'ed ,'50 ; ikj parents. At Shepton Malh't, liinej^ar, 
Stoke Lane or Downliead, 1 June 1711. 
Shrppard, Daniel, of Kewstoke, and Frances House of the same, wid. 

At Winscond)e, 12 June 1712. 
Shkppard, Thomas, of Othery, husb., and Mary Dernie, of Weare, 

wid. At S. ('uthber(\s, Wells, . . July I7()l. 
SuiopPAKi), (ieoroe, of Standcrwick, cabinet-maker, and l<]lizal)eth 
(n><>(lenoi(i//t of the same. At S. ('uthbert\s. Wells, :] Oct 
Sheppakd, Jolm, of Othery, yoom., and Elizabeth . . . , of tlie same, 
sp., aged 18 ; no parents. At S. John's or S. Benedict's, Olaston- 
bury, or Bawdrip, 29 July 170(5. 
Shkppard, Samuel, of Kewstoke, gent., and Catherine Edqe, of Bid- 

disham. 18 May 1717. 
Sheppard, William, of Erome Selwood, yeoin., and Ann Heale of the 
same, .sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At Marston Bigott, Buckland 
Dinham or Whatley, 12 July 1703. 
SifKpi-ARi), James, of Shepton Mallet, hosier, and Marv Clarei/, of Stoke 
i.ane, sp., aged 22 ; father cons. At the ('athe<lra'l or S. Tuthbert's, 
Wells, IG Eel). 1703-4. 
Sheppard, William, of Wookey, yeom., batchelor, and Ann Cotner 

of Bundnim, sp. At iiurnliam, 17 A})ril 1755. 
SuEPPAKi) Samuel, of Weare, husb., and JoaiU' Carter of the same, 

wid. .\t \\'eare, 21 Dec. 1713. 
SuEi'PAKi), William, of Bauwell, yeom., and Marv Sitinuous, of Hutton, 

wid. At Hutton or Bedminster, 5 May 1714. 
Sheppard, William, of Midsomer Norton,, and Betty Loscomhe 
of the same, sp., aged 30; mother cons. At Midson'u'r Norton 
or Binegar, 13 Sept. 1711. 
Sheppakd, Thomas, of Wells, tailor, and l<:iizabelh Loeell of the same, 

wid. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, 29 Nov. 1714. 
Sheppard, John, of Otheiy, yeom., and Elizabeth Kirle of the same, 
sp., aged 18 ; neither father nor mother. Bdm. William Kirle, 
her grandfather. 19 July 1700. 
S}iEPPARD, Samuel, of Kewstoke, and Joane Bennett, of Banwell. At 

the Cathedral, Wells, 31 May i(;90. 
Sheppakd, Martin, of Marston Ma'gna, blacksmith, and Martha Collins 
Of the same, sp., nged 32; parents cons. At (ilastonbiiry, West 
I'ennard or llic Cathedral, Wells, i Jan. 1700-1. 


Shicpi'AKD, Joseph, of Piltoii, Inisl)., uiul Ui-.sulii i\onnan, of Croscoiiibe, 

sp. At (^roscoinl)e, 2-f March 1700-1. 
Shkim'ARD, John, of Othery, Inish., aueil iJO, and Racliell Wyti, of Moor- 

liiich, sp., aucd 2^) ; mother eons. At iMeare, (i Au^. 1084. 
Siiioi'i'AKi), Joseph, of She|)ton MaUet, eliandlei', and Mary lilcntiman, 

of Croseondx', sp. ; fat liei' eons. y\t Clievvton or Doultini;, liS Dee. 

1(J8 1 . 
Shkim'akd, John, of Otliery, yooni., and Joane Godfrij, of Chedzoy, 

sp., aged 1^8; mother eons. At Otliery or C'IkhIzov, 8 Oct. 

1681. J, 
SifRi'i-ARO, Edward, of h^-oine, inaltsler, a<j;ed 30, and Hester Uundell, 

of Mells, sp., a^ed L\"5 ; father eons. At Kim or Shepton MaUet, 

22 Nov. 1(577.' 
Sheppard, Hugh, of Kewstoke, yeom., ])atchelor, and Ann Chappell, 

of Worle, sp. At Worle, Winseoinl)e or Mutton, 9 May 

Shrppahd, Abraham, of St. James, Taunton, fullei-, and Ann Norman, 

of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, sp. At St. Mary Magdalene, 

Taunton, 5 May 1755. 
SiiRPPARD, George, of Stringston, husb., and .4nne Leash of tlie same, 

sp. Bdm. John Sterne, of Somerton, nuison, and James (Jilbert 

of Wells, gent. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, -i Aug. 1G7;5. 
SiiKi'PAKU, Joseph, of Kewstoke, yeom., l)at(helor, and Elizabeth Gad, 

of Loxton, sp. At Loxton, 24 April 1747. 
Shkppkkd, Richard, of Emborrow, yeom., and Elizal)eth White of 

tlie same, sp., aged 24. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 4 Nov. 

SnKi'iM'.Ki), Samuel, of Weare, yeom., l)atchelor, and Elizabeth Curtis 

of tlu^ same, sp., aged 21. At S. Culhbert's, or the CalhtMlral, 

Wells, 17 June 1745. 
Shki'I'KKD, John, of Elm, baker, and l^^lizabeth Ilaf/leij of the same, 

sp. 24 Feb. 1719-20. 
Smki'I'MKIM), Kichaid, of Krome Selwood, butcher, and Elizabeth Bar)is 

of the .same, s|). Hdni. John Hishop, of Frome, glover. .\t Krome 

Selwood, :\ March 170(i-7. 
Siiioi'SToN, Henry, of Kowbei'row, batchelor, anil Susannah Jacob, 

of {Miarterh()US(> llinton. At the Cathedral oi S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, or West Hari)tree, 8 Dec. 17;58. 
SiiKunoHN, John, of Witcond)e, in (-hewton Mendij), yeom., and Martha 

Chelyn, of Tjangford, sp,. aged 24 ; parents cons. At Burrington, 

West Harptree, Congresbury or Winscom})e, 29 Dee. 1705. 
Sherhornk, Thomas, of Chew Magiui, and Sarah Veale of the same, 

21 July 1722. 
Shkrhornk, John, of Chew Magna, yeom., and Mary Barker, of Chewton, 

sp., ageil 22 ; ])arents dead. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, 

Wells, 29 March 1(187. 
"SiiKRhALL, Ijul<e, of Hodden, yeom., and Susannah Fryer of the same, 

sp., uge(l ;55. Hdm. James lle\v»?tt, of Hodden, husb. At lloiMen 

or Krome, 2:5 Nov, 1702. 

''- .-.I : V •■•)l !• ■'■■!' » ■ \ 



Shkhuolo, Williaiii, of Hath, vooin., and Marv Rend of tlie same sn 

At Batli, J Oct. 1710. 
Sheklky, S('a\vallel•(^S,.a\vallis), of St. John's, (Mastoiihuiy, ^re„t., 
batclu'lor, and Jane Hopkins of the same, sn. At the Cathedral' 
Weils, 2 Sept. 1749. 
SjiKKi.ocK, Richard, of Shepton Mallet, and Mary Tilhi of the same, 

sj)., aoed 27. At Shepton Mallet or Donltin^-, Hi Nov. 1724. 
Sukkm, Thomas, of Stroud, co. (dou.ester, batchelor, and Elizabeth 
Diier, of Shepton ]\[allet, sp. At Shepton Mallet or the Cathedral 
Wells, 23 Feb. 1748-9. 
Rhrrridge, John, of West Pennard, yeom., and Elizabeth Buhjin 
of the same, sp., aged 37 ; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells 
3 Feb. 1724-5. 
Bherking, James, of High Ham, yeom., batchelor, and Ann Harris 

of Aller. At High Ham, 1(5 June 1750. 
Shkukino, John, of High Ham, yeom., widower, and Jane Couzens 

of the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 19 May 1748. 
8iir.:RRY, Samuel, of Taunton, and Marv Hicls, of Bishops Hull. Bdm. 

Robert Cooke, of Taunton. 20 . . . I(i78. 
Shkrston, Thomas, of Bath, cooper, and Elizabeth Main of the same 

sp. 21 Jan. 17I5-1(). 
Shkrstonk, William, of Somerton, linicbiirner, and Edith S/ierstane 

Hi May 1714. 
Shkrstonk, John. jun.. of Bath, brazier, and Sarah Cotl/e of the same 

sp. 29 May 1714. 
SiiKKWKLL, Ailam, of High Jfam, husb., and Mary Pahncr of the same, 
sp., aged 2(i ; parents cons. Bdm. John Cox, of High Ham' 
husb. At High Ham, Somerton, Muchelney, Currv Riveli, Alter 
or i.aiigport, 25 Jan. 170ti-7. 
SHKJtwooi), Walter, of Meare, husb., and Margery- Swaine of the same, 
s]). ; no parents. At Meare, (llastonburv ' or Wells 12 March 

SnisrcN, John, of Shirminster n.>xt (\istle, co. Dorset, yeom.. and 
.Marv Listrr. of Stoke sub Handxlon. 10 Feb. 1714-15. 

SuKTii.iKR, Thomas, of Burrington, husb., and Hannah Had of the 
same, sp. At Jirockley, 18 March 1703-4. 

SiiKW, Thomas, of Somerton, and Sarah Piaice of the same, sp., aged 
24; parents cons. At Somerton, 23 April 1730. 

SiiKW, William, of Chedzoy, tailor, and Mary Staple of the .same, sp. 
Bdm. John Edwards, of Chedzoy, sho(;maker At 17 J'lu 

l705-(i. ■ ...,,. 

Smiii'.KN, Kdward, of Mark, yeom., and Frances C/co/v/c, of St. John's, 

(dastonbury, sp., aged 3(i ; no parents. At St. John's, (llasfon- 

biiry, 12 Feb. l725-(i. 
Shinton, William, of Swell, yeom., widower, and Elizabeth Mead 

ot Fitzhead, sp. At Swell, 12 Dec. 1755. 
SiiOAL, James, of Castle Cary, sergemaker, and Mary Jape, of Burton 

{( Burton), co. Dorset, sp., aged 27 ; paren'ts cons. At Castle 

Cary or Cucklington, 29 Nov. 1707. 

. ,1 :■-, » 

I .'■ '*; 

.... :/. ■! 1 


V,, A 


Shoal, James, of Custlf Ciirv, clotliicr, and Jane (ru// ; parents cons. 

Hdin. 'I'lionias (iny, ol (-astic ('ai\', victualler, lier hiotlier. At 

Castle C'ary, Doultin^, Sliepfoii Mallet, Mvercreecli oi Cianmore, 

30 Nov. 1705. 
SiioHio, Samuel, of Bath, and Ann iMiUanl of the same, wid. lit) May 

Shork, Charles, of Montaciitc, widower, and Jane Gcrranl of the same, 

sp. At S. ('uthl)ert's. Wells, 8 Au<^. 1737. 
Short, John, of South Brent, y(!om., and Sarah Durson, (jf I\lark, sp., 

aged 22 ; father cons. At South Jiix'iit. Cossington, J^adgworth 

or Weare, 1 Jan. 1707-8. 
Shokt, William, of Priston, batchelor, and Sarah Pitinan of the same, 

sp. At She])ton Mallet or J)t)ultino, 2(5 Aug. 1739. 
Short, Charles, of Montague (Montacute), miller, and Ann Minchinlon 

of the same, s])., aged 24. At Montague, Yeovil, Norton sub 

ILunhdon, Kingsbury or . . . , 19 May 1725. 
Short, Walter, of I'lesley, in Doulting, clothwojker, and Alice Gane 

of the same, sp., aged 20. At Doulting, Pill or J<]verireech, G Dec. 

Short, Ciles, of Priston, ycom., and Mary Cornish, of Newton St. Loe, 

sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At Newton St. IjOC or Binegar, 

3 Sept. 1719. 
Short, 'i'hoinas, of Wells, innhohler, and Mai'tha ir/7/.cs of the same, 

wid. 13 Jan. 1719-20. 
Snort, John, of liangloid, and Mary (loiituj. A( Yeovil, 18 Oct. 1711. 
SiioKi', Ivicliard, of ('ompton Dando, Imtclicr, batchelor, and Sarah 

WillDit, sp. hdm. James Wilton, of Com])loii Dando, )com. At 

Compton Dando or S. Cuthhert's, Wells, 13 Dec. 1752". 
SiH)RT, Benjamin, of Fiome Selwood, clothworker, and Joan Carter 

of the same. 22 June 1708. 
Short, William, of Mi<lsomer | Norton |, cordwainer, ;ind Cicily A'oi'c^'c//, 

of Kairington, s|)., aged 10. At S. Cuthbert's, VVells, . . . 

I (is;. 

Suoirr, William, of Timshnry, cordsvainer, and Milliccnt Fiiili/c//, of 

Charlcombi', sp., aged 28 ; mother cons. At \\'eston b\' i>,ith, 

Charlcombe or Lanj^iidge, 23 Feb. 1G81-2. 
Showrincj, Daniel, of Bristol, upholsterer, and Betty Markendale, 

of Cameley, sp., agetl 22 ; mother cons. At Cameley, Farrington, 

High Littleton or Bedminster, 10 June 1717. 
Shrole, Henry, of Leigh upon Mendip, husb., and Catherine Brooke, 

of Mells, sp., agetl 3G. Bdm. Henrv Smith, of Binegar. 23 July 

SHURiutNDK, John, of Bedminster, carpenter, and Martha Knigfil of 

the sanu', wid. Bdm. John Shurboiide, sen., of Chew Magna. 

10 June; 1711. 
Shutk, Dsinock', of Milton Clevedon, hatcheloi', and Frances HV///, of 

Pill. s|). At Hornbhjtton, 9 Jan. 1740-1. 
Shutic, Pichard, of Preston, butcher, and Sarah Cole, of Dunkerton, 

sp., aged 20; no parents. At Saltford, 10 April 1721. 

iS .-I'm! M.l-i . > II. ' .; ,. .1; ; 

: .)!:,»' . ■ ,..:-: •! 1:'. (^ ., 

i \ '.'.: \A: 

I ■■..^yv 

a : ) i 

1 ■ IV 1 


Shutk, Richard, of S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, yeoiu., and Sarah Cary, of 

Mclls, wid. 2(i Aug. 172-1. 
SiiUTK, 'riioiuas, of Kilincrsdon, <;eiit., and Mary Hole, of Farrington, 

sp., aged 27 ; father cons. At lladstock, Dunkerton or Stratton, 

22 ])cc. 1705. 
SiHJTK. Thomas, of Whatley, yeom., and Elizabeth Samson, of Puddi- 

more Milton, s[). At Whatley, l\uldinu)ro Milton or iiiinpton, 

If April 1703. 
Shutk, Richard, of Shepton Mallet, and Philippa Hole, of Pilton, sp. 

At Shepton Mallet or elsewhere, 11 May 170-4. 
Shutk, Rii'hard, of . . . , joiner, and Rose Webb, -i April 1710. 
SnuTK, IMionias, of Charterhouse Hinton, yeom., and Mary Moore, 

of Kilincrsdon, sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthbcrt's, Welis, 27 Sept. Ui8fi. 
Siiurio, 'I'lionias, of Charterhouse Hint(tn, tallow chandler, and Sarah 

Alirodd, of Saltford, sp. Bdni. William I\lo()re, of Krome Selwood, 

yeom. At l^'iome Selwood, 18 Sept. 1701. 
Shutk, William, of W(>llow, gent., batchelor, and Elizabeth Bernard, 

of Ccjinbe Hay, sp. At S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, 27 June 1750. 
Shutk, Ceorge, of Wtdlow, batchelor, and l<jlizabeth Porch of the same, 

sp. Pdm'. Thomas White, of Wellow, gent. At Wellow, 17 May 

SiLcocK, Heniy, of Ubley, batchelor, and Deborah James, of Farrington. 

.'\t Chcwton, h^ndjoiiow or Stoii Easton, 27 May 1710. 
Sii.cDCK, John, of Publow, yeom., batchelor, antl Charity Tai/lor of the 

same, sp. At Publow, 12 Jan. 17-12-3. 
SiLcocK, Josej)h, of Ubley, yeom., and Ann Poole of the same, wid. 

At Ubley, 18 April 1730. 
SiLcoiK Henry, of Ubley, yeom., and Elizabeth Kivij of the same, 

sp., aged 21). At Ubley, Leigh upon Mentlip, Wells or Tickenham, 

30 Nov. 171-1. 
SiLcocK, Thomas, of Road, broadweaver, and Elizabeth Deeerel, of 

PcckiugtoM, sj). y\t Heckington, 13 June 17-18. 
Sii.ccK K, Joseph, of Dunkerton, yeom., batchelor, and Pha-be Harring- 

lon, of Corton, sp. At Dunkerton or Newton St. Loe, 8 June 

SiiJXKK, Richard, of J'ensford, gardener, and Mary Gray of the same, 

sp. At Pensford, Stanton Drew, Publow, or Compton Daiido, 

24 Oct. 1748. 
SiLiVANT, Samuel, of Lvng, husb., and Alice ... of the sanu', witl. 

At S. Cutht)ert's, Wells; 27 Nov. 1700. 
Silk, .lohn, of I'cnsford, hatmaker, and Bridget Shorter of the same, 

wid. At Publow or Stanton Drew, 8 March 1734-5. 
SiiA'i;srh:i{, John, of South Petherton, yeom., and Joane Martin, of 

Aller, sp. Pdm. John Martin, 3aH)m., and John Young, of Wells, 

cordwainer. At S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, 18 Julv 1<)74. 
Si.Mi'.s, (Jeorgc, of Kadstock, veom., and i*]lizal)(?(h Harris of the sanve, 

s|)., aged 25; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 28 Sel)t. 

1727. ' 

h ' 

1.. .'uo ' /I' • '; -; '■'■' •■• '■' 

1 • • ' ! 

I ... • ; 'I ''■ ■>■ 

i , ,. •■ ,i i' ■ 




An asterisk (*) aftrr a miiiiliiT denotes that the name oi;rur.s more tlian 
oiici! on tliat pa^e. 

Referi'iieos to Arms arc nniited in itidic.ti. 

Abbot, 104 
Abbotson, 22-1 
Abby, 110 
Aljcie, 37 
Abercroml)ic, 237 
Abcrcrninbif, 17'') 
Abingdon, Karls of, 200* 
Abingdon, End of, 175 
Ableson, 30 
Abraham, 170 
Aeelom, 47 
Acton, 77, 13!), 140, 141*, 

142*, 143*, 272 
Acton, 122 
Adam, 22, 128 
Adam.s, 5S, 201, 239 
Adamson, lOS 
Addinj^ton, Lord, 172 
Alley, 43 
Adiereron, 72 
Adley, 7") 
Agard, I<J2 
A<rhoni)y, 1<»2 
AJ^'iiilon^ de, 102 
Aikman, 1!)2 
Ainsworth, 237 
Akstell, !»1 
Ahirre, 2(t7 
Alaxton, de, Mo 
Alljany, Albenye, 2* 
Albert, 173 
Aldborough, IOC) 
Aldburgh, de, 4,") 
Alexander, 30, IS!)*, 237 
Allen, r^C^, 118, 1!)!) 
Allfr(!y, 108 
Altoiy, 33 
A lye, 70 
Amen, 37 

Ames, Aymies, 3o* 
An<ler.Hoi\," oO, 131, 108, 

100, 183, 180 
Andrews, ,53 
AndroH, 114 
Androwe.s, 107, 108 
Anirier, 1<)7 
Anno, 158, 232 
Anno of l^xetcr, 200, 207 
AnncHley, 107 


Anthony, 28, 57 
A|) Harry, 27 
Apjjleby, 50 
Archbald, 170 
Areher, 5t) 
Arden, 30 
Anlcn, 38 
Ardern, 230 
Ardcrnc, 227* 
Argenson, li)2* 
Anjyle, Duke of, 174 
Armstrong, 55, 5(j*, 57*, 

50, 179' 
Armstrong, Lord, 208 
Armytage, 44 
Ariioldin, 55 
A mm, /'Jad of, 174 
Anmdell, l)anindell,240*, 

Asfoi-dby, !)(•)* 
Ash, 225 

A.shburnhdin, Lord, 175 
Ashby, Asheby, 31 
Ashley, Ashlie, 112, 119 
Ashton, 10!) ; sec. also 

Ash wort li, 183 
AsU(>, 47 
Aspin, 142* 
Assheton, 112 
Aston, 234 
Atford, 37 
At (iate, 150, 151 
Athely, 50 
Athcrton, 47, 1!)7 
MhnU, hukr of, 17(> 
Atkinson, 118, 130, 221 
AttegietMie, 12* 
Alwood, Alt wood, 185*, 

Anbe, 03 
Aiidley, de, 133* 
Audiis, 100 
Aidd, 184 
Austen, 43 
Austin, 238 
Averell, 128 
Ayleward, 27* 
Aylofjc, 17<> 

Aymies, 35 
Ayseoughe, 48 
Aytone, 5(j*, 57* 

Babo, 183 

Babthorpe, 40, 40 

Haekbone, 115 

liacon, 45, 91*, UG, 203 

Bagot, 84 

Bagshaw, 128 

Baiklon, 105 ; sec also 

liidldun, 231 
Bain bridge, 272 
Baincs, 00 ; sec also 

Bairslow, 220 
Haiselic, 119 
Baker, 1(10, 180 
Balard, 25 
Balden, 118 
Balfour, 207 
Baliol, de, 102 
Ball. 100, 184 
Hall, 125 
Balmford, 110 
Bandjriek, 272 
Bambridge, 272 
Bancks, 33 
Bangley, 170 
Bank, Banke, 111, 224 
Barl)utt, 55 
Baret, 10, 32 ; see also 

Barfoote, l()!l 
Bard, 248*, 249, 250*, 

Haril, 250 
Barker, 8!), 107 
Barkwilh, 104 
Barnardiston, 1!)!) 
Barneby, 12* 
Barnet, 34 
Baron, 27 

Barre, de la, 2!)*, 154, 208 
Barrel t, 202 ; see also 


I :'!>!/ 1 

:l.i ■:.■. r. !• 



IJarrio, 34* 

Barrose, 17 'J 

Barrow, 188, 255, 257 

I5arry, see Mary 

Barsluun, dc, 12 

Bar.slon, 50 

Harslow, 15(5 

liartktt, :U 

Bart ley, 184 

Barton, 48 

Bary, 251 

Basil, 217 

Basso, 1G9 

Batclielor, 18U 

Bate, 22U 

Bates, 33 

Bnthurd, Lord, 175, 171) 

Batt, 170 

Battye, 13* 

Bawden, 217 

Baxter, 100 

Bayard, 183 

Bayldou, 233 ; see also 

Bayldon, see Baildon 
Bayiiard, 14'J* 
liayius, 55 
BayspDolo, 75 
Beacluiiii|), see Boaii- 

Boaeoa, 23!) 
Beakly, 184 
Bean, 55 

Beareroft, 214, 215 
Buare, 238 
Bease, 180 
Heaiuluunp, Bearhainp, 

Beau lit/., 22, DO 
Beaiifo. 21 
iUaiiforl, i;)G* 
Beaufort, Duke of, 175, 

Beaiunan, Gl 
Beaumont, 200* 
Beeket, Beckett, 1U8, 238 
Beekwith, 112*, 114 
Bedford, Duke of, 175 
BcdinjrtVld, 172 
Beliot, 20S, 211 
Bell, 55, 5i), lOG, 181, 

182*. 183*, 184, 185, 

Bellars, 227* 
Bellingham, H)4 
Belloniont, Earl of, 205 
Benljrigg, 1 1 6 
Bender, 185 
Benizet, 208 
Bcnnaniy, ISO 
Hennet, Benet, 'J2*, III) 
livnuet, 171 

Benoit, 58 

lienson, 177 

Benstead, Benstcdd, 35 

lie lit i nek, 17!», 255 

Ikrelu'^re, 248*, 250* 

lierchiie, 218 

Iknd, .sa Bird 

Bereoint, de, 208 

Beresford, 255, 25(), 251), 

Berkeley, Berlally, 184 

Bernard, llU 

Bernhaui, de, 25, 88 

Berry, de, 14 

Bertaux, 201) 

Bertie, 201, 200* 

Bertie, 175 

Beschet, Beehet, 208*, 

209*, 211 
Bethune, 3, 219 
Bette, 30 
Betterenah, 60 
Bew, 217 
Bierley, 228, 229 
Bigland, Biggland, 30 
Bill, 35 
HillinL^sley, 34 
Hir(l,^Hirde, IJerd, Hyrd, 

34, 5()*, 90, 117. 182, 

Uiroii, see Byron 
Hluekhurn, 108, 218* 
Blaekett. 229 
Black more, 37, 180 
Bladwell, 117 
Blair, 58 
Hlakeston, Mlake.stone, 

BlaUiston, 49, 10(5, 107 
lUakev, 52 
Hhuus le, (52, 03 
Uland, 128, 201*. 202, 

203, 204, 20() 
Blangie, 38 
Blanshard, 44 
Blaquiere, 02*. 03* 
Hla<iuiere, Baron de, 03 
Blast, 150 
Blennerhassett, 13*, 14*, 

Blobold, 15 
Blood, 51-54, 272 
Blunt, 59 
Blyth, 26* 
Bol.y, 150 

Bodenhani, 29*. 154* 
Bohemia, Queen of, 117, 

Bohun, de, 144 
Boisdabert, ()3 
Boissier, 249* 
Bolom, 244* 
BolLon, 2(>8, 272 
/!i>/l<in, Duke of, 175 

Bond, 223 

Bonington, 92 

Boole, 29 

Booth, 201 

Boot hi. y, 253, 257 

lioothlii/, 253 

Boovy", 109 

Borde, 7 

Borough, 104 

Bostock, 170 

Bosvile, 111 

Bos well, 120, 19() 

Botcler, 23, 91* 

Botertoft, 243 

Bothwell, Earl of, 195 

Boton, 20* 

Botreaux, Lord, 25 

Bourchier, Bourghehier, 

Boucher, 97, 158, 183 
Bourne, 122 
Boverie, 110 
Bower, 43 
Bowles, 239 
Bowyer, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5* 
Boyd, 54, 55*, 50 
Boyd, Lord, 41 
Buyer, 255 
BoyUyn, 14S 
Boyle, 129 
Bui/le, 175*. 178 
Bral.ant, 112 
Braekingrig, 186 
Bradbury, 99, 100 
Bradish, 117 
Bradley, 152 
Bradnam, 34 
Bradshaigh, 223 
Bradshaw, Bradshawe,34, 

99, 238 
Brailsford, 257*. 259* 
Brakenholm, tie, 96, 244 
Bralsforlh, 118 
Braiuh, 34 
Braniker, 185 
Bratiiwaite, 56*, 57, 58*. 

Bray, 3, 213 
Brayne, 2.30 
Biearey, 1 58 
Breehe, 148 
Breknok, 97 
Blent, 33, 148 
Brewer, 235 
Bridall, 214, 215, 216 
Firidger, 6, 8, 9*, 72* 
Bridges, 58, 59, 235 
liridijes, 178 

Iirid(/ewnlrr, Earl of, 175 
Brigges, 202 
Brissae, dv., 210* 
Bristol, Earl of, 139, 140*. 


,<■'• ,»•. 1 



Bristol, Lady, 13'J 
I5rittain, 3G 
Broagne, IIG 
Hrocas, Brokas, 22 
Brockholes, 110 
Brodiiek, 174 
Broke, 143* 
Broke-Middleton, 143 
Hrokes, 1)7 

Brokcsburn, do, 1)7* 
Broniehatn, dc, 240 
Brooke, 44, ISS ; ticc alao 

Broaki.; Lord, 173, ISC) 
Brouii, Brouiie, !R), 93*, 

lU-owii, 57, (M, 17'.t, 220, 

Browne, 35, 47, 48, 57, 

117*, 230, 238 
Brownswootl, 33 
Ihiidcmll, 175 
Unighyll, 2',» 
Bniidiam, de, 19 
Mrvaii, de, !)5 
Hryghtriclicston, !)4* 
lUyglityeiie, 25, 8S* 
Bryinloy, 14'.> 
Buck, 10 
iJuf'kingliam, Didves of, 

Buckley, 230 
Huclcnnll, ill 
Biiglar, 129 
Bull, 30 
Bidlot, 183 
Bumble, 30 
Bumpstede, 14 
Bunn. 140 
BuuliuL', 237 
Burcs, 95 
Buriress, 1()9 
Burke, 44 
Burlintjlon, End uf, 175, 

Burnabv, 235 
Burnet," 30, 187 
Burnham, si e Bernliani 
Burr, 23S 
Burrow, 150 
BurroweH, 117 
Buss, 184* 
Buller, 13, 119 
BnUrr, 174, 178 
Biitley, Prior of, 12 
Buxton, 75 
Byerley, 233 
Byne, 1-11, 213-219 
/<//Hc, 4 
l^yriio, 57 
Byron, Birou, 1 13 




C'adogan, 22() 
Cajsar, sec Cesar 
Caillard, 250 
Caillone, 02 

Cairnes. Cairns, 194-195 
Cairncs, 195 
Cairna, Eurl, 195 
Calverlev, 100, 110 
Calvert,' 34 
Calvin, 237 
Cauiell, 75 
Campbell, 54, 
01*, 182, 
180*, 187, 188 
Cajnphdl, 174, 170 
Campion, 48 
Cannewyk, 97* 
Cannii'olt, 57 

of, 120 
Cantlowe, 27 
Capelle, 55* 
Cappo, 12 

Vardiijan, Earl uf., 175 
Carev, Cary, Carie, 28*, 
125, 201*, 202*, 203*, 
204*, 205, 2O0*, 
Cart J, 170) 
Carington, 192 
Carliel, 43 
Car'ier, 208 
Ciulisk-. 183* 
Carlisle, Earl of, 175 
Can-, 35, 210, 223, 224 

Cartari'l, Lord. 175 

Carter, 118, 108, 179, 184 

Cartwright, 233, 238 

Carvarthour, 147* 

('(/sr, 177 

Ciislin, 53 

C^assum, 108 

(^astlfs, 179 

Cateher, 1()8 

Cateott, 23(i 

Caterick, 104 

Catesby, 28* 

Cator, 2 Hi 

Ciiitcrall, 227 

Catrjidloiji'ii, 170 

Cans, 28 

Cavindisli, 259 

Ciivviidi-'ih, 255 

Cuwe, 30* 

Cazalet, 249 

C(cd, 175, 170 

Ceritate, de, 271 

(Vsar, 181 

(niaee, 211 

Cbacy, 211* 

Cbadderlou. 105* 

Clialley. 90. 212* 

Chalmers, 180*. 181 
(!haloner, 120 
Chamberlaine, Cliandjer- 

iin, 54*. 239 
Chambre, 240* 
Cliamoreau. de, 173 
t:iuipman, 82, 212* 
Chardin, 173 
t;harl(>.s I, 113, 138, 194, 

233, 202 
Charles U, lOl, 124. Ml 
('liarles Edward, Prinrc, 

Cliarlotte, Queen, 217 
Charlton, Charleton, 44, 

00, 218 
Charnoek, 222 
Chart, 238 
Cliatterton, 117* 
Chaume, tie la, 208 
Chauinonl, 220 
Chaworth, 119 
Cheeseman, 107 
Cheney, 108 
Cherry. 188* 
Chevene, 23 
Cheyne, 230* 
Cliiehester, Arehdeaeon 

of, (') 
Chiehester, Earl of, 8 
Cinld, 93, 94 

Child, m 

Chinnery, 58 
Chirhnni, Lord, 170 
Chiver, 04 
Choisy, lie, 03 
Ciiolmeley, 42 
Chovart, 34 
Christian, 13 
Christie, 129, 187 
Clairvau.K, de, 173 
Clant, 115 

Chipham, 110-115, 220* 
ClapluDii, 110 
Clarence, Duke of, 85 
Clarendon, Earl of, 175 
Clark, 117, 170, 230, 237; 

sec (dso Clerk 
Clarke, 17, 18*. 00, 78*. 

181, 182, 183*. 184, 

185*, 180*. 187. 253*, 

Clarke, ()5 
Clavering, 133 
Claxton, 34 

Clayton, 80*, 81-83. 180 
Clement, 92 

f!lerk, 21 ; see also Clark 
(!lcy worth, 30) 
Cliburuc, 230 
ClilTe. 33 
ClilTord. 135* 

■ •1 ^ 

t i 



Clifton, 11!), 2:52 


Clip well, 75* 

Clough, 49 

Clouth, 37 

Clubley, 188 

Clussende, 54 

Clynch, 180 

Clypton, see Clipton 

Coachman, 117 

Coates, 79 

Cobbe, 12 

Cobbold, 171 

Cock, Cocko, 15*, 16*, 117 

Cokayne, 204, 20G 

Coke" ()0, 141, 255, 25G*, 

Cokk^'S, 152* 
Colclough, 2(57 
Cole, 35, 59, 115*, 171*, 

Coleman, 188 
Colepopor, 119*, 153 ; ,scc 

al.sii ('ul|)C(»'r 
Colinson, {'olynsoii, H9 
Collins, 98 
Coliimbcli, 100 
Colvile, 142* 
Coli/cttr, 177 
('olyngg, do, 143 
Conil)e, 153 
Comber, 30 
Corny n, 192, 193 
Concle, Prineo of, 84 
Coitdc, Prince, of, 84 
Constable, 40, 4(), 105, 

232, 207 
Con([ue.'it, Congquest, 2* 
Conyers, 40, 105, 221, 259 
Conyers, Lord, 104 
Cook, Cooke, 53*, 55, 90 
Cookoslcy, 01 
Cooper, 34, 201 ; see Coiiper 
Coosens, 35 
Copley, 40, 154* 
Corbett, 36, 51, 53 
Corbitt, 122 
Conlier, 03 
Cork, Bishops of, 209 
Connaek, 218 
Coiiuailles, 21 
Cornilis, 230 
Cornell, 23* 
Cornhill, de, 145 
Cornish, 116 
Cornwall, C'ornewayle, 

117, 154*, 183* 
Cornirall, 111 
Corryngton, 25 
Corvaho, de, 5G 
("orvallio, 5() 

Cosscns, 1()9 ; ■see also 

Coston, de. 30, 31 
Cotes, 21 
Cottell. 245* 
Cotterell, Coterell, 92* 
Cuttcnil, 177 
Cot tin, 207-212 
Cuttin, 212 
Cotton, 247 
Coulet, 185 
Conliette, Conilliette, Col- 

hettp, 207*, 208*, 209, 

210, 211 
Con per, 23 ; sic also 

Courtonay, de, 145* 
Consens, .see ('oosens and 

Covenant, 129, 179, 180 
tJowan, 37 
Cowdray, Cowedify, 22, 

Cowes, 119 
Cownden, 4 
Cow per. Lord, 207 
Cox, 00, lti8; ,s'( also 

Cradock, 141 
Craidey, 150 
Cras. le, 27 
Cratliorne, 40 
Craven, 114 
Craven, Lonl, 239 
Craivford, 177 
Creppinges, ile, 270 
Cresacre, 99 
Cressic, 201* 
Cresswell, Creswcll, 59, 

01*. 128, 221 
Crewe, 20t) 
Creyke, 38-45, 105 
Cn'jitv, :i8 
Criehton, 13tt, 195 
Crichton, The Lords, 130 
('ri])i)s, Cri])s, 110 
Crisp, Crispe, 114, 208 
Croft, (Vofie, 33, 44, 90*, 

Croiet. 208 
Croke, 27 

Cromarlie, lOarls of, 131 
Cromini'lin, 207 
C^rompton, 231 
Cromwell, de, 85 
Cropley, 1()7 
Crosen, 110 
Crosland, 112, 229 
Cross. 34 
Croueh, 24 
Crowder, 170 
Crow.', 131 

Crowther, 184 
Croxton, de, 151 
Cruize, 50 
Crnsay, 183 
Cruse, 58 
Cuddon, 15 
Cidlen, 54. 182 
Cullen, Viseonnt, 200 
Cnlpepcr, 2 ; sec also 

Cnlpepcr, 4 

Cumberland, Earl of, 135 
C'uppage, 128 
Currer, 41 
Curzon, of Kedleston, 

Lord, 2()7 
(Uistanco, 179 

Dade, 15 

DaU-, 238 

l)idhou>ie. Karls of, 130 

Dallas IS I*, 1S2 

D;, I 

Daniry, IS3 

Danby, 154, 22M 

Dand^ 101 

Danet, 21 

Danford, 157 

Dangerileld, 109 

Danvers, 19* 

Darey, Dareie, D'Arci, 

101, 115, 152*, 25!), 270 
Darey and iMeyn<'ll, Lord, 

Darundell, ste Arundell 
Darvill, 33* 
Daubuz, 248, 251* 
Dauntesey, 19 
Daveuitnt, 177 
David, 209 

Davis, 35, 57, 58, 170 
Davison, 33, 1 16 
Dawes, 158, 252, 253, 

250*, 257* 
Dawnay, 103, 158 
Dawson, 113, 181* 
Day, lit), 272 
Dayson, 180 

Dean, 18!t ; see tdso Dono 
Degare, 37 
Deighton, 53 
De la Barre. 154 
Delabens 154* 
Delafaye, 51 
Delahaye, 51 
Delaryver, DelaryverH, 

!lt*', 147*, 154* 
l>(/(itriir. Lord, 175 



Do Lisle and Dudley, 

Lord, 2(i() 
Delloii, Di'loii, f)'.)* 
Deloze, 12'J 
Ik- iMciiroii, 185, 18() 
I)c -MiMiiuii Kiiyard. 183 
IV .M.Mii-.Mi Huliot, 18;5 
l>.- M.Mii,', KSl 
Ih; .Moruail, 01* 
Ik'uc, 14tj ; Mc (dsu Dvan 
l)cn;iayii, 14() 
Ui'iiisDii, Dcniiison, 44, 

107, 108 
Dcmu'll, 44 
Ik'iiniH, 50, 181 
Dent, 228 

iH'Hton, 84*, 85*, 87*, 88 
Dc'iiton, (iliii.-: W'yiiu's- 

wold, 87 
D'lMtl', 58 

Di-iiiig, Det'iirij,', 231) 
\K- Hosario, 180 
Dcrwcnttvutcr, l-Jarl or, 175 
Do Sauinarez, Baron, 143 
l)e Saunuuez, Ladv, 137*, 

142, 143 
Dcsciote, 140 
Dcs^oulan.s, dc, 173* 
DeSilva, 17'J* 
1)0 Silve, 180 
Dosniarotz, 251* 
Dovoioiix, 2'.t, IK) 
Dovonisli, 3(i 
Devlin, 182 
Devon, Kails of, 1<»7 
D'Kyc, 142* 
Doyvill, 228 
Dias, (il 
Diik, 5(> 

Diikons, 187*, l'.t3 
D.rlvos, I7'.l 
/'/,/:, 17ti 

Du-ulaeivs, Al.l.ot nf. 133 
Di-l.y. Ill 
Dijini's, l'.)8 

Di^,d.ton, 182*, 183, 184 
Dillon. 1<.)7 
l)in>;.>, 183 
Dilnian, 184 
Ditton, 170 
Divine, 187 
DoliHon, 57, 101 
Dode, !)1 
Dodson, 01, 03 
Dodsworth, 110 
Doget, 117 
Dohuan, 50 
Domingo, 1 8 1 
Dompierre, de, 212 
Donahoo, 184 
Donaldson, 50, 194 
Done.seliers, de, 240 

Donnithorne, 11)2 
Dorchester, Mitrqiiid of, 

Doiinan, 35 

Donell, 35, 110*. 23'J 

J)ortnt, Juirl of, 175 

Dorset, Pembroke and 
iMoutgoniery, Countess 
of, 135 

Douglas, 50 

Douglas, Countess of, 194 

Douglas, Karls of, 131, 

Dowell, 30 

Dower, 238 

Dowestrowe, 242* 

Downing, 254 

Doyle, 184* 

Draper, 4*, 17 

Driver, Dryver, 35, 108, 

Dublin, Arehbislio|) of, 

Dudley, 18. 131 
; Dudley, L(H-d, 18 
, Duke, 140* 
i Dun, 32* 

Dunbar, 130 
, Dunbar and March, Earls 
I of, 130 

Duncan, 58, 182 
I Duneonibe, 118 

Duridas, 103 

Ditiii/dii, 170 
I Dun well, 201 

Du])aivre, 182 

Duplaquet, 208* 

Du Pont, Dupont, 184, 
180, 187 

Dupper, 23c') 

Du Pre, 173 

Durand, 128. 129* 

Dutton, 129, 239 

Du Val, 207 

Dyer, 23, 33 

Dyiuoko, Dyniinok, 151, 

Dyneley, 111 

Dyrnall, 128 

Dyrop, 185 

Dysart, lOarl of, 130 

Eachard, 10* 
Eagles, 180 
Earbury, 75* 
Enrlc, 174 
lOarsiield, 238 
Eason, 109 
East, 50 

l']aton, 37 

Eeliingham, Kchyngham, 
Edelunghani, 12*, 13*. 
14*, 18, 19*. 135, 130*, 
150, 197 
Eden, 77 
Kdith, Queen, 83 
Edmonds, 197 
Edmunds, 92* 
I'Alney, 4 

Edward, 20, 22*, 25 
Edward 111, 200, 207 
Edward VI, 49 
Edwards, 58, 110, 140 
h'd wards, 177 
Edy, 149 

l'J//iiiijlnnn, Lord, 170 
Egerton, 10, 11* 
Eijertun, 175 
Eglinton, 38 
Eglinton, Earls of, 130, 

Eldryngton, sec Elrington 

Elis, 252*, 250, 257*. 258 ; 

set idso Ellis 
Elis, 252 

Elizabeth, Queen, 47 
Elliott, ElUot, 10*, 117, 

EUis, 107, 170, 185 see 
also Elis 

Ellison, 33 

Elrington, Elryngton, El- 
dryngton, 18, 150, 153 

Elston, 240 

Elton, 237 

Elwood. 48 
Elwyck, 158 

lOly, 140* 

l']lzwai, 01 

Eu>an, 34 

iMunett, 185 . 

Emperor, 230 

Engaine, Engcyn, 239 ; 
see idso Dcngayn 

Engham, Engehani, 93 

Kiiijhatn, 00, 07 

English, 57 

Entwistle, Entwesell, 21, 

lOspernay, d', 209 

l']ssex, 20* 

Essex, Countess, of, 144 

Estcourt, 223 

Estienno, 02 

Eure, de, 149, 150 

Evans, 34, 59, 115, 184* 

Evatt, 180 

Everard, 12*, 51*. 53 

Everinghani, 227 

Eversfield, 6 

Eves, 08 



Evotls, 187 
Exara 58 

Exeter, Duke of, 2GG 
Eyre, 1)8, !)()*, 237 
Eyston, 222 
Evthiii, Lord, 131* 

Fabry, 188 
Faji>;e, 231 
Fairfax, 4ti, 105 
l'"airfax, Viscount, 234 
Falkland, Viscounts. 201, 

202*, 203*, 204*, 200 
Faiu-, Ktl*, 102 
FarnuT, 232 
Farrci-, 224 
Fan ington, FerrinL'ton, 

Fauconl)rid<rc, 230 
Faulkner, 37, lOS 
Favcll, no 
I'awclif, to 
Fnzabrl,/, 177 
Foddc'. iio 
Fell, 223 
Felhnan, 119 
Fenhell, 'J3 
Fenkill, 149 
Feiin, lA'inie, 1(1, 85 
Fenton, 202, 259 
Fenton, 122 
Fcnys, 18 
Feray, 210, 211 
Fergussod, 01 
Feri-ers, Ferreres, de, 144 
Vcrnrs, 'lil 
F,mr.-!, Hurl, 175, 178 
I'Vsloa. de. 270 
l''etlierstonluuiL,di, 192 
J'\'ttii)lace, Fetii)lac(', Fe- 

ty|)las, 21), 152 
FiciuiM-, 185 
Field, 80, 81 
I''iennes, Ace Fenys 
Fife, Duke of, 207 
I'ilongley, 152 
Finderne, see Fynderiic 
Finuall, Earl of, 109 
Kin lav, 194 
Kirl.ancke. 14* 
l'"isli, .sec Fysslio 
Fisher. 52*, 112. 254 
Ki-ke.- 77 
Fitch. N,, Fyche 
Vilton, 39. 209 
ritzCarret, Kilt 
Fit/h.rl.erl, 92*. 1 lO 
lil/l.n.h, -Ji* 
IM" I >'»\'. !''» 

Fitz Itandolfe, 254*, 258* 
Fit/, Walter, Fitzwaltcr, 

145, 242*, 271 
Fitzwilliani, Fitz-Wil- 

lianis, 4(i, 47, 49, 138*, 

Fitzwilliani, Lord, 138 
Flanagan, Flanaghon, 

Flariaghon, 189 
Flavell, 77 
Fleming, Fleminge, 14*, 

15*, IG 
FlrniiiKj, 14 

Fletcher, 34, 37, 118, 140 
Foljanibe, Fvllianibe, 254, 

Folke, 21 
Fonvive, dc, 03 
Footman, 13 
Ford, 134*, 135 
Forester, 217 
Forratt, 238 
Forrc^st, 34 
Forsler, 9(>, 97 
Fortie, 33 
Fortree, 110 
Foster, 220 
Fotlieringham, 54, 55, 

58, 59, 01, 128. 129 
Fowle, 141, 142*, 143* 
Fowler, Fowelei-, Fouler, 

92*, 97, 217 
Fox, 78* 
Foxcote, 247 
Foxeroft, 155-157 
Foxcroft, 155 
Franceis, le, 197* 
Francis, Franceys, Fraun- 

ecs. 22, 152*," 109 
l''rancken. 183 
l''rancois. 185 
Frank. 49 
Frankish, 100 
Fraiddand, 231 
I'^ranklyn, Frankclyn, 

]'\ancklin. Franc k ling, 

15, 84, 119 
Franks, 129 
Eraser, 57*, 59, 01, 129 
Fraunces, see Francis 
l<^ech\vell, 100 
iM-cderick, 237 

18. 34. 5(1 




Friend, 200 
Frith, 179 
I'roiii'iudc, 1 

I'MMMif. Ill 



Fry, Fric, 238 
l''ulcher, 37 
Fullam, 129 
J''v'ehe, 209 
Fvnderne, 243* 
Fysslie, 243* 

Cabell, 181 

(hujc, 177 

Cainsboiough, Earl of, 

Cale, 112, 220 
flalway, Lord, 173 
(iambi'n, 185 
Oandile, 41*, 107 
(!ame, 1 10 
fJardiner, 33 
(iardner, 57 
(Jartield, 117 
(Margrave, 228 
(Jarrett, 102 
(.'artoldy, 109 
(lascoigiie, 39, 4(1*, 151, 

(Jate, at, 150, 151 
(!ales, 32, 2,39 
(iatrell, 237 
faultier, 171, 173 
(iannt, 103 
(lee, 231 
(ieils, 55 
Cienowe, 1.50 
(ient, 203 

(leralilanes, do la, 109 
(icrard. 218 
(icricke, 55*. 59, 182, 183, 

(Jcrmain, 209 
(ierveys, 151* 
(Jhiscl'in, 250* 
(iibbins, 110 
(iibbons, 107 
(.'iburd, 03 
(Jillord, 117 
(Jilbert, 108 
V.\\\,y, Cylbv, 48 
(iiilctt, 171" 
(iillyot, 140 
fhlpin, 118 
(Ji]i|)s. 115 
( Arlington, 104 
Ciltins, 109 
(iland. 245* 
(ilascock. 170 
Cdasser, 59 
Glassier. GO 
CJlover, 5, 239 
(lliiitne, 177 
(;..(!. hud. :13 



Godfrey, IS'J 
(lodhelpLs 81* 
(Jodtjlphin, 7* 
({oilroud, 55 
(lodsoniie, 113 
Clodyer, 247* 
Oolding, 142, 221 ; see 

also (Joiddiiig 
Goldsmith, tioldsinyth, 

Coldsworlhy, (><), I8t) 
(;.)li-. IIC) 

(JoliaiKH.iirt. di", 2()'.t 
(Joddycr, Atf Oodvcr 
(lordoii, 54, I lis 
(ioic, 170 
(ioriiiU. t)*, 7*, 
IJotiiiaii, 55 
(iorrcll, 105 
(losL'lvn, 12 
(!oiii,di, 2()7 
(.'uidd, 177 
(Joiddin'^, 137 ; sec also 

CJouler, 128 
Goircr, Lurd, 17(> 
(Jraiiiger, 8(> 
Orunfl, ie. 210* 
(Jiaiit, 32, 57, (50* 
(Iraitth(ti)i, Earl of, 170 
(ifave.s, (il 

(J ray, 23tJ ; .sec also (!iey 
(lifen, (ireeiif, (ireiie, 3(), 

11!», 128*, 228, 237, 23S, 

254 ; Alt' tdso Attc 

Grecnwell, 9*, 10* 
Chogg, li)4 
(Int'ille, 175 
(.iii-y, dc, 240 ; sec rdso 

Orel/, "l7t) 
(iii'lliii, 23() 
(Jrillilii, 213, 211* 
(iriiiics, .33 23C. 
( liiiiisliiiw, !()() 
(Jriiiistoii, (iriiiis(on(% 48, 

Cinomc, 1 i;» 

(llonrlK.I-, 1(13 
(liovc, 17 
(Intvi's, is I 
(iiiilfoid, L.ird. 203. 

(Jukharowe, 240 
(Jiirdfii, 33 
(iiiriK'y, 137 
(liilliric, (iidlri(\ 238 
( lay 1 11)11, 8 
(Iiivims, 3.3 
(Jyiliy, sn (lilliy 
Clyiiour, SM 

Hack, 58 

Hackelis, lli» 

Uacon, 212* 

lladk-y, lladlie, 58, 170 

Hadow, 5() 

Haggard, 192 

Haggc'islon, 37 

Hagoinl)ait, Hagdinbar, 

210*, 211 
Halcott, 57 
Hale, 219 
llak-s, 47, 98 
Hales, 177 
Hall. Hull.-, 25*. (iO. 108, 

l,S(l, 181, 183 
llallcy, 199*, 200*, 272* 
llidtun, 227 
Halweek, 180 
Hamcrton, 104 
Hainiltoii. 128, 129*, 179, 

llaiitiltoii, 177 
Haiiimc ('! llaiinier), 154* 
Ham met, 172 
Hammond, 232 
Hamoiul, 170, 238 
Hamp, 110* 
Hanchethe, 149, 1.50 
Haiuk, 170 
Hancock, 180 
Hancocks, 238 
Han.l, 250 
Hands, 34 

Hannicr, see Hammo 
Hannam, 34 
Harcourt, 30, 90, 207 
Harden, 2* 
HardinLT, 10.5, 117 
llardiwj, 124 

Hardreshuli. de,270*,271* 
Hardwick, Hardwyk, 90 

Hardy, 181 

Hare, (iO 

Hares, 55 

HarisoM, see Harrison 

llarlcy, 193, 259 

llarman, 128 

Hariier, 118 

Harnes, 150. 151 

Harpm-, 205, 200 

llar|Mn-('re\vc, 2O0 

Harris, 110, 182. 181, 188 

Harrison, llarison. I I, 51. 
10(i, 107, 111, 188 

Hartoj))), 48 

Harvey, Harvie, 119, 2.37 

Harwood, 238 ; sie <dso 

Hasseiilon. 237 

llasHni.'s, H.islyngi's, 25*, 

Haswell, 187 

Hatchet, 50 

llawcs, 59 

Hawkins, Hawkyns, 37 

Hawley, 201 

Haw trey, 207 

llaij, 170 

Haye, 157 

Hayman, 117, 129 

Hayward, 245 

Heal, 59, 129 

Heath, 117 

llchl.awde, 31, 113 

lledon, 100 

llcelie, 33 

Heigiiain, 247 

Heinet, Hemett, 02*. 03* 

Hciidre, 147* 

Henley, Henlie, 117 

Henrietta Maria, Queen,42 

Henry IV, 130 

Henry VI 11, 2.58 

Herbert, 175*, 17(), 178 

Hercy, 98 

Hereford, Countess of. 144 

Hereforth, 201 

Hermitage, dc 1', 171 

Heme, see Hyrne 

Herringman, 215 

Hertford, Marquis of, 176 

Hervey, 139, 141 

Henry, Lord, 176 

Hesketh, 210 

Heskrton, 39 

Hetlie, 20 

He\'eningham, 20G 

Hewlett, 35, 238 

Hickman, 134 

High, 179 

Hildersham, 72 

Hildyard, 39, 82, 83 

Hdl, 32, 34, 37. 118, 119, 

221, 238 
Hdl, 179 

llingham, Hyngliani, 247 

llirne, sec llyrnc 

Hitch, 158 

Hohl.ard, 32 

llodg<'s, 57. 134 

llodgs.)n, 7, 221, 225 

llu<lson, 102 

llodv, 20 

lloli'.each. 103 

lloll.cnne, 245* 

Holcroft, 51 

Hohlen, 75, 70* 

Holderness, Karl of, 131 

lloll'ord, 180 

llolgale, 8i> 

Holland, 118, 200 

Holies, 259 

Hollier, 214 



Hc.llilaiul, 2;}7 
llolUvav, ill', IHO 
llolincs, 1&2, 185, 232 
llolnu's, 177 
Holphin, (il 

Holt, m 

Uolzheig, 18-i*, 180, 1S7 

Homclifto, 237 

Jlome, Karl of, 177 

Hooke, 30 

Hooker, 238 

llop^iuit, 177 

llopton, Bisliop, 13 

Hoiiie, 10(j 

Horner, 42 

Horst, 183*, 188 

Horton, 31 

Ho.skyii.s, 110 

Hoste, 230 

llotclikiss, 141 

Hougliloii, 84. 154 

llouaril, 1(14, 181 

lloicnrd, 174, 175, 170 

Hour, Viscount, 177 

Howes, 30 

llowetoii, do, 144 

llow.soii, 225 

lliibiinde, 31* 

HiiM.aril, 172, sec als„ 

lliii.ynn, 110 
Hiiet, 37 
Hii-;lie.s, 37, 170 
lliiret)te, 243* 
llimic, 12*. 13, 17!>, 18<» 

lllUllIt ii-s, I IC) 

iliiiii|>lii y.s. 57 

lliiii^ate, 40, 1(»4 

Unnsdott, Lotd, 170 

Ihiiita, 2l)* 

lliirle, 247 

Hiirloek, 171 

lliirlojili, 10!) 

Iliirst. 170 

iliirwood, 230 

llusOand, 222 

lliisclias, 245 

lliissey. Hussy, Hiissye, 

30, 4i), 230 
Hiissey, Lord, 47 
Hiitcliitis. 35, 37 
HiittliinKoii, 39, 59*, 100 
lli)dc, 175 
Hyett, 30, 118 
Hynghaiu, sec Hingham 
Hyiuiiaii, SI 
H'vrne, 242* 

Idol!, 35 

llliuj^'worth, Hlyiigworlli, 

Iiiuij,'c. 77 
hutledeiie, !)U 
iagelloii, 243 
lugilwtliorpe, 18 
Inglehy, liigilby, 112, 220 
l)ujlcl)y, 220 
Ingram, 234, 207 
Inker-ell, 244* 
Inao'.ent, 252, 253, 258 
Insula, de, 271 
Ireland, 108 
Irish, 15, 33* 
Irvine, Viscountess, 2G7 
Irwin, 188* 
Ishani, 21*, 140 
Islanghain, 184 
Islitij, I'Aiii of, 170 

Jaekson, 33, 70, 77, 157, 

222, 233* 
Jaeijli, Jaeobl), 230 
Jueobs, 00, 182 
Jakys, 19* 
James, 34, 170, 238 
James I, 194 
James II, 10, >U) 
Jenkinson, KiO 
Jenkyns, 235 
Jenner, 37 
Jenney, 207 
Jennings, 130* 
Jeiioiir, ,s(c (iynom' 
Jermyn, 75 
Jewerd, 28 
Jewit, lUO 
Jewsijii, 54 
Jezopp, 108 
Johson, 35, 233 
Jolies, 33 

Jolni the Lilester, 71 
Johnes, 33*, 37, 110, 109, 

Joluison, 55, OO, 135, 230, 

Johnson, Dr., 134*, 135 
Johnstone, 43 
Jolly, 114*. 115* 
Jolyll, 89* 
Jonas, 181 
Jones, 2(J, 00, 01, 184, 189, 

Jones, 122 
Joof), 149 
Jorden, 170 
Joyce, 33 
Judas, 128 
Julian, 19 
Jnson, 37 
Just, 109 

Kay, 222 

Kaye, 255, 258, 259 

l\-nije, 255 

Kehlc, Kebble, 170* 

Keen, 00 

Keith, 185 

Kelliam, 88 

Kelk, 111 

Kelmor, 237 

Kelvert, 34, 55 

Kemp, 30, 75, 118 

KcinpthoDte, 170 

Kendale, 140* 

Kennedy, 194 

Ken net,' 229 

Kenny, 188 

Kent, 110*, 109 

Kent, Duheuf, 170 

Kent, Earl of, 29 

Kenworthy, 58 

Kerr, 57, 182 

Kersliaw, see Kirshaw 

Ketelhergh, 89 

Kevenock, 1 IS 

Keys, ISO 

Kidcrminster, 190 

Kieiduu, 59 

Kighley, se, Kygheley 

i\illeniira, Di'an of, 51 

Killaloe, Hi-hop of, 

Kilniorey, N'iscuunt, 114 
Kilvert, 4 
Kinchant, 1S8* 
Kinder, 25ti 
King, 33, 53*, 51*, 13 1*. 

109, 225 
Kiiuioid, F.aii of, 170 
Kinsey, 129 
Kippen, 180* 
i\irelie, 30 
Kirkhoven, 205 
Kiikpatriek, IS8 
Kiishaw, Kersluiw, 101, 

Kitclien, 30 
Kliezendorlf, 54 
Knjoht, 110, 109 
Knok, 180 
Knox, ,lohn, 195 
Knyfton, 23* 
Knyvet, 202 
Knyvet, Lord, 202 
Koldiiolf, 184*, 185. 

Koisson, 128 
Koning, ilc, 01 
Kunlz, 185 
K yd welly, 22 
Kyglieley, 21 
Kyne, 243 
Kyle, 179 

'■' .1' 



Lache, 238 

Lack, lU; 

Lafont, 212 

L'ainc', L'ai.siie, 209* 

Lako, 12S, 222 

Lakcii, -10 

].aiiil)iTt, 228 

Lauiboiii, 2-lG 

Laniogli, 147 

Lanarali, 50 

Laiidon, 54 

Latie, 30 

Lancr, 58, 59, 01, 107, 

Lai(<;dale, 50, 20(; 
Laiil^lcy, 43, 100 
Laiigiair, 183 
Laiiiiiitji^e, 30 
l.aiigton, 153, 258 . 
l.antwali, 1S2 
J^aiivcisi', tic, L'O'J 
!-a I'riiinuiilavt', 171173 

J, II I'lillKllltlillli, 171 

i.aiiliiiicm rti!;ii', (If, 

Larkiii, 185 
Laniiuan, 238 
Lanyiiicr, 35 
Lascflles, l^asii'lcs, 

cells, Lassclls, 49, 

104, 244* 
Lasley, 108 
Lalhoiii, 188* 
Laugliton, 103 
LauiKlc, (Ic la. 87, 88 
Lauii'iu'L', 2!i9 ; ^tr 

Lawe, 24* 
Lawforil, 70 
Lawlor, 194 
Lawrence, I!I8-1II9; .vi <■ 

itho Laiiiciice 
Lawsun, 30, 221 
Layet, 00 

Laytou, 129, 150, 221 
Lea, 70*. 171, 215; see. 

itlso Lee, Leij^h, and 

Leach, 199* 
Leaduni, 105 
Lears, 185 
Lea t lies, 53* 
Leaver, 115 
Le IMaiic, 02, 03 
LeCeif, 180*. 181 
Lc Coiix de lierchere, 249 
Ledshani, 115 
Lee. 9. 10. 35, 137143, 

271-272 : .v. r „/.,, Lea, 

Leij^li and L(^:li 
Ln; 137 
Lcevi's, 7* 



Lefevre, 208 

Lefthaid, 01 

Legard, 42, 44 

Legcr, 210* 

LeggesOy, 242 

Legli, 70 ; 6Y'e also Lea, 

Lee, and Leigh 
Lticcdcr, Earl uf, 174, 178 
Leigh, 08, 70, 232; see 

ulso Lea, Lee, and Legh 
Leighton, 128, 129 
Leiver, 183 
Lekc, 175 
Leken, de, 19 
Leniaitie, 03 
Le Marchant, 172 
Lenc, 25 
LciiiKiid, 175 
Lens, 11* 
Lenthall, 90* 
Lu I'eyriei-e, 0,3 
Li^ Strange, ISO 
LeI.h, 171 
Letherlan.l. 31 
Lent zee, 182 
Le\er, 100 

Ltrenon, Lcwc6un, 170 
Levett, 99 

Lewes, Priur of, 243 
Lesvin, 172 

Lewis, 59, 149, ISl*, 238 
Leylanil, 44 
LiljscoMib, 00 
License, 118 
Lie via, 210* 
Lightfoul, 53* 
Liilestone, 77*, 78 
Limerick, Earl, of, 170 
Linaker, 15 
Lincoln, 9ii, 233 
Lincoln, Hislio 

Lincoln, Loan 
Lindsay, 128 
Lingnian, 180 
Li])sconib. see Libs 
Lisle, Lysle, 21*, 52 
iaster, 157 ; m r a/s 

Utester. Jolni tlie, 71 
LiUle, 180 
Li\ ingslone, Li' 

Lloyd, Loyil, 238 
LU)i/d, 170 
Lock, Locke. Lok, 11, 27, 

01, 235 
Luckhiui. 170 
Lodge, 100, i8(), 215 
Lofle, 30* 
LolLiis, 197 
Lombard, see. Lnnibard 

s of, 148, 

of, 258 



London Assurance Com- 
pany, 249 

London, Bishop of, 143 

London, Bishop of, 170 

Lone, 14, 15, 88 

Long, 207 

Longford, 92 

Longhaiu, 179*, 180*, 

Longneville, Lungaville, 
de, 102 

Lonsdale, Viscount, 174 

Loope, 03 

Lord, 118, 108* 

Lorrinier, see Larrynier 

Loubier, 171, 249 

Louvain, de, 02, 248, 250 

Love, 70*, 119 

Lovell, 180 

Lowchin, 117 

Lowden, 1 13 

Lowder, 79 

Lowdon, 233 

Lowe, 35, 108 

Lower, 118 

Louth r, 174 

Loyof, 109 

Loyseau, 248 

Luc^as, 183 

Lninbard, 247 

Lnndeithorp, de, 84, 115 

Lnltcrcll, 152, 153 

Lye, 311, 70, 90 

Lyford, 152* 

Lygh, 70* 

Lyijli, 70 

i^ynui, 50 

Lyn, 22 

Lynch, 31, 110, 172 

Lyn Ion, 20 

Lystcr, 104; .-.■<<■ also 

McBetli, 00 
Maccanic, 108 
McCarty, 183 
Mac.lcsiield, Lord, 134 
McCouan, 182 
McDnnaKl, 01, 18.3. 185 
McDonell, 58* 
IMacdouall, 187 
-MacdnlT. 192 
McOee, 187 
McCregor, 187 
Macintosli, 185 
Mackintosh, 1H3 
Mackonochic, 79 
.Mi.Kov, ISl 
iMcLaughhn, 187 

,:^/;0' ■•!.ts ••!<! xaa.u 


■'1 , iv r : 



McLean, 01, 180 
MclNIahon, 57* 
McNair, 183 
McPlicrsoii, 57 
Madden, 183 
Maddisen, 35 
Madyn, 34 
Muilatul, 184, 189 
Mainwaring, 25!) 
MdiiiirariiKj, MiDiuHiriiicj, 

Maire, 223 
Makerell, 20 
Malark\-, 12<J 
Mal.olni, 18!) 
Male\ercr, .Malleverrer, ace 

Maltu;>on, 210 
Malham, 111 
Malkes, 35 
Malle, 153, 245* 
Mnlliardson, .33 
Multl)y, 41 
ManaluM, ile, 270 
Manchester, Karl of, 203 
Mancleik, 144 
Mandcvilh, 227 
Manlield, 183 
Maiui, 100 
Manners, 202*, 2(i() 
Manning, 37, 142 
Manniiiif, Cardinal, 172 
iManns, 184 

Mantell, Mauntell, 148* 
Mapas, lot) 
Marchant, .see T^e I^Iar- 

Mareon, 15 
Martleley, de, 21 
Mar^esson, 192* 
MariegoUi, 11!), 239 
Markentield, Maikynfeld, 

Marlboron^li, Dnke, of, 51 
Marriott, 180* 
Mursdon, 59 
Marsli, 130* 
Marslndl, 42, 57, 101, 14(i, 

Mill •<li(ifii, 170 
Marson, 43 
Martendale, 34 
Martin, Marlyri, 9(1*, 137, 

2<(i)*, 219" 
Mary I, Queen, 47 
Mary, Qneen of Scots, 195 
Masilary, de, 173 
Masclarv de ( 'lin iniirean, 

M„sl„iiii, 174 
Miislitiin, 1.(11(1, 1 7 I 
MaKon, 117. 182 

Masse, 249 

Massy, 150* 

iMaszon, le, 89 

Mather, 255, 250*, 257* 

iM at hews, 37, 107 

Madiias, 117 

Matniouglie, 170 

.Maidjcrt, 209 

Mand, 219 

Maulcverer, Manlyvercr, 

iMalleverrer, 23*, 1 10, 

Maulcverer, 110 
Mannby, dc, 103 
Mauntell, .s('(^ Mantell 
Mawson, 107, 10() 
Maxwell, 194 
iMay, 141* 
Maydehury, 24 
Mayer, 34" 
Mayhew. 4 
Mead, .35 
Meade, 125 
Alea(U)Us, 50 ' 

Meares, 237 
Medley, 48 
il/r.W*, 121 
Metes, 35 
Merrick, 230 
Meryton, 1(>3-105 
Mni/toii. 103 
Meschines, de, 192 
Metcalfe, 158. 229 
Methani, 105 
Methniold, 35 
Meuron, .sec ])e Meuron 
Mewett, 33 
Mewters, 34 
Meyniott, 257 
Meynell, Meynill, 108, 

N5. 230 
Mieklcthwaylc, 101 
iMiddl.'ton, 20*, 111, 142, 

Midleton, 39 
Mier, 57 
Mi>4eles, 185 
Miil.orne, IK) 
Milhoriic, 170 
Mille, 150, 151 
Miller, .33, 143 
Mills, 185 
Mingay, 111 
Mire, 182 

Missenrlen, 75*, 7(i* 
Mitchell. 114, 110 
Miter, 'M\ 
Minis, 20 
Mills, 58 
Modicond.e, 238 
Mdlines, de, 109 
■Moli-ish. 184 

MoUesley, 243 
Molson, 109 
Molton, 34 
Moneyjienny, 185 
Monkton, Sc^, 94, 147 
Monro, 38 ; .sfc also 

Montagu, 203 
Monldfju, MounUt(jue, 174, 

j\lonta(ju, Duke of, 174 
Montalto, HI 
Monte, dc, 181 
Montgomery, 194, 197, 

Montinah, 180 
Moore, 54, l(i3*, 107, 180, 

181, 184, 194 ; s,c (,/m> 

Moore, 110 

Mordaunl. 29, 30*, 24(i* 
Mordaunt, 178 
Mordick, 183 
.More, 99*, 238 
Moreton, 91, 147 
Morgan, 112. 172 
Morgan, (\(\ 01* 
.Morley. 113 
Morrell, 108 
.Morris, mil, 183 
Morrison, 182 
.\U)rHe, 230 
.Morston, 57 
Morton, 154 
Moson, 170 
Monntford, 111 
Mouse., 122 
.Mouticr, 209 
Mowbray, 103 
Mowbrai/, 220 
Mower, 15*. 152* 
Moyle, 113 
Moyser, 104 
Mozer, 235 
Mudd, 115 
Mun-day, I 19 
Muini, lit) 
Munro, 200 ; tiee also 

Munt, 129 
.Minilon, 57 
Munb.c, 108 
Murison, 212* 
JMinray, 3.3, 55, 57, 00, 

IK)*, 130* 
Murrdy. 170 
Muschainp, 0*, 7, fl 
Musgrave, 41 
Musket, 89 
Muskhani, 20 
.Musi on, 21 
Myrells, 139 

r. ' .': -I..!';;", 

' i,\ ..'■.■iHi''. 

I 'v,^ ,rTi.,-- 

r ' . M, 



Nftiiskalaii, 117* 
Nii|i<ilc(m the (Jioiit, i:{l 
Naiduri, la.'t 
Ntissdii, 170 
Navillc. 24<J 
Naylor, 2, 2(i7 

Ncaic. :i;{, :i4 

Nci'dliam, 114 

Nilme, 214* 

Nelson, 74*. 7(>, 77*, 142*. 

Nolsou, Earl, 74, 208 
Nelson, Horatio, 142*. 

Nfl.son, Viscount, 73, 74 
Nrslieid, 111 
Neiisoin, iKi 
Ncvill, Ni'vilc, 40, 104, 

2:{7, 207* 
Nevill of Essex, 14:5-145, 

Nevill of Scotton, 271 
Nevill, Lords, 143, 144, 

Newhursih, Baron of, 202* 
iXcivhy, 122 

Newcastle, Duke of, 257 
Newcastle, Alarcjuis of, 131 
Newesoin, de, !tO ; acc also 

Ncwiaiul, 103 
Newton, 115, 258 
Ncirtoii, 17(i* 
Nicholas. 120, 201 
Nicholls, 237 
iV/co//, 04 
N itjiilingali', 04 
Nishitt, 23(i 
Nixon, 55 
A'<)(/, 177 
Nolan, 180 
iYo;if, 04 
Norhorne, 04 
Nurhoriie, 04 
Noiclitle, 103, 235 
i\orclit]i\ 04 
Nordcn, 04* 
Norfolk, 05 
Norfolk, Duke of, 258 
Ski folk; Ditkr of, 174 
Aorhojic, alias Chirkv, 05 
Norman, 108 
Nonis, 70, 71 
Noiris, 05 
North, 65*, 203 
Nurth, 05*, 174 
North and Grey, Lord, 174 
Northampton, Countess 

of, 144 
Northcotf, 05 
Northii/, ()5 
North i lie, 05 

Nurlhovcr, 07 
NorthumluM larul, lOarls of, 

20, 27, 40, 47, 115* 
Norton, 5 
Norton, CO* 
Norwich, Bishops of, 13, 

127, 202 
Noncood, 00 
Noswortliy, 0() 
Notiu'orthi/, 00 
Nolt, 00 
Nott, 00 
NouHt, 00* 
Nourse, CO* ; see also 

Nourse, 00*, 07 
Non; (iO 
Nowland, 180 
Noi/e, 07 
Nu-j;cnt, 10* 
Nurse, 07 ; see also 

Nurse, 07* 
N ntbroivne, 07* 
Nutconihe, 07 
Nufcoinlic, 07 
Nuthall, 18* 
Niithall, 07 

Oakes, CO ; see also Okea 

Odki'S, see Oke-i 

Odtis, see Otes 

O' Brian, 182 

IhldMs, 07 

0/jlci/, Ol/rl,,/, 07, 08 

tVanl, 1!I2 

();.'.lan. 17".) 

0^-, 57* 

Oule, 08. 107 

(l/l'-, 08*, 255 

Ojrletlujrpe, 48 

()<//cthorp'\ (W 

O'Hara, 181* 

(niara, 177 

(rilearn, 187 

Okes, 08 ; .s-r <ils,^ t^akcs 

l>kes, 08 

Oldcastle, 154 

Ol.Kicld, li;} 

Oldfidd, 08 

Oldsworth, 08 

Olds worth, 08 

Oliph, 08 

Oliver, 108. 189 

Olivier, ()3 

Olmius, 09 

(Hinius, ()9 

O'Mahony, 209 

O'Neile. 09 

OnvUij, Ourjlii/, 09 

Oidi/,' 09 

Onnaiey, 09 

Oradeaux, 185 

Oram, 57 

Orbij, 170 

Ore, de, 18 

Orford, l<:arl of, 142 

Orford, Earl of, 174, 178 

Urgaine, 09 

Orlebar, Orlyhar, 09 

Orlebar, Orlyhar, 09 

Orniond, Orinund, 20, 27, 
239, 245 

Onnond, Duke of, 178 

Orniond, Earl, 20, 27, 95 

Ornishy, 48 

Orpwood, 1 1 

Orpwood, 09 

Orrery, Earl of, 176 

Orresbie, 35 

Osbaldeaton, 09, 197 

Osbahh'ston, 09 

Osbert Hasewin, 84 

Osborne, 10, 110, 120 

Osborne, Osbourne, 120* 

Ossory, Earl of, 53 

Ossulstone, Lord, 174 

Ostender, CO . 

Oswald, 107 

Otan, 237 

Otcn, 117 

Otes, 120 

Otter, 187 

Otterborne, 110 

Oiidart. 120 

Ouslend. 237 

Outlawe, 120 

Outlaur. 120 

Ortr, 12(t 

Orerburi/. 121 

Overman, 121 

Owen, 54, 55*, 122 

Owen, 121*, 122 

Ox, 10 

Oxburjh. 121 

O.venhain, 121 

Oxford, Karlsof, 193 

Oxford Unirersitt/, 255 

Oxwiek, 121* 

O.iuick, 121 

Ozenpant, 208 

Pace, 122 
Pack, 33 
I'acke, 123 
Packer, 123 

Par kin /ton, 123, 177: see 
also Pakinijton- 

rv ■. j.^wiy^: 

i ,\i \' .• >■> 

I A ., .■}- 

1. . • I A 

^' .ii. .1. < 

J il,. J.;l-' 



Paddon, 20 

Paddon, 123 

Paddy, 123 

Page, 20*. 37, 74 

PiHje, 123* 

Paget, Pudget, 187 

P<i!jit, Lord, 175 

Paytt, Pwjdt, Paiiitt, 123 

Pagraoe, 12 4 

Pdiitf, 124* ; see also 

Pait/., 55 
PaUclesliain, 149 
I'alvi'MiaM, 31 
I'akiiigtuii, 124 
Pukiiitjton, 124 
r<d</r(ur, see Pagrave 
Paliiser, Palleser, KU* 
Palmer, 23, 118, 124*, 

125*, 12(), IG'J, 233 
Palnut; 124*. 125 
PaliMOH, 40 
I'altock; 125 
I'aiiio, U)2 
Pantun, 125 
Paradyne, 125 
Paraiiiore, 125* 
Parauiore, 125*, 120 
Paris, 117 
Paris, see Par rid 
Parish, 182 
i'u/7<v, 120 
i'aiker, 34, <I8, 120*, 127, 

• l(i5, 230 
Parbr, 120*, 127* 
/'(/;7.<*, 127 
Parkhurst, 127* 
Parkins, 127 
Parkinson, 48, 1 11 
Parks, 109 
rniiiiond'K', 1 11) 
Parr, 5*. 189, 190* 
Parr, 189 

Parr is, 190 

Parrott, Parratt, sec 

• PerroU 

Parry, 199, 200*, 272 
Parry, 190 
Parson, 38 
Parsons, 190 
Parsons, 190 
I'artinlon, 34 
rartrielie, I9(t 
Partrichc, 19(t* 
Part rid L'C, 191 
Partridj.; 190, 191* 
I'nrvi.s, 191 
I'iirris, I'arrisi', Parrire, 

241, 200*, 
201*; Mv 



Paske, 200 
Paslcy, 01 
Pate, 37, 42 
Paternoster, 230 
Paterson, 187 
Pidersun, 170 
Patricksun, Putrykson, 200 
Patterson, 79 
Patteson, 235 
Pattison, 107 
Paule, 200 
Paidet, Earl, 175 
Pauncefote, 245 
I'airht, Paitirt, 175* 
I'awlett, 53 
Paxuian, 179 

Paykr, 108, 234-235 
Payter, 234 
Payne, 237, 

Payne, alias 

I'ayiie, 200*, 

also i'ainc 
Pai/ntell, 201 
Paynter, 201 
Payntcr, 201* 
Paynton, 201 
Peaeock, 33 
Pracock, 201 
I'cade, 2l>2 
Peadehuli, 90 
Peake, 108, 202* ; sec 

also Peki) and Pel^ko 
I'eakc, 202* ; see also 

Pearce, 38 ; see also 

Pearse, Peerse and 

Pearec, 177. 202* 
Veard, 202 
Pearsc, 182*, 183 ; see 

also Pearee, Peerse and 

Pearse, 203 
Pearson, Person, 110, 174, 

Pearson, Parson, 203* 
Pease, i()7 ■ 
}\i'k, 203* 
Peeke, 15 
I'cckhani, 203 
Peekitt, 255 
Pedley, 203 
Peeres, 203 
Peers, 203 
i'ecisi^, 2()3 ; see also 

I'eaice, Pearse and 

Peerse, 203. 204 
Peglier. 180 

Peignt\ 173 

Peisley, 204 

Pike, 204 ; see also Peake 

Pekke, 243 

Pelliani, 8*, 207 

Pelluun, IJaron, 8 

Pel ham. Lord, 175 

Pell, 204 

Peilse, 204 

Pellse, 204 

Pembroke, Earl of, 110 

Pe)nhrokt, Earl of, 175, 

Pendleijury, Pendciliury, 

Pendrelli, 204 
Pendreth, 2ti4 
Pengry, 10 
Pennarthe, 147 
Penneeic, 204* 
Penneek, 204 
Pennent, 201 
Penn( nt, 20 I 
I'enninj, I'liiiiyiuje, 2iil 
Peiniitigtnn, I'eniiigtun, 

31, 212 
Pinny, Ptnne, 205 
Pennyfallur, 205 
Pennyman, 2(i5 
Pennynian, 205 
Penrose, 108 
i'ensax, 89* 
i'ensc'y, 2()5 
Pensiy, 205 
i'ensliow, 55 
Penten, 122* 
Pen ton, 205 
I'enton, 2t)5 
Pei)|iet, Pi|i[.ett, 58* 
Perl.u. 2ti5* 
l\rhi), 205 
Percehay, 39* 
Perey, 47, 2(55 
Perey, Pcrcye, Ptrcie, 205 
Perliam, 24 
Perne, 2(i() 
Perron, de, 188* 
Perrott, Parrott, Pdrratt, 

Perrott, Parrott, Pan all, 

PtM-ry, 57 
Perse, 35 

Person, see Pearson 
Pert, 144 
Peterborouiili, Dean of, 

Peterborough, liarl of , 178 
Peters, 59, 180 
Petit, 250 
Pet re. Lord, 175 
Petty, \11 

•I'. '1 ,• I. 1. 

» . ■> 

i.i^':'. .';■.' / i:' i ' (._ I 


•- ! V. 



riiili]), '.)() 

I'hillips, l'liillii)i>H, 33, 

Philpult, KiS 

I'IivImis, IHt) 

i'iJton, 1«2, 183, 18-1, 

riel, 184 

I'irrn'ixiiil, 17r> 
I'icrsoii, 113 

I'ii^od. 37 

rilkiiii^tnti, 33, 101 

I'iiiUni'y, 2211 

l'i{i])ett, dec Pf|>iic't 

Pitman, Pittman, 54, 113 

Pitt, 82 

Pitt, 177 

Piantii^'L'iiet, 266, 267 

I'la.yfuid, 37 

i'liinildy, 16!t 

I'luinincr, 17() 

IMiinkct, Phiiikett, 10!), 

Pochon, 152 

Po.s Poe, 193, 194* 

Pohle, 128, 181*, 182, 185, 
186, 187* 

Polo, 28*, 72, 103 

Puley, 141* 

Polhiiil, 35 

Polle, 236 

Pollen, 172 

PonsonI)}', l'J7 

Ponton, 93 

Pook, 51 

Poole, 119, 188 

Pope, 239 

Popplewell, 48 

I'oiter, 22, 236 

PorliuL'tDii, 103 

Portland, lOarl of, 179 

i'ortiiKDi, 177 

Port more. Pad of. 111 

Potior, ()3 

I'ouparil, Pou])ar, Pou- 
part, 208*, 209*, 211* 

Powell, 33, 194, 225 

Power, 187 

Powl.', 191 

Poyiuiiil. 12* 

Poyniii^s, Poynynfi;eH, Po- 
ny ni:;es, 27, 241* 

Pradelle, de la, 173 

I*rass, 56 

Pratt, 238 

Preene, 52 

Preestinan, 118 

Prenlicc, l'r.i\lys, 149, 

Prise. )11, Pr.-,„'ott, 36, 
58 ; ,src (!/.■<(> I'riscott 

ProHton, 16, 75, 148, 243 

Pre 11 vet, 207 

l*riee, 3(i, 1 70 ; .s( c also 

Primaudaye, f c La Pii- 

Prim rose, 177 
Priscott, 188 
Pii.'^on, 208 
Priteliard, 56 
I'roeler, 223. 221 225 
I 'rye.-, 116 
Piidsey, 230 
PiM.eil, 129 
Putlenham, 241 
Pyke, 90*. 272* 

Qiuuell, 151 
t^iiarles, 137 
(^lieksatl, 238 
t^iiynand, 243 

RadelillV, Raddiff, 49, 

212' ; .^«7- als'i Palclilfe 
Paddiilfc, 175 
Kainis, 83 
Kaiiisfor 1, Ivuiniseford. 

Piini|ilin, 189 
Kauisay, 130, 131 
Itanisden. 158, 233 
Ramsey, 168, 237 
Rand, "61 
Rands, 163* 
Ratiliffc', 111; Mi: aha 

Rauiue, 3 
RaviiiscMilt, b 
Rawlett, 161 
l!a>vliiis, 49 
Rawlinson, 115 
Rawly 11, 23 
Rawsoii, 107* 
Kav 117 
KaViuH, 93* 
lira, 2:iM 
\{v:u\, 61, 115 
Krad.', 134" 
Rcame, 159 
Re.le, 20" 
Redenliale, de, 12 
R('(lfeni, Re<lfeanie. 72 
Rcdinaine, 229 
Krdinan, 46, 111 
Kri^'iiier, 2 IS, 2:.() 
Uei^,'llo|(l.s, U.illiddcs, srr 

Rekes, 97'? 
Relry, 93 

Rcniiiigton, Remmiiigton, 

1S3, 252, 257* 
/I'lrniiii/liin, 252 
Reimie", 119 
Rrosson, 36 
R<ipiiiglial, 40 
Reresby, 232 
Reskjiiiiiiir, 147 
Revell, 99 
Rcynies, 161 
Urynell, .x,,' Haynell 
l!e"viii)id.s,l{cinolde.s, UiMj,'- 

nolds, 36, 124, 260* 
Rhodes, 156 
Rieard, 167 
li'irh, 175 
Riehards, 167 
Richardson, 238 
Riehe, 23*^ 
RiUge, 28 
Rijrlev, 59 
Riveley, 16 
Rivers, i-ce Dclaryver and 

Rivett, 116 
Roljerts, 117, 170, IRl 
R)lvrtson, 171, 23S 
Robins, 237 
Robinson, 48, 119, 129*, 

Ji'oliinson, 176 
Roeke, 34 
ItorUffe, 220 
Rodolph, 185 
Ro^er, 26 
Rogers, Rodgers, 37, 182, 

237, 239 
Rokeby, 39 
Roniilly, Raroness, 173 
Rondeau, 209 
RiKike, 35 
Rookwood, 137 
Rook, 18, 22 
Rjos, Lord, 266 
Roper, 214 
Rosara, 129 
Rosario, de, 180 
Rose, 128 

/fusrUri/, Karl of, 177 
Ruseldiageii, 61 
Kosiaii, 55 ; »ii: also Ro- 

Rosse, 237 
Rossester, 237 
Rossignol, 208* 
Riissiiiore, Raron, 195 
Rote, 153, 245 
Koteseyo, Hotisoy, ile, 

Rotor, H9 
Hound, 26H 
Ronii.leil. 157-158 
Rous, 96* 

.' ■:■ I .: ' :i. • I. 

<J-- i .:' : .1- .IM ;l^ 

H ,1 



Rouse, Rowse, 1G7, 185 

li<jusseau, 212 

Roux, le, 209 

Roue, 119, 235 

Rinvlaiul, 237 

Rd/.iali, 58 ; see • also 

Riulyard, 133, 134 

RlltlLSLy, 77 

l!uii(iafl, 33 

/:,i.</i, 122 

Kiisliwdilh, 101, 229 
Russell, 35, 118, 138, 23G 
A'i/,v>r//, 17-1., 175, 178 
Rutland, Marls of, 2GG 
Rnvigny, Wai([uis de, 173 
Rvaii, 128, 129, 187 
Rvnoft, 143 
Rv(Ut, 272 
l{Vkliurst, 150 
]{'MlTr, J:.-50 
/ii/f/i,T, 45 
Rvvcr, dc la, 24, 25 

Sabin, 53 

Sachiivcivll, sec Sanclie- 


,S(u/:villc, 175 

Salfyti, 1G8 

St. Aubyu, Scyntaubyii, 

St. (Joitrgr, S 'viitg<'Oige, 

St. J(dni, 59, 150*, 185 
SI. lA'grr, 117*, 2GG, 

2(;7. 2G9 
St. Loo, Soyntloo, 24* 
St. Quintia, 40 
Siilaiiionit', 55 
Sali-by, 145, 270* 
Sa/iJnin/, Eaii of, 175, 

Sallc, de, 71 
Salm.iii, 94 
Salmond, 253 
Salowc^, 20 

Sallmarslir, 102-110, 234 
S(tllinni\<hr, 102 
Salviii, 109 
SaiiK's, 23G 
Sauipsoii, 24 
Sa/inoi/l, 177 
Saiii'lieveii'll, 20 
Saiikfi-, 118 
Saiitagi'O, 55 
Saiivyi', 1G9 
Saniiian'z, .trr Dc Sau- 

Saunders. 33, 92*, 259 
SaundtTSoii, 1G8 

Saunieres dt; I'Hermitage, 

Savary, 63* 
Savary^ 63 

Savilo, Savill, Savt'll, 
Say veil, 48, 89*, 101, 

Savile, Lord, 48 
S'aclle, 255 
Sauyur, 38 
Saxon, 59, GO, Gl, 180 
Saxton, 180, 182, 210 
Say, 180 

Siarhorough, 111, 235 
Scargdl, 111 
Scaroni, 128 

Siarsdale, Earl of, 175 
Srawcn, 177 
Scluu'idcr, 183 
Sr/i tnilnni, Didv. of, 175 
ScIduIct, 184 
Scirhy, 179 
Sroli's, 201 

Seoisby, Scorsbie, IIG 
Scott, "ll8, 165, 238 
Scrase, 10*, 193 
Scras'i-Dickins, 193 
Scropc, Soroope, 26, 103, 

257, 259* 
Scropo (jf Holton, Lord, 

Scndanioro, 32* 
Scidlo, 97* 
Scultliorpo, dc, 143 
Scago, 58 
Scalcy, GO, 186 
Sraiiian, 76 
Scarlc, 219 
Seaton, 168 
Solborne, Lord, 267 
Selo, Prior of, 1 
Sollon, 24D 
Seluian, 94* 
Scrkcr, 184 
Scnurier, le, 208*, 209, 

Sc-yinour, 32 
Si'tjinoiir, 175, 17() 
Seynlgcorge, ^ei: St. 

Seyiitloo, see St. T,on 
Shalcioss, Shallcross, 134 

Sliarjiie, 115 
Shaw, 58*, 59, 60, 134, 

Sliawe, 36 

S/irlhiinic, Lord, 177 
Shrldon, 36 
Sbel.liake, 149 
Sliell, 236 
Shelly, 180 
Shelton. 73 

Shelver, 17 
Shelwyk, 154 
Slu'i.lierd, 186 
She[)pard, 34, 35, 236 
Sheiburn, 268 
Shcrltmn, 222 
Slierkey, GO 
Sliillcook, 34 
Shillito, 171* 
Shini]ilyng, de, 151 
Shini. shaven, 55 
Shirley, 148* 
S/iirlci/, 175, 178 
Shoit," 36, 80 
Shorter, 73 
Shortred, 8 
Shotesbri, 2-13 
Shuekbuigli, Shukburgli, 

Shulllen-orth, 165, 166* 
S/iiittlnvor//i, 165 
Sieforts, 185 
Sikdbrice, 30 
SiUedore, 37 
Silva, sre De Silva 
Simpson, Svnip.'-on, 37, 

128, IGl, 167, 170 
Sinclair, Siiiclcr, GO, 115 
Singleton, 2f)l* 
Skace, 34 
Skelton, 106' 
Skerrett, 216* 
Skoy, 35 

Skinner, Skiner, G 
Skyres, 98 
Sla'gham, de, 241 
Slater 34, 237 
Slingsby, 188 
Snialley, 9* 
Sinalli>ieco, 78* 
Smart, 54 
Smctheman, 40 
Sniilli, 35*, 55, 5(i, 57, 

5S, 59 60, 111, 117*, 

119*, 128, 141, 169, 

181, 187, 192, 229, 237, 

238, 242 
Sniith.son, 157, 164 
Smollett, Tobias, 198 
Smyth, 24*, 188, 192, 

Siirlston, 126 
Silrth, 150, 151 
Snodgrass, 60, 61 
Snow, Suowe, 2, 3, 36 
Solcrs, 247 
Solley, 16*, 17*, 73 
Somer, 150, 151 
Sonicrs, Lord, 175 
.■^o/nn-srl, 175, 178 
Somerset, Duke of, 196 
So/iicrsii, DuL-e. uf, 175 
Somery, dc, 150 



None, 118 

Nor, 210, 21G 

Sotlieby, -IG, 234 

Sijutli;il)v, 2130 

Sijutlnvt'll, 14 

SjiaiTow, 7G 

Siieckman, 34 

Nindv, 148 

S|)olm;ui^ 70 

Spciicir, GO 

iS[i(i()iK'r, 2G7 

S[iiiiigar, 128 

SpiiiigL', 231 

Siiriiichovtn, 117 

iSpingeoii, Spurgen, 71, 

Si/uir, 168 

Staoie, 118 

Htaff, Statft', 17*, 18 

Staltunl, Sta.lfdi.l, dv, 
83, 84* 

Sl.illord, Kails of, 83 

St alike, 183 

StaiilfV, 4*, 18, lOG, 108, 
170 ■ 

Stansfiekl, StaiisMcl, 89, 

Stanton, 3G, 247; see 
o/.s) Staunton 

Staplelon, 104, 129 

Stardy, 187 

Stastnioiv, 115* 

Stati(Hiei's Cdiuiiany, 214 

Slaiinlmi, 22 ; ace a/.<(i 

Stjrl, Gl 

SttsvtMis, 33 

Stcvi'ns, 59, 60 

Stfvfiison, 163, 181 

Stowanl, 162 l(i3, 170, 

Stewart, 13, 267 
Slock, IGl 
Stoke, 239 
Stokes, 31*, 149 
Slonaid, 57, 58*, 59*, 

GO*, 128* 
Stone, 118, 119, 184 
Sloiirsliy, 25 
SloiK'sl n-al, Stninstrete, 

Stiptrville, 259 
Stougliton, 235 
Stowell, 241 
StratToid, Ivail of, 197 
Strange, 'll7, 179, ISO* ; 

sff aho Le Strange 
Strange, Loi.i, 118 
Straiigways, 40 32 
St I at ton, 26 
Striker, 55 
Strode, 150* 
Sti<iud, 59, 128, 182 

Stroude, 119 

Sturniy, 9G* 

Styne, 186 

Siiat, 238 

Siieklin--, 14*. 15, 16*, 

73*, '74*, iy\ 76'-, 

77*, 78* 79, 142 
Siitl'olk, Dukes of, 25, 

88, 90 
Suffolk, Ladv, 140 
Sugden, 108" 
Suslianis, 187 
Siixtiix, Eiirl (if, 175 
Suttie, 118 
Sutton, 39, 116, 269 
SiiHun, 110 
Swedvn, King of, 167 
Swetenliani, Swetiiani, 

44, 167 
Suift, 48 
Swift, Dean, 269 
Swil'te, 119 
Swyiiljorn, 243 
Sijdncij, 174, 178 
Syfrewast, 97 
Sykes, 159-162 
Sykes, 159 
Sylvia, de, 55 
Synies, 213 
Syinins, 98 
Syinonds, 34 
Syniiison, Sif Simpson 

'i'ait, sci: Tayte 

'i'allujt, 227-231 

'J'alhol, 227* 

Tallioys, 220 

'I'alinage, 95 

'l'ai)[)i nd<n, mv Tt pynden 

'I'avenor, 35 

Tavlor, 37, 58*, 169, 185 

Tayte, Tayrte, 228 
Teissier, 171* 
Tempest, 227, 228 
Temple, 4 
'reniiysoii, 80*, 81, 82*, 

'reniiyson, T.oid, 83 
Tenlirdeii,, 268 
Tijiyndeii, 93* 
Terrard, 209 
Testait, 210 

Tlialcher, Tlieteher 240 
Tlietford, 149* 
Thiekins, 115 
Tlioiiias, 37, 92, 18(i, 218 
Tliomelyne, 152 
'I'liompson, 3, 118, 129, 

158, 166*, 167*, 182, 

187, 233 
TliiDii p.-^iiii, 166 

Thomson, 170, 237 
Thoresbv Ralph, 166 
Thoiley," 97 
'J'hornliorough, 40 
Thornbuiy, 114 
Tliorne, 119 
'riHjrnlioliiie, 106 
'rhointon, 237 
Tliiinitoa, 110 
'rhor(dd, Torold, 30 
'I'liorp, Thorpe, 46 237 
Threele, 1 
Thralc, 4 
Throckmorton, Tlirok- 

iiierton. 245, 24()* 
Thurgood, Thuirgood, 

235, 239 
'J'liurlow, 76 
'I'liwaites, Thwayts, 45, 

112*, 220 
Tiei-s, 58 
Tirrset, 209 
'J' ill ■/all, Ti/ndall, 231 
'J'isburie, iIg, 117 
Tisoii, 236 
Todd, 225 
'J'oeni, de, 83 
Toinline, see Tliomelyne 
Tomliiis, 36 
'I'oiige, ^8 

Toolie, 35 
'J'npe, 56 
Topliaiu, 108, 234 
■l'oi)p, 36 
Topiatte, 153* 
Toruhl, s<r Thoruld 
Toiiens, 59 

7'(iirin()/i)ii, Karl of, 175 
Towni'ley, 222 
Townsliend, Townseiid, 

Tonnesend, 182, 247 
Tiiwn.^Iiriul, Viscount, 175 
Trae(|Ut'me, 209 
Trafiford, Traford, 34 
TrapMud, 72 
Travers, 18G 
TregoK, Tregoos, 240", 

Tnguiy, 269 
Tremayle, 19 
Tii'iit, 54, 55 
Tidliam, 'J'ressam, 116 
Trethewy, 147 
Tiimley, 61 
Tiott, 15 
Trotter, 193 
Trygot, 99 
Tucker, 37, 128, 218 
Tudor, 195, 196* 
Tunnis, Tunis, 118 
Turner, 10, 11, 73, 74, 
77, 83, 116, 141*, 142«, 

■i : J 



'I'liinour, 150 

'I'l.ill.' 185 

'I'm, vile, 'Jl, 22 

Ty.l, '<!<■, 88 

'I'vdy, 24 

Tye, de, 11, 88 

'I'vadiill, ace Tindall 

■ryii^,'e, 3-1 

'J' i/idirlei/, Lord, 177 

Tym-ll, "liO'^ 

Tyssjii, 71) 

Uct.brand, 83 
Unificvillf, 45 
I'lidiiwiiod, 118 
Upfdld, 57 
Ulildii, .S5, 87* 
I'vcdiile. Ml 

Viiliaiit, 10 

VanlH'ver, 58 

\'";ml)riifili, 2(>7 

Vaudaks 34 

A'aiiliuLsl, 119 

A'ari'iiiif, di', ()2 Gi 

\'andiaiii, J 15 

Vaii^^han, 28, 129, 179*. 
ISO*, 181, 182*, 183, 
18 t*, 185, 18G*, 1S8* 

Vaux, 237 

\'a\asoui', Vavasor, 23", 
10, i;» KM., 10!) 

N'.Mlr, 117 

l'r/,.(W. s, 253 

\'ri:r r, 257 

\'. nil, 170" 

\'.riioii, 197*, 252, 258 

\'frnoit, 253 

]'ir)i(in of IIat<l i iii//(iii , 

ViTiion, Lord, 258 
Vifkoiinaii, 42 
Vigare, 55 
Vigors, 128 
Vilk'(|ukn-, G2 
VilJL'ttfS, di', 249 
Viiuiiit, Vyncent, 37, 

A^iiiior, 15 
Viiisor, 238 
Violctte, 209* 
Vivion. 3G 

Wiice, 12* 
Wiuditsliain, dc, 25, 8rt 

Waddcii, 117 
Waddiiigton, 115 
Wado, 217 
Walial), 5G», 57, 59*, GO*, 

GP, 188* 
Waight, 55*, 5G 
Waile, 178 

\Vahh'(]iavi', Lord, 175 
Walkfl-, 8, 33, 228 
Wallliain, 13 
Wallui), 2G9 
Waliiole, 73*, 77, 142*, 

Waljxile, Lord, 74 
Walraven, 116 
Walsh, Waisshe, 27, 238 
Walters, 5G 
Waltham, d^', 151 
Walwyn, 1G8 
W'annvrvi/le, 227 
Waidou, dc, 151 
WailRlt<jn, 97* 
Waieop, 229 
Ward, 17, 52, 72, 174, 

21G, 229, 231 
Warde IIG 
Warde, de la, 145 
Wanie, 181* 
W aiuer, 89 

Walton 41 

]V(,nvir/:, Earl of, 175 
]\\u-:/il>ounir, 124 
Watirford, Bishop of, 

Walkiiison, 151, 234 
Wats.)ii, GO, h2, llG, 119, 

1(;2, I8G, 222, 237, 2G7, 

2( ;s 

Waltns, 22i; 

Walls, 54, 118 

Waugh, 128, 188 

^Vave^^llg, 148 

Wav, "128 

Wa'yiillete, William of, 

Weaig, Werge, Woige, 

140*, 141, 142, 272* 
Weaver, 5* 
Wehb, 78, 116, 187 
Wel)l)e, 2G7 
Webher, 186 
Wedoweson, 23, 24* 
W'oeiUemin, 183 
Wei, de, 235 
Welbv, 87 
Wei eke, 236 
Wel.h.n, 272 
W.lles, 87, 224 
\VellesIey, Arlliiir, 181, 

1S2, 1S3*, is;7 
Wellington, Welly ngton, 

du, 12 
Wells, Dean of, 259 
Welsh, 128« 

Wembank, 128 

Wt inyss, Weymes, 35 

Wenc<lagh, 105 

Wii.tworth, 39 

West, 98-102, 181, 184, 

Writ, 98 
Westciua, 194 
Westley, 91* 
Westmorland, Pearls of, 

101, 101 
Wetherborn, 168 
Wethereld, 228 
Weyman, 129 
Whaley, 33 
Wharton, sec Warton 
Wlieath, 162* 
Wlieatley, \^'heatlie, 170, 

Wheeler, 119, 190 
Whetel, 39 
White, 38, 181 ; see. also 

Whitehead, Whitehedd, 

Vvlutley, Whitlie, 58, 

114, 'l86 
Whitmore, 107 
Whitney, 133 
Whyt<;, 153, 245 
\y ithiri'iujton, Lord, 175 
W'idowsun, set Wedowe- 
Wilberforce, 40 
Wilbore, 34 
Wileocks, 69 
Wilde, see Wyldo 
Willord, 37 
Wilkes, 20" 

Wilkinson, 31, 181, 188 
WiUard, 36 
Willbar, 37 
William, scm of Geoffrey, 

Wdliam of Waynflete, 85 
\Villiam III, 63, 222 
Williams, 1, 79, 87, 88, 

Williams, alias Footman, 

Williams-Fre>man, 87 
Willingham, Wyllyng- 

ham, 241 
Willis, Wylys, 21, 22 
Willmott, sec Wilmot 
Willoughby, Willughby, 

90, 91*, 201, 203,204*, 

205*, 206* 
Willoughby of Parham, 

liaronesR, 203, 204 
Willoughby of Pailiam, 

Lords, 203, 204", 205* , 

Wilmot Willmott, 118 



Wilson, 38 

Winchester, Bishop of, 

Wiiulsor, .src WyiHlesoie 
WiiiKliclil, 137 
WintLT, Wynter, 238 ' 
Wint-erholloin, 212 
Winters, Ui8 
Wise, 35 
Wissett, 180* 
Withers, 169 
Wode, fcc \\'()Oil 
WodihousL', 70, 71, 241 
Woilhiill, 101 
Wols.-y, C;ar.liiial, 37 
W(.mb\v<H, ys, 99 
Wood, Wode, M, 111, 

166, 185, 237, 211 
Woodall, 181 
Woodham, 200 
WonJhams, sei- Odams 
Woodhead, 155 
Woodhull, see Wodhiill 
Woodman, 253 
Woodstock.. 37 



Worcester, IMshops of, 

93, 114 
Worcester, Earl of, 18 
Worge, sir Wearg 
Wortlcy, Wurtch V, 

Woitlv,/, 227 
Wot I on, 120 
Wotton, Lord, 205 
Wranghani, 44, 187 
Wright, 30, 32, 37, 

46, 164*, 200, 229, 26? 
Wvkowan, de, 93, 241 
WVlde, 243 
Wyll, 25 
Wyllyngham, see Wil- 

Wylys, see Willis 
Wvnu'swuld, Wvnisold, 

Wyndescote, 245 
^Vyndesore, 196 
Wynell, 94 
W'ynti, 122 
Wyntcr, see Winter 

Yaldvu/ii, 177 

Yates, 129 

Vce, 170 

Veclon, 61 

Vclloly, 14, 78, 79* 

Yen, 35 

Yeihiirgh, 96, 97* 

Yong, 24, 25 

York, Cifi/ of, 255 

York, Deans of, 158, 163 

Yoik, Duke of, 267 

York, See of, 255 

Yorke, 220 

Y^oiile, 1()7 

Young, 111, 168, 237; 

se-? alsii Yong 
Younger, 169 
Younglove, 118 

Zarakah, 129 
Zeithantt, 179 
Zilhard, 55 



All asterisk (*) at'Loi- a luuiiber denotes that tlie name occurs ii 

on that pai^o. 

iiaii once 

AI)liols1ey, 20;] 

Al)' iconway, 87 

Ahingili.n, 09 

Acastrr, 101 

Achuich, Abchurcli, 262 

Acoinb Gniiifre, 112, 220* 

Alton, Akitou (Sull'olk), 

Ait..n-uiuierHill, 122 

Acton 'I'urvylc, 24 

Aldington, GS 

Adisham, 43 

Ad wick, 2:J2 

Africa, South, lO.S 

Agincouit, 71 

Aire, 179 

Aisue, 207 

Aketon, .tre Acton 

Allia.iy (U.S.A.), 51 

.Mil' il)iii V, .A.ll)iiibmv, 2H 

AhihoiuHuh (co. V;nk), 
114, IGO 

folk), 10 

Aldenhaiii, 202*, 2();j*, 

Alddh'v, Aldnlcvs, 126 

Aldwink, 101 

.V'csluii, 261 

.Mlailhm^,' M.iiu.r, ;i 

.\lloid Well, 16 
Alfreton, 257 
Al^iciia, AJK'ciio, 76 
Alkinor (?Alkniaai), IGS 
Aller Court, Alercourt, 

AUerton, 232 
Alphington, 217 
Alresford, Alsford, 168 
Alsop ill le ])aK', 255, 

Alstrey (? Kastiv), 191 
Altofts, 50 
Alviston (co. Warwick), 




Hall (Essex), 

32, 51, 253 ; 

51 ; IJostuii, 
157 ; Key West, South 
Florida, 253; Newluig- 




land, 32, 157*; New 

York, 114; IViiiisyl- 

vaiiia, 70 ; Viiyiiiia, 42, 

Amounderness, 265 
Anijiton, 141 
Amsfiirt {'1 Amersfoort), 

Ainsteidani, 32*, 33*, 

31*, 35*, 36*, 37*, 38, 

115*, 116*, 117* 

119*, 167*, 168* 

170*, 236*, 237* 

Aiicustcn, 36 
Anduse, 249 
Angouiuois, 173 
AiiiTTaiii, 228 
Anjou, 173* 
Anne's (irove (co. 


Annington, 10 
Antigua, 205* 
Aiitwn |i, .\utri werp, 

Ainley, 272 
Aiil.y Castle, 44 
ApplVby, 113 
.\|>|>leby oil Tees, 103 
Aii|.l.t,".ii (eo. York), 229 
Aiiiiledeewiek, 111, 114 

feld, 97 
Alt hail, 35 
Arcott, 60 
Ardiiigly, 2*, 4, 6 
Anlkill, 63 
Arloii, 69 
Anue, 55, 60, 61 
Ash (CO. Kent), 125 
Aslibourne Hall (co. 

Derby), 257 
Ashe ill I'restbury, 126" 
Ashford (co. Kent), 6() 
Ashurst, 7, 8*, 9* 
Aston (Clieshire), 234 
Aston-sub-Edge, !21 
Asioii (i;o. York), 9», 

100, 101* 
Astwood, 66 
A thy, 272 


Aucuscn, 115* 

Aughtoii (co. York), 47, 

98, 99* , 
Auslwick, 222*, 223*, 

224*, 225* 
.A.uslwick Hall, 222* 
Axholine, H;i.viholiiie, 19 
Aj-j-ette, 246 

Babthorpe, 46 
IJaddow, Much, 260 
Had. noch, 193 
]?adiiiintiui^ .Magna, 91 
15adiniiiton, I'arva, 91* 
liagliurst, 6ee Baughurst 
Haildon, Bayldon, 165, 

]i;ikewell, 1!)7 
iSallvniagowan, 194 
Biinbuiy, Bninluiiie 


Banhani Haugli, 76 
Bank Newton, 111 
l?arbailoes, 204 
B.irdwell, 75, 247 

H:ilgen, f,, Beigrii op 

15.iigiaiige 155* 
liaikby, Barkeby, 152" 
Baikeston (co. York), 

Baikhainsteil, see Berk- 

Barking (co. Ivssex), 67*, 

Barkisland, 155 
Barnack, 114 
Barnbrough, Barnbor- 

ough, Biirnburgli, 99*, 

Barneluill, 261 
Barnston, lUiriieston 

(Notts), 245 
Barra, 131 
]5arshaiii juxta Beccles, 

IMS, 73 80, 135, 136, 

137, 142, 197 
Bartehsdon, 243 



]{;uton (co. Linculn), 82* 

BasKall, 227* 

Bastille, The, 250 

Bath, 27 

I?alh"v, 155 

15atll(-, 110; src also 

Itaimlnust, Baghuist, 22 
Hayiliam, 142 
Bavoiis Manor, 82 
Bt'iaiislev, 110*, 112*, 

li:i*, 22(» 
Bri'clcs, U.'ciivs, 12, l:i*, 
U, 15*. 17, 18, 7J«, 
7(), 77* 
Boecolc C/Bcckftt), 2U 
Bfcklev, l^rck.le, 18 
Hmlak-", 228 
Biil(liii;4haiii, Bei]yii^,'i- 

haiiiiiie, 18 
H, .l.liiipton, 2M-* 
Bodfdnlshirc, 3, 23, 21, 
25, 2'J, GO, 1!)8*, l!)i)*, 
201, 2'lG 
]k'(liiiiiister, BLdiiiyskT, 

Bf.ding, 10 
]?eL-h-i-li, liyle-igh, 144 
Bocsloii, mar IaimIs, lUO 
Br<'st.)u' (Norfolk), 75 
BfL'stoii (ki. Nolts), 100 
Bfcston (co. York). 102 
Bi'ktsboinin', 124 
lUllo, Vill of, 18 
Bcllunicoiulah, (iO 
B.'lUin, 19; 48*, 49* 
Hrlv(,ir C'aslK', 204 
Bi-iif,'al, 59 
liiitingborc ugh, 158 
IVemiaeot, .•<'■(' TUuK'coti' 
Boiilham Hall, 222 
Brrjr,.n c)p Zoom, 33, 35*, 
3G, 115, IIU, 119, 1()9, 
21lj, 235*, 236, 237 
B.MKh Aptoii, 78 
B(rlJiani))st(a(l, Bark- 
haiiisted, 90*, 202*, 
Berkshire, 20, 27, 09*, 

125. 152, 203 
Best wood Park, 203 
U.-thuiie, 17S 
Bi'verlev. 38\ 39", 10, 

41, 42*, 43". 102 
Bidfford, Bvdvford, 245 
Biglmry, 203 
Hillingshurst, 6, 9 
Biinlipatain, 188, 189 
Biidiv, 114 
BilrlmiK'toM, 11 1 
Uird-iali. 231. 
Hirkiii. 227 
Birliii^jliaiii, lj() 
Hisliop Buiton, 3'.». 231 

Bishop Middlehaiii, 223 
r.hukliaronv, 130 
lUaeku(K)d"Hill, 134* 
BlatluMvytko, 239 
BlenliLini. 51 
15'.el(liiii;,diy, 82 
lUissiugloii, 101 
Bliston, 99 
Bloekle'v. Blockele, 

Blo(dcrle. 93, 241 
Blowvieh, 20 
Ko( kms;', G5 

l^diam. 207*. 210*. 211* 
Boli>rsal!a^di, 51 
Bolton in ('rnv.ii, 230 
Bolton (eo. Lane.), I3(> 
Bolton l\rcy, 105. 221* 
Bolton u|i ni Swale, 1G4* 
Bolton (co. York), 47, 

Bombay, 72, 219, 238, 

Bonimel, Boinell, 238 
Boroii^rh^ 104 
Bonswortli ( '.' Bosworth), 

Bosch, Bosh, 33, 34*, 

119. 23G* 
Boston (.America), 157 
Bostini (co. Bine), 86*, 

BoU'rlegli, see Bxitterleigli 
Bothall, 68 
Botolphs, 10* 
liouchain, 179 
Boveiiev, 190* 
I'.cxted, Boxsted, 141* 
Brabant. 53, 120 
Bracewell, 227 
Bradenhani, 192 
BralVerton, 94, 147 
iiramlier, 7 
Bramiidd Place, 172 
Bramford Hall, 141*, 

Brandey, xre Branbde 
Brampton BiTan, 193 
Branbele ( ? Braniley), 22 
Biancoiut, Brancour, 210 
I'r.indi'nbnrg, 173 
Brandsburlon. 105 
Braudsbv, Braiide.sby, 

Bravslow (? BuMsLon), 

Bremelegh, 93 
Brentford, Bjainford, 117 
Bridlington, 40*, 41*, 

42*, 43*, 44* 
Kridport, 92 

Briellc, Brill. 36, 38. IKS 
Hi iglitlihg. HiNghllvnge. 

Hri.sldl, 25, 218 


Brixton Knglish, Bijxton 

Englys, 94 
Broadstairs. 171 
Brockton, Biokton^ 92 
Brodshert C'l'.roariStr-'t, 

London), 238 
Bionie (Norfolk), 141 
Brom<- Hall (Norfolk), 

141, 142*, 143 
Brouilev (CO. Stafford), 

Brotherton, 151* 

232*, 233*, 251 
Brongh, 221 
Biiig".s. Biidges, 34 
Brussels, 37, 51, 120*, 

Buikinghanishirc, 3, 63, 

CG*, 67, 119, 125*, 148, 

149, 170, 190*, 219, 

237, 2G1 
Bugthorp'.', 234, 235* 
Bnncuite (? Bennacot), 

Bungay, 142 
Burgh Apton, sre Bergh 

Burghwallis, 158 
Burgumly, 120 
Burleigh-on-the-Hill, 43 
Burnham Thorpe, 74*, 

Burnley, 222 
Burringliam, 48 
Bui-ton, see Bishop Bur- 
Burton Abbey, 133 
Burton on Trent, 72* 
Burwell, 144* 
Bury St. Kdmunds, 137, 
139, 140, 223, 262, 

271, 272* 
Burvan, 67 

Busiiey Hall (Herts), 8 
Bu.ssage, 11, 78 
Bulley, 12 
Butterleigh, Boterlegh, 

l^vdyford. see Bideford 
Byeis Hall, 193 
Bvleigli. »<'(' Becleigh 
Byne, .Manor of, 4 
Hvrani, 232 

("a.ldington, 201 
Caen, 62 
Caistor, 83 

t'alais, Calis, 36, 37, 39, 
85 169*, 170, 236* 

' f; / 

'».■< ■<:\ 

i.i vi .:■ 

I. : , ' 


indp:x of places. 

Calcutta 58, Gl, 171 
C'altlii'ot (to. Monuiiiutli), 

C-nkL' Abbey, 20G 
("alnc, G4* 
Calveiley, 110 
(!alv('iton, 14'J 
Caniberwvll, Camerwe'l, 
2*, 3*, 4*, 5*, G*, 213 
C'aiiibiai, 223 
Cambridge, 37, 72, 1G4 
Caiiibiiil^'e Univi rsity,7G, 
13(5; Caius Coll., 7G*, 
IDH;'sColl., 15*, 
IG, 1G5, 272; Corpus 
Clni-sti t!oll., 78; Km- 
niaiiuel Coll., 75, 199, 
250 ;Gonvillo and Caius 
Coll., 198; Jesus Coll., 
G7 ; Peiiibroke Coll., 
75, 76, 78 ; Queen's 
Coll., 163; St. John's 
Coll., 73, 1G3, 104*, 
21G; St. Peter's Coll., 
2GG ; Siilnry Sussrx 
Coll., IGl ;' Trinitv 
Coll., 73, 75c., 7G, 7!), 
Caiiibiidgesliire, 2G, G5, 
I2(;, lit, MG, KiL'*, 
Caiii|i.sall, 158 
Canary, 113 
Cannons, 222 
■.Canon M<Me, 2'J 
('unleibiiiv Calhedral, 

I 1.1, 21)5 
Cardiii),'t<)n, 1'Jl) 
('aribbeo Islands, 204 
Carlrton 201* 
Carlisle, Carloill, 159 
Car|u iileti'rs, 93 
Carshalton, 2", 3*, 213*, 

214*. 215*, 21G* 
Cardia^rena, 171 
Carvenek Wartlia, 147 
Carveynek Woles, 147 
Castle Aere, 162 
Castle Levenlon, 163, 

Catesby, 69 

Cat on Hall (Cheshire), 67 
Cayendish Hall (Suffolk), 

C.ylon, 217 

Chadlington Estend, 93 
Clianreu, or Chaurte 

(?Chawr<;th), 151 
Cliarvnton, 62* 
Cniauny, 207, 208 
Chawreth, see. Cliaiu'er 
Chcdiston, Cheston, 15 
Chelsea, Chclscy, 99 
Chelsea, Little, ()3 

Cluiistow', 2GI* 

Chesham, 219 

C'hrshire, 44, 67, 68, 126, 

232, 234. 2G1, 265 
Ciiester, 17, 12G 
Ohiellelc3^ n.velieley, 23 
Cliirhcstcr, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 

tHiieksands, Cheeksands, 

Chij,'nal (CHiygenhall) 

Tony, 144 
Chignal (Chygenhall) 

Zoin, 144 
Chilfrome, Childvfronie, 

Chilham, 17 
Cliilling Place, 66* 
Chilsworth, 67 
Chingleput, 56*, 57*, 59, 

129, 179 
('liil>l>rnlian), 70* 
Chish'hurst, 79 
Cii(il)liani, 3 
Cliristian Malford, 70 
Chuhnleigh, 219 
Church 'I'ysor, (Uiurehe- 

tvsho, 2G* 
Chydieley, .-re Chieheley 
Clivgenhall, .see Chignal 
(Uivnccster, Cic<'ster, 116, 

Clapdale, 223, 224 
Clapilale Hall, 224 
('lai,hani (Sumy), 249* 
Clapha.M (CO. Vmk), 112, 
2'20, 221", 222". 223". 
221", 225", 22C>" 
Claplon (Xorthants), 87 
Clare, e(K, 51* 
Clare (Sutfolk), 79, M9 
I'laughton, 110 
Clavcly Ci-Clovelly), 28* 
t;iaygate, Manor of, 214 
Clayton, IGG 
Clehonger, Clehungcr, 

Chhungre, 29, 154 
acrkcnwell, 117, 161 
Cl.veland, 162, 220, 222, 

(!liburn, 230 
Clifton, Clyfton, 24 
Clint, 112* 
Clovelly, see Chively 
Cluse (?Cluses), 238 
Cobden, 7 
Cobuall, 29 
Coekerington, 82 
Coekheld, 142 
Colbcurne, 79 
Colburn, Colborne, 103 
Colchester, 36, 119, 122 
Colebrooke ( ?Colnbrook), 

('(deford, 124 
(k)h)inbo, 55, 61 
Coluieh, Cou'itch, 223 
Congleton, 134 
Conistone, 224 
C()nstantinoi)li', 235 
('ooilham, aliaK Stor- 

rington, 4 
Copley, 101 
(\)rk," 269 
Ccnk, CO., 63 
Cornard, Great, 76 
Cornwall 25, 35, 66, 67, 
147, 192, 240, 246, 
(Jorsley, 70* 
Cost on (co. Worcester), 

Cotness, 107 

Cottesbeare (?Kentis- 
beare, 93 

Cottinghani, 40*, 41 

Cottinglev, 112 

(V.tlinguith. West, 103* 

Coulston Passctt, 221 

C'ourt, in Uigbury, 263 

Coventry, 21, 122 

Cowiteh, see Colwieh 

tV.wthoriie, Colthorpe, 
157, 158* 

(Vanbrook, 117 

Cransford, 264 

Ciathorne, 40 

('lediton, 65 

Crickandv, 35 

Cioi'ton (eo. Devon), 20 

Cropredv, r25 

Crowliehl Hall (Sulbdk), 
1 13 

Crowle, 49 

Ci(i\\nest, 221 

Cro.xdale, 109 

Croxton, South, 152 

Cuddalore, 58, 184, 186, 
187, 188 

Cudworth, 233 

Cults, 195 

Cundx-rford, 64 

Cund)erland, 159*, 242, 

Cunstuirowe Park, 168 

Cusworth, Cusseworth, 

Cuttack, 186 

Dalhousie, 131 
Dalling, .'fpe Wood Dalling 
Danby Wiske, 164, 229 
Darley, 100 
Darley Abbey, 98* 
Darshani, 16 

;- .!.JJ .■*-.... .„tU I 

;'*;;• .■.!■ 

' ' ,r'^ 1'i- 

Oil' ,••-,;■):• .-I,;' 

. . 'i; I 

^'■l , , !' 

■ .1 . »■■.-.., 



Dartfonl, Dcilfonl, 101 
])e;il, 17 

]h-Mn\ Dian, VM 
Dubi'iiliniii, Kj 

i)vC\Hl\ir, W.St, 115 

Doltt, Di'lfr, ;{:p, -.iv, 

155*, :!(',", ;i7*, lit)*, 

117*, lis, u;i, L'iki, 
Driiihkliy, 2G1 
Dcnlii^'h,' CO., 1260 
l)L-iu-iit, 3(j 
Donniaik, 102, 2:jS 
Dt'iitua (ru. i-iiKoln), H3, 

H4, 85*, S7*, SS" 
bi'iitoii Mannr, SS 
l)i'rl)V, 25(i*, '2r,7 
Derbyshire, I'O, 2:^, 92, 
!>8,' y;)*, 100*, 103, 
205, 206*, 25I., 255*, 
256*, 257, 238 
Dcrtford, .-<.',' D.ntl'oi.l 
Divoiisliiif, :>, 20, 26, 2S, 
65, ()7, !)0, S);.. 91, 117, 
118, 121, 217*. 218, 
219, 21.&, 21.7, 262, 26:i 
DliaiAViir, 188 
DiqjiH-, Dinpe, 33, 37, 

167, 170, 236 
Diiiilacivs Aljbfy, 133, 

Di^'liton, 229 
Dilinc, 3> 

])iii(ligul, 57, 61, ISl 
Diss, Dissc, 113, 1 15 
Dixtt'iiic, Dixtcr. 150, 

D()1ki-11v, 122* 
DoncasUr, •16, 100*, 158* 
Dorsitsbiiv, 21, 27, 92, 

Diirt, 33", 52, 53, 116*, 
117*, 118*, ' \\\)\ l(;i, 
KiU, 170, 237 
Doiiai, Douav, 178 
Down's W.'sl'. 263 
Diiwlibalil (cii. Italic), 

Drake's I'hue (Soinci- 

Sf(), 218 
Divxlboip, 213 
Di iiiksldiu', ni'vn^'slon, 

Dubiiii. 35, 16 r, 173, 

196, 269' 
Dullicld, 256 
Dutlifltl, North, 103 
I)iiiiboyiu!, 51 
DuiiImvh, 272 
Diiiiliaiii, 12 1 
Diiiiknl;, 3.i, 31, 35", 
:i(;", 37", 16M, 169*, 
170, IV'.I, 237", 23H 

Duiiston Hill, 216 
Duiitisl)oriu', see Dyn- 

Diirliam, 258 
Duihain, IVishopric of, 

228," 229* 
DurliaiM, .0., 109, 216, 

Dykowi'U, 246 
DvntL'sborn ('! Duiitis- 

"bouriu-), 246 
Dywvll, 28 

Ealing, Yelling, 241 
Kaling, l/ittle, 262 
MasiiigtoM, 162*, 163 
Ivist bourne, Kstborne, 22 
East ]'>iUterlei|^h, Kst- 

boterhgli, 93 
East (iriiislead. 260 

Stede, 27* 
Eastliill, 64* 
Eastland (.'ountry, 37 
Eastriiigton, 107 
Kastry, 191 

Ebbeiston, see Kveiston 
Echynghani, see J'^teliing- 

Edderthorpe, 233 
]':dg\vortli, 123 
Edlington (eo. Yoik), 44 

Kdliillscote (? I'hiisi'ote), 


]<]llinghain, 35 
EgieiiKiiit, Egreniond, 

Mgrenioiit Castle, 242 

KiUrton, 106* 

Klluiigh, 14*, 15 

lainlev, lun.lev, 234 

Kliiisa'll, Xortii, 39 

10 sdnoii, 35 

Kislack, 111 

l':il.«)r, 60 

lOly, 2()6 

Kly. Isle of, 12(), 140, 

Eniseote, ,s'' K(||iiuseol<' 

JMldgale by iiecch s, 14 

I'lilirld, I'.nl'ebl, 211 

I'iiilhorii, 111 

I'lpworth, 19, 4H 

I'hesby, 91 

EseriJk 103, 158 

Esh, 229 

Kssex, (35, 67', 71, 72 
76, 7H, 98", 101, 122 
137*, 138, 139, 113' 
144", 119", 151, 171 
172, 173, 193, 213, 260 
263, 270. 271' 

Ksthanney, ire Hanney 

18, 136 
Etton (eo. York), 167 
I'luston, Kweston, 247 
Eyeiinghani, 105, 232 
I'lverstoii ('( I'lliberstou), 

Mxet^'r, 218*, 264 
l-lvllord, 21 
l-lvn, 25 

Eakenham, Magna, 247 
Fakeniiam, I'aiva, 247* 
Kaiahill, 130 
l'\iinhaui, 219 
Farnley, 103 
Eavcrsham, Eevershani, 

Eeallurstone, 104 
Ei'ianip, 1 
[.'.How's Hall, 126 
Eellhani, 65 
Fenton, (Jreat, 272 
Fculaine, 212 
Finehingtield, Fiteliyng- 
, fild, 149 
Fiiigleshani, 127 
Firbeck, 99*, 100*, 101*, 

Fishley, 76 
Fiskerton, 101 
Eitth-worth, 4 
Fhnnboroiigh, 42, 46 
Ehuiders, 36, 69, 116, 

173 174, 239 
Flashy, 111 
Fleet, 126 
Fletciiiiig,Fheching, 153, 

Flitcliani, Fliehani, 241 
Fioddea, 130, 131 
Florence, 198 
Idorida, S(.uth (U.S.A.), 

Flushing, Vlishing, 32, 
33", 34*, 35*, 37, 116*, 
117*, 118*, 119, 168*, 
169*, 170*, 235*, 236, 
237*, 238, 239 
Fontaine ^s'(llre Dame, 

210, 211* 
Fonlenoy, 231 
Koreetl," 165, 166* 
Korfarsliire, 192 
l''orsay, 105 

F(Mt St. rjeorge, 54-61, 
72* 12«r29, 179189 
Fort, William (India), 72 
V',Mi: (l)i'von), 93 
l''o\\ nhope, l''owi'lu)pe, 29 
I Koxe<)t(< (eu. tJloue.), 240 
' iM-amtield, 7 



FniiuH', ;JG, 37, 38*, 118, 
Ki:), 171, 192, 207", 
•-Ml*, 212, 238 

Flick k'v, 232 

Fiic/.liiiu'l, 170 

Friiiil('v"Sl. Martin, 171, 101*, 202 

FiiIu(.(k1, 253, 254 

();niislu>i()Xif,'li, Sdutli, 1(J4 

Callovv.iy (ri', 117 

(idiijaiii, G()% (il, 128. 
179, 180*, 181*, 182, 
183, 184., 188, 189* 

(liinton, 39, 42 

(iai^nave, 113 

Gatiljurton, 205 

(.'at;i'ouit, 150, 153 

(iauliagf,^, 228 

(Jawtlioipe, (!a\vlIiro])p, 
4U, l(i(i* 

IJria-va, 249* 

(iiiiDa^ itvr Giiynoji, 

(iLTinauv, 112, 170 

GL-tlielK-Vke, 37 

C;<-tt>iil)ri^r (? (Gothen- 
burg), 37 

Olu'iit, (iaiint, 31, 178 

(iibrallar, G3 

Gigglswic'k, 223* 

(Jilling, 234 

(liliinuJiam, 7G* 

(lirkroni. 170 

(, 117, 118 

GisKliani. IG 

Glamorgan, co., IGi) 

(^.lasslinusc, 259 

(ilr.istnnr, 157 

Gloniliaiii, 17* 

liluiKostcrsliiM', 24, 27, 
3G, G8, 91, OG, 101, IIG, 
121, 12G, 190, 238, 212, 
215, 24G 

(Jliishurn, 111 

Godaliiiing, 191 

(ioltiio, 259 

GoMUTsal, Groat, Gt 

Giiiurhy, Gonrnlliy, 8G 

( ioddhi'stone, G7 

Goslirl.l I'lacc (l<;.sscx), 7G 

( !i)s^ing((in, ( losvhgtiin, 

Gollii iil)urg, sec Gt'tten- 

Grantiiani, 83*, 85, 8(>, 

Grave, Grav, 35. 3G 

Gravi'Jiii, 23G 

Gravrsiiul, 78 

( Ji caNlporiiiigli, .•<! ( Gns 

Green Hytlie, 47* 
(ircmiiig, 170 
Greenuke, 105 
Gieenwitli, ()3, 138, 200, 

202, 272* 
(iri'nes, 25 
Greshrukc . (? ( ircu.shor- 

uugli), 244 
(!iiinsl>y. Great, 80-83 
(Jriniston (iaitli, 105 
(iiinistun (eo. York), 240 
Griiisteaa,, 2(10 
(ironiK'glij 20 
(Jiirkerin 35 
Giiililford, Giltunl, 117 
Guiseley, 158 
Gunby, 50 
(Jiiynoa (YCienoa), 51 

Haarlem, Kaileni 238 

Haekncss, 1G3" 

Hackney, 173 

llad.lun" Hall, 197 

Hadleigli, 1G3 

TIaggerbton C'asllo, 44 

liiigue, The, 33*, 34, 35, 
3G*, 37, IIG*, 117*, 
118, 119. 1G7, 1G9*, 

155*, 150* 


237*, 238* 
Halden, 93 
Ualifa.t, 107* 

bury, 143 
llalsioad, 72 
llalstc.n (■! 

Hanible, 35 
Ilanilnug, Haniboriy, 32, 

3G", 117, 118, 1G8, 170 
]laniiltun,Uaiiirli(,n, 152, 

Hampton (eo. Hereford), 

Hampton Tiovett, 124 
liamptiHi (eo. Middle- 
sex), 122 
liandsuoilh, Haii.swort h, 

llanney, ]'>ast, 152 
llanslope, liansl 
llanwell, Hamw 
ll.irbledoun, 9 
Ilardwiek (eo. 

253*, 254* 
liarewood, 45*, 
Harowood Castle, 47, 48 
llailaxton, 85, 80, 87 
Ilarla.\l<ui Manor, 81, 

85", 87"' 
llaili'in. ,s'i r llaarhni 

op, 170 
II, 211 



Harle.ston (? Harlaxton), 

ilailcston (Norfolk), 74; 

,.,, ((/,-v Halston 
Hailington, 199 
Ilari)liani, 10 
llaiiogate, 225 
Harrowden, Harowedon, 

Harlbushe.s, 223 
Hartlip, 124 
Hasfield, Hasfeld, 245 
H;islington, 253 
llas(ni^;.s, 21(i 
llatlield (eo. Voik), 40 
Halhern, 21* 
llaugton (Salop), 202 
H.ixey, Ha.vay, 19 
Haxiiiobiie, see Axliohne 
Hay ton, 100 
Maynes, Hawnes, 199 
Hazleu'ood, Hisilwod, 23 
Ffeadinglev, 15G* 

lledgley, 21G 

Hedoii in Holderness, 

82*, 83* 
Hegesett (?HeSsett), 123 
Hellesdon,HtyIesdon, 25, 

Uelmslev, llenisley, 112, 

Hulmsley Castle, 230 
Helseot, src Heseeote 
Henibliswoith (? Hems- 
worth in Sliapwiek), 21 
Hemsu'ortli, Hymsw ortli, 

227* 228* 
Hendcn') I'laev, 01 
llerefoulshirc, 29, 32, 

90, 112, 154 
Heme, Hern, 148* 
Hertfoid.shire, 8, G5, 90, 

97, 100, 103, 172, 190, 

202 «, 203*, 204* 
Hesc-eote {'! Helseot), 247 
Heslerton, 39* 
Hessett, 123 
Heston, Hiseton, 241 
Heusden, Husedon, Hus- 

den, 30, 37, 109 
Ileveningham, 200 
lleworiii (eo. York), 113* 
Ibxliaiii, 218 
II. N ted, 5 

Ibvlesd.m, .srr Iblhsdon 
Hiekl.lim, 233 
Highden, G, 7 
Hdljijrough, 74 
Hilmarton, 04 
Hinderwell, 102* 
Hiiilon itaubemv, 123 
llil(lna, 190 
lloeiisladl, lloelisbet, 170 

A lOi 



|[(.rku(,l(l, Fl.ik.woldf, 


tlKirp, UG 
Holborn, 48, 141, 1G8, 

1G9, 23G, 237*- 
Hokroft, 51 
lIolrlLhuicligate, 2G4 
Holdfiiicss, 105, IGG 
Hdlliiml, Kingdom of, 

37, 53, G8, 1G8, 173, 

238, 251 
Holland (fo. T.incoln), 08, 

Holliiig Hall, 111 
HdliiR' Lui-y, Iloiimu- 

lacy, 29, 154 
Holiuer, ITol'iiiaif, 29 
Holomiitnii, Manor of, 

llonyiigliani, ^ci' Huii- 

Hooton I'af^rncU, 233* 
llootou llolicits, 91) 
llo^iL- iiiidri- Dmnioiu, 9G 
ll<i|itoii C'ouit, 192 
lloisliani, I, 202 
1 loll on ill Kiliblrsdale, 

224, 22G* 
Hoi I on (co. ,Stalf,)l.l), 

Honda II, 250 

I IoiiiisIdm , Ilonndivslou 0, 

•J 11 
llovi'loii, llofUiii, 75 
liowdtii, 101", 105*, 

lOf)*, 107'' 

iiowdciisliiu inr 

lloulry, 201 

Hul.v, 228 

Hug'^att', 39, 40* 

Ilulr.,1,., 213 

liidl, SI, 103, H;i*, IGC), 
1G7* ; tii-r ((/>!' King- 
ston upon Hnil 

Hiiiiililelou ill HoMlt- 
iiess, lUG 

Huiigartoii, 152 

lliiiiiiingliani, Honyiig- 
iiaiii, 21 

Ihiiisdon, 204, 205* 

lluns.t, 201, 202 

lluiislft Hall, IGO* 

Huntingdon, 102 

I I ui't iiig<loii, CO., 102, 
124, 1G2, 2G3 

Hunwitk, 229 

ThiSvdrli, Iliisden, sn- 

Hussi'ii Saug.r, ISS 
liullon liiislirlj, 102 
Hutton VVan.slcy, 15S* 
Jlydiiabad, IS8 
Hytiie, ifir iiirvn llythe 

Kliwortli, Ml 
likctsliall, llkclysiialc, 12 
llniinsti r, JlinvstiT, 152 
India, 72, 171," 225 
lndi(-s, Kast, G3, 72 
Indies, West, 42, 43 
Ingi 1 tlKHjir, Ingrethoii), 

IngKboicnigli, 224 
Iiigleton, 224 
Ingoldnadls, 243 
Innacondali, 57, 129 
Ipsley, I|i[)esle_v, 31* 
ipsw'ich, 13, 37, 2G4 
hvland, 35. 3G, 44, 48, 

117, 122, 132, 135, 104*, 

193, 194*, 190, 234, 

209, 272 
Islrwoiuh, ls(cl\voith, 241 
Islnigloii, 211 
Ivaglia, 209 

Jors.-y, 78 

.Jcsinoiid, Xoitli, 108 

Kandy, 217 

K.diioyd, 15G 

K. l^i.Vii, S2 

KrLsl.iiir {■; Holsloii), 204 

K.iidal, 190, 220* 

Kcnsiimioii, 02, ()3, 131) 

Ki-iit, 9, 10, 17*, 23, 34, 
43, 47*, 04*, 05, 00, 
07, OS, 79, 93, 97, 98, 
101, 1M\ 124*, 120, 
127*, no, 118, 191, 
200, 203, 230, 203, 

Ki'iitislx'aii', dt'c C'ottes- 

Ki'iiyiigsct, 242 

Ktisall, sec KyniL'sall 

Kcssinglaiid, Kessiiig- 
l(Hid, 12, 10 

Ki'VL-nsowfii, 122 

Kl'v West (U.S.A.), 253 

Kildwick, 220 

Kiliiaui, 100 

Kilmarnock, 41 

Kilnu'nt, 35 

Kilnsey Hall, 224 

Kilnuiek I'lTcy, 44, 107 

Kilvinglon, 108, 230 

Isilvinglon, Xortli, 102, 
100, 108, 231 

Kinilnili'y, 71 

ivimlierwoitii, Kynihri- 
worth. 244, 2()!) 
King's Coiinly, 204 
Fvingsnoilli, Kyngess- 

iiotli, 110 
King's Xympton, 218 
Kingston, Kvngiston (co. 

t'aml).), l"40* 
Kingston u})on Hull, 

124 ; .src also Hull 
Kingston ujion Tliames, 

King's Walden, 271 
KingI horpr, Kyntliorp, 

Kinncrshy, Kyiiaidt'sley, 

Kinsale, 209 
Kippax, 201 
Kiihy Cane, 142 
Iviikiiy-iii Ashliidd, 

Kiikliy (hives, 254 
Kiikhy Hall (co. Notts), 

Kiikby VViski-, Kiikeby- 

wysk, 90, 108*, 109*, 

lti4, 244 
Kiikljy ((•(>. York), 99 
Kiik klla, IGO 
Kiikgatr, 159*, 160 
Kiiklu'atcm (co. York), 

10 1* 
Kiiklingtoii, 103 
Kirkstcail, 270* 
Kiitlmgc, {)5 
Knaitli, 205* 
Kn;;usbormigli,110, 157*, 

Knayton, Knaton, 229*'- 
Kncbwortli, 97 
Kiu'dlmglon, 100 
Kiuesall, sec Kyrnesall 
Knipton, Knyjiton, 25 
Knoukfcrgus, 122 
KnockiU'ineas, 204 
Knott ingky, 100 
Kyginlvy Yurd, 21 
Kynie, Kime, 220 
Kynardesky, sec Kinner- 

Kyngcssiiotli, see Kings- 

lun til 
Kyngiston, see King.ston 
Kyiith(np, see Kingtliorpi; 
Kynitsall ('! Kursall or 

Knoesall), H9 

-agliarn, 32 
iailyng, see Lawling 
ianilKtii, 140, 108 
<anibouine, 09 
.aiiark. 134 



Liuuashire, 51*, G9, 110, 

112, 113*, 13G, 157, 

1G5, 16G*, 170, IS'J, 

190, L'lG, 222*, 224, 

227, 232, 2G5 
LaiUMStor, 225* 
Laiulufuixl, 240 
LaiidinvlK's, 22 
Laugdillu (CO. York), 2G6 
Laiigtii'ld, 155 
Laiigliam (l^ssex), 144 
Laiigham (Suttolk), 141 
Langley (lUicks), 190* 
Laiigtoii Hall (co. Nutts), 

254, 258 
Laiigtoii (co. York), 104*, 

234, 235* 
J.arorlicfoucauld, 173 
I.a.singcroft, 39, 221 
Lai rliiiigd<jn, Laclundon, 

Lauklaiul, 220*, 221*, 

Lawklaiid Ifall, 112, 

223*, 224, 225, 22G* 
Lawliiig, Lallyiig, 1 1!» 
Lau.sliall 137 1 y, 271 
L.'ad Hall, 111 
Lcakf, 228, 229 
Le CakU't, 207 
l-ocklianipstead, Leke- 

haiiipstcd, 1 18 
Lrdsliaiil, 49 
licdst.iii, KU), 112*. 114, 155*, 

15G", 157*, 15S, 159*, 

KiO", 1(11*, 201, 202, 

Leghorn, G3, 198*, 251 
I^haiicourt, 207*, 210 
LiicLsti'r, 21, G7 
Liic.slnsliirc, 21,25, 31, 

U\. 118, 151i, 2(12 
Lritli, Lcclli, 22U 
Litwcll, 100 
Leveii, 43 

Levfiiton, Castle, 1G3 
Lever, Little, IGG 
Leverton (co. Xott.s), 232 
Lewes, 8*, 125* 
Lr\v< s Priory, 243 
Lryden, Lcydon, Lay- 

dni, Laidcn,33*, 115*, 

lis, 1G7, 1G9, 170*, 

L<-yc, 93 
l.cvton, 171, 172 
Liclilicid, Litclilield, G4 
Licgc, Lcigc, 3U, 223 
Ldliiigstoii Daiisv, 1 IS 
Lilio.skoinr, IIg" 
Liiiii^ (!i i)\ f, I'lil my, 2 lit 

LilMlllgl<MI (Vil. (Iluiurs 

In), 12() 

Lincliideii, 194* 

Liuc(jln, 43, 49, 232, 
258, 259* 

Liucohi Cathedral, 101" 

Lincolnshire, 19, 30, 40, 
4G, 48*, 49, G8*, 80, 
85, 88*, 89, 9U, 100, 
101, 104, 105, 113*, 
115, 119, 12G, IGl, 1G3, 
1G7, 202, 204, 205", 
220, 233, 242, 243, 259, 
2G2*, 2G4, 270*, 271 

Lindlield 7 

Linglield^ 5* 

Linstcad Parva, 15 

Linton on Oiusf, 50 

Liuwood, 48 

Lisduir, 194 

Lisle, 178 

Lillleton, Lyti'Iton, 21 

Livernierc, 137, 139*, 
140*, 141*, 142 

Liv.mun Paik, 113 

iiiver.scdge, IG 

Llaudair, 1G9 

Llangliie, 1(19 

L(Hkiiigton (CO. ^■«l^l;), 
IGl, 257 

Lotlhous.', 1G2*, 1G3* 

Loftus, 41 

Lomle (?Lund), 112 

Loinlon, 2*, 4, 15, 23, 
43, 47, 48*, 49, 50, 53*, 
54, G4, (i5, G7", GS, 
G9", 71*, 74, 79, 91*, 
10()«, lir, 113, 115, 
120, 121", 122", 123, 
124, 125. 127*, 137*, 
138*, 142, 144, IIG, 
157,' IGl, 1G7*, 1G9 
174, 1S9, 190«, 191. 
192, 2lt5, 212, 213, 
215, 223,' 22,1, 230, 
233, 250, 251, 255, 
257, 2G0*, 2G1*, 2G2*, 
2G3*, 2G4, 2G5*, 2GG, 

London ; Abchurch (Ap- 
church) Jjune, 35, 1G9 ; 
Aldersgatc Strcit, 31, 
201; Aldgat*', 32; All 
Hallows Prcad Stii'ct , 
13(i ; Alist in El iais, 
171, 249; liarnardsl.y 
Street, 1G8 ; IJarlholo- 
niew Lane, 238 ; Hej - 
wick Sheet, 171 ; His- 
hopsgale, 33% IIG; 
lli.slio|isoa(,. StM.'t. 

in, 23G ; Hisliopsgale 
Wil'hoiit, l(;S; HJack 
trials, 34* ; HIackuall, 
117, 118; Howling 

Alley, Westminster, 
51 ; Bread Street, 136, 
23G ; Ihoad Street, G2, 
24S; IJronipton Ora- 
tory, 172 ; Hush Lane, 
170 ; Caniberwell, 2*, 
3*, 4*, 5*, G*, 213; 
Cannon (Caning) Street, 
1G8, 1G9 ; Ciiancery 
Lane, 239 ; Charing 
Cross, 1G9 ; Charter- 
house Chapel, 214 ; 
Chaiterhouse Lane, 35, 
237 ; Cheapside, 141, 
170 ; Chelsea, G3, 99 ; 
( lenient's Inn, 214 ; 
Clerkcnwell, 117, IGl; 
Clillord's lun, 214*; 
Cock Alley, IIG; Cold 
(Coir) Harbour, 34, 3G ; 
Coleman Street, '36, 
127 ; Cow (Aoss, 37 ; 
Cranes N'cntrie, 1G8 ; 
Crccihiirch, 33 ; t.'nit- 
chcd Friars, 1(17 ; Cur- 
silors Vard in Chancery 
Lane, 239; Duke's 
I'lace, 119; Eastchcap, 
37, IIG; East Smith- 
tield, IIG; Exchange, 
34, 35, 37 ; Fenchurdi 
(Fanchuich) Strcrt, 
238* ; Fcltcr liane, 3G ; 
Fhvl Hndge, 34; FKcl 
S(reel, IGS,23S; I'rench 
CIcipcl lluyal, 171 ; 
French Church in Old 
Sirrci,:jl2; ImcmcIi IIos- 
pilal, 171*, 248*, 251*; 
l''iiar.s Minors' Church, 
3S ; JM-iduy SI rent, 31, 
230; tJuUlon Lane, 33; 
Gray's Inn, 52, 114, 
140, 1G4, IGG, 202, 
221, 232, 234*, 235, 
262, 2G3 ; Great Win- 
chester Street, 251 ; 
Hoiborn, 48, 141, 1G9, 
23G, 237* ; Tbtllxnn 
C<jnduit, 168; ILily 
'i'rinitv, Minmies. 161 ; 
iliiundsilitch, 168 ; In- 
mr 'rrm[ile, 5, 64, 138*, 
139, 140, 215, 228; 
Inner "^rcniplc i/iiie, 
17t; Tslinglon, 211; 
Keiisal ( irren, 225 ; 
Kensington, 62, 63 ; 
Ki'iisiiigloii Sc|uarr, 

13!); Kentish Town, 
75; Lambeth, 110, 
IGS ; F>, adcnhal'l, 1 II ; 

/■; 1 ! /■ -I . 



Lincoln's inn, 4, 5, 121, 
IGC), -211, 2{)5* ; Lin- 
coln's Inn l'li;i[)cl, 109 ; 
Little Cihflsca, tJ3 ; 
Little Kastcheai), IIG ; 
liOinbaid Street, 31 ; 
London Bridgi', 5, 119 ; 
L(,ny Lane, UiJ, :5U ; 
Marylcbone, 171, 258; 
Maryleljoni. Park,202*; 
Middle 'IVniplc, 121; 
i\lilf End, 33; Mincing 
liUnc, 37 ; Mint in 
Huuthwaik, 117 ; More 
l^ane, 3-1 ; Newingttni, 
5; Newington JUnts, 
33; Norton Eolgalc, 
1(37 ; Old Jewry, 37 ; 
Old vStrcet, 212; Old 
Swan, Tlianu'S Street, 
3G ; I'atei noster Row, 
34; Paul's Alley, 35; 
Petticoat Lane, 38; 
Philliott Lane, 115; 
Ram Alky, Fk'et 
Street, 1(^8; Ratelitle, 
33, 36; t5t. Andrew's, 
Holborn, 48; St. An- 
drew Undei shaft, 138*; 
St. Anne's, Hlackfriars, 
52 ; St. Anne's, Solio, 
235; St. Anne's, West- 
minster, 8 ; St. Antlio- 
lin's, ()7, 110, IGl; St. 
15artlioleniew by the 
Exchange, 33 ; St. Rai- 
tholoniew the (ireat, 
170 ; St. Rennet's 
Fink, 250 ; St. Ho- 
tolph's, Aldersgate, 

140 ; St. Clement's, 
237 ; St. Clement 
Danes, 10*. 11*; St. 
Clement's Lane, 118, 
239 ; St. Clement's, 
Temple Bar, 238 ; 
St. Dimstan's, Step- 
ney, 4 ; St. (leorge's 
Lane, 117; St. Cdes', 
Criiipl.'gate, KiT ; St. 
(iiles in'the Fields, 11 !■, 
118, 170, 23G; St. 
Helen's, Rishopsgate, 
2-18* ; St. James', 
Clerkenwell, IGl ; St. 
James', W-estminster, 
10, 110, 171, 173 ; S(. 
John's, 3(; ; Si, Kathe 
rim's, 32, 'M>, IIG; 
St. I^awriiK e {'(udl- 
ney Lane, 2;i(i ; St. 
TiConard's, Siioirditeh. 

2l2; St. Magnus l)y 
liondon Rridge, 5 ; St. 
Margaret's, VV<'st mins- 
ter, 114* ; St. Martin's 
in the Fields, 5, 7, 
114*, 118, 205, 206; 
St. Mart in's Lane, 34 ; 
St. Martin's Orgar, 

248, 249; St. Martin's 
Outwich, 212; St. 
Mary Axe, 138; St. 
Mary's, Rrondesbury 
Park, 70 ; St. Mary at 
Hill, 116; St. Maryle- 
bone, 107 ; St. Mary 
]\Ligdalen, Old Fish 
Street, 173, 235; St. 
Maiy's Priory, Fulham 
Road, 172; St. Mary 
le Strand, 62, 272 ; St. 
Mary 'Woolnoth, 231 ; 
St. Matthias, Karl's 
(V)urt, 79 ; St. Nicholas 
Lane, 35, 118; St. 
Olave's (Olive's), 33 ; 
118, 169. 237 ;' St. 
Olave's, Silver Street, 
202*, 203*, 204* ; St. 
Olave's, Southwark, 
169; St. Pancras, 76; 
St. Paul's Cathedral, 
216 ; St. Paul's, Covent 
(Jarden, 114; St. 
Peter's, Corididl, 113, 
212*; St. I'eter's, 
liondon Docks, 79 ; St. 
Peter le Poer, 249* ; 
St. Sej)ulchre's, 34 ; 
St. Stephen's, Coleman 
Street, 250*, 251*; St. 
Stephen's, Walbrook, 
248 ; St. Swithin's, 
117; St. Thomas the 
Apostle, 140; St. Ve- 
dast's ctlia^ Fosters, 7, 

249, 250; Savoy, 62, 
204 ; Seaeoal (Sea Cole) 
fiane, 36 ; Serjeants 
Inn, 2.-')0; Siiadweli, 
168; Ship Yard in St. 
Clement's Danes, 11 ; 
Shire Lam- in St. (Ele- 
ment's Danes, 11 ; Shoe 
Lane, 33 ; Smithfield, 
116; Snow Hill, 34, 
141 ; Sop.r Lane, 36; 
Southwaik, 4, 5*, 33, 
35, 36, 38, 71,'ll5, 117, 
118, 121, 168, 169*, 
170, 216; Staple's Lni, 
169; Stepney (Steli.'n- 
hith), 4, 22, 121; 

Strand, 34, 37, 62, 
237 ; Stratford at Row, 
22, 239 ; 'J'hames 
Street, 35, 36 ; Tinead- 
ne-e-dle Street French 
Church, 63*, 171*, 173, 
249*, 250*, 251* ; Tot- 
hill FioldH, 51 ; Tothill 
(Tuttle) Street 34 ; 
Tottenham, 212^, 251 ; 
Tower of London, 51, 
52 ; Tower Street, 35 ; 
Tower Wharfe, 116 ; 
Two Westlers ( ? Wrest- 
lers) in St. Clement's 
Lane, 239 ; Wands- 
worth, 2*, 3, 213 ; Wap- 
ping, 33, 34, 37*, 168; 
W^lrdour Street, 173* ; 
Warwick Lane, 36 ; 
Watling Street, 33 ; 
We'stminst-e'r, 8, 34, 35, 
51*, 52, 68, 73, 74, 
114*, 116, 140, 164, 
168, 238 ; Westminster 
Abbey, 114*, 115 ; 
Whitechapel, 168 ; 
Whitecross Street, 32, 
33; Whitefriars, 115, 
117; White Horse in 
St. Clement's Danes, 
10; Wood Street, 134 

Loiulondeiry, eo., 63 

Longeford l^ester, 93 

Looseei>at Field, 87 

Lorraine, 109 

Lound (eo. Suttolk), 75 

Lound, l']ast (co. York), 

Louth, 166 

Low Countries, 35, 53, 
119*, 168, 237 

Loxwood, 1 

Lude Oodefray, 29 

Lude Muchegros, 29 

Lude Sance, 29 

Ludham, 15 

Lutleidiam, 111 

1-und, 252, 257 ; ,-<(r also 

Lutterworth, 262* 

Luxeudnng, Luxeni- 
burgh, 69 

Lynstead, 47 

Lyss, 72 

I^ytelton, Kce Littleton 

Mabletlior]>c(, M(ili;er- 

thorp, 16, 242 
Madeira, 107. 171 

.iH;>j..,v..i I . - ;,i; ;,; 

■J I i! 



Madras, 51-01, l-'W-lL';), 

171) IS'J 
Ma.lura, IH? 
Mii^j;(ir, 203 
Maidstone, 31. 
Malheithoip, «r Malilu- 

Maldoii, 173 
Malthy, 41, 112 
MaU(.n, 234, 235 
Maligii'U|)aMg, 5H 
Maiiiiin(,diaiii, 157 
Mansliuld, 25'1, 257 
Maiislicld Woodliouse, 

Mai)eitou, 27 
Maixle, Little (Maike- 

leyc! I'aiva), 2'J* 
Maiden, Merdeii (Kent), 

Mard«.'n, Merden (Wdts), 

Margate, 127 
Maihaiu (CO. York), 114 
Markeleve Par^a, svt 

Marking! on, Markyiig- 

ton, 14U 
Mrulcsford, 17 
Mallow, Great, 201 
Marseilles, xMareells, 117* 
Maishlield Maisfield, 238 
Maiston, Long, 101 
Marstun, Meistun (lo. 

Warwick), 'Ji 
Maiston (co. York), 112, 

157, 158*, 220, 233 
Martoek, Martok, 153 
Martoii (eu. York), 38, 

3'J*, 40*, 42, 43*, 44*, 

100, 113 ; »vr aha 


Masbroiigh, !Masborougli, 

,Masiilij)atam, 50*, 57, 58, 

5!J*, 00*, 128, 12U*, 

17U, 180*, 181, 182*. 

183, 184*, 185, 18(i*, 

Mauid)y on Swale, 103, 

Mavdestones, Manor of 

(Middx), 241 
Mavlieid, Mafeld, 172, 
• 21.0 

Mealli, io., 272 
Meelilni, 120 
Medler. 110 
Mrll(,n (eo. York). I)'.) 
Menin. 178 

Mireaston, Miiiaslon, 23 
Merden, sfi' Mardeii 
Merdon in Tew in, ()5 
Meri..nelli, eo., 122" 
Mei,slon, sec Maiston 
Melton, 142* 
Mel Held, 15* 
Methain, 105 
Metldey, 111, 233 
Miclieldeaii, Mitchell 

Deane, 30 
Mieiuidah, Camp, 183 
Mitidelbniv, MidilieburKb 
(Holland), 33, 35*, 37, 
IIC)*, 117, 118*, 11',)*, 
108, 223, 235, 230*, 
- 238* 

Middiehain, Bishoi), 223 

Mi.ldlesex, 51, 50, 64, 65, 

9'J, 122*, 123, 124, 138, 

13'J, 202*, 203*, 205, 

200*, 212*, 241, 258, 

202, 205 

Middi.'ton Midleton (eo. 

Warwick), 258 
Midlane, 124 
Midlothian, 134 
M allow, 124 
Mdton Damerell, 20 
Milton (Northants), 138, 

Mi'.ton (co. Oxon), 00, 07 
Minster, 203 

Mireaston, sve. Meieaston 
Mi t chain, 122 
Mitchell Deane, fee 

Mollington, 101 
Molton, South, 218 
Monk Frvstoii, 49* 
Monluode, 104 
Moninmilh, (o., 122, 100, 

203, 201 
Mons, 178 
Monthes, 2 
IMontpelber, 251 
Moor Allerton, 114, 115 
Mordvn, Mordoii, 109 
More, 29 

Moreby, 47 

Moiiie"th, 210* 

MoMon {'.' Marlon) in 

Piekeringblh, 95 
Moulton (co. York), 104* 
Mount (St. Thomas'), 55, 

58, 59, 00, 182*, 183, 

181, 187 
Mount Held, MundetVld, 

Muck h'St one, Muei leston, 

M nigra ve, 19 

Mulgrave Cast'e, 163 
Mundefehl, !>r,: Mount- 

Mnnden, Much, 100 
Mus;j,rave, 11 
.Must on (eo. Vork), 205 
Mutford, 14 

Naburn, 40 

Nancy, Nance, 109*, 118 
Nantwicli, 201 
Napton, 153* 
Narlxjiough Hall (Nor- 
folk), 79 
Neaiide, 250 
Nenton, 245 
Nether Conilie, Nythere- 

c(niib, 93 
Netherlands, 120, 174 ; 

ace also Holland and 

Low Countries 
Neuclu'itel, 63* 
Neufville, 208 
Neuptize, 211 
Newbold, Xeubold (co. 

l^eic), 148 
Newby Wiske, 109* 
Newcastle, 108, 113, 217 
Newehurch in Winwiek, 

New Kiigland, 32, 157* 
Newgiange, 155 
Newhaven, 205 
Newington lUitts, 33 
Xewington (Surrey), 5 
Newport Pond, 98 
Newsluun, Newsam, 

Newesfjin, 90, 221, 

228, 244 
iXewton Huslnll, 117 
Newton (co. Monmouth), 

Newton Morrell, 103 
Newtim on Ouse, 158 
Neulon Soliiey (Sonay), 

Newton, West, 42 
Newton (CO. Vork), 50 
New Vork, 114 
Ncnd.'ii, 238 
Norfolk, 18, 25, 70, 71, 

74*, 75*, 70*, 88, 120", 

121*, 124, 127, 141, 

142, 237, 241, 200, 201, 

Nornianton (lo. Notts), 

Nornianton (co. York), 




XoillialKTlon, If).!., 1G5, 

1229, 2150 
Noi(li;mi (id. Devon), 2U 
Nortliaiiiptdii, 12]- 
N(Hlli:i!iipt(ii)sliiio,28, U!), 

.S7, 111, 124, 125. l:i^^, 

li)(), 2ll(i, 2;i;), 2i:{, 202, 

NdilliliouiiK', 2(i !• 
N(iillimiil)rii;m<l, -ll-, 8ri, 

21G\ 272 
Norton (co. Clicstvr), ll. 
Norton LiHS, <J8 
Norton Manor (Sonun- 

sot), 219 
Norton (co. York), 158 
Norway, 'Ati 
Norwirh, 12*, 15*, Ki*, 

17. 71. '7... IL'I. L'li,-} 

XolWlHl,], .\;ilv\ livii.' 

(Middx), 2U'll, lOS 
Xottinghaiii, 145, 257 
Nottingiianisliire 65, 8'J, 

<M, 100*, 101 104, 200, 

203, 232, 245, 252-25'J 
Xun Aj)j)letou, 1G4 
X" a 11 keeling, 221 
X^uniiington, 1G3 
Nutiiall, Nxiltall, 258 
Xutliinst (eo. i.a'iie.), 1G5 
X^ytlier»'e<.)Milj. ><■,■ X'etli 

er Com lie 

Oeklev, 102 

Oa'erton, 98, 99* 

CVlelhorpo, 108 

Oller.set in the Peak, 99, 

Oiiuar, 171 

Oiby, Orreliv, 2 13 

Orford, 90* ' 

Orkney, 131 

Drinesliy in Cleveland, 

Orineislty (co. \uik), 10 

Urton lionguevill*', Over- 
ton LungaviUe, 102 

Oshaidrston, 09 

Oshournhy, O.sliernbv, 
84-, 85, '8G* 

Osgo(ll)v, 40 

Otterljiim, 110 

Otterington, 228* 

Olteringlon, Soutli, 230 

Oii(lenar<l, 178 

Oiilloii (co. ^'o^k), 228 

Oveiid. II, 89 

Over Comix-, 0\trec(jmlj, 

Oversliiikburgli, see 


Overton Luiigaviile, see 
Oiton l.ongueviUe 

Over Tysoe, Overtysho, 

Oxford, 4, 79, 261, 266 

Oxford University, 6, 
2.")5 ;'nose (\)11., 
258;'s Church, 
6, 8; I'lxeter Coll., 
108; Lincoln Coll., 
215, 217 ; Magdalen 
Coll., 1* ; iMerton 
Coll., 172, 216; Pem- 
broke Coll., 217, 218, 
219; Queen'.s Coll., 
202; Si. Mdmund's 
Hall, 76; St. John's 
Coll., 202, 203 

Oxfordshire, 37, 66*, 67, 
93, 101 121, 136 

l\ackingt(ja, 112 
Pa.sley, 195 
Pallamcottah, 54, 188 
Pallethorpe, 221 
Pamber, 22 
rappleuiek, 194* 
Paiamoie, 125 
I'aiham (Sulfolk), 203», 

20 t, 205*, ?(;G'' 
Paris, 34, 35*, 36, 62, 

117, 168", 211*, 237% 

238*, 248*, 250* 
Park Hall (Salop), 188 
Patrington, 105 
Paulton's Court, 68 
reckham, 71 
I'ekoden, 18 
I'eldun Magna, lit 
I'enibroke, lo., 266 
Pcnnarthe, 147 
I'lMinsylviinia, 70 
Penritii, 267 
I'enliow, Pcnldauc, 144, 

Peppers in Asliurst, 8 
I'erigord, 63 
Peronne, 208 
Peterbor(»iigh, 163 
Peti;rl)oi<)Ugii ( 'al iicdial, 

Petwoltll, rettewortil, 

30% 150 
I'icardy, I'icardia, 78, 

118, '207, 211, 212 
I'ickering, Pikeryiig, 82, 

Pick hill, 228 

IMddinghoe, 8 
I'inehbeck, Pynclubek , 

30, 68 
Pinpereiui, 173 
Plowland, 42, 46 
Plumpton, 157 
Plymouth, 43, 112, 117, 

I'lympton, 94 
I'ockeringlon {'! Pock- 

lingt<jn), 163 
PoeklingLon, 230 
Poddingtt)n, 69* 
Point de Galle, 54, 55, 56 
Poitiers, 133 
Poitou, 173* 
Poni()knoll, see Punc- 

Ponilielierry, 55*, 56*, 

57*, 58*, 185 
Pontftiaet, 49, 201, 202, 

232, 233* 
Ponteland, 216*, 217 
Pontoiso, 108 
Poonamallee, 54^ 58 
Portinglon, 103 
PortsuKJuth, 191 
Poseiyngworth (? Pos- 

lingford), 149 
Poynings, Poynynges, 27 
Prestbuiy (co. Chester), 

Pieslon, CO. Kent, 125 
i'reston (co. Lane), 113, 

221, 265 
Pn ston (CO. York), 82* 
Pulborough, 4 
Pulieat, 59 
PinukiKiw le^ Pompknoll, 

Pulnev, 171*, 249*, 250 
I'vmh'ebek, s,r Pindi- 

Pvnu(dv, see St. Pinnock 

Queenbv, Quynby, 152 
Quex, il4 

I'adbourne, Radborn, 103 
Kamnad, 188 
liain|iisliam, Kamiiier.s- 

ham, 27 
Hampton, 26 
Katton, 126 
liaveld, 117 
Uauelille, 44*, 45 
llaudon, llawden, 156 
Kawniere, 141 

. ■ I ' ' •■ • 



Rendlesham, 2U8 
RibbKsdale, 224, 22G* 
RiLhmuiul (Surrey), 138 
Kidgu, Tho (Clu-shiie), 

Rilliiigtoii, 162 
Riiigslii'ld, R3'iigesft.l(l, 

12*, 15 
RingWDuil Hall (co. 

Drrljv), 255 
Ripley "(eu. York), 1()1*, 

Riqueival, 2uy, 21U 
Rdchi'lle, 34 
Roehfiinl, Hundred of, 

Rochaiuijton, 172* 
R(d;e\vitli, 229 
Itouiu, 37*, 3d", 115, IIG, 

Rose Castle (eo. York), 

Rotherham, 48, 98, 'M*, 

100*, 244* 
R.itli\vell,^Rod\rt'll, 100*, 

201*, 202 
Rotterdam, 33, 34*, 36, 

37*, 112, 115*, 116*, 

117*, 118*, 119*, 167, 

168*, 16'J*, 235 236*, 

237*, 238* 
Rouen, Roune, 62, 237* 
Roundliay, 48 
Rouse Manor, 88 
Ruwdell in Wasliington, 

Royd Hill, 226 
Royle, 222 

Rudliv in ClevelaiKl, 220 
Kudyiird, 133 
I{ullnrd, 216 
Kii.siiloM, 206 
Russia, 167*, 168*, 237 
Rye, 125* 
Rylstone, 224 
Ryther, 45, 16*, 47*, 49 
Rydier Caslle (eo. York), 

Rylon, 39* 

Sailis, 211 

St. Agnes, 192 

St. Albans, 248, 250 

St. Alban's Alil)ey, 5 

St. A ndrews, 37 

St. Colomb, 210, 246 

St. iMhnuiidsbiny, •-' c 

iJury St. I'ldiiiuiids 
St. Kue, 264 
St. (loorge's Manor. 

Scvnt Gcorgisinaiier, 


St. (jtoran, Seynt Goran, 

St. Helens, 190 
St. Hilary, 264 
St. Just, 240* 
St. Kantin's, see St. 

St. Onier, 117 
St. J'nnioek, Pynnok, 25 
St. Quentin, St. Kantin's, 

118, 207*, 210*, 211*, 

St. Vincent, 44 
Saltash, 118 
Saltmarshe, 102, 103*, 

104*, 105*, 106*, 107, 

Saniulcottah^ 61 
Sandwieli, 125, 127* 
Saidiley Droog, 57, 128 
Sanlon (eo. Hevon)^ 90 
Sapiston, Sapston, 247 
Sarre, 125 

Satterleigli, 3, 218*, 219 
Savign}-, 173 
Saxlingliani, 141 
Saxton, 104, 222, 240 
Scarborough, 166* 
Scarcrott, 45*, 49*, 50* 
Searthingwell, 232 
Schiedam, Skeddarn, 33 
Seothern, 270 
Scotland 35*, 37, 130, 

135, 168, 194, 220, 237 
Scottim, 271 
Scriven, 157* 
S<^'.lbury, 103 
Sele, 1 

Sele alias Reeding, 10 
Seringapatam, ISO, 181, 

182, 183",' IHt, 1S5, 

1M6, 187 
Serriekseas, sec Zierik/ee 
Si'Wiibv, 43 
Siiad.v.'ll, 168 
Shaftesbury, 265 
Sh:ini;ton, Siianiiton, 259 
Shapwiek, Shapeuyk, 21 
Siiee[)sear^ 161, 162 
Shcinton, Slu'iiton, 114 
Shelley, Manor of, 160, 

161*, 162 
Siiervil Court, 109 
Slnplake, 136* 
Shipley (eo. tSussex), 1, 7 
Sliipmi'adow, Shipmedow, 
Seiiypnu'drue, 12*, 11*, 

17, "78" 
Shirburn Castle, 131 
Shitlington, Shit lyiig ton, 

Shrewsbury, 121, 122, 217 

Shropshire, 28, 44, 66, 92, 
123, 126, 188 202, 231 
Shrubland Rar^, 137 
Shuckburgh, Over, 153* 
Shypstall, 147 
Silx-rtswold, 126 
Sidestrand, Sidestronde, 

Silton I'aynel, 229 
Sirickseas, sec Zierikzce 
Skeddain, see Schiedam 
Skillinglon, 88* 
Skipton, 114*, 115*, 220, 

Sledmcre, 160 
Sligo, 219 

Sloothbv, Slotheby, 96* 
Sluis, Since, 33, 37 
Sly nibri dgi', Sly I nr I) iv-ge, 

Somerford Root lis, 41 
Somerset, 27, GG, 124, 

152, 153, 218, 219, 242, 

Somerton C'astle, 85 
Soulbnry, 125 
Southampton, 109, 119, 

Southampton, co., 22, 

72*, 123, 168, 250 
Southill, 198 
Souththorpe, see, Thorpe 
Southwark, 4, 5*, 33, 35, 

36, 38, 7l] 115, 117, 

118, 121, 168, 169*, 

170, 216 ' 
Southwell, 252, 257*, 

Souerby, 104, 155, 156 
Sovlaiid, 155 
Slain, 122 
Spalding, 30, G8, 113*, 

Spexhall, 15 
Spital House (eo. Dcrbv), 

SpolVorth, 159, 161 
Sporle, 261 
Spiickliiigton (? Spiid- 

lingtoij), 155 
Sprot borough, 46 
Staeheden, see Stagsden 
Stackhouse, 224 
Stade, see Stoad 
Slalford, 237 
Slalbndshirc, 20 47, 123, 

127, 133, 272^ 
Stagsden, Staeheden, 216 
St ain borough, Staiidjergh, 

Stainforth, 223, 225, 22G 
Slainsby, 230 



Stainton, 82 

Stainwith, .Stynwath, 85, 

Stamford, 87*, 111, 113*, 

Staniluiist, sec Stoiiyhuist 
Staiiluy I'oiitlargi.', 'J(j 
ytaiistead, 7'J 
Staiistuadbiuy, 2013, 204* 
Stautuu (co. 'Derby), 20 
Staiiwaj', l22 
ytanwell, 202, 203*, 205, 

Staiiwick, 104 
.Steeton, 46, 105 
Stepney, Stebtnihith, 4. 

22, 124 
Steyning, 9, 10, 2G3 
Stilloy, 190 
StilliiiKton Hall, 44 
Stoad (? Stade), 112 
Stdc'keld, Stockheld, 

Stoikliold, 111, 260 
StoUe near Covoiitij-, 122 
Stoke Doyle, 124 
Stokp next Naykmdj 261 
Stoke, Soutli, 143 
Stokehowe, 260 
Slokisley, 162, 163 
Stondon, Upper, 198-199 
Stoidievei), 37 
Stony luirst, Stanilnust, 

stony Koyd, 107* 

Stony Stratford, M9 

Storrington, 4 

Stoiys, 111 

St ot fold, 23* 

Stoiirbridgo, Sturbridge, 

Slriibogan ('! Slralli- 
bogie), 168 

Siradbroke, 78 

Stradishall, Stradesell, 

Stratford at Bow, 22*, 

Stratford Grove, 172 

Stratton Audley, 133 

Stratton St. IMary, 18* 

Streatliarn, 3 

Strete in Slniiley, 1 

Strett-on (co. Salop), 66 

Strodesplace, 150 

Strubby, 104* 

Studley (co. Wilts), 64* 

Sudbuiy, 197 

Siilfolk, 11-lH, 32, 66, 
7.3 79, 89, MO, 120, 123* 
127, 137-143, 163, 239^ 
217, 261, 262, 264 

Sullington, 7, 9 

Sultangunge, 59 

Surrey, 3*, 5*, 6, 7, 9, 
35, 68, 71, 117, 121, 
122, 142, 169, 191, 
192*, 213, 214, 215, 
216*, 219 

Sussex, 1-11, 18, 22*, 30, 
72, 125*, 126, 136, 140, 
141, 150*, 153*, 172, 
192, 193, 202, 219, 
231, 210, 245, 247, 
260, 263* 

Sutton in IlokU'rness, 46 

Sutton (co. York), 151 

Swarkeston, 205**, 206* 

Sweden, 167 

Swethland, 238 

Swillington, 111 

Swinliope, 81* 

Swvnnerton, 110 

Sykis-dyke, 159* 

Syleliani, Sylam, 144, 145 

Synunulsbmy, Synnnys- 
" burgh, 92* 

'I'adiow, 146 
'l'alv*rn, 240*, 246* 
'I'anlieid, 229 
Tanjore, 57, 187*, 188 
'i'aiizia, 63 
Tarpell Park, 190 
'I'atliani, 157 
'raUiishall, Tatesli.dc, 9(5 
'lawton, iSouUi, 121 
T<ignuioulli, 219 
'I'eniple Helwood, 48 
'i'eniple Newsani, 234 
Tenterden, 236 
Ter-Gouw, Tcrfjfo, Tergoo, 

31, 119 
'I'.rtoii, 33 
'I'etldiy, »<■(■ Titliby 
Tettenliall Regis, 133 
Tewin, 65* 

Tliakehani, 7, 8*, 9*, 10 
Thanet, Isle of, 125, 127 
Theddletlu>rpe 'I'jiedil- 

tliorp, 242 
'llieliU'tharn, Thclntebani, 

Theobalds, 137 
Tiiicket, 105 
Thii'sk, Threske, 102, 

227, 231 
'I'horahlbv.Thoroby, 108, 

234*, 235 
Thorganby, 103*, 104*, 

105, 106 
Thorndon, 239 
Tl.orne, 106* 
Thorner 49*. 50* 

Thornhill, 89 
'riKirnholme, 106 
'riiornton, 225 
Tiiornton in Piekering- 

lith, 95 
Thornton lo Street, 108*, 

227*, 228*, 229*, 230*, 

Tiiorpo juxta IJarkby, 152 
'I'horpe (eo. York), 46, 

222 223 
Thorpe Hall (eo. York), 

'I'horpe, Soutli, 143 
Tiiorpeficld, 228 
Thribergli, 232 
Thursford, 8 
Tickeneote, 137 
Tiekhill, 100 
Tiekhill Castle, 100 
Tinible, Little, 111 
Titldjy, Tethby, 245 
Tooting, 251 

Torniarton, Tornerton, 24 
Tostock, 66 
Tot ham, 144 
Tottenham, 212*, 251 
Tournai, 211 
'l'(nn nay, 178 ; see also 

Townland, Manor of, 93 
Tratalgar, 142, 268 
Travere, 36 
Tregiiiibi T, Tregembo, 

']'regiml)a, 264* 
Ticneke, 147 
'I'rtsnant, ?»Ianor of, 28 
Treweorlas, 240 
Triehinopoly, 56, 181, 

183, 184, 185*, 186, 

187, 188* 
Tring, 79 
'I'ripasore, 55 
Truro, 66 

'i'ruslc}', Trosley, 255 
Turkdean, Turkeden, 246 
Turlangton, 'I'yilington, 

'i'urnoy (? Tournay), 36 
Turvey, 29, 246 
Twickenham Twieknam, 

Twykenham, 117, 241 
Tyagar, 56, 61 
Tyne, Tlie, 192 
'lyrlington, 262 
Tyrone, co., 194 
Tysoe, see Church Tysoe 

and Over Tysoe 

(Mrinpton, 89, 113 
Ulster, 193 

*( (!' 

t: !'■ 

I . "1 



UiisU'.id, 191 

Up Butterleigh, Uphoki- 

Ifgh, 93 
Upper Court Lodge, 

Miiuor of, 214 
Ui)ton ni-xt Blocklev 

(lUookele), 93, 241 
U.ssrlbv Hall, 82 
I'trieirt, Utricht, 33, 

3-1*, 35, 30, 37*, G8, 

115, ]1G, 119 icy, 170, 

Uttoxet-er, 134 
Uxbridge, 35 

V.iiiiii, 1(J7 

VilU)r<', 57, 181*, 182, 

1M4, 185% 18G* 
ViisaillfS, 250 
Viigiiii;i, 42, 122 
\'i/'.ag;ip;ihiiii, 54, 55, 58, 

59, Ul, 128*, 180, 1S9 
Vlishirg, set Flushing 

Wnddisworthy ( ? Wads- 
worth), 89 ' 

Wakrlield, 113*, 201 

\Vakfliur.-t, 2 

Wakoriiig, Wakeryngg, 
113, 144 

Wales, 122, 189, 232, 261 

AVales (eo. York), 98* 

Walkeringham, (3") 

Wallagainagliur, Gl 

Wallajahad, 187* 

\Vallci'lh\vay(t', IIG 

Walllialiistow, 171', 251 

Wall (11 

Walton (eo. Dtrbv), 258 

Walton Hall (eo. Derby), 

Walton upon the ^^'l)lds, 

Wau.lsworth, 2*, 3, 213 

\Va[ilnigton Manor, 108 

Wai)pinu, 33, 34, 37*, 

Warb.ster Hoy, 131 

Warhain, 74 

Warkleigli, 217 

Warniinghuist, 7, 8* 

Warrington, 190 

Wairioic, 181, 1^2 

Warwiek! 117 

Warw iekshire, 21, 22, 2(1, 
31, 91, 112, 122. kJC, 
i:)3. 190, 258. 2lil 

Waslmigton, 1-11 

Wastell (?Wasdale), 242 

Water FuH'ord (Foul- 
forth), 113 

VVath, 232, 265 

Walton I'riory, 104 

Weeting, 76 

Weetwood, 155, 156* 

Welbeek, 257 

Wclby, 87 

Weldon, 272 

Wells (Somerset), 257*, 

Wells Cathedral, 259 

Weinyss, Wcymes, 35 

^\'erden, see Worden 

\\'eii in^ton, sec Woryng 

West bury (co. (ilouces- 
ter), 101 

Weslend in Southdl, 19.S 

Wisterhani, 79 

Westhall, Westhnle, 25 

\Vest house near Thorn- 
ton, 225 

Westminster, 8, 34, 35, 
51*, 52, G8, 73, 74, 
114*, IIG, 140, 164, 
168, 238 
Westminster Abbey, 114*, 

Westmorland, 190, 230 

Western Colville, Weston- 
eolvvle, 243 

Weston next Yarkhill, 29 

W^eston (co. York), 105 
West wood, Westwoddc 

(eo. Lincoln), 19 
Wrlherslirld, Wetheres- 

feld, 143, 144 
Whalley, 112 
Whratfey Woods, 233 
Whepstead, 77* 
Whieheote, 111 
Whiteehapel, 168 
Whitton, 241 
Whoitou, .S( I' Worton 
Wiekham, see Wyecnnlii' 
\\'tdemarsh, Wvdeniarssh, 

Wi-liill, 104 
Willingham, 17 
Willingsworth, 127 
Wdlington, Wvllyngton, 

Willitoft, 109 
Wdlous, The (SniVolk), 

Willyngheld K(d;ele, Ma 

n<n- of, 151 
Wilslhorpe, 20 

Wilton in rickeringlith, 

Wiltshire, 19, 64», 70, 

Winaldston, see Windle- 

Winehelsea, 263 
Winchesti-r, 205, 265 
AVinchester Cathedral, 

Windale, 76 
Windlestone, Winalds- 

t(.n, 229 
Windsor, 203, 267 
Winestead, 39 
Winnington, 113 
Winston (Norfolk), 76 
Winwick, Wvnniek, 51, 

Wisbech, 126 
Wiston, 231 
Witehingham, 120 
Wit ham (CO. Lincoln), 86 
Wither, 112 
Wiverton, Wyverton 

(Notts), 245 
Wokingham, 125* 
Wolston (eo. Warwick), 

Wolverton, co. Bucks, 

W(>lvytliehoi>e, see Wool- 
Wonieisley, 106 
Wood'hureh, Wode- 

ehirche, 93 
Woodeross, Wodecross, 

Wood Dalling, 263 
Wood End, VVoodend, 

228, 230, 231* 
Woodford, 137", 139 
Woodstock, 202 
^Vo<:)(lton, Wootton, 15, 

73*, 74, 75*, 78 
\Voolhope.Wolv ythehope, 

Wimtton, 192 
Woiitton, North, 78 
W'nrcester.sliiro, 30, 35, 

66, 93, 124, 214 
Worden ( ? Werd€n in 

(iermany), 32 
W^orden, Werden (eo. 

Lane), 222 
Woilingham. Wvrlvng- 

hain. 12', 78* 
Worth' (Sussex), 219* 
Worthington, M8 
Worton, Whorl on, 241 
W'oivngUni (? Werring- 

toii), 217 

■>iO :<',0/t 

^ i 1 . I . :• 1 

<t'r i.f ;f ;i 




WouM, The (CO. War- 

wK-kj, IL'U 
Wiuwby, 82 
WicnUi'oipr, 113, 233 
WmithoiiK; J lull, 233 
Wicssel CubLlc, lOG 
Wiittle, Ml, 115 
Wioxhalo, Maiiur of, 27 
Wyclitie, 222 
W'ycuiiilic, 3 
VVyLumlx', Ili-li, II 'J 
WyilLiiiaissh, mc. NV'iiK- 

Wvkt'hain Abbty, 43, 

WyliecUuch, 131 
Wyllyiigloii, .-ire Williug- 


Wyltun, Sfc. Wilton 
Wyniiick, »ci: Winwick 
VVyton (CO. York), 83 
Wyv'L'i'ton, :<(-■!■ Wivcilou 

Yarkhill, YaikhuU, 
^'aiiiiinitli, ( !i(. at, 75 
Yalliiu-y, G3 
Ycllitjg, SI- iOaling 
York, 40*, 42, 43, 
109*, 110\ 113*, 
15S*, 159, ItiO, 
1U3, 202, 221*, 
229*, 23U, 231*, 
255, 258, 259 

. 7G* 

233 i 

York Castle, 102 

York Minster, 43, 158", 
161, 1G3, 1G5 

Yorkshire, 23, 38 50, G4, 
G8, 71, 82, 83, 89, 9I-, 
95, 98-115, 122, 14(i, 
147, 151, 155 1G7, 201*, 
220 235, 240, 244*, 251, 
252, 257*, '259, 2G0, 
2G5*, 2GG 

Ziirikzee, Siriekseas, Ser- 
lickseas, 33, 35*, 118*, 

ri ? t